Thank you for your interest in The Lord Grey School

Thank you for your interest in The Lord Grey School. We are a successful community of approximately 1,700 students and staff on site, and a further 4,...
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Thank you for your interest in The Lord Grey School. We are a successful community of approximately 1,700 students and staff on site, and a further 4,000 parents and active friends. We work together as a team to provide a first class education for each student. We aim to provide, within a disciplined and caring framework, a balanced education in the fullest sense, to encourage our students to develop their individual talents, interests and personalities. Education is the key to a fulfilling life. It provides the best chance of finding worthwhile employment and contributing to society. It is also the foundation of satisfying personal and spiritual development. We hope our students' involvement in and enjoyment of school will stand them in good stead for the future. The Lord Grey School is a community of serious learners. We aim to help our students to achieve the qualifications and standards necessary for the next stage of their education. We constantly strive to improve our examination results. In recognition of the work that we have already done on our curriculum, in giving opportunities to young people, we have been awarded the Schools Curriculum Award three times and the School Achievement Award twice. We are a recognised Specialist Modern Foreign Languages College and therefore promote the skills of communication, especially in modern foreign languages. We have been recognised by the Specialist Schools Trust as one of the most improved schools in England and recently nominated by the Department for Education and Skills as a high-performing specialist school. We are the Comenius Centre for the South East of England. In March 2003, Ofsted Inspectors published their report, stating that: “Lord Grey is a Good School.” This is a happy school in which we value citizenship and encourage a sense of belonging. We make a real effort to create an atmosphere of praise and celebration. Through our tutoring system and our monitoring tutorial, we do our best to ensure that each student's individual needs and achievements are recognised. Parents are encouraged to make regular contact with their child's tutor. Our weekly Newsletter serves to keep us all in touch with what is going on and The Lord Grey Association provides an excellent way to become involved with the life of the school. "EXCELLENCE: DARE TO SUCCEED" is our school motto. It applies not only to the institution in its aspirations, but to each student. We look forward to meeting you.

Despina Pavlou Headteacher one

MISSION STATEMENT “An enjoyable, open, inclusive learning partnership based on the small steps of life-long education, with high standards of teaching and learning delivered in a safe environment, in which motivation is managed effectively and in which citizenship is promoted.”

At the forefront of our ethos is a desire to achieve the highest standards. This applies to academic work, extra-curricular activities, behaviour and citizenship - indeed, all aspects of school life, for students and for those who work here. We are a caring and purposeful community, placing emphasis on developing supportive personal relationships. Working in partnership with parents and teachers, our students can achieve success in an environment based on trust, tolerance, celebration of individual strengths and dignity. We expect students to participate in school activities with pride and commitment. We hope they will enjoy their learning and their time at Lord Grey. They have many opportunities here; we want them to contribute and to benefit according to their individual strengths and talents.



We encourage our students to actively develop an awareness of the world around them - its cultures, aesthetic, spiritual, social and moral content, and the part which they, as individuals, can play in shaping the future of that world. It is our aim to foster within them an appreciation of truth, beauty, courtesy, humanity and the need to see that they have a duty to play a purposeful and fulfilling role in society.

The Learning Resources Centre has been specifically designed to be a welcoming and user-friendly environment, and to provide a positive learning experience for the students of the school. The LRC has a Chartered Librarian and Assistant Librarians, with a team of enthusiastic student monitors to help out at break and lunchtimes. Extra monitors are recruited each year from the Year 8 students. One of the main aims of education is to help students to become independent learners, and it is this aim that we strive to promote in the LRC. We do this in a variety of ways: The LRC is open all day, and is very well used by teaching staff and students during lesson time. Individual students, or small groups of students, may use the LRC during lesson time with a permission note from their subject teachers. Teaching staff also book lessons in the LRC for whole classes as appropriate. In this way students can find and use the material they need for their coursework, while practising their research skills. The LRC plays an important role in our Independent Structured Learning initiative, which encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning, by promoting the development of lifelong skills. The LRC staff also put together project boxes for subject teachers to use in the classroom. These boxes usually consist of a selection of book material, and newspaper cuttings where appropriate. We are developing links to a variety of websites, on a range of topics, which are incorporated onto the school website. Students will then be able to access them independently for homework or revision, at school or at home. In addition, students are also encouraged to make use of the wide-ranging facilities at break, lunchtime and after school.

We have also been running a review group one lunchtime a week, so that students can read and review new novels, and also films, games and magazines. The reviews are then added to the school website to encourage other students to get involved in reading. Besides the bookstock and other print based information sources, the LRC has eighteen computers which are part of the curriculum network around the school. These have access to the internet, e-mail, CD ROMs and the school's own Intranet website. The LRC promotes help with homework and we are continuing to develop links across the curriculum in every faculty. In addition, we have been active in supporting the Literacy Framework in a number of ways e.g. encouraging the use of subject keywords to help students identify the information they need; using readability tests to check the reading levels of specific fiction books; encouraging the students to contribute book reviews for the LRC website; promoting book events such as Poetry Day and World Book Day; and holding a book fair every Summer Term, which parents are warmly invited to visit after school. The annual highlight of the year is Book Blast, when we invite well-known authors to visit the school and talk to our Year 8 students. Visiting authors have included Malcolm Rose, Anthony Horowitz, Celia Rees, Beverley Naidoo and Yvonne Coppard. The LRC staff look forward to meeting new and existing parents over the school year. OPENING TIMES: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

8.15am to 5.00pm 8.15am to 5.00pm 8.15am to 5.00pm 8.15am to 5.00pm 8.15am to 4.30pm



The Lord Grey School became a DfES recognised Specialist Modern Foreign Languages College in 1997. The world is adopting an increasingly European dimension and efficient communication with our neighbouring countries is of paramount importance. It is vital, therefore, that we prepare our students for an international community where not only language skills, but also an awareness of the diversity of cultures in the world, are at the heart of their education. Students at The Lord Grey School have chosen to share our vision of a world where communication in other languages is imperative. We opened a brand new building equipped with state of the art technology in Autumn 2005. The international vision we have for all students means we offer a wide range of languages at all Key Stages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek and Japanese. As a Specialist Modern Foreign Languages College, we promote visits and foreign exchanges so that students can practise their skills in a real setting. In our new Languages Centre, all rooms will be equipped with satellite television, video and DVD players and tape/CD players, as well as data projectors, and we enjoy the use of dedicated languages information communications technology suites. Students are encouraged to use languages software and the internet to study independently and to communicate with pen-friends, in addition to the normal use of information technology during daily lessons.


Our links with the local community extend to providing a second modern foreign language in our primary schools. All students have their own up-to-date text book and workbook which are closely related to the National Curriculum and GCSE criteria, ensuring progression in all four language skills ~ listening, reading, writing and speaking ~ through lively activities and authentic resources. Our materials are fully differentiated to meet all the needs of individual students. Most students will have the opportunity to study at least two languages during their career at Lord Grey. Students in Year 8 will have the opportunity to go to our outdoor centre “Longrigg” in Cumbria. This is an opportunity to spend five days immersed in their chosen language, with the support and tutoring of bilingual staff. Students will develop their language skills in varied activities such as potholing, climbing, abseiling and canoeing. Students will even learn to cook and converse at the dinner table in a foreign language. It is expected that this “bain linguistique” will accelerate learning by the equivalent of one term. We are fortunate in having links with other schools in Europe, so our students can visit other countries as well as communicate via email with their pen-pals abroad. As we continue to build on our reputation as a centre for excellence in Modern Foreign Languages, we hope that each student will enjoy their language experiences at our school.

Prior to parents making a decision about secondary education, there will be an opportunity to hear about the admissions procedure at Lord Grey and to ask any relevant questions. Educational continuity from Primary to Secondary School is very important and liaison between Lord Grey and primary schools is therefore essential. Teachers from all phases of education visit each other's schools on a regular basis and share resources and expertise. Headteachers and staff from schools within the Lord Grey Partnership work closely together to discuss curriculum continuity and assessment procedures, enabling the effective transfer of students between schools. We are proud to serve in the Milton Keynes tradition of co-operation between schools. Students also have the opportunity to visit Lord Grey to see the school, meet teachers and enjoy activities. With their parents, students are invited to attend the annual Open Evening during the Autumn term. Finally, during July there is an opportunity for students and parents to meet Form Tutors prior to joining the school in September.

SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS The Special Educational Needs team is dedicated to ensuring that students have maximum access to the curriculum. It is our aim to cater for all students with learning difficulties ranging from minor challenges in reading and numeracy, to severe literacy and processing problems, where the Local Education Authority has issued a statement for Special Educational Needs. A team of specialist teachers and teaching assistants provide support in-class and in our special needs suite. We also offer a number of group sessions. There is regular liaison with the Educational Psychological services, outside specialist agencies and careers services.

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator will be happy to meet any parent with concerns about their child's learning needs.

STUDENT SERVICES A number of services are in place to support students in their learning. We have a Connexions Personal Adviser on hand to provide pastoral guidance and a Careers specialist is available to advise students. Our Student Services Administrators manage the school shop, provide first aid support and help students with their day-to-day needs. Our Learning Support Team provides dedicated and targeted input into each student's educational experience. A number of facilities are available to students including our Lord Grey Dining Room, managed by our own staff, which offers a range of healthy hot meals, snacks and sandwiches. The Lord Grey School has over 700 networked and a number of specialist stand alone computers available for students and staff. Our rigorous school day comprises six lessons, morning and afternoon registration and a monitoring tutorial. The structure of the academic day is designed to include ample time for students to address issues or tackle concerns with their form tutor. If a successful resolution cannot be found this way then parents may contact the form tutor through one of our Parent Surgeries, and if necessary, refer concerns to a more senior member of staff. Excellent communication aids learning. five

At The Lord Grey School we are completely focussed on learning and value achievements. The school curriculum is organised to maximise the learning opportunities for all students. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which aims to adequately prepare students for adult life. We believe that every student has the right to undisturbed learning and thus our lessons are backed by a strong sanctions and discipline system enforced by the Learning Support team. Rewards are used by all teachers to encourage a commitment to learning. Through good facilities, inspirational teaching and first-class materials, we hope to foster, in our students, a lifelong passion for discovery. The National Curriculum requires us to organise learning into three stages: Key Stage 3 is for students aged 11-14, Years 7, 8 and 9. Key Stage 4 is for students aged 14-16, Years 10 and 11. Key Stage 5 is for students aged 16-19, Years 12, 13 and 14. The curriculum is arranged into nine areas. Business/ICT/GNVQ Design and Technology English Humanities Mathematics Modern Foreign Languages Performing Arts Science Special Educational Needs Heads of Faculty and Heads of Subject co-ordinate the teaching and learning within each area. At Key Stage 3 we offer the following subjects: Design and Technology, Art with Creative Textiles, English, Music, Drama, Physical Education with Dance, Geography, History, Religious Education, Citizenship, Information and Communication Technology, Mathematics, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Science, PSHE and Skills Plus for some students. Skills Plus places an emphasis on developing the key skills of literacy, numeracy, computer confidence, organisational and independent learning skills. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is a cross-curricular subject in Years 8-11 and is covered within Citizenship and through our Tutorial Programme and assemblies. In Year 7 it is taught as a specialist lesson.


In Key Stage 4 we offer a wide range of courses. Most of these are based around the two-year General Certificate of Secondary Education. Core subjects are: Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Double Award Science and Modern Foreign Languages including French, German, Italian and Spanish. The curriculum also contains compulsory Physical Education and Citizenship with Religious Education. Core ICT skills are covered through a cross-curricular delivery. Students have the opportunity to study further subjects from a “Preferences” package: e.g. Design and Technology including Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Textiles and Food Technology. Other subjects include Business Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Art, Drama, Physical Education, Religious Studies, History, Geography, Music and Media Studies. GNVQ Information and Communication Technology is also offered, as are vocational Business and vocational Leisure and Tourism. In Key Stage 4 B and C students will take a Work Related Learning course which will involve the students in work experience for one day per week. The focus of the course will be on preparing students for the world of work. In addition to this all students in Year 10 will undertake a two week work experience placement.

The curriculum is differentiated into three bands: A: Accelerated curriculum B: Broad and balanced curriculum C: Consolidated curriculum Key Stage 5 is the Sixth Form phase of education. Students are offered a wide range of AS level examinations in Year 12. Students usually study four AS levels and can continue into Year 13 to take the full A level (A2) should they meet the criteria at the end of Year 12. Some students may take longer to achieve the full A Level equivalent qualifications and the practice of studying for three years in the Sixth Form is now becoming common. A number of vocational courses are offered. Students in the Sixth Form also study Key Skills where necessary, and some can opt for the General Studies examination. All of Year 12 take part in Complementary Studies, involving "recreational" Physical Education, Art, Japanese or Young Enterprise. Alternatively, students can opt to do Community Service. A PSHE/Tutorial programme is delivered by Sixth Form staff in a variety of ways. To ensure that learning is continuous, and opportunities are maximised, students participate in Independent Structured Learning if any of their teachers are absent from school. The highest standards of behaviour, self-motivation and personal organisation are expected in ISL.

STUDENT GROUPINGS Students in Key Stages 3 and 4 are banded into three ability groups. We believe that this helps students to learn at their preferred rate and also helps teachers to differentiate their methodology and resources. Movement between bands, both up and down is possible. seven

SPORTS We have a thriving and talented Physical Education Department which forms part of the Performing Arts Faculty. All ability groups are catered for and students are actively encouraged to take part in team and solo activities. We have a special mentoring programme to nurture talented students and we strive to facilitate the needs of each individual. Throughout Key Stage 3, all students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including football, rugby, basketball, netball, hockey and other team activities. During the summer months, students take part in a selection of sports including athletics, track and field events. The majority of physical education lessons are single sex.

There are three Bands of students across the Physical Education curriculum: Bands A, B and C. All Bands receive two sessions of physical education each week and whilst they follow a broad sporting curriculum, they are encouraged to specialise in a major game such as basketball, football, rugby, hockey or netball. Last year, our students achieved local and national success with our school teams. At Key Stage 4, students are able to choose GCSE Physical Education as part of their subject range. We also offer AS Level and A2 Level Physical Education to our Sixth Form students.


EXTRA CURRICULAR Sporting activities include: rugby, football, basketball, hockey, netball, cricket, volleyball, badminton, dance, gym, rounders, athletics, trampolining, girls’ self defence, table tennis and sessions at a local leisure centre gym. Activities take place before and after school, and during break and lunch times. The PE Department holds an annual residential outdoor activities week in Longrigg where students participate in canoeing, abseiling, climbing, hill walking, orienteering and team building exercises. Close partnership with our primary schools is developed through our participation in the Schools Sports Coordinator scheme.

At Lord Grey, we strive to cater for all abilities and run a three tier system: Tier 1 Recreational clubs, run by school staff. Tier 2 Sports teams/classes, run by specialist school staff. Tier 3 Talent Development Programme, run by school staff in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council. Students who excel at a sport are encouraged to take part in the Talent Development Programme which is a city based initiative. Students from Lord Grey have represented the school at district, county, country and international events. Recently, Lord Grey has earned two Sporting Awards: The Football Association Charter Standard in recognition of its footballing excellence and the Rugby Football Union Award.


The Performing Arts Faculty at The Lord Grey School offers a wide and varied programme of artistic education and extra curricular opportunities. The Faculty comprises the key areas of drama, film and media studies, music, physical education and dance. All students follow core courses in these subjects at Key Stage 3 and many opt to continue up to GCSE level. In the Sixth Form, we offer A Levels in Film Studies, Media Studies, Music, Music Technology, Theatre Studies and Physical Education. Students have access to a wide range of Music and Music Technology equipment and as part of their work at Key Stage 3 they have an opportunity to produce their own dance track on CD. Throughout the school year, students have several opportunities to showcase their projects to an audience. We offer a full range of extra curricular activities covering all major sporting activities and music, dance and drama clubs including: jazz band, guitar clubs, flute choir, choirs, mc/rapping and learning how to become a DJ. We also have a thriving school orchestra. We have numerous sporting fixtures throughout the year with sports including football, rugby, basketball, netball, hockey, athletics and rounders. Students representing the school will be given the opportunity to earn school colours. Music tuition is offered on a wide range of instruments. This tuition is given by peripatetic teachers from the Milton Keynes Music Service. All students taking lessons are expected to enhance their learning by playing in a school ensemble.


Lord Grey has a thriving and expanding Sixth Form. We enjoy a dedicated Sixth Form suite, which comprises two large private study areas equipped with ICT facilities, quiet work areas and comfortable seating. Within this area we have an extensive Higher Education library and careers information. All students have access to lockers in which they can store books and personal effects securely. We offer a wide range of subjects in the Sixth Form at both Advanced (AS/A) level, which are two year courses, and GNVQ Intermediate level which is a one year course. We cater for students of a wide range of abilities and are very proud of our record, achieved in the last two years, of guaranteeing examination success to 98% of our students. The downstairs study area leads onto a private patio which can be used for reading. In addition to this we have a Sixth Form Common room, washroom facilities and a recreational area where students can relax at break and lunch in comfortable surroundings. Students run their own tuck shop to raise funds for the Sixth Form. We offer a supportive environment with all students assigned to a personal and academic tutor. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment, which leads to success. We aim to develop our students as independent learners who are able to succeed in higher education and the work place. We also provide a wide range of extra curricular activities. An active committee organises daily life in the Sixth Form and arranges a variety of social events, culminating in the annual Sixth Form Ball. Theatre trips and residential visits are just some of the wide range of activities on offer, both in the UK and abroad. eleven

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the next step in your child’s education at Lord Grey, please feel welcome to contact the school. We will be happy to arrange an appointment for you to visit us or meet with a member of staff.

The Lord Grey School Rickley Lane, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK3 6EW Telephone: 01908 626110 Facsimile: 01908 366139 Email: [email protected] twelve

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