How to Use EZ-Appoint

How to Use EZ-Appoint Congratulations, your Marketing Director has recently made the choice to allow you to use our brand new EZ-Appoint system. This ...
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How to Use EZ-Appoint Congratulations, your Marketing Director has recently made the choice to allow you to use our brand new EZ-Appoint system. This system is an online appointment tool that we have created in order to help you register with the various states and carriers. In five, easy steps, you can instantly get on the track to go paperless… and Marketing Directors, you can easily keep track of the recruitment of your agents. The following is a brief guide we, here at Manhattan Life, have created to walk you through the registration process. Before beginning the appointment process, please copy and paste the following web address into the hyperlink of your browser.


After the page loads, you should see the title reading: Welcome to EZAppoint. You should also be able to see the following in the top, right hand corner of the page:   

your Marketing Director’s information, the help section link (FAQ), and the language-selection-drop box.

If you have any questions before beginning the process, please click on the link to our FAQ page. Should you have any questions during the application process, this link will be available for your convenience on each page. Let’s begin the process. Start by clicking New Appointment or Access your saved, yet incomplete application by clicking Complete Previous Assignment. Before returning to work on a previous application, EZ Appoint will prompt you to fill in the last 4 digits of your SSN and your email address. You should be able to access any pending requests by clicking Continue.


Please read the “Manhattan Insurance Group What We Stand For” abstract. When you are done, click Continue. During the appointment process, you can navigate back and forth, within the program, in two ways. If you want to move back one page, click Back. If you want to move to specific page, there is a link corresponding to the step at the top, left corner.


Just 5 Easy Steps to Complete Your Appointment Before starting, we recommend that you carefully read each step in this process; it may help you to gain a better understanding of our agent appointment process. Now click Continue.


Hint: You must choos of contracting, so the p will know which contra to provide for you.

Hint: Be sure to tell us whe you would like us to mail yo correspondence and policies

Step 1-A: Personal Information 

Tell us who you are. Please take the time to complete the required fields, wholly and completely. NOTE: If you do not completely fill out the fields, you will be unable to advance to the next page. Our system will use highlights, in the form of red asterisks [*], to prompt you towards the incomplete fields. YOU MUST PROVIDE US WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE PROGRAM!!!


  

As you scroll downward, please make sure to complete answers 1-8. If you answer “yes” to any question, a drop down box will appear and ask you to provide details. You will need to provide your Mother’s Maiden name as your digital signature or pin.


Step 1-B: Select Carrier or Carriers and State or States   

Select the carrier (s) that you are seeking appointment with The type of appointment will carry over from Step 1-A. Please indicate if you wish to contract as a corporation. Select the State (s) that you are seeking appointment in. You may choose any number of states, the program will calculated fees for you later.


Click on View W-9 Form to view your and check that it is correct.

Step 1-C: Enter Your Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification 

This section will populate itself from “Step 1 –A: Personal Information”


NOTE: You will need to be able to view files in PDF format in order to see your W-9 form.


Step 2: Read and Digitally Sign Your Agent Agreement  

Read wholly, then click I have read the Agreement(s) and digitally sign You may view agreement(s) in PDF format by clicking the above-circled link.

- 10 -

You Will receive a copy of your contract in you welcome kit.

- 11 -

You must read and then sign this agreement, or will be unable to continue Just a reminder, your digital signature is your Mother’s Maiden Name and will carry over. HINT: You must click yes.

- 12 -

Step 3: Select Your Commission Remittance 

Select how you would like your compensation delivered o Direct Deposit – I will be paid 2 times each month for MLIC or CUL and Weekly for FLIC o Paper Check – I will receive my paper check once each month. We will not cut a check for less than $100. o Assign my Commission

If you have signed a Representative Agreement, you will click; I want to Assign my Commission. Then fill in the agent or agency receiving your commissions. After completing the previous task, click on View the Assignment of Commission Form to view the Assignment of Commission form complete. ( Click on close to back to Step 3)

- 13 -

In order for direct deposit to work, you will need to fill out of the following information. You will need to give us the account name, the Account number and then routing number. You can find the routing and account number on the front of a bank check. The Routing number is the first 9 digits on the top left, while the account number is the other series of digits. THIS IS A SAFE SITE WE WILL NOT RETAIN ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION THAT YOU ENTER INTO OUR SYSTEM.

- 14 -

Step 4: Pay For Your State Appointment Fees  

Please select the method you would like to use for paying your state fees, by either Credit Card or bank draft. We will not debit your account for the appointment fee until the completion of the appointment process. You must enter the correct account information for the bank account you wish to pay for your appointment fee.

- 15 -

\ 

You must enter the correct account information for the credit card that you wish to pay for your appointment fee.

- 16 -

Step 5-A: Upload Supporting Documents 

Click BROWSE next to each document to upload the document from your computer.

- 17 -

After each selection, click on UPLOAD and you will see it appear next to the document you are search for.

- 18 -

If you would prefer to fax your documents, you also can click I would like to Fax these Documents to 713-529-6309.

- 19 -

Step 5-B: Review & Acknowledge Our Company Policy 

Please read this statement carefully and click

I have read and agree to abide by the Company Policy above

- 20 -

YOU ARE DONE You may click on any of the previously completed sections to review them before you complete your submission. We recommend you do this, as a thorough and accurate submission will expedite the process of your appointment. Once you are finished, click DONE.

Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to use this guide, we hope that it made the process of appointment easier. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your continued business with Manhattan Insurance Group.

- 21 -