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photo issue #1

_with kind support by _welcome to the first photo issue. Our members contributed their work for your viewing pleasure. Photographers covering worldwide skateboarding. Not your average sports photography.

_kind support by

_this issue is dedicated to my parents, who have always supported my photographic life in any possible way - Bastian Ehl. Thank you.

Welcome to our first photo issue. I’m happy that it finally saw daylight. Lots of work went into the making - magazine makers surely know what I’m talking about. 2004 was’s second year. The site constantly grew. We currently have +2500 members and lots of them are skilled photographers, having work published on a regular basis. But there are also lots of underdogs. Skilled photographers, lacking the required connections to magazines. Some among us only shoot for the pure fun, still their work is awesome. When I came up with the idea of making an Ebook featuring the work of this awesome community I was kind of sceptical. I know how lazy photographers can get if they won’t get paid. We finally ended up with way more very good submissions than we could ever use.

But I’m sure we found the gems and put them all together. We highly encourage you to pass this Ebook around. Let all your friends know we exist. is not about some kids talking about photography. It’s about talented photographers, sharing their passion with others. If you are interested in skateboard photography you might want to join our community. Simply log in under


Enough said. Lean back, hit the “next page” button and open your eyes. Skateboarding is coming at you...

Miguel De La Tejera, Frontboard to fakie Hemet California, USA ph: Chase Wilson


_page 05 - Editorial _page 08 - Profiles _page 14 - Photos _page 41 - Imprint is the world’s only online community completely dedicated to skateboard photography. The site currently features +2500 members from over 20 nations. This is our first photo issue. Only members of the site were allowed to submit photos. We just wanted to show the world that we aren’t just internet nerds, but photographers. A jury sorted out the best submissions. We put them together and made this Ebook out of it. Each photographer has its own view on skateboarding and even skateboarding in each country differs. Other than the magazines, only covering their home scene, we provide the view on the whole. Around the globe within a couple of pages.

Tina from Argentina - relaxing with the famous 99cent Arizona Iced Tea Lower East Side Manhattan, NY, USA - 2001 ph: Allen Ying

Cover shot: Bucky Miller, Backside Smith Grind in Arizona / USA ph: Matt Price We skated this park for about 5 hours straight before we left for dinner. After eating we decided to go back, and right when we got back the sun was setting just making these mountains glow. I scrambled to set up my gear before the sun went too low. This was a one try shot - he pulled it.

Gerd Rieger - 39 years from Münster / Germany

Greg Kenton - 18 years from Los Angeles / USA

Stephen Kovach - 29 years from Boston / USA new website coming soon...

Terry Worona - 19 years from Ottawa / Canada

_when did you start? In 1999.

_when did you start? About two years ago when I got my first 35mm SLR.

_when did you start? Been into it off and on since I took it in high school back in 91‘.

_when did you start? 3 or 4 years ago

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Just messing around with my dad’s old camera, it sparked interest and I had a lot of fun with it.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Hmmm… I don’t even know really.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Some photo class at design school. _what gear are you using? Canon Eos 1n, Mamiya 645AF _last words? Think!


_what gear are you using? Camera Bodies: Canon Elan 7, Holga, Olympus c50-50, Seagull sa-85, Lenses: Canon 15mm, 28-90 Flashes: 2 Vivitar 285hvs with Quantam 4i’s, Bogen 3333 light stands, Capital light meter, Tamrac Expedition 8 backpack _last words? Thanks to everyone who has helped me become the photographer I am today, you know who you are.

_what gear are you using? All kinds of random crap…. Currently I got a bunch of Eos 35mm gear, some vivitar 285hv‘s and sunpak 544 flashes, some pocket wizards, a sekonic l358 meter, a ton of other misc. stuff, and a really old mamiya TLR medium format camera that I love. _your personal website? I’m workin‘ on a new one right now. _last words? Don’t be afraid to experiment.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? The fact that I was getting worse and worse at skateboarding. I needed something to keep me involved in the scene without actually busting my ass skating everyday, no just joking. I actually wanted to be a filmer, but couldnt afford a camera at the time, so I baught a random cheap SLR and fell in love with photography. _what gear are you using? Canon eos 1 (15mm fisheye, 50mm, 85mm), Bronica Sq A MF (80mm) Vivitar and Sunpak flashes, Quantum Radio Slaves, Walmart tripods Last words? Holla.

Bastian Ehl - 27 years from Wuppertal / Germany _when did you start? Back in 1996 with an old Minolta all manual SLR. _what has been your hook-up into photography? My father is a former sports photographer. But the final spark ignited because I couldn’t skate for a summer due an injury. So I took photos. _what gear are you using? Nikon film and digital cameras, Nikon lenses, Bronica SQ-A. Sunpak and Metz flashes, Radio Slaves, Minolta lightmeter, etc. _last words? Thanks to everyone making this first ebook finally happen. A special thanks to my parents for endless support. Don’t mess with the Fotobande.

Henrik Biemer - 23 years from Muenster / Germany

Phil Blair - 16 years from Homewood / USA

Jeff Trish - 18 years from Glendale / USA

_when did you start? At the age of 20

_when did you start? Just over one year ago

_when did you start? About a year ago.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? skateboarding, mags, my dad´s camera

_what has been your hook-up into photography? I had some space to fill in my school schedule and photo sounded alright. So I signed up and it went from there.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? I remember getting syked seeing photos of kids from my area on all the different crew sites. That got my interests so i had to join in.

_what gear are you using? Nikon F5, Nikon 28-200, Sigma Fisheye, 2 vivitar 285HV’s, Sunpak 544, Pocket Wizards, Quantum Battery 2, and Bronica Sq-A w/ 120 and polaroid backs.

_what gear are you using? Nikon D70, 8mm fish, 18-75mm, Vivitar 285, Sunpak 555, Quantum Radio Slaves, Yashica D, Holga.

_what gear are you using? Canon 1n, Nikon FTN, Bronica SQ-a, Pocket Wizards, Metz flashes.

_last words? Keep it surreal. Lurk Media.

_last words? No Comply?


Adam Krause - 21 years from Florida / USA

Julian Groover - 15 years from Greensboro / USA website coming soon

_when did you start? At around the age of 18.

_when did you start? Fall, 2003

_what has been your hook-up into photography? I mumble and stutter, so when you’re in highschool and you cant express how pissed off you are at the world because when you say it, you sound like a fool, then you pick up a camera and try to express yourself that way.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Just seeing some of the amazing photos in skate magazines. Plus our crew already had a filmer.

_what gear are you using? Right now a 20d, 3 vivitar flashes, and a bunch of expensive glass. But then, a pentax zx-50 _last words? No.


_what gear are you using? Canon EOS-1, Sigma (crappy) fisheye, Canon 50mm, Sunpak 555, Velvia for color, Tmax for b&w _last words? skatenc, post22 represent!

Hendrik Herzmann - 19 years from Dortmund / Germany _when did you start? I seriously started with photography when my Dad gave me his old Canon A1 and a couple of lenses. That was about spring 2003. But I was interested in shooting photos for all my life. _what has been your hook-up into photography? We were trying to make a little website of our Skatecrew in 2002 and I shot the photos with an old shitty superstore cam. That’s how I got more and more interested in skateboardphotography. _what gear are you using? Nikon F100 + MB15, Nikon fisheye, 85mm, 50mm, 2x Metz 45 CT-4, Vivitar 285, Quantum 4i slaves, Yashica 124G, Provia & E100s. _last words? Greetz to all my friends. Thank you.

Steve Francesconi - 31 years from Sydney / Australia _when did you start? Seriously.......3-4 years ago. As a tourist .......15 years ago. _what has been your hook-up into photography? Snowboarding, and my dads old camera . _what gear are you using? Nikon …… Film! _last words? Don’t believe the hype. Open your eyes to the truth.

Matt Corwin - 19 years from Richmond / USA

Stefan Eigner - 26 years from Stuttgart / Germany

Phil Pham - 26 years from Munich / Germany

Gianfranco Tripodo - 23 years from Milan / Italy

_when did you start? Fall of 2003

_when did you start? The right beginning was in 2001. In 2003 I started studying photography at a private college in Stuttgart.

_when did you start? July 2004

_when did you start? Couple of years ago.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Well, I was in love with this girl. She was a photography student, and I thought I could impress her with some nice skate flics because shooting buildings or still life didn’t really interest me. In the end my plan didn’t work out, but I learned a lot about skate photography! In the beginning I thought I could just take snapshots with my crappy pocket camera and they would look like the glossy TWS photos… but I soon had to realise that wasn’t the case!

_what has been your hook-up into photography? To catch every aspect of the life around me. Get the power and the excitement in creating beautiful and meanigful images.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Curiosity. _what gear are you using? Canon A2, Canon 15mm Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 70-200mm F4 L, 2x Vivitar 285HV, Pocket Wizards, Yashica mat EM.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Skateboarding and some friends who are into photography. I’ve loved good skate-pictures since I’ve started skateboarding but some years ago skateboarding was my favorite thing, now it´s photography. _what gear are you using? Canon eos 5, Zenitar Fisheye, Canon 24-85mm, Sigma 80-210mm, Sigma st 500super, Metz CL4, Metz CT1, Light Slaves, Minolta Flashmeter. _last words? Thanks to for all the input they gave me!!!

_what gear are you using? Nikon D1h, Nikon SB-26 and SB-28, Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye, Tamron 2875mm 2.8, Nikon 50mm 1.8

_what gear are you using? Nikon system: F100 & F3. A bunch of lenses: 16mm fisheye AI, 20mm/2.8 AF,35mm/2 AI,85mm/1.8 AF. A couple of Metz 45CT4, PWs, other various crap. _last words? I’d like to thanx my parents, my sister, Marco, Corti Crew and all my friends.


Matthew Price - 18 years from Mesa, Arizona / USA

Eric Mirbach - 21 years from Mönchengladbach/Germany

Allen Ying - 21 years from White Plains / USA

Ingo Schäder - 26 years from Dortmund / Germany

_when did you start? Two years playing around and two years seriously.

_when did you start? Err... 3 years ago?

_when did you start? At age 16, in 1999

_what has been your hook-up into photography? I used to have kind of an onlinemagazine featuring skateboarding in my hometown... Then once Bastian came along, cursed and told me to shoot my own shit and stop using footage of others without permission

_when did you start? In 1999 I took a camera with me for the first time, shooting my friends.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? My friend Hector Torres took cool photos, and I wanted to take cool photos too.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Wanting to take pictures of skateboarding. _what gear are you using? Hasselblad 500c with 80mm and 30mm lenses. Canon EOS 1D with 70-200mm f4, 15mm f2.8, and 50mm f1.8. Sunpak flashes with Quantum radio slaves. _last words? I hate last words, theres no way you don’t sound like a douche.


_what gear are you using? Bronica SQ-a, Nikon F 100, Fish & 28-100mm. Metz Flashes, Pocket Wizards. Head & Hands. _last words? I’d like to say thank you to my parents for their support. Thanks to my homies in MG. A special shoutout to Ingo & Bastian. All the skaters I shoot with, the Boardstein & Playboard crew and all my friends.

_what gear are you using? Canon 1VHS, Canon 1D, Canon 15mm 2.8 fisheye, Canon 85mm 1.8 lens, Hasselblad 500cm with 80mm 2.8 lens, Pocketwizard Plus radio slaves, Sekonic L-358 light meter, Sunpak 555, 544, 383 flashes, Canon 550ex flash _last words? I’ve learned a large portion of what I know about photographing skateboarding from the forums set up by Bastian Ehl and Maarten Van Viegen. Thank you.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? The biggest cause for taking pictures is that I really like to remember moments. If I look at a picture I shot I remember so many things from that moment. _what gear are you using? Digital: EOS 1D, 2x 512MB Memory Cards, 50mm f 1,8, 15mm Fish f 2,8 70-200 f4. Film: Bronica SQ-A 50mm f3,5, 80mm f2,8, 35mm Fish. 3 Metz 45 CL/T 4 , 2 AB 400 Studio Strobes, Vagabond Powerpack, Quantum 4i´s. _last words? Dont follow the herd !

Jelle Keppens - 25 years from Belgium - not my personal, but for sure my favorite _when did you start? Snowboarding: 5 years ago ; skateboarding: 1.5 years ago _what has been your hook-up into photography? School. _what gear are you using? All kinds of cheap shit _last words? Take care of your triggerfinger!

Jochen “JB” Bauer - 30 years from Regensburg / Germany

Chase Bradley Wilson - 20 years from Menifee, CA / USA

Ben Eng - 31 years from Durango, CO / USA

_when did you start? I started as a child shooting pics of my neighbor’s daughter being naked – it never worked out! Then I started my own shop, distribution and magazine together with my brother.

_when did you start? 10th grade Highschool.

_when did you start? Ten years ago as a hobby. Four years ago seriously.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Once i got a small cam for birthday. I shot photos from time to time and never stopped doing it. Too many good memories! _what gear are you using? I´m maybe the world’s most underequipped photo editor. I use a Canon EOS 3 with Sigma and Canon lenses. _last words? Thanks to all the photographers, writers, readers and all the rest of the people who were supporting Playboard Magazine and Beatnuts.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? I could never run as fast as all the other kids. _what gear are you using? Fuji Film!!! Canon 1Nrs, 15mm, 35-80mm, 50mm, Canon G6 - p&s, Hasselblad 500cm, Polaroid back, 50mm, 100mm, Sunpak 555, Sunpak 544, Sunpak 522, Quantum Radio Slave, Canon 540ez, light stands, tabletop tripods, Wein optical slaves, some wires, some bag.

_what has been your hook-up into photography? Small shiny objects. Looking like I know how to do something complicated. _what gear are you using? Canon, Bronica and Holga. _last words? Dude. That is the last time that I am ever gonna say the word dude. No, for real, just have fun.

_last words? The Canon D20 wasn’t made for skateboarding.


_this page: Bart Rampelberg - 360 flip to fakie - Amsterdam, Netherlands ph: Jelle Keppens Matthia Micheletti - Drop in - Bole, Switzerland ph: David Houncheringer _next page: Matthia Micheletti - Heelflip - Neuchatel, Switzerland ph: David Houncheringer

Pietro - Kickflip - Bologna, Italy ph: Gianfranco Tripodo Andrew McCarthy - Pop shuvit through the box - Arizona, USA ph: Matt Price Mike Taylor - FS Noseslide - Ventura, CA, USA ph: Greg Kenton

Miguel de la Teiera - Pressure Flip - Pomona, CA, USA ph: Chase Wilson Marc Stevens - BS Nosebluntslide - Lausanne, Switzerland ph: Rasmus Trunz

Fabian Komoreck - Feeble Grind - Tuttlingen, Germany ph: Stefan Eigner Brian Downey - Switch Ollie - Tampa, Florida, USA ph: Adam Krause

Christian Vankelst - Oververt - Secret Spot, Belgium ph: Jelle Keppens Pascal “Pancho” de Stena, Backside Kickflip, Dortmund ph: Hendrik Herzmann

_this page: Jeff Stevens - Frontside Feeble - Chandler, Arizona, USA ph: Jeff Trish Anders Tellen - Pivot ph: Gerd Rieger _next page (clockwise): Broderick Gumpright - Ollie up to 5-0 - South Boston, Massachusetts, USA ph: Steve Kovach Julian Becker - Ollie - Muenster, Germany ph: Henrik Biemer Bernhard Kitvarametha - One Foot Ollie - Kirchheim near Munich, Germany ph: Phil Pham

Marko Jazbinsek - Big Heelflip - Santa Monica High School Ph: Steve Kovach Chris Hebbron- 50-50 - Sydney, Australia ph: Steve Francesconi

Milos Shaer - BS 50-50 - abadoned football stadium, Neuchatel, Switzerland ph: David Houncheringer Alex - Indy Air over hip - Foxglen skatepark, Arizona, USA ph: Jeff Trish

_last page (clockwise): Tim Armor - Smith Grind - Chicago Suburbs, USA ph: Adam Conway Malte Schroers -

Switch Crooked Grind ph: Eric Mirbach

Ben Wessler - Kickflip - Stade, Germany ph: Phil Pham _this page: Pille Popstar - Backside 5-0 ph: Eric Mirbach Tobias Albert - Kickflip ph: Jochen Bauer

_top: Armin Loewenstein Portrait - ph: Gerd Rieger

_top: Bastian Portrait - ph: Eric Mirbach

Dardan Sabovic Portrait - ph: Gerd Rieger

_below: Dennis Bondzio - ph: Ingo Schaeder

The one and only Steeger ph: Ingo Schaeder

Simon Budzynski - Kickflip over wall - Girona, Spain ph: Ingo Schaeder

Jason Dill - puts them in their place, them being whoever’s on the phone with him ph: Allen Ying Jürgen Horwarth - Frontside 5-0 - Klamath Falls, USA ph: Gerd Rieger

Simon Budzynski - 50-50 - Hagen, Germany ph: Bastian Ehl FHM posters are entertaining ph: Bastian Ehl Done! - Bartosz Cielsilski relaxing ph: Bastian Ehl

Neil Blender ph: Gerd Rieger

Captain, that’s all I know him as - Kickflip - Massachussets, USA ph: Allen Ying _next page: Akira - Ghetto jumper to BS grab - Union Sq. Manhattan, NY, USA ph: Allen Ying

Kean Levreault - Ollie on the “Eye of Fashion” sculpture at FIT - Manhattan, NY, USA ph: Allen Ying Alexandre Cochini - Fakie Noseblunt - Marseille, France ph: Bastian Ehl

Vanni - Oververt - Barcelona, Spain ph: Ingo Schaeder Bartosz Cielsilski - Backside Smith Grind - Roses, Spain ph: Bastian Ehl

_this page: Mark Roth - crailslide on the vert wall at the Autumn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY, USA ph: Allen Ying Pat Smith - FS Invert - Autumn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY, USA ph: Allen Ying _next page (clockwise): Peter Weichselbaum - Roof Gap Kickflip ph: Jochen Bauer Matt Grabowski - Frontside 5-0 - Vagabond Bowl ph: Gerd Rieger Harri Puupponen - Switch Frontside Flip ph: Jochen Bauer Inken - Portrait ph: Eric Mirbach

Thorsten Syha - Ollie over car - Haan, Germany ph: Bastian Ehl Chris Pfanner - Frontside Lipslide - Hagen, Germany ph: Bastian Ehl

Mike Surget - Frontside Kickflip - Arizona, USA ph: Matt Price

Mike Zink - Cradle Carve - Lincoln City, OR, USA ph: Ben Eng

David Marteleur - FS Smith Grind - Belgium ph: Jelle Keppens Eric Dressen Portrait ph: Steve Kovach

Jon Cohn - Kickflip - Homewood, IL, USA ph: Phil Blair Greg Spillers - FS Boardslide - Greensboro, NC, USA ph: Julian Groover Doug Race - 50-50, Indiana, USA ph: Matt Corwin

Samuel Beyer - Frontside Kickflip ph: Ingo Schaeder Patrick Melcher - Backside Desaster ph: Jelle Keppens

imprint_ _editor in chief

Bastian Ehl

_photo editors

Ingo Schaeder & Bastian Ehl

_design _contributing photographers

_kind support by

Bastian Ehl Adam Conway Adam Krause Allen Ying Bastian Ehl Ben Eng Chase Wilson Eric Mirbach Gerd Rieger Gianfranco Tripodo Greg Kenton Hendrik Herzmann Henrik Biemer Ingo Schaeder Jeff Trish Jelle Keppens Jochen Bauer Julian Groover Matt Corwin Matthew Price Phil Blair Phil Pham Rasmus Trunz Stefan Eigner Steve Francesconi Steve Kovachs Terry Worona Boardstein Skateboard Magazine Playboard Skate- & Snowboard Magazine

This Ebook is a production of The world’s number one resource for skateboard photography. Copyright 2004 - all rights reserved. Of course you are encouraged to distribute this ebook for free to all your friends. Don’t steal and use any of the displayed work. Honor the skilled photographers who contributed their work. This Ebook has been released on December 26th, 2004. For feedback and comments please email to [email protected] If you would like to buy a print of any photo published within this Ebook, email us to the above address. We will link you with the photographer. can also be reached via c/o Bastian Ehl, Roexer Strasse 45, 39576 Stendal, GERMANY. Thanks to everyone involved in this project. You and all the other members of keep me going with the site. This Ebook is kind of giving back to this awesome community. Don’t feel sad if you didn’t make the cut. There will surely be another issue in 2005. Go out and try harder. Skateboarding means fun.


And Bastian, stop shooting millions of self portraits...

quote by Jochen “JB” Bauer