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How Y o u Ca n H e l p Adv a n c e C o n s e r v a t i on i n t h e Ad i r on d a c ks Capital Funding Needs I n addition to the annual operating f...
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How Y o u Ca n H e l p Adv a n c e C o n s e r v a t i on i n t h e Ad i r on d a c ks

Capital Funding Needs


n addition to the annual operating fund, we also have capital funds that are integral to our conservation efforts. The two types of funds go hand-in-hand to equip us with the resources necessary to produce tangible conservation results, and to keep the work rooted in science. Some of our capital funding needs are ongoing, while others are for discreet initiatives, such as invasive species eradication or winter animal tracking. Most of these projects involve partnerships that allow us to leverage capital donations for greater conservation gains. The following narratives provide an overview of our capital funding needs. The descriptions are arranged by type of project; it is worth noting, however, that many initiatives can fall under more than one category. The bottom line is that each enables our team to continue to protect Adirondack lands and waters for current and future generations.

S ci ence a n d Fie l d W o r k F und fo r F ield E cology

Support for science This fund helps to pay for a range of science-based work. This year, for instance, it is helping to fund lake trout research at Follensby Pond and the aquatic habitat connectivity efforts described below. Not only does the Fund for Field Ecology help to kick start new projects and supplement others, it has also leveraged millions of additional dollars for science work by enabling us to fulfill matching fund requirements for government grants. Contributions to this fund are restricted to science-based work and deployed based on conservation priorities. Follens by Pond and Lake Trout

Fish and the future Follensby Pond provides us a unique opportunity to study the attributes that make it such a favorable home for lake trout and gives us clues on how to protect these habitats across the Adirondacks. We are assessing the current status of lake trout and determining if there are measures we can take today to ensure survival of this iconic species into the future. With guidance from an advisory committee, experts from McGill University are conducting field work over the 2013 and 2014 seasons (see pages 6-7). Need: $230,000

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H ow Y o u Ca n Hel p

S ci ence a n d F ie l d W o r k

Habitat Connectivity for Wildlife

Linking forest habitats To safeguard the ability of wildlife to move between the Adirondacks and protected areas in New York’s Tug Hill and Vermont’s Green Mountains, we are working to: reduce impacts of roads as barriers to wildlife; protect key habitat links (which we are identifying through sophisticated computer models and on-the-ground animal tracking in the winter); and engage communities around land use planning. Needs: Adirondacks-to-Tug Hill, $670,000; Adirondacks-to-Green Mountains, $3,067,000

C limate Resilient Transpor tation Infrast ructu re/ Aquatic Habit at Connectivity

Infrastructure inventories of the Saranac and Chazy River watersheds Poorly- sized or positioned culverts can trap fish in summertime waters that are too warm for them to survive. They can also cause flooding in local communities during severe storms and be costly to maintain and repair. We seek funding for important field inventory work that expands our AuSable River watershed surveys to the Saranac and Chazy rivers as a first step to targeting state and local transportation funds to replace high-priority culverts that would deliver ecological, economic and social benefits. Need: $60,000


St e w ar d sh i p

Adirondack Park Invasive Pla nt Progra m Action F und

Protecting our lands and waters from invasive species The forests and waters of the Adirondack region anchor our economy, filter our air, and provide wildlife habitat, scenic beauty and places for outdoor recreation. Invasive plants and animals put at risk our forests and waters, compromising conservation efforts, agricultural productivity, human health and safety, recreational opportunities, and more. The Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP), a high-priority conservation program and partnership hosted by the Conservancy’s Adirondack Chapter, is funded primarily through a grant from NYSDEC with funding from the State’s Environmental Protection Fund. We are building an APIPP “action fund” that would diversify the program’s funding base, bolster its ability to get the job done regardless of the status of government funding, and leverage additional funds for priority projects, like the Rapid Response Team (see page 8). Need: $425,000

S tew ar ds hip E ndowment

Caring for nature preserves and working with private landowners In addition to caring for our network of nature preserves, our conservation stewardship staff oversees a total of 67 conservation easements: 50 held by the Adirondack Land Trust and 17 held by the Conservancy. Collectively, the easements range from apple orchards to grain fields; working forests to forested islands, and involve upwards of 100 landownerships on almost 80,000 acres. The stewardship endowment supports preserve maintenance, property visits, meetings with landowners and the other tasks of effective land conservation.

La n d Pr o te c tio n Wild Adir onda cks F und

Land Protection The Adirondack Chapter and the Adirondack Land Trust have protected 583,000 acres since 1971, primarily through conservation easements and purchases that we keep as nature preserves or transfer to New York State’s “forever wild” Adirondack Forest Preserve. With money at the ready, we are able to move quickly to purchase critical lands, reduce our financial risk, and preserve more land for less money.

Pe o p l e a n d P la c e Adirondack Conse rvation Internship Program Endowment

Meaningful conservation work experience This internship program provides lasting benefits to all involved: it shapes the ecological career path for the interns, can provide links to local communities, and, we receive substantive, enthusiastic work during our busy field season. Two current staff members were introduced to the Conservancy and Land Trust through their internships as part of this valuable program. Need: $250,000 Community Investment Fund

Protected lands and economic development As some spectacular lands of the Heart of the Adirondacks project are added to the publicly-owned Forest Preserve and becoming available to the public for the first time, we are making available $500,000 for grants to help local communities capitalize on new outdoor recreation opportunities being created through the protection of these lands (see page 4). Need: $500,000

For more information on how you can help to propel any of these important initiatives, please contact Nancy Van Wie at 518-576-2082 [email protected] 17

Annu a l f un d c o n t r i b u t i o n s We are deeply grateful for every donation to the Annual Fund that helps us continue to build on conservation work begun by previous generations. We take seriously our obligation to maintain, enhance and protect this special place and to use your contribution wisely. On the following pages, we acknowledge those individuals who contributed $100 or more to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. Please let us know if you spot an error or omission. For a complete list of giving opportunities, contact Nancy Van Wie, (518) 576-2082 ext. 139 or [email protected]

$50,000 and up Anonymous F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. Mrs. David A. Weir David and Candace Weir Foundation $20,000-$49,999 Mr. & Mrs. David L. Henle The Joan C. & David L. Henle Foundation Lee & Nancy Keet Overhills Foundation  Peter & Patty Paine The Boquet Foundation Mr. Jeffrey B. Sellon John A. Sellon Charitable Residual Trust Ms. Paige N. Smith Charles & Sally Svenson  Mr. Joel H. Treisman Joseph & Joan Cullman Conservation Foundation Wright-Cook Foundation $10,000-$19,999 Anonymous (3) Jameson & Reginald Baxter Reginald R. & Jameson A. Baxter Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John Bogle John C. Bogle Charitable Lead Trust The Brownell Family Evergreen Foundation, Inc. General Electric Foundation Matching Gift Program Joan & Bill Grabe Lyn & Harry Groome Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Nancy Olmsted Kaehr and Michael G. Kaehr Fund at The San Diego Foundation Carol MacKinnon Fox Nancy & Larry Master Adirondack Community Trust Mr. Bruce McLanahan Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Mr. Edward H. Miller 18

Stephanie & Robert M. Olmsted William L. Paternotte Family Mr. Edward D. Petty Rochester Area Community Foundation John & Sharon Sayles Drs. Howard W. & Ora K. Smith Kingsley Foundation Walbridge Fund, Ltd. Connie & Craig Weatherup Weatherup Family Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 Anonymous (3) Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Abrahamson Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Birdsong Birdsong Family Foundation Mr. David Brunner & Ms. Rhonda Butler Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert & Ildiko Butler Butler Conservation Fund The Chingos Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Collins Carolyn & Ed Fowler Ms. Sarah W. French Mr. & Mrs. Robert Friedman Mr. David Pratt Hunt Mr. James Johnson Douglas & Sarah Luke Edward W. McNeil McNeil Investments The MeadWestvaco Foundation Mr. Michael Mulcahy & Ms. Susan Terwilliger Miss Nancy L. Olsen Dr. & Mrs. Robert Preyer Robert O. Preyer Charitable Lead Unitrust Mrs. Meredith M. Prime Adirondack Community Trust Mr. & Mrs. Michael Richter Catalyst Public Relations, Inc. Ellen M. Scholle Ms. Margaret J. Smith Teck Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Harry Tobiassen Richard Tredwell Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

$2,500-$4,999 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Carter Bales Marilyn Burns Fund Charles & Judy Canham John & Lynn Colston John E. Colston Private Foundation Mr. & Mrs. J. Dennis Delafield The New York Community Trust Mr. Peter Groome Mr. & Mrs. Ian Highet IBM Matching Grants Program Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Jeffrey, II Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Keeler Keeler Motor Car Company Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Kendall The Ed & Lois Konikowski Charitable Fund Community Foundation of New Jersey Dara & Todd La Porte Rev. & Mrs. James Miller National Philanthropic Trust John & Nancy Rosenthal Meadowhill Fund Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ruder The Ayco Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Roger Smith Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Anne Stuzin Baltimore Community Foundation W.W. & G.O. Chorske Foundation Ms. Dorothy C. Treisman  Mr. & Mrs. Brock Weatherup Weatherup Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Donald Yanulavich   $1,000-$2,499 Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Abrahamson Mr. & Mrs. John Adams Adirondack Community TrustAnonymous Fund Adirondack Community TrustEvergreen Fund Adirondack Community TrustJarvis/Lamy Fund Adirondack Community Trust-The Mirror Lake Inn Charitable Fund American Management Association

Mr. & Mrs. A. Joseph Armstrong Bank of America Matching Gifts Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Barnett Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Barthold Prof. Barbara L. Bedford & Dr. Charles C. Geisler Mr. Charles H. Bennett & Ms. Edythe W. Robbins Philip & Sarah Bogdanovitch Beth & George Brownell Evergreen Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Brownell Evergreen Foundation Dr. & Mrs. John Brust Mr. Stephen H. Burrington & Ms. Abigail A. Swaine Mr. Frederick C. Calder Ms. Mary Lynne V. Campbell W.W. & G.O. Chorske Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Donald Clifford Dr. & Mrs. James Dannenberg  Mr. & Mrs. John Dillon Mr. Perry W. Dimmick & Ms. Lindsay D. Ruth Rochester Area Community Foundation Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Inc. Dr. Thomas P. Doolittle Ms. Thelma Douglas Ms. Gloria A. Drucker Lyn DuMoulin Ms. Joanne W. Dwyer Essex County Adirondack Garden Club Mr. & Mrs. Irvine D. Flinn, Esq. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Forester Mr. & Mrs. Drew Forhan The Hudson Community Foundation Stephen C. Frauenthal Mr. & Mrs. Roderic Giltz

Barbara L. Glaser Mr. & Mrs. Robert Glennon Mrs. Alyce Ray Goessling Mr. David Goodman & Ms. Sylvia Golbin Eugene & Emily Grant Family Foundation Ms. Jessica Griffiths Mr. Jerrold Hacker Dr. & Mrs. William Harbison Ms. Janet S. Hawkes Mrs. Daphne E. Hallowell Headlands Farm Mr. Steven Hearl Mrs. Amy D. Heintz Heintz Family Trust Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hoffman Ms. Sarah L. Holland Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Hoopes Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. John Hubbard, Jr. The John C. & Susan K. Hubbard Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ingrey Ms. Michelle Jassem & Mr. Corey Jassem Mrs. Jocelyn R. Jerry Dr. & Mrs. Keith Johnson The Keith & Nancy Johnson Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Johnson Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Alan Jones Mr. & Mrs. J. David Joor Dr. & Mrs. Todd R. Jorgensen Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kellogg Kirk & Megan Kellogg Foundation Mrs. Ann Pfohl Kirby Mrs. Janet C. Kireker Howard Kirschenbaum & Mary Rapp Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lack Morgan Stanley Smith Barney GIFT, Inc. and Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. George Lee Dr. Robert T. Lewit Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lighty Dr. Robert G. Locke Mr. Arthur L. Loeb The Arthur Loeb Foundation Ms. Cindy Loudenslager John R. & Dorothy D. Caples Fund Mr. Stuart Lucks Mr. & Mrs. Serge Lussi Mr. & Mrs. Richard MacKinnon Mr. & Mrs. Richard Malloch Ms. Elizabeth S. McLanahan Mr. Merle D. Melvin Ms. Adelia Moore & Mr. Thomas R. Gerety Mr. & Mrs. James Morley St. Huberts Foundation Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Munro Mr. & Mrs. David Ottney Dr. Robert J. Patterson Mr. Jan M. Popkin & Dr. Joan E. Popkin Mr. & Mrs. Justice Reed F.G.K. Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John Reschovsky Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ritchie Staritch Foundation, Inc. Ted & Minney Robb Mrs. Molly G. Rockefeller Mr. George M. Sauer, Jr. Mrs. Harriet H. Savage

Mrs. Mimi N. Seagears Seagears Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sheer Mrs. Florence L. Short Ms. Suzanne Siner Mr. Andrew Sisto Lawrence M. Gelb Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Spongberg Mr. Chandler Stein Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Stiles Dr. David D. Stone Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Strickler Kenneth A. & Joanne M. Strike Thomson Reuters Matching Gifts Program Mr. & Mrs. Enos Throop Paul F. Torrence & Bonnie Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William Ughetta Mr. James A. Underwood & Ms. Carol A. Fisher Ms. Amy L. Vedder & Mr. Bill Weber Helene P. Victor Mr. & Mrs. James Visconti Mr. & Mrs. Peter Walker Mr. & Mrs. David Warfield Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Charles F. & Carole A. West Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Dr. Gregory J. Whiffen Dr. & Mrs. Peter White Mr. Donald P. Wichman Mr. & Mrs. Barrie Wigmore Philip & Tricia Winterer Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Wonham Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Wray

$500-$999 Anonymous Anonymous- In Memory of Bernell H. & Marjorie J. Gilbert Adirondack Community TrustKelly R. Huiatt Fund Adirondack Community TrustWoods and Pearl McCahill Family Fund Allen Family Fund Marin Community Foundation American Express Giving Program Mr. & Mrs. Robert Andrews Mrs. Sue Armstrong Mr. Lee E. Bailey & Mrs. Linda Rosenstock Mr. & Mrs. Hans Birle Mr. & Mrs. Perry J. Bolton Mr. & Mrs. Robert Booth Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Bounds Ms. Karla Brieant David K. Broadwell, M.D. & Ms. Christine R. Wilmot Mr. W. Dean Brown Mrs. Joan R. Burchenal Mr. & Mrs. John Butterworth Mr. & Mrs. J. Martin Carovano Cathy Chapman Mr. & Mrs. William B. Chappell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Aims Coney  Mr. Raymond P. Curran & Ms. Kathleen Daggett DCP Midstream Matching Gifts Dr. & Mrs. William DeHoff Mr. & Mrs. E. Linn Draper Ms. Denise M. Elmer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Farrell Mr. P. W. Fosburgh, Jr. Mr. John P. Freeman &

Ms. Tillie Helms Ms. Wendy Fuller-Mora & Mr. Jeffrey G. Mora Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gehl Ms. Leslie Gifford Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gilges Rochester Area Community Foundation Bob & Marge Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. David Gosda Mr. Walter F. Harrison III Ms. Sarah Hart Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hartmann Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hawkey, Jr. Harweb Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David Heider Mr. Richard Hooker III Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hudnut Mr. & Mrs. Jay Ireland  Mr. & Mrs. Michael James William & Mary Janeway Mrs. Elaine E. Joost Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kafin Ms. Ruth M. Kuhfahl Ms. Holly M. Leicht Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Linton Mrs. Annette Merle-Smith Dr. Ian and Rebecca MacKellar Dr. & Mrs. David Mandelbaum FJC Mr. & Mrs. John Marrella Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott McGraw Mr. & Mrs. Jay McGraw Ms. Susan J. Mitchell & Mr. Brad Motter Mr. & Mrs. Philip Moldenhauer Ms. Stefania Nappi Mr. Holger Nissen Heidi Nitze Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ormerod Alexander & Alison Packard Mr. Sven R. Peterson Ms. Carol J. Pinney Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pohlman Mr. Edward Prince Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rebar Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ringlee Mrs. Ruth F. Rosevear

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Shedd Mr. Jonathan Siner Dr. & Mrs. Craig Smith Mr. & Mrs. William Stewart US Charitable Gift Trust Ted Stork & Mary Barrie Mr. Richard P. Suttmeier Mr. Ramsay Tanham Mrs. Pamela P. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Garry Trudeau Ms. Anne H. Van Ingen Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Virkler Mr. & Mrs. Charas Wise Mr. Charles D. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Andrej Zajac Mr. F. Anthony Zunino III

$100-$499 Anonymous (3) Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Adams Adirondack Community TrustAlethe and Frank Lescinsky Pass-Through Fund Adirondack Forty-Sixers, Inc. Adirondack Mountain ClubAlbany Chapter Adirondack Mountain Club Lake Placid Chapter Adirondack Mountain Club Glen Falls Saratoga Mr. Nathan R. Andrews Mr. Thomas P. Arras Mr. & Mrs. Philip Arthur Mr. & Mrs. Larry Athens Mrs. Sandra H. Austin Mr. Jeremy D. Baker The Ruth & Louis Baker Family Foundation Andrew Bale Mr. Robert P. Ball Dr. & Mrs. Donald Ballou Dr. & Mrs. Clyde Barker Mr. Robert M. Barnett & Ms. Susan R. Mandler Ms. Anna Battigelli & Mr. Paul Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Edward Beach Katharine S. Beale & Robert F. Boehm Mr. Richard Beamish &

F in a n ci a l S um m ar y

fiscal year 2013* For the third consecutive year, the Adirondack Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and the Adirondack Land Trust exceeded one-million-dollars in contributions to our annual fund. The annual fund, which provides some 70% of our operating budget, is the single-most important fund for ensuring that our capable staff in Keene Valley has the means to deliver tangible and lasting conservation results year in and year out. Donors contributed $1,176,696 to this critical fund. The annual fund, coupled with government grants for specific programs and projects, endowment income, and financial reserves enabled us to balance our budget. Going forward, it is paramount that we increase donations to the annual fund and bolster our efforts to raise funds for capital projects and endowments to build on our 42-year track record of conservation success, as well as continue to deliver an exceptional return on your investment. *unaudited 19

Ms. Rachel K. Rice Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bell Mr. Michael Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Marc Bernard Ms. Nancy A. Bernstein Mr. P. Bruce Berra  Mr. & Mrs. John Bessette  Mr. & Mrs. Fred Betz Mr. & Mrs. Elwin Bigelow  Frederic C. Bishko, M.D. & Mrs. Ellen Bishko Jewish Federation of Cleveland Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bissell Dr. & Mrs. Howard Black Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bogucki Mr. Etienne Boillot & Ms. Lisa D. Gagnum Boillot Mr. Thomas Boothe Mr. & Mrs. William Boyce Ms. Catherine A. Brennan Dr. & Mrs. John Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Jack Broeils  Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Brooks Ms. Alice F. Brown & Mr. Andrew R. McClellan Ms. Constance Brown Mr. & Mrs. William Brown Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Brownell Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bruns  Dr. & Mrs. James Budny

Ms. Mary A. Buehler-Brandt Mr. Howard B. Bullard Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Burchenal Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Burgess Mr. & Mrs. Peter Burk Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burner Mr. Thomas J. Butler Mr. Fred Cady Mrs. Patricia A. Calascibett Mr. Wynn Calder Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cammack Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Carman Mr. & Mrs. John Carpenter Mrs. Joan M. Carr Mr. & Mrs. Tim Carrington  Ms. Diane Cast Mr. & Mrs. Randy Cates Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Catlin Mr. & Mrs. C. Richard Catlin Mr. Andrew T. Chalnick Mr. John Chamberlain & Ms. Barbara A. Brosnan Dr. & Mrs. Glen Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chase Mr. Robert N. Cherdack Mr. Charles M. Clusen & Ms. Gail A. Curran Mr. George D. Cody & Ms. Francesca Benson Mr. & Mrs. Howard Cohen

S peci a l Ta x I n c e n tiv e

for IRA Gifts in 2013 In January of this year the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed and signed into law. This legislation included an extension of the IRA Charitable Rollover. The extension allows individuals 70½ and older to donate up to $100,000 from their IRAs and ROTH IRAs to a charity without incurring income tax on the withdrawal. This is a significant incentive that removes the tax penalty for some donors who want to use their IRAs to fund a charitable gift. We are grateful to those who have taken advantage of this opportunity to support the Conservancy and/ or the Adirondack Land Trust. This special opportunity only lasts through December 2013. Please contact Nancy Van Wie at (518) 576-2082 or [email protected] to find out how you can support our work in this way. Please note that The Nature Conservancy and Adirondack Land Trust cannot render tax or legal advice and we urge you to consult with your professional advisor about your situation before making a charitable gift


Ms. Linda Cohen Ms. Alice Cole College Auxiliary Services Mr. & Mrs. John Colley Mr. & Mrs. John Collins Mr. Harry E. Colwell Michael Coyne Mr. Frith C. Crandall Mr. & Mrs. James Crane Mr. Len Cronin Ms. Jeannie H. Cross & Mr. Thomas Woodman Mr. & Mrs. David Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Peter Curtiss Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Cushman Mr. & Mrs. David Cuthell Ms. Julia E. Damkoehler Mr. Joseph D. Davies Mr. & Mrs. George Davis Dr. & Mrs. James C. Dawson Mr. & Mrs. R. Day Mr. & Mrs. David Dearborn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dedrick Philip & Lenore Defliese Mr. John E. Dewar & Ms. Sandra A. McCloy Steven & Michelle DiMattia Mr. Michael G. Dinunzio Ms. Betsy Dirnberger Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Donohue Mr. Michael P. Douglass Robert Drennon Ms. Margaret Drobnik Mr. Richard F. Eisenberg Mr. & Mrs. Sven Ekholm Mr. & Mrs. Michael Elitzer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Elkinton Joanne Elliott Mr. David L. Ellison & Ms. Carolyn L. Olsen Mr. Ari T. Epstein Mark & Debby Epstein Mr. & Mrs. Mark Epstein Ms. Denise M. Erickson & Mr. James T. Bark Dr. & Mrs. Michael Esposito Mr. Michael P. Esposito, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Estus Mrs. Nancy Eustance Mr. Morris Evans The Richard & Rebecca Evans Foundation Ms. Barbara C. Farley Mrs. Yvonne C. Farmer Dr. Jay S. Federman & Dr. Dorothy Federman Ms. Margo L. Fenn Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Findlay Mr. & Mrs. William Fischette Sam Fisk & Linda Coe Mr. & Mrs. John Flickinger Mr. & Mrs. James Flynn Mr. David E. Fontanella Mr. David K. Ford Mr. Thomas H. Foster & Ms. M. J. Wolf-Foster Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fox Mr. Andrew G. Frank Mr. Max N. Friedman Richard Friedman Ms. Sally Friedman Mr. John Frisone Mr. John E. Fuller Mr. & Mrs. David Furman Mr. Bernard J. Galiley Dr. & Mrs. Peter Galvani Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gardner

Ms. Gail M. Gaskin Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Giampaolo Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gianniny Mr. David Gilbert Mr. Robert Gilmore Mr. & Mrs. Randall Giltz Mr. & Mrs. George Giokas Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Giraud Ms. Megan C. Glennon Mr. & Mrs. Steven Goodman Mr. Charles P. Gosselink & Rev. Charlotte G. Gosselink Mr. Oscar A. Gottscho Mr. Roger T. Gray Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greenbaum Dr. Clyde C. Griffen Mr. & Mrs. Paul Growald Ralph & Georgia Guenther Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hadjandreas Mr. Stanley E. Hall Ms. Wendy B. Hall Mr. David R. Hanning Mr. Philip E. Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harris Dr. & Mrs. Howard R. Hart, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Harvey Ms. Marguerite H. V. Hasbrouck Mr. Gary W. Hayford Mr. & Mrs. James Hays  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Headley Mr. Douglas E. Hefner Ms. Margery C. Henneman Ms. Barbara L. Hennig Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hill Mr. Hans P. Himelein & Ms. Janice C. Kyle Mrs. Martha F. Hoar Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hobbs Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Holstein Mr. & Mrs. John Hopkinson Ms. Dorothy M. Horne Mr. & Mrs. Mark Houck Mr. & Mrs. Brian Houseal In memory of J. Scott Howard Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hoyt Mr. & Mrs. F. Hudda Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hunkins Ms. Susan L. Hunsdon Mrs. Courtney G. Iglehart Immaculate Conception Church Mr. & Mrs. Charles Irose Ms. Phoebe Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jacobsen Jewish Community Foundation of Central New York Mr. & Mrs. Charles Johnson Mr. William S. Joplin & Ms. Mary A. Bell Mr. & Mrs. David Jordan JPMorgan Chase Foundation Matching Gift Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Kaczka Mr. & Mrs. David Kaiser Mr. Matthew Kane Mr. John Kapcio Ms. Susan K. Kavanagh & Mr. Christopher Shaw KBH Environmental LLC Kevin Kelley Ms. Joan J. Kelly Mr. John E. Kelsch Mr. Todd O. Kempainen & Ms. Jorun Gran-Hendriksen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kepes Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Kerr Ms. Jean M. Keskulla &

Mr. George H. Stalker Mr. Jeremiah Kirwan Mr. Bruce Kokernot & Ms. Wendy Gilchrist Mr. Jesse L. Krasnow Ms. Mary N. Kunzler-Larmann Ms. Stephanie G. Landis Mr. John B. Lane Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Langdon Janet Langlois Mr. & Mrs. Byron Lapham Leona Laskin, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Leavell Dr. & Mrs. John Leddy Mr. Mark T. Lee Mrs. Sally J. Letchworth Mr. Richard Levy, Jr. Mr. Leroy D. Lewandowski Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lewis Ms. Eleanor R. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Les Lewis Mr. John E. Linck & Ms. Ann T. Csink Mr. & Mrs. Howard Linke Mr. & Mrs. David Lloyd Mr. & Mrs. George Lockhart Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Long Mr. & Mrs. Richard Longstreth Mrs. Louise E. Loomis Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lovelee Ms. Frances E. Lund & Mr. Troy D. Randal Daniel & Carol Luthringshauser Mr. & Mrs. Roland Machold Mr. & Mrs. Neil Macneale Mr. & Mrs. John Madigan Drs. James A. & Mary-Parke Manning Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mara Mrs. Joanne Markman Mr. & Mrs. Earl Marsh Mr. Roger Marshall & Ms. Barbara Smorgans Mr. Edward C. Marx Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Mason  Mr. & Mrs. W. Mason Edward E. Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Matthews Ms. Melva S. Max Mr. David H. McAlpin, Jr. Mr. Glen McFarlane Ms. Abigail A. McKay

Dr. & Mrs. Richard McKeever Ms. Linda L. Mead Ms. Therese Melden Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Meltzer Mr. Tom Mendl Ms. Deborah M. Merwin Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Meslar Ms. Lynn Meyers Dr. Cathy P. Michael Mr. Matthew T. Miczek Mr. & Mrs. Christian Miller Mr. & Mrs. Richard Miller Mr. Richard Miller Bill Miller & Ida Houby Donald T. & Marjory B. Moeller Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Moffatt Dr. & Mrs. John Moravek Mr. & Mrs. David Morse Mr. Derek Morton Ms. Kathleen M. Myer Mr. David A. Nemzer Nixon Peabody LLC Mr. & Mrs. Gary Nordmann Dr. & Mrs. John Norlund Mr. W. Kemp Norman, Jr. Ms. Cerise G. Oberman & Mr. Laurence E. Suroka Bill & Jane Olsen John & Suzanne Olson Mr. & Mrs. David Oxley Mr. & Mrs. George Packard  Art Papier &Susan Voci Mrs. Susan S. Parkhurst Ms. Roberta A. Parry Mr. Mark D. Peaurault Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Pedraza Mrs. Anitra C. Pell Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pell Mr. & Mrs. Glen Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pierce Mr. Eric W. Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Pool Mary & Bancroft Poor Ms. Katharine M. Preston & Mr. John Bingham Mr. & Mrs. Tarrant Putnam Mr. & Mrs. Robert Quinn Mr. Kevin Raines Mr. David Rakov Ms. Mary S. Reed Mr. Arthur Reidel  Dr. & Mrs. Edward Reiter 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Rettew  Mr. & Mrs. Norman Richter  Mr. John F. Riebesell Mr. & Mrs. William Roberts Ms. Ruth B M. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. William Rochow  Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Rockefeller  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rose  Mr. Richard A. Rosen  Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Rosenberg  Mr. James B. Rosetti Ms. Barbara A. Rottier Mr. Wayne A. Johnston Ruthie’s Run Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan Mr. & Mrs. John Sattler Peter & Anita Sayers Ben & Barbara Schaffer Mrs. Denise Scheinberg Ms. Janet K. Schloat Mr. & Mrs. William Schneidewind Mrs. Elizabeth M. Schulte Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schwarz Mr. & Mrs. Edward Scudder Ms. Carolyn M. Serota  Arielle Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Harold Shippey Dr. Frank C. Shirley Ms. Barbara A. Silber  Mr. Glen A. Slack & Dr. Nancy G. Slack Mr. & Mrs. Judson Smith Mr. & Mrs. Kemp Smith  Ms. Sandra A. Smith  Mr. Theodore S. Smith Jr.  Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Smith Mr. & Mrs. Curt Snyder  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sormani Mr. & Mrs. James Speer  Dr. Betty C. Spence Mr. John D. Sproul Ms. Natalie L. Starr  Mr. Donald A. Stern  Mr. & Mrs. Neil Sternthal  Dr. & Mrs. Neil Stewart  Ms. Susan F. Stoddart Ms. Suzanne Stone Mr. Richard A. Stoner & Ms. Theresa Hyland Mr. Richard M. Strean Mr. Randall W. Swanson

Ms. Abby P. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. L. Pierre Teillon William A. Teter Mr. & Mrs. Frank F. Tetz Mrs. Joan G. Thayer Ms. Mary K. Thill & Mr. Mark S. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. David Thomas-Train Mr. Maury Tigner Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Tilton  Mr. & Mrs. James Townsend Ms. Henrietta K. Trapp Miss Jaimie Trautman Mr. & Mrs. Donald Traver Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Trevor Mr. Michael B. Trister & Ms. Nancy D. Campbell Truist Donor Designated Funds Mr. & Mrs. Breck Turner Mr. & Mrs. Russell Turner Ms. Chase Twichell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Underhill Ellen Utley, M.D. & Mr. George Utley Mr. Bruce D. Van Dusen & Ms. Susan M. Whiting Mr. & Mrs. Edward Van Woert The Ayco Charitable Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Edward Vastola Verisk Analytics Matching Gift Program Mr. Todd K. Vickery Mr. & Mrs. William Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wakefield Mr. Roger S. Pratt The Waldheim, Inc. Mr. Brian Weese Mr. & Mrs. Carl Wegner Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wei Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Welch Mrs. Anne Weld Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Wells Mr. & Mrs. Donald Western Dr. & Mrs. William Weston Ms. Mary J. Whalen Dr. & Mrs. Ross Whaley Ms. Jean Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Whitaker Mr. & Mrs. Philip White  Ms. Betsy Whitlock Mr. & Mrs. Theodore S. Wickersham Ms. Rachel A. Wiener

T im B ar n e t t

Named Legacy Club Ambassador for the Adirondack Chapter Tim Barnett, our chapter’s first executive director and longest serving staff member (42 years), is also a Legacy Club Member. This combination of experience and dedication makes him exceptionally qualified to serve as our Legacy Club Ambassador. Members of the Legacy Club are people who have decided to include The Nature Conservancy in their estate plans, which can be accomplished by naming this chapter as a beneficiary through a will, establishing a charitable gift annuity, or designating a percentage of a retirement plan or life insurance plan. Bequest gifts account for around 30% of The Nature Conservancy’s annual fundraising revenue. “Large or small, a planned gift is an endorsement of the mission of The Nature Conservancy and a significant part of our ability to protect the Adirondacks,” according to Tim. “It just takes foresight and a small investment of time to make a meaningful gift.” Contact Tim to find out how you can become a Legacy Club member: 518-576-2082, ext. 160 or [email protected] 21 21

M i ssi on S t a te m e n ts

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Since 1971, the Adirondack Chapter has been working with a variety of partners to achieve a broad range of conservation results. The Chapter is a founding partner of the High Peaks Summit Stewardship Program, dedicated to the protection of alpine habitat, as well as the award-winning Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, which works regionally to prevent the introduction and spread of non-native invasive species. The Adirondack Land Trust, established in 1984, protects working farms and forests, undeveloped shoreline, scenic vistas and other lands contributing to the quality of life in the Adirondacks. Together, these partners in Adirondack conservation have protected more than 583,000 acres, one out of every six protected acres park-wide. On the Web at Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Wilder Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Williams Mr. & Mrs. John Williamson  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Willis  Mr. Douglas J. Wilson Ms. Nancy A. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Al Winckler Mrs. Ellen J. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zetterstrom Dr. James E. Zins & Dr. Cynthia Kavouksorian Jewish Federation of Cleveland Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Zwelling

Gifts to Special Projects Anonymous Adirondack Community Trust - Evergreen Fund Butler Conservation Fund, Inc. Ms. Laura P. Curran Mr. Len Cronin Finch Paper, LLC. General Atlantic LLC Barbara L. Glaser Jane N. Mooty Foundation Trust Ms. Rita Grolitzer Francisca P. Irwin Land Trust Alliance Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Mack Carol MacKinnon Fox Mr. & Mrs. William Mackintosh Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. Overhills Foundation Peter & Patty Paine Mr. & Mrs. Frank Trendell Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wahl Wallace Research Foundation Gifts-In-Kind American Management Association Timothy & Claire Barnett Finch Paper, LLC. Francisca Irwin Newman’s Own Foundation Gifts in honor of Mr. Lawrence N. Chanen & Mr. Jack Burkha Ms. Evelyn Chen Todd W. Dunham Carol MacKinnon Fox John Thomas Fox Mr. Allen Freeman Harry & Lyn Groome Mrs. Francisca P. Irwin 22

Ms. Emily C. Lyons James & Nancy MacWhinney Mr. Joseph Van Putten Mr. Edward W. Thorndike Mrs. Virginia P. Weinland

Gifts In Memory Mr. Stanley Barlow Mr. Major Bowes Dr. James Newton Butler Mr. Walter M. Chapman Mr. William R. Eldridge Mr. Herman L. Finkbeiner Bernell H. & Marjorie J. Gilbert Mr. Kevin Grinwis Mr. William J. Hentschel Miss Anne La Bastille Dr. James MacWhinney Mr. James Marshall and Mr. Louis Marshal Barbara Maxwell Oscar and Stella Norton Ferne & Clarence Petty Mr. Clarence Petty Mr. Arthur V. Savage Mr. Edwin R. Scotcher Mr. Lawrence Sahler Mrs. Martha Sauer Richard B. Scudder Mr. Robert W. Thomas Mrs. Janet C. Thompson Ms. Beverly Waite Dr. Virginia Weeks Mr. Thomas H. Watthews Estate Notifications Anonymous Timothy Barnett Ryan Ferebee Richard H. Forbes Carol MacKinnon Fox Paul Grinwis Harry Groome Jamieson Steele Susan Terwilliger & Michael Mulcahy Brock Weatherup Event Sponsors Anonymous The Adirondack Council Daniel Arbour Jamie Baxter Prof. Barbara L. Bedford & Dr. Charles C. Geisler Bill & Alice Boardman

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cammack Charlie & Judy Canham Cynthia Chandler, in loving memory of Vernia Lanyon George & Sam Chandler Dick & Tilly Close Nick & Pam Coe Mr. & Mrs. Robert Craft Dr. & Mrs. James Dawson Mr. Michael G. Dinunzio Lyn DuMoulin Carolyn & Ed Fowler R.G. & A.A. Garbisch Mr. & Mrs. Robert Glennon Mr. David Goodman & Ms. Sylvia Golbin Joan & Bill Grabe Bruce & Darcey Hale Sarah Holland Mr. Rush D. Holt & Ms. Margaret L. Lancefield Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Hudnut Francisca P. Irwin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Irwin William & Mary Janeway Tad & Nancy Jeffrey Mr. James Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Johnson, Lee & Nancy Keet Dick & Sally Lighty Serge & Caroline Lussi Jay & Carol Madigan Carol MacKinnon Fox Bruce McLanahan Mrs. Annette Merle-Smith Mountain Abstract Co. Inc. Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Munro Carol Muller Lauren Murphy Ms. Kathleen M. Myer Peter & Patty Paine William L. Paternotte Family Mr. Mark D. Peaurault Mark & Julie Pohlman Maurice C. Poitras Meredith Prime Keela and Jim Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Ernst Schoen-Rene Joel Shaprio & Ellen Phelan Hal Sprague III John & Carol Sprout Ms. Simone S. Stephens Charles & Sally Svenson Mrs. Constance A. Tate Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tritsch Mary Van Vleck Dorothy Voorhis Peter & Polly White Dan & Linda Wood Twink & Jim Wood

D ono r s o f T i me and Talent In addition to the more than 30 cooperating partner organizations and hundreds of Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program volunteers, we extend a heartfelt thanks to the following individuals for contributing their valuable time and talent to our conservation efforts between September 1, 2012 and August 30, 2013. Nature Preserve Adopters John Coryea – Gadway Sandstone Pavement Barrens Duncan Cutter – Everton Falls John Davis, Kathy Kelley and Mary Burke – Coon Mt Mandy and Rocco Giampaolo – Clintonville Pine Barrens Evelyn Greene – Hudson River Ice Meadows Bill LaRocque – Spring Pond Bog Elizabeth Rogers and Jim Visconti – Silver Lake Bog Special Events and Projects Mimi Carlson Brendan Carr Ray Curran Hermon Drolette Essex County Adirondack Garden Club Yvonne Farmer Bill & Marsha Harbison Francisca Irwin Marlou Johnston Jonathan Kaledin Boris & Sophia Kogan Bill Localio Larry Master Peter & Patty Paine Dan Spada Volunteer Summit Stewards Azaria Bower Mike Cady Jack Coleman Ian Ellogen Frank Krueger Cynda Lamb Bob Rock Davie Warfield John Wood    

How to make a gift online: Go to and click on the “Join now” button on the main banner.


Pr o fi les in G en e ros ity

O ur 20 13 Int er ns

They stay for only 10-14 weeks in the summer but the way they energize our conservation work leaves a lasting influence… W il l i am (Bil l y) Mar t in

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program Education and Outreach Intern “… (I) learned more that I could have anticipated, not only pertaining to invasive species, but how to navigate political systems and coordinate partner organizations to achieve a desired goal” Sha nnon S mit h

Sally and Dick Lighty Dick and Sally Lighty have known each other since he was five and she was three years old. They sustained contact throughout their teenage years even when their families moved. Getting married in college didn’t interrupt their educations, he in horticulture and genetics, she in nature education, and in 1958 at the invitation of friends, they spent their first week in the Adirondacks. Dick talks about the Adirondacks as being the perfect balance of “peace and excitement.” Sally simply says “this is where our souls are.” So in 1975, they were thrilled to be able to carefully nestle a warm and cozy second home in the ferns on a forested knoll above the Boquet river in Elizabethtown. The Lightys set up a charitable trust, as Sally’s parents had before her, that will augment the lives of their children and then go to the beneficiaries they have named. They say it was just a question of the “best place to put your resources.” The Adirondack Chapter of the Nature Conservancy is honored to be one of the charities they chose. There are all kinds of thoughtful and practical ways to ensure that your resources help the ones you love as well as the places you love. If you would like to learn more about some of them, please call Tim Barnett at 518-369-4771 or email Tim at [email protected]

“this is where our souls are.”

Adirondack Conservation Intern “I came to understand and appreciate all the different and multifaceted aspects of the work that The Conservancy and the Adirondack Land Trust do in land protection and conservation.” Re b e cc a S t e in b e r g

Adirondack Conservation Intern “…it has been a perfect opportunity to directly incorporate my graduate education in the interdisciplinary policy sciences into management plan writing. This is both reaffirming and a relief that my degree was time well spent.” Shannon Smith

Rebecca Steinberg

Billy Martin

23 23

Your Te am in the Adirondacks

Tim Barnett, Vice President

Ryan Ferebee, Maintenance Mechanic

Cathy Beaton, Major Gifts Manager

Meghan Johnstone, Aquatic Invasive Species Project Coordinator

Michelle Brown, Conservation Scientist Dirk Bryant, Director of Conservation Programs Michael Carr, Executive Director Craig Cheeseman, GIS Specialist/Information Systems Manager Todd Dunham, Director of Land Protection Erika Edgley, Stewardship Coordinator

Tom Lake, Follensby Pond Caretaker Jan Maria Localio, Conservation Information Coordinator/Champlain Valley Land Steward Angel Marvin, Proposal Writer Douglass Munro, Stewardship Programs Coordinator Dawn Ormsby, Office Manager Connie Prickett, Director of Communications

Brendan Quirion, Terrestrial Invasive Species Project Coordinator Alissa Rafferty, Executive Assistant Hilary Smith, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program Director Nancy Van Wie, Director of Philanthropy Erin V. Walkow, Senior Donor Relations Manager New to the Team this Year: Stephanie Wagoner Director of Finance/ Operations Sophie McClelland Philanthropy Coordinator

S t aff N ews Erin Walkow was promoted to Senior Donor Relations Manager. Brendan Quirion married Bri Huggins on Memorial Day weekend – and it snowed!


PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS cover Carl Heilman II (Fall forest), Lisa J. Godfrey (hikers), TNC (fishermen), Bruce McClanahan (loons); inside cover photos provided; page 1 Linda Dolly Photography; page 2 C Prickett/TNC (boy and dog, trilliums), Carl Heilman II (river) A Marvin/ TNC (kayaker), Lisa J. Godfrey (hiker); page 3 (New York State Governor’s office); page 4 TNC, provided by Sally Hart; page 5 C Prickett/TNC, (Carr,Ernsts, Martin), Jeffrey D. Corser?NYNHP (Dix mountain) Gary Paige (dock); page 6 E Edgely/TNC; page 8 P Rischmiller (before), B Quirion/TNC (after) page 9 Linda Dolly Photography (Meghan),photo provided (Andrew); page 10 E Edgely/TNC; page 11 TNC; page 12-13 Linda Dolly Photography; page 14 C Prickett/TNC; page 15-18 TNC, L Godfrey (fish, hunter w/ scope); page 20 Linda Dolly Photography; page 21 Mark Bowie; page 23 Linda Dolly Photography (Lightys), TNC; page 24 TNC (staff), Linda Dolly Photography (Stephanie, Sophie).

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583,000 protected acres...and counting


Adirondack Chapter

P.O. Box 65 8 Nature Way Keene Valley, NY 12943 518.576.2082