STEWARDSHIP ENGAGEMENT MANUAL How Can Donor Services Help You? Table of Contents: Section 1: List of Services and Engagement Opportunities pg. 2 Sec...
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Table of Contents: Section 1: List of Services and Engagement Opportunities pg. 2 Section 2: Budget for Stewardship Activities pg. 4 Section 3: Division of Responsibilities for Stewardship Activities/Events pg. 5 Section 4: Creating an Invitation List pg. 9 Section 5: Day of Event Expectations pg. 10 Section 6: Follow-up/ROI pg. 11 Section 7: Stewardship Liaisons pg. 12 Section 8: Event Checklist pg. 13 1

Section 1: List of Services and Engagement Opportunities • College/Unit Donor Lunches • Individual Donor Engagement Opportunities between Donors and what they give to  Examples: private dinners with scholarship recipients, private campus experiences, etc. • Scholarship Program Engagement  Examples: Abney Scholars, Gantt Scholars, etc.  Any new “events” will need approval from Stewardship and Development Leadership • Miscellaneous Engagement Events  Examples: Women in Science and Engineering Event, Orange Glove Event, Biodiversity Event, etc.  Propose stewardship ideas to your Donor Services Stewardship Liaison for approval CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE 2

• Thank You Note Writing  Multiple stewardship events each year to promote thank you notes  We can engage students to write targeted notes if you identify the specific need to your Donor Services Stewardship Liaison


Section 2: Budget for Stewardship Activities • Donor Services Stewardship has a limited budget in place to assist with Donor Engagement and other Stewardship needs.  This budget will automatically cover one Donor Appreciation luncheon (or can be broken down into several smaller appreciation luncheons) per Development area (college, division, etc.) per fiscal year. • Other stewardship opportunities must be submitted for financial approval via your Stewardship Liaison.  Note: we encourage and welcome suggestions for stewardship opportunities — we WANT to steward our donors as much as budgets will permit. • Individual donor dinners with scholarship recipients are covered by Donor Services Stewardship (ex. Donor X will have a private dinner to meet his/her students)  Again, submit this opportunity via your Stewardship Liaison. 4

Section 3: Division of Responsibilities for Stewardship Activities/Events • Stewardship Engagement Coordinator Responsibilities:  Print and mail all invitations  Invitations will go out 6 weeks prior to event  Invitation list to come from development officer as noted on page 6.  Manage RSVPS  We will keep you up-to-date on the list with weekly reports  Manage menu and décor  Manage A/V needs  Manage souvenirs, printed programs, etc. when appropriate  Book photography and video if applicable


 Assist with getting appropriate students to attend event  Communicate with President and Provost when appropriate  Communication with College/Unit officials is the responsibility of the Development Officer  Create a run of show document that contains all event information and a detailed timeline  THIS IS NOT A SCRIPT, but will include script written by appropriate University/College contact  Manage attendee information at check-in table  Provide a post-event document containing attendee information  Assist with your follow-up plan


• Development Officer Responsibilities:  Communicate about the event with College/Unit officials if applicable  Create Invitation list  List MUST include RE ID #s  List must be provided 8 weeks before the event, earlier if save the dates are to be sent  Provide input on event venue  What works best for the donors and what makes sense for the event  Provide speakers  Whom do you want  What is your messaging goal  Provide speaking remarks  Determine who will speak (faculty, staff, students, etc.)  Work with appropriate people within Colleges and Units as necessary to obtain remarks CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


 Assist with table assignments  Assist with finding students when necessary  Create a follow-up plan and provide information about this to Donor Services BEFORE the event  If you want video of the event, we need to know well in advance  Letting us know early, helps us to help you with your plan


Section 4: Creating an Invitation List • Development Officers are expected provide Donor Services with an invitation list 8 weeks prior to an event, earlier if a save the date is to be mailed. • The list MUST be in Excel • The invitation list MUST include RE ID #s as well as the constituent’s first and last name.  If it is a couple, only ONE name is necessary on the invitation list • If the invitee is not in RE, please provide us with the following:  Formal mailing name (Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Clemson)  Full mailing address separated into different cells (address line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip)


Section 5: Day of Event Expectations • Development Officers are expected to be at the event site 30 minutes to 1 hour early to assist with any last minute changes (ex. seating) • Greet guests  This is your main duty at the event • Help get guests seated • Facilitate meetings between donors and students/faculty/staff • Donor Services will take care of everything else!


Section 6: Follow-Up/ROI • After any stewardship engagement activities, follow-up actions are needed  This can be as simple as a phone call or letter or as involved as a photo book  Donor Services’ level of budgetary involvement with this will depend on how much of your event budget is left after everything else is paid • Donor Services can help you develop your plan if you need ideas. Just let us know how we can help you! • Please inform your Stewardship Liaison about the fundraising impact of the event/activity.  The more we know about the Return on Investment, the better for planning future events and budgets.


Section 7: Stewardship Liaisons • Janice Cantinieri ([email protected] or 656-3638)  Athletics  Missy Ryan  Corporate and Foundation Relations  Gift and Estate Planning • Katie Campbell Smith ([email protected] or 656-4247)  Team 3  Team 4 • Kelly Geiger ([email protected] or 656-3612)  Team 1  Team 2 • Amy Gibbs ([email protected] or 656-4309)  Team 5  Team 6


Section 8: Event Checklist** • • • • • • • • • • • •

Action Item Send your event idea for approval Set up initial meeting with Stewardship Engagement Coordinator Develop Invitation List Save the date sent (Donor Services/DS) Room Reserved/location secured (DS) Photography or video of event (DS) Give-away/promotional items Invitations reviewed and proofed Invitations Sent Out (DS) Menu (DS) Décor/Rentals (DS) Flowers (DS)

Date _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________


Section 8: Event Checklist** • • • • •

Action Item Table Assignments Review itinerary and final details Review RSVP list and Seating Chart Review Order of Events and Script Development Officer Follow-up plan

Date _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

**In the initial consultation meeting, we will sit down and establish dates for each action item as applicable to your event. Items with the “DS” next to them will be handled by the Donor Services Stewardship Engagement Coordinator and are listed so that the full planning timeline is understood. A new Event Checklist will be brought to each initial event meeting and is printed here as an example. 14