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GOLDENHILL PRIMARY SCHOOL LONG TERM PLAN YEAR 1 2015/16 Year Topic  Subjects: Entry Point Education Visit English Autumn 1 Brilliant Bodies/All a...
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Subjects: Entry Point

Education Visit


Autumn 1 Brilliant Bodies/All about me! In this unit, the pupils will find out about the 5 senses. They will create a sensory area for them and other pupils to use. They will learn about themselves and their family long ago. They will also learn about their local area.

Autumn 2 Let’s Celebrate This unit focuses on the traditions surrounding Christmas and other festivals taking place at this time of year. Pupils will make cards and decorations and look at how festivals were celebrated in the past.

Spring 1 Posting and Places This unit is based on the idea of receiving and writing letters with new friends from around the word. This will enable the children to be able to name and locate the world’s continents, and the countries of the UK. They will start to appreciate and understand similarities and differences between themselves and their home country with that of others, with a focus on one contrasting area, the Arctic.

Spring 2 The Big Build In this unit, the pupils will explore how we use materials to change the world around us. Linked to the story of the three little pigs, pupils will have the opportunity to construct ‘houses’ for the pigs from different materials.

Summer 1 Where shall we go? In this unit pupils will be transported around the world on a magic carpet. Learning about the seven continents and 5 oceans of the world. Pupils will focus on Australia. Pupils will learn about journeys that they have made, maybe on holidays or their journeys to school.

Summer 2 Animal Allsorts In this Unit, the pupils will find out about the any different animals that exist in our world and what makes them special. They will find out how to categorise animals based on different criteria; type of animal and what they eat. They will use this knowledge to write information texts for their own best care pet centre.

What was it like Birthday party! when my Mrs Swallow’s Grandparents birthday party. were little? Enquiry skills with artefacts, posters and books, Set up role play 1950s. Walk around the local area. RE visit – walk to local church (mock wedding) / visitor in school to talk about celebrations in their religion. The Education Group - Diwali Fiction unit 1.1 Poetry live unit 1.1 Who is our new Poetry Star!

Big unveil of the Arctic role play room.

Introduction to the story of the Three Little Pigs. Construction yard role play Building towers maths link half

A magic carpet bought from a car boot sale. Aladdin story telling area. Travel agents role play/

The Rainforest role play Educational Visit Trip to zoo / Monkey Forest

Letter arrives along with Peter penguin.

Our Space Forest Schools, Alsager – materials and den building

Zoolab / Chester Zoo or Monkey Forrest Top Job day – people in to talk about top jobs. Blue Planet Aquarium or Leicester Space Centre

Poetry unit 1.2 pattern and rhyme.

Week 1 – inspire curriculum magic

The three little pigs inspire

Fiction (Stories With Familiar

GOLDENHILL PRIMARY SCHOOL LONG TERM PLAN YEAR 1 2015/16 teacher? (2 weeks) Poetry Sensational Senses (2 weeks)

(2 weeks)

(2 weeks)

(1 week)


Live Unit 1.2 (Traditional Tales) Storytellers Diwali link (2 weeks)

Fiction (Comparing books by similar authors) Fantastic Voyages

Fiction unit 1.2 Once upon a time (4 weeks)

Non Fiction (2 weeks) nature diary – link to science Who Lives Here?

Instructions Top Jobs (2 weeks)

Cross Curricular / Extended Writing


Man on the Moon Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary

Letters Postcards Diaries Information book about penguins. Information book about tigers.

Settings) Guess What? (2/3 weeks) Class 2 at the zoo Aaaaargh Spider Non fiction unit 1.2 All about elephants. (3 weeks)

Poetry 1.3 Growing up (2 weeks)

Fact files: all about me! Feelings and speech bubbles. Likes and dislikes. Senses fact sheet. Aspirations – when I grow up... Chronological report – me growing up!

Instructions jelly Lists Thank you letters. Thanksgiving letters. Party invitations. How to make a diva pot.

Traditional Tales Recounts Instructions for building something

High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words

Question Marks

The purpose of punctuation

Introducing sentences

Suffixes ed, ing


Labels and captions of a building site

Exclamation Marks

Lists for packing suitcases Recount of buying the rug. Instructions on flying a magic carpet. Non-fiction books 7 continents Letters Instructional writing – my journey to school

Information Texts (Fact Files) Leaflets ‘Lost’ Posters Recount about our class trip

High Frequency Words Prefix – ‘un’

Speech Marks Verbs / Nouns


Sentence Structure

Contractions Plurals

Research & Presentation Skills (Spoken Language)

Connectives ‘and/but’ Show and Tell - homework building a model of their home – what materials have you used to make it.



Peter Penguins diary – children to show and tell their diary – what did Peter Penguin do with them at home?

Presenting their own mini models of gardens – what materials did they use etc?


Allan Alberg Funny bones, Each peach pear plum, Peppo!, Starting School

Oliver Jefferies The way back home, lost and found, how to catch a star,

Class Poem

Senses by Brenda Williams. Harvest Poem to be performed at Harvest Assembly

The Star by Jane Taylor Star Travelling by Andrew Collett (Can be found in Space Poems by Gaby Morgan)

Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machinefrom poetry unit

Money – number bonds to 10/20. Problem solving Measure with direct comparisons. Data handling.

Weight linked to parcels. Paying for parcels, letter sizes. Data handling temperature of different countries.

Counting sticks/straw. Building houses big small, half the size etc. Bricks to count in steps of 2,5,10. Adding one more/ 1 less to house/ towers.

Capacity and mass linked to packing suitcases. Time planning a journey and ordering events. Patterns on a magic carpet. Compass points

Tally chart of children’s pets Money linked to pet shop Pictogram of favourite animals. Measuring animals Weighing animals

Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically

Materials – is all fabric

Seasonal Changes.

Everyday materials– strength, materials and their properties

Plant detectives



Statistics – eye colour etc. Measure – hand span, height etc Time taken to complete the sensory trail. Counting, estimating and writing numbers. Door numbers, multiplication fingers 5x table, 10x table. Working Scientifically Using our senses.

can we make with the food that we have grown?

Seasonal Changes

Our Changing world - Plants – do all plants loose their leaves.

Seasonal Changes General obs throughout the

Life of a Plant by Risa Jordan Spike of Green By Barbara Baker

Old Noah’s Animal Dance-Hall Ship by Tony Mitton (Performance Poetry and designed to be danced to)

Nut Tree by Julia Donaldson

the same.

Our changing world plants - What

The three little pigs Roald Dahl – revolting rhymes

Julia Donaldson The snail and the whale, the Gruffolo, Tabby Mctat, the singing Mermaid, what the ladybird heard,

Our changing world – animal antics. Seasonal Changes General obs throughout the year

Seasonal Changes General obs

Seasonal Changes General obs throughout the year

Looking at animals -5 types of animals Seasonal Changes General obs throughout the year e.g. weather, position of sun, trees



General obs throughout the year e.g. weather, position of sun, trees

year e.g. weather, position of sun, trees

e.g. weather, position of sun, trees

throughout the year e.g. weather, position of sun, trees

e.g. weather, position of sun, trees

Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality. Where do I live? Personal timelines My family long ago? Enquiry skills Family names Significant historical buildings. Chronological report.

Pupils consider how events have been celebrated in the past



Christopher Columbus journey into the unknown. Neil Armstrong – journey into the unknown. Old and new maps. George Forrest and the impact he has made on gardens in the UK Link to RE significant people.


Using a globe and atlases to pinpoint locations. and from. Maps of their local environment. Compass and programmable toys to

Aerial View v Normal View Plans of big builds. aerial photographs and maps . the two Making miniature 3D layouts and

Maps to identify countries in the uk. 7 continents of the world, 5 oceans, compass points.


They compare and contrast birthdays now and in the past They also consider the history of aspects linking to Christmas such as Christmas trees Other national or international celebrations can also be explored Let’s


Exploring school grounds and linking to senses. Planning sensory trail route. Creating maps for sensory trail.



Design & Technology

They prepare fruits by washing, peeling and cutting to make a fruit salad – link to computing. Making a model of their home.

Pupils look at jelly recipes and think about how to make it healthier and more appetizing They test a variety of fruits and juices in terms of their taste, texture and appearance.

travel around the world. Temperature around the world.

beginning to turn them into maps with symbols and keys.

Explore food from around the world when comparing countries to the UK.

Shell and frame structures – Use construction kit to create a structure and investigate different ways of joining frames for a picture of the three little pigs

Taste testing and evaluations.

Design a miniature garden – which plants to use and which materials for fences, ponds etc.

Textiles – Animal hand puppets, learning to thread needle, sew running stitch and cut a template. Evaluating designs

Investigate hinges and design a secret trap using a hinge to catch wolfe Construct a shell or frame house for the three pigs Make and test the secret hinge mechanism Conduct a Wolfie ‘huff and puff’ test on the house

Art & Design

Observation Drawing of mini beasts Skills using graphite and oil pastels Clay models of mini beasts to include in

John Dyer’s ‘Gateway to Cornwall’ and Chidi Okoye’s ‘Jazz Time’ The use of colour and moods are explored in this

Pupils will design their own postcard inspired by Inuit art . They will first look at examples of Inuit art and then design their print. They will use the block

Study of Native American wolf masks Design & make abstract wolf masks from card Sketchbooks 2D to 3D skills

Look at the oil painting ‘the flying carpet’ by vicktor Vasnetsoc.

Sculptures – Research materials and designs

Observational drawings of plants.

Design and create clay sculpture based on animal or invented one.

Make and design

Whole class make a



the sensory trails


printing technique.

Painting a self portrait.

Skills in using different brushes

Collage that reflects personal interests.

Colour mixing from yellows, reds and blues

They will experiment with the technique and refine their print.

We are TV Chefs Filming the steps of a recipe Computational thinking (Paint, Movie Maker, iMovie) Link to work on senses.

Pupils create own local firework celebration painting We are celebrating Creating a card electronically Productivity (PowerPoint, Word, Clicker 6, Paint/2Paint a picture)

Colour mixing Relate to ‘Three Little Pigs’

magic carpet using weaving materials.

large-scale sculpture outdoors.

This print will be made into a postcard. (The postcard is then used in their English work). We are treasure hunters Using programmable toys (programming)

We are Storytellers Producing a talking book Communication and collaboration PowerPoint, 2Create a story, IWB software) Minecraft

We are collectors Finding images using the web Computer networks (Web browser, PowerPoint, IWB software)

We are Painters Illustrating an eBook Creativity (Tux paint, Paint, 2Paint a picture, IWB software, Word)

Physical Education







Religious Education

Myself Our favourite things, who are we? Sharing emotions and expressing ourselves

Celebrations Birthday celebrations, harvest festivals, bonfire night, Guru Nanak’s birthday, Hanukkah and the Nativity

Stories Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and secular stories

Belonging Looking at how we belong in families, schools, local groups, where we live, our country, our world

Belief Exploring what we believe, what Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs believe before revisiting our own beliefs.

Music Jam Colours Let’s communicate. Let’s try to agree. To learn about

Music Jam Days of the Week Making and mending friendships. Valuing others for their similarities and

Music Jam Numbers Let’s get started! Let’s keep going Links to jobs and working with others.

Special People Exploring special people at home and school, the Queen, sporting heroes, Jesus the miracle maker, Jesus the healer and the story of Easter Music Jam Months of the Year To work with perseverance and concentration. To ask questions.

Music Spanish SMSC

Music Jam Body Parts Knowing who I am and what I can do. Learning to express myself.

Music Jam Animals Knowing and managing feelings. Creating new ideas and solutions.


Exit point

British Values


Sharing my ideas with others. Learning from people in my family/community. Valuing others for their similarities/ differences. Coronation – link to celebrations next topic The rule of law – ongoing school rules. Individual Liberty Mutual respect and tolerance. September – UNICEF - class charter and police visit October – black history month, World teacher’s day! Thanks giving

celebrations from different countries around the World.

Celebrating Christmas – Lapland/artic The rule of law – ongoing school rules. Individual Liberty Mutual respect and tolerance. November – Diwali, bonfire night – fire service in, Remembrance Day, World Science Day, Children in Need, Anti Bullying week 6th -20th November

differences Talking, sharing and making decisions with others.

Valuing other cultures – art.

To learn about special people and the impact that they have had on our lives today.

Experiencing awe and fascination. To learn about the beliefs of others and compare them to our beliefs.

The rule of law – ongoing school rules. Individual Liberty Mutual respect and tolerance.

The rule of law – ongoing school rules. Individual Liberty Mutual respect and tolerance. March – Sport Relief March – World book day! March – Food bank

The rule of law – ongoing school rules. Individual Liberty Mutual respect and tolerance. April – St George’s day! April – Holocaust remembrance day May - Enterprise Week May – National smile month May – Sun awareness month

The rule of law – ongoing school rules. Individual Liberty Mutual respect and tolerance.

January – Chinese New Year February – Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday

World Poetry Day 21st March

July – parent’s day!

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