We Welcome Immigrants to Regina!

We Welcome Immigrants to Regina! City Council and the citizens of Regina are pleased to have you join our community. We are a vibrant, inclusive, attr...
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We Welcome Immigrants to Regina! City Council and the citizens of Regina are pleased to have you join our community. We are a vibrant, inclusive, attractive community and for more than a century immigrants have been a vital part of making Regina a great place to live and raise a family. Please use this publication to help you get settled among us. We know that locating to a new community involves a great many adjustments, especially in the first days after arrival. That's why we've prepared this information – so you can find what you need to make that transition. We want you to discover a rewarding and exciting life in our city. Our future together is as open and infinite as the horizons that surround us. Welcome!

Michael Fougere, Mayor

Bienvenue По-русскию

Start here: Newcomer Welcome Centre. The Centre is the first place to go for immigrant services. Register children for school. Receive language assessments and referrals to language training. Receive help to find community services and supports. Phone: 306‑352-5775  Email: [email protected]  Website: Reginanewcomercentre.ca  Address: 2332 - 11th Avenue (S4P 0K1)

In your language Our wish is that you become comfortable in our city as quickly as possible. You will find that the people and institutions of Regina are predominantly English speaking. You will also find

Dans votre langue

Notre souhait est que vous vous sentiez bien dans notre ville le plus rapidement possible. Vous allez voir qu’à Regina, la plupart des choses se passent en anglais, qu’il s’agisse des personnes ou des institutions. Mais vous allez aussi trouver

others here who speak your language and can assist you when you first arrive. There are many opportunities to learn English through classes and with tutors. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities as soon as you can.

des gens qui parlent votre langue et peuvent vous aider à votre arrivée. Vous aurez de nombreuses occasions d’apprendre l’anglais – dans des classes ou avec un tuteur. Nous vous encourageons à profiter de ces occasions dès que vous pourrez.

If you are newly arrived and looking for information about language, or about any other topic, the place to start is the Newcomer Welcome Centre listed at the top of this page. Welcome to Regina!

Si vous venez d’arriver et que vous recherchez des renseignements, sur la langue ou sur n’importe quel autre sujet, le meilleur endroit pour commencer est de vous adresser au Centre d’accueil des nouveaux arrivants dont vous trouverez les coordonnées en haut de cette page. Bienvenue à Regina!

使用您自己的语言 我们祝愿您尽早适应我们城市的生 活。

语言,在您初来乍到,人生地不熟之 时,他们可以为您提供大量帮助。

您会发现,里贾纳民众和机构使用的 主要语言是英语,您也会发现,我们 城市中有很多人能够使用和您一样的

在这里,通过上课和家教学习英语的 机会非常多,我们鼓励您充分利用这 些机会。

Добро пожаловать в город Реджайна! Мы надеемся, что следующая информация поможет Вам быстро освоиться в нашем городе.

Как Вы знаете, что население и организации преимущественно англоговорящие, но вы найдете здесь людей


говорящих на Вашем родном языке. Эти жители помогут Вам по прибытию в город. У нас много возможностей, как с помощью групповых уроков, так и частных занятий, учить или улучшить Ваш английский язык. Мы настоятельно советуем Вам, как можно раньше,

若您是刚到此地,需要语言或任何其 他方面的信息,就请访问此页上部 列出的新移民欢迎中心(Newcomer Welcome Centre)。 里贾纳热情欢迎您! воспользоваться этими возможностями. Если Вы новоприбывшие и ищите информацию о курсах английского, то обратитесь по адресу, который указан на верху страницы. Добро пожаловать

The Regina Community The Regina area was originally called Pile of Bones because of the huge piles of buffalo bones left in the area by hunters. In the early 1880s, Regina was incorporated as a town and renamed Regina (Latin for Queen) after Queen Victoria who was the monarch at that time. You will find many historical references to the monarchy throughout the community. In 1905, Saskatchewan was formed as a province and Regina became the provincial capital. Today, the city has a population of more than 200,000 people and is growing largely because of international immigration. Regina’s economy is diverse. A major sector is service to the agricultural and natural resources industries of southern Saskatchewan. We also have many provincial government agencies and a diverse private sector involved in manufacturing, warehousing, and retailing. We are a centre for health and hospital services and home to a major Canadian university, a large technical training institute, and the RCMP Training Academy. Regina is also the major arts, culture and entertainment centre in southern Saskatchewan. Regina has an expanding transportation centre at the junction of major highways and rail lines, and has a growing international airport.

City of Regina – Regina’s Municipal Government The City of Regina is governed by a City Council made up of a Mayor and 10 Councillors elected by the citizens of Regina. City Council establishes policies and budgets for the programs and services delivered by the staff at locations across the community. The City provides many services for its citizens, including roads and traffic, public transit, parks, recreation and culture, fire protection, recycling and garbage collection, and water and sewage. The City works to provide excellent customer service. Visit City Hall at 2476 Victoria Ave. in Regina's downtown, where a large outdoor sculpture celebrates immigrants to our community. The quickest way to get information about City of Regina services is: • Go online at Regina.ca • Download the CityApp • Phone the Service Regina call centre at 306‑777-7000 You can also use Facebook or Twitter.

Regina City Hall 2476 Victoria Ave.

Provincial Legislative Building

Schools and education The education system. Regina has three school divisions providing education for Pre‑Kindergarten to Grade 12. Studies beyond Grade 12 are usually taken at university, technical college, or another institution. In Saskatchewan, educational institutions are under the authority of the provincial government. Do you have children? The Newcomer Welcome Centre provides student assessments on behalf of all three school divisions for children who are new to the city. Contact the Centre by phone at 306‑352‑5775, by email at [email protected], or at their offices: 2332 - 11th Ave. (S4P 0K1) Find a school. Regina's largest educational institutions are listed below, but remember that there are many other institutions, private schools, faith-based schools and training programs available in the community. Conseil des écoles fransaskoises (French language education) 306‑757-7541 [email protected] cefsk.ca 2440 Broad St. (PO Box 602, S4P 3A3) Regina Catholic School Division 306‑791-7200 [email protected] rcsd.ca 2160 Cameron St. (S4T 2V6) Regina Public School Division 306‑523-3000 [email protected] rbe.sk.ca 1600 - 4th Ave. (S4R 8C8) Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Technology 306‑775-7300 [email protected] goSIAST.com 4500 Wascana Parkway (PO Box 556, S4P 3A3) University of Regina 1-800-644-4756 [email protected] uregina.ca/futurestudents Administration-Humanities Building, Room 108 3737 Wascana Parkway (S4S 0A2) There is also an active apprenticeship program for a wide variety of skilled trades, where training on the job is usually combined with some classroom study. For information contact: Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission 306‑787-2444 1-877-363-0536 apprentice[email protected] saskapprenticeship.ca 2140 Hamilton St. (S4P 2E3)

Emergencies and public safety Emergencies – Phone 911 for all emergencies requiring police, fire or ambulance. Non-emergencies – Phone the Regina Police Service: 306‑777-6500 reginapolice.ca 1717 Osler St. (S4P 3W3)

Health and medical information Health care and institutions are under the authority of the provincial government Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. Your health card. One of the first things to do when you arrive is to apply for a Saskatchewan Health Card for you and for members of your family. This card is required to receive most health care services. Apply online at health.gov.sk.ca/applyfor-health-card. You can also receive an application for a Saskatchewan health card by mail. 306‑787-3251 (1-800-667-7551) [email protected] health.gov.sk.ca 1942 Hamilton St. (S4P 4W2) Regina’s hospitals, along with some clinics, are operated by the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region In emergencies: Phone: 911 (ambulance fees chargeable to patient) Main number: 306‑766-5100 website: rqhealth.ca facebook: see website Green Pages in centre of the phonebook 2180 - 23rd Ave. (S4S 0A5) There are two major hospitals in Regina: Regina General Hospital 306‑766-4444 1440 - 14th Ave. (S4P 0W5) Pasqua Hospital 306‑766-2222 4101 Dewdney Ave. (S4T 1A5) HealthLine Saskatchewan provides a hotline and website for immediate response to personal health questions: Phone: 811 healthlineonline.ca Find a doctor. In addition to the Health Region, there are many physician offices, clinics and private medical services of all types in the city. Physicians currently taking patients are listed on rqhealth.ca and on the CityApp.

Doctors accepting patients listing: rqhealth.ca/finding/list_services. cgi?list=physicians List of Walk-In clinics: rqhealth.ca/finding/list_services. cgi?list=walkins

Cultural and faith organizations Regina has many cultural and faith organizations. These organizations contribute to Regina’s rich culture and can provide a familiar and special place. Organizations that provide services and programs for immigrants are listed below. You will also find many other cultural and faith organizations in the city. Association canadienne-française de Regina (ACFR) 306‑566-6020 [email protected] acfr.ca 100, 3850 Hillsdale St. (S4S 7J5) Beth Jacob Synagogue and Jewish Cultural Centre 306‑757-8643 [email protected] bethjacobsynagogue.com 4715 McTavish St. (S4S 6H2) Conseil de la Coopération de la Saskatchewan 306‑566-6000 (1-800-670-0879) [email protected] ccs-sk.ca 303, 2114 - 11th Ave. (S4P 0J5) Islamic Association of Saskatchewan 306‑585-0090 [email protected] iaosregina.com 3273 Montague St. (S4S 1Z8) Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan 306‑721-6267 (MCoS) [email protected] mcos.ca 452 Albert St. North (S4R 3C1) Regina Multicultural Council 306‑757-5990 [email protected] reginamulticulturalcouncil.ca 2054 Broad St. (S4P 1Y3) Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Regina Branch 306‑757-8835 uccr[email protected] uccregina.ca 1, 1801 Winnipeg St. (S4P 1G3)

Centres of religion In Regina you will find a large number and a wide variety of centres for people of many different faiths. You will generally find a listing for each church, mosque, temple, synagogue or other facility in the yellow pages of the telephone directory and on the Internet.

Basic services for the home Visit expressaddress.com to connect all basic home services such as power, natural gas, telephone, cable and City services (including water, sewer, garbage and recycling) – all at one time. Water service, garbage collection and recycling: City of Regina 306‑777-7000 Regina.ca

Transportation Regina has a number of pathways and bike paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Taxicabs are listed in the yellow pages of the telephone directory or online. Regina also has a public bus system operated by the City of Regina. Regina Transit 306‑777-7433 Regina.ca/residents/transit-services Transit Information Centre: 2124 - 11th Ave. (S4P 0J5) Regina is linked to other cities by highways, private airlines, and bus companies. The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) bus terminal is located in downtown Regina. Two major bus lines provide daily service from the bus terminal: STC for travel to other communities in Saskatchewan and Greyhound Canada for travel across Canada. For schedules and fares visit STC online at stcbus.com or phone 306‑787-3340 STC Bus Terminal: 1717 Saskatchewan Dr. (S4P 2E2) Airlines use the Regina International Airport. There are several airlines; they are listed in the telephone directory and can be found online.

Electricity: SaskPower 1-888-757-6937 saskpower.com 2025 Victoria Ave. (S4P 0S1) Natural gas (primarily used for home heating, water heating and sometimes for cooking): SaskEnergy 1-800-567-8899 saskenergy.com 1601 Winnipeg St. (S4P 4E7) Telephone, television and Internet – the largest providers in Regina are: SaskTel 1-800-SaskTel (1-800-727-5835) sasktel.com 2121 Saskatchewan Dr. (S4P 3Y2) Access Communications 306‑569-2225 myaccess.ca 2250 Park St. (S4N 7K7) Other providers of basic services can be found in the phone book or online.

Sport, recreation, culture You may be interested in participation in sport, recreation and cultural activities, or in enjoying events as a member of the audience. Our community has many opportunities, whether you're looking for activities that are professional or amateur. Many facilities, services and programs are available from the City of Regina. A Leisure Guide publication is available to provide full information on activities. The quickest route to a Leisure Guide is online at Regina.ca. You will also find a wide array of other centres and programs available from community organizations, public and private institutions, educational institutions and others. Check the phone book, the Internet or a newspaper for facilities and events. Also check events at: Tourism Regina (Regina Regional Opportunities Commission) 306‑789-5099 (1-800-661-5099) Fax: 306-352-1630 [email protected] Tourismregina.com 1925 Rose St. (S4P 3P1) Information on Regina Public Library and its locations, programs and services can be found online at: ReginaLibrary.ca 306‑777-6000

Housing and accommodation Finding a place to live is usually a first priority for newcomers. You will discover a great deal of advertising about locations that are available for rent or purchase. Listings of homes can be found via newspaper, television and the Internet. You can contact a REALTOR® to assist you in finding a home. The Association of Regina REALTORS® Inc. operates a website which includes a listing of members and other local real estate information: Association of Regina Realtors® Inc. ReginaREALTORS.com If you need temporary accommodation, Regina has many hotels and motels listed in the telephone directory and on the Internet. The Regina Hotel Association is also an online source for detailed listings of our destination hotels, with corresponding photos, amenities, and much more. Regina Hotel Association [email protected] stayinregina.com

Business and commerce A number of associations represent business people, industries and professionals. If you are looking for information on starting or buying a business in Regina, a good place to begin is: Regina Regional Opportunities Commission 306‑789-5099 (1-800-661-5099) [email protected] Reginaroc.com 1925 Rose St. (S4P 3P1)

Services for immigrants These organizations are dedicated to serving immigrants: Newcomer Welcome Centre is a first-stop service centre for newcomers, whether permanent or temporary residents. You can obtain information on registering children for school, receive language assessments and referrals to language training, and obtain help in finding community services and supports. Phone: 306‑352-5775 Email: [email protected] Website: Reginanewcomercentre.ca Address: 2332 - 11th Ave. (S4P 0K1) Regina Open Door Society provides a wide range of services to immigrants: Phone: 306‑352-3521 Email: [email protected] Website: rods.sk.ca Address: 2332 - 11th Ave. (S4P 0K1) Regina Immigrant Women Centre provides services to immigrant women: Phone: 306‑359-6514 Email: [email protected] Website: reginaiwc.ca Address: 2248 Lorne St. (S4P 2M7)

Questions about immigration Immigration in Canada is primarily a federal government responsibility, with a significant role for the provincial government as well. Canadian government Citizenship and Immigration Canada 1-888-242-2100 cic.gc.ca Saskatchewan government Immigration Services 306‑798-7467 [email protected] aeei.gov.sk.ca/contact-immigration-services 7th Floor, 1945 Hamilton St. (S4P 2C8)

Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise provides a wide range of services to immigrants (French): Phone: 306‑569-1912 Email: [email protected] Website: fransaskois.sk.ca Address: 101, 2445 - 13th Ave. (S4P 0W1)

When you arrive Here are some important first things you may want to consider as you arrive in Regina.  xisting documents – Make sure you have some important documents, in case you E need them as you get settled: •  passport, visa and related immigration documents •  health information, such as medical conditions and history • documents related to education, professional certifications and work skills •  a detailed employment profile if you are seeking employment New documents – Acquire these documents as soon as possible: • Health card – Required for most health services – you must apply online at: health.gov.sk.ca/apply-for-health-card. For information call 306‑787-3251 or 1-800-667-7551. You can pick up a form in the foyer at 1942 Hamilton St.

The City of Regina thanks the Government of Saskatchewan for its financial support of this Guide.

• Driver’s licence – Required to operate a vehicle; also used for personal identification; contact any Motor Licence Issuer, or contact SGI, the provincial government body responsible for driver licensing: 306‑775-6900 (1-800-667-9868) sgi.sk.ca/individuals/licensing/getyourlicence/newresidents.html • Social insurance number – Required by the Canadian government: Service Canada 1-800-206-7218 servicecanada.gc.ca 1783 Hamilton St. (S4P 2V7)

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