Choosing your new bed. Our guide to getting it right

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Choosing your new bed


Our guide to getting it right

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15/01/2014 10:2

3 simple steps to a better bedtime




We know buying a bed isn’t always the easiest thing. Let’s face it, when it comes to mattresses, even we have to admit, they all look pretty similar. That’s why we’ve made choosing your new bed as easy as possible. We call it our ‘3 simple steps to a better bed’.

Choose your bed style. Everyone’s different. That’s why we have a range of styles to choose from. Find what level of firmness feels best for you. Our unique instore Comfort Station™ and mattress ratings are designed to help you do just that. Choose your mattress type. Some people like the feel of a sprung mattress, others prefer memory foam. When it comes to your mattress, only you can decide.

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Choose your bed style...

Everyone’s different. That’s why you’ll find a huge range of styles instore (even more online). Fashionable, fun or something with handy storage. Traditional or modern and in a range of sizes, the choice is yours.

Bed Frames


Available in wood, metal, natural leather or practical faux leather, you will find the look to match your style and your bedroom.

Built for total comfort, with solid or sprung bases, our divans are available with many handy storage options.

Two drawer

De-clutter with a storage divan. One of the great features of a divan is the ability to hide all your bedroom clutter, bedding and whatever else is lying around.

Large single drawer

Four drawer

End drawer

Ottoman - The mattress effortlessly lifts to reveal a huge storage space.

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...and the choice goes on Childrens Beds

Adjustable Beds

Funky, colourful beds in wood, metal and even leather. Bunk beds, high sleepers or cabin beds with loads of handy storage, there’s a big choice for your little ones.

Raise the back for comfy reading and TV viewing, raise your feet to aid good circulation. Plus, get in and out of bed with minimum effort, all at the touch of a button.

Day Beds Fashionable and versatile, these dual purpose frames are both practical and comfortable.

Size matters Your bed has to fit you and your bedroom. Many of our beds are available in a range of sizes. Single

Small double



90 x 190cm 36" x 75"

King size


150 x 200cm 60" x 78"

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120 x 190cm 48" x 75"

D 135 x 190cm 54" x 75"

Super king


180 x 200cm 71" x 78"

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Choose your firmness

Soft /Medium:

Ideal if you sleep on your side, as it lets your shoulders and hips sink into the mattress while supporting the rest of your body.

Comfort is a personal thing. So to help you find a bed that’s just right for you, simply try the mattresses in our unique Comfort Station.™ They are rated by firmness. All you have to do is decide which one feels right and look out for that rating on our beds.




Great if you sleep on your side, but prefer a slightly firmer feel.

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A good option if you change position a lot and sleep on your side and your back.


Just the right support if you sleep on your back or on your front with a medium height pillow.

Extra Firm:

Often referred to as Orthopaedic, they have a very firm and supportive feel.

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Choose your mattress Open Coil

Some people like the feel of a sprung mattress. Others prefer memory foam. When it comes to your mattress, only you can decide.

Reflex Foam & Latex

Always a popular choice, an open coil mattress has separate springs arranged in rows that are connected to each other by a spiral wire. By linking all the springs together, body weight is evenly distributed across the mattress, reducing pressure on any one area.

Modern materials like reflex foam and natural latex all help to provide extra support and significantly reduce sleep movement, relieving pressure on shoulders and hips. Plus, they quickly bounce back to resume their original shape. Latex is also resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

Soft, medium or firm – it’s all in the springs.

The technology behind iGel beds.

Open coil mattresses are available in a range of firmness ratings. The thickness of the steel in the springs determines the tension of the mattress.

Pocket Sprung Hundreds, even thousands of springs are housed in their own individual fabric pockets. This allows the springs to work independently, offering unique support exactly where you need it.

No more roll-together. Individual springs mean no matter how light or heavy you and your partner are there’s much less chance of sag or roll-together.

Up the spring count – up the comfort. As you walk around, you’ll notice our pocket sprung mattresses have different spring counts, (the number of springs in the mattress) ranging from 600 to over 2,000. Some even have a double layer of springs for an amazing feeling of comfort and support.

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Too Hot? iGel is made of thousands of tiny support beads inside iGel Memory Technology. iGel Support Beads conduct heat away from your body to prevent you waking because you are too hot.

Too Cold? Phase Change Technology inside iGel Support Beads absorbs, stores and releases heat as your body needs it to prevent you waking because you are too cool.

iGel just right! iGel works constantly, adjusting with your body temperature to keep you at a more balanced, natural sleeping temperature throughout the night, for a truly refreshing nights’ sleep.

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Just when you thought a good night’s sleep couldn’t get any better, we’ve introduced the next generation of Sensaform memory foam mattresses, exclusive to Bensons for Beds.

More than just memory foam

Memory foam Sensaform mattresses are exclusive to Bensons for Beds. Using the heat and weight of your body they mould to your every contour. ™

Designed to prevent tossing and turning, memory foam provides you with a restful night’s sleep and, the all-over support can also help relieve back pain, aching joints, sciatic pain and circulatory problems.

You can choose a 100% memory foam mattress or alternativley, combine it with either open coil or pocket springs to get the perfect combination of comfort and support for you.

The next generation With the latest fabric technology to manage body heat and moisture, combined with breathable borders, our top of the range mattresses keep your body at the optimum temperature, endlessly working to keep you comfortable.

Take your time When choosing a Sensaform mattress you need to give the memory foam a chance to react to your body heat to truly feel the benefits. An extra 5 minutes instore will be worth it!

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24/10/2013 15:50

Pillows, duvets and mattress protectors Tog ratings on duvets play an important role. The higher the rating, the warmer the duvet. Ensuring your duvet has the correct Tog for the season will make a big difference to your level of comfort. Your choice of pillows can also make all the difference to how well you sleep. Our range caters for everyone’s individual needs. From natural, man-made or specialist fillings for a pillow that’s made just for you.

Once you’ve found the perfect bed, all you need now are the correct pillows and duvet to really feel its full effects.

Natural Collection If you like your bedroom essentials to be completely natural, you’ll love our high quality duck feather and down ranges. They mould snugly around your body and head to make sure you’re warm and comfortable all year round.

Just Like Down

for a better



These are the perfect way to prolong the life of your mattress.

Double 260mm

r). 20% Polyeste night’s sleep (80% Cotton, for a better cover surface • Terry cloth . hane backing • 100% Polyuret skirt. Mattress Protector – Double r fully fitted Sleepmasters • 100% Polyeste ic. • Anti allergen • Anti dust mite. nt. absorbe and • Waterproof ble. • Fully breatha


away from babies


keep this wrapper


Soft Cotton Double n™ Tesflo Anti Allergy ctoerpr Protector tector te r oof Mattres Mattress Pro Mattress Pro Wat and young children.



r cover. 50% Polyeste • 50% Cotton, r filling. • 100% Polyeste pylene reverse. • 100% Polypro skirt. r deep fitted • 100% Polyeste t. • Stain resistan t. • Water repellen le. machine washab • Easy care cleanliness. freshness and • Optimum

24/10/2013 15:51 away from babies

and young children.

for instructions. Fully washable. sewn in label Please see the

(approx 4’6 Small Double 137 x 191cm wide). (approx 5’0 Double 152 x 198cm wide). (approx 6’0 King 183 x 198cm Super King



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to protect, Protectors. perfect way rs Mattress range is the Sleepmaste s mattress protector of your mattress. The Sleepmaster and prolong the life enhance comfort mattress.

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Mattress Anti Allergy

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Waterproof ctor te Mattress Pro

Soft Cotton

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available. wide). Range sizes (approx 3’0 91 x 191cm 4’6 wide). Single x 191cm (approx 5’0 wide). Double 137 (approx 152 x 198cm King


r filling. Allergy Polyeste • 100% Anti cover. and skirt. • 100% Cotton pylene reverse • 100% Polypro s. ic. • Anti allergen on for your mattres and protecti • Extra comfort fit. skirt for a perfect • Elasticated

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Protector –

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Mattress Sleepmasters


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for instructions. Fully washable. sewn in label Please see the children. available. wide). Range sizes (approx 3’0 91 x 191cm wide). Single (approx 4’6 137 x 191cm wide). Double (approx 5’0 152 x 198cm wide). King (approx 6’0 183 x 198cm Super King

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night’s sleep

Waterproof ctor te Mattress Pro


Ideal for anyone that suffers from allergies or asthma, our Anti Allergy pillows and duvets are made from fibrelight hollowfibre fillings and come with a 100% cotton cover.

f Mattress Protector

Waterproo Sleepmasters

danger of suffocation

Anti Allergy


Mattress Protectors

To avoid the

Always too hot, or even too cold during the night? Try our climate control pillows and duvets – they’re filled with special fibres that are designed to control your temperature all night long.

Suitable for those that are looking for extra support under their head and neck at bed time, we offer a selection of more specialist pillows. Choose from bounceback, dual support and orthopaedic... there’s an option for everyone’s needs.


Climate Control

Supportive Pillows

your stretch over Fitting is easy. protectors simply Our mattress for Beds. for Bensons d exclusively Manufacture

Do you like to sleep on your back, side or on your tummy? Whatever your preference, there’s a ‘Sleeper’ pillow that’s right for you.


Sleeper Pillows

If you enjoy the feel of natural bedding, but prefer a non-allergenic filling, look no further than our premium ‘Just Like Down’ selection. Our luxurious pure cotton cover duvet and pillows are so soft and cosy – perfect to snuggle up under!

perfect s Mattress Protectors. range is the Sleepmaster s mattress protector of your mattress. The Sleepmaster and prolong the life comfort

Love the feel of memory foam? Choose from our selection of exclusive Sensaform™ pillows. With four different styles – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Our best value guaranteed

Our best value guarantee

Lowest price guarantee

We are part of the Steinhoff International Group, the second largest furniture retailer in the UK/Europe.

Everyone hates the thought of paying more than they have to. So to avoid that we have our Lowest Price Guarantee.

This means we can guarantee you the very best quality at the lowest possible prices.

In the unlikely event you find the same bed elsewhere for less within 30 days, we’ll refund the difference, plus we’ll give you a little extra for your trouble. Please ask for more details.

40 night comfort guarantee We know it takes a while to get used to your new bed. So if after 40 nights you don’t find your bed totally comfy, we’ll exchange it for a new one. You’ll need to have used a mattress protector to qualify, but we promise to make the whole exchange process quick and simple. All we ask is that you try your new mattress for at least 40 nights. Please ask for more details.

5 year bed guarantee We pride ourselves on the quality of our beds. That’s why we’re more than happy to give every bed a free 5 year guarantee as standard. So relax. If there’s anything wrong with your bed that’s not your fault, we’ll replace or repair it. No quibbles – guaranteed. Our standard conditions apply. Please ask for more details.

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Delivered right to your bedroom

We don’t want to keep you waiting.

We never forget that your first experience of your new bed is an important one. That’s why we take the delivery of your bed very seriously.

Your bed will be taken to the room of your choice. All divans are fully assembled and all packaging taken away. Frames are delivered flat-packed for easy self-assembly.

We do everything possible to try to deliver your bed in as little as 7 days.

We do more than just deliver your bed.

We deliver your bed direct to your bedroom, by our own trained people.

We won’t leave until you’re 100% happy.

We wouldn’t trust anyone else.

And that’s a promise.

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Why we’re different Whatever shape, size and style of bed you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Bensons for Beds. We’re here to help you find the right bed, not sell you one. Our unique Comfort Station™ makes it easy for you to choose what’s perfect for you. But there are even more reasons to buy from us...

Bensons for Beds Huncoat Industrial Estate Bolton Avenue Accrington Lancashire BB5 6NJ Telephone 0844 693 4904

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40 night comfort guarantee 5 year guarantee Easy ways to pay Express delivery Our lowest possible price

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