Seeking a Solution to Your Demanding Work Schedule?

Seeking a Solution to Your Demanding Work Schedule? Locum tenens puts you in control; yet keeps your nest egg growing If you’re a physician or healthc...
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Seeking a Solution to Your Demanding Work Schedule? Locum tenens puts you in control; yet keeps your nest egg growing If you’re a physician or healthcare practitioner looking to scale back a full-time schedule or free up more time to pursue other interests, locum tenens keeps your skills current and your earning power strong.

Locum tenens professionals are at many different junctures of life:     

Boomers who want to spend more time with grandkids, spouse or on causes important to them. Savers who need to replenish a shrunken nest egg. New parents who prefer to be home more often with their children. Full-time practitioners dreaming of exciting new adventures or entrepreneurial success. Residents who just completed their program and aren’t sure where they want to settle down just yet.

Gain control and flexibility Regardless of your reasons, working on a locum tenens basis keeps your income flowing, while assuring you far more control and flexibility:   

You decide when and where you’ll work, types of assignments, and other variables important to you. You’ll deal with less paperwork and administrative tasks. You can work a set number of days monthly, a couple of weeks per year, or anything in-between – giving you more control over your schedule.

Locum tenens earnings: Specific locum tenens earnings can vary greatly: many physicians and other practitioners are often surprised to learn it’s not necessarily based upon experience. The greater the demand for your specialty; the more flexible you are regarding work location; and the more days you are available; the greater your chances of maximizing locum tenens income.

Is locum tenens right for you? Not every physician or healthcare practitioner personality is suited for this type of work. The most successful locum tenens candidates enjoy meeting new people; are friendly, helpful and easy to get along with; and can quickly adapt to variations in procedures and processes from one facility to another. Choosing the right locum tenens agency: Look for a well-established firm with long-standing facility relationships and thorough credentialing processes. Make sure they have experience in your specialty. They should treat you respectfully and listen carefully every step of the way − from initial call to diligent follow up after you start an assignment. The right agency is your dedicated partner: always working to find you opportunities that best fit your needs. TIVA HealthCare, among the nation’s leading Locum Tenens companies, provides physician and healthcare professionals for specialties and subspecialties, including Anesthesia/CRNA, Emergency Medicine, Children’s Services, Hospitalists, Radiology, and other medical sectors. Visit TIVA Healthcare at