Your guide to choosing the best flooring

Your guide to choosing the best flooring The world of floor coverings Flooring is the perfect way to explore texture, colour and ambience in any roo...
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Your guide to choosing the best flooring

The world of floor coverings Flooring is the perfect way to explore texture, colour and ambience in any room while anticipating lifestyle needs – and adding value! We’d like to guide you. With decades of experience, Irvine Flooring has been bringing the best and most innovative flooring solutions to New Zealand homes, and offer ranges beyond most imaginations – carpet, rugs, vinyl, luxury vinyl planks and tiles and much more. 100% New Zealand owned, our leading range of innovative products is available at all good retailers nationwide. Our network of retailers will be happy to help make choosing the right flooring easy for you. We look forward to talking to you! Don Irvine Managing Director



A healthy happy home starts here... It all begins with the floor Your floor covering is an important part of your décor and it should suit the character and ambience you want to create in a room whilst also matching your lifestyle. Making the right floor covering choice can be confusing with a wide range of options. This guide aims to simplify your decision by outlining the factors that are important to finding the most suitable flooring for you and to suit New Zealand’s unique conditions.

Choose flooring for your lifestyle • Do you have children, pets or lots of visitors that will increase traffic and wear on your flooring? • Do you have elderly relatives or small children that make safety important? • Do you want a low-maintenance solution?

• How long are you planning to stay in the home? • Does anyone living in the home have allergies?

Choose flooring for your environment Every room in your house has its own unique flooring challenges, ask yourself: • Is the room used often by the whole family? • Will people be eating and drinking there? • Will there be a lot of heavy furniture? • Is the flooring exposed to direct sunlight? These are some of the factors that will help determine the type of flooring that is most suitable for the different rooms in your home and the conditions it is subjected to.

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Things to consider Define your Style


Your flooring is the foundation of the room. It has to co-ordinate with and complement other style elements. You should have some idea of the type of ambience you want to create before you start. Here are some considerations:

How much of your decorating budget can be used for flooring?

• Have you chosen a particular decorating style? • Is there a colour scheme you particularly like? • Do you have existing furnishings that your flooring will have to co-ordinate with? • Are there any feature items that will anchor the décor style of the room – rugs, paintings, sculpture, furniture items, etc.?

Flooring is not just looked at, it is used. Flooring is likely to be one of the most significant décor costs, but it is also the most used part of any room. To be sure your flooring meets your expectations of performance and durability for each room, use the best quality flooring for high wear areas such as hallways, entrances and stairs, and lighter weight carpet for the lower traffic areas such as bedrooms. Before making a decision, ask the sales person to help you work out an estimate on the total cost of the flooring. This should also include extras like carpet removal and disposal, installation and underlay. Remember, the cost to install your flooring remains the same

regardless of quality, so spending a little more on a better quality carpet may not affect the total cost as much as you think.

The 60 – 30 – 10 Principle This rule-of-thumb guide is followed by interior decorators in creating harmonious living spaces. While generally applied to paint effects, it can be extended to include your floor covering as part of the overall décor scheme. Essentially, 60% of the surfaces in the room you are decorating should be in the main chosen colour (primary colour). 30% should be in a complementary colour or tone and the remaining 10% in an accent or contrasting colour. Given standard room dimensions, walls would generally be in your primary colour, while

floors would be in the secondary colour. Accent colours can be brought in with furnishings, accessories such as cushions, paintings, objects or even flooring effects such as rugs, carpet borders or insets

Colour sets the mood of the room Blues, greys and greens are “cooling” and serene. Whereas reds, yellows and browns warm the room. Darker flooring (especially carpet) tends to show lint and dust, but disguises dirt and can make a room seem smaller and cosier. Lighter flooring will disguise lint and dust, but show dirt and make a room seem larger. Middle tone and patterned carpet disguises dust, lint and dirt. Importantly with interior design, you should start from the floor up.

Tip: Remember to take your paint, upholstery and curtain samples along for comparison when you shop so you can be certain that the flooring you choose achieves the desired look and feel. Some retailers will allow you to take samples home to make absolutely certain that the floor covering fits in with your décor. Whether you want to create a striking visual effect or a warm relaxing environment, the chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for in Irvine Flooring’s wide range of carpet, vinyl, luxury vinyl planks and tiles.



The anatomy of a good floor covering Carpet Carpet fibre technology has come a long way to the point where synthetic carpet now outsells natural fibre carpet. Irvine’s solution dyed nylon carpet ranges offer durability and they retain both looks and style much longer than other carpet fibre types. They are resistant to spills, staining, fading, have anti-static properties and are easy to maintain. Solution dyed nylon carpet will not shed, pill or fuzz, making it the ideal choice particularly if you have allergy sufferers in your household.

Carpet Construction Most carpet sold in New Zealand is tufted, which means the yarn has been threaded through a backing by hundreds of needles to form loops to a desired length. There are three basic tufted carpet construction types that are used to create a variety of different styles and textures: - Loop Pile Carpet - Cut Pile Carpet - Level Cut Loop Pile Carpet

Loop Pile Carpet A loop pile carpet is formed from loops of yarn standing upright. They form a level surface where all loops are the same height. If the surface height of the loops vary from one row to another, this is referred to as a textured surface. Loop pile carpet is generally more durable than cut



sound, adding peace and tranquillity and improving the acoustics of a room. They’re also perfect for home theatre rooms, kids bedrooms or studies where you want peace and quiet. Be sure to select the correct grading for the amount of intended traffic in that area. pile carpet, but can be harder underfoot. Loop pile carpets are ideal for high traffic areas, add warmth and durable good looks for hallways, TV rooms, studies and stairs in busy households. They offer both comfort and convenience, with practical, pebbly loop textures disguising everyday dirt until the next vacuuming.

Cut Pile Carpet

Irvine’s Premium Solution Dyed Nylon (PSDN) carpet offers the ultimate carpet experience, proven in New Zealand for over 15 years.

Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tiles

Level Cut Loop Pile Carpet

This construction is a clever combination of cut pile and loop pile carpet – the cut pile contrasts with the loops to create a distinctive pattern.

Woven Carpet

Cut pile carpet is the most popular and versatile carpet style. It is similar to loop pile carpet, but the tops of the loops have been cut off, so the pile stands upright. Cut pile carpets are perfect for bedrooms or lounges where comfort and luxury is paramount. Their deep, thick pile adds comfort underfoot with a plush texture that oozes sophisticated indulgence while insulating against cold. They also absorb

Not all Carpet is Created Equal

The good old days of lino are well and truly behind us. If smooth, fashionable surfaces and convenience are key, then our vinyl ranges are ideal for you. Water resistant, insulating with a soft comfortable feel underfoot, vinyl is practical and hygienic for kitchens, bathrooms or living areas. Today’s soft cushioned vinyl flooring is recommended for young families or frantic professionals – the cushioning effect reduces breakages, it is easy and quick to clean and a healthy option for allergy sufferers. It is available in a variety of traditional and modern styles, qualities and finishes.

This is made by weaving the yarn and backing at the same time. Axminster is the generic term given to woven carpet and is more specific to the cut pile version of woven carpet. Axminster is generally made using 80% wool and 20% nylon combining the comfort and warmth of wool, with the hardwearing properties of nylon. Axminster can be custom designed providing limitless freedom for creative and colour combinations depending on the installation environment.

It has a high twist rate and dense pile for resilience, performance and comfort. It is fade proof and stain proof to meet the rigours of New Zealand’s harsh sunlight and the inevitable spills of family life. PSDN carpet won’t shed, pill or fuzz, so it’s better for those suffering from allergies.

SilverCare™ Antibacterial Protection All Premium Solution Dyed Nylon (PSDN) carpet from Irvine Flooring contains the antibacterial benefits of silver with SilverCare™. Silver has been highly valued and used throughout history to purify and heal - its anti-bacterial and anti-viral medicinal uses go back for centuries. SilverCare™ is applied to all PSDN carpet during the manufacturing process, penetrating deeply into the carpet and coating the fibres with a long-lasting protective shield. Once installed in your home, the humidity of the room causes the silver ions to be released very slowly to naturally fight against bacteria, dust mite allergens and unpleasant odours throughout the life of the carpet.

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles laid sideby-side can re-create the natural look of real wood and stone. This extremely durable flooring provides a warm, soft comfortable feel underfoot, is resistant to water and indentations and is easy and quick to clean, giving you luxury without the labour! The stylish designs are perfect for any area of your home. They are an attractive, affordable and practical alternative to hard flooring like ceramic tiles and timber.


Matching flooring to purpose Putting it all together. It makes sense to approach your flooring decisions by first looking at the function of the specific area you are going to floor. You will be able to narrow down the type of flooring that will go best with that area. Let’s take a tour of your home to recognise some of the practical and aesthetic factors that should influence your flooring choices.

Tip: If you have children, the floor will be used as a sitting, lying or playing surface so choose a relatively thick, dense and durable carpet to enhance comfort (and resist the crushing from heavy lounge furniture). Food and beverage spills are also inevitable in a family environment, so choose a stain proof carpet, like Irvine’s Premium Solution Dyed Nylon.


Entrance areas

Living areas


Steady traffic brings dirt, moisture, sand and just about everything else mother nature has to offer into your home. Any stains or wear and tear are going to be far more evident here, so choose a sturdy flooring that can withstand heavy traffic. Irvine’s vinyl and luxury vinyl planks and tiles are a good option as they hold up well in high traffic areas. A well-placed rug or mat can trap dirt and moisture, but will also add style and warmth.

Lounges, living rooms, TV rooms, dining rooms are places to share good times with family and friends, impress guests and express your personal style. You may want to create a formal lounge or a bright relaxed family space. The ideal solution for these rooms is carpet, which has styles and fibres that range from the very formal to bright and casual. Area rugs help to soften the room and break up large areas of neutral floor colour. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles could also be used to create a cleaner, contemporary look.

One of the most effective and easiest ways to finish off the look of a room is to add a rug. They are ideal for grouping or framing furniture or renewing your interior. Rugs also give scope for individual interpretation. A rug can make a “statement” and bring new life and atmosphere to your interior, regardless of whether you choose plain rugs or rugs with vibrant colours and innovative shapes. Look for colours in a rug that complement a favourite piece of artwork or blend in with your other soft furnishings.

You can certainly use carpets for an entrance area, especially when the entrance leads directly into a living area, but consider using a more durable hard wearing product (such as Irvine’s Premium Solution Dyed Nylon carpet) in a darker shade to conceal dirt. Walk-off mats and regular cleaning and maintenance are going to be essential in preserving the life and beauty of carpet in this environment.

Whether you want to create a formal area or a more relaxed family environment, experiment with colours and patterns until you find the right combination of wall paint, furniture, furnishings and carpet that provides the effect you are looking for.

Tip: A quality underlay or carpet cushion will increase the underfoot comfort of your carpet and help prevent wear.


Matching flooring to purpose

Dining rooms


Bathrooms, Kitchens and Laundries

Home Offices, Work Spaces and Gyms

Modern, open plan architecture means that the dining room is often an extension of the living room, but with a difference. Remember, when decorating open areas (or smaller homes) keep all floor coverings in a similar colour to create an impression of space and avoid distinct breaks between rooms.

Comfort is a priority. Carpet is the ideal floor covering of choice for these restful environments, they counteract the strain your body experiences from walking on hard surfaces every day. Carpet also retains more of a room’s heat, ensuring that you never have to step out of bed on to a cold hard floor.

While vinyl and luxury vinyl planks and tiles are a practical, affordable floor covering choice in these environments, carpet has several advantages. Its sound absorbing properties make for a more relaxing work environment, and minimise disruption to the rest of the household.

In a dining area there is always the concern of food and liquid spills, so a good stain proof flooring is a must. Most Irvine Flooring styles are suitable to be used in the living room and flow through to the dining room.

Use rich, indulgent colours and textures as accents to create a peaceful ambience. Avoid excessively bright colours that can over-stimulate the senses. The key is to choose neutral flooring. You want to be able to change the colours and textures of your bedroom without changing the flooring as well.

Bathroom flooring should be waterproof and easy to maintain. The kitchen is often the hardest working room and the heart of any home, and the soft cushioning effect of vinyl can reduce breakages. Laundries are among the least public rooms in a home, and usually with low foot traffic. But, low foot traffic, doesn’t mean low wear. The flooring you choose for these important rooms must be both functional and stylish.

Vinyl and luxury vinyl planks and tiles can also be used as a practical alternative to traditional hard flooring. As long as the choice complements the styles of the adjacent rooms, and furniture, then you can choose whichever flooring best suits your own fashion sense, and add a rug for a stunning effect.


With their range of intriguing textures and finishes, vinyl and luxury vinyl planks and tiles are a warmer, more affordable alternative to traditional ceramic tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. They are also durable, provide better acoustics, are easy to clean and available in a variety of modern styles and finishes.

In frequently used office spaces, consider carpets or carpet tiles that will resist crushing from heavy office furniture and chairs, plus give your office an attractive, contemporary look. There are many different flooring choices for a home gym. Rubber is an ideal surface as it provides a cushioning effect and absorbs impact and noise. Needlepunch carpet or carpet tiles are a practical, low maintenance and hard-wearing option, yet visually appealing.


Matching flooring to purpose

Home Theatre Rooms


In most cases, carpet is the ideal choice for a home theatre or media room. Choose a carpet that is soft and comfortable to sit on, especially if you plan to play video games in the room or have children in the household. This is a room that gets plenty of use, so a carpet that is easy to clean, hard-wearing and stain resistant is perfect. A hard flooring can also be used, but tends to reflect too much sound to be effective in a home theatre room, however, an area rug can be used for sound absorbtion. Whatever you choose, have fun and add your own personal style to make this room truly your own!

Turn your garage into another warm and inviting room with garage carpet. When the car is out, the garage can become a fully carpeted, multi-functional room for work or play! It is an affordable way to make your home more versatile and adds value. Carpeting your garage can help to reduce garage noise, it eliminates wet and slippery floors making it safer for the family. Garage carpet is easy to clean and is a cost effective, practical alternative to painting your garage floor.


Balconies, Small Gardens and Shaded Areas Artificial grass is an increasingly popular choice with homeowners looking for a safe, non-slip comfortable alternative to hard flooring on balconies and around pools. It’s a fantastic, lowmaintenance solution for small gardens too – there’s no watering, weeding or mowing required, just a simple brushing. The range from Irvine Flooring is taking artificial grass to places it has never been before with a range of durable tufted fibres suitable for any home or outdoor environment. (And it means you don’t waste water, watering!)

At Irvine Flooring, we’re looking forward to finding your perfect flooring solution: Indoors or outdoors. We’d like to thank you for using our guide and we look forward to providing you with flooring that suits your home or business. If there’s anything else we can help with, or if you’d like more information, please talk to one of our leading retailers or visit our website


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