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Terms of reference Development of HDA strategy – faciltation, organisational development and strategic support

1. Introduction The Housing Development Agency (HDA) is a national public development agency which promotes sustainable communities by making well located and appropriately planned land available for the development of human settlement. As its primary activity, the HDA assembles state, private and communal land and releases it for development. In addition HDA provides project delivery support services to organs of state at local, provincial and national level. Informal settlements upgrading and project management services are a particular focus of the organisation. The HDA is currently in the process of establishing itself as a public developer. The HDA has been in existence for six years. A solid foundation has been established, as well as much learning gained. This experience along with a new policy direction to be proposed by the recently elected government and a new MTSF led to the Agency developing a new strategy for the next five years and Annual Performance Plan for 2015/16 financial year. The strategic planning process is ongoing and various submission milestones have to be met each year. As the HDA receives further clarity and financial commitment for our new role as a ‘developer’ so the strategy and 2016/17 APP will need to be refined and enhanced. To achieve this the Agency requires the services of a person and/or company who understands the government reporting cycle, has experience of the human settlement sector, can facilitate the strategic planning and APP process, and can write up the outcome of the process and meet the various submission deadlines. The person and/or company must also be familiar with organisational development, in as far as staff need to be included in the process to develop a cohesive and aligned Agency that has focus and commitment. In making this appointment, the HDA wishes to ensure that its strategic planning process is achieved in a manner which involves all the internal stakeholders, and is ahead of the planning curve as required by the government planning cycle.

2. Objectives It is intended that the process will ensure a coordinated and dynamic interaction between the HDA’s internal operational and governance units and that by the end of the process there will be a Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan based on a shared understanding, appreciation and alignment of the strategic goals, objectives and activities and funding among Board and staff. The service provider will facilitate the internal organisational processes required for the review of the HDA five-year Strategic Plan (2014/15 to 2019/20) and the preparation of the Annual Performance Plan for 2016/17. The objective of the review is to ensure the revised strategic plan will be more focused with clear direction and targets aligned to the evolving HDA mandate, and any new directives from the National Department of Human Settlements and Minister.



The Plan must assist all spheres of government in the realisation of the provision of access of all citizens to adequate shelter within a broader human settlements framework as identified by the constitution and national government. 3. Deliverables and critical milestones The HDA Strategic Planning process has deadlines in June, October and January for submission of draft and final strategic plans and annual performance plans. The service provider is expected to undertake and deliver the following: 3.1 Plan and facilitate the strategic planning sessions with the HDA Staff, Board, Exco, Manco and Technical Land, Properties & Development Comittee. The sessions will all take place in Johannesburg. The timing of the process should ensure the HDA’s ability to interface with the planning cycles of all affected spheres of government. 3.2 Plan and facilitate the strategic-planning process and approach from beginning to end by developing a programme aligned to Treasury Guidelines and ensure all identified elements of the HDA are involved. The following are important considerations for the facilitation process. Accordingly the process should : a) Be underpinned by the HDA’s values, vision and mission b) Be guided by a common vision for the sector as expressed in the MTEF/MTSF, the NDP and other government initiatives c) Ensure that funding and human resource allocation are an integral part of the strategic plan. d) Develop a sense of shared purpose among the various internal units represented in the process, while helping them make the difficult choices that strategic planning, resource allocation and budgeting entails e) Ensure there is consideration and linkage of the existing strategic plan with future strategic planning initiatives f) Include a SWOT analysis of the Agency overall, as well as each of the components of the HDA’s value chain. This SWOT analysis should be informed by an environment scan noting the Agency’s role vis-à-vis other government departments and agencies at local, provincial and national level g) Ensure ownership of the plan by the entire HDA through the involvement of all staff in its development h) Emphasise the linkage between vision (focus), value chain, strategic goals and objectives (direction), and resource allocation (alignment and funding) i) Ensure there is consideration and linkage of the existing strategic plan with future strategic planning initiatives at national, provincial and local level, particularly in those programmes and projects involving the HDA directly The service provider will be expected to provide notes for the sessions facilitated, as well as reports following each session capturing the decisions of the different sessions. 3.3 Writing up of the Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan



3.4 Assist General Managers and Staff to operationalise the annual performance plan for the Agency as well as for each of the HDA’s departments and provinces where there are operational plans in place

4. Timeframes It is envisaged that the service provider will start in June 2015 and finish in April 2016. The strategic plan and APP will be presented to the Board for final approval by the end January 2016. The service provider is expected to align and work within the existing programme and also to ensure that additional meetings are scheduled as required. It is anticipated that the service provider allocates a maximum of 60 days for the assignment which covers preparation, planning and facilitation of work sessions and writing up of the various plans. Key Phases Consultation/Engagement Phase concluding with a first draft strategic plan and annual performance plan

Timeframes June-Sept 2015

Consolidation of Strategic Plan

Oct-Nov 2015

Finalisation of Strategic Plan and APP Phase

Nov- Dec 2015

Approval of Strategic Plan and APP by the Board

Jan 2016

Facilitating planning sessions with HDA staff and units to plan for implementation of the APP from 1 April 2016

Feb – March 2016

Submission of final report on the process, including recommendations on the way forward for the next strategic planning cycle

April 2016

5. Proposal structure Proposals would need to include the following details: a) A description of the service provider’s methodology to perform tasks set forth in this Terms of Reference, including the proposed workplan and budget. b) A description of the service provider’s organisation and an outline of recent experience on assignments of similar nature, including the name of the institution where a similar project was undertaken, the project name; value of the project awarded; year awarded and year completed. c) Service providers must ensure that people with relevant skills and sufficient experience are part of the project. Curriculum vitae’s of the professional staff to be involved in the project should be included, and should include the degree of their involvement in various previous assignments. d) The skills and experience should include among others:  Due to the nature of work and the short time frames it is expected that the service provider has a good understanding of government, the human settlements sector as a whole, the HDA Act, its mandate and its work  An understanding of organisational issues within a public service environment



       

Experience in facilitating strategic planning processes A good reputation and credibility with previous clients Conflict management skills and confidence about handling conflict Experience in organisational development Able to help clarify the outcomes of the process and a commitment to helping to reach the desired outcomes Logic, self-discipline and the ability to operate systematically Commitment to deadlines Verbal and written communication skills

6. Project duration This project should be completed by 30 April 2016 (with option to renew based on performance and budget) with the various submission deadlines as outlined above met timeously during the course of the planning process. Due to the significance of the project, all work must be completed on time. 7. Evaluation In order to facilitate a transparent selection process that allows equal opportunity to all production companies, the HDA has a policy for the appointment of consultants that will be adhered to. Proposals will be evaluated in terms of the prevailing supply chain policy applicable to the HDA and it should be noted that:  The benchmark of minimum 80 points out of 100 points on technical capability will be the cut off to qualify for further evaluation  Those that qualify will be assessed using the 80: 20 formula for Price and B-BBEE as per the PPPFA



Table 1 - Functionality CRITERIA EXPERIENCE

SUB-CRITERIA Experience and expertise of the individual/s involved in the project that is relevant to the assignment described in section 3 of the ToR (15)


Letters of appointment of similar assignments (5) 1 letter of appointment (1 Points) 2 to 3 letters of appointment (3 Points) 4 and Above letters of appointment (5 Points) CAPABILITY


Capacity and skills of the individual/s to implement the project to completion (30) Methodology to be used and rationale therefore (25)



Responsiveness to the terms of reference (25) Total


The following criteria will be used for points allocation for price and B-BBEE compliance on a 80/20 point system: Table 2 – Price and BBBEE CRITERIA Price BBBEE Status Level Verification Certificate from accredited verification agencies TOTAL

SUB-CRITERIA Detailed budget breakdown


BBBEE Level Contributor




6. Payment structure The HDA will only be billed for the amount recorded in timesheets that must be provided along with the monthly invoice. Payment will be within thirty (30) days upon receipt of monthly invoice and timesheet.



7. General 7.1. Below are compulsory requirements for this service 7.1.1. It is important to note that the successful service provider will work under the supervision of a HDA representative, abide by HDA’s Code of Conduct, and other organisational guidelines. 7.1.2. Kindly complete and submit the HDA Supplier Registration form if not already on our database and submit together with:    

Valid original tax clearance certificate. SBD Forms (SBD4, SBD8 and SBD9) obtainable from HDA Website: www.thehda.co.za/procurement. Under compliance checklist. Price proposals on all work to be done. Valid and Original or Certified B-BBEE Status Level Verification Certificates issued by the following agencies SANAS, IRBA or CCA.

7.2. Further information regarding technical matters can be sent an email to: [email protected] or tel: 011 544 1000 7.3. Further information regarding supply chain matter and queries can be send via email to [email protected] or tel: 011 544 1000

8. Submission of proposals 8.1. Proposals should be submitted on or before the 22 May 2015 by no later than 12h00 via email to: [email protected]/ [email protected] 8.2. The selection of the qualifying proposal will be at the HDA’s sole discretion. The HDA does not bind itself to accept any particular bid/proposal, and the HDA reserves the right not to appoint the service provider.