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Right Auto Repair Shop



NEVER Get Taken Advantage of Again!

Inside This Free Guide, You Will Discover THE 10 QUESTIONS TO ASK REPAIR SHOPS before you let them touch your vehicle


to Make Sure You NEVER Get Taken Advantage Of When

Taking Your Vehicle In For Repairs



4 Sneaky Ways Unethical Repair Shops

Take Advantage of Uninformed Consumers


hen your car needs repairs, choosing a repair shop can be scary. You’ve probably already made years of payments on the car. So I doubt you want to spend more money than you should to get it fixed, right? I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about people getting quoted a few hundred bucks that end up getting a bill for a few thousand instead. But do you know what’s even worst than that though? A bill that never ends. So how are you supposed to know who will fix your car right the first time (for a fair price), and who will milk you for as much money as they can get out of you? You start by reading this practical step-by-step guide (written by veteran industry insiders).


this guide you will learn

...5 simple steps to make sure you never get taken advantage of when you take your car in for repairs ...The 10 questions to ask repair shops before you let them touch your car ...Insider secrets that will teach you exactly how to make sure your car is well taken care of (left clean & dent free) ...4 sneaky ways unethical repair shops take advantage of uninformed consumers (so that you will never be one)


The 5 Essential Steps to NOT Getting Taken Advantage of

When You Take Your Car In For Repairs 1 Research Local Shops Online We live in the “instant information age”. You may be sitting in front of a computer right now. Or you may be holding a device in your hand reading this. Either way, you have the power in your hands to do your homework to find out much of what you need to know in order to make an informed decision. We recommend that you research the following things online before selecting a repair shop. • Read Reviews from other people in your community. What are they saying? Do they seem authentic? Do the people who left the reviews have friends, photos and other comments? If not, they may not be authentic reviews. • Find out how long they have been in business. • Do they specialize? If so, does your vehicle fall into the category they specialize in? • Are they passionate about what they do?

2 Check For Their Certifications

• The best certifications are the ASE Automotive Service Excellence and Tech-Net Professional. If they do emissions inspection preparation, are they state certified?


3 Check Their Better Business Bureau Ranking • Are they a member of the BBB? If so, what is their ranking. Ideally, you only want to look for shops with an A+ ranking.

4 Keep Good Records On Your Vehicles For many reasons, you should be keeping good records on your vehicle. Record both the date of, and mileage of the vehicle for things like... • Fluids and filter changes • Battery changes • Tire Rotations • Tire Changes • Inspections • All repair work

Ask Your Repair Shop These 10 Essential 5 Questions Before You Let Them Touch Your Car…

The 10 Questions You Should Ask Repair Shops Before You Let Them Touch Your Vehicle 1 “How Long Have You Been in Business?” 2 What Are Your Certifications?

The best certifications are the ASE Automotive Service Excellence and Tech-Net Professional. If they do emissions inspection preparation, then ask them if they are state certified.


“What Type of Parts Do You Use? 3 Where Do You Get Your Parts From?” Parts that come from common auto parts stores often are low quality. Find shops that use parts close to O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as possible. • The closer to OEM, the higher the quality. The higher the quality, the longer the part will last. And generally, the closer to O.E.M. a part is, the longer the warranty will be. • A good mechanic will know which parts are the best, and they will stand by their recommendation.

4 “Do You Check For TSB’s ?”

TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) are issued by vehicle manufacturers when there are several occurrences of problems with a particular make or model.

• TSB’s are somewhat similar to recalls, because the manufacturer has identified a common problem. But they are much less severe than recalls. • • For that reason, the manufacturers put out Technical Service Bulletins as public information so that these problems are easily identified and resolved. Often times they are covered by the warranty as well. • Vehicle Manufacturers are required to publicly list all TSB’s. • The repair shop you use should have access to the TSB database.

Here’s A Real-LifeTSB Example From Our Shop We had a customer come in with a Jaguar that had problems with the catalytic converter. He was quoted $1,500 for the repair work by another shop. We quoted him $1,000 for the same work. While we went through our diagnosis and repair process, we discovered that there was a TSB associated with the Catalytic Converter in his car. We found out that it was covered under the warranty, so we had the car fixed for the customer by the dealership free-of-charge.


5 “What Is Your BBB Rating?” • It should be A+. If it’s an A or A-, ask them about their rating. If it’s less than an A, we recommend that you move on.

6 “What’s the Deal With Your Negative Feedback?” • If you find bad feedback online about them but still decide to talk with them, then ask them about their bad feedback.

7 “What is Your Comeback Rate?” • A repair shop’s comeback rate is the number of times that a vehicle that was fixed with a problem & comes back with the same problem. • Try to find a shop with a rate of less than 10%. For comparison sake, our comeback rate is 2%.

8 “What Is Your Hourly Rate?”

• Compare their hourly rate to other shops. Just like Goldilocks finding just the right porridge, you want the rate to be just right. Not too high, not too low. • Too high and they may be out of your budget. • Too low, and they will likely end up charging you much more in the long run from either: 1. Inexperienced mechanics who may not fix it right the first time (or the second or third for that matter) 2. Bait-and-switch. They may lure you with a low hourly rate, but charge more hours per job than other shops. 3. The low cost may force them to rush through jobs. Being thorough and following the proven process is an important part of fixing every job.


9 “How Many Hours Will The Job Take?” • Bad repair shops guess how much time a job will take. • Good repair shops go through a thorough diagnostics check, vehicle history (found researching the VIN number) , before giving you an estimate.

10 ““Do you Have a Guarantee on Your Labor?” • The last thing you want to do is have the problem come back again just after your car leaves the shop. • Look for a repair shop that guarantees their work. • For example, we give all of our customers a 90 day guarantee.

The Insider Secrets to Making Sure Your Vehicle Will Be Kept Clean & Inside & Out While In a Repair Shop

• When you go to the repair shop. Ask them for a tour of the shop. And here’s what you need to look for. • No Grease Monkeys! - Remember, these guys are going to be working in and around your vehicle. If their shop is messy, there’s a good chance your vehicle will be left messy too. • The shop you trust your car to should be clean and well maintained. If the


mechanic’s work space is dirty and grimey, there’s a good chance your car will be left dirty and grimy too. • Look at their workspace. Is it clean? • Look at their tools. Are they well organized? • Look for repair shops that: ...use fender covers any time they work under the hood

...use fresh surgical gloves when working with vehicles

...use mats whenever they get inside of a car

...use professional cleaning services on their uniforms

...guarantee to NEVER get your car dirty

...have insurance, so that just in case there any accidental damage to the vehicle, it is protected and insured.

4 Ways Unethical Repair Shops Take Advantage of Uninformed Consumers 1

Fixing Things That Don’t Need to Be Fixed (So They Can Charge You More Money)

• This is the hallmark of a shady repair shop. You come in, they tell you it’s going to cost $150, and next thing you know they tell you that you need to pay $1,500 because X, Y and Z needed to be fixed too.


2 Bait & Switch • First they give you the lowest estimate in town. Next thing you know, they have your vehicle pulled apart and they’re telling you it’s going to cost far more than they originally promised.

3 A Bill That Never Ends • They fix it once. It’s still not working. They work on it again and charge you again. And again. • A reputable repair shop will guarantee their work. They will also repair your underlying problem on your first visit.

4 Taking Forever To Fix Your Vehicle • Look, you don’t want your vehicle sitting in the shop forever. If you’re like most people, then while your car is being worked on, you are either car-pooling, sharing a family car, renting a car or getting a cab (or Uber). • Those bills and inconveniences can really add up. • Shops that don’t manage their time well can leave your vehicle sitting in the waiting bay while they work on other people’s vehicles. • When you find a shop that sticks to their estimates, stick with them (as long as their work is quality). • We guarantee our work to be ready within 1 hour of the estimated pickup time.

Why Someone Might Decide To Choose Automotive Engineering

If you are tired of being mistreated by repair shops that take advantage of you, overcharge you and just don’t fix your car


right the first time, then you might find Automotive Engineering to be a fresh breath of air. We specialize in three things. Honesty, integrity & quality. All at a fair price. We guarantee that we get the work done right the first time. We also guarantee to keep your vehicle every bit as clean as it was when you first left it in our care. But Automotive Engineering doesn’t expect you to take their word to the bank by reading this guide. So here’s a small sample of their many reviews...

Screenshot From Google Local

Screenshot From Yelp

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A utomotive


Quality Work At a Fair Price. We Specialize In Honesty.

Who Is Automotive Engineering? Founded by Mike Rux Sr & Mike Rux Jr in 1987. They have held an A+ BBB ranking since 1987. They offer quality at a fair price. And like they always say, they truly do “specialize in honesty”.

They Don’t Just Fix Cars They Build Them They Race Them Mike Jr took 1st this year at the Arizona Speedway in a Sprint Car built in the shop from the ground up, (including building the engine).


They Restore Unique & Vintage Cars Here Are Some of Their Favorite Projects

Restoring & Converting this Jaguar XKE Into a Hot Rod

Restoring a Triumph Car (1 of only 200 ever made)

Putting a Super 60 kit On A Mosler Consulier GTP (1 of 125 ever made)

Converting this 4 Cylinder Lotus Espirit into a 6 Cylinder with a Chevy Vortec V6


A utomotive


Quality Work At a Fair Price. We Specialize In Honesty.

If You Would Like a Free Repair or Restoration Estimate Stop on by or Give Them a call at 480-833-7773 1750 N Rosemont #111, Mesa, AZ 85205

And Remember, they will guarantee to fix your vehicle right the first time!