Thank you for your interest in T2S Mobile

Thank you for your interest in T2S Mobile This mobile SMS system to be used with a dual screen PC/notebook and a GSM mobile (cell) phone. Before purch...
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Thank you for your interest in T2S Mobile This mobile SMS system to be used with a dual screen PC/notebook and a GSM mobile (cell) phone. Before purchasing T2S Mobile you will need to make sure that your hardware is compatible, it’s important that your have some knowledge of your hardware as you will need to configure and maintain it. Below are some basic information that may help you, but things may differ depending on your hardware,

Checking and activating the dual-monitor display under Windows T2S Mobile works on a dual monitor PC system, monitor 1 is used for the operator to control the system and interact with the users, monitor 2 is the output screen, and this is used to connect to your projector or TV screen. There are two types of graphics cards that have a dual screen output, both have a standard SVGA to connect to your monitor. The second output can either be a composite video output; this can be used to connect directly to a TV or projector using the video input, or is a VGA output, this can be connected to a projector with VGA input or can be converted to a video signal using a scan-converter. Some graphics cards require you to connect your TV or Projector to the second screen before you can enable it, To find out what type of second output you have and if it needs to be connected before it can be enabled please consult your owners manual or manufacture for further information. Go to Control Panel > Display Properties and click on Settings tab If you have a dual-screen system you will see the following screen showing the number of available monitors, if you see the below screen then your PC does support dual screen, if not then your PC does not support the required dual screen.

Once you have connected the TV or Projector to the second output Click on the second screen (2) Select 800x600 on the screen resolution Tick extend my windows desktop onto this monitor check-box click apply. You need to make sure that screen 2 is to the right of screen one You should see your desktop on your screens / projector.

If all the above works then congratulations your PC is compatible with T2S Mobile

Connecting and checking your GSM phone. T2S Mobile has been designed to work with any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM Modem that supports sending and receiving of SMS in PDU mode. Following is the list of GSM Modems & Phone handsets has been tested successfully Enfora: SA-EL, SA-G, SA-GL Falcom: Twist, Swift, Samba 55, Samba 75 iTegno: WM1080A, WM1080A1I, WM1080A1E, 3000, 3232E, 3232I, 3898 Multitech: MTCBA-G-UF1, MTCBA-G-UF2 Nokia: N12, N30, N32, 6100, 6210, 6220, 6310, 6310i, 6820(Bluetooth), 8910, 3220, 2610 Siemens: TC35, TC35i, TC45, TC65, MC35, MC35i, MC45, MC55, MC65, MC75, A65, AC75, AC45, C35, C45, M35, M45, S35 SIMCOM: SIM100S, SIM100T Sony Ericsson: T310, T610, T630, T68, T68i, K310, K320, K500, K510, K600, K700, K750i, K800i, V800, W300, W550, W600, W700, W800i, W810, W900, Z1010, GC75, GC79, GC83, GC85, GC89, W350i Teltonika: T-ModemUSB, T-ModemCOM Wavecom: Fastrack M1206B, Fastrack M1306B, Integra, WMOi3 Samsung L760 (Bluetooth) Huawei E160, E169 You can connect you phone via Bluetooth, infrared (IrDA), but for speed and reliability we recommend you connect it via a cable.

Please consult you owners manual or the manufacture for further information on how to install your modem drivers. Once you have installed your drivers Go to Control Panel > Phone and Modem options and click on the Modems tab.

You will see your GSM phone on the list and it will show you what COM port the phone is on.

You will now need to download our Phone Compatibility Tester, this software will help you make sure your phone is compatible with T2S Mobile and help you gather the configuration settings.

Before running the software please make sure your phone has a least 1 SMS message in the inbox so it can be read, the software does not need to be installed, just click on the T2SMobile_Tester. On the first screen select the COM port your phone is on, band rate (19200 is standard), and phone memory, select SIM to start with, now click connect. Depending on how you have connected (cable, Bluetooth, infrared) your phone it may take up to 30 seconds before you get a successfully or failed connection message. If you get connection failed please check that you phone modem drivers are installed correctly, if you are trying a phone that is not on our know list it may not work. With a successful connection the program will the SMS message in your inbox during reading you will see a messages at the bottom of the program telling you what it is doing, EG “Trying to connect to GSM device” Error (1006): cannot open com port

If you get the above error make sure the software that comes with your phone or device has not got hold of the COM port. As an example if you were using a Nokia phone you would find a “Nokia Connections Manager” under the control panel, you would need to open this up and untick the “Serial Cable connection” (or the method you are trying to connect via), the reason you need to do this it because the Software has got hold of the COM port and you need to release it so other programs (like T2S Mobile) can use that COM port. The final test is to see if you can send a SMS message, sending messages via T2S Mobile, this is used for the prize winner, click on “Send Message”, enter a number to send the test message to, make sure the “Collecting SMS messages, please wait… “ is not showing and click the “send message” button, the sending SMS message will appear. Once the message has been sent you will get a pop up saying so, and your phone that you sent the message to should receive it. If all 3 of the above tests work then congratulations your phone is compatible with T2S Mobile, please remember if you phone is not in our know list of compatible phones please let us know.

Setting up Bluetooth to receive pictures

T2S Mobile can display pictures received via Bluetooth. This feature is great and very simple to involve people or even take a group photo! Sending pictures via Bluetooth is free, even people that do not want to text can do it. (no user information is stored when a picture is received, the picture will remain loaded into T2S Mobile until it is deleted.) For example: get a group of friends to take their picture on a camera phone and Bluetooth the image to T2S Mobile so it can be displayed on the screens immediately. Received pictures can also be used for picture voting. To receive pictures via Bluetooth your PC will need to have a Bluetooth receiver, either built in to your PC or available as a USB plug in device. You need to configure the Bluetooth to automatically accept incoming pictures without pairing with the phone (default Microsoft Bluetooth drivers will NOT work), different Bluetooth drivers are configured in different way, please see the user manual to set yours up. The below example it how to set up the common WIDCOMM drivers to automatically receive pictures via Bluetooth: WIDCOMM Bluetooth setup 1. On your PC go to Control Panel > Bluetooth Configuration 2. Select the General tab and enter a name in the ‘Computer name’ box, this is the name your clients will see when searching for a Bluetooth connection to send a picture to, so choose a name that will be easily identified like “T2S Mobile” or “Your Bar / Club Name”. 3. Click on ‘Local Services’ tab, from the ‘Services Name’ list click on ‘File transfer’ 4. Click on ‘Properties’ and make sure ‘Secure Connection’ is un-ticked. 1. Click on ‘Browse’ and navigate to: 2. C:\Program Files\netRESULTS\T2S Mobile\Conf\Bluetooth Received * • (or where-ever you have chosen to install T2S Mobile) 5. IMPORTANT Make sure that: • ‘Remote users may modify Read Only File and Folders’ 3. and ‘Remote users may access Hidden files or folders’ are un-ticked. 6. Click ‘OK’ and then click on ‘Bluetooth Imaging’ 7. Click ‘Properties’ and un-tick ‘Secure Connection’ 8. Click ‘OK’ and click OK again. Bluetooth Configuration will close Your computer should now be ready to automatically receive pictures via Bluetooth and give you the option of displaying them whilst using T2S Mobile.