Learn to Live, Live to Learn. Sandra Bradley PRINCIPAL. Our newest classroom being delivered

Ulladulla Public School Newsletter Excellence, Innovation, Opportunity, Success, Strong Values Principal: Mrs Sandra Bradley Deputy Principal: Mr Just...
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Ulladulla Public School Newsletter Excellence, Innovation, Opportunity, Success, Strong Values Principal: Mrs Sandra Bradley Deputy Principal: Mr Justin Stanton (Relieving) Deputy Principal: Mr David Horvat (Relieving)

Learn to Live, Live to Learn

Principal’s Messages

Term 3 Week 4, 2016 www.ulladulla-p.schools.nsw.edu.au

Don’t forget the fund raiser this Friday night at the Arcadia Twin Cinemas. Tickets are $15, get a group together and come and relax.

Dear Parents and Students, Yesterday was the P&C Meeting and it was great to be able to meet some of the parents who attended this meeting. There were a number of questions asked and a number of issues raised. Volunteers are always welcome in the school and I’m sure there are some grandparents who may have some time to come along and help out either on a roster as a canteen supporter or as a reading tutor or even just for special events, such as the Father’s Day stall coming up the end of the month. It is a requirement that volunteers apply for a working with children's check. I was asked about younger students being allowed to ride bikes to school, the school follows the requirements as set down by The roads and maritime board. Young children must only ride bikes if they have an adult with them. A reminder to parents to write names on clothing items .There is always an accumulation of “lost property” that has no names and is unable to be returned to the owner. It is important that a last name be put on hats, jumpers and any other loose items that a child may remove or loose at school. The P&C are also looking for parents who would be willing to have input into formalising the school uniform. There are decisions that need to be made around girls shorts, long trousers so a sample of our full uniform can be placed on our website.

Our new building is being delivered as I write this. It will be great to have this special class up and running as soon as possible. Reading: reading is an important aspect of student learning. Did you know that when a father or grandfather reads to a child it has greater impact than when a mother does? A short story each night is a great way to get students interested in reading. Staff are busy writing units of work to meet the requirements of the new Geography curriculum. With all the new syllabus documents released and some yet to be published it is important that we stay on top of the process. This means we also need to look at resources to complement these to ensure quality teaching and learning remains our focus at Ulladulla Public. Thank you to those parents who continue to send in notes when students are away or have applied for leave when the student will be absent for an extended period of time.. Sandra Bradley PRINCIPAL

If anyone would like the newsletter emailed to them they can contact the school office and have their details added to the list. This is an alternative for those who don’t have Facebook.

Our newest classroom being delivered.

Green Street, Ulladulla 2539 Phone: 44551649 Fax: 44540752 Email Address: [email protected]


Canteen looking for volunteers to help once a month. Anyone able to help out, please see Natalie in the canteen. Monday 15th August

Tuesday 16th August

Wednesday 17th August

Thursday 18th August

Friday 19th August

Emma Prescott

Debbie Phillips Sue Whitford

Angela Colusso Juliane Croker

Susan Lines Jenny Leighton

Jane Gilkes Melinda Tull

Recognition of Excellence – Week 4


KH - Tully - Excellence in Reading and Writing

Year 1

1N - Jacob - Excellent application and achievement in literacy.

Year 2

2W - Ryan - Excellent thinking skills

Year 3

3J - Lily - Excellent improvement in effort and application.

Year 4

4S - Zane - Excellent attitude and application to Mathematics and Spelling.

Year 5 Year 6

5W - Hayden - For being an exceptional class member 6J - Jorjah - Excellent achievement in all areas

Dates to Remember Fri. 12th August

Primary Assembly - 3D Gold Awards presented

Wed. 17th August

Year 5 Waterworks excursion

Thurs. 18th August

Talent Expo Evening Concert 7pm

Fri. 19th August

K - 2 Assembly 12pm, KC /KH Gold Awards presented

Mon. 22nd August

Book Week begins: Australia! Story Country

Tues. 23rd August

Book Parade starts at 12pm

Wed. 24th August

Back up date for Yr 5 Waterworks excursion

Fri. 26th August

Primary Assembly - 3T South Coast PSSA Athletics

Wed. 31st August

P & C Father’s Day stall

Thanks again to Arcadia Cinema for sponsoring our Student Excellence of the Week awards.

ADVANCE NOTICE INFANTS ASSEMBLY FRIDAY 19TH AUGUST 2016 Next Friday, 19th August, there will be an Infants Assembly at 12 o’clock in the school hall. Classes KC and KH will each be performing an item. Parents and community members are invited to attend.

P&C News Last chance for tickets to our Movie Fundraiser this Friday 12th August @ 7.15pm

Ulladulla P&C are holding a “Bad Moms” movie fundraiser night, August 12 th. The fun starts at 7:15pm for nibbles and raffle sales for an 8pm (sharp) screening. Tickets are available from the school office or the Arcadia box office.

Father’s Day Stall

The P&C’s Father’s Day stall, Wed 31st August & Sept & Thurs 1st Sept Gifts priced $2 - $10 (average price $5) includes wrapping. The children will be taken to the stall by their Teachers on the dates above. Volunteers needed: If you can help with selling and wrapping presents, please come to the School Hall on Wed 31st or Thurs 1st from 10am Monthly Meeting The next monthly meeting of the P&C will be held on Monday 12th September 2 pm. New parents/citizens come along to the meeting room above the library (under 5’s welcome). Second Hand Uniform Shop Open Wednesday morning 9:00am – 10:00am. Please donate any school uniforms you no longer wear to our second hand uniform shop. Bring them into the school office.

Book Week Parade Day

Tuesday, 23rd August 12pm in the hall.

It’s Dress up Time! All students are asked to dress up as their favourite book character for the Ulladulla Public School Book Week Parade on Tuesday, 23rd August starting at 12pm. Students can also bring a copy of their book to the parade. It is expected that students come to school dressed as their favourite character. Parents, extended family and friends are invited to watch the parade at the school hall from 12pm. There will be prizes for the most creative dressed.

What will you dress up as? What will your teacher dress up as?

Nova Peris Interview On Tuesday 2nd August, 3T did a FaceTime interview with Nova Peris. Nova went to the Olympics for Australia. The sports Nova competed in were Hockey and Athletics. Nova won a gold medal in hockey at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. When she won the medal she took a bite to see if it was real gold. If you look close enough at the medal, which is in the Australian Museum in Canberra, you can see the bite marks. Winning the medal was a dream come true. Nova was the first Aboriginal person to have won a gold medal, Cathy Freeman won the first medal two days earlier but that was silver. She said to be an athlete you need to train hard and have a good diet. She ate different food types for each sport. Nova stopped competing for Australia in 2001. She is still involved with the Olympics as a spectator. She also enjoys talking to school kids. Nova’s cousin, Brooke Peris is in Rio playing hockey for Australia. Nova’s final words of advice were “dream big and never give up”. Deklan 3T

The Tell Them From Me Student feedback survey For Students in Years 4-6 I am delighted that this term, our school, like many other public schools in the state, will participate in a Department of Education initiative: the Tell Them From Me student feedback survey. The survey aims to help improve student learning outcomes and measures factors that are known to affect academic achievement and other student outcomes. The focus of the NSW-wide survey is on student wellbeing, engagement and effective teaching practices. You may remember that our students (Years 4-6) also participated in a Tell Them From Me student survey in Term 1 this year. Asking students to complete the survey twice in one year allows us to identify trends in student responses as well as track engagement and motivation across the school year. More information about the survey is available at: http://surveys.cese.nsw.gov.au/information-for-parents The survey is a great opportunity for our students to provide us with valuable and quick feedback on what they think about school life, how engaged they are with school and the different ways that teachers interact with them. Schools in Australia and around the world have used the Tell Them From Me survey to help improve how they do things at school. I want to assure you that the survey is confidential. The survey is conducted online and will typically take less than 30 minutes to complete. It will be administered during school hours between 22 August and 21 October. Participating in the survey is entirely voluntary. A consent form and FAQs for parents/carers about the survey is being sent home with students. If you do not want your child or children to participate, please return the form to school by the 22nd of August. Copies of the form and FAQs are available from the website above.

The Partners in Learning parent feedback survey This Term, our school will be participating in the Partners in Learning parent survey, another part of the Tell Them From Me suite of surveys (student, teacher and parent surveys) on student engagement. The survey asks parents and carers questions about different factors that are known to impact on student wellbeing and engagement. Running this survey will help our school understand parents’ and carers’ perspectives on their child’s experience at school. These include: communication between parents/carers and staff, activities and practices at home and parent/carer views on the school's support of learning and behaviour. This valuable feedback will help our school make practical improvements. The survey is conducted entirely online at home or on public computers. The survey will typically take 15 minutes or less to complete and is completely confidential. The parent survey will be conducted between 22 August and 21 October. Participating in the survey is entirely voluntary, however, your responses are very much appreciated. More information about the survey is available at: http://surveys.cese.nsw.gov.au/information-for-parents

SRC Paper Plane Competition The SRC will be running a paper plane competition in conjunction with this year’s Science Week. Students will make a paper plane on the day of the competition using one single piece of recycled paper. The cost is a coin donation (all funds raised going towards our World Vision sponsor child in Africa) and the competition will be run over the following lunch times in stages in Week 5: Stage 1: Tuesday August 16, 2016 Stage 2: Wednesday August 17, 2016 Stage 3: Thursday August 18, 2016 Finals (top 3 from each stage) will be held on Friday August 19, 2016. There are prizes (a movie ticket) for the top three students in each stage whose planes fly the furthest. A prize will also be awarded for the plane that flies the furthest during the final on the Friday. We look forward to seeing planes flying all over our school and appreciate your support with this student led fundraising event. Alex Riddick (SRC Coordinator)

Jodie Toghill (SRC Coordinator)

SRC Representatives

MEETING TO BE HELD REGARDING BIRTHS AT MILTON HOSPITAL Please be advised a public meeting has been arranged to give the community an opportunity to discuss their concerns regarding births at Milton-Ulladulla Hospital. To be held: Friday 12th August 4pm Milton Ulladulla Ex Servo’s Club