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Chai Lights Volume 14 Issue 313

Nisan/Iyar 5776

Recipes for a Jewish Life “Eat, my child.”

Buy your ticket NOW! May 2016

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“‫ מיין קינדער‬,‫”עסן‬

All of us have favorite foods and cherished recipes from childhood. I have fond memories about my mom's baked macaroni and cheese and carrot cake with buttermilk glaze. There was also a frozen dessert called Grasshopper pie that contained no grasshoppers. Recipes that made those favorite dishes are lovingly inscribed on now faded cards in our often quaint recipe boxes. Some of those dishes will always define home. But what about the recipes of our Jewish lives? What are the ingredients that have made us who we are today and what we might become tomorrow? I was fortunate to have had the kind of parents who were dedicated to my Jewish education at religious school, Hebrew School, regular Shabbat services, Youth Group and Jewish summer camp. Their encouragement and support provided the opportunity for me to encounter Jewish ideas and role models who would unbeknown to either of us, inspire me toward my life as a rabbi. This year's Confirmation class has chosen "Recipes for a Jewish Life" as their theme of their service on Friday, May 20th 6:00 p.m. Not only will our outstanding 10th graders lead us in prayer and insight about the key ingredients to their Jewish identity but will also share some of the best and most delicious Jewish recipes from their home. Food is identity, culture, family and how we define home. Please join your CBS family as we welcome this year's Confirmation Class and reflect on the key ingredients of Jewish life. With blessings,

May 22!

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“Esen, mein kinder.”

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Join us for Shabbat Services: May 6 5:30 Pre-service oneg 6:00 Family Service May 13 6:00 p.m. Service 7:30 Dinner “A Night for Israel” May 20 5:30 Pre-service oneg 6:00 Service May 27 7:30 p.m. Service

Torah Study & Service held Saturdays at 10:00 am.

Rabbi Nancy Wechsler

Congregation Beth Shalom  4746 El Camino Ave, Carmichael CA 95608 (916)485-4478

Religious Leader Rabbi Nancy Wechsler [email protected] Rabbi Emeritus Rabbi Joseph Melamed Director of Education Rina Racket [email protected] Temple Administrator Marlo Dewing [email protected] Office Manager Symone Stephens [email protected] Board of Directors 2015–2016 President Jana Uslan VP Administration Jack Ezekiel VP Education Linda Westover VP Religious Practices Sheree Meyer VP Membership Roberta Malkin VP Finance Joel Birch VP Programming/Fundraising Lori Nalangan VP Operations Marty Berbach Financial Secretary vacant Treasurer Penni Blumberg Recording Secretary Fanny Levy Immediate Past President Michael Alcalay Members at Large Susan Solarz Carry Cohn Debby Nelson Scott Parrish


Mauria Hirning Sheila Sugarman Arika Mills Katie Braverman

Calling all CBS members! Come to the Annual Meeting on Thursday May 26th at 7:00 pm Marlo Dewing and make your voice heard and your vote count! May is a busy month for CBS, and what better way Administrator to wind down after Passover and say goodbye to a the school year than with an ice cream buffet? I hope to see you all while we hear the yearly report from the Board of Directors. Don’t forget to cast your ballots– see pages 8 and 9 of this issue of Chai Lights for the Slate of Candidates, and to fill out your ballot. Ballots can be emailed, mailed, or brought in to the office, preferably before the Annual meeting; but you can bring it that night too if you don’t mind seeing me run around like a chicken with her head cut off. I am here for your amusement. Happy May, everyone!

CBS Desktop

May is busy, busy, busy, not only for me, but for CBS and the Jewish Community. Jana Uslan We start the month with Yom Hashoah May 1st. Then we try to mix you up by having three 6:00 pm services in a row. May 6, 13 and 20 will all be held at 6:00 pm. We are changing our Family Service to May 13 in honor of Israel and Yom HaAtzmaut, and May 20 is Confirmation. Come join us for all of these celebrations.


Other significant calendar items are: May 5: CBS Board Meeting May 7: Juliet Davis Porter Bat Mitzvah May 8: Mother’s Day May 13: HS Graduation Shabbat Service and Israeli Dinner May 15: Last day of Religious School; Annual Federation Heritage Festival at Raley Field May 20: Confirmation Shabbat May 21: Julia Sandman Bar Mitzvah May 22: SEE BELOW!!! May 26: CBS Annual Meeting & Ice Cream Social With all these events, the one event of the month YOU CANNOT MISS is The MOVEABLE FEAST - A roaring 20’s Cocktail Party. Join us for this fabulous evening Celebrating the Beth Shalom Family. Purchase tickets TODAY, call the office 485-4478 or go to [email protected] We finish up the month with our CBS ANNUAL MEETING, Thursday August 26 at 7:00 pm. We will be sharing end of the year reports and installing the new Board Members for 2016-17. If you think it’s hard to squeeze all that in, I have to add my husband’s birthday, May 16, our 28th Anniversary, May 29 and I’m putting on a bridal shower for my new daughter-in-law to be, in Los Angeles. Can’t wait to see you at all the great events above. For more information go to our website www.cbshalom.org or call Symone in the office at (916) 4854478 .

Congregation Beth Shalom is a member of the Union of Reform Judaism. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Gift Shop is open during Religious School on Sundays and by appointment. Please call the office. General Service schedule: 1st Friday: 6:00—7:00 p.m. Family Service 2nd Friday: 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Service 3rd Friday: 6:00—7:00 p.m. Shabbat With a Beat– CBS Band 4th Friday: 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Service 5th Friday: 6:00 p.m. Torah Study: Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.

Chai Lights is published 11 times each year with a combined June/July issue. Editor: Marlo Dewing Proofing: Symone Stephens Deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month prior to publication. Please send your article to Marlo and Symone at [email protected] and [email protected] To request a copy by snail mail please call (916) 485-4478. Advertising is available:  1/8 page/business card: $9  1/4 page: $18  1/2 page: $25  Full page: $50 Prices listed are per issue. All ads subject to approval. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Hi, my name is Julia Sandman and I am currently a seventh grader at Sierra Oaks School. I enjoy playing soccer, riding my bike, Julia Sandman spending time with family and friends, learning, and having fun. I am becoming a Bat Mitzvah on May 21, 2016. My parashat is Emor. For my mitzvah project I am working on an educational campaign about global warming. I want to teach students at my school and here at Congregation Beth Shalom religious school the importance of global warming and how to make a positive change. I would like to thank Rabbi Nancy, Cary Cohn and all the teachers I’ve had along the way for helping me grow as a Jew and helping me through this wonderful experience of becoming a Bat Mitzvah. Also I would like to thank my family and friends for their constant support and encouragement.

Bat Mitzvah

Hi, my name is Juliet Davis Porter. My Bat Mitzvah is on May 7th at Congregation Beth Shalom. My parsha is Acharei Mot. My Mitzvah project is volunteering at All About Equine, a Juliet Davis Porter horse rescue organization. I have gone to an orientation where I went on a tour, brushed some horses, and learned about the horses’ feed and medicine. I will be taking pictures when I volunteer so Rina can make a video for the younger grades to learn about my experience. I like to ride horses, do gymnastics, and I play piano and violin. I am homeschooled and I love to read. I would like to thank my mom, dad, and sister for helping me with all my preparations and being so loving. I would also like to thank Carry Cohn and Rabbi Nancy for being such enthusiastic, encouraging teachers.

Bat Mitzvah

SAVE THE DATE! 39th Annual Jewish Food Faire September 18



It is my goal that our RS students feel a strong connection and sense of responsibility to Israel. We will celebrate Israel on May 1st as each RS class studies Rina Racket one aspect of our Jewish homeland. At 11:45, parents are invited to join us in the Director of Education Sanctuary to hear short presentations from our RS students. As always, we will end the day by singing Hatikva, the Israeli National Anthem. I want to close this calendar year by acknowledging my deep gratitude to our dedicated RS faculty. Although our RS is small, it is still mighty and proud. Thank you to our teachers and Madrichim: Joshua Rosenblume, Maya Racket, Debbi Gould, Catherine Orange, Alex Taylor, Mary Westover, Arlo Mills, Zoey Mills, Noah Howard, and Ella Mills. Their creative energy and sincere love for our CBS children has been inspiring and fun. I have enjoyed watching our Madrichim blossom into talented educators. They are certainly amazing role models for our CBS children. Along with this, our Education Board Liaison, Linda Westover, has been our champion. Together, this strong team has walked with me through the RS year and supported our children in their Jewish learning and growth. It is with much gratitude that I thank them for their roles in making this year a success.

Religious School

Calendar: May 1: May 4: May 6: May 8: May 11: May 15: May 28:

Final PAC meeting at 9:15, Israel presentations at 11:45 RS, NO BMP-final Club Kef walk to Skips for dinner. 6-7:30pm-bring $12+ for dinner BMP from 4:30-6; Family Service at 6 NO RS (Mother's Day) Last BMP, 6th graders visit BMP from 6-6:30 Last Day RS 9-11:15am-parents invited to class completion ceremony from 10:45-11:15; Jewish Heritage Festival at Raley Field from 1-5pm Our dear teacher and friend, Alex Taylor, gets married! Mazel Tov!

Friday Night Shabbat Services: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Fridays: 6:00 p.m. 2nd & 4th Fridays: 7:30 p.m. Saturday Morning Torah Study & Service: 10:00 a.m. ALL ARE WELCOME

For information about the Life & Legacy Program and how to participate, please contact the office to get connected to one of our Legacy Team Members.

Thoughts from Adult B’nai mitzvah class of 2016: Congregation Beth Shalom, Where everyone is family. As I read the intro on Diane Weber our website, I am struck once again, of how apropos that intro is. This past month, I, along with fellow members, Bob, Terry, Sandy, and Don took our place among others who have gone before us in the quest to further our knowledge and made a visible commitment to our Jewishness. We spent many hours learning, and studying and praying, all along being guided by the ever patient Rabbi Nancy. It is hard to convey how much this ‘family’ means, from the early morning calming presence of Bruce taking pictures, to Carry giving last minute pre jitter advice, to Tivon who handed out the Torahs and somehow managed to give me the one for Holocaust remembrance. And eventually, the culmination of all of the hard work resulting in a beautiful service that will forever be a part of all of our memories. Thank you, Todah Raba.

Social Action

Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region

Sunday May 15 12:30—5:00 pm Register at www.jewishsac.org


*May Events *


Friday Nights & Sunday Afternoons

Members of the Tribe

This month, I want to discuss two topics with you – Friday nights at Roberta Malkin CBS and a Sunday in May – both times where I invite you to join me. I was at CBS on a recent Friday night for 6PM Shabbat Services. As VP Membership you may have noticed, CBS board members are invited to assist Rabbi Nancy with duties from the bimah. And I had the honor of assisting her on this evening. It has been some time since I have assisted Rabbi Nancy, but it is always something I truly enjoy. For one, I have the best vantage point in the room, seeing so many of my CBS family. On this particular Friday night, we had Diane Weber, Bob Bennett, (with the lovely Holly Ilfeld), Terry Luedtke, and Don Parks – all who recently became adult b’nai mitzvahs, along with Sandy Lewin. They all did an outstanding job and were very inspiring to me. Also there was new member Marian Louis, who brought her friend Penny to services for the first time. And my dear friend, Louisette Brown, who at 90 years young, is embracing and immersing herself in Judaism at our synagogue, was also there. Before services, I met a woman named Wendy, who was up visiting her son from Redondo Beach. She said she always makes it a point to visit us when she is in town. At our sanctuary doors greeting our worshippers were Bill Rozell and Mario Giacomotto, making sure the doors were closed once the Sabbath bride has entered the sanctuary. Since this was Shabbat with a Beat, sharing the bimah was the CBS Band. This evening we had Bruce Patt, Tivon Schardl, Jeff Swatt, and Eddie Appell – doing an outstanding job. And last, I want to mention Julia Sandman, who showed great poise and confidence as she shared with us what she is working on for her bat mitzvah project – how recycling and preserving our precious home is important not only now, but for our future. Julia is just one example of how well prepared our temple youth are when it is their turn to become a bat mitzvah. Congratulations to Julia and her family in fact, as I scanned the crowd, it was hard to find someone that I did not know! That is one of the reasons I enjoy Friday night services. Not only does it give me a chance to reconnect and refocus, but it gives me an opportunity to see so many that mean so much to me. Now, for the Sunday in May. The CBS Judaica Shop will once again be represented at the Jewish Heritage Festival, which will be held again at Raley Field on Sunday, May 15th. Carry Cohn, Dave Malkin and I will be setting up some of our finest wares from the Judaica Shop, so this is not only an opportunity to do some shopping but to come by and say “Hi”. Whether it’s on Friday night or Sunday at Raley Field. I hope to see you soon. I hope you have received your invitation in the mail to A Moveable Feast – a Roaring ‘20s cocktail party and benefit for Congregation Beth Shalom. It’s going to be THE BEES Lori Nalangan, VP KNEES! A Moveable Feast is May 22, at 6pm in the evening at the beautiful and mysterious Antiquité Masion Privée in Midtown. And yes, there is free parking across the street! There will be live jazz music, a hosted bar, plenty of food, and silent auction with great items like a winery tours, theater tickets and hosted dinners. We are also selling raffle tickets! Our raffle tickets are only $10 each or 12 tickets for $100! We will be picking two tickets the night of the event for either of these awesome prizes:  4 tickets to Disneyland  3 night stay at a Tahoe Donner Home Both of these prizes are over a $600 value and you do not need to be present to win – but it’s more fun if you are! Tickets are $75 per person. Please consider a sponsorship to our event that includes tickets. For information on how to get on “the list” call the office at 916.485.4478. There is more information on our website: cbshalom.org. You can also pay online at http://[email protected] To reach me call or text 916.402.9684 or email me at [email protected] . Remember the secret password is BEES KNEES!

Fundraising & Programming


Notice To Congregation Beth Shalom Members Congregation Beth Shalom Board of Directors 2016-2017 Slate of Candidates (Please note the candidate for president is elected to a two-year term, candidates for executive offices are elected to a one- year term and members-at-large candidates are elected to a two-year term.)

OFFICER CANDIDATES President: Jana Uslan VP Admin: Debby Nelson VP Education: Linda Westover VP Religious Practices: Sheree Meyer VP Membership: Holly Ilfeld VP Finance: Joel Birch VP Programs/fundraising: Lori Nalangan VP Operations: Marty Berbach Financial Secretary: Ron Simon Treasurer: Phil Spilberg Recording Secretary: Diane Weber Immediate Past President: Tivon Schardl (Term ends 2017) CONTINUING MEMBERS-AT-LARGE CANDIDATES Seats 1-4 (Term ends 2017) Seat 1 – Susan Solarz Seat 2 – Carry Cohn Seat 3 – Lydia Inghram Seat 4 – Scott Parrish MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (Term Ends 2018) Seat 5 – Karen Hull Seat 6 – Eddie Appell Seat 7 – Margaret Kane Seat 8 – Gene Bagoon Submitted: April 1, 2016

CBS By-Laws, Section 8.4, Article V: A member who is not on the slate may nonetheless become a candidate (and be listed on the ballot) by submitting, no later than April 15, a petition in support of such member's candidacy signed by at least 20 members in good standing. The notice, which may be presented in the Bulletin, shall also provide the address to which such petitions must be submitted. Ballots will be issued in the May 2016 editions of Chai Lights and be made available at Congregation Beth Shalom.



Mission Statement

We Have a New Mission Statement!

Our Parent Organization, the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), advises all congregations to create and use a mission statement, which identifies the purpose and basic values of a congregation. A Mission Statement can help to clarify for members what the organization stands for, can attract like-minded new members, and serves as a guide for decision making in the organization. In keeping with this, in early 2015 we embarked on a project to update Congregation Beth Shalom’s Mission Statement, which was last revisited in 2001. As a CBS Board Member, I agreed to head up the Mission Team, which was composed of members Bob Bennett, Jessica Birch, Steve Lewis, and our subject matter specialist, Sharyn Gardner, who is Beth Shalom member and CSUS Associate Professor of Management. Our team then held focus groups including board members, staff, religious school teachers, religious school parents, congregants and the BSTY Board. In each group, participants came together to construct a mission statement that they believed represented CBS. The Mission Team then identified the common elements from all the groups and constructed a draft mission statement. Board members were given an opportunity to comment on the statement and based on their feedback, the statement was revised. At our April Board Meeting, the statement was unanimously adopted by the CBS Board. Here is our new Mission Statement: We are a welcoming and inclusive congregation that celebrates engagement in Jewish values and traditions to enrich our lives, the community, and the world. This mission statement will be featured on our website, and can be included in membership and religious school materials. It can also an also be helpful for our congregants who want to explain to friends and family who we are and what we stand for. In the process of putting together the Mission Statement, we also received more than enough feedback from our focus groups to identify a set of six proposed core value statements. These statements elaborate on the Jewish values and traditions identified in the mission statement and the ways in which they are exemplified in the Beth Shalom community. At the advice or our consultant, the Mission Team has determined that the next step is for us is to get feedback from you, our congregants, which we will be doing this month through a survey link which we will provide to you by email sometime this month. The Mission Team will use your feedback to revise and refine these values, and then we will present them to the Board for approval. Here are the proposed values in alphabetical order. Proposed Values We value: Celebrating Judaism/( ‫יַהֲ דּות‬Yahadut): We create a joyful and participatory Reform Jewish environment.

Fanny Levy

Connection to Israel/( ‫ ֶק ֶשׁר ְלי ְִשׂ ָראֵ ל‬Kesher L’Yisrael): We recognize the importance of a close bond between Jews in the diaspora and the people of Israel. From Generation to Generation/( ‫ ְלדֹור וָדֹור‬L’Dor v’dor): We foster a love of Jewish living and heritage. Inclusivity/( ‫ ְק ִהילָ ה‬Kehillah): We welcome people of diverse walks of life and backgrounds. Lifelong Learning/( ‫ ִלּמּוד‬Limmud): We have a strong commitment to learning for all ages. Social Action/( ‫ ִתּקּון עֹולָ ם‬Tikkun Olam): We strive to heal the world. Celebrating Judaism/( ‫ יַהֲ דּות‬Yahadut): We value the central role of music in celebrating Judaism and building community. We have a range of opportunities for our congregants and guests, including Shabbat services, holiday celebrations, and cultural activities. We invite you to join us as frequently as you’d like to celebrate the joyfulness and beauty of our heritage. Connection to Israel/(‫ ֶק ֶשׁר ְלי ְִשׂ ָראֵ ל‬Kesher L’Yisrael): We recognize the importance of a close bond between Jewish people in the diaspora and the people of the State of Israel, and strive to strengthen that bond through educational programs and travel to Israel. From Generation to Generation/(‫ ְלדֹור וָדֹור‬L’Dor v’Dor): We strive to instill in our children a love of Jewish heritage and a strong sense of identity. As our children grow up and go out into the world, we hope they take the warmth of our congregation with them, remember the generations who held the Torah before them, and feel proud to be Jewish. (Continued on page 11)


At our April meeting, we discussed Run You Down by Julia Dahl. In our discussion, led by Mario, we discussed the various plot points of the novel. We wondered whether the Fanny Levy Chassidic community was accurately portrayed, and also wondered whether the intersection of Chassidic Jews and skinheads as seen through the characters in the novel was realistic. We agreed the book was a nice change of pace for us, as it is the first mystery we have read as a group. On Monday, May 9th at 7 PM, Bill Rozell will be leading our discussion of The Forger’s Apprentice by Mark Forgy. Here is what Bill has to say about the book. “Who is Elmyr?” asked Orson Welles in F. for Fake, his film about his friend Elmyr de Hory. “That question has yet to be answered with any real precision. “The Forger’s Apprentice : Life with the World's Most Notorious Artist, a memoir disguised as a biography by de Hory’s aptly named erstwhile protégé, Mark Forgy, attempts to achieve some degree of this “precision.” The facts about Elmyr de Hory -- born Elemér Albert Hoffmann in the Jewish quarter of Budapest a few days before the San Francisco earthquake – are downright slippery. He claimed to be Austro-Hungarian nobility. He claimed the paintings signed by modern masters he sold were genuine. He claimed his family were all dead. He claimed to have landed in a Transylvanian prison after an affair with a British spy. Come join the Beth Shalom book group for this examination of the nature Truth and Identity.

Book Review

Schedule for the remaining 2015-16 meetings:  

5/9/16 The Forger’s Apprentice by Mark Forgy – Discussion led by Bill Rozell 6/6/16 (First Monday due to Shavuot) All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr – Marcy Merrill is tentatively set to lead the discussion

The books selected to show in May are books about the Holocaust, inspired partly by the lead article in the March 24, 2016 Placer Herald, “Auschwitz survivor in Rocklin Captivates Young People”. One such book is Anne Frank, by Yona Zeldis McDonough. This story of Anne Frank is a picture book that touches on a complex subject without upsetting young children. Also available for checkout is We Are Witnesses: Five Diaries of Teenagers Who Died in the Holocaust, by Jacob Boas, and Anne Frank’s Tales From the Secret Annex, translated by Michel Mok.

Library Corner Katherine Henderson

(Continued from page 10) Inclusivity/( ‫ ְק ִהילָ ה‬Kehillah): We welcome individuals and families of all backgrounds and levels of involvement in Jewish life. We provide a range of opportunities for everyone to find their place at Beth Shalom while creating a warm, supportive atmosphere that promotes spiritual fulfillment and well-being. Our members make social connections that often develop into lasting friendships. Lifelong Learning/(‫ ִלּמּוד‬Limmud): From toddlers to seniors, we offer thoughtful Jewish programs that promote reflection, learning, and a deep sense of community. Our education programs engage the mind and spirit, providing learning opportunities for a wide range of interests. Social Action/ (‫ ִתּקּון עֹולָ ם‬Tikkun Olam): Our members engage in the struggle for justice and righteousness to make a difference throughout the world. We do this through our congregational efforts and community groups that increase awareness and provide assistance. The Mission Team would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback so far and invite everyone to participate in this next stage of the process. Special thanks go to the members of the Mission Team, who have worked thoughtfully and diligently throughout this process.


CBS Rabbi Nancy Wechsler honored by NCJW on April 17, 2016



Happy May Anniversary Bruce Carl and Penni Blumberg Steve and Jenny Jeffrey Gilles and Cindy Attia Scott and Robyn Pettinato Morris Newman and Sharon Bernstein Dr. Holly Ilfeld and Dr. Robert Bennett, Jr. Dr. Reena Lewis and Jim Kilbourn Dr. Mark and Susan Leibenhaut Matthew Bray and Nancy Leaderman Dr. Bruce Burdick and Dr. Layne Hersh Jana and Brian Uslan Jeff Swatt and Robin Taylor

May Tributes To the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund  From Carol Klein, in memory of her mother, Lillian McCord.  From Susan Solarz, in honor of the Adult B’nai Mitzvah class of 2016.  From Cheryl Meyers, in memory of Milton Meyers 

Madison Alcalay David Bories Natalie Duke Leah Ezekiel Mari Golub Richard Nicoles Wendy Wilson Massoud Bekhour David Meyer Seth Robinson Eliza Wechsler-Azen Angela Ezekiel, Tatyana Kagan Naomi Cohen Jami Goldstene Karen Hull Monika Robbins Shelley Spilberg Rachel Friedman Ben Ilfeld Liam Varano

Magali Varano Kate Acree Rebecca Jennings Lily Wechsler-Azen Dana Drukker Joanne Harris Julia Sandman Brian Uslan Jacob Appell Rick Frey Andrea Karsh John Kilbourn Bella Bercovich Warren Cohen, Rachael Hersh-Burdick Randy Cortland Robyn Pettinato Rita Lehman Joy Cohen Joel Korotkin

Edward Appell Sofia Schiffman Alex Golub Elijah Swatt Symone Stephens Jonathan Aron Estee Cohen Karen Sackheim Ann Marie Steinke Jordan Glenn Tierney Korotkin

From Jerome D. Rosenblum

To the General Fund  From Ellie Kaye, in honor of Bob Bennett’s B’nai Mitzvah  From Brian Uslan, to say thank you to our CBS family for your support and generosity in his mother’s memory.  From Zelda Schule, in honor of Diane Weber’s Bat Mitzvah.  From Alvin and FiFi Paykel, in memory of Max Paykel To the Education Fund  From Lydia Inghram, in honor of the B’nai Mitzvah class of 2016. To the Religious Practices Fund  From Dave and Roberta Malkin, in honor of the Adult B’nai Mitzvah class.  From Sheree and David Meyer, in honor of the Adult B’nai Mitzvah class of 2016 The Kiddush Lunch Sponsorship  From Neil and Fanny Levy, in honor of the B’nai Mitzvah Class


Happy May Birthday

We appreciate our generous donors! Thank you for sustaining CBS!

Do you have good news to share? Please email or call the office so we can acknowledge your simcha and others can celebrate with you.

May Yahrzeits Thomas P. Ballard Michael Baum Bonne' Bearson Julia Bos Leah Ostrow Canter Morris David Canter Harry Cousin Helen Doneger Patricia Frey Suzie Ginsburg Charles Greenstein Gary Halfant Daniel Halpert Adele Hersh William Leibenhaut Reta Malkin George Michel Jeffrey Nathan Sally Selma Nathan Maurice M. Rifkin Dorothy Rosenberg Mel Rosenberg Richard Ruhman Phyllis Weiss Saul T. Benjamin Mota Beryl Leroy Davis Ted Dritz Evelyn Eisenstat Ida Friedson Larry Hawkinson Eva Hochstat Lawrence Katz Morton Landau Thomas Laughlin Ivan Levin Frances Lewis Jules Michel John Martin Polis Claude S. Ray Helen Smith John Spiess Israel Stavis Ani Warner Sandy Abilovitz

Kirby Asch Albert Cohodes Thelma Dames John Joseph Dawson Laurie De Bevoise Helen Zelda Einhorn Jim Hornak Rachel Kalamaras Zelinda Ann Nathan Augusta S. Sass Sam Schwartz Ralph Segal Maurice Swatt Laura Turteltaub Phoebus Turteltaub Dr. Paul E. Weiss Betty H. Wolk Ray Zirkle Yigael Avram Samuel Bagoon Elisabeth Baumgartner Gil Block Bella Capitman Al Gray Es'Hagh Halimi Shirley June Harris Florence Leibenhaut Cecelia McKie Chad Pifer Max Wasserman Benjamin Bial Corey Glick Mary Goldfarb Ernestine Harfeld Edward Paxon Howard III Oscar Kushner Robert Dean Laughlin Helen Baer Maneval Alfred Nitta Betty Orenstein Rothschild Ruth Ruhman Leonard Vogel Mozell S. Zarit

Remember a Loved One with a Yahrzeit Plaque

Only $250. 00

Contact [email protected] for guidelines and details.

Parashot Friday, May 6/28 Nisan

Candle Lighting 7:45 pm Ahare-Mot Leviticus 16:1-18:30 Mahar Hodesh Haftarah: 1 Samuel 20:18-42

Friday, May 13/5 Iyar

7:51 pm Kedoshim Leviticus 16:1-20:27 Haftarah: Amos 9:7-15

Friday, May 20/ 12 Iyar

7:57 pm Emor Leviticus 21:1-24:23 Haftarah: Ezekiel 44:15-31

Friday, May 27/ 19 Iyar 8:03 pm Behar Leviticus 25:1-26:2 Haftarah: Jeremiah 32:6-27

Would you like to participate on the bimah? If you are observing a yahrzeit, anniversary, birthday or just wish to be part of the Friday night service by performing any of the following tasks, please contact Religious Practices Committee Member Doris Walters at [email protected] or 916-276-0310. 1—light the Shabbat candles 2—Aliyah to the Torah 3—redress the Torah as Hagbah or G’lilah All Jewish members ages B’nai Mitzvot and up are welcome.



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Beth Shalom Contribution Tribute Donation Form The enclosed is: ( ) a deposit to my individual tribute account ( ) a designation of $________ from my tribute account to ___________________Fund. ( ) a contribution to the ___________________________________________ Fund. In memory/honor (circle one) of _______________________________________________________

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