Does Male Organ Size Really Matter? The Answer May Surprise You

Does Male Organ Size Really Matter? The Answer May Surprise You It’s the age-old question – Does male organ size really matter? From a very young age,...
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Does Male Organ Size Really Matter? The Answer May Surprise You It’s the age-old question – Does male organ size really matter? From a very young age, boys are obsessed with their members. As they grow older, that relationship only develops and grows. Watching adult films, lots of time in locker rooms, and member competitions has given male organ size a lot of importance and that can make a man anxious and lose confidence. However, while there are some people who prefer a larger unit, the majority of people don’t. They are more interested in the person, their values, actions, and sensual generosity than the size of their trouser snake. Skeptical? Read on to see the proof in the male organ size pudding. Survey Says Researchers at UCLA and Cal State LA published a report about women’s satisfaction rate with their partner’s member. An overwhelming 84 percent reported being “very satisfied” with their man’s meaty appendage. Only fourteen percent had hopes of a bigger bulge while two percent would prefer something a bit smaller. It’s All about Perspective This same study took it to another level. The researchers went beyond their in-person sample and posted their survey questions on and received over 26 thousand responses from women between the ages of 18 and 65. While this group covers a wide demographic, the numbers themselves are staggering and relevant. Men also came out in droves to answer these questions, themselves just under 26 thousand (serendipity anyone?). It’s pretty interesting what researchers found out. Of the male responses, two-thirds of them found their members to be “average” which coincided with what women reported about their partners. Here’s where it gets interesting – women were only half as likely as men to call a partner’s member small, in fact, more were likely to call it large. For instance, men who called their member small ranked in at 12 percent; whereas, only six percent of women would call their man’s member small.

Men who described their member as large made up 22 percent and 27 percent of women called their man’s member large. So, does male organ size really matter to women? Probably not a whole lot if the numbers are the basis for the answer. So, why do men evaluate their members and what is it based on? Members Throughout History: Big Not Always Better In today’s society, men are inundated with big, some may say insanely large, bulges looming in underwear ads, Magic Mike movies, and adult literature. However, it was not always this way. In fact, a large member was not always a symbol of the ideal man (whatever that is). In ancient Greece, figures in mythology with the biggest wangs would be the object of both mocking and negative view. Aristophanes would warn young men that if they didn’t behave, their members would grow (starting to understand where the storyline from Pinocchio came from), while if they were good or reversed their naughty doings, they’d be able to keep a small male organ. It’s not just the ancient Greeks! Those lusty Italians also valued a small schmeckle during the Renaissance. Take one look at Michelangelo’s David and other male nudes from that period and you’ll see they are all proudly rockin’ gherkins. Back then, believe it or not, it was not the shaft that showed virility, but the genitals. The bigger, fuller, and lower the genitals, the more macho the man. What changed all of this smaller is better love going around? Technology, of course. As soon as man could take a picture, roughly around 1840, he took a dick pic. Once they got those pictures in motion, adult literature was immediately behind it. No longer a valet for the genitals, the member became the main focus and has remained so since. Male Organ Plus: Other Stuff that Outweighs Member Size Clearly, size isn’t everything. Anecdotal accounts from women demonstrate that other things matter too. The first thing women bring up is it’s less about what he’s got and more about how he uses it. Good technique and effort

make a big difference (something some women cite men with especially large members lack because they are resting on their BD status). Other women would suggest that the size of a man’s tongue and his willingness and skill when using it is more predictive of sensual satisfaction. A well-groomed member is also much more attractive to a partner. Be sure to thoroughly clean and rinse the member daily and use a specially formulated male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep the member strong and ready for action. This crème is particularly helpful as it contains vital ingredients designed specifically for member health like vitamins A, C, D and E, and Shea butter for a smooth, supple member.