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Issue 82 Our Global Village Feb/March 2015 What a difference 5W makes – August 2014 photographic exhibition was of great interest for me. Jill invi...
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Issue 82

Our Global Village

Feb/March 2015

What a difference 5W makes – August 2014 photographic exhibition was of great interest for me. Jill invited me to join a group of her friends on a trip to the beautiful island of Venn and also to a book club meeting hosted on an allotment. Jill and Jan drove me to Halmstad where I was to stay briefly with Ragna Larsson. The weather was not kind, however we ventured out in the very wet weather to see all we could of Halmstad in the conditions. Ragna took us all to a Folk Festival and we explored some of the local sights including the famous Hotel Tylosand. Doris Schulze and Jennifer Curry in front The library in Halmstad is of Rathaus, Hamburg an example of exceptional architecture creating an innovative space to welcome and encourage all ages to explore writing in many forms. Torhild Oien in Oslo was a gracious and enthusiastic host, meeting me at the station. Torhild was happy to research all the possibilities for me over the 2 days that I was in Oslo and also helped immeasurably with transport tips. The Oslo Opera House has been on my bucket list for years and I could fill pages with the delight of exploring a building that so effectively represents the landscape of water, ice and timber. Torhild was working during my time with her but we were able to enjoy a really pleasant classical concert together one evening. Kristin Reite and her husband, Copenhagen r, nte Ce lla Be Alice Vilstrup at Kennedy, met me in Volda and drove me to their home in Hjorungavag, afterwards, with the metro going through the Eiksund undersea line on my right as a great landmark. Alice took tunnel which is the deepest in the the trouble to introduce me to some Danish world. The beauty of this area is hard delicacies, including delicious Skyr and pickled to describe and it would be wonderful herring as well as demonstrating the art of her to spend more time in the region, breadmaking. Alice’s prowess as a musician there is much to explore. It was a was evident in the pieces she so kindly played privilege to be part of the family for on the flute for me. the time that I was there and The next stay was with Jill and Jan Hilford in Kennedy generously organised Sri Helsingborg. Jill and Jan were extremely kind to Lankan string hoppers for one of our Jennifer Curry & Elaine Olsson, Helsingborg Beach quickly fill a gap due to another 5W member meals. becoming ill, especially as Jill was very busy My last host in Norway was Kari that week. After meeting me at the Helsingborg ferry, Jan was a fantastic Elisabet Svare who lives in the delightfully calm and rural area of Østre tour guide even patiently accompanied me to a supermarket so I could Gausdal, near Lillehammer. Kari Elisabet introduced me to the check out similarities and differences in what is eaten in Sweden vs philosophy of Norwegian Nobel Laureate Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson as well Australia. The few differences included all the wonderful types of bread available so easily in Europe, the varieties of meats, especially sausage, as blueberrying whilst hiking in the region. Kari Elisabet is inspirational with the way she manages such a light footprint on the environmental and fish. And the pastries are much lighter and flakier than those made landscape. in Australian bakeries so, of course, one feels the need to try them all. These types of experiences cannot be had travelling the usual tourist Jan also drove me out to the Skromberga factory at Ekerby where tiles trails and each and every host was so generous and gracious during my for the Sydney Opera House were made. There, the staff were kind time spent with them. I do hope that I can repay all the wonderful enough to give me one of the few remaining tiles. I spent a day with hospitality. Elaine Olsson checking out the Helsingborg promenade and the Jennifer Curry, Australia Helsingborg Cultural Centre, where the portrait How wonderful it is to be met at your travel destination! Doris Schulze was the first, waiting for me at Hamburg airport after a 36 hour trip from Brisbane, Australia – me, that is, not Doris. Her welcoming sign and smile made all the difference. Doris then showed me some of her Hamburg, delighting with ferry trips on the Albenalster lakes and then next day on the River Elbe. Doris and I met on one of her many trips to Australia at the Sydney gathering in 2012 and I look forward to spending more time with her on her next trip out. Alice Vilstrup met me at Copenhagen station and helped me settle into her home with such beautiful and eclectic artefacts before I went back into Copenhagen to check out the city. The next day, Alice & I cycled into Copenhagen for a wonderfully refreshing swim in the harbour pool. Alice then left me at the Design Museum and I cycled back to her place

Letter from 5W Chair, Agneta Rönnbäck on Page 4, Submit items for discussion at the next Meeting of the 5W Board of Trustees Page 4, Membership Reminders on Page 5, Latest Get-Togethers and Gatherings on Page 6. For Local Groups see Page 7, Office & Members' Notices Page 8. PLUS, letter from Trustees enclosed. 5W, 88 Easton Street, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 1LT, UK Tel/fax: +44 (0)1494 465441,

5W Nepal Tour 2014 After months of planning with Nene Hartnell it was time to do it! This year we were not just part of the tour we were the tour – Tour Leaders in fact, a very daunting task, but with the fantastic help from Santosh and Rina Karki at Childrens Welfare Centre, Nepal our task was made easier. We also had a fabulous group of ladies, right up when I asked for some creative writing on their thoughts on the trip I’ve been swamped with words! So I will now include segments from some to highlight yet another wonderful tour in a beautiful country.. Cassandra Bartlett 5W Gold Coast Queensland – Tour Leader “When I was told that this trip would be a life changing experience I wondered, then I went to Kathmandu! For me that is exactly what happened. I would like to thank all those who helped to make it so, the organisers who could not have done more for me, the accommodation was excellent and nothing was spared for our comfort, the guides who explained everything so well and enabled me to 'trek' the Old Kathmandu Road, the elephants who took us deep into the jungle and the interesting travelling companions who helped to make this journey of a life time. I have yet to mention the Children's Welfare Centre with which was at the heart of our visit, the joy of the children who have so little in material terms but have so much more than some of our children in this First World Country of ours. A special thank you to Rina and her staff who showed us such kindness and at the end of our stay helped the children to put on such a wonderful display for us It was the people that made it for me” Angela Tilbrook 5W member Gold Coast

Welcome at Children’s Welfare Centre Back: Christine McDonald WA, Sue Drake-Brockman WA, Helen Coulter Qld, Josetta Wood USA, Inez Jessurun NSW Middle: Cassie Bartlett Qld, Nene Hartnell Qld, Tour Leaders Front: Benita John Qld, Angela Tibrook Qld, Leonie, Qld, Laverne Marshall NSW and the wonderful staff of CWC

“There is a saying “looking, but not seeing”, which can be used to describe much of traveling today. The Nepal 5W trip was much more than that. We had the opportunity to really see more than historical sites. We had the opportunity to interact with the amazing workers and children at the Children’s Welfare Center (CWC). Even though some of the workers at CWC didn’t speak English, their smiles and warmth said volumes about the gentle nature of the Nepalis we met. This was reflected when they taught us how to make about 300 Momos, a small vegetable filled, steamed mini dumpling to be gobbled down by adults and children alike. It was also humbling to be thought of as “Sisters” by the children. They welcomed you right into their tight knit family. Then there was the patience of Mummy as she led us on a longer and more challenging than expected trek into the environs around the CWC. Thanks to Cassie and Nene for organizing such an eye opening trip and the opportunity to meet and make new friends with fellow 5W travelers. Being one of two “Americans” amongst a throng of “Aussies” I really appreciated the exchange of perceptions about our two large and diverse countries. Hopefully I changed a few perceptions of us “Norte Americanos”. (I really wish there was another word than Americans, as all citizens of South and Central America and Canada are technically American. Oh well) Sandy Holm 5W Minnesota, USA “This was my first trip with 5W. It was fantastic, the best group I have travelled with to date. Thanks ladies one and all. Nepal is such a stunningly beautiful country. Scenery like I've not “Just a few lines? Wow! seen before. Cassie and Nene organised such a wonderful tour covering so much of this One of the most memorable trips I've ever done. beautiful country. The people of Nepal were gentle and so appreciative. The kiddies at CWC Amazing friendships forged. Incredible places travelled. delightful. We had so much fun with them at the party watching them enjoy the games and of Beautiful local people, showing such kindness and course the fairy bread and Vegemite. The day with them at the fun park and the wonderful generosity. Highlights? For me, the village people, concert they organised for us. So much fun! “ Sue Drake-Brockman, 5W West Australia particularly children we met along the way and the “It was for me also a first to travel with a children at CWC, Sunrise over the Annapurna Ranges. group of strangers and women. And it was Bhaktapur , the Peace Pagoda. Elephant ride. And of lots of fun. The highlight was the children, course my Paragliding!!!! and seeing them at home", the party and The kindness and support I received from all of you, in the Fun Park. It is great that they spoke the staff at KGH, Santosh and the Tilganga Eye Centre English. That was a surprise. The I find difficult to acknowledge sufficiently, so I'll just say Nepalese people were so nice and THANKS. Christina McDonald 5W West Australia helpful. Loved the cups of tea with shopkeepers .Our unexpected visit to the “Nepal never ceases to amaze me, each visit finds Eye hospital and the intraocular lenses something different. factory was also an eye opener (sorry for Kathmandu, the crowds, traffic chaos, sights, sounds the pun). The Staff from Sydney Eye and smells, plus cows, dogs and monkeys. hospital (where I work as a volunteer) go Godavari, peaceful countryside, rice paddies, the to Kathmandu as well. All the historic and Children's Home, beautiful smiles, hugs and little cultural buildings. WWWowww, I was hands holding tightly onto yours, laughter and singing. very surprised that the Nepal goddess Pokhara, the sunrise over the majestic snow covered was a child, who is worshipped till she Annapurna mountain range, peaceful lakes with gliding reaches puberty. The museum in Patan boats, monasteries. was the most beautiful museum I have Lumbini, birthplace of Buddha, enlightenment, world ever seen. A great experience. Inez collection of temples. Jessurun 5W Sydney NSW Ice creams for everyo ne at the Fun Park! Chitwan, floating with the crocodiles down the mist“This trip held many firsts for me first covered river early morning. Stalking rhinos on foot through the jungle, crashing through the jungle on the time to a third world country, first 5W trip, first close encounter with an orphanage (and elephants!), and first time travelling with a group of "strangers". elephants back. Oxen cart ride to local village, Nepal was more than I expected and Cassie & Nene did an amazing job with the observing their hard way of life. No matter where you organisation. Meeting Mummy, Rena and the gorgeous children at CWC was definitely the go there are always happy smiling faces. highlight - CWC does an amazing job. There were definitely no strangers by the end of the I will be back.” Nene Hartnell 5W Gold Coast trip, and I'm inspired by the get-up-and go attitude of this amazing group of women. Queensland and Tour Leader! Definitely an experience of a lifetime! Leonie, Gold Coast Queensland Australia Early morning canoe ride at Chitwan Nation Park



In September, some of the members of the local group from Helsingborg, Sweden celebrated 5W’s 30th Anniversary, together with two members from the Copenagen group and their visitor from England. It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for visiting the park and gardens at Sofiero mansion, beautifully situated on the coast just to the north of Helsingborg. The day started with a light lunch, sitting in the sun outside the cafe with a fantastic view over the grounds, sea and Danish coastline. We looked around the gardens, visited the exhibition inside the mansion and then headed for town in the late afternoon. There, we had a walk in the harbour area before eating dinner outside at a restaurant in the harbour. All in all, a very enjoyable day of celebration. Jill Hilford, Helsingborg, Sweden

I’m sure you will have heard about the horrific bush fires we’ve experienced here in Australia. I found a message left on my answerphone from a concerned 5W member in New South Wales hoping we were OK. I don’t know any members in NSW, so I think this was a very kind thing to do. I am now in a quandary, as the message was very garbled and the only words I could make out were ...5W...New South Wales...hope you are alright! I would hate you to think I had ignored your message, so hope you see this and contact me so that I can thank you personally for your concern. To me, this epitomised the sort of kindness I have experienced from so many 5Ws over the years. We were about 12Ks from the fires and luckily the wind didn’t change to bring them to us, as was predicted. Even so, our car was covered in ash! Just one of the hazards of living in Oz, so different from our old home in the Wirral, UK. Sheila McFarlane, Adelaide, Australia

5W Group visiting Sofiero; Dorte Staermose's photo of the top row left to right: Olsson, Linda White (England) Jill Hilford, Maria Fleck, Elaine bottom row left to right: , Pia Sundberg, Anita Svensson, Eva Lundberg Alice Vilstrup (Denmark)

Thank you Canada In September I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of Canada and I want to thank the 5W members I met and who helped make my visit so much more ejoyable. To Grethe in Toronto for showing me her and her friend’s wonderful artwork. Very talented and sorry I couldn’t fit any in my suitcase. To Madeline in Calgary, who went WAY out of her way to show me her beautiful city and drive me around, not to mention the wonderful food opportunities. So sorry I was not able to have a homemade German dinner with Marlene in Kamloops, due to our train having to move over all the time for freight trains, making our train 4 hours late. And finally to Elinor in Vancouver for introducing us to Flyover Canada - what an experience and not to be missed if you visit Vancouver, followed by a terrific dinner with other 5Ws. All in all, wonderful experiences in a very beautiful country, eh? Sharon Giese, Connecticut, USA

I’m back! My membership ceased some years ago, due to having expense to visit my son in New Zealand. I have been twice and stayed with Angela in Wellington. I have a motorhome and would be glad to share it here in the Cotswolds. I have a dream to go (with Airmiles I have 61,000) to the top end of Norway to see the Northern Lights. I have great memories of Vancouver, Germany, Brittany and Romania, all with 5W and look forward to a trip wherever. Norma Pepys-Goodchild, Gloucestershire, UK

This year’s experiences with 5W … This year I’ve been fortunate to meet a few 5W members and would like to share my experiences with you. I’ve been a member of 5W since 1992 and have had members visiting me as well as I’ve been visiting members in different coutries. My husband and I spent three weeks in Andalucia in January, to get away from the dull, grey skies of the Danish winter. Before we left I had made contact with two 5W members in Spain, both were English, however. They both answered my email immediately and told me they would like to meet us. Our first meeting took place in Fuengirola, where we were met at the bus station by Christine Watson. She invited us for coffee in the cafe and afterwards she took us on a walk through the city and along the beach, then up to the castle. We had a nice chat and then lunch in a tapas bar. We got along so well. Thank you Christine and welcome to Denmark some day! Another day we rented a car and drove to Torrox to meet Linda Wainscoat and her husband Roy. Funnily enough, I had the impression that I had met Linda before but I told myself that it couldn’t be. We walked in Torrox, had coffee in a cafe and later they invited us to come with them to their rented ‘finca’, beautifully situated with wonderful view over the Mediterranean. Andalucia - Christine and Bodil And then we found out that Linda had been working for the 5W office at the time I joined, during the 10th Anniversary of the organisation in High Wycombe, so we had been at the same Gathering! We had a delicious meal with Linda and Roy before it was time to say goodbye and leave. Thank you Linda and Roy and also welcome to Denmark some day! In April my husband and I were travelling in South Africa by rented car. We were invited to visit my penfriend, Riana Rosenbaum, who is also a 5W member. It was a wonderful visit in her and her husband’s charming house, situated by the coast in Betty’s Bay and overlooking the ocean. We spent a couple of days with Riana and Mark and really enjoyed meeting them. Thank you Riana and Mark and welcome to Denmark some day! And finally, we visited Ireland in September. Before arriving I had written to three members in Ireland, but two of them were not at home and therefore unable to meet. We ended up staying in a B&B owned by a 5W member for a few days. Our hostess, Breada Keane, owns a wonderful B&B in Ballevaughan in The Burren and it was so nice to meet her. She’s relatively new in 5W, so we had some talks about the organisation and how nice it is to meet members from all over the world. We had tea and cakes and she even offered us to come and eat dinner with her and her family. Ireland was another good experience for us and we hope there will be more visits later to this wonderful green and colourful island. Thank you Breada and welcome to Breada and Bodil in Ireland Denmark some day. Bodil Bjergbaek, Denmark -3-

Dear 5W members, On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I wish you a good 2015, with lots of visitors and meetings, travels, short or long distance. As I look out my window now in the middle of January, I see lots of snow, which we finally received and are hoping to keep for some months. It is bright and beautiful during the few hours we have daylight this time of year. So here in the north we are heading towards brighter times weatherwise. When listening to the radio news (do not have a tv) and reading reviews from last year, it does not make anyone happy. With all the wars and disasters that started, we can only pray for those to end. Luckily we have our newsletter Our Global Village bringing us wonderful news and stories about meetings and gatherings around the world. Thanks to all you members who make all the effort to arrange gatherings/get togethers and all of you who attend. And keep sending your stories to the office for publishing so everyone can read about it and be inspired. And to make our meetings successful we have to be clear in communications in issues important to us. If part of a gathering involves activities you cannot participate in for various reasons, just make it clear. When reading the Members´ Noticeboard with various enquiries and suggestions, I wonder about the results. Offerings about language studies, apartments for rent, house sitting, travel companions and so on, tell us what happened, how did it evolve? Important information regarding your membership can be found on the Office Noticeboard, I do hope you notice the changes. And remember 5W merchandise can be purchased at website: Hopefully our new website will be available very soon and just after the new year started we had to renew the office computers. So we are still going strong! Next Trustees Meeting will be held in Strasbourg in the middle of May, if you have issues for discussion please contact the office or any trustee. See you in the future and thank you for being a part of the 5W community! Agneta Rönnbäck, 5W Chair

As Agneta has mentioned, the next Annual Meeting of the 5W Board of Trustees will take place in Strasbourg, France on 15 & 16 May. If there are any suggestions, concerns or complaints that you would like to put forward for discussion on the Agenda, please submit these to the 5W Office by mail or email ([email protected] by early March.

5W - a late little story ... Apologies for this delay in writing. In Malta in February Maria and Vic Platen had been so helpful and welcoming when I arrived there at short notice as my apartment wasn't ready, such great hosts. Then I was thrilled to host Faith Dyson and Monique Peubez there. After Dusseldorf and two weeks at a resort at Malaga I was delighted to at last spend time with Maggie Stevenson in Andalusia, Spain, as we had been emailing for years, both dog-lovers. Then I joined Helen Ducal from France for a great 10-day cruise out of Barcelona. Then it was time to join Audrey Ermel from Bendigo Australia, in Barcelona for our seven week touring around Europe together. We had met at the Sydney Gathering in 2012. After 4 days Barcelona, 4 days Paris, we took the overnight train to Venice to join a 14-day cruise, this was mainly Italian ports but also Dubrovnik, Corfu, Kotor Montenegro and Ajaccio Corsica. From there we flew up to Basel to be hosted by my long-time friend, since 1998, Ursula Guentert, who introduced us to her newest member Jacqueline Booth. and Norma Ursula Fink, another long-time friend was our r se Mo gi Re sula Güntert, wonderful day hostess in Basel, and we were Ursula Fink, Ur all joined by Ragi Moser who had come from Winterthur for the day, to be treated to a wonderful meal at Ursula G’s in pretty Mumpf. Audrey and I then caught the train to Lucerne to be hosted by Barbara Goeldi, even though working she made sure we knew where to go, what to see and how not to get lost, and provided lovely evening meals and interesting conversations about life there. Next was the train down to Geneva to In Malta with Rosemaria & Vic Platen be met by the delightful Anita Jaccard who hosted us, providing traditional Swiss meals and sharing her wonderful family with us as well, a special treat. Back to Malta again for another week at a resort, then Audrey and I flew to Berlin to join all the ladies at the Gathering there, so well organized by Almuth Tharan, such a huge job for her, thanks Almuth. Here I met so many old friends and met lots of new ones, always a thrill. After the Gathering and the wonderful 30th Celebration Lunch, Audrey and I took a train to stay with Martine de Geyter and Guido in Leuven, Belgium, again renewing older friendships for me, with her and also Hilde who toured us around lovely Bruges one day. It was great to see Vera Haezaert again and meet Maria de Leeuw there too, I'm sorry that photo seems to have disappeared?? Since I joined 5W in 1998 I have loved hosting 42 members from all over the world, if not at my apartment then in the south of France, in Las Vegas, in the south island of NZ and in Malta. I have been hosted by 65 wonderful hostesses so I want Lucerne to "catch up" when I finish house sitting and plan to settle down permanently in 5W - Aud rey, Norm Australia in August 2015. a and Bar bara Warm 5W regards to all, now Norma Crawford (-Meads), Australian but currently still listed under New Zealand. -4-

Route along castles and gardens in May 2014 with Valma Monday the 19 May, I was delighted to be meeting Valma from Australia, who already had a tour across Europe behind her. Because of terrible traffic we arrived at my place late but, after one hour, Valma had already recovered enough to suggest we make arrangements to visit some place. I proposed a road trip along gardens and castles. In Waasmunster there are several castles. Most of them are in private possession, others are in possession of the municipality. The first castle on our way was the Castle Blauwendael. It was originally built in the 17th century and renovated in the 18th century. It has now the style of neo-Flemish renaissance. In the old days it was the residence of people of nobility. Unfortunately the castle was closed. Nevertheless the gardens with beautiful lawns and a large pond with swans tempted us for a walk in open air. Afterwards, along the way, we passed the Castle Roos, Castle Les Gobbelets and the English garden of Castle Orthegat which date from the 19th century and are built in the Empire style. Castle Orthega is still in possession of the nobility. With a drink, we finished our first castle route in Waasmunster. Tuesday 20 May - after breakfast we continued our way along the castles. The first stop was at the Wissekerke Castle, located in the picturesque centre of the municipality Bazel. This is a real, moated castle constructed in the 10th century in neo-gothic style. One of the former owners was Viscount Vilain XIIII, now in possession of the municipality Bazel. Upon request we got a private tour. Our next stop was Hingene with a visit of the Castle d'Ursel. A castle in Empire-style originating from the 17th century, which has remained in the possession of the noble family Ursel throughout history. Now the castle is in possession of Antwerp (province). The castle itself was closed for public, but fortunately for us, we could take a peek at the interior. We went to the city St.-Niklaas for lunch in Castle Walburg. Castle Walburg is a moated castle as well, built in the 16th century with an English garden and exotic tree species. At last we arrived at our last castle of the day, the fortified Castle of Laarne. They call it a lock-castle because of the huge moat and the drawbridge. The building dates from the 13th century. First they built the gate in stone. The current castle site followed afterwards. In 1953 the Castle was given to an association which was to guarantee the restoration and the preservation of this monument that now is awarded World Heritage. In the evening we could but only imagine what life must have been like in these living conditions. Wednesday 21 May - the last day of visiting castles brought us to the capital Brussels. We started at the MIM. The Museum of Music Instruments is a classified building and one of the most interesting buildings, built in the Art Nouveau style. There are at least 1200 music instruments to admire, a collection of classic, exotic and historic instruments. On the rooftop of the MIM, you’ll find a splendid roof terrace. There we took a little snack and drink and we enjoyed the panoramic view over Brussels. Later on, we had a walk through the Warandepark, along the Royal Palace, the Zavel, the Grand Place, Manneken Pis, St.-Hubertusgalleries, St.-Michiels and the St. Goedelechurch, the Mount of Art and the Royal Square. The next day, we had an appointment with other 5W-friends for an international gathering in Antwerp, where we visited the museum of the Red Star Line. It is been a super-dooper experience. We enjoyed it very much, day after day. I have to admire Valma, because of her endless energy, we spent these days effortlessly. And that at her age! Thanks to Valma for our pleasant get-together. Linda Maes, Belgium

I am so happy to have been able to show my 5W guest Junko Shinoda from Japan,a piece of our beautiful Sweden. The South Swedish Highland. She came for a couple of days visit in May .We enjoyed it so much and had so much fun together . Near where we live we have an agricultural and a school museum which we also could show her. We also met another 5W member, Marianne Ihse from Eksjö. She invited us for coffee and we had a great afternoon together . Anita Nohrs-Johansson, Källeryd FORSERUM, Sweden - 5-

The 5W Office sometimes receive complaints from both hostesses and visitors, which could often be avoided with just a little more thought and consideration. Advice for both visitors and hostesses is included in our Welcome leaflet (available under the 5W documents section of the website). These are a few of the issues that can arise and spoil the 5W experience! "I had a beautifully roasted organic chicken in the oven, smelling delicious. Imagine my surprise when by 5W guest showed up and said she was vegan! " Please remember to discuss any special dietary issues with your hostess before you arrive, to avoid unpleasant surprises. "I planned my trip to the UK to carry out research on finding out more about my ancestors. I then felt so bad to discover that my hostess had very kindly arranged for us to go on various trips around the area and I either had to give up on my plans or disappoint her. We managed to compromise, but I just wish I had discussed my plans with her in advance, to save us both disappointment." "It was so exciting to be receiving my first 5W visitor and I had bought food for our first meal and had a good tidy up around the house. Several hours after she was due to arrive I received an email from her to say that she had decided to stay longer at her first destination and wouldn't be able to make it to me after all. So disappointing!" Please always let your hostesses know well in advance if you decide to change your itinerary. Remember that they will also have made arrangements for your stay and it really does go against the 5W spirit of friendship to treat anyone in this way. “After a very pleasant exchange of emails, I waited for my 5W visitor to arrive at my home. She had said she would be arriving by taxi and I am eternally grateful to the taxi driver - as my visitor had neglected to mention her mobility problems and, not being in the first flush of youth myself, there was no way I could have helped her (complete with luggage) up the steps into my house, without his assistance. I could also see that many of the trips and activities I had planned for us both would need to be revised. Sad to say, my guest was unable to get around my home easily and this resulted in my having to do a lot of fetching and carrying, which was frustrating for both of us! “ This really stresses the importance of discussing any mobility issues with your hostess, checking that there aren’t too many steps to contend with, etc and, very importantly, never assuming that your hostess is there to wait on you.

In Memory Gloria Smith of SE Queensland, Australia died some time ago, after a valiant fight for many years against an illness which finally overwhelmed her. She was much respected and loved because of her gentle and kind nature and will be missed by all who knew her.

Anne Elkington sadly died from cancer last October, at the age of 63. Upon her return to Canada from the Feb/March 5W trip to Texas and Louisiana, she became ill and was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Handy Hints Thank you to 5W member, Alison Cameron, for suggesting this new section for the newsletter and for contributing the first items. Staying away from home? Mobile phone/camera/whatever on charge? Decide which pair of shoes you will be wearing next day - sit them below the plug, then plug in your charger and sit phone/whatever in your shoe. That way you will remember to take your phone and your charger with you when you leave!

Lake Macquarie On Monday 27 October, along with local members and two visitors, we had another lovely lunch at Hamilton/Newcastle TAFE. It was the third lunch I have arranged here and always good to have members and visitors come. There was lots of laughter and talking. We are so lucky to be 5W members, to meet often and enjoy our 5W friendship. Gloria Hodgson, Australia

Carry a supply of coin bags, available from any bank, then when you change countries you can put your unused coins into coin bag to carry and keep separate.

Back Row: Janene More (Karuah), Kate Hughes, Chris McGilvray, Antonia Smith (Blue Mountains), Margaret Jupp (Newcastle), Marine Knowles (Blue Mountains) Second Row: Wanda Boyton (Newcastle), Norma Crawford, Margaret McCabe, Lee Phillips (visitor), Doreen Brown (Newcastle), Gloria Hodgson, Chris Roselar (visitor) Sitting: Addell Pointon (Sydney), Anita Barnes (Norfolk, UK), Vida Jovanoski Linking the 5W Hand of Friendship

Carry a supply of freezer bags, ideal for wet/damp ‘smalls’, bits of food/leaking bottles etc. Please send your Handy Hints for 5W members to the 5W Office for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Get-Togethers/Tours 2 tours in Southern Australia in October 2015

Gatherings With any enquiry about a Gathering, send an SAE or 2 International Reply Coupons (IRCs) - from your post office

I have asked Truely Tribal Tours to offer tours for 5W members in October 2015. Lakes & Steamers, Landscapes & Engines, Originally 3 tours were offered in earlier 5W Newsletter. However, due to Gardens & Castles Too! 9-19 June, 2015 bookings on the ferry between mainland Australia and Tasmania (Island) We have 1 place available! We would love you to join us in June, total of 12 the dates have had to be changed and now there are only 2 tours. ladies. Transportation to and from Manchester Airport to Yorkshire for 4 Now the Tasmania tour overlaps the Queensland post-Gathering tour by days and remaining 6 days in the Lake District. Accommodations are a day. However, I have contacted Truely Tribal and they have informed fantastic and venues fabulous. Most interesting group is from Australia, me that any member that wishes to complete the post-Gathering tour of British Columia, Germany, Japan and United States, join us! Please email the Queensland coast ( including the final night dinner on 5th October) Cynthia Russell, [email protected] as soon as possible could connect to the Tasmania tour. They would miss the option of with confirmation that you wish to join the Gathering. The land cost is shopping in Port Douglas on 6th October. Could then fly from Cairns to £1,200 per person, double occupancy (excluding airfare, taxes and optional Hobart on 6th where Truely Tribal tours would pick them up from the choices). Deposit of £600 due immediately and remainder due 15 March. airport to join the group. Don't miss out! 1.The 13 Day/13 night Tasmania Discovery Tour (departing from 5W Australian South East Queensland Gathering, Hobart on Monday October 5th 2015 and returning to Hobart Pre and Post Tour 2015 update: on November 17th) costs $3595 per person and includes all your accommodation, meals and activities as stated in the itinerary. There is Pre Tour (Outback Qld) 10th September – 16th September – always drinking water on board and we offer fruit and snacks in between only 5 places left. the meals. All accommodation is based on double or twin share. The Gathering 17th September – 27th September – 18 places accepted single supplement for this tour is $945 for all 13 nights. If you are Wait List to fill remainder travelling by yourself, we can pair you up with another single female th traveller to avoid a single supplement payment. However if we are unable Post Tour (North Qld) 28 September – 6 October – only 8 places left As you can see from the above most members have now secured their to find another single, some of the rooms might be triple share (3 single beds) so that we can cover our cost on our end. The 5W Price is $3395 Gathering place by paying their deposit. However, there are some outstanding spots for people wanting to attend the Pre and Post Tours. 2. 9 Day Great Ocean Road and Kangaroo Island Tour (departing Melbourne on Wednesday October 21st and finishing in Adelaide on These Tours have been designed by 5W for 5W’s their family and friends. Thursday October 29th) Regular Price is $2495. The 5W price for this Tours will showcase the very best of Queensland and are diverse, entertaining and fun. Best of all, local and international members will tour is $2325. In addition 5W members also save another $75 on have a fantastic opportunity to mix and mingle while they are seeing the each tour, if both tours are booked. sights. If you are interested in seeing Queensland’s amazing Outback, The If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email Great Barrier Reef, rainforests, tropical island resorts, white sandy beaches, ([email protected]) or call Truely Tribal on their free call warm clear blue sea while travelling carefree with 5W friends please number 1800 814 218 (7 days/week). Full itineraries from them, too. contact Penny by email at [email protected] Robin Golding, Australia [email protected]

Historic Chester, UK - 26 July 2016 Annual 5 W Lunch in Sydney, Australia is 16 March 2015 if you will be visiting in Sydney or a Sydney member please come along & meet other members. We meet at Circular Quay No 5 Wharf at 10-30 am take the “Rivercat” Ferry to Abbotsford west along the Parramatta River to lunch (Own Expense) at Sydney Men’s Rowing Club. Bookings Essential to Gloria Hodgson by 10-3-15. Telephone 02-49-508-648 (leave a message if not home) OR e-mail [email protected]

A week which includes visits to Wales, and a trip on the Llangollen Aqueduct,which is a very spectacular world heritage site. A visit to the vibrant city of Liverpool, where many people left England forever to go and live in America, Australia and the like. Also included is a trip to Manchester, the worlds first industrial city, which is a 24 hour city with lots of Victorian architecture. Accommodation is in Chester Trinity Hall, all rooms are single, and en-suite.Very centrally placed. Full costings being finalised. Expression of interest to Linda White at [email protected] -6-

Local Groups Arranged by local members for local members and visitors! Meet for coffee...Visit places of interest...Make new friends...Phone around...Start a Group Argentinian Groups, Buenos Aires Meet alternate months - details from any member there. Chubut - contact Nelly Maria Jesús Ellena, [email protected] Australia: Adelaide Group welcome local members and visitors. Contact Cathy Young, 08 8261 4253, [email protected] or Jacqueline Parslow, 08 8331 9345, [email protected] Australia:Canberra Group Get togethers Feb, May, Aug, Nov.Contact Betty Olsen, 15/3 Shepherdson Place, Isaacs, ACT 2607, Australia, (0)2 62901711, [email protected] Australia: Darwin Contact Jackie Das Gupta, tel: 08 8985 2650, [email protected] Australia: Lake Macquarie Contact Gloria Hodgson, 8/166 Main Road, Speers Point, Lake Macquarie, NSW 2284, Australia, 02 49 508648, [email protected] or Barbara McDonnell , [email protected]

Germany: Stuttgart Group Meets regularly 1st Sat each month at restaurant Trollinger or for various outings. Details: Bärbel Ott, 70565,0711 9074305 or Anne Ross, 0711 362498, [email protected] Hungary: Budapest Group Contact Maria Novak, tel: 1 3414 660, [email protected] Japan: Tokyo Bay Chiba Group Meets 2nd or 3rd Friday of even months with lunch at Secrets by the Seashore. Love to see you any time. Contact Kayoco Tada on [email protected] Japan: Nagoya Group : contact Noriko AOKI (Aichi) [email protected] Japan: Fuji Group contact Riyoko MIURA (Shizuoka) [email protected] Kenya Kisumu Lake Region: Meets 4th Sunday of each month at 2pm at Kenyatta Sports Ground. Contact Gladys Ogembo, P O Box 4984-40100, Kondele, Kisumu, Kenya, mob 0733 901 772 Sweden: Helsingborg Group Contact Jill Hilford, [email protected]

Australia: Port Macquarie Contact Shirley Martin (02) 6559 5200, Sweden: Stockholm Group Meet four times a year, once every season. [email protected] or Desirée Hodgson (02) 6582 2863, For details contact Sonja Holmedal, 8511 72300, [email protected] Australia: SE Queensland Group Meets on 2nd Sat of the even months [email protected] Visitors always welcome. (Feb, April, June, August, Oct, Dec). The Group also arranges 2 Book Switzerland: Basel Group Contact Ursula Fink, 61 2725940, Groups on the 2nd Saturday of the odd months (January, March, May, [email protected] July, Sept and Nov), regular film days on the 4th Saturday of the odd UK, Cambridge Group: Contact Vicky Russell, PO Box 225, Cambridge months (January, March, May, July, Sept and Nov), as well as other CB3 9RB, 0776 5413461 or [email protected] activities. Contact Marion Jones +61 (0)7 33554432 or seqld5[email protected], SEQld Website, UK, Devon Group: Please contact Pat Beasley on 01626-870676 or Facebook [email protected] Australia: Sydney Members meet monthly for various outings. Visitors welcome. Coral Walsh (02) 9528 4096, [email protected] or Grace Bendall (02) 9363 9025, [email protected] Australia: Tasmania Pls contact Janene Hancock, 10 Heather Road, Risdon Vale, Hobart, Tas 7016, 03 62436757, [email protected] Australia: Victoria members meet for lunch every two months on a Saturday in the city of Melbourne. Contact Margaret Fleming for time and venue: [email protected] Australia: Western Australia Meet four times a year. Please contact Ann Begg, 153 Whitfield Street, Bassendean, Perth, WA 6054, 08 9279 9784, [email protected] See website for upcoming dates .

UK, East Midlands Group: Next mtg on Saturday 12 November in Leicester. Contact Sheilagh McIntosh, 0160 4634110, [email protected] UK, Kent Group: Contact [email protected]





UK, London Group: Meets 1st Sunday of months of January, March, May, July, September, November.. Contact Gerda Baron, 136 Chatsworth Rd, London NW2 5QU, 020 8459 3608 or Maureen Jackson, London N14 4SY [email protected] UK: Manchester Group: meets every Thursday afternoon in Manchester M&S café. Contact Julie Collins [email protected], 01706 372612. Visitors always welcome

UK: Scottish Group: Meets first Saturday of most months, for lunch plus a visit to an exhibition, garden or somewhere else to enjoy. Members living in Belgian Group Meets regularly 2 or 3 times a year. Details from Ria or visiting Scotland are always very welcome. Contact Jean Thompson, Monten, rue d’Ardevoor 55, B-1357 Hélécine, (00)19-655839, 0131 447 4622 [email protected] [email protected] UK, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire & Humberside Contact Hazel Burnham on [email protected], Canada: Vancouver Group Contact Elinor Warkentin 604-683-0898 01724 764726 [email protected] online at:, Welsh Border Group: Are you interested in joining our Group? 5W-Womens-Travel-Friendship-Group/ Denmark: Copenhagen Group Contact Alice Vilstrup [email protected] Meetings to include various activities and country walks, sharing meals and making new friends. Please contact Jane Hider 01694 723468, Finland: Contact Liisa Huhtala-Halme, Kluuvintie 11, FIN-02180 Espoo, [email protected] Finland, +358 (0)503072963, [email protected] UK, Wessex Group: Contact Jo Sherrell, 01202 460739, Germany: Berlin Group Meets every 2-3 months on a weekday evening. [email protected] For exact time and place contact Brigitte Wagner [email protected] or UK, Yorkshire/Lancashire group Contact Sue Coventry Monika Blüm [email protected] Germany: Bremen Group meets regularly 2nd Saturday of each month [email protected] USA: Boston Group Members meet each month for social activities. New - and enjoy visitors. Contact: Christine Dalley, [email protected] Germany: Frankfurt Group Meet last Saturday afternoon of each month. local members and visitors, please contact Contact Brigitte Clasen 06151 21004, [email protected] or Joyce Kim Giovacco, [email protected] or 774 269 6558 for details. Szameitat 69 310191 4408, Mobile 0049 1766220 7217, USA: Chicago Group Contact Flora Breidenbach [email protected] [email protected] Germany: Hamburg Group meets regularly every last Saturday of odd USA: Sacramento Valley & Sierra Foothills Contact Jane Thomson month at 14.00 at Alsterhaus, Jungfernstieg [email protected] Contact: Doris Schulze [email protected] USA: Southern California, San Diego County Local Group meets the Germany: Kassel Group Meet every 3 months at a member’s home.You 1st Saturday of the month at 10 am at Panera Bread; Grossmont are welcome to join us. Contact Brigitte Kroeger, Emil-von-Behring Str 26, Shopping Center; 5500 Grossmont Center Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942. 34576 Homberg, 05681 71751, [email protected] Germany: Munich Group Meets regularly every 3 months. Please Polly Mason for information: [email protected] or 619-644-0810 contact:[email protected] or [email protected] USA: Midwest/Great Lakes Group contact Mary Schultze at [email protected] Germany: Düsseldorf /Niederrhein - group meet every 3 month at a members home. You are welcome to contact: USA: Minnesota Group Love to have visitors, contact Mary Roberts, Barbara Heger, 0211 - 35 48 07 or [email protected] 218 765 3305, email [email protected] Austrian Group: Contact Veronika Bruno, [email protected]


Members’ Noticeboard February/March 2015 To cover the costs of printing, posting and administration, there is a charge of 10p per word. Advertisements can be for items and services relating to travel and meeting women worldwide. To advertise, please send your wording (including contact details) with the correct payment to the office by the newsletter deadline ([email protected]) These adverts are in no way part of 5W policy & the Trustees are not responsible for, nor are they recommending, their content.

In at the deep end! Complete immersion in the French language. If you are thinking about a few days relaxation, France appeals to you as you would like to improve your French language and knowledge of French culture. You want to get away from traditional ‘tourist’ locations and experience traditional lifestyle. Would you like to gain an insight into French culture by experiencing everyday life in a village location and share in the life of a French woman for a few days? I offer my women guests a unique opportunity to discover the French way of life, not as a tourist, but as a “local”. My course is based upon common day-to-day life experiences, which makes it very practical and useful. At the same time, you can relax in the hospitable atmosphere of my charming rural house in the beautiful Dordogne region of France. For more information visit For 5W members 10% off. Monique Engelbertz Enjoy a London holiday in my large comfortable Victorian home. I offer B&B or English Language homestay courses. I'm a long term 5W member and also an experienced teacher. I live in a quiet area with good transport to the centre (12 minutes London Bridge, 30 minutes Oxford Street). There's plenty of space - a huge garden, 3 bathrooms and 3 sitting rooms. Look forward to your visit! Angela Pryle, [email protected] I want to go to the Tattoo in Edinburgh next August, either Aug. 11-15 or Aug 18-22. Anyone want to join me? Sharon Giese, [email protected] London Central ½ Hour. B&B or bed only. Small luggage storage given whilst travelling Europe etc. Convenient for airports, 5 mins walk to Morden Underground station (Northern Line), buses, shops, restaurants. [email protected] Telephone 0208 5423003 London accommodations wanted: I am spending the month of May 2015 in London. Looking to rent flat or en suite room. Location important - no more than 30 minutes to central London, no more than 10 minutes safe walk to tube. Kate Houser, St Petersburg, Florida, USA, [email protected] ROME central near Colosseum 5W members 20% off discount rate B&B and separate apartment. Tel. Margherita 00390670476422, 00393402303219, e-mail: [email protected] Barcelona Central apartment with wi fi near Parallel Ave. 5W members 20% off discount rate. Contact Margherita Durando, 0039 0670476422, 0039 3402303219, email [email protected] House sitter available for April 2015 and then June 2015 any location. Australian lady 57 years. I must formalise my bookings by end of Feb so please contact ASAP. Email Pam: [email protected]

Proposed Trip to Germany, Summer 2015 Having studied German at university, I am now keen to revisit places I visited 40 or so years ago (Munich, Koblenz, Bonn, Heidelberg) and also to discover other parts of Germany. I am interested in beautiful landscapes, live music (particularly jazz) and women’s art galleries and creative projects. If you have similar interests and could offer accommodation for a couple of nights, I would love to hear from you. This will be a chance to practise my rusty German and to rediscover your beautiful country. The dates I have in mind are between early July and late August 2015. Moira Hyde, Kent, UK, [email protected] Vancouver! In June/July 2015 I would like to have a “base camp” in or around Vancouver for 2-3 weeks. Very moderate place, no fancy over-thetop stuff for tourists, just a simple place to sleep. Maybe a private pension, weekend cabin or a guesthouse, no meals or room service necessary. Renate Gimmi, Konstanz, Germany, [email protected] House or flat sitting in France/Mediterranean/suggestions! Weeks or months. I am 58, quiet, trustworthy, non smoker, love plants and cats. Excellent English & French/German/Spanish. Practical and sensible, will care for your house as my own. Experienced home owner. Contact: Marianne Ivarsson, Stockholm, [email protected], 46 707 198811

FiveW Google Group This group is for fully-paid-up, members of 5W to connect with other members worldwide in the English language. You post a message to the Google Group and it will get relayed onto all of the other members, currently numbering about 300. It's a great way of sharing news (of interest to other women around the world) or finding out about other cultures and travel plans etc. The rules are simple - be sensitive and respectful. When posting, please share your location/nationality. It is easy to join, just go to this link:!forum/fivew Josiane Vossen has also set up a private Facebook group. If you would like to join, simply type 5w women welcome women in the Facebook searchbar, the 5W group will come up and you need to press 'Join Group'. You will then receive a message from Josiane asking for your membership number and country under which you are listed. Any 5W member can start up their own email group - just let the office know if you choose to do this and we will include details in the newsletter.Please note that 5W Trustees and Office are in no way responsible for the running, organisation or content of these groups.

Office Noticeboard 5W’S PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT IS BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD OR ONLINE VIA THE 5W WEBSITE. Mastercard, Visa, Delta and JCB cards are all accepted. Simply complete the form on the reverse of your renewal slip and include the Security Code (last 3 digits on back of card). Remember to write the amount of your donation in £sterling. Any other currency will be converted into sterling at the day’s exchange rate.

5W MEMBERSHIP may be paid by cheque in £sterling, Euros, Australian$ and US$. The recommended minimum donation is £35 for new members and £25 to renew. Please do not use US postal orders or Western Union transfers. OFFICE HOURS The office is usually staffed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 1.30pm. It is always a pleasure to meet members and visits to the office are welcome any day with prior notice. Our offices are now on the ground floor, so easy access is available. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LIST ENTRY - we can make mistakes and your writing is not always easy to read... And has your email address changed? Have you moved house recently? Has your telephone number changed too? YOU CAN NOW EMAIL YOUR CHANGES TO [email protected] PLEASE LET THE 5W OFFICE KNOW about your good and bad experiences. Remember, guests should be as aware of the 5W ethos of friendship as their hostesses.

LOGIN FOR WEBSITE MEMBERS’ ONLY SECTION FROM 2 MARCH 2015. Username - safetravels , Password - global JUNE/JULY NEWSLETTER - would any members like to help with ‘envelope stuffing’ in High Wycombe May/June 2015? INTRODUCE A NEW MEMBER! For every new member you introduce, you will receive one month of free membership. Why not carry a small supply of application forms when you travel (the office will be happy to provide these). Tell your friends and family and anyone you think might be interested. You can also download 5W business cards from the website, which are sometimes easier to carry around when you are travelling.

WE ENJOY RECEIVING YOUR NEWS, but do not always have time to respond, nor the space to publish everything we receive. If you don’t wish your letter to appear, please indicate clearly. Please limit newsletter text to 300 words. The Office may edit PUBLICITY Why not contact your local radio station or newspaper - share your experiences of 5W and spread the word? Please just let us know at the office and, of your letter if it exceeds this word count. SENDING EMAILS When emailing members, please include your full name and course, send us your cuttings! address, including country. Also, remember to include mention of 5W in the title. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE VISUALLY IMPAIRED and have problems in reading this newsletter, we would be happy to send you a larger print version - just contact the office. You can receive your membership list on CD or as an emailed pdf, which enables you to zoom and search on screen. You can also choose to receive your newsletter by email link to the Member Only section of the 5W website. PLEASE REMEMBER if you leave the organisation, you must destroy your copy of the membership list. Always dispose of your old list in a confidential way. FOR THE MOST UP-TO-DATE MEMBERSHIP DETAILS, you can send £5 to the office for a new list - printed, emailed or on CD.. -8-

5W ITEMS FOR SALE: Notelets, featuring embroideries from the 5W Song Wall Hanging, pack of 3 cards for £1.00 plus postage, from 5W Office. Also visit for range of merchandise. SADLY, at some time, a few members have negative experiences with visitors they have trouble “getting rid of”. It really is essential that the three night limit be respected unless a hostess wishes to extend it. DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE? Could you put in a link to Spread the word!

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