Undercurrents ~ Summer 2013

Undercurrents ~ Summer 2013 Newsletter for Members of CCA NC In This Issue  President’s Message   Legislative Update  Fisheries Update  Ar...
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Undercurrents ~ Summer 2013 Newsletter for Members of CCA NC In This Issue 

President’s Message 

Legislative Update

Fisheries Update

Around the State

2013 Scholarship Winner   

Gamefish Article

2013 Fall Banquets Mark Your Calendars 



Executive Director—Stephen Ammons Office Administrator—Cindy Davis

Game fish are too valuable to only be caught once ~ Lee Wulff

2013 CCA NC Officers


Jim Hardin


Greg Hurt

Vice President

Dick Hamilton

Vice President

Bud Abbott

Vice President

Seth Vernon

Vice President

Ty Conti


Bud Abbot

Message From the President Who did it for you? Was it your Dad, your older brother or maybe a recent acquaintance? My Uncle Jim did it for me. He introduced me to saltwater fishing almost 40 years ago in the Chesapeake Bay and I'll never be able to adequately thank him. Uncle Jim always understood that fishing is so much more than catching fish. It's relaxing, enjoying nature and cultivating friendships that last a lifetime. That being said, he was always in a much better mood when the fish were biting! Rocky Carter, President of NC’s newest CCA Chapter, the Onslow Bay Chapter, recently wrote a piece that really hit home with me. I'd like to share a portion of it with you. "A relative or friend was probably responsible for our introduction to the outdoors. Once the seed was planted, they nourished us by taking their time and sharing their knowledge. Soon, the great outdoors was a part of us. The 'cycle' of an outdoorsman had begun. In the beginning of the 'cycle', we focused on developing the basic skills of casting, retrieving, and hook setting. Later, we attended seminars, read books and magazine articles. In tackle stores, we sought information on lures, presentations and techniques from more accomplished anglers. The 'cycle' continues as we invest most of our disposable time and income on boats, tackle, and fuel. After a few years of honing our skills, the 'cycle of the outdoorsman' continues when we realize the outdoors is where we embrace solitude and nurture our friendships. Now, most of us enjoy taking a kid fishing. We are eager to share our knowledge and experience. Our goal is for them is to have an enjoyable day on the water and WANT to do it again, SOON. The final stage of the 'cycle' is to conserve and preserve our natural resources for future generations. This is not a popular stance, understanding some people feel entitled to take as much as they want. Whether they are recreational or commercial, let’s not lose focus on protecting the resource." At CCA we are active in a host of issues including fisheries policy, legislative activity and natural resource protection, just to name a few. These important issues deserve our close attention, but let's not miss out on one of our greatest opportunities to make a lasting impression. Let's introduce others to the pastime that we love so dearly. This summer I'd like to challenge each of you to invite a retiree with extra time on his or her hands or maybe a kid that's spending too much time looking at a computer screen to join you for a cast or two. Whoever it might be, take them fishing. They won't forget the experience and it's likely that you won’t either! Until our wakes cross again, Greg Hurt CCA NC President

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Legislative Update

Fisheries Update

Gamefish Bill Derailed CCA NC was very disappointed with the inaction of the Legislature during the current legislative session. Despite overwhelming support in the N.C. House, the current leadership decided against putting the bill to a vote. However, as the saying goes, “it’s a marathon not a sprint”, and this isn’t the last you’ll hear of this bill! CCA NC will continue to work with our friends in the legislature to make sure our coastal resources get the designation they deserve, as well as what the citizens of our state deserve! Many thanks to the countless hours of work put in by many volunteers during this process. Lets make sure the recreational angler’s voices are heard!! Stay tuned…

Legislative Day May 28th found the halls of our state’s Legislature full of recreational anglers as the 3rd annual CCA Legislative Day was held in Raleigh. Members from across the state were able to speak with Legislators about the initiatives important to recreational anglers, as well as educating them on what CCA was all about. At the start of the days Legislative session, CCA NC was formerly introduced by the Speaker and attendees stood in recognition. Many thanks to all who attended. Despite what seems like never ending disappointment with fisheries legislation, days like this are important for building relationships with our N.C. Representatives and Senators and our presence in the Legislature is vital not only for recreational angling, but for our coastal resources.

The U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources unanimously advanced a bill that opens the door to reexamining the onerous beach access closures at Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area in North Carolina. CCA NC applauds the committee for their efforts and wishes to thank Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Kay Hagan who were instrumental in pushing this legislation. The Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area is one of the premier surf fishing locations in the United States. Off-road vehicle (ORV) access to the seashore is essential for surf fishing from the beaches, as well as for many other recreational activities. On December 20, 2010, the National Park Service announced its decision to approve an ORV management plan that closes extensive areas of the seashore to the public and severely limits ORV access, far outweighing what is needed to address resource protection. The final ORV plan, which went into effect on February 15, 2012, has had a devastating impact on the local economy, which is largely dependent upon tourism and recreation. Earlier this year, the House Natural Resources Committee approved the

Fisheries Update Cont’d

Around the State Onslow Bay Chapter Supports Take a Kid Fishing Tuesday June 18th was a special day in Swansboro and Emerald Isle. The Swansboro Rotary Club sponsored TAKE A KID FISHING DAY. Chairman Jim Davis estimated there were 80 volunteers to support the 200+ children that came from orphanages, children's homes, and church's from Eastern North Carolina. The kids had a great day of fishing and then were served lunch on Bogue Inlet Pier. Every fish caught that day was welcomed onto the pier with cheers from the surrounding kids. Then they were taken to the Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores. Later in the day, they returned back to Swansboro where they were all treated to hotdogs and hamburgers at the Rotary Club. A special thanks goes to Onslow Bay CCA members Larry Wicker and Jeff Allen for helping the kids with fishing. Jeff also brought his son Drake and daughter Kinsey. I brought my daughter Anna Claire. We and our kids received a special blessing from being there that day. Thanks to those who came and supported this special event.

Cape Fear Chapter Cleans Up! This past May, Cape Fear Chapter President, Alex Posey, took to the marshes around Oak Island in an effort to help clean up! Volunteers combed the waters around the island filling bags with trash and debris. Thanks to Alex and all the volunteers who worked to keep our coastal habitat pristine!

“Preserving Access to Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area Act,” introduced by Representative Jones (R-N.C.). That bill, and its companion in the Senate, would revert to an interim management plan that provides greater public access until a new final plan is approved that meets certain access conditions. That bill faced significant opposition in the Senate, but within the last month, the bill’s sponsors and Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee staff worked to produce the substitute bill the committee passed. CCA NC urges Congress to pass this legislation quickly.

2013 Scholarship Winner CCA NC is proud to announce that it has selected one student to receive a $ 2,000 scholarship to further their educational goals in the area of Marine Science. After reviewing the candidates, the selection committee reached an unanimous agreement on a deserving candidate -- Samantha Binion from North Carolina State University in the Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Program.

Coastal Party The CCA NC Charlotte Chapter, in conjunction with Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, held a mid-summer Coastal party for members this June. Attendees got their fill of some great BBQ, chicken, and all the fixin’s by Charlotte’s own Hog Man, and enjoyed blue grass music from members of the Moonshine Racers! The event also featured fly tying demonstration from Dick McGordon along with author and surf fishing guru Cameron Wright. Mountain Khakis was on hand as well with a “trunk show” including some great deals! Special thanks go to Bill Bartee and all of the staff at Jesse Brown’s Outdoors for hosting the event.

Under the direction of Dr. Jeff Buckel, Samantha is seeking her doctoral degree at NC State with her project focused conducting a multispecies food habits study in the Pamlico Sound and its associated tributaries. This study will allow Samantha to address many topics pertinent to the management of several recreational fishing stocks within the state, including estimates of total predator demand, identification of important forage species, and the detection of predation “hotspots”. This project is vital to the overall health of North Carolina fisheries and is consistent with the many efforts of CCA NC to improve our marine resources.


North Carolina's Surprising Decision To Ignore The Economic Value Of Gamefish By Monte Burke ~ Forbes Staff In the state of North Carolina, there was once a bill called “The Fisheries Economic Development Act” (House Bill 983). The bill proposed that three species of fish—the red drum (otherwise known as the redfish), the spotted seatrout and the estuarine striped bass (that is, stripers from estuaries and not from the ocean) receive official status as “gamefish.” What that meant, in shorthand, is that the fish would no longer be available to commercial fisherman. The three species could only be targeted legally by recreational fisherman. There was a sound economic argument for this change in designation for these fish. According to a study done by the Gentner Consulting Group (found on this website), the economic impact of recreational fishing for these species in North Carolina far outweighs that of commercial fishing for them in the state. The combined economic output of recreational fishing for these three species was $131.4 million in 2012. The recreational fishery supported 1,267 jobs. The combined economic output of commercial fishing for these three species was $3.3 million. The commercial fishery supported 67 jobs. HB 983 appeared to be a sound, fiscal move by the North Carolina government, and would have meant millions of dollars in additional economic output for a state that, like many others, relies heavily on tourism. And the commercial fishermen who would have been impacted would have received up to $1 million in compensation for three years, money raised by increasing the price of recreational fishing licenses. In other words, recreational fisherman would have paid the commercial fishermen for their fish. According to the Gentner report, the commercial harvest wasn’t that big to begin with: Fewer than three of those commercial fishermen in 2011 “caught more than $10,000 worth of these three species and only six fishermen caught more than $10,000 worth of these three species in 2012 indicating that very few individuals depend on these species to make their living.” So, HB 983 made total economic sense, right? Apparently, North Carolina lawmakers decided it indeed did not. Yesterday it was announced that the bill would not be heard this year. *Article taken from Forbes Magazine Online

2013 Fall Banquet Schedule September 19—Wilson Wilson NC

October 10—Crystal Coast Morehead City, NC

November 7—Triad Greensboro NC TBD—Charlotte Charlotte, NC TBD - Onslow Bay Swansboro, NC

For more information please visit www.ccanc.org Make your plans now to attend your local banquet. Not a chapter near you? Contact the state office about the opportunity to start one in your hometown!!

Mark Your Calendar!!

October 11th - 12th www.ccanc.org

2013 Banquet Photos!!

Members in Action!! Charlotte Chapter President Ward Warren with a nice flounder while fishing a reef off Wrightsville Beach!

Triangle Chapter member Dr. Carl Exner with a nice top-water Red!

Scott Dail, Charlotte Chapter member, with a nice red caught in the grass!

Members in Action!! Triangle’s David Hawkins & Dr. Carl Exner had a great day on the water with Capt. Seth Vernon!

Johnston County Chapter's Zeke Cox with his daughter in the surf!

Winner! Edwin Newell was the winner of the latest statewide raffle!

Charlotte Chapter’s Seth Scruggs releases a bonnet

Members in Action!!

Dick McGordon & Cameron Wright entertain at the recent Coastal Party in Charlotte Charlotte Chapter member Jay Dail found a red on a recent trip

That smile is what it’s all about! East Carolina Chapter member Brooks Harrell got in on the hot offshore action this Spring!

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