Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # A1&2 A3 A4 A4

Category Wood Beadwork Non-Profit Non-Profit

A5 A6 A8 A9 A 10 & 11

Other Woodcraft Wood Wood Wood Wood/ Stitchery/ A 12 & 13 Holiday A 14 Other A 15 Sams Club A 16 Stitchery A 17 Graphics Beadwork/ A 18 Woodcraft A 19

Stitchery Wood/ A 20 & 21 Stitchery A 22 A 23 A 24 A 25

Business Primitive Signs Girl Stuff Florida Trails Parc's Foundation Rustic and Pipe D├ęcor Jason Peets Everette Erskine N & G Cornhole Bags Southern Comfort Crafts

Sew n Saw Crafts Chews Naturally LLC Sams Club Hats by Laura Michaels Girls of Truth

Last, First McKinney, Barbara Caldwell, Millie Kucklick, Doug Sloan, Charley Robinson-Parent, Tammy Peets, Jason Erskine, Dan Varley, Roy Thompson, Dane

Barbara's Crafts

Toenes, Gilda Chagdes, Sarah Ansley, Kailee Adams , Laura Ward, Stephanie Shrode, Sharon & Edgar Depperschmidt, Barbara

Jones & Taylor Woodworking

Taylor, Lisa

Sharon & Edgar Shrode

Website hatsbylauramichaels

Christmas Glitter by Stacey Just Serve Gifts, Gifts, Gifts Caribbean Feelings

Yates, Stacey Evans, Linda Maharaj, Gita Thomas, Raymone ChristmasGlitterWreaths/

A 26

Holiday Non-Profit Other Oth Graphics/ Sculpture

Leland Williams

Williams, Leland

A 27 A 28 A 29 A 30 A 31 A 32 A 33 A 34 A 35 & 36 A 37

Jewelry Other Other Jewelry Pain Cream Jewelry Travel Co. Stitchery Wood Jewelry

Nuris's Tirnanog Scented Soy Flakes Wine About Everything Tree of Life Nature's Gold & Critter Corner Peggy's Creations Phoenix Marketing/ BlueGreen Vacations Nana's Crafts Tables etc. by Richard Foldilocks & Victrix Jewelry

Cahue, Nuris Abuchaibe Schieber, Anne Frappier, Ami Una Burns, Vicki Stern, Debbie Brode, Peggy Baird, Dale Addis, Rita Creel, Richard & Gail Wells, Margie & Kathi


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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # A 38 A 39 A 40 A 41 A 42 A 43

A 44 A 45 A 46 A 315 & 316 A 317 A 318 A 319

Category Real Estate Other Soaps Other Stitchery Stitchery Home Makeover Systems

Business Alton Clark Realty Loey and Company Twisted Oaks Ranch Florida Cracker Candy Jerky Wickedly Creative Sweet Summer Baby

Last, First Caddie, Ian Schaare, Cheryl Harrell, Tammy Rapone, Mark Rauber, Candy Fleming, Lisa

Home Makeover Systems

Christopher, Scott

Website shop/ wickedlycreative

Other/ Jewelry Inspired Artistry LLC. Sauces Barnwood Bar-B-Que

McFarland, Louise Backhaus, Elaine

Jewelry Other Personalized Plants

The Ear Vinery Eco Sparkle Cleaner Mending Hearts Charities Inc. The Modern Look

Anderson, Alan Morales, Jessica Richards, Stephanie Price, Lai

DC Creations Glassy Lady Jewelry

Coleman, Delores Finton, Kathy

Bonnie Eads

Eads, Bonnie

A 323 A 324

Kids Clothing Jewelry Painting/ Holiday Graphics/ Jewelry Other

Cortes, Maria Skinner, Russell handmade/ A-Quilling-Journey

A 325 A 326 A 327 A 328 A 329 A 330 A 331

Real Estate Chiropractic Other Other Holiday Other Jewelry

A Quilling Journey Clean Air Candles Jean Scott Homes, Realtors at Keller Williams Advantage Tenpenny Chiropractic Geneva Soap Company Simply Enchanted Gail Jones Matlacha Shell Art Rind

Pacheco, Missy Tenpenny, John Hamblin, Candy Fleming, Sharon Jones, Gail Bouwman, Sheila Elliot, Daniel

My Baby Cakes Crafts Hippie Gypsy Jewelry

Rosenthal, Jennifer Griffin, Rebecca

Dignity Memorial Wagner Enterprise, LLC. Blowfish Flip Flops

Roberts, Carol Wagner, Kanya Williams, Michael

A 320 A 321 A 322

A 332 A 333 A 335 & 336 A 337 A 338


Kids Clothing Jewelry Funeral Services Plants/ Metal Other shop/ kathyfinton shop/ hippiegypsyjewels

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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # Category A 339, 340, 341 Metal Art B 47 Kettle Corn B 48 Nail files Wood/ B 49 & 50 Holiday B 51 Hats B 52 Accessories B 53 Painting Glass/ B 54 Painting B 55 Other Jewelry/ B 56 Leather B 57 & 58 Plants B 59 & 60 Jewelry B 303 Paintings Hair B 304 Accessories B 305 Stitchery B 306 Other B 307 Honey B 308 Travel Co. B 309 & 310 Pets Woodcraft/ B 311 Stitchery B 312 & 313 Oils B 314 Italian Ice B 342 Beadwork


Last, First


J & L Swings and Things Custom Kettle Corn Kramer Kollection LLC

Fuller, Sue Feldstein, Ann Kramer, Mary

Wood-N-Stiches CR Stuff My Sweetiepie Boutiques Patte Kayne

Bergquist, Cheri Anne Rhoton, Rob Warner, Kimberly Kayne, Patte

Julie Childs Aim Designs

Childs, Julie Lambert, Steve

Bad To The Bone The Watering Can Zadic's Fashion & Magnetic Jewelry Kenneth Aunchman

Marcella, Penny Belding, Susan Bell, Ralph Aunchman, Kenneth

Kudu Designs No Capes Store BBQ Skewers Honey Bee Mine Cruise Planners of Oviedo

Van Niekerk, Anneke Hunley, Lucinda Huggins, Barbara Huggins, Barbara Lugo, Cheryl shop/ NoCapesStore

Dave & Janet Hill

Hill, Dave & Janet

Ms. Mary's Handmade Crafts & Gifts

Wood, Mary

Sweet Bottoms Jeremiah's Italian Ice Designs by Magnolia Lace

Bagley, Marci Jeremiah's, Cunningham, Melissa

Stained Glass House Amber & Christmas Ornaments Regina W. Sargeant

Tewksbury, Susan Horski, Andrew Sargeant, Regina

B 346 B 347

Stained Glass Holiday Paintings Stitchery/ Other Other

Gourds Amore Nu Natural

B 348 B 349

Fine Arts Kids

Bonni & Richard Hunter The Sand Booth

Carrow, Selma Jurado, Natalie Hunter, Bonni & Richard Bennett, Helen

B 343 B 344 B 345


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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space #

Category Food/ Drink/ C 61 Snacks C 62 Fudge Food/ Drink/ C 63 Snacks Food/ Drink/ C 64 Snacks Food/ Drink/ C 65 Snacks Food/ Drink/ C 66 & 67 Snacks C 68 Jewelry C 69 Wood


Last, First


Organo Gold Coffee Oviedo Fudge and Confectionery

Brett, Winsome Arena, Sal

Dixon Enterprises

Dixon, Penny

Heavenly Soft Pretzels

Zifer, Allen & Tammie

Maui Wowi

Bryant, Dave

The King's Nuts & Iced Tea Pieces Past RC ENT

Setser, Lisa or JR Goolsby, Tina Cameron, Robert

C 70 C 292 C 293 C 294

Other Other Stitchery Beadwork

The Attic Door Colorworks Design Sew What Baubles and By Gones

C 295

Other Stitchery/ Holiday Wood/ Stitchery

Under Cover Art

Fetcinko-Walsh, Nancy Brown, Tracie Ceuninck, Laura shop/ BaublesandByGones Hanson, Leslie Maddeaux, Joyce & [email protected] Bobby

This & That By Russ & Pat

Mozier, Pat

Charles Kramer

Kramer, Charles

C 296 C 297 C 298 & 299 C 300 C 301 C 302 C 350 & 351

Dips/ Jewelry Pottery Jewelry Glass/ Sculpture

Emmy & J Gourmet LLC Pots n Plants Designs by Carmig

Chung, Shirley Geer, Richard Mendizabal, Carmen

Peace It Together

Cox, Daphne

Metal Art

Leaton Metal Designs

Moeggenberg, Judy / shop/

C 352 C 353 C 354

Other/ Flower Arranging Hidden Cypress Hollow Nursery Jewelry Wishes by Shelly Pottery Julie Harbers Ceramics

Fisher, Julie Floren, Shelly Harbers, Julie

C 355 C 356

Jewelry/ Other Ocala Country Ventures Jewelry Antique & Vintage Spoon Jewelry

Anderson, Carol Krause, Cathy


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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # C 357

Category Physical Medicine

Integrative Physical Medicine

Robillard, Christina

C 358 C 359 C 360

Other Stitchery Jewelry

Vintage Encore Big Woof Dog Stuff BriarWood Designs

Graves-Wilbur, Marcia Romanovsky, Joan Mroczek, Damen VintageEncore

Sunnie Patch Creations Shages Garden Shed lyakere Essential Oils Castaway Glass

Kitchel, Rayma Halley, Christie Cortes, Angela Harrington, Pat myallyshop

Greenbuilt Home Solutions

Huss, Eric

Mary's Country Impressions B.C.P. Enterprises Santini Leather Bearapy Wraps Homes for Heroes Creative Collaboration One Stop Hats Redneck Steak Beef Jerky Central Fla Birds Christmas 365 Karens' Kabana Inc

Porecca, Mary Polacek, Barry Santini, Dean & Kerry Roebke, Kelsey Rockbum, Kim Dahm, Caryn Donahoo, Stephen Stokes, Trae Muth, David Gregorek, Linda Wright , Karen

Stephanie A. Mellor

Mellor, Stephanie

Embroidery Bi-Lyn Random Acts of Pottery Shell Design by Lisa The Ferne Ruth Co. Wood Burning Guy

Seigler, Lynne Lake, Linda Gentner, Lisa & Ken Copeland, Laurie Barna, Ronald

The Crafting Sisters

Beach, Janice

Pandora's Craft Box OWC Bean Soup Good2Cruise/ CruiseOne

Rambo, Julie OWC, Quinones, Joseph

Stitchery/ Other/ Holiday Woodcraft Soaps Candles Home C 365 Solutions Wood/ Jewelry/ C 366 Stitchery D 71 & 72 Photos D 73 Leather D 74 Fabric D 75 Real Estate D 76 Art D 77 & 78 Hats D 79 Beef Jerky D 80 Photography D 81 & 82 Holiday D 83 Jewelry D 281 & Jewelry/ 282 Holiday D 283 & 284 Embroidery D 285 Pottery D 286 Shell Art D 287 Jewelry D 288 Wood Jewelry/ D 289 Stitchery D 290 & Stitchery/ 291 Holiday E 84 Other E 85 Travel Co. C 361 C 362 C 363 C 364



Last, First

Website the-leather-merchant bearapywraps shop/ theferneruthco

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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # Category E 86 Paintings

E 87 E 88 E 89 E 90 E 91 E 92 E 93 E 94 E 95 E 96 E 97 E 98 E 99 E 100 E 101 E 102 E 103 & 104 E 105 E 106 E 107 East 1 East 2 East 3 East 4 East 5 East 6 F 108 F 109 F 110 F 111


OWC Country Bakery Other Non-Profit Other Pickles Jams Cork designs CFE Federal Credit Union Pottery Beadwork Bakery Stitchery Painting, Sculpture Woodcraft/ Jewelry Stitchery/ Holiday Orlando Sentinel Dips Non-Profit Stitchery Hair Accessories Food Food Food Food Food Food Embroidery Wood/ Stitchery Jewelry Jewelry

Business Dolle Graphics

Last, First Dolle, Parry


OWC Country Bakery Defiant Worm Books Boys Town Central Florida Water's Edge Mr & Mrs. Pickle Cathy's Cajun Cuisines Cork Tree Designs

OWC, Levine, Tom Nitti, Jackie Cosner, Teresa Ruggier, Lynne Boullosa, Cathy Sylvester, Robert

CFE Federal Credit Union Two Birds Pottery Castle Green Art Glass Studio DeAzucar Bakeshop An Apron Story

Justen , Shelia Wren , Robbin Fraser, Lucy Lopez, Angie Jamison, Leah

Oviedo Artist Linda Kasell

Kasell-Sutton, Linda

Walt's Woodwork and Crafts

Kaehl, Walter shop/ woodcraftsbywalt

Southern Necessities

Turner, Emma southernnecessities

Orlando Sentinel

Doria, Nicole

Simply Savory Oviedo Masonic Lodge Daddy's Button Shirt

Phillips, Mike Shiery, Charles Mercer, Susan daddysbuttonshirt

Hairtwisterz OWC Cold Drinks Southern Yankee BBQ Linda's Hot Dogs & More Greek Corner Concessions Genoa Italian Concessions OWC Beer & Wine Annette's Creations

Cupo, Bernadette OWC, Isola, Thomas Gales, Linda Kales, Alex & Maria Albores, Sheila OWC, Castaldo, Annette

Cinnamon Stix Sequoi Artistry JoAnn Carroll

Lewandowski, Pam Caro, Linda Carroll, JoAnn CinnamonStix23

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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # F 112 & 113 F 114 F 115 F 116



Last, First


Cabinets Jewelry Soaps Photography

The Cabinet Shade Tree Barefoot Toes Winter Park Organic Soap Company Redbird Photo Gallery

Lea, Libby Lane, Ruth Larson, Eric Carley, Mike & Joyce

F 117


Cindy & James Smith

Smith, Cindy & James

F 118 F 119 F 266

Other/ Holiday Two Glassy Broads Wood Woodsmith of Naples Wood The Egg Man

F 267 F 268

Painting Embroidery School/ Church Jewelry Wood

Brown Graphics 3Bs Crazy, LLC

Chisari, Sara Smith, John & Laurie Traynor, Alan Brown, Robert & Kathleen Elliott, Lori

St. Luke's Lutheran School & Church Celtic Designs by Melodye Gail Linger

Freeman, Rachel Steverson, Melodye Linger, Gail

Metal Art Wood Holiday Stitchery

The Robin Lynn Collection, Inc. Cindy Ketchersid A Vested Interest 2 J's Creations

Ring, Robin Ketchersid, Cindy Giles, Deborah Jefts, Pat & Richard

Holiday Glass Beadwork Jewelry It Works! Pets,towels Other Paintings/ Holiday Thirty-One Gifts Holiday Jewelry Art Vanilla Leather Photography

Nancy Musielak Crystal Mirage Classy Meets Devine Details By Samantha Marie It Works! Threads with Heart RteamCreations

Musielak, Nancy Gray, Carol Kidwell, Cynthia Eastman, Samantha Middleton, Tammi Hathorn, Kelly Ramoutor, Renee

Rosh's Arts and Crafts

Roshni, Joseph-Biles

Thirty-One Gifts Bows & Wreaths Sun Metal Jewelry Henry Cesneros Mannix Vanilla Edgest Leather Drew Brass Photography, LLC

Hall , Alyson Cardish, Bruce Damiano, Diana Evans, Kay Mannix, Mike Ke, Yun Brass, Drew

F 269 F 270 F 271 F 272 & 273 F 274 F 275 F 276 F 277 & 278 F 279 F 280 G 120 G 121 G 122 G 123 G 124 G 125 G 126 G 127 G 128 G 249 G 250 G 251

Posted10/30/2016 shop/ avestedinterest shop/ rteamcreations alysonhall

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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # Category G 252 & 253 Other Stitchery,Emb G 254 roidery G 255 Pet Business G 256 Hats G 257 Wood G 258 Other G 259 G 260 G 261 G 262 G 263 G 264 G 265 H 129 H 130 H 131

Other Glass/ Jewelry Banks Other Stitchery/ Glass Food/ Drink/ Snacks Food/ Drink/ Snacks Baskets Jewelry

H 141 H 142

Other/ Holiday Pottery/ Jewelry Stitchery/ Woodcraft Other Other Toys Honey Paintings Jewelry Other Candles/ Soaps Stitchery

H 143 H 144

Non-Profit Non-Profit

H 132 H 133 H 134 H 135 H 136 H 137 H 138 H 139 H 140



Last, First


Just Crazy Good Dips

Haynes, Vicki

Quilts and More The Parc Pet Suites Hats and Hugs Nicolena's Crafts Angel's Life Foundation Buy Land Or Sea

Krasoski, Gretchen Byrne , Jill Hollenbeck, Cindy George, Nicole Nelson, Jovanna Boehmer, Ruth-Ann & Tom

Dee Did It Glass Post Office Lockbox Banks Henley Natural Soaps & Creams

Sutphin, Dee King, Paul Henley, Steve

Sew City Girl

Ward, AnnMarie

Genoa Italian Concessions

Albores, Sheila

Old Fashion Ice Cream Florida Fiberworks Tom Lochnicht Art Glass

Weagraff, Ron Revels, Ann Lochnicht, Trish

My Dad's Butterflies

Jones, Linda

Linda Cain Designs

Cain, Linda

Cindy's Sewing Sewing All Catch My Drift Cindi Parker Happy Bee Honey Boelke Art QuickSilver JRG FairyBowtopia

Mills, Cindy Lakiotis, Peter Fazzalaro, Mike Parker, Cindi Deer, Trish Boelke, Michael Carrino, Tony Aliaga, Valerie

Redneck Candles and More, LLC All 4 Dogs

Trammell, Nancy Sherepita, Janelle

River of Life Church Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Krummenacker, Ashley Allen, Stephanie FloridaFiberworks

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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # H 145 H 146 H 146a H 146b H 146c J 147 J 148 J 149 J 150 J 151 J 152

J 153 J 154 J 155 J 204 J 205 J 206 K 156 K 157 K 158 K 159 K 160 K 161 K 162 K 163 K 164 K 165 K 166 K 167 & 168 K 169 K 170




Last, First


Non-Profit Non-Profit Non-Profit Non-Profit Non-Profit Other Other Other Stitchery Other Other Outpatient Physical Therapy Paintings Paintings Photography Duke Energy

Seminole County Animal Services & T.E.A.R.S. Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida American Legion Post 243 East Seminole County VFW Post 10139 Viet Nam and All Veterans Makinfunk Rope Wrapped Oily Blends Gabriel's Good Tidings AE Cookies & Co./ Little Seahorse Shop Raja & Associates

Buchanan, Kris Durham, Barbara Gilbert, Thomas Zavardino, Adam Mullins, Robin Funk, Sandra Cupo, Stacey Wadley, Esther Gabriel, Amy Ehrhardt, Antonia Fournier, Peter OviedoPost243 vvcenfl.htm

Brooks Rehabilitation Michael Prospers Art Dan Johnson Designs The Ornament Depot, Inc. Duke Energy

Burleigh, Chris Prosper, Michael Johnson, Daniel Tighe, Anita Bilbao, Courtney

Glass/ Holiday Health Care Plans Other Other Stitchery Woodcraft

How Art Thee Mosaics

Woolfolk, Beth Ann

Simply Healthcare Plans Sunshine Natural Soap Iron Wolf Metalworking Cindy's Creations Wood You Boutiques sararendesigns frondsandthings shop/ realityrocks

Jewelry Woodcraft/ Holiday Other Woodcraft Jewelry Travel Co.

Ear Art, Inc.

Sierra, Heidi McDonald, Frances Evans, Bradley Murdoch, Cynthia Rodriguez, Lisa Barbour, William & Gissel

Sara Ren Designs Oviedo Massage Fronds and Things DB Reality Rocks Carlson Early Group-Dream Vacations

Ren, Sara Barbery, Sheri Keefer, Stephen Barber , David Carlson, Annette


Lora Thomas Ceramics Scott Coopersmith Stroke Awareness Foundation

Thomas, Lora & Bob Coopersmith-Marquez, Deanna

Pampered Chef

Epperson, Christina

Non-Profit Pampered Chef shop/ ironwolfmetalworking

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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # K 171 K 172 K 173 K 174 K 175 K 176 K 177 K 178 K 179 K 179a K 180 K 181 K 182 K 183 K 184 K 185 K 186

Category Stitchery/ Woodcraft Holiday Other Other Food Food

Business The Nautical World of William Fishing Ammo Scarf and Bow Zyrian Art Huey Magoo's Jake's BBQ

Last, First

Website nauticalworldofwilliam

Gripps Grills OWC Cold Drinks Bom Grill OWC Beer/ Wine All Fresh Kitchen Genoa Italian Concessions Dutchman's Hot Dogs Boy Scouts #787 Oviedo Photo Club Divine Creations KatyDidBitz/ The Posy Patch

Gura, William Diaz, Amanda Buffard, Donna Duprey, Thomas Weld, Bill Harris, Darryl Williams, Delia & Charles OWC, Mathavanuku, V. OWC, Carroll, Jim Albores, Sheila Yonkman, Leanne Santiago, Miguel Pierce, Susan Hamoud, Terrie Wesling, Kathryn

Kilburns Kustoms Sparkling Gardenz

Kilburn, Larry Walker, Bonnie

K 189 K 190

Food Food Food Food Food Food Food Food Non-Profit Other Holiday Sculpture/ Pottery Other Woodcraft/ Stitchery Tree Service

Paint by McMurr A Budget Tree Service, Inc.

McMurray, Jennifer Nelson, Carolyn shop/ PaintByMcMurr

K 191 K 192 K 193 K 194 K 195 K 196

Jewelry Other Real Estate Woodcraft Photography Other

John Mroczek Designer/ Goldsmith Bodacious Pens The Stephens Group at Re/ Max My-Crafts-Shop Simone Amaduzzi Photographer Blessed Bean Coffee

Mroczek, John & Laurie Clark, Gail Stephens, Ericka Harkins, Daniel Amaduzzi, Simone Poneleit, Tod

K 197 K 198 K 199

Church Other Clothing

Oviedo Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses Sunchowder's Emporia LuLaRoe with Michele Bullinger

Campbell, James Read, Wendy Bullinger, Michele

K 200 K 201 K 202 K 203

Other Stitchery Other Art

Ponnie Sauce Hilda Oliveira Barkalicious Mom's Montage

Flegel, Donna & Martin Oliveira, Hilda Abel, Joyce Davidson, Verity

K 187 K 188


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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # L 207 L 208 L 209 & 210 L 211 & 212 L 213 L 214 L 215 & 216 L 217 & 218 L 219 L 220 L 221 L 222 L 223 L 224 L 225 L 226 L 227 L 228 L 229 L 230 L 231 L 232 L 234 L 235 L 236 L 237 L 238 L 239 L 240 & 241


Category Glassware Stitchery

Business Althea Collinsworth Cotton Patch

Last, First Collinsworth, Althea Powell, Rebecca



Green Life Farms

Rogers, Theresa

Other Jewelry Baskets

Old Florida Farms Lee's Whimsical Jewelry My Bolga Baskets

Siegmeister, Joseph Klein, Sid & Lee Harty, Shelley


Boone's Country Stuff

Boone, James

Jewelry Childcare Center Airplants Wood/ Crafts

Gizmoe, Inc.

Johnson, Thomas

Amazing Explorers Academy Life's Palette FL Spare Time Designs Quilted Creations by Diana/ Designs by Terrie Lee Twiddlebug Designs

Forestieri, Marnie Rosen, Sarah Thomas, Amber

Costco Wholesale E-Scentially You

Kempseh, Katie Mann , Nancy

Artisan Original Designs Bear Bottom Boyz Margies Creations A Glass Act by Suzy Beautiful Wreaths & Angels All Ready Leash Dog Collar/ Leash

Dixon, James Keen, Bobby Beerman, Margie Trask, Suzanne Pennington, Barbara Bodrie, Victor

Black Creek Pottery Country Seasons

Zajac, Jacquelyn Blunk, Melody lifespalette/ Flsparetimedesigns

Stitchery Wood Costco Wholesale Other Woodcraft/ Other Sauces Dip Chillers Glassware Other Other Pottery/ Sculpture Stitchery Wood/ Holiday Mary Kay Jewelry/ Stitchery Other Chiropractic

Archambault, Diana Price, Jackie

Becky Murphy Mary Kay Cosmetics

Murphy, Becky Mazzitelli, Angela

Seashell Crafter All Bottled Up Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic

Wehmeyer, Janelle Stevens, Gretchen Hill, Brittany bottlesbyGG


Family Frameworks

Feterl, Jean

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Great Day in the Country Booths by Location as of 10/31/2016 Space # L 242 L 243 L 244 L 245 L 246 L 247 L 248 Z1 & 2 Z3 Z4


Category Other Crafts Holiday Soap Candles Jewelry Jewelry Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor

Business Game Time Clocks Robert W Lucas Enterprises/Loft Lady Nova Crafts Lakeside Faries Ananda Natural Soy Candle Company 2b Fun Jewelry You-neeekly Jewelry MIX 105.1 / Sunny 105.9 Radio Oviedo Police Department Florida Hospital

Last, First Findley, Margaret Lucas, Robert & MJ Lemke, Stephanie Christian, Elsa Olive, Teresa Gores, Darline Gores, Darline Schlesman, Angela


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