Innovative Polyurethanes for the Coating, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers InDustries worldwide.

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SINCE 1936

Discovering SOLUTIONS FOR the success of our special CUSTOMERS. how can we help you?

THE COMPANY We work for the success of our special customers. This is how we work at SAPICI, a company that keeps growing and enhancing its technical capabilities, the employees’ competence and motivation, and its products and services offering since 1936. All our customers are special to us and deserve the best of our commitment, capabilities, energy and passion. SAPICI provides its customers with a wide and constantly expanding range of innovative products and services in such segments as Coating, Flexible Packaging, Adhesives and Sealants, Prepolymers and Casting, Inks, and beyond. High-performance polyurethanes, much more than “just” polyurethanes. Talking about services, SAPICI technical assistance and research, development and industrialization capabilities allow the company to satisfy and anticipate the needs and requirements of the most demanding customers worldwide. We can operate as toll manufacturer for special productions on behalf of our customers, too. Furthermore, we commit to “close the loop” of our innovation, production and commercial capabilities with as much personalised as possible logistic services, always focusing on fulfilling our customers’ requests.

SAPICI has a long and recognized track-record of innovation and success in its traditional fields of business, but it is part of our culture to keep investing first-class energy and resources to develop new products, often pioneering the industry, as we have done with our range of polyurethanes with free-TDI content lower than 0.1%, for example. There are many other examples of our determination and competence in enhancing our offering and our customers’ competitive advantage. Our customers know it well.

Let’s talk about your needs. You will discover in SAPICI capabilities that are exactly matching your expectations. And, if we are not mentioning your specific needs, you please challenge SAPICI: a fullquality, certified company with almost 80 years of continued international experience and success, 160 motivated and capable employees, 3 production plants and R&D laboratories in Italy and in China, more than 600 proprietary formulations, 1700 active customers, 150 technical and commercial offices worldwide through our capillar network of distributors and business partners. Don’t you believe we deserve to become your supplier of choice?


KEY MILESTONES 1936 1982 1987 1995 1997

2003 2004 2006

SAPICI SpA is established in Italy The company manufactures and commercializes products for the textile industry. SAPICI expands its product offering by entering the polyurethane resins for varnish business.

New manufacturing plant opening in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan, Italy)

First production of solvent-based and solvent-free polyurethane adhesives for food flexible packaging, commercialized as Polurene FP Production of the polyurethane adhesives for industrial use Polurene LP and LPI SAPICI is certified accordig to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard for its Quality Management System in the development and production of continuously improved products with enhanced efficiency and quality specifics SAPICI adheres to the voluntary program Responsible Care, formally declaring its commitment to the constant improvement of all its activities. New manufacturing plant opening in San Cipriano Po (Pavia, Italy) for low-free monomers production SAPICI is certified according to the OHSAS 18001 standard for its Safety Management System aimed at the continuous respect and protection of people and the environment

New plant opening in Zhuhai (SAPICI China) 2008

SAPICI launches its Polurflex range of adhesives for food and non-food flexible packaging, including the PAA fast decay range


SAPICI patents its high-solid technology for the manufacturing of products characterized by low VOC content, commercialized as Polurgreen ES

2011 SAPICI wins the Product Stewardship Award assigned by the Italian Federchimica Association for its continued commitment and the results achieved in the development of new products, and their responsible management 2012 SAPICI enriches its waterborne product offering by introducing its coalescent-free PUD Bluepur range SAPICI adheres to the Italian Confindustria’s Charter of Environmental

Sustainability Principles

2013 SAPICI launches its new Polurcast range of electrically conductive prepolymers for polyurethane casting applications SAPICI formally introduces its innovative flexible packaging adhesives range in China. 2014 Driven by its global success, SAPICI invests to expands its production capabilities in aliphatics in Italy In China, SAPICI invests to further enlarge its manufacturing plant to provide its regional customer base with a wider range of products










































this is how we work at sapici. let’s talk, now.




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Proud of our journey We haven’t changed our company’s logo for over seventy years, neither we plan to do it. The two colours and the shape link us to our customers and to our joint success; they are the reason why our 160 employees go to their offices, laboratories, plants and wharehouses in Italy and in China every day to best serve our customers and to ensure we understand, satisfy and anticipate their requests and needs. We do feel we are a winning team and we work as a cohesive global team, carefully selecting our suppliers and business partners and investing our best energies in building solid relations based on respect for anything relates to the people and the environment.


Coating, Sealants and what

INDUSTRIES & APPLICATIONS, Established in Italy in 1936, SAPICI is a global innovation and full-quality driven developer and manufacturer of advanced and high-performance polyurethane products for such applications as Coating, Flexible Packaging, Adhesives and Sealants, Prepolymers and Casting, Inks, and more. Along with its traditional product ranges, SAPICI technologies and portfolio include waterborne, bio-based, high-solid and solvent-free solutions, proving the company’s ability to meet and anticipate our customers’ requests and needs.



Adhesives, Elastomers

SAPICI is a qualified player in the global chemical industry Let us try to surprise you with our offering and capabilities.

SAPICI technical know-how and testing & analysis equipment allow its highly qualified workforce to anticipate and satisfy the needs and requirements of its most demanding customers, contributing to paving their way to further sustainable success.




SAPICI combines its complete product offering with direct and tailored services to its customers worldwide, including continued technical assistance, research and development, and industrialization.



Over 160 SAPICI employees located in the company’s commercial offices and in the three production sites in Italy and China serve their customers supported by a capillary technical and commercial global organization.

LOCATIONS AND CONTACTS SAPICI keeps investing significant resources to gain, protect and expand its recognized leadership positions at a global level. In addition to its directional, commercial and administrative offices, the company operates two production sites in Italy, and a production facility in China. SAPICI commercial organization includes distributors and agents worldwide, providing its customers with products and services that best meet their needs.

Caronno Pertusella Since 1983 the directional, commercial

and administrative offices of SAPICI. About 20 employees provide support to SAPICI colleagues and sites in Cernusco sul Naviglio, San Cipriano Po and Zhuhai, always ensuring optimal assistance to their customers and business partners worldwide.

Via del Lazzaretto 200, Caronno Pertusella (Varese, Italy) Phone +39 02 9644 621 Fax +39 02 9645 0110 Cernusco Sul Naviglio Inaugurated in 1987, the site hosts

SAPICI global Headquarters. Highly automated production units for the production of resins for paints and adhesives work along with the R&D laboratories and the Quality Control and Purchasing offices. About 70 employees work on ​a 17,000 sqm area.

Via Bergamo 2, Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan, Italy) Phone +39 02 921871 Fax +39 02 92141949

San Cipriano Po Opened in 2004, SAPICI large manufacturing

plant in San Cipriano Po covers an area of ​​70,000 sqm. With its modern technologies and highly automated production lines, it is the ideal complement to Cernusco Sul Naviglio site activities for the production of high-performance polymers. About 25 employees work in the site.

Via Cantarana 20, San Cipriano Po (Pavia, Italy) Phone +39 0385 24991 Fax +39 0385 2499021

Zhuhai SAPICI opened in 2006 its new and large manufacturing

facility in the city of Zhuhai, in the Guangdong region, one of the fastest growing areas of China. About 60 employees work in the site, built on an area of 80,000 sqm, providing SAPICI customers with the highest quality levels of products and services. About 85% of the production is allocated to the Chinese market, while the remaining part serves SAPICI customers within the Asian region.

N°9 Nanxin Road
Pingsha Town, Zhuhai (Jinwan District, China) Phone +86 756 7266678 Fax +86 756 7266972 General information: [email protected] Technical information: [email protected] Commercial information: [email protected] Editorial information: [email protected]



SAPICI in China. Established in Italy in 1936, SAPICI celebrated its 70th anniversary of continued investments, growth and success with its customers by inaugurating its new, large and technologically advanced production plant in China. The plant applies the highest international standards and serves SAPICI customers in China and all across the Asia region, optimizing the company’s ability to provide with the most appropriate level of service its customers in the region. Before investing in its own manufacturing presence in Asia, the company was serving its local large and fast growing customer-base from its Italian plants in Cernusco sul Naviglio and San Cipriano Po, now focusing on the company’s expanding European and extra-European business.


research AND EH development Q Capabilities and Flexibility to Make Every Projecy Real and Worth. Analytical Research is the cornerstone of SAPICI ability to satisfy its customers’ needs. By combining the stregth of highly qualified employees and advanced laboratories, the company is able to completely characterize internal products and reference sample. SAPICI researchers perform analysis and investigate the final result. Main methods include separation, precipitation, evaporation and centrifugation. All the results are evaluated with a large library built in years of always new and more advanced tests and accuracy in result interpretation. Beside the chemical characterization, SAPICI can perform several tests on the obtained products by reproducing the different final formulations and applications: • Yellowing • Hardness • Conductivity • Weathering resistance • Elongation • Adhesion • Taber abrader • Modulus • Flexibility SAPICI manages new projects with the experience and the capability of dealing with any type of isocyanates (both aromatic and aliphatic) and polyols (polyester, polyether, bio-based, etc.). SAPICI is able to achieve in its productions the lowest free-monomer content possible and has strong capabilities to produce blocked and silane-terminated isocyanates. SAPICI has high manufacturing ability and synthetic laboratory expertise, along with flexible pilot plants that allow for the most accurate production process and to meet any specific request: • • • •

Laboratory scale Micro-industrial plant Pilot industrial batch Industrial trial

(1 – 5 kg) (15 – 20 kg) (100 – 200 kg) (5 – 10 tons)

How can we help you?


EH&S AND QUALITY For Each of us it is a Matter of Culture, First. Each and every SAPICI employee considers as essential values - both at a strategic level and in daily implementation - such elements as the continuous improvement of products and services quality, the consistency in high standards, the compliance with the most stringent local, national and international rules and regulations, particularly in terms of attention to health and safety, and protection of the environment. SAPICI concept of Quality includes providing its customers with products tailored on their needs and requests. Our approach to quality starts from the selection of the best raw materials that we use for the development and production of our wide product range. These are some of the reasons why our customers choose to work with us, and decide to stay loyal to us. Respecting the Health and Safety of both our employees and any person who will interact with our products, along with protecting the Environment, are integral part of the way of thinking and acting of everybody at SAPICI, and a pillar in the development and implementation of both our corporate culture and business strategies. Since 1997 SAPICI is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard for its Quality Management System: high standard products according to the market needs in terms of efficiency and quality. In 2003 SAPICI elected to participate in the voluntary program of the chemical industry Responsible Care, sharing the Industry’s commitment for Sustainable Development. Since 2006 SAPICI is certified according to the OHSAS 18001 standard for its Safety Management System aimed at preserving and protecting the health and safety of employees and the environment. In 2011 SAPICI won the Product Stewardship Award assigned by the Italian Federchimica Association for the continued commitment and the achieved results in the development of new products and their responsible management all along the chain. SAPICI adheres since 2012 to the Italian Confindustria’s Charter of Environmental Sustainability Principles.


products AND SERVICES Seventy-eight years of continued experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in such fields as Coating, Flexible Packaging, Adhesives and Sealants, Prepolymers and Casting, Inks, and more. All along with advanced and personalized R&D services. In almost eighty years of continued experience, we have developed diversified and deep competencies in numerous business sectors. Hundreds of customers across all the continents endorse our capabilities and testify of our comprehensive understanding of their industries’ characteristics and trends, as well as of their specific needs and requests. Along with our availability and ability to satisfy them. The experience of our technicians, along with our advanced analytical tests & analysis equipment, make it possible to provide our customers with complete pure and ad-hoc R&D services carried on under the strictest confidentiality and non-disclosing agreements.

SAPICI may operate as the external R&D and testing laboratory for any company in our business fields.

“How can we help you?” SAPICI invests significant energies and resources to constantly improve the level of service it provides to its customers. A full-time dedicated team of professionals is devoted to assisting each customer by taking direct and personal care of any need and request. From inserting orders to providing help in different areas of competence across all geographies, the SAPICI Customer Service group is for our customers an effective and powerful interface with our company, and always a solution provider.

SAPICI Customer Service

[email protected] Phone +39 02 9644621



Always Studying and Developing New Sustainable Solutions. At SAPICI we believe that protecting the people health and safety, and being part of the global solution in respecting the environment, are an integral part of our duties as a company and as individuals. Not only something that needs to be done by law. This is why we keep investing relevant resources in Research and Development to accelerate the availability for our customers and their customers of intermediates and final products that offer low - to virtually no impact on EH&S. Our technologies and portfolio include waterborne, biobased, high-solid and solvent-free solutions, proving our ability to meet and anticipate our customers’ requests and needs, while being ready to protect and support their business as global and local regulations become more stringent. Ask us about our most innovative solutions. Along with our traditional products ranges, SAPICI technical and commercial organisation will be able to propose you new and personalised solutions able to further increase your competitiveness in your current business, as well as in the development of new markets and opportunities.


bout Ask us aew our n ne or Waterb oducts. f pr Range o

PRODUCT RANGE solvent-based flexible packaging solvent-FREE ADHESIVES WATERBORNE industrial



solvent-based 1K



solvent-based 2K




44A / 75


300 A / C


401 A / C


133B / 412


900 A / C


451 A / C





100LV - 90LV - BK50AE - NPF

nco terminated


IAX3719 - 1272 - 34NT - 506 -604



TD35 - 1001 RN - 2002 ARFE




moisture curing


4054 - 33/60 - W708



17/60 - 89/55 - W41/55

moisture curing



coalescent-free pud


2937 - 3037 - 3080


HS129 - 143 - 1561 - 590 - HG70 - DS256 - 2268


127 - 408 - 412 - 05100 - 6258


AD - HRB - AC510 - KC - OK.D - M75 - MT100






AD01 - HR01 - OK01



5855 - 6319



AW1 - AW30 - 10 - 33



450 - 620 - 750



80A - 90A - 95A - 70D - 75D - 95A 01 EC


85A - 88A - 95A


XP 82 - XP 84 - XP 86 - 821 HB





about s u k s A w our ne rne bo Water roducts. of p Range

Long Tradition and Extensive Experience in the Global Polyurethane Coating Industry. Advanced and high-performance products for wood, plastic and metal coating applications are the core of SAPICI offering. On these technologies the company has built its own reputation and credibility on the market worldwide, while expanding into new industries and applications. SAPICI has a large product range for coating applications on wood, metal, plastics and other surfaces. Ask us about our Polurene, Rexin and Ucopol families of products.

Innovation at SAPICI is a continuous process. Among SAPICI most recent achievements, our low freemonomer range of hardening products developed for wood coating applications. SAPICI has leveraged almost eighty years of continued investments and experience to develop the technology for the production of isocyanates characterized by a content of free monomer guaranteed as lower than 0.1 per cent. The SAPICI Polurgreen range provides the company’s customers and their own customers – e.g. the final users – with significant benefits in terms of respect and protection of their health, safety and the environment. By using the SAPICI Polurgreen range it is possible to produce safer varnishes, just replacing the isocyanates and without changes to either the formulations or production equipment.

In terms of labelling, SAPICI Polurgreen range makes it possible to downgrade from “danger” to just “warning” symbols, immediately proving and showing the significant lowering of the potential risk of the final products allowed by SAPICI’s R&D capabilities and achievements. The company has built in 2004 its own plant for the production of the Polurgreen range in San Cipriano Po (Pavia, IT), from where – in addition to its other plants in Italy and China – it serves its customers worldwide. Respecting the business and requests of its customers, SAPICI has decided to keep producing its traditional products ranges for coating too. Among them the Polurene and Rexin ranges, respectively the isocyanate and Rexin or oxidrilated Rexin components for the production of multipurpose varnishes. The Ucopol moisture curing polyurethanes are available both as ready-to-use and as prepolymers for industrial formulations. The Ucopol OL urethane oil and urtehane alkyd resins are obtained from renewable raw materials. The Ucoflex series are solvent-based elastomers for clear and pigmented paints for ABS, PVC, PUR, polystyrene and paper, showing good resistance to yellowing, abrasion and shock. Among SAPICI latest innovations, the Bluepur coalescent-free waterborne polyurethane dispersion for coating applications.




SAPICI Flexible Packaging solutions for coffee, pasta, snacks, frozen food, chips, meat, cookies, spices, Polyurethane Adhesives pharma, Flexible Food and non-Food cosmetics, and more.

Special for the Packaging Industries.

SAPICI entered the flexible packaging business in 1995, leveraging its large experience in the polyurethane business. Since then, SAPICI specific offering to its customers has developed to include a complete range of competitive solutions branded as Polurene FP and Polurflex. Either solvent-based or solvent-free, SAPICI ranges of adhesives for flexible food packaging can be MDI-free and R40 free due to their very low free isocyanate content. SAPICI adhesives also allow for very low / no formation of aromatic amines. SAPICI competence, experience and success in the development, production and commercialization of polyurethane adhesives for the flexible food packaging industry is based on its long trackrecord of success in the polyurethane business since the early Sixties. SAPICI specific offering of adhesives for flexible food packaging includes the Polurene FP range: two-component polyester / polyether based adhesives, NCO or OH terminated, with a wide range of characteristics including thermal and chemical resistance and the possibility to treat the completed film | film, film | metalized and film | aluminimum structures through sterilization and pasteurization processes. The Polurene FP range is also available as one component, NCO terminated, for paper | aluminium and paper | film foil lamination, always with excellent bond strenght values.


The highly innovative SAPICI Polurflex range of products has been developed to offer the flexible food packaging industry both improved performances and safer and more competitive solutions. SAPICI Polurflex products, available either solvent-based or solvent free, NCO or OH terminated, are polyurethane adhesive systems that can be used with different mixing ratios to ease the achievement of the expected performances, and are suitable for a wide range of structures thanks to their good adhesion and wettability properties, also allowing for excellent final optics. SAPICI ranges of adhesives for flexible food packaging also include Primary Aromatic Amines (PAA) fast decay range products like the Polurflex SB 200A, 200C, 350A and 950C. The Polurflex SB 380A-LM and 380C-LM show very good adhesion with and without alu foil, along with very good chemical resistance, and do not need the R40 phrase on their label.

about Ask us new our borne Water roducts. of p Range

ADHESIVES P AND SEALANTS SAPICI Offers a Range of Industrial 1K and 2K Adhesives and Sealants for Different Purposes. What’s your Need? SAPICI offers a range of TDI and MDI based products ready to use or suitable for the formulation of industrial adhesives and sealants. The Polurene LP and LPI are appreciated solutions for numerous applications. SAPICI innovative solutions allow its customers to formulate R40 free products, and our Industrial Division helps our customers with customized R&D projects. SAPICI actively participates in the Adhesives and Sealants global business by proposing two main ranges of products: its Polurgreen LP and Polurgreen LPI ranges. The Polurene LP range includes TDI-based polymers containing blocked and curable isocyanic groups, characterized by very low viscosity, excellent to improve the flexibility of epoxy systems for adhesives, sealant and self-leveling flooring. They are also characterized by excellent rheology for application and ease of use for the production step. Again SAPICI shows the attention to product safety by offering the version NPF (Nonyl Phenol Free) to allow the formulation of products with low environmental impact and indoor pollution. The NPF formulated products are ADR free, too!

The Polurene LPI range comprises resins that can be utilized as 1K ready-to-use products or can be formulated like 2K systems for special sectors and applications, particularly in the building and construction segment. The Polurene LPI 34 NT is a D4 approved 1K adhesive for wood, recommended for finger joint bonding of outdoor furnitures. A very crystalline adhesive resistant to heatshock, it is highly resistant to acid and alkaline hydrolysis, and shows rapid curing. The Polurene LPI 1272 and LPI 2572 are solvent free MDI-based 1K PU adhesives recommended for sandwich panels for thermal and acoustic insulation. The Polurene IAX 3719 is a MDI-based 1K PU adhesive in ethyl acetate with excellent initial bond, recommended for PVC, expanded PU, and natural or synthetic fabrics. The Polurene LP and LPI range is much wider than this. Please contact us to discover whether we already have the solution you need, or we can develop a new one tailored on your demands.


PREPOLYMERS AND CASTING Innovative Polyurethane Prepolymers for the Most Demanding Applications. SAPICI commitment to the casting industry is strengthened by the continuous development of innovative solutions, like the new electroconductive and nano-technology based Polurcast EC series. The SAPICI Polurcast series are a wide range of innovative and very low free TDI content (till less than 0.1 per cent of free monomer) polyurethane prepolymers suitable for the most demanding applications. Among their characteristics the good hydrolysis and abrasion resistance, high elongation and tensile strength of the Polurcast polyether-TDI based series. The Polurcast PE series show higher compression modulus and higher tensile strength. The Polurcast PET series are polyester-TDI based, characterized by high solvent resistance combined with high ultimate tensile strength.


The New Electro-Conductive Series The new, highly innovative SAPICI Polurcast EC range − nano-technology based products developed by the company’s new R&D Laboratories in San Cipriano Po − is characterized by electrical conductivity values that make it ideal for applications where discharge of electrostatic charges is necessary along with elevated chemical and mechanical properties. Blended with curing amines, they allow for the production of high-performance electrically conductive PU elastomers. The SAPICI Polurcast EC prepolymers have been perfected for the production of such applications as wheels (for forklifts and other equipment), tires, rolls (including rolls for printing machines), gears, conductive sheets and other applications requiring high hardness elastomers. Most common applications are in the Chemical and Petrochemical, Paint and Lacquer and Automotive industries, as well as in contexts, areas and operations where the risk of fire or explosion has to be considered. SAPICI keeps expanding its highly innovative Polurcast EC range with new, high-performing products. As an example, an elastomeric material with final electrical volume resistance lower than 10.000 (104 Ω) can be obtained by using the SAPICI Polurcast PE 95A-01EC without impacting either the equipment or the process conditions typically used in the casting industry.



Key polyurethane ingredients for our customers’ best inks. SAPICI has developed PU components that allow its customers to manufacture and commercialize advanced, competitive and sustainable inks. SAPICI does not manufacture inks as final products, but it has the knowledge, the experience and the structure to provide its customers with advanced polyurethane components for their inks. This is a way for SAPICI to establish, maintain and strengthen its preferential relations with its customers, and allow them to market competitive and differentiated solutions. SAPICI offering includes a wide range of primers / overprint varnishes under the Rexin K, Polurene K and Ucopol K trade names, as well as hardeners in the Polurene and Polurgreen ranges.


INDUSTRIAL DIVISION At SAPICI we assist our customers with tailor made solutions helping them to succeed in their industries. We above all provide development services, analytical capabilities and manufacturing capacity and flexibility. This is the mission of the SAPICI Industrial Division, and the ultimate business objective of each and every SAPICI employee: to help our customers achieve new business objectives by leveraging the SAPICI know-how, experience, equipment and global presence. Our customers’ projects with SAPICI are protected by confidentiality agreements and by our business ethics.

Ask us what we can do for you.



Serving our customers is what we do since 1936. What makes us most proud of our job, and SAPICI different, is our deep understanding of our customers’ needs, along with the passion, the commitment and the ability of each SAPICI employee to satisfy them. These are not just words, these are facts that our customers notice and appreciate every time they interact with us. Each and every SAPICI employee is committed to satisfying his or her customers, as this means building the ideal conditions for common sustainable success. Every day we give our customers new reasons why choosing SAPICI as their supplier of choice. For our diversified, traditional or most innovative product ranges; always for the level of service we provide them. We work to be fast, precise and punctual in processing every order, striving to always respect all the elements and details in our customers’ requests. The exact execution of each action − from tailoring new products to the timely delivery of the expected materials to our customers’ doors − makes of SAPICI the company that our customers and business partners prefer for their continued profitable growth and sustainable success.

SAPICI S.p.A. [email protected] Technical Information [email protected] phone +39 02 921871 fax +39 02 9214 1949 Commercial Information [email protected] phone +39 02 9644621 fax +39 02 96450110

Please note. Technical information provided in this document or given in either oral or written form is always based on our best knowledge and experience. Such data, even technical and safety ones, are intended to be considered as indicative and do not have to be taken as binding. Customers must test the products to define whether they are suitable for the intended use and application. The use, manufacture and application conditions of our products are carried out beyond our control so they are under the customer’s responsibility. SAPICI S.p.A. strives to ensure the constant quality of the product, sales and delivery conditions. For further information please contact your technical or commercial reference person, or contact SAPICI S.p.A. directly.


Editorial Information [email protected]