SEABELLE Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant takes its name from the brig Seabelle, a 153-tonne vessel which was built in Scotland in 1847. In April 1857 the Seabelle left Gladstone bound for Sydney and disappeared off the Fraser Coast.

Seabelle takes its inspiration from the traditional inhabitants of Fraser Island – the Butchulla people. The Butchulla utilized everything from the smallest of fruits, berries and seafood to sustain the many families calling ‘K’Gari’ home.

Our award-winning chefs have drawn flavours from the land in crafting this menu to blend seasonal and locally-sourced produce with Australian bush-tucker. Our chefs have taken classical dishes and sauces and introduced native flavours to create a truly unique taste sensation.

A glossary of commonly used bush foods Aniseed Myrtle

A relative of the lemon myrtle with a delicate, delightful, subtle aniseed flavour that is not overpowering.

Bunya Nut

These nuts have a sweet nutty taste and are often used as a substitute for meat due to the high levels of proteins. They have a special significance to Aboriginal people, who would have special gatherings at times when Bunya Nuts were in abundance.

Bush Tomato

Also called "Desert Raisin" or "Akudjura", this small berry is collected by Aborigines in the central desert region of Australia and is related to the tomato family, tasting of Tamarillo and Caramel.

Davidson Plum

A sharp, tangy fruit which is commonly used in desserts and sauces. It is found in rainforest pockets on the east coast of Australia.

Illawarra Plum

The Illawarra plum is found scattered along the east coast of Australia and the pulp of this fruit rich and sweet. .

Kakadu Plum

Found from Katherine to the Kimberley, this plum has the world’s highest recorded fruit content of vitamin C. With a mild apricot flavour, this fruit makes an excellent marinated pickle.

Lemon Aspen

Found from Sydney to the far north in the rainforest, this fruit has a sharp, unique tangy, citrus flavour and is pale yellow in colour.

Lemon Myrtle

A native rainforest tree, with a unique lemon & lime flavour.


The lillypilly is found on the east coast. It is primarily used in jams and sauces or eaten plain when ripe. Early settlers used some species to make wine.

Macadamia Nut

Australia’s contribution to world agriculture – locally they are also known as the Bauple Nut. The macadamia nut has an extremely hard shell. The effort is well worth it as these nuts are prized all over the world for their unique flavour.


Found in South Australia along the Coorong and south east coast, this berry is also called “Muntries” and has a Granny Smith apple flavour.

Paper Bark

The paper bark is a versatile plant with many uses. It was common to use the bark to wrap food before cooking. The leaves have medicinal values for clearing head colds and sinuses.


The berry of the native pepper shrub is endemic in Tasmania and Victoria, they have a strong spicy peppery taste which dissipates quickly while cooking, leaving a subtle pepper taste.


Also called "Desert Peach" this fruit is high in vitamin C and is common in South Australia and arid areas of Australia, with a tart apricot and peach flavour.


This scarlet coloured petal fruit has a crisp rhubarb and berry flavour, widely used by colonists in jam.

Warrigal Greens

Used as a spinach substitute by Captain Cook in 1770. This spinach like sprawling ground cover plant is found all over Australia on inland and coastal salt flats.

Wattle seeds

Aborigines collect certain varieties of Acacia seeds west of the Great Divide. The seeds are dry roasted and ground to harvest the exceptional hazel nutty - coffee like flavour.

SEABELLE Restaurant & Bar

EXPERIENCE THE TASTES OF SEABELLE - The Ultimate Bush-Tucker Dining Experience This degustation menu has been specifically created for you to enjoy the best items from our awardwinning signature menu consisting of sophisticated, modern cuisine infused with rustic bush-tucker inspired dishes. Chef Nathan has selected key dishes combining quality Australian produce, handpicked bush-tucker and herbs (collected daily right here on world heritage listed Fraser Island) all for you to enjoy in one sitting. You are also welcome to enhance your experience with a perfectly matched and widely-sourced range of Australasian and European wines. $139.00 per person (with matching wines) $139.00 per person (with matching Beers)


Akudjura Salt and Pepperberry Calamari Crocodile Salad Pepperberry aioli, watermelon, mint, Persian fetta, red onion salad, rosella glaze Redbank Prosecco, King Valley, Victoria, 2015 James Squire Four Wives Pilsner


Sand Crab Linguine Sand crab, linguine, fermented chili aioli, roasted fennel puree, finger lime Not Your Grandma’s Riesling, Eden Valley, SA, 2015 James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale


Braised Duck Leg Burnt pickled grapes, quandong, lillypilly, orange, pistachio, rosella glaze La Vieille Ferme Rosé, Cotes Du Ventoux, France, 2014 James Squire Nine Tales Amber Ale


South Australian Kangaroo Tea tree smoked kangaroo, celeriac puree, baby beetroots, pomegranate, orange, bunya nuts, parmesan Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz, Barossa Valley, SA, 2013 James Squire Jack of Spades Porter


Gathering of Nuts and Berries Raspberries, blueberries, macadamia nut, rosella, berry soup, berry granite, berries and flowers found on Fraser Island (seasonal)

Please let our wait staff know if you have any dietary requirements

SEABELLE Restaurant & Bar

STARTER Seabelle Bread $12.50 Lemon myrtle oil, bush spiced butter, confit garlic Emu Jerky $14.00 Cinnamon, chilli, juniper berry, pepperberries, marinated for 24 hours, dried for 12 hours

ENTRÉE Soup of the Day $13.50 Drizzled with Fraser Island herb oil, local bush spices and crispy Turkish bread Sand Crab Linguine $24.00 Sand crab, linguine, fermented chilli aioli, roasted fennel puree, finger lime Boharat Spiced Eggplant $22.50 Spiced eggplant, harissa and lemon aspen yogurt, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, hazel nuts, crispy garlic, coriander Calamari and Crocodile Salad $23.50 Akudjura salt, pepperberry aioli, watermelon, mint, Persian fetta, red onion salad, rosella glaze ½ Dozen Oysters Natural $23.50 Natural oysters served chilled with a lemon myrtle dressing ½ Dozen Oysters Kilpatrick $24.50 Oysters on the half shell, bush tucker style South Australian Kangaroo $23.50 Tea tree smoked kangaroo, celeriac puree, baby beetroots, pomegranate, orange, bunya nuts, parmesan Seared Hervey Bay Scallops $25.00 Scallops, lemon aspen and pea puree, lemon dice, crispy prosciutto, fermented pear Bush-Style Fraser Coast Prawns $25.50 Local prawns, bush tomato reduction, marinated fetta, toasted bread K’gari Tasting Plate $28.50 Akudjura salt and pepperberry crocodile, tea tree smoked kangaroo, crispy emu jerky, pesto, rosella sauce, bush tomato sauce, macadamia and prosciutto crumble

SEABELLE Restaurant & Bar

MAIN Paper Bark Wrapped Barramundi $41.50 Barramundi, macadamia nuts, lemon aspen, wild lime, lillipilli, red onion, tomato salsa, rocket, red onion, roma tomato, red capsicum, munthary berries, lemon aspen dressing. Not Your Grandma’s Riesling, Eden Valley, 2015 Barkers Creek Pork Rib Cutlet $36.50 Pork cutlet, honey, peanut puree, kimchi, fermented wild limes, rosella dust Opawa Pinot Noir, Marlborough, 2014 Tasmanian Salmon $39.50 Butter poached potato, warrigal greens, fermented tomato, black garlic puree, lemon dice, finger lime and seeded mustard vinaigrette Yalumba Organic Chardonnay, SA, 2016 Victorian Lamb Rump $40.50 Roasted pumpkin, macadamia nuts, pickled onion bunya nuts, bush salt, pepperberry jus La Resistance GSM, Barossa, 2014 Beef Eye Fillet $48.50 Honey roasted and seeded mustard parsnip, warrigal greens, double smoked speck, sweet potato puree, quandong jus Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz, Barossa, 2013 Braised Duck Leg $35.50 Burnt pickled grapes, quandong, lillypilly, orange, pistachio, rosella glaze La Vieille Ferme Rosé, Cotes Du Ventoux, France, 2014 Vegetarian Risotto e $22.50 m $30.50 (Add prawns e $25.50 m $36.50) Please ask your server for today’s special Chef’s Special (Market Price) Please ask your server for today’s special

SIDE $12.50 Brussel sprouts, lemon myrtle soy dressing Chunky crispy hand-cut potato chips, pepperberry aioli Baby broccolini, toasted pine nuts, lemon myrtle, fetta Rocket salad, red onion, tomatoes, capsicum, munthari and fetta Sweet potato purée enhanced with native honey Tempura onion rings with house made pepperberry salt

SEABELLE Restaurant & Bar

DESSERT Fraser Island Inspired Ice Cream and Sorbet $14.50 Please ask your server for today’s special Gathering of Nuts and Berries $15.50 Raspberries, blueberries, macadamia nuts, rosella, berry soup, whipped cream, seasonal Fraser Island berries and flowers Wattle Seed Mousse $14.50 Mousse, popcorn, honeycomb, macadamia nut chocolate soil, marshmallow Lemon Myrtle Chocolate Coated Banana Parfait $14.50 Meringue, coconut sorbet, caramel sauce, roasted coconut hazelnuts Cheese $25.50 King Island deep blue King Island double brie King Island vintage cheddar Lavosh, quince jam, dried fruits, munthari berries, macadamia nuts

Coffee $4.80 long black, flat white, cappuccino, short black, café latte, macchiato, mocha, hot chocolate Tea $4.80 English breakfast, earl grey, green tea, peppermint, chamomile Liqueur Coffee $12.50 Jamaican (Coruba Rum) Irish (Jameson Whisky) Mexican (Kahlua) Italiano (Sambuca) Affogato