The Pulse Volume 54, Issue 23 WASHINGTON HOSPITAL SERVICE LEAGUE (WHSL)) December 2014

The Pulse Volume 54, Issue 23 WASHINGTON HOSPITAL SERVICE LEAGUE (WHSL)) Inside this Issue: - Gift Shop News President’s Message 2 - Masquerade Re...
Author: Grant Casey
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The Pulse Volume 54, Issue 23


Inside this Issue: - Gift Shop News

President’s Message 2

- Masquerade Report -Nominating Committee Report

December 2014


Despite the inclement weather we had a very successful Masquerade sale. Thank you Cherie’ Gamardo for once again doing such a great job. Thank you also to all of you who helped in getting the word out to friends and family by email, word of mouth and passing out flyers. The success of our sale depends on all of you. See her report on page 3.

-Did you Know?

The elves from the Gift shop decorated 11 Christmas trees that were offered in a drawing during the jewelry sale. The beautiful trees were a big hit and added to the holiday spirit. All funds earned at these two events benefit the hospital.

- 1st and 2nd VP Reports - Secretaries Report - Rose Garden Memorial


Please mark your calendars. Our Annual Board Meeting will be held on Monday, February 2, 2015. The 2015 -2016 Board of Directors will be elected and installed. Don’t miss this important event.


Wishing all of you a festive holiday season. I hope 2015 proves to be a wonderful year with lots of good cheer and fortune. We appreciate your volunteering efforts throughout the year. Keep up the good work.

- Service League Report - Year Pin Awards

Gail Tomita - WHEA Corner - Treasurers Report - Thank You

2000 Mowry Avenue Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 791-3465 Gail Tomita, President Charity Jentzsch, Editor


Calendar Dates 2nd and 4th Mondays: Puppets and Hankies 9a.m.-2p.m. @Volunteer Office Nimble Thimbles and Birth Certificates. 2nd Wednesday: WHSL Board Meeting 3-5p.m. Jan. 7, 2015 Information session 4-5pm in Anderson auditorium Feb. 2, 2015 Annual general meeting and luncheon Election and installation of Board of Directors

Issue#23: December, 2014 Issue #: [Date]

Volunteering Warms the Heart

Dolor WHSL Sit Amet

GIFT SHOP NEWS Early November found the Gift Shop Managers, Committee and Staffers busy preparing for the Holiday Preview which was very successful as was the Christmas Drawing. President, Gail and two employees were a few of the winners in our drawing. In cleaning out a section of our storage area downstairs we found 11 two foot Christmas trees, decorations, lights and ribbons and decided to ask the shop volunteers to help decorate these trees for what turned out to be the “Christmas Tree Lane Drawing.” We placed Christmas Tree Lane in the Washington West lobby during the Masquerade Jewelry Sale and had great success selling drawing tickets. Again President, Gail and two employees won trees as well as nine others from the community. Thanks to all the Gift Shop and Service League volunteers who sold tickets and handed out coffee and cookies for the Christmas Drawing. Thanks also to the volunteers who created the 11 trees for the “Christmas Tree Lane Drawing” and those who sold the tickets. Using items that had been in the storage area for years (long before our time in Management) we excitedly announce a net profit of $1,202.00. We can’t forget to thank Denise, Maria and Ruth for being at our beck and call and lastly thanks to all who purchased tickets supporting these drawings. January is usually a quiet month as we decide if we want or need to have a clearance sale and we begin to prepare for the end of the fiscal year inventory. We are looking for dedicated adult volunteers who would be willing and able to staff the Gift Shop. We are asking all Gift Shop staffers to commit to two permanent shifts a month. We lose money every shift the shop is closed and inconvenience employees and visitors who find the door closed during regular business hours. Happy New Year to one and all.


Issue#23: December, 2014 Issue #: [Date]

Volunteering Warms the Heart

WHSL Dolor Sit Amet

This has been our best Fall sale to date exceeding our December 2013 sale by $3,349.77, total net sales. Our commission for this sale was $19,936.61. To date we have made $207,520.79 for our service league. We could not have done this without the support of our hospital staff, VOLUNTEERS and the community, word of mouth is a positive thing! I would like to give a special thank you to Kriss Burns who worked from dusk to dawn, and modeling scarves and various pieces of jewelry. Jose Aguirre, who spent many hours floating wherever needed and adorning scarves and various pieces of jewelry. His mission was to promote everything we had, I believe he and Kriss did that. Thank you Gail Tomita, Jeannie Yee, Jean Yamamoto, Debbie Jackson, and Shirley Crockett who together did a FASTASTIC job on the registers. Ardith Gotthardt, Marge Potestio, Nancy Pagan, Lori Canario, Ellie Kabrich, June Lavattiata, Judy Churchill, Dian Zarzycki, Erlinda Medel, Jill Ziman, Mariani Sutanto, Donna Bergener, Marge Dillon, Kathy Santos, Carolyn Caminada, Agnes East, Kay Hufstedler, Vilma & Louis Fernandez, Winnie Wong, Shanthi Satish, Pamela Lucia, Margaret Peterman, Donna Alexander and Charity Jentzsch. I hope I didn’t omit anyone, I thank you all, it was a team effort. Also a big thank you to Marina Fleming, Judy Churchill, Diane Reading, Pat Johnston, Ramona Navarro and Irene Mena, who calculated the payroll deductions each night after closing. Our next sale will be in the spring, May 4th. 5th & 6th 2015. I’m hoping that our Spring sale will exceed the Spring sale of 2014. Dream big for the Service League! Thank you for your continued support – Cherie’ Gamardo

NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT The WHSL Nominating Committee would like to present the following slate of officers elect for the 2015-2016 year. We feel the following individuals have the skills, dedication and integrity to provide outstanding leadership to the Service League Board. President - Debbie Jackson 1st Vice President - Jose Aguirre 2nd Vice President - Pooja Mammen Secretary - Shelley Chu / Barbara Wong (to Co-Chair) Treasurer - Donna Lim Parliamentarian - Jeannie Yee The new officers will be voted on and installed at next year's annual Service League Meeting on Monday February 2, 2015 3

Issue#19: Issue#23: April, December, 2014 2014 Issue #: [Date]

Volunteering Volunteering Warms Warms thethe Heart Heart


On Wednesday, November 12, 2014 family and friends gathered for the semi–annual Rose Garden Remembrance Service to remember Dr. Edward Whalen, Bernadine Goularte, and Geri Kimble. Dr. Edward Whalen was an Internal medicine physician who was 93 years old when he passed and was an active member of the Washington Hospital’s medical staff at the time of his passing. Dr. Whalen joined the Washington Medical Staff on December 3, 1958 as one of the original physicians. Bernadine Goularte was a Service League volunteer for 25 years with 4,459 hours. She was Service League President in 1995. Bernie volunteered in the Washington Community Health Resource Library, and was actively involved in the Gift Shop including being a gift shop buyer for spiritual items. Geri Kimble began volunteering in 2006 and donated 1,098 hours during her service. She volunteered in the Center for Joint Replacement.

WHSL Dolor WHSL Sit Amet


Pinky Puppets Finished - 130 Delivered - 79 On Hand - 446 Magic Hankies Made - 100 Delivered - 160 On Hand - 1110 ER Stickers Plenty Birth Certificates Made - 184 Uniforms - Plenty Births - 326 2ND VICE PRESIDENT REPORT OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER 2014

Information Session High School - 32 College - 31 Adult - 26 Spiritual Care - 0 Orientation High School - 4 College - 7 Adult - 2 Spiritual Care - 0 SECRETARY REPORT OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER 2014

Memorials Sandy Fraga: from WHSL Sandy Fraga: from Linda Gentner Patrick Butler: from WHSL

Their names have been added to the Rose Garden Memorial Wall.

Honorariums Bettie Jacobs: from Linda Gentner 4

Issue#23: December, 2014 Issue #: [Date]

Volunteering Warms the Heart

Dolor WHSL Sit Amet

VOLUNTEER SERVICE LEAGUE REPORT Adult Membership: To date: Active Adult Members (includes 2 Active Honorary) Leave Of Absence Associate Members Inactive Members Honorary Members Total WHSL Members


Awards Report October & November

0 25 22 7 235

200 Hrs. Margaret Peterman 1,000 Hrs. Jim Marquez 1,500 Hrs. Erlinda Medel 4,500 Hrs. June Lavattiata 7,000 Hrs. Jean Mozes

Student Volunteers: College Students Junior Students Total Student Volunteers

131 124 255

Junior Certificates 100 Hrs. Jerell Uy, Deborah Chang, Michelle Jane Duan, Julie Liu 200 Hrs. Michael Ng, Justin Wu

Total Volunteers:


Actually Staffed (+) & Hours Volunteered (*): November & December: Adults 136 3966 College 35 524 Juniors 86 1439 Total Hours: +257 *5929

College Certificates 100 Hrs. Cindy Pham 200 Hrs. Swaranjeet Chadha, Malkia Swedi

New Adult Volunteers

Adult Resignations

Year Pins to be Awarded

Change of Status William Steel Active to Associate Bettie Jacobs Active to Associate


Volunteering Warms the Heart

WHSL Dolor Sit Amet


Issue#23: December, 2014 Issue #: [Date]

I hope you have been enjoying the decorations in the lobby and in the volunteer office. I would like to thank Cherie’ Gamardo and her helpers for decorating the Christmas trees in the lobby and the volunteer office. Thank you to Lillian Dawson and Donna Bergener for putting up the volunteer picture tree in the lobby. Donna and Sara Hansen were instrumental in updating the pictures for this project. We are fortunate to have these dedicated and talented volunteers.





Checkbook balance as of November



Minutes from the most recent WHSL Board meeting are posted in the office if any members are interested in reading them. If members wish to see the approved Annual budget, they can make arrangements with our Treasurer, Donna Lim, who will be happy to be of assistance.

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