Dear Guests! We welcome you warmly to the hotel ACTIVE

Dear Guests! We welcome you warmly to the hotel „ACTIVE”. Thank you for choosing our hotel as a place of your stay and rest. We ensure that we will do...
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Dear Guests! We welcome you warmly to the hotel „ACTIVE”. Thank you for choosing our hotel as a place of your stay and rest. We ensure that we will do everything to meet your expectations during your stay in our hotel “ACTIVE”.

We give you this hotel directory that will be your guide. It will give you information of our hotel and all the services we render for you.

In the event of any questions or doubts our hotel employees are at your disposal.

Dear parents we ask you to call your attention to children who are in the hotel. They cannot be on terrace, jetty or by the swimming equipment rental without parent’s care.

We wish you nice and pleasant stay. Management and Team of „ACTIVE” hotel

General Information Hotel Reception, number 101. The hotel employees are of any assistance. They give any information about the hotel, tourist attractions, cultural events and parties. The hotel day The hotel day starts the first day of your stay at 12 a.m. and it finishes at 11 a.m. the last day of your stay. The hotel can extend your stay if the rooms are available. If you want to extend your stay you should contact the reception desk till 10 p.m. The settlement for the hotel services is at the reception desk from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Hotel can refuse to let the guest who violated the regulations of the hotel during his/her last stay, did damage to hotel or other guest’s property, caused personal injury of guests or hotel employees or disturbed the stay of other guests or functioning of the hotel. Visitors We ask you to invite guests from outside the hotel from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Hotel guest do not have right to pass the vocational room to other guests even if the payment term did not fall and the room is paid. No smoking You mustn’t smoke in the hotel. In case of violating the ban you will have to pay for renovating the room and intervention of fire brigade. No animals in the room Hotel will not allow to keep animals in the room. Night hours We ask you to keep the silence from 10 p.m. to 7 p.m. Children in the hotel We welcome all children to our „ACTIVE” hotel. We place children’s beds to the rooms at Your request. Waking up We inform you about possibility of waking up by the reception, phone number 101. Services Sending faxes, copying, sending letters, calling a taxi- contact with the reception desk, number 101. Car park The hotel car park is free of charge but not guarded. Hotel is not responsible for any vehicle damage or theft. 2

Payment We accept cash payments in PLN and payments by debit and credit cards. Additional room fittings Any need of extra towels, pillows, quilts please contact the reception desk, number 101. Deposit In each room there is a hotel safe. If you have any questions contact the reception desk, number 101. Medical help Contact with the reception desk, number 101. Banquets and parties We help you to organize banquets or private parties. For this purpose contact the reception desk, number 101. Flowers In our hotel you can order flowers. For this purpose contact the reception desk, number 101. An umbrella In our hotel you can borrow an umbrella free of charge. An internet Each room is fitted with permanent internet connection. Cordless internet- WiFi is available free of charge on the premises of the hotel. Laundering and ironing In „ACTIVE” hotel there are no laundering services. However, you can use an ironing board and an iron free of charge. Things left in the hotel The things left by the guest in the hotel room will be sent to the address given by the guest and he/she will have to meet the expenses. In case of not having any guest’s address, the hotel will keep the left things for one month. Financial liability Hotel guest is responsible for any damage of equipment and technical devices caused by his/her fault or visitors fault. Hotelcards The cost of damaging or losing the hotel card is 100 PLN.


Swimming equipment Hotel guests can use swimming equipment (a paddle boat, a canoe) free of charge for 2 hours a day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). “Jolka” restaurant “Jolka” restaurant is open every day from 12 a.m. to 11 p.m., number 114. Breakfast We invite for breakfast in the “Jolka” restaurant from 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. Room service At your request we serve meals and drinks to the hotel room till 11 p.m. To order please contact the reception desk, number 101. Phone numbers Reception desk: 101. “Jolka” restaurant: 114. EMERGENCY NUMBERS FIRE BRIGADE 998 AMBULANCE SERVICE 999 POLICE 997 EMERGENCY CALLS FROM MOBILE PHONES 112

Phone calls among hotel rooms and other internal calls are free of charge. Any other calls will be charged in accordance with an operator price list. Dialling codes in Poland Area Biała Podlaska Białystok Bielsko-Biała Bydgoszcz Częstochowa Elbląg Gdańsk Gorzów Wielk. Jelenia Góra Kalisz Katowice Kielce

Dialling code 83 65 33 52 34 55 58 95 75 62 32 41

Area Kraków Kilce Legnica Lublin Łomża Łódź Nowy Sącz Olsztyn Opole Piła Piotrków Tryb. Płock

Dialling code 12 13 76 81 65 42 18 89 77 67 44 24

Area Rzeszów Siedlce Sieradz Słupsk Szczecin Tarnobrzeg Tarnów Toruń Wałbrzych Warszawa Włocławek Wrocław

Dialling code 17 25 43 69 91 15 14 56 74 22 54 71


Kołobrzeg Konin Koszalin

94 63 94

Poznań Przemyśl Radom

61 16 48

Zamość Zielona Góra

84 68

Foreign dialling codes The country you Gould like to connect with. Austria Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark France Greece Spain Holland Germany Russia Romania Slovakia Sweden Ukraine Hungary Great Britain Italy

Dialling code The country you would like to connect with. 0-0 13 Saudi Arabia 0-0 32 Australia 0-0 359 Brazil 0-0 420 China 0-0 45 India 0-0 33 Izrael 0-0 30 Japan 0-0 34 Canada 0-0 31 Kuwait 0-0 49 Mexico 0-0 7 RPA 0-0 40 Singapore 0-0 421 Tunisia 0-0 46 Turkey 0-0 380 USA 0-0 36 United Arab Emirates 0-044 0-0 39

Dialling code

0-0 966 0-0 61 0-0 55 0-0 86 0-0 91 0-0 972 0-0 81 0-01 0-0 965 0-0 52 0-0 27 0-0 65 0-0 216 0-0 90 0-01 0-0 971

TV -channels Channel number 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

channel TVP 1 HD TVP2 Polsat TVN TVP INFO Szczecin TVN 7 Polsat Sport News TV 4 TV Puls

language Polish Polish Polish Polish Polish Polish Polish Polish Polish 5

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Puls 2 TTV TV 6 Eska TV Polo TV ATM Rozrywka

Polish Polish Polish Polish Polish Polish

The hotel reserves the right to change the order of TV channels.

Fire-prevention instructions To take fire-prevention into consideration you cannot use any electrical devices that are not the room fittings. On account of your security we ask you to acquaint with following information: 1. In case of fire or smoke we ask you to inform the reception desk immediately, number 101. 2. We ask you to give us your room number where you are and pass the information about the danger. 3. We ask you to stay calm, don’t get into panic and follow the instructions that are given by the employees of the hotel and fire brigade. 4. If the source of fire is not big (for example cigarette-end) we ask you to put out the fire by oneself, on condition that your health and other people’s health is not in danger. We ask you to inform the reception desk or the management of the hotel about the event. 5. If the fire is in the room where you are staying you should immediately leave your room and close the door carefully. In this way we avoid the dispersion of fire in the hotel. 6. We ask you to press the alarm button and go to the reception desk following the emergency exit. 7. We ask you not to protract the conversation with the reception desk . It will hinder to inform the other guests about the danger. We ask you to follow the instructions of hotel employees. 8. Within the bounds of possibility we ask you to give first aid to injured people.


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