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Logica Consulting & Solutions


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Logica Consulting & Solutions LCS Group provides industrial equipment, automated warehouses and material handling systems, realizing the mechanical, electrical and software design of its solutions, through a constant process of acquisitions and development. The company operates in two locations, Usmate Velate (MB) and Orbassano (TO). Our mission Put at your disposal the tools to deal production, storage and warehouse organization with logic, order and saving. We have an extensive experience in design and systems integration for the company’s supply chain, automatic warehouses and handling goods systems. Our offer extends from robotics to design of industrial electrical systems, from software integration to maintenance and technological renewal of existing plants.

Manage production, storage and warehouse organization with logic, order and saving.

Our offer

p Design and turnkey supply of automatic handling and storage systems;

p Solutions for production management; p Design and installation of electrical and fluidic industrial plants, robotics;

p Revamping of existing automatic systems; p Maintenance and assistance services.


Automatic warehouses The order is created and maintained alone Automatic warehouse The automatic warehouse is the hearth of our offer. We deal in realizing or technologically renewing, storage systems and pallets, boxes and crates handling systems, without technological limitations, using both automatic stacker cranes and bridge cranes. We operate in many different sectors, from food to pharmaceutical, from manufacturing to textile, from automotive to distribution.

The automatic warehouse is the hearth of our offer.

The best technology: mechanical, software and design Our work is based on three main pillars:

p the highest and reliable mechanical technology of the stacker cranes and conveyors, for handling and storage;

p the internal development of the whole software system, customized for each client;

p the flexibility and adaptability of our solutions, from green grass or integrated into existing realities.

The link between production and shipping From the factory to the loading dock, this is our job: we take care of the logistic process, from production to shipping, with solutions that make the products and information flow much more profitable and secure, with savings in time, labor, errors and with a faster return from the initial investments.


Material handling systems Integrated handling, storage and control In order to ensure the best result in terms of quality and reliability of its installations, LCS has selected a group of trusted manufacturers for the mechanical part, with whom it collaborates for the realization of integrated transport systems. Achievements developed by LCS are: Pallets and bins transport systems Continue transport systems for pallets include the use of roller or chain conveyors, lift or turn tables, elevators and shuttles; discontinuous transportation systems use, instead, automatic guided vehicles (LGV) or monorail systems. Special versions for refrigerated cells till -28° C, clean rooms or areas subject to explosion hazards are available.

Partnership LCS is the exclusive partner for Italian market for KardexMLOG, German company leader in the production of stacker cranes and conveyors for pallets. LCS is the company’s agent in Italy for Van Riet Material Handling Systems BV that, in its factory based in Houten (The Netherlands), produces linear sorting systems able to handle more than 10,000 pieces/h.

Crates and boxes transport systems Transport systems for crates and boxes include:

p end of the packing line with crates automatic closing, weight / volume control, labeling and shrink;

p palletizing systems and automatic picking with robot;

p handling systems at high performance (sorter). Baggage transport systems Baggage transport systems involve the use of checkin belts, conveyor belts, pushers and sorters. Also X-ray baggage inspection systems and automatic readable label, barcode and RFID are used.

LCS has selected a group of trusted manufacturers for the mechanical part.

For all its realizations, LCS uses its own software for systems control and supervision. Particular attention is given to energy saving, obtained from careful design, selection of components and operating logics.


Supply chain management and control We optimize material and financial processes We digitize your data Our solutions are based on MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) software, developed according to industry standards and customized to meet your needs.

We are a single partner for the whole process, from production and control management, to storage, to shipment. We guarantee perfect solution integration and interface reliability, thus saving time and resources.

We guarantee perfect solution integration.

We put all under your control In Production:

p planning and scheduling of production orders; p management of cycles and processing phases; p quality and traceability management; p machines/production lines monitoring and maintenance;

p logistics labeling [SSCCI], cargo unit, packaging and shipping management;

p production declarations and production statistics; p production processes optimization.

When production and warehouse talk together, everything works better: the offer of LCS is based on this account, and it takes the form of two different products, but able to integrate perfectly together: MES-CPEasy and WMS-LogiWare.

MES-CPEasy Production data management and integration MES-CPEasy is the application elaborated by LCS to supply in real time all the data relative to production, but also determinate in a quick and precise way, the performance of the own productive system. The data collection Collecting data from the field is designed so that the operators’ actions are minimum and fast. During the analysis phase of the project, LCS defines the information that the company would like to acquire: pieces produced, wastes and their causes, processing times, set up, plant shut-down for different reasons, indirect activity, attendance and access management, etc. The collection of this information is mapped in userfriendly procedures, that the operator performs in a guided way or that can easily keep under control in case of direct interfacing with the systems. The risk of errors is reduced to a minimum, thanks to the possibility to read data with suitable terminals avoiding to type them manually; in addition, the system is able to verify the declared data in real time.

Architecture MES-CPEasy works both independently and integrated in the company’s information system and in the WMSLogiware system, adapting to various organizational and functional customer needs, thanks to its scalable architecture.

Picking operations in an automatic warehouse

WMS-LogiWare Warehouse management system


WMS-Logiware is the solution for companies who want a warehouse management that can impact positively: upstream, on production processes and inventory management; downstream, on distribution, timeliness and delivery quality.

p WEB interfaces,

p Modular and customizable features; Windows, TouchScreen, Mobile;

p Multi platform (Windows and Linux);

p Multidatabase (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, ...);

The solution Logiware application is primarily aimed at companies that need to manage and control logistics warehouse processes for productivity reasons, inventories alignment, space optimization, quality in shipments and batch traceability.

p It communicates with the main ERP (AS400, SAP, ...);

p It supports Voice system and RFID technology;

p Multisite and multilanguage;

p Integrable with automatic handling and storage systems, as well as solutions for production management (MES).

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Ferrari Automotive Fimma Small metal Gefran Sector boards and electronic devices


Industrial automation Password innovation

Automation in detail LCS Automation, in the site of Orbassano (TO), is the company of the Group that is responsible for industrial automation, providing its customers with the highest possible innovation. It carries out assembling lines and machinery, equipment dedicated to the mechanical (engine blocks, pistons, camshafts, etc.)., machines for handling systems (EMS lines, etc..) and cutting and modeling lines. HW-SW integration Strength of the offer is the perfect hardware and software integration, in line with the specific vocation of LCS Group. Thanks to a solid experience in design, it carries out and installs complex architectures, special machines and entire plant lines. All software is developed in-house, enabling to supply personalized solutions, always adjustable to the specific customer needs.

Control cabinets, electrical system and electronics The offer of LCS Automation is completed with the special experience and accuracy in design, implementation, monitoring and turnkey supply of the plant. The installation of cabinets and all system components is always done according to some basic guidelines:

p the accurate projects implementation, with particular regard to components fixing;

p safety, thanks to the rigor of tests and pre-tests;

p accessibility criterion, by technicians and maintenance personnel;

p the use of materials and construction standards at the highest level of efficiency.


Revamping Renew to improve

Prevention is better than cure Experience shows that, on average after 10 years, electronic and electromechanical devices drastically reduce their efficiency; therefore, a fundamental requirement is avoiding production stops and blocks. LCS expands its specialization to the more efficient “revamping”, an activity that rejuvenates the technological state of the system, without production interruptions. It’s possible to make both mechanical and electronic revamping, giving existing systems new software, and also tackling and solving problems of legal and regulatory updating, such as CE marking and the latest certifications.




Maintenance Our care won’t make you stop

Maintenance and service 7x24, Our commitment is expressed by the mathematical formula: 7 days multiplied by 24 hours per day. This means being sure that any maintenance and service problem, will be addressed in real time and, in most cases, without any production stop. Any data that shows possible alarms is immediately treated and it is solved possibly before it becomes real. We guarantee the same availability and response immediacy in case of failure or operation lock; all, anywhere, at any time of the day or night, any day of the year. Moreover, against every maintenance operation by the customer or remote, LCS technicians prepare a report which flows in a centralized database. In this way, it is possible to give subsequently to the client, a statistic feedback relative to his assistance contract, showing trend interventions and occurred problems.


They can talk to you about us Our field experience

Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry

p ALTHEA Parma p BARILLA Parma p FERRERO Alba p IFB Livorno p GRANAROLO - YOMO Milano


Manufacturing industry

p AMBROVIT Garlasco, Pavia p ARTSANA Casnate, Como p ARTURO SALICE Novedrate, Como p BMW ITALIA Volargne, Verona p COMAU Torino p DEMAG Agrate Brianza, Monza p DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE Dorno, Pavia

p FERRARI Maranello, Modena p GROWERMETAL Calco, Lecco p IVECO Brescia p VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO Biella p ILVA Novi Ligure, Alessandria p CARTIERE DEL GARDA Riva del Garda, Trento Distribution

p Kuehne+Nagel p Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica p Number 1 Logistics Group

DE ANGELI Reggello, Firenze

p GAMBRO DASCO Medolla, Modena p LABOREST Milano p RBM Colleretto Giacosa, Torino p ROTTAPHARM Milano p SACCO Como Baggage handling (in collaboration with Siemens)

p AER-TRE Treviso p G.E.S.A.C. Napoli p S.A.B. Bologna p S.A.C.B.O. Bergamo p S.A.G.A.T. Torino p S.A.T. Pisa p S.A.V.E. Venezia p S.E.A. Milano p S.E.A.P. Bari p COPENHAGEN AIRPORT Danimarca p Doha AIRPORT Qatar p DONETSK AIRPORT Ucraina p Lviv AIRPORT Ucraina

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Via Bernini, 30 20865 Usmate Velate (MB) Tel. +39 039.6755901 Fax +39 039.6755990 [email protected]

Via Don Pietro Giordano, 6/6A 10043 Orbassano (TO) Tel. +39 011.9063099 Fax +39 011.9000176