Welcome to the World of Unifox Unifox Digital is an Online Marketing & Software development agency located in the heart of Bangladesh, and boasts to be the only agency in South East Asia that blends the best of the old and the new media. With the internet playing a more vital role than ever in marketing today, Unifox helps businesses leverage their marketing strategies on the web while simultaneously blending core traditional marketing methods ensuring long-term success.

Who Are We? We are a bunch of geeks who love technology & the web. With over 1+ years of experience, we have pioneered the art of creating exceptional online marketing campaigns that are not only visionary but also generates great ROI & brand value. Our primary team consists of talented individuals specializing in various fields such as: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Web Analytics, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion Tracking & Optimization, and Copy-writing. We have teams of dedicated programmers & creative designers who works on building custom web solutions (in LAMP Development Environment), Mobile Application Development (For iOS & Android Platform) & various 3rd party Enterprise grade solutions for smallmedium businesses. Our approaches are not the one-time, cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all model, but more about working at a personal level on an ongoing basis – and to continue to adapt and help clients stay ahead of the competition in this ever-changing online space. We analyze and assess each and every client’s requirements individually and suggest them the most relevant & cost-effective solution.

We Care about Serving our Clients Unifox has been founded on the principle to provide personalized service to each and every client of ours. No matter how big or small the ‘idea‘ is, our job is to turn that into reality. We cultivate close working partnerships with our clients to ensure that personal attention is provided in every step of the way. Since we clearly establish the person having overall responsibility for the task performed on each individual step – our clients are assured of a well-managed, cost-effective and timely service under the supervision of their relationship partner.

We have the Expertise & Passion

Unifox team members are not only experts of their domain, but are also extremely passionate about what they do – with every member of the team taking great pride in their creation & accomplishments. We give our 100% every time – to all our clients, because their success is really what gives Unifox a reason to exist. So, all you need to do is put your idea in our hands, and our team will take care of the rest to make sure it succeeds.

Unifox Mission & Vision

Our mission is to transform your idea into a viable business and empower it with our cutting-edge online marketing tools & techniques. Our vision is to be the leader in Southeast Asia for online Search & Social Media Marketing and implement fully integrated digital marketing campaigns that drive industry-leading results for our valued clients & partners.

Top 6 Reasons for YOU to Partner With UNIFOX  Deal with an inimitable team of true Professionals. Unifox team consists of many skilled individuals who are smart, passionate, proactive & highly capable in their field of expertise.  You are more than just a ‘client’. At Unifox we work alongside our client to meet the desired target. We treat your achievement as our achievement and your failure as our failure!  Our reputation speaks for itself. We have helped a handful of clients in the past to excel in the field of digital marketing. Client satisfaction has always been one of our top priorities.  We think “long-term”. At Unifox, we are always thinking ahead and thus always make you stay ahead of your competition.  Integrated Solutions. Everything in 1 Package. You need not go to 10 different places in order to build your idea! At Unifox we can give it all.  This isn’t just a Job. We are truly Passionate about what we do. Just call and ask us out for a coffee, and you will realize what we mean by ‘true passion’!

Services Covering Every Angle of the Technology World

When Unifox was initially formed, the idea was to offer complete Lifecycle solutions – so that entire online marketing operations, enterprise solutions and custom mobile and web application projects could be handled under the supervision of one cohesive group of experts. Since platforms, algorithms and deliveries are changing all the time, it is important that our clients stay ahead of the game prior to every single industrial update, and so that their business model stays intact no matter what. Below is the exhaustive list of services we are offering at the moment:

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps let companies enjoy a constant stream of enterprise innovation without the necessity of any in-house IT solutions management, thus helping companies of all sizes save big on time and money spent. Google Apps make employees communicate with ease, work smart, organize effectively and collaborate more. If you are looking to increase the overall productivity of your business organization, but have budgeting concerns – it’s high time to move to Google Apps.

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. So popular, that 2.8 million the Bangladeshi population actively uses it. Thanks to the most innovative Ad platform, companies can now initiate conversation with the desired audience and enjoy massive boosts in their branding and lead generation campaigns. Unifox offers a full range of Facebook Marketing services, and business entities can now enjoy the true benefits of social power by leaving the marketing part to the experts.


Mobile App Development Mobile is the future of business, communication and entertainment. With more than 15 Billion downloads and a growing list of over one million mobile applications in the various app markets, your company may lack vision to not have considered developing its own mobile app. The market is already ripe and ready – with nationwide 3G and mere abundance of smartphone amongst users– all that’s required is some visionary leadership. Unifox employs the best

Mobile Website Design and Development The traditional landscape of web browsing is rapidly changing. Today, with Smartphone penetrating the vast majority of the Global population, a more mobile-friendly web appearance has become the crucial reality for business entities to thrive. Traditional websites often result in clunky performances when displayed on smart-mobile devices, leaving undesired performance issues over the users. Unifox help companies to carve perfect mobile websites and effectively achieve the desired performance over multiple mobile devices and OS

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) High search ranking has long been the online marketing meme. Good organic rankings for relevant terms & phrases opens the floodgate of laser targeted leads, and statistics have shown the traffic emerging from search engines indeed turn out to have terrific conversion rates. We cover all aspects of the SEO game & ensure our clients do everything right to place them very high up in the search results pages.

Search Advertising (Pay-per-Click Marketing) Pay per Click is being fast. Search advertising whirls an immediate effect on any business. But then again, its paid traffic, and if things aren’t EXACTLY what they are supposed to be, clients could lose a fortune. Our PPC services ensure that the clients get to bid lowest possible amount for very high advertising positions for ultra competitive keywords, and we track their accounts to ensure they can achieve that by not losing that fortune.

Search Advertising (Pay-per-Click Marketing) With customized open source enterprise resource planning solutions, businesses can save on their budget, and yet reap the rewards of implementing the most cutting edge business optimization tools. Being strong protagonists of the open source movement, the development team here at Unifox specializes on various



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