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WINCHESTER 7-9 November


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WELCOME … to our sixth Desire Fair at Winchester. We hope you enjoy your visit to the show. We are delighted to have such a wealth of talented exhibitors at the show working in so many different media, and all having a genuine passion for the work that they create. We trust you will like what you see here, and if you have not yet visited other Craft In Focus shows, please complete the prize draw form to receive details. In addition to jewellery, our other events feature fine art, furniture, interior accessories, textiles, fashion, ceramics, sculpture and more. We look forward to seeing you again.

FREE ENTRY TO OUR NEXT DESIRE FAIR! If you would like to receive a complimentary invitation to our next Desire Fair, please complete your details on the questionnaire/prize draw and post in the box provided.

FLOOR PLAN King Charles Hall

Bapsy Hall

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Contact the organisers: Craft In Focus, PO Box 942, Maidstone, ME15 0YB Tel: 01622 747 325 E: [email protected]


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King Charles Hall KC01

House of Jewellers House of Jewellers features stunning gold, silver and gemstone jewellery and exquisite silverware, designed with passion and skilfully hand-crafted by some of Britain’s most exciting and talented independent designers. Featuring designers: Alex Yule, Alexandra Tosto, Becky Dockree, Claire Hart, Farah Qureshi, Fiona McAlear, Helen London, Jen Ricketts, Kate Earlam, Katherine Priest, Laura Ngyou, Louise Walker, Melanie Eddy, Mirka Janeckova, Nan Nan Liu, Rachel Jones, Sophie Stamp and Yuki Takahashi.

07786 385655


Kate Lewis The Gower Peninsula seascape influences Kate’s work. Her jewellery combines organic shapes, matt finishes and movement, producing limited edition pieces. Seaglass, tumbled by the waves, is incorporated into many designs.

07813 990 321


Georgina Franklin Jewellery Bespoke silver and gold jewellery anticlastic raised and forged with gemstones and diamonds in some pieces. Commissions regularly undertaken.

01584 810 085


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Sally Ratcliffe Jewellery and bowls made individually, unique in design. Made in silver, reticulated surfaces decorated with semiprecious gemstones, diamonds and gold.

0114 274 5482


Helen Brice Designs Delicate and colourful gemset jewellery in silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Helen also works to commission creating bespoke pieces to celebrate a special occasion, wedding, engagement or anniversary.

07880 717 352


Quo Vadis 1 Quo Vadis1 brings together the perfect balance of design and craftsmanship using precious and unusual stones of interest.

0121 212 1551


Heather Stowell Specially selected buttons set by hand in silver and gold. Each piece is completely unique. Heather is able to design with your own buttons in commissioned pieces.

01638 739 197


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Deborah Kelly-Hopkins Working with precious metals, diamonds and semi-precious gems my designs incorporate organic texture and contrasting finishes to create modern yet timeless collections of jewellery.

07957 159 018


Gallardo & Blaine Designs Ltd Gallardo & Blaine Designs jewellery is crafted from silver, brass and semiprecious gemstones handpicked from around the world by designer Madeleine Blaine herself.

020 3375 6530


Peter & Sandra Noble Cornish designer jewellers work by hand with rare and fine materials, showing fantastic new ranges of natural colour diamonds, sumptuous enamels, pearls and 18 ct gold.

01326 290 050


Vanessa Maile Jewellery Striking, contemporary, handmade jewellery inspired by life, travels and global cultures, Intricate wire weave in flowing designs complement striking natural gemstones to create stunning statement pieces.

01903 267 661


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Bea Jareno Bea’s work explores and emphasises contrast in metals using gold, rhodium and silver, adding colours by using precious stones, beads and pearls. A real feast of colours, texture and design at the highest level of craftsmanship.

07830 159 74


Bruce Dalgleish Bruce’s individual jewellery designs are distinctive in their combination of different precious metals and creative use of colourful gemstones. All items are made by Bruce and bespoke is a speciality.

01872 501 193


Anna K Baldwin Beautiful handmade contemporary jewellery in silver, gold and semiprecious stones. My designs have an organic, tactile feel, often inspired by light, texture and natural and fluid forms.

07940 791 111


Irena Maria Varey Irena draws on long experience as a designer of gold and silver jewellery. Her pieces, with their reticulated surfaces and carefully selected stones of beautiful colours, are distinctive, wearable and timeless.

01223 353 919


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Kendall Melvin Kendall Melvin Jewellery is handmade in London by designer/maker Christine Melvin. Working in precious metal and stones, her latest collection, showing at Desire, features sapphires and grey diamond beads.

020 8530 3087


Beverly Bartlett Handmade Jewellery Beverly Bartlett personally designs and hand makes her jewellery. Working mainly in silver, her elegant pieces feature unique textured surfaces combined with contrasting polished elements.

0118 976 0367


Eureka! Handmade bold and original jewellery crafted from precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls with precious metal accents.

07960 352 785


Brian Eburah A selection of jewellery items incorporating iridescent colours achieved by anodising niobium and titanium, sitting alongside silver, golds, precious and semi-precious stones.

01559 372 180


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Bapsy Hall BH01

Elizabeth Everett Jewellery Design Elizabeth designs and handmakes her jewellery in the UK. Many collections are inspired by traditional folk or fairytales and are made using precious metals and gemstones.

07881 590 775

BH02 Maurice Ridgway Distinctive jewellery using the inherent beauty of natural gemstones combined with silver or gold to create striking necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings

01427 717 098


Sue Lewis Design Silver, 18 ct gold, 24 ct bi-metal pieces with pearls and semi-precious stones.

020 7272 9911


Yen Jewellery Innovative combination of moving components creating tactile enjoyment surpassing mere visual aesthetics.

020 7419 5674


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Red Squirrel Crafts Unique crocheted jewellery from Galloway Forest Park, Scotland. Beth combines fine cotton thread, semiprecious gemstones, sterling silver and copper, to create designs inspired by nature including leaves, flowers, snowflakes and stars.

01671 840 386

BH06 Paul Spurgeon Design Beautiful fine jewellery. The particular balance that characterises his designs modernist, wearable, minimalist yet feminine, is unique to his design aesthetic and the result is an immediately identifiable, special item.

01480 495 267


Jonathan Lerer Working largely with silver and semiprecious stones, Jonathan creates unique, eye-catching pieces of art wear. Avant garde jewellery designed with the confident individual in mind.

07939 041 450

BH08 Liz Tyler Designs Liz Tyler delights in creating individual designer jewellery and silverware always with a sense of movement in the flow of the design. Commissions welcome.

01258 820 222


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BH09 Susan Beale With 15 years of silversmithing Susan still enjoys the texture on the water’s surface. Her Dots representing the raindrop, the cause of the ripple with added candlelights softness.

07979 866 892


Stepan Jewellery Stepan is an Armenian born jeweller who combines bold contemporary forms and shape with the ancient art of filigree. His work is designed with precision and executed with rare technical ability.

020 7209 1260


Blissimore Designs Beautiful quirky handmade dichroic glass jewellery. All the products are designed and handmade in Hampshire by Caroline, beautifully presented for that perfect gift. Sterling silver and glass earrings from £10.

01264 351 515


Lavan Designer Jewellery Contemporary handmade gold and sterling silver jewellery set with precious and semi-precious stones.

01280 815 499


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Brett Payne Brett Payne’s strikingly original candlesticks are individually hot forged, by hand, in silver. They are designed for modern living - visually stunning and disarmingly practical.

0114 270 1088


Alice Stewart Alice Stewart Jewellery is timeless in design. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the original is hand-carved or created from a found object then cast using traditional lost wax techniques.

07894 554 332


Samantha Rose Jewellery Taking inspiration from the natural world and ancient architecture, Samantha handcrafts beautiful pieces of jewellery in precious metals from the wonderfully delicate flutter collection to the playful prehistoric collection.

07812 897 351


Lauren Elizabeth Fine gold and sterling silver collections Lauren Elizabeth represents the creation of exclusive, contemporary gemorientated jewellery. Designs in precious metals transpire with sculptural qualities around the unusual/unique focal gemstone.

07852 167 593


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Stephanie Buddle Designer Jewellery Combining stunning colours with sculptural forms, Stephanie makes some of the most desirable resin jewellery available. For those daring to be different, these sumptuous pieces are always a talking point.

07508 282 087


Kat Zahran Jewellery Subtle yet striking, substantial yet delicate - Kat’s designs cleverly balance gold, silver, oxidisation, precious and semi-precious stones within a number of unique collections. More than an accessory.

0771 226 0273


Catherine Thomas Handmade silver and gold jewellery incorporating semi-precious stones. Inspired by the environment, the metal is etched, textured and transformed into contemporary and individual designs.

01202 841 854

BH20 Agnieszka Maksymiuk Jewellery Agnieszka creates jewellery which are small sculptures that become wearable pieces of art. The architectural collection is about the relationship between the urban and the natural world in different places and cultures.

07979 391 922


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Phoenix-Tree Jewellery Intricate bespoke jewellery in silver and gold handmade by Staffordshire based jeweller often representing wildlife and nature, using traditional techniques and precious gemstones, making wearable contemporary designs. Commissions welcome.

07989 895 770

BH22 Cathy Sutherland Jewellery Cathy creates elegant forms in silver using the traditional silversmithing techniques of chasing and repousse, which allow her to capture the intricate networks of lines and detailed patterns of nature.

07881 974 568


Zoe Watts Silversmithing and jewellery inspired by movement and relief within nature, created using age-old techniques, including chasing and repousse.

07789 930 812


Maya Maya crafts timeless pieces of jewellery that are both understated yet compelling in their delicate lines and textural detailing.

07476 684 206


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Suzy Grimshaw Suzy’s work is both classic and contemporary. Silk is woven into the internal voids of silver forms adding colour and pattern.

020 8427 5563

BH26 Michele Individual pieces of jewellery are handfabricated in precious metals, usually heavily textured, and set with unique and beautiful precious and semiprecious gemstones and minerals.

07801 418 217


By Emily Emily is a contemporary jewellery designer who works mostly with silver and gold. Her adornments are thoughtfully made, combining the craftsmanship with narrative characterised by a hybrid of raw beauty and intricate details. Her designs are ingrained with the whimsical eccentricity of English style inspired by literature, wildlife and the countryside.

07731 115 089

BH28 Hadas Nussbaum Craft Maker Hadas makes distinctive patterns using the millefiori technique with polymer clay and designs them into long lasting beautiful jewellery pieces. Her beads and brooches are light weight, robust and made in all spectrum of colours.

01603 461 779


Desire_W_Guide_14_99x210_Desire_W_Guide_99x210 16/10/2014 15:02 Page 15

BH29 Romi Thorne Fascinated by historical artefacts and scientific discovery and inspired by travel, Kate Lawrence, the designer behind Romi Thorne makes quirky silver jewellery. Her designs are discrete yet often surprising.

0777 236 6631


Jewellery Mountain by Hewaida Ramly London based design architect/artist Hewaida Ramly designs and makes all her pieces. Sculptured jewellery and geometric forms with rare and well selected glass/semi-precious stones creating exquisite wearable pieces.

07775 823 227


Maria Helena Spector Jewellery Peruvian born Maria designs and makes limited edition jewellery with hand cut, semi-precious gemstones, mainly sourced from Peru, and using her handmade sterling silver, silvered lava and gold plated beads.

020 7263 3634


Erica Sharpe Fine Jewellery Award-winning designer, a pioneer in ethical jewellery, Fairtrade and reclaimed precious metals. Finalist Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014. Unique pieces of vision, extraordinary design and craftsmanship. Commissions a speciality.

01934 710 448


Desire_W_Guide_14_99x210_Desire_W_Guide_99x210 16/10/2014 15:02 Page 16


Joanne Gowan Designer Jeweller Fine gemset jewellery. Exciting dramatic and organic styles; one-off designs and bespoke pieces; platinum, 18 ct gold, silver and palladium with ethically sourced diamonds and unusual high quality gemstones.

01279 600 004


Jewellery By Kerry Kerry Newth’s jewellery is organic and influenced by the natural world especially the ocean. She uses sterling silver and 9 ct gold with precious stones to make unique original pieces.

07920 597 885


Glance Easy Ltd Sleek modern magnifiers and readers on hand-strung beaded necklaces or supersoft suede cord in a myriad of colours and cool clean designs. Useful stylish gifts for both men and women.

07767 365 553

BH36 Karina Gill Karina Gill will be exhibiting her distinctive etched silver bowls alongside her silver jewellery set with semiprecious stones.

01258 817 669


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Xuella Arnold Jewellery Silver, bronze and gold contemporary jewellery with magical imagery, with foxes, hares, pagodas, dovecotes and more, inspired by song lyrics and poetry. Outlets around the country.

01923 712 627

BH38 Alyson Green Jewellery Alyson personally designs and handmakes every piece in her Surrey studio. From bold, colourful, contemporary rings to delicate petal earrings. Designs inspired by nature.

0777 593 49 31

BH39 Almost Perfect Almost Perfect’s statement jewellery is designed in a studio overlooking St Michael’s Mount in Mousehole, Cornwall, the coast providing endless inspiration for covetable rings and shimmering cuffs.

01736 732 872


Teresa Samson Elegant, stylish, silver jewellery with gold detail. Pleasing organic shapes that withstand the passage of time. Contemporary classics.

01227 277 985


Desire_W_Guide_14_99x210_Desire_W_Guide_99x210 16/10/2014 15:02 Page 18


Nb Ng Jewellery NbNg makes beautiful, sculptural foldformed jewellery pieces in aluminium, copper and sterling silver with 18 ct gold accents. Each piece is made individually by folding and hammering sheet metal.

07966 862 929


Emma Turpin Handmade contemporary jewellery inspired by traditional crafts and craftsmanship. Created in silver with elements of oxidisation and goldplating combined with semi-precious beads and stones.

07860 749 299


Jane Martin Jewellery Necklaces of silver beads. Sculptural shapes and textures. Red and yellow gold leaves and lots of different silver or gold handmade chain necklaces.

01803 865 788


Prue Biddle Jewellery to celebrate simplicity, individually hand-made to my own designs in precious metals.

01935 881 350


Desire_W_Guide_14_99x210_Desire_W_Guide_99x210 16/10/2014 15:02 Page 19


Donna Collinson Jewellery Primitive iconic and very tactile. Contemporary jewellery in solid silver, bronze and gold inspired by pebbles, shells and fossils. Precious and semiprecious stones and oxidisation provide striking contrasts.

01483 839 593

BH46 Julia Lloyd George Colour, simple form and exquisite craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Julia’s work. After 30 years as a designer-manufacturer Julia produces an inspiring variety of contemporary, timeless jewellery. She has a loyal clientele and is a specialist in commission work.

020 7373 5093

THANK YOU... ...for visiting our Desire Fair in Winchester. We hope you enjoyed your visit. To obtain free admission to our next Desire Fair in Chelsea please complete the questionnaire.


CHELSEA 6-8 March


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Christmas Contemporary

Craft Fair

Purchase direct from the very best artists and craftmakers in the UK

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RHS Garden


25-30 November

9am - 5.30pm Tues to Sat • 9am - 5pm Sun Free entry for RHS Members Craft Fair ticket also includes admission to the Garden* Adults £9 • RHS Member’s Family Guest £6 Accompanied under 16s Free *Terms & conditions apply

T: 01622 747325