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Quality and sustainability Passion is what drives us Created for having fun in the great outdoors, 3DOG camping tent trailers and rooftop tents are the perfect companions for unforgettable holidays. Comfortable, roomy and extremely robust, every single detail is carefully engineered and rigorously tested. We’re dedicated to perfection and work painstakingly by hand, using only the very highest quality materials. This passionate approach to craftsmanship ensures that only great tents leave our Hamburg factory. All 3DOG camping products are ‘Made in Germany’, with components supplied by trusted and approved partners. This is the basis for tents offering unparalleled performance throughout their long and fulfilling life.

10 year E TE GUARAN camping o n 3 D OG products


A special kind of tent material, that is without equal One of the most important parts of a 3DOG camping tent is the canvas, which gives unmatched protection against wind and weather. Australian tent canvas is a fabric that has proven its worth over many decades. It’s extremely resilient, breathable and weather-resistant, and is one of the main reasons our tents have such a long life. You can instantly feel the quality of this material. A wealth of experience and specialised equipment are needed to process this high-quality material, which is why 3DOG camping produces in-house in its Hamburg facility. Under the watchful eye of a master sailmaker, the best of Australian outdoor tradition and unique German craftsmanship unite in our high-tech sewing room.



Tents that grow as you do The flexibility of modular design You change over the course of your life, and so do the requirements you have of your tent. First you’re travelling solo or going away with friends. Then kids come along, those kids get bigger, and eventually they too go off on their own ... A particular feature of our tent trailers and rooftop tents is the ease with which they can be extended, to meet the new demands placed on them. Even after many years of use, your 3DOG camping tent can be adapted to suit your own personal needs. All manner of extensions and fixtures, from living room to kitchen, can be added on at any time.


The modular design of 3DOG camping tents The main tent, erected in minutes in just a few easy steps, is usually all you need for an overnight stay. All models function according to the same simple principle.

The add-on tents consist of modular components, so you choose what to build on – maybe just an awning to protect against the sun, maybe individual walls as shelter against the wind or even a self-contained room.



Setting up your tent Quick and easy You’ll be amazed how simple it is to set up and take down a 3DOG camping tent. Just pull on the top piece of fabric and an entire spacious tent folds out! Then simply secure the frame with the special fasteners ... job done.

Taking down the tent is just as simple. The tent folds back onto the platform, leaving masses of storage space under it for your gear. The bedding stays on the large sleeping surface, ready for the next night. So no more tiresome cramming of sleeping bags into stuff bags! Let’s face it: holidaying in the great outdoors means you are going to get varied conditions, and probably wet weather from time to time. Even when wet, your tent can be packed away as usual, without you having to worry about the inside getting damp too.

3DOG camping cinema – see how easy it is to set up:

Functional design –

From tent trailer to transporter By simply removing the tent, you can convert any of our trailers, from the unbraked road trailer through to the OffRoader, to a flexible means of transport. With just a few simple steps, the platform can be removed from the trailer. The kitchen module can also be detached just as easily. In fact, this is a patented invention of 3DOG camping.



tough, bold, adventurous




Start the day staring into the distance, down a valley shrouded in mist and untold new adventures. A hearty breakfast with the family and you’re ready to make it an amazing new day ...


TrailDog Room aplenty, for unforgettable family holidays The TrailDog is the roomiest tent of the pack. The extra large eleven square metre main tent can be divided up to meet your needs; for example, to create an additional room for the kids. Despite its size, setting up and taking down the TrailDog is as quick and easy as with other models. Add-on tents are also available, which can increase the overall living area to as much as 36 square metres.

With 3DOG camping, it’s all about the detail. The special window design, for instance, allows tents to be securely closed. The soft PVC window material is exceptionally flexible yet also highly durable. The finely woven mosquito nets in the doors and windows keep out even the tiniest of insects. Made from extremely rugged PVC-coated polyester mesh, they ensure the entire tent remains an insect-free zone. The practical guy ropes secure the tents in a wonderfully simple way, while protecting against high winds and gusts due to the robust stainless steel springs, which reduce overall strain on the tent material.

t e nt



ow fo

ito ne


w i nd

m o sq u t



Beautifully airy and open from all sides, with its two additional windows allowing maximum sunshine flood into the tent, the TrailDog has the feel of a mobile conservatory. As with all models, the covers of the large panoramic windows can be set up as sun-shades using the poles supplied.


3DOG camping cinema – canoe trip with the TrailDog:



with a view Our tents are designed for strength, and are reinforced in all those areas subject to most stress. Multi-layer canvas, PVC reinforcement strips for a long life, custom seam designs – all parts of the tent are made to withstand the demands placed on them, and more.

1.80 m

3.20 m

0.80 m 2.20 m

2.40 m

Sleeping area

Living area

Optional add-on tent

1.95 m

1.05 m



Whether you’re at the coast, high up in the mountains or in the tundra, your ‘home from home’ is right there with you, offering the ultimate in comfort.


ScoutDog Freedom. It’s in the bag. The cosy bed – and living area that extends out sideways – create a full nine square metres between them. Thanks to the integrated tent floor everything stays dry, even when setting up and taking down the tent at lightning speed. Using an add-on tent, you can easily increase the living area of the ScoutDog by an extra ten square metres.

The coated zips make sure moisture never gets into the tent: 3DOG camping only uses YKK zips which contain a fungicide, are water-repellent and are recognised for their extreme robustness. They work faultlessly even when subjected to extreme loads. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes 3DOG camping products unique. Care is taken to round off the edges of aluminium parts, for example, to avoid damage to the tent fabric.



The standard sun-shades on the panoramic windows of the living area and add-on tent provide additional comfort on hot summer days. Needless to say, all the poles, guy ropes and ground pegs needed to set them up are included.


Fine living


on two levels The large storm hood, which is included on all models, is stretched over the window at the side of the bed to ensure plenty of ventilation, even in rainy weather. All three windows in the sleeping area can be darkened from the inside with canvas or protected by foil to prevent moisture getting in.

1.80 m

2.00 m

Sleeping area

Living area

0.60 m 2.20 m

2.40 m

Optional add-on tent

1.95 m

1.05 m



Whether it’s surfing, sailing, climbing, diving or hang-gliding, the TopDog is ideal for anyone looking to break free from everyday life with a maximum of spontaneity and a minimum of fuss.


3DOG camping cinema – time out with the horses and TopDog:

TopDog The first rooftop tent to offer a self-contained living space Damp and condensation are never a worry in the TopDog, thanks to a fully integrated floor in the living area and all-round enclosed walls. When it’s lovely and warm outside, you can remove the walls and floor in just a few simple steps, to make an airy sleeping quarters with a large awning. As with other models, the cover of TopDog’s panoramic window provides extra shade when the sun comes out.

An additional sun-shade, covering the area behind the vehicle, can be incorporated to extend the living space of the TopDog.



As on the trailer tents, the windows in the TopDog consist of three layers: mosquito net, window foil and canvas. The doors, too, can be made insect-proof or closed with fabric, allowing the temperature of the room to be adjusted depending on the prevailing weather. A partition wall is available for the TopDog, which can be used between the bedroom and living space as an enclosed wall, or as a protection against insects.

A conventional roof rack is used to secure the TopDog to your car’s roof. The maximum roof load, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, is usually to be found in the owner‘s manual. It’s important that you don’t exceed this limit.

TopDog 140 1.40 or 1.60 m

2.00 m

Sleeping area

Living area

2.20 m

1.95 m Optional sun shade

1.80 m



This information applies only to the load during the journey. When the vehicle is stationary, a higher load on the roof may be permissible, due to the absence of braking forces, crosswinds, etc. Proper installation will ensure no damage occurs to your vehicle, even with more than two people in the sleeping area.

Close to heaven, yet right down to earth While driving you’ll hardly notice the compact package on top of your car. This rooftop tent is especially appealing for those who value their comfort, but whose tow-bar is normally hooked up to a boat trailer, horsebox or similar. Once you arrive at your destination, TopDog folds out into a comfortable living space. The large sleeping area, with an ultra-comfortable 8 cm thick mattress, can be accessed with ease using the ladder. The possibility to close the tent on all sides allows you to create a cosy cocoon inside, even if the weather is raging outside.

TopDog 160 1.60 m 1.40 m

Vehicle height

Vehicle height min. 1,80 m

When it’s not in use, the TopDog can be stored upright in your garage or hoisted directly under the roof using a winch. The platform is equipped with special mounting points for this purpose.



sociable, simple, comfortable




Additional living space with the

add-on tent for trailer tents The additional room provided by the add-on tent makes a great deal of sense, especially for families. It means that the kitchen area at the rear of the trailer is not constantly occupied, and can be freed up as a play area, for example, with the kitchen module disappearing into the trailer. With the modular system developed for 3DOG camping tent trailers, the living space can also be extended at a later stage. This exceptional flexibility is thanks to a clever design, made possible by special zips. Another aspect of this flexibility is the way in which the add-on tent need not be used as a single space, but can be divided up with additional walls as required. For instance, when it’s very hot you can install a large awning in front of the tent. In windy conditions, you might add on a wall, while on chilly evenings you can opt for the comfort and protection of a fully-enclosed living space.

The kitchen alcove – the add-on tent’s baby brother If you decide you don’t really need an addon tent, but do require extra protection in poor weather conditions, this optional awning for the kitchen area is the answer. Additionally, the kitchen alcove can be used as a sun-shade on the opposite side of the tent.



As you make your bed, so shall you lie on it At 1.8 x 2.2 metres, the generous sleeping quarters promise sweet dreams, as if you were in your own bed at home. The standard mattress, 10 cm thick, with a durable cover and extra quilting, provides a very high degree of comfort. The mattress is made specially for 3DOG camping by a leading German manufacturer. If you’re looking for something even more comfortable, or if for health reasons you put particular importance on good support, we have just the bed for you – a luxurious cold foam mattress with a quilted double-layer Medicott cover combined with a sprung base which adapts to the contours of the body.


Room to breathe Airy, open, bright and homely ... The unique design, light roof colours and generous window areas of 3DOG camping tents make for an exceptional living environment. With their integrated floor, the main tent of the trailer tent or the rooftop tent create a fully enclosed space, reducing condensation from the outset. This design concept cuts out the need for any further internal tents. The large windows and doors, which make up over half the wall areas, ensure plenty of ventilation in hot weather. The fine-mesh mosquito nets in all these openings guarantee excellent protection against insects. Camping is a pleasure in all weather conditions in a tent that creates such an excellent climate inside.

A flexible floor plan Installed in just a few simple steps, the room divider transforms your living space. The divider is placed directly in front of the large bed in the trailer and is closed with either the canvas or a mosquito net. This makes your living quarters even more comfortable, and offers additional protection against insects. The TrailDog has a similar room divider, again to create a large separate sleeping area in the main tent.



A fully equipped kitchen, complete and ready to cook The kitchen module in the 3DOG camping tent trailer is also manufactured in our Hamburg factory. The combined stove and sink unit saves lots of space and is very easy to use. Water in the cooking area runs away into the sink just like in your kitchen at home, with taps installed below the cover, for added

protection. All kitchen equipment is carefully integrated, and there is plenty of space under the unit for your cooking utensils. The 24-piece crockery set in high quality unbreakable melamine is stored in a dedicated holdall and fits perfectly into the kitchen module’s storage compartment.


A passion for travel with a taste for good food Planning to cook a candlelit dinner for someone special? Or just fancy a quick cup of coffee? No worries. Open the rear door of your tent trailer and you’re all set to go – with a kitchen unit that comes complete with gas supply and running water. When you’re finished, the kitchen simply disappears and folds back into the trailer. In the kitchen module you’ll find everything you need to make cooking the pleasure it should be. The sink is just the right size for cleaning vegetables and for washing up afterwards. It is made from stainless steel, as is the double-burner gas stove. In an instant, an impact- and heat-resistant glass cover turns it into a practical worktop, which can be extended further with a table. If the trailer is being used for transport purposes, or if you don’t need to cook on a trip, the kitchen module can easily be removed in just a few simple steps. During a journey it rests securely on strong stainless steel rails.

Technology that you’ll love using The kitchen module operates completely independently, with an integrated gas and water supply. The gas cooker uses Campingaz ® cylinders that are available practically anywhere in the world and which are placed in the storage area of the kitchen module. A powerful triple membrane pressure pump supplies fresh water directly from the water tank. This durable PE tank was developed specially by

3DOG camping and is produced without seams, for added hygiene and an extra-long life. Holding 40 litres, it is installed under the trailer floor to save space and reduce the centre of gravity. It is filled through a lockable tank cap on the outside of the bulkhead. Amazingly, the unit is powerful enough to pump water directly from a nearby lake. A built-in filter ensures the necessary protection from particles, while an integrated battery compartment provides electricity for the pump.



German organisation, interpreted by 3DOG camping If you choose to holiday with a tent trailer, you can expect some pretty amazing outdoor adventures. But what about all those personal items you bring along on your travels? Suntan lotion, travel guide, wristwatch, mobile phone, torch – campers know how much stuff they need, and how easy it is to misplace it in the tent. 3DOG camping has come up with a very practical solution for keeping things tidy, wherever you venture.


The principle is a simple one: integrated all along the walls of the main tent, inside the room dividers and even on the roof of the add-on tent, you’ll find Velcro strips to which special pockets and hooks can be attached. Small boxes for your bits and pieces, racks for your newspapers and magazines and hooks for your jackets or towels ... suddenly everything has a place, and is no longer so prone to getting lost! At last you have a home for those provisions, spices, wooden spoons and washing up liquid. Once again, it is the little details that stand out: care has been taken to manufacture the bottom of the pockets in transparent film so that none of the contents are hidden from view.




ey Gr d S an dy g un


U mb

K h ak i Brunswick Olive Jade

Nav y Blue

The stuff which dreams are made of Only premium-quality Australian canvas is used by 3DOG camping, ensuring your tent is ideally suited to a complete range of climatic demands. Meaning it’s just as at home in the dry heat of the Outback, the high humidity of the tropics, or the chilly nights of the Scottish Highlands. In fact, our comparatively mild European weather is like a holiday for this material! This composite fabric, which is an intelligent blend of cotton and polyester, meets the toughest demands that can be placed on a tent material. It combines the advantages of natural fibre with those of a modern synthetic material. The result is a strong, breathable canvas with a pleasant look and feel, which sets the benchmark for strength and stability. During the manufacturing process, special double-twined yarns are tightly interwoven. The weave is thoroughly cleaned and all natural and process-related residues, which could damage the fabric, are removed. High quality components are used for the finishing of the fabric, to

ensure ultimate protection against weathering, fungal and mould infestation, discolouring, water ingress and UV rays. The finishing process is such that the material isn’t just sealed on the surface – because this could lead to brittleness and poor breathability. Instead, using a large immersion bath, the protective substances are impregnated deep into the fabric. This special approach guarantees a long material life and lasting protection. 3DOG camping canvas is waterproof under a water column of up to 750 mm – impressive credentials for a cotton/polyester composite fabric! In other words, however much it buckets down outside, inside your tent stays perfectly dry. A tear strength of up to 1,800 N, combined with a high resistance to weathering and super-durability, make this canvas the ideal material for a tent that will last and perform well season after season.

3DOG camping tent configurator – completely revised:

Your perfect tent 3DOG camping manufactures every tent individually, and offers a wide choice of colours for the walls and roof. The roof should be a light colour, as this prevents the tent from becoming unpleasantly hot when the sun shines. Using the unique configurator on our website, you can create a tent that matches your requirements precisely in terms of colour, style and layout:




Tough matters Poles you can rely on, in two variations The standard 3DOG camping tent frame consists of galvanised steel tubing finished in a fusion-bonded chrome-VI-free coating. This innovative surface finish offers a high level of corrosion-resistance and a pleasant look and feel. It is uncompromisingly engineered and optimised for stability and easy handling. For ease of use and to avoid surface damage, high quality PowerGrip fasteners – made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic – are supplied too.


Bespoke stainless steel poles for 3DOG camping tents Exclusive to 3DOG camping, our trailer tents and rooftop tents are also available with beautifully crafted stainless steel poles. They offer superior protection against corrosion, and the stability of the tent frame is increased by 30%. With their highly polished surface, these stainless steel poles will really have heads turning!



3DOG camping road trailers Strong, dependable companions You’ve a choice of various special trailers for the ScoutDog and TrailDog, all of which will impress with their rugged construction and outstanding quality. Galvanised steel, stainless steel and anodised aluminium are used in the manufacture of the trailer, while the flooring is made of waterproof multi-layer wooden laminate. All other components, right down to the smallest bolt, are of stainless steel or similar quality. For road use, there is an unbraked trailer with an approved all up weight of 750 kg and its big brother, with brakes, capable of 1,000 kg.

As standard: • Extra strong chassis thanks to rugged V tow-bar design and large tyres • Maintenance-free rubber sprung axle with independent suspension • Fully anodised aluminium construction • Robust stabiliser and durable rear supports • Prepared for tarpaulin structures and similar • Lightweight with high load capacity • Excellent driving characteristics and approved for speeds of up to 100 km/h on German roads


From tent to transporter, exclusive to 3DOG camping Far more durable than conventional tent trailers, all 3DOG camping trailers can also be quickly converted to transport trailers. The tent platform can be removed very easily from the trailer, allowing it to be used for a multitude of other tasks.

Even when the tent is still on top, the stowage area in the trailer can be accessed comfortably via a large hatch under the mattress or the lockable rear door. Everything is at hand at all times, and you can access exactly what you need. The trailer’s stowage capacity is a mighty 1,280 litres. And as the tent platform is anchored to the top of the trailer, it takes up no space beneath it. So there’s masses of room for your camping kit and other luggage.



3DOG camping OffRoader Not for the faint-hearted Big boots do not make a walker, and big tyres alone don’t make an off-road vehicle. Each component of this trailer is engineered for optimal off-road ability and durability. On top of this, it has an impressive empty weight. Specially manufactured, super-strong axles and brake drums support the extreme loads experienced during off-road driving. To protect against mud and dust the OffRoader is fitted with a maintenance-free rubber sprung axle and waterproof wheel hubs which never need lubrication. With its torsionally rigid chassis and the reinforced box construction, the OffRoader is one companion you can bank on when the going gets really tough.

For wilderness trips, hundreds of miles from the next garage, the wheels of every OffRoader can on request be matched to those of your towing vehicle, meaning you only need one spare wheel size. Likewise, the standard ball and socket coupling can be very easily replaced with a DIN or NATO eyelet.

An OffRoader with European type approval While this trailer was designed with extreme off-road terrain in mind, it meets every demand placed on a modern vehicle in everyday road conditions. Its special EU approval guarantees hassle-free registration in all EU countries. What’s more, the EU approval even covers the possibility of customising the trailer for specific needs, and fitting the rims to match those of your towing vehicle. In fact, an impressive range of 4,784 different tyre and rim combinations (from 682 to 840 mm in diameter) meet the German Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority approval. No standard production trailer can match that!

3DOG camping cinema – OffRoader in action:

OffRoader Black Edition As tough as it looks. The first tent trailer available in Europe to be engineered for extreme off-road terrain is now available in a distinctive special ‘Black Edition’ look. The black anodised box structure and wheel arches in sheet aluminium make an exciting contrast to the hot-dip galvanised elements of the special chassis. The OffRoader Black Edition’s dynamic rear end will also have heads turning – with light supports and robust fittings in glass-bead blasted stainless steel and the tent parts fitted with a rugged black cover.

Superior performance • 380 mm ground clearance • 570 mm wading depth • 32° angle of slope • 45° side inclination • 570 mm coupling height • Tyres matched to those of the towing vehicle • Light unloaded weight • Over 1,000 kg loading capacity





Even more storage space with trailer accessories Bikes, among other things, can be transported on the extra long drawbar of the 3DOG camping trailer, which travels in the slipstream of the towing vehicle. This saves fuel and allows the tent to be set up without having to remove items on the drawbar. Two systems are available: a securely fitted bike rack or a drawbar box. The extremely tough drawbar box offers additional space for the kind of things you always need when setting up camp: cables, gas cylinders, clothes pegs, tools ... The winch system for removing the tent platform lifts up to 500 kg and can be mounted on a garage wall or ceiling.

• Robust, waterproof drawbar box made from strong fully anodised sheet aluminium (100 x 40 x 36 cm) • Canister holder in glass-bead blasted stainless steel with black painted 20 litre canister and strong retaining belts • Aluminium wheel rims for road trailers • Lashing rail system with tension belts for storage box • Safe for installation in the storage box (50 x 36 x 17 cm) • Drawbar trestle for use as bike rack



For the bigger things in life The ability to carry bulky loads such as canoes, bikes and other equipment on 3DOG camping tent trailers was always top of our list of ‘must haves’. Tents that can be set up as quickly as ours need a well-designed carrier that is just as easy to use. Ever since we went into business, the need to produce such a carrier has been there. However, it took a great deal of time, thought and effort to come up with a 3D-design idea that really satisfied our very high standards. Finally a prototype was built and now all approval issues have been completed. Today a fully tried and tested 3DOG camping carrier system is available to make your travels more exciting than ever.



3DOG camping cinema – Hamburg‘s Outdoor Manufactory:

10 years of 3DOG camping





First class quality is close to our heart Blazing sunshine, heavy downpours and raging storms: in the great outdoors 3DOG camping products are exposed to all kinds of extreme weather. To ensure they shrug off everything thrown at them without any damage, they are developed and manufactured in Hamburg with the utmost care. Step by step, tent trailers, rooftop tents and the many optional accessories are lovingly crafted, by hand and to order. Only the very best of materials are used, all of which meet the exacting quality standards of 3DOG camping. During production, great emphasis is placed on precision and attention to detail. Aluminium edges, for example, are carefully rounded off using computer-controlled milling technology, to avoid any possible damage to the canvas. All specially produced metal parts are ground to remove any sharp edges. Other components are supplied by specialist manufacturers in compliance with strict technical specifications.



A passion for detail From the first stitch, to the last bolt, 3DOG camping trailer tents and roof top tents are manufactured entirely in our Hamburg facility. This is our own special way of guaranteeing world-class outdoor products. Take, for example, the 3DOG camping kitchen module: each production step is carried out in-house and by hand. This passion for outdoor products – enhanced by extensive testing in the field and feedback from our customers – is all worked into the development of new products. This is particularly important with smaller, less visible parts and often makes the difference between a good tent and an amazing tent. Installed by hand for precision, and with a craftsman’s eye for detail, such steps are the bedrock on which 3DOG camping products are built.


Outdoor ... because we love it At 3DOG camping, we’re all outdoor fans, with a passion for adventure and travel. From our technicians to our business managers – we’ve all spent many a night in the wilderness and share your enthusiasm for life under the stars. Because of this we make sure that everything, right down to the last tiny detail, is just as it should be, so that 3DOG camping products have exactly what it takes for the most exciting and varied journeys.



We head out, when others are coming home. The 3DOG camping pack, our customers, has grown considerably over the last ten years. They’re a diverse bunch, and the adventures they get up to are equally varied. Here’s just a small selection of greetings, photos, and activities from life on the move. Sent in by asphalt cowboys and off-road freaks, showing everything from fantastic family holidays, to outof-the-ordinary short breaks. Just take a look and see:

Freedom starts here ...

3DOG camping pack reports:




A trusty companion for your travels 3DOG camping tent trailers and rooftop tents are supplied complete with all the necessary poles, guy ropes, pegs etc. All these parts are neatly packed in a practical accessory bag. Whilst all our products are intuitive and easy to use, when you come to collect your new tent we’ll take the time to set it up for you, and explain all the details.

You’ll soon realise that, from receipt of your order to the handover of your keys, we place as much emphasis on the high calibre of our service as we do on the quality of our products. All user guides and other documentation are provided in a durable folder, which you can take on every journey. Your key fob has a serial number that’s unique to your tent. If lost, the key need only be deposited in a letterbox by the finder and it will make its way back to Hamburg and, in turn, to its owner.


Why call it ‘3DOG camping’? The Aborigines use the term ‘three dog night’ to describe a particularly cold night, where you would need three dogs to keep you warm! Our three dogs, the mascots of the brand 3DOG camping, are called Miss Abigail, Nikita and Ewby20.

3DOG® and the brand are registered trademarks. Use of the trademarks and reproduction of 3DOG camping products is only permitted with the written authorisation of the copyright holder. We reserve the right to make modifications, alter delivery terms and to make changes from the colours shown in the representations of our products. Reprinting of all illustrations contained in this brochure, or extracts thereof, is permissible only with the express written permission of the publisher.

03 / 2015

Outstanding customer service is our top priority, and a quality product deserves a quality user manual. With this goal, 3DOG camping has developed awardwinning user guides for tent trailers and rooftop tents. They’re designed to help you on your journey, that’s why we call them guides, and not instructions!

Publisher: 3DOG camping GmbH, Beerenweg 6-8, 22761 Hamburg, Germany, Local Court: Ulm, Commercial Register: HRB 731381



Tent trailers ScoutDog

Rooftop tents *


TopDog 140

TopDog 160

Setting high standards

Main tent Length

2.20 m


3.80 m

5.00 m

3.40 m

3.60 m

Crown height

2.55 m

2.75 m

Vehicle + 1.20

Vehicle + 1.40

1.40 x 2.20

1.60 x 2.20

Sleeping area

1.80 x 2.20 m

Add-on tent Length Width

2.40 m 4.05 m

5.35 m


Packed tent platform Length

2.24 m


1.84 m

1.44 m

All 3DOG camping products come with a 10-year guarantee. Even in the product development phase our emphasis is on delivering solutions which are practical, well designed and, of course, technically advanced. By working closely together with the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) we ensure the utmost safety of our products. For example, the tent trailers have operating approval from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority and the OffRoader has been granted a special EU-type approval.

1.64 m


0.25 m

0.30 m


110 kg

130 kg

from 59 kg

from 87 kg

0.20 m


with brakes

OffRoader **

Length above drawbar

3.25 m

3.45 m

3.45 m

Width above wheels

1.72 m

1.77 m

1.88 m


1.00 m

1.03 m

1.10 m

Trailer without tent External dimensions

Good service is more than just an empty buzzword at 3DOG camping. The user guides for our products have received the ‘OutDoor Industry Award’ and have also been nominated for the ‘Federal German Design Prize’.

Advantages at a glance • High-quality solid construction • Extendable modular design

Internal trailer dimensions Length, width, height

2.11 x 1.26 x 0.48 m


• Without tent, trailer can be used as transporter

1.28 m³

• Quick and easy to set up and take down

Miscellaneous Design

• Plenty of stowage and high load capacity

Low-bed trailer, V-drawbar

Max. speed

• Clever modern, functional design

100 km/h (in Germany)

Max. permissible weight

750 kg

1,000 kg

1,500 kg

Empty weight

180 kg

250 kg

360 kg

155 / 80 R13

195 / 70 R14

235 / 85 R16


3DOG camping

• Lightweight, with refined handling characteristics • Minimum maintenance • Pleasant interior climate, comfortable sleeping quarters • Floor sewn into main tent

* The TopDog is manufactured individually to suit each vehicle in terms of height and in 1.40 and 1.60 m widths. ** Ground clearance: 380 mm • fording depth: 570 mm • departure angle: 32° • side tilt angle: 45° • coupling height: 570 mm (optional 660 mm) • optional DIN or NATO towing eyelet • choice of wheel connection

• Entire tent protected against even minute insects • Extra strong V-drawbar for transporting additional loads

10 year tee Guaran camping on 3DOG products



2016/2017 price list (German VAT included)

Photo: Josef Imler 2013

Tent trailers and rooftop tents manufactured in Hamburg

2016/2017 price list

Tent extensions


Add-on tent with special poles for ScoutDog


Add-on tent with special poles for TrailDog


We believe in fair and transparent pricing. All our products are supplied ready for use, with no hidden extras. Certificates and approval for use at 100 km/h are as much a part of what we deliver as the comprehensive accessory package containing all necessary securing straps, poles, floor saver, and user guides.

Connection to add-on tent for VW T5 other models on request

Extensions to your 3DOG camping tent can be added on at any time. You don’t have to decide right now, as your travel companion can be adapted modularly at any time in the future. Prices apply to both your initial purchase and to retrofitting.



Cooking module for tent trailer with integrated gas cooker, without water installation or sink


Kitchen module for tent trailer with integrated gas cooker, water installation and sink, pressure pump and 40l tank, enlarged work top


Main tents



Kitchen alcove with sun sail for tent trailer


Sun sail for tent trailer and rooftop tent


Bedroom wall for sleeping area


Room divider for kids’ room in TrailDog


Premium bed for tent trailer with cold foam sprung mattress **


Premium bed for rooftop tent with cold foam sprung mattress **


Tent trailers

Hanging locker over bed in ScoutDog


ScoutDog including trailer


Hanging locker over bed in TrailDog


TrailDog including trailer


Rooftop tents


Euro 2,590

TopDog 140 for estate cars, smaller vans etc.


Load carrier in glass bead blasted stainless steel for road and off-road trailers

TopDog 160 for 4x4 vehicles, small buses etc.


Lashing system in trailer box with 4 lashing points and 2 special straps


Ratchet for lashing system (e.g. to protect the kitchen)


Trailer base * Unbraked 750 kg approved total weight, 100 km/h included With brakes 1,000 kg approved total weight, hydraulic shock absorbers etc. 100 km/h OffRoader with brakes 1,500 kg permitted total weight, 100 km/h wheel connection LK 5 x 165,1, Rims: Dotz Dakar Black, Tyres 235 / 85 R16

Euro inklusive 850 3,990

Special edition Black-OffRoader matt black body with silver highlights


Special edition Khaki - Dark khaki-colour body with matt black contours


Special wheels for OffRoader to match the respective vehicle Special tyres and rims for OffRoader individual

260 individuell

Heavy duty drawbar box, fully anodised (100 x 40 x 36 cm)


20l reserve canister with holder and special straps


Aluminium wheels for road trailer **


Spare wheel with holder for road trailer


Spare wheel with holder for OffRoader


Bike rack for permanent mounting on the drawbar (2 bikes)


Coupling block integrated in OffRoader drawbar for coupling bike rack


EuroWay G2 920 coupling bike rack (2 bikes)


Cover in special colour black, grey or matt olive instead of blue **


Coupling lock permanently installed with Safety-Ball


DIN or Nato towing eyelet for OffRoader




OffRoader without tent Stainless steel poles **


By popular demand, we also offer our OffRoad trailer without the tent, as a transport trailer for rough terrain. The connection for the tent platform is provided is standard, should a tent be required at a later stage.







ScoutDog add-on tent


Trailer without tent

TrailDog add-on tent



Sun sail / kitchen alcove Accessories

99 Euro


OffRoader with brakes 1,500 kg approved total weight wheel connection LK 5 x 165.1, Rims: Dotz Dakar Black, Tyres 235 / 85 R16


For more extensions see trailer base extras

Guard against falling out of sleeping area


Extras (more extras on the left-hand page)

Bag set for Velcro system in the tents


Secure aluminium hard top removable with pneumatic pistons


Tarpaulin with crossbar


Hooks for Velcro system (6 pieces)


Velcro adapter for applying to the alcove zip


Bag holder for the rear door 3DOG camping crockery set (24-piece with bag) 3DOG camping folding chair

25 114 59,95

Winch system for lifting tent platform (Load capacity: 500 kg)


Built-in safe M (25 x 22 x 13 cm)


Built-in safe L with Quick-Out system (50 x 36 x 18 cm)


For more accessories visit the 3DOG camping shop:


only available with initial purchase


price as part of initial purchase, in lieu of corresponding standard equipment. Price for retrofitting on request.

Stainless steel load carrier for tent trailers

Quality and sustainability Passion is what drives us Created for having fun in the great outdoors, 3DOG camping tent trailers and rooftop tents are the perfect companions for unforgettable holidays. Comfortable, roomy and extremely robust, every single detail is carefully engineered and rigorously tested. We’re dedicated to perfection and work painstakingly by hand, using only the very highest quality materials. This passionate approach to craftsmanship ensures that only great tents leave our Hamburg factory.

10 year t ee Guaran camping on 3DOG products

How your new travel companion finds its way to you Your new tent trailer or rooftop tent is always handed over to you either in Hamburg or at a 3DOG camping dealer. For the transport to the dealer, you will be only charged the freight cost. The necessary documents for your trailer will be forwarded to you and once you’re registered you can drive away with your own number plate.

3DOG camping financing Several financing options are available to you when purchasing a 3DOG camping product. Working with ERWIN HYMER GROUP Finance, a branch of the FCA Bank Deutschland GmbH, Salzstraße 138, 74076 Heilbronn, we can organise a bespoke finance offer at attractive rates suited to your own circumstances.

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All prices contained in the price list are in euros and are inclusive of German VAT. The prices are recommended prices of 3DOG camping GmbH and apply from Hamburg. With the publication of this price list all previous lists are rendered redundant. We reserve the right to make changes to this price list. Subject to change without notice. As we are continuously seeking to improve their quality, safety and functionality, we reserve the right to make changes to the design of our products. Subject to the general business terms and conditions of 3DOG camping GmbH. Stand: 08 / 2015

Photo: Josef Imler 2013

Further information, events and dealer contacts

All 3DOG camping tents are on display in our manufacturing facility in Hamburg. Please feel free to stop by! Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

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