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I began my journey in the MLM industry about 15 years ago when someone approached me in a parking lot in New York City with a little piece of paper that spoke about an opportunity and a number to call. I had no clue what it all meant so I summed it up to a scam or what many still believe about the industry it’s a pyramid scheme, anything was possible in New York in those days. And I want you to know we did not by any means have the resources and tools available back in those days and people still made millions in this industry with companies that are still standing today. We are definitely positioned in the right place at the right time because we have unlimited resources at our fingertips! But the point is I was exposed to the industry of MLM many years ago, and I kept that piece of paper in my dresser forgetting that I had it! Until one day maybe a couple of months later, as I was going through that very same dresser and I came across that little piece of paper and for whatever reason I decided to call the number and heard a recording that said something like if you would like to make a extra $2000.00 dollars a month you should keep listening. In those days for a young adult that seemed like a lot of money. Anyway upon completion of the recording it allowed me to leave a message and I did; a couple of days later I received a call and I was invited to a meeting and my journey in the MLM industry began. I would like to add I did not initially follow through in building a MLM business aggressively but the little I learned gave me enough insight to understand some of the knowledge I needed to build a successful MLM business as I did about six years ago. I want you to understand I did not know all that I needed to know, but I knew enough to begin and most importantly I had the drive, willingness and tenacity to do whatever it took to succeed because I was ready own my dreams and stop allowing someone else to own them. And I am here to testify that the industry of MLM or Network Marketing as it’s also called is the only industry that allows you to launch a business for a minimal investment with the possibility and potential of earning an unlimited passive 3

and residual income with no cap, no employees, and over 500 possible tax benefits which is definitely not the case in the corporate structure. To make a long story short I was able to retire my corporate job after being in the business for approximately one year, because my MLM business afforded me not only the possibility of financial freedom but time freedom to finally build and follow my dreams. This industry has forever changed my life! Let me add, I was not making a million dollars but I was earning enough to make the decision to go from part time to full time. I will admit it required work and I worked hard, but the taste of the amazing rewards and benefits my business afforded me were much sweeter than all my years working in the corporate structure where someone else controlled my destiny and determined my worth. As I evaluated the pros and cons, it only made sense that I took the leap and followed my purpose and my dreams. I made a decision to follow the music playing within my soul, regardless of the obstacles and challenges I knew I would face. Let me impress upon you, it was not an easy journey because all things worth having and achieving requires work. “Whom much given much is required”! The true determining factor was when I reviewed my life plan, and evaluated the opportunity to retire within 2-5 years versus my corporate 30-40 year and beyond plan; it truly was a no-brainer! This was my wake-up call and it became the reality and the sole foundation of my motivation and with that depth of motivation; I was able to motivate others because I believed in what I shared with each person I came in contact with. I helped others to see their life plan and once they could envision it, I then assisted them in creating their new Success Blueprint! Today as a Life, Success & Fitness Inside-Out Coach, Motivational & Empowerment Speaker, Business Consultant, Radio Show Host and the Founder & CEO of Anubee Enterprises LLC, a company that focuses on teaching, empowering and inspiring entrepreneurs, individuals and small business owners how to break the mental barriers of fear, which hinders them from moving from where they are to where they desire to be, by helping them to learn how to get fit inside-out; I am able to own my life and live my dreams because I was willing to let go of my old limited way of thinking and believing, which no longer worked for my highest good, to give birth to my dreams. What I want each of you to grasp is the possibilities and opportunities are unlimited but you must position yourself to be the right person in the right place at the right time, because “opportunities never go away, they simply go to those who are ready to take action.” The awakening may happen differently for everyone but when you are ready it will happen. When you are ready to listen to your inner intuitive voice that’s directing you to follow your heart’s passions and not accept reaching the end of your life only to realize that you never lived your dreams. The benefits you gain in the MLM industry supersedes the work, time and investment you put into it versus the time you invest into Corporate 4

America working your jobs for 30-40 years only to wake up one day and realize you’re 30 days away from bankruptcy, living pay-check to pay-check always struggling to make ends meet, always waiting on the next check to survive and the tax return to pay off your survival method only to continue the cycle all over again because it never seems to end regardless of hard and much you work. Don’t wait for the lay-off or to get fired, or lose your home before you wake up and realize you are not living the life you are intended to live, you are dying slowly and all your dreams are following that end unless you awaken…! I would like to help you to achieve the success you desire and have the blessing of retiring within 3-5 years and the pleasure of firing your corporate job without apology, instead of waiting for them to fire you without notice as millions have faced and will continue face as long as a corporate structure exist. Pay attention to the success clues I am sharing and giving to you as my gift to help you finally play the music within you, and when you recognize the notes to your melody, you will understand on a very basic level how to not only build a successful Network Marketing Organization, but the insight to keep your organization motivated by simply always stating the truth, stating the facts and staying true to yourself! But remember your success solely depends on your commitment to do what ever it takes to accomplish your goals and live your dreams, by staying motivated each and every day. You must want it bad enough! You must have a burning desire and a Definite Purpose followed by your Why!!! When you are clear on your Why, you will have clarity on your Purpose. It will require work as with anything else you desire to achieve, but it will all be worth the time and investment because the end result will manifest into all you desire, if you follow the success blueprint I am sharing with you. This is a basic blueprint I am providing in this report, but the principles can be duplicated over and over again. Now let’s learn the basic steps to motivate our down-lines or the new terminology you should incorporate, is Business Life Line, and build huge organizations, create massive success and extraordinary results. You are probably wondering why I changed the traditional terminology used in the industry of MLM to describe our organizations, which is down-line; I decided one day that the words down-line were not very positive or uplifting words, because it encompasses the word down and line, if we focus on the down side of our life and business, we will manifest negative results, and create a broken link in both our lives and our organizations. I decided I would shift the terminology to something positive and empowering, which in turn will change the synergy, energy and momentum of any MLM organization. Think about it “down-line”, being under and down! Business Life-Line gives birth to a new perspective and creates the life-line of your business. 5

Remember this is merely my perspective and you are free to utilize whatever terminology you desire and choose. This is the first I am sharing my new insight, so you are the first to exclusively incorporate these words if you choose. Also, keep in mind that success begins with learning how to create a new language and a new way of thinking! Now we can say we are building a strong Business Life Line instead of building our down-lines. I promise it will all be worth it in long term and short term because you will finally get to re-claim your destiny as a success leader and build what we often call in this industry generational wealth for you and your family! There is no limit to what you can achieve! I continue to dedicate and commit myself to helping others to learn the steps in motivating their Business Life Lines, because when you understand a system in which you can follow, you will have the knowledge and insight to train your Business Life Line to duplicate the same system. But you must understand one absolute truth everyone will not follow or implement the steps and the principles because most are not motivated to take action. Most people are comfortable being uncomfortable! I caution you to not waste time on those who are not motivated they will only drain your energy and waste time and energy. Learn this reality immediately and you will save yourself a lot of valuable time and energy. Find your diamonds in the ruff and work with them to duplicate your efforts and the system that’s in place with your company. Once they receive just a peak of the amazing things they can accomplish you can release them to spread their wings because they will fly. But be available if they need you! Your organization is the Business Life Line to your MLM business. Treat it as a business and you will reap the rewards of a business, treat it like a hobby and you will reap the rewards as a hobby. But remember that your product or service is intended to make the lives of others better in some way or another by solving a specific problem they may have. The key here is to also teach your BLL-(Business Life Line) to follow precedence to this principle and they will always have the motivation to stay on course when offering their product or service to potential prospects, without fear of rejection because they are confident and passionate about their product or service. They won’t necessarily feel like a sales person but a business relationship builder. I have experienced the peaks and the valleys in this industry but I am so grateful for the day I was introduced to this industry because it has forever changed my life and introduced me to the power of creating a passive and residual income. …Today I Own My Destiny…I Own My Dreams…! Let me just reiterate the meaning of earning residual income. “Doing the work one time and getting paid over and over again years later. That’s Power!!! 6

NOTE: Your Business Life Line must understand this concept relating to your product or services and follow it by any means necessary. Weather you choose to build your business part time or full time and follow the traditional method of sharing your business with your warm market or utilize the internet and the power of social networking, or all the above your Business Life Line is your business. Remember that simple but powerful truth and you will achieve unprecedented success. I strongly suggest utilizing all three methods of prospecting mentioned above to ensure you are targeting your intended niche market in a broad capacity, leaving no stone unturned. Welcome to the most extraordinary industry in the world, Network Marketing or MLM (Multilevel Marketing)…! “MAKE YOUR LIFE A MASTERPIECE: STEP BEYOND THE DEMANDS OF THE MOMENT AND BEGIN RIGHT NOW TO DESIGN AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE.”---ANTHONY ROBBINS

INTRODUCTION I was motivated to write this report because there was a time when I was standing exactly where you are standing because I was new to the Network Marketing Industry and I was clueless as to what I needed to do to succeed in this amazing industry because there have been so many misconceptions about the industry of Network Marketing or MLM (Multilevel Marketing). But one thing is for certain the industry of MLM has created more millionaires than any other industry. I would like an opportunity to share with you some of the knowledge and tools I have learned and implemented to achieve success in the MLM industry. Note: The information I am sharing is the most updated and recent information resulting from my research and experience in this industry. It is my hopes that I can share my experience, knowledge and the lessons I have learned through trial and error to help you achieve success as you build your MLM business and avoid some of the mistakes many make and experience, when embarking into the entrepreneurial world of Network Marketing. I was so excited and eager to learn everything I could to make the big bonuses I saw others making because as mentioned earlier the network marketing industry has given birth to more millionaires than any other sector. But the thing I have learned that drives most people for the first time in this industry is after they’ve attended one of those amazing company meetings, which they definitely hype up with every type of success story, excitement and income earnings, which makes you feel as if you can move mountains and make millions of dollars in a short span of time and there are those who have accomplished just that.


But you must prepare and equip yourself with a basic foundation and the basic tools to help you successfully motivate and build your business with a direct focus and goal. But remember this is not a get rich, quick over night industry as many have been misinformed, it requires work. In addition, to those who have perceived this industry as a pyramid scheme, but my response to those skeptics is simple; I respond by saying that a pyramid is illegal because they do not represent a product and or service. But if they review the corporate structure they will recognize the true pyramid scheme because in the corporate structure only those at the top ever accumulate wealth and everyone else live pay-check to pay-check. Yet no one questions their corporate job because they need that pay check to survive. No one questions that someone else decides when they take a vacation. No one questions that there corporate job determines their worth, determines when they wake up, and no one questions that insanity. Yet they question an opportunity with the unlimited potential to help them achieve wealth and financial freedom. 98% of the population is programmed to believe that this is the only way to live their lives. Think about that for a moment!!! My point here is having insight and knowledge about the truth will provide the confidence to build and motivate your network marketing business. Let me repeat you will have to work, so there is no need to make the excuse of saying “you do not have enough time”, I guarantee you won’t tell your corporate boss that you do not have enough time to show up for work, otherwise you will out of a job. *Let’s agree on one truth, there are 1,440 minutes in a day, let’s be honest we have all the time in the world to do whatever we desire. The only way you can FAIL at anything is if you do nothing…! Stop making Excuses to remain stuck in your paralyzing circumstances. Do we agree? Let’s proceed!!! Although I had no clue exactly what I needed to do to succeed initially, the thing I knew for certain is I was going to succeed no matter what it took. I was willing to do what the leaders where doing; I was willing to learn and follow the leaders like a sponge soaking in every ounce of knowledge and information that I could. They say a good leader is a good follower! Well I became an amazing follower! But what I learned very early on is that everyone is not motivated to succeed and everyone is not motivated to achieve. Thus the reason 98% of the population is broke or close to being dead broke, (bankrupt!) Most people who join the Network Marketing industry is most often searching for a way out of living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet. Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump stated that the industry of network marketing is the most amazing business entity ever created, thus the reason Donald Trump launched a network marketing company…Hint…always position yourself in front of a trend!!! 8

Maybe the people that join this industry are looking to make an additional income or they are truly ready to take control of their financial destiny and follow their entrepreneurial dreams. What ever the reason or motivation, maybe the issues that most people face who decide to follow the path of network marketing is understanding what tools they need to succeed, particularly if they themselves have never ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, let alone Network Marketing. Most often they are clueless…! The biggest and most common fears of those who venture into the world of Network Marketing is the fear of approaching people, fear of selling and the fear of rejection. These fears are actually opportunities to expand your knowledge and grow your business, when you understand how to overcome them! As a business mentor and friend shared to me, he said that he trains his organization to set a goal of seeing how many no’s they can get within the span of a week, which means if the goal is to get 100 no’s, and they received a yes after speaking to 20 potential prospects, they will continue to speak to as many prospects until they reach their goal of 100 no’s. And I thought that was quite brilliant because this method helped them to overcome the objection trap and they would not stop regardless of how many no’s they received. I share this with you to empress upon you that consistency, passion, commitment, focus, and faith when implemented daily will propel you forward in spite of the obstacles and challenges you may face. This formula equals Success! Most people believe they have to sell something and for those who have never sold anything it’s a pretty scary feeling thinking about how they are going to convince others to buy into what they are selling or promoting. But to build a downline or the new terminology I now call a Business Life Line, you have to make a decision to simply begin; this is why the traditional way of building a network marketing business use to involve making a list of your warm market and contacting them to share your new venture. Although, this method has worked for many and still do to some degree; the problem with this method of building an organization is the rejection from family and friends not trusting what you have to say. I am not declining this method but today with the power of the internet and social media we can build huge organizations by understanding how to brand ourselves and build relationships with those we connect with through our social media networking sites. Remember the first key to successfully building your MLM business is to first educate yourself, remember knowledge is power but it only becomes power when it’s applied knowledge. If you are not a part of any social media sites I suggest you sign up with,,, 9

These are the four immediate social networking sites that will generate the most connections for you when you utilize them, and understand the power in social media. There are many other social networking sites that you can Google and learn more about. Feel free to begin with these! The goal in this report is to educate and provide the basic foundation needed to build a successful Network Marketing business by learning how to build and motivate your Business Life Line, which is the root of your business organization. If you learn how to plant seeds of success, they will sprout successful results!!! If your Business Life Line is not producing and duplicating, it means your organization is not growing and if your organization is not growing it means no one is making money and if no one is making money it means you’re not achieving the success you seek. Let’s be honest we begin any venture initially to make money! But I would like to caution you that in the industry of MLM/Network Marketing your main focus first and foremost must be on helping others to build their dreams and achieve success, if that’s not your focal point and your main objective then you will not succeed in this industry, at least not in the long term, regardless of what products or services you market. “Success is not determined by how much we earn, by how many lives we are blessed impact and touch. You want to ensure you re-route and re-direct your focus in helping to change the lives of others and in return your life will be transformed and rewarded ten-fold. There are specific steps and tools when followed and implemented your network marketing business will explode massively. But the one thing I want you to remember is this one fact, which is everyone you sponsor into your business will not understand how to build a business in this industry and it’s important that you make a concerted effort and commitment that you will train and teach them, to follow and duplicate the system that’s already in place so they too can build a successful business. You may have a direct up-line (the person that sponsored you) that does not make themselves available to help you, do not become discouraged. Simply connect with those that are open and willing to help you. Conduct your own research and again learn as much as you can possibly learn. There will always be someone who is willing to help because one of the most beautiful things about this industry is you’re in business for yourself not by yourself. Note: Do not allow your success to depend on anyone else, weather it’s your up-line leaders or other company leaders, don’t become your own worst enemy. Learn to incorporate daily success habits that will keep you motivated and disciplined to push through the barriers and challenges you will inevitably encounter. Such as reading reports as this report, or motivational CD’s or empowering books. Because you’ve entered 10

into a multi-billion dollar industry with approximately 14 million distributors worldwide, the sky is the limit. The only obstacle that will stand in the way your success is your illusion of FEAR…! And as you already know, the only thing to fear is fear itself, because in and of itself fear has no power!!! DO NOT SABOTAGE YOUR DREAMS, because you allowed fear into your consciousness, be the warrior that you are and re-claim your Destiny! I once read that “Fear knocked at the door. Love answered and no one was there”. What a powerful statement! If you allow the love within you to focus on helping to changing the lives of others, fear cannot intercept even when it tries because you will remember your intended purpose and why you are doing what you are doing. The point I would like for you to grasp is your main product is first and foremost yourself, and having trained distributors in your organization! This is why it’s so important to educate yourself consistently! You may be asking why? I once read a statement made by Mike Dillard in Magnetic Sponsoring, which said that you can’t build a true residual income without duplicating leadership because the very economic business model of MLM/Network Marketing is based on duplication, which is driven by leadership. We also want to remember that everyone will not follow the process to building a successful business, which means in reality everyone does not have the drive and tenacity to achieve success. But you as a leader, assuming that you understand your company and its products or services and you are willing to lead by example. This business is one in which you will enjoy many extraordinary rewards and an amazing lifestyle, but you must be committed and dedicated to achieving the success you seek and desire. One key point I would like to share with you also, is in this industry you can and will achieve incredible financial success, and build many relationships but most importantly it will transform the quality of your life in ways you cannot imagine; I promise you will not recognize yourself when you review your life a couple of years into the future. Begin envisioning your life today and the things you Dream and Desire and manifest them into reality…! To learn more about Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring Course you can visit this website: Pay Attention: By following the information, process and system I share and speak about in this Free Report you will learn to retain more prospects in your business life line, build a successful organization, and create a passive and residual income stream in years to come. If you do not follow the process you will ultimately begin losing your income stream because you will inevitably begin losing at least 50% of your organization over a period of time as quickly as you build, which will equal a loss of over 50% of your residual income, bonuses and any other income you earn resulting from the success of your organization. Keep in mind that there will always 11

be a percentage of your organization as I have mentioned that will do nothing, by choosing to remain asleep, which is why it’s imperative that you apply the tools and principles you learn in this report. So let’s examine how we can motivate our Business Life Lines and embark on a journey to achieve massive wealth, extraordinary results and astounding success! Remember Success Leaves Clues, Pay Attention!

MLM 101 There are many resources available for anyone who desires and wants to build a successful MLM business and I share some of the most empowering resources in the MLM industry in this report, to ensure your success; but due to the overwhelming layers and layers of information on the internet and the hundreds of opportunities being pitched most become overwhelmed and loose their momentum to move forward, for fear of failure. Not to mention everyone has the greatest and best company, products and services. But that’s no Excuse to give up because your GOAL is to help others to change their lives! That’s the plain and simple truth! When you get that concept and allow it to become your daily mantra your MLM business will explode. Remember this quote: “The only thing you can take with you when you die is all that you have given away. - Joe Schroeder. So begin to give, give, give!!! But the one sound advice I would like to offer when embarking into the MLM industry, which also means “Mastering The Power Of Leverage To Achieve Massive Results” is make certain it’s a service or product you’re passionate about and a company you love, most importantly make certain you passionately love helping others because this industry will give you the blessing of impacting many lives world wide! Don’t be afraid to conduct some research, this is your investment into building your dynasty, your future and the future of others who will ultimately look up to you as their leader and mentor. That’s Powerful…! Points To Ponder! Be careful not to get stuck in the Analysis, Paralysis stage when you’re considering your home-base MLM business opportunity, thinking so hard and long you fearfully think yourself out of an opportunity, one that has the potential to literally change your entire life! And don’t allow your-self to become entrapped in the rejection trap as we will inevitably experience, just remember to remain focused on helping others to change their lives. 12

View rejection as an opportunity to grow, expand and build confidence. What we are going to discuss now is how to begin leveraging, positioning and re-positioning ourselves and the information that’s available to assist you in understanding how to drive people to like, trust and want to buy and do business with you, in the most simplistic way or what we call convert your prospects into paying customers. But the main factor in this whole equation will be your desire and willingness to do what ever it takes to achieve success! This may be your first time in the MLM industry or maybe you’ve tried a couple of MLM companies and you keep running into the same stumbling blocks or you might be a MLM superstar and you’ve ran into a stop sign. It’s said that most people respond based on their desire to experience pleasure in order to avoid pain. Our goal is to help our network marketing organization come to the realization that if they follow the path of pleasure they will attain all they desire, such as time freedom doing what they want to do and not what they have to do, financial freedom having the resources to be debt free and give back without worrying about not having enough and of course the incredible tax benefits. These are just a few of the pleasure points we seek after when we decide to move beyond the comfort zones of our JOBS (just over broke) or living an average or below average life into the world of the elite MLM Entrepreneurship. Which do you prefer or is that even questionable??? Another important point, you must be willing to give up who you’ve been, to become who you’re intended and meant to be. The point is when we follow the path towards pleasure we avoid the pain that we are seeking to overcome but too afraid to do anything about. This is the case with 98% of the population who have chosen to live pay-check to pay-check struggling to make ends meet. The problem isn’t that people do not want change; they are simply fearful and comfortable doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results, which is the definition of insanity. I have worn the gloves of being a part of the insanity life style and I can tell you it’s not the place you want to remain living within. When I made a conscious decision and began wearing the MLM gloves my life shifted, because at that point I was without doubt tired of being stuck in that nowhere to go rut of living in the darkness of a below average corporate job. Initially for a brief moment when I ventured into the industry of MLM, I still continued traveling with that old below average mind-set because I was so use to robotically being, doing and living in the same below average place of lack. Although I was excited about my new business 13

venture and I sponsored just about everyone I shared my business opportunity with, I still struggled to step out of my own way. Everyone I sponsored in spite of their initial excitement, they too seemed to be asleep in a place I could not seem to reach them. But I learned they were asleep because I did not fully awaken to see and recognize the opportunity that I was blessed to be a part of. I learned quickly that most are walking around with their eyes wide shut, it was frustrating because they were so excited when they joined but once they came into the business, it’s as if they slipped right back into their comatose state of being, waiting for things to happen instead of making things happen and some simply spend their lives wondering what happened. Every challenge, every obstacle I faced made me more determined that nothing would stand in my way of achieving success. Regardless of how many people I connected with and how many could not move pass their fears, I was committed to doing whatever it took to empower, inspire and teach others to avoid making the mistakes I made when I stepped into not only the MLM Industry but the world of entrepreneurship…! This is my purpose in life! Do you know why you’re here and what you are here to do? If you don’t it’s time to conduct a soul search because I know you are sick and tired of being sick and tired but you feel stuck! Sometimes you feel like there is no way out of your 9-5, you feel there is no way out of your credit card debt. Everything feels as if it’s caving in on you! I understand I have been there!!! Don’t worry help is always available! To receive your FREE 30 minute Business, Success Coaching Consultation, visit and write the code Free-Report!

RENTENTION What I decided to do to propel my business forward was conduct research because I wanted to learn as much as I could until I knew the company presentation, services and products like the back of my hands. I was ahead of the 8th ball so to speak, because I was excited about helping others to change their lives and passionate about not only the company but the products and services they offered. Again shortly after, during my learning curve, I slowly felt myself losing my drive and momentum because I felt as if I was spinning my wheels once again trying to raise the dead and babysitting individuals who obviously wanted to remain stuck in their circumstances, because that’s truly what it felt like, being A BABY SITTER. 14

But it did not matter; I remained focused and determined to discover how to keep those motivated, that were truly committed to taking action and changing their lives. As I repeat some of these steps, tools and principles, it is meant to imprint into your minds that which will help you break through and move through because it is said repetition is the Master of knowledge and success. Keep one thing in mind there will always be a percentage of your Business Life Line that will literally turn into your dead-line because they will become dormant and sit down doing nothing no matter how hard you work with them. And no matter what you do or say they will do absolutely nothing because they choose to remain stuck living in their comfort/discomfort zone. If we avoid following or chasing the path of those that do not wish to proceed or propel forward in their businesses, we will avoid the entrapment of falling into the baby sitting cycle. Thus we can spend our time and energy training those who are willing to learn and follow your lead, which will not only grow your business but maintain a higher retention rate. NOTE: Can you see the correlation between Business Life Line and Downline? The whole premise in the language shift is learning how to develop a new success language. I would like everyone who reads this free report to begin altering the language you speak regarding your business and personal success. For example: When people say they love you to death, think about that for a moment! Wouldn’t you prefer someone to say they love you to life? I know I do!!! Hence Business Life Line (BLL) instead of Down-line! Remember the words we speak daily, ultimately expands into our reality and the thoughts we think create our results and our results determine the outcome of our lives and the success of our businesses. The first rule of success is learning how to change your limited thoughts and beliefs into empowering thoughts and beliefs! And change your limited words into words of success! Anyway, let’s proceed the lack of retention in this industry is merely due to poor training, poor leadership and or lack of motivation. But you can avoid or minimize the attrition in your organization by following a process in which you work with individuals who are (1) Ready and committed to their success and the success of others and (2) Provide the necessary training needed for each business life line to gain insight, focus and knowledge to achieve successful results. This is what we call a system, when we have a system in which we follow and every business life line is duplicating this system as mentioned previously, the retention rate will be minimal because individuals are seeing results, which creates momentum and when there is momentum, well let’s just say everyone walks around with a smile on their face….! 15

FYI: A system can include tools can such as company brochures, websites, presentations, books, etc! Remember that the average Life Cycle of a MLM business owner is approximately 30-60 days unless you can tap into and train them within the first 30 days upon inception of joining the business. If you accomplish the implementation of this process consistently your chances of growing your business will increase dramatically and your passive and residual income stream will grow massively. This is why 6 & 7 figure earners understand these success secrets and the importance behind motivating their organization because they know it minimizes the attrition in their business. As much as it’s imperative to recruit new prospects, it’s as equally or more important to implement training your new prospects immediately to maintain a high percentage of retention…! *The only thing that stands between you and someone that’s achieved successful results is your thoughts and beliefs…! But as I was conveying, don’t allow the unmotivated to discourage you because it’s no fault of yours, this is just the nature of any business when dealing with people, some will see the vision and some will not. But there are three types of people you will encounter as you build your MLM business, those that will get the vision immediately and want to do business with you, those that will have to think about and research a little more and those who will instantly say no regardless of how good the product, service or compensation plan looks. In the traditional business model some customers will buy your products or services and others will not regardless of how good your products are or how well you present them. If you remember this simple concept you will not get trapped in spinning your wheels and going nowhere, only to feel disappointed. But make certain you gain leverage with each personality type; meaning for the person that says absolutely no, at least get a referral from them by simply asking them. The person that needs to think about it, make certain you discover and tap into their reason for needing to think about it to ensure you set a time and date to follow up with them. And off course the number one personality will become your customer and part of your business life line because they instantaneously see the vision, they get it, make certain you work with them and Do Not, and I repeat do not get so entrapped in only recruiting that you drop the ball on training; there must be a balance to gain adequate leverage…! This industry is an amazing industry once you understand the basic foundation in which to follow, you will be well on your way to achieving time and financial freedom, or should I say creating generational wealth for you and your family. That’s something to get excited about…just have faith, 16

believe and take action, by doing something everyday that will drive you closer to your ultimate goals and dreams. The reality is your Business Life Line is the bread and butter of your business but you cannot, must not get stuck baby sitting those who truly do not have the drive, vision and motivation to succeed in this industry. And never prejudge when recruiting or prospecting, because others may have said no for what ever reason, or they may communicate things such as they already make enough money or they can’t afford it right now. Whatever the reason, always follow the system! First let’s remember our Business Life Lines cannot be motivated if we are not motivated, let’s lay that on the table upfront. But let’s say for all intended purposes and you are motivated, driven and ready to leap beyond all boundaries and you are ready to teach and motivate those to whom you are committed to helping to succeed, you must remember to stay willing and remain flexible and open to ensure you are expanding in every area of your life each and every day. Let’s now look at Three Master Power Steps that we must follow every day to successfully build our businesses both traditionally and in the MLM industry! These three steps may appear simple but its effects are very powerful. Following you will also find a success formula I learned from Anthony Robbins called the RPM process…!  COMMITMENT- We must be committed to knowing our “Why” every single day. If we do not know our why for doing what we are doing, then we certainly cannot teach others to do the same and succeed.  CREATE- We must create our plan of action every single day. We accomplish this by creating our daily RPM!

 POSITIVELY SCHEDULE- We must positively schedule time everyday to give gratitude for all that we have before we leap into our businesses. By practicing the art of positively scheduling we will develop discipline in learning how to find Solitude in order to have consistent laser focus clarity as we build, teach, inspire and empower.





R- Ask yourself what is the specific Result you’re working towards and committed to achieving in order to successfully “Run” your business? P- Ask yourself why do I want to do this? What is my specific Purpose for doing this and when you understand your purpose for doing this then you can begin to Plan, Prioritize and Prepare to schedule your daily course of Action! When you understand this process your “Why” will become clear! I once read that reasons come first, answers come second. Focus on all the reasons you must push forward in spite of any obstacles you may encounter. M- Ask yourself what specific action must I take daily to accomplish my goals? This is your Master Action Plan! Think of this process as the Map you create to help navigate you on along the path of your journey. THE TRUTH Now the question is what are you willing to do to succeed? How far are you willing to travel to get from where you are to where you desire to be? What are you willing to sacrifice? Here is a truth, your success is directly related and linked to your thoughts, which means as I touched on earlier if your thoughts are not in alignment with your desired results, your outcome will respond to your dominating thoughts because we control our thoughts 1000%. If we choose to work in opposition of this one absolute power and truth we have in our CONTROL, then we are setting ourselves up for a major downfall. If we can hold in our consciousness that we already have everything we need, want and desire, followed by a definite action, we will immediately eradicate the invasion of Excuses, Self Doubt, Fear, Procrastination and all the negative beliefs that hold many hostages from succeeding.


Following you will find a list of what I call Success Principles the real Truth to achieving success in this industry and your life. Remember I stated up front that if you are motivated and energized, you will train and teach your Business Life Line to be motivated and energized, thus building a huge organization of momentum and leaders who will drive your organization to the highest heights.  Spend time daily feeding your mind with positive food. Example: Listening to motivational CD’s, reading inspiring books, watching inspirational shows, videos, movies, affirmations and quotes, etc..!  Be willing to give up the things that are not working and incorporate the things that bring you results.  Be willing to turn your negatives into a positive. Example: Allow your rejections to be your motivation, because every NO you receive, there will be 10 times more Yes’s. Don’t take it personally!  Be willing to give up who you think and believe you are to become who you are intended to be.  Be willing to change your circle of influence, meaning surround yourself with those that are of like mind and motivate you be the best that you can be.  Be willing to envision a life that’s abundant, purpose filled and passion filled. Don’t be afraid to Dream Big.  Invest in your training and education because it’s the foundation in which to expand your success by expanding your knowledge base.  Be willing to invest time into helping others change their lives.  Be willing to give gratitude every day of your life.  Be willing to feed your body that which is healthy. (A healthy body builds a healthy mind and when the mind is healthy all things will work in alignment.  Be willing to treat your business like a business and not a hobby.  Be willing to make a commitment to NEVER QUIT or GIVE UP on yourself or those that are committed to their success. If the above seems as if it’s too much for you to comprehend, then you need to take some time and re-evaluate your present circumstances and decide what’s most important to you because the above list is just a few of the Success Principles needed to create motivation and momentum for yourself and your Business Life Line. As a leader you also want to avoid training any new distributors to act as if they know what they are talking about to a potential prospect when they have not been trained. Again we are talking about training each distributor to duplicate a system that’s already in place, such as the three way process, this is when you conduct a three way call to help close a potential prospect for your business life line. Learn to market your business, network and build relationships! Implement the above Success Principles and train your Business Life Line to implement 19

them as well and I guarantee your business explode. Whatever the obstacles there is a solution, your goal is ensure you discover viable solutions to motivate your MLM Organization to follow a system that can be duplicated and watch your income rise to six figures per month within 2-5 years or less. Turn your 30-40 year retirement plan into your 2-5 year retirement plan. Let’s teach, inspire and empower everyone to stop allowing their dreams to be buried because they dared to give birth to their dreams. If you work a job and chances are you do, but if you must do yourself a favor create a second income stream, call it your Plan-B; and position yourself with commitment to work your new home-base MLM business diligently everyday until your yearly income becomes your monthly income, or at least build your business until you position yourself to stop burying your dreams to corporate America. That is not only a truth but a reality!!! Can you imagine for one moment what that would feel and look like? This is another important point to remember in this industry and that is regardless of how wonderful your product and company may be, you are ultimately selling yourself first because you are the writer of your script, you can rewrite your success script any time you decide you are ready….! Ponder that thought!!! This report was written to help you learn some basic steps to fearlessly leap towards your dreams, never accepting less than you deserve and striving to be the best you can be. Understanding this truth will drive you to seek living your life with purpose and passion…and that is Life without Limits and Fear!!!

RESOURCES Let’s look at some resources you can implement as you learn how to build your Network Marketing Business! I have personally utilized these marketing techniques and I can honestly say they helped me to understand how to attract more paying customers, business partners and build a large and successful Business Life Line that was ready to work and build a successful Network Marketing Business. These are my multimillion dollar resources that I am sharing because I wish for you to achieve astounding success weather you choose to earn an additional $2000 dollars per month or you are ready to achieve financial freedom, work part time or full time! It does not matter as long as you follow and implement these proven steps, which has helped countless network marketers and business owners throughout the world to build huge organizations and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in their network marketing businesses…! The purpose is to tweak the old traditional way that network marketers have built their businesses and implement the new wave of building your Network Marketing/MLM business. These resources are suggestions for your 20

review but you are free to investigate and utilize any other resources you may choose. My goal is to provide you with every avenue possible to assist you in creating the momentum and the drive needed to remain motivated and committed to the journey of success you have chosen to embark upon. HINT: If you’re not motivated, you can’t possibly motivate anyone else. Do not and I say do not get caught in the Depression Trap. You must maintain your drive and enthusiasm regardless of any setbacks. Do not allow rejection to penetrate your drive, simply view every setback as an opportunity to learn what works and what does not and move beyond the challenges and limitations you may encounter. Suggested Reading: (1) Your First Year in Network Marketing (2) Magnetic Sponsoring (3) First Steps (Getting Started in Network Marketing!) (4) The 45Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life. There are many other books on the subject, again feel free to investigate and venture! Launching any business MLM or a traditional will require work and you must be willing to stay on the path even when it gets difficult. Have you ever heard anything worth having will require hard work but when you understand the reason in your “Why” the journey will be less difficult to travel? Take a moment to view the following resources TO HELP BUILD YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESSFULLY…! But here is some statistical data I would like to share that I learned from Tim Sales one of the top network marketing gurus in the world, you can ponder and share with your organization. When building your MLM business you will encounter objections from not only those you seek to introduce to your business but also to your direct Business Life Line. The statistics states that there are 49.9 million people in direct sales that sell 89.2 billion in sales. There are 475,000 new distributors that join each week. When individuals do not see the seriousness of their MLM business, they are giving up the opportunity to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. The component that may be missing is their commitment and their vision…! My point here is consistently educating yourself will help you to maintain the knowledge needed to keep yourself and your Business Life Line motivated, this will allow them to own their decisions to take responsibility for their actions and remain accountable for the outcome. Make certain you take the time to learn about the individuals in your organization by understanding their goals and motivations, this will give you the leverage needed to create a strong 21

team of leaders and achievers and those who are ready to Take Action and make things happen. The above statistics is meant to provide you with some powerful insight and information in which to excite your Business Life Line and motivate them to move forward. Also, remember when seeking out prospects, make certain they are passionate about what you’re presenting, meaning your product, services and your company…! But also I want to share these very simple but important 10 effective qualities I learned from Tim Sales that will be imperative to your success in your MLM Business when communicating with your potential prospects: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Be interested in the prospect Do not be distracted by anything Have a sincere, friendly facial expression Use the correct amount of assertiveness Communicate easily - No tension, strain, fakeness, sounding rehearsed, stuttering or hesitating 6. Make sure your body doesn't distract the prospect 7. Tell the truth 8. Know what you're talking about 9. Communicate at the prospect's level of understanding 10. Have the intention to make the person's life better He further added, “I encourage you to make becoming an effective communicator one of your top professional goals. I say this because your success will largely be proportional to how quickly you develop these 10 communication qualities”.

Let’s jump right into the tools and resources that can help you to motivate your Business Life Line to Take Action…! What are the best free tools you presently use to save you time and money in your business? Great question! It's actually a question that I'm asked all the time. One of the things that is so important to getting your network marketing business (or any business) moving quickly is to not have to spend the time (and money) involved with getting the tools you need to:

 Generate Leads 22

 Work More Effectively  Communicate with your Leads  Make More Sales I truly understand the frustration involved with getting more done in less time in your home based business. Perhaps you've been searching the internet for business tools, listening in on Tele-seminars where you're being sold "the latest and greatest" business tools or you're just sitting there STUCK! The tools listed in this Free Report are designed to cut your learning and Information gathering curve to ZERO Guaranteed! That's the reason I created this report…. And what will be your results?  More Time  More Fun  More Money OK, let's get started! These are my top ten Time and Money Saving business productivity tools….Enjoy them and most importantly share it with your Business Life Lines so they understand that this may require work as with anything worth having but the rewards are sweet. Here is a golden nugget as a leader in this industry you will have to learn how to position yourself as an expert in delivering solutions to unsolved problems. You as the expert hold the key to not only your success but the success of others because you can help them achieve what they want, seek and desire..! Do you get the power in that statement???

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1. Gmail ( I absolutely love Gmail. Besides being a great "free" email service run by Google, it also allows you to be connected to many of the great new functions which Google is offering. Now is the time to be connected to Google's suite of offerings. Gmail also has some impressive offline features. If you click on "settings", And then click on offline you can enable this feature. What it does is saves all your emails "offline". What's this mean? You can go through and answer each email without an internet connection. Is that cool or what!

2. Google Alerts ( I love to be able to know when I'm mentioned on the internet or one of my Websites. The service is absolutely free and super easy to set up. You can set up any string of words or phrases. The very first thing you should do is to set an alert for your name. For example, I have alerts for "Aloycia Woods” and "Living Your Divine Purpose" (my company: You can set Google alerts for whatever phrases you want. You have total control over how often you receive the alerts and which email address the alerts are sent to. It also allows you to get great content for your blog sites, articles, and research on whatever topic you're interested in. Here's an example… Set a Google Alert for "network marketing leads". What do you think happens next? Yup, you get articles and information on the best way to get "network marketing leads"! It's like having your own research team working for you 24/7…yah baby 24

3. Roboform ( I would never, ever think about being without this handy tool. How many times have you signed up for a service online (ex. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, your email account, Gmail…) and forgot the password? How many times have you written it down on a pad or sticky note and forgot where you put it? Frustration is a pain, isn't it! This is how Robo-form works. It saves all your info that you want it to and then with one click of a button, automatically takes you to the website, and viola!... Fills in all your login information! (if you're not doing the happy dance right now, I got to check your pulse!)

It saves all your passwords as well - so if I have to login somewhere, I just click one button and it automatically logins me in. It is attached as a menu button on your browser - just by your "url bar" on the top of your browser. So it's easy to access and use! Think about the amount of time this will save you when you have 10, 20, or 100 login addresses!

4. / If you have any intention on being a Leader in Network Marketing, you will need to become a good presenter on teleconferences. What does this have to do with being a leader? Answer: Everything! There are a number of free conference calling services, so feel free (no pun Intended,) to look at a few of them and decide which one you will start with. It's so important to begin looking at your business as a way to build your "authority". What that implies is that leading teleconferences establishes you as the authority to your business life-line, prospects, and other leaders in your organization. 25

OK, I have to give this disclaimer: In the last few years, free conference services have gotten so much better as it relates to: Quality of the service Call Reliability Ability to send out replays *With that said, if you do enough of these calls, you will encounter an occasional time when you have a technical issue. When that happens, 1. Take a Deep Breath 2. Apologize To Your Audience 3. Reschedule the call 4. Live To Fight Another Day! *If your budget allows, you may want to investigate paid services like: • Go To Meeting ( • Instanteleseminar ( *Start with the free services first and then move to paid services.

5. Quantcast ( Let me ask you a question…would you rather share your business opportunity with browsers or buyers, or people wanting your type of business right now.... hmmm??? That one should take you a nanosecond… I vote for buyers!!! Quantcast is a great site for understanding buying habits for your particular niche market. For example, if you are targeting stay at home moms, interested in home based businesses in the health and wellness area, you can find out what they are buying, areas of interest, etc…Think that may help you in your marketing?

6. Open Office ( 26

Open Office is a "free" suite of business productivity tools that allow you to develop documents and edit them if you don't want the expense of Microsoft Office. All you have to do is go to the site and download the software. You can work with Powerpoint, Excel, and Word documents immediately. If you're on a budget this is the way to go. OK, what is this all about, Aloycia? is THE place to find like minded entrepreneurs and business owners, to network and grow your list of associates. One of my greatest mentors told me, "in order to be successful, do what successful people do AND hang out where they hang out". Makes sense doesn't it? If you go to, you will be able to search for groups in your area that meet for networking and to support each other's business. For example… Let's say you are looking for network marketers in your geographic area… Go to Type in your zip code Enter "network marketing" into the search bar When you hit "enter", you will get a list of all the groups in your area that are targeting network marketers who want to network with YOU! How cool is that! Go give it a try… Search for anything you want…women's groups, entrepreneurs, health and wellness….Have some fun and remember…. It's free to join the groups!

8. Auto-responder Services If you are looking to grow a sustainable business and maximize your communications, auto-responders are a MUST! Auto-responders allow you to:  Build your list of prospects and buyers


 Send “personalized” emails to large groups on your list at any interval you choose  Stay connected to your target market  Save tons of time!

If you've ever signed up for someone's list, newsletter, or gotten a special report, you have been placed in an auto-responder! There is a number of excellent email management (aka auto-responder) services available to you. Here are a few that offer an excellent value to small business owners: Aweber (my favorite! Constant Contact Get Response Mailchimp All of them offer a free "trial" period, usually 30 days that will allow you to try them out. Your auto-responder will be your best list building tool… …Guaranteed! Imagine having the capability to have people come to one of your sites and sign up for more information about your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you just have to set it up once… That's Leverage!

9. ( One of the issues I've had with Social Networking at sites like Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, is all of the time it takes to go to the sites, make posts (comments) and keep a "presence". If you've done it, you know exactly what I'm saying. allows you to make one post and it gets sent to all of the sites you want it to at one time… So, you will no longer have to go to each site, login in, make your post, and move on to the next… I love this site ! Here's the keys to making it work for you:  You have to invest a little time in setting up your profile at each 28

site  You need to think of which sites you want to include in your posts  You have to be OK with saving a ton of time! What a great way to keep a presence at the sites for only minutes a day!

10. Google Maps Caution: This is an advanced tool! Google has a cool system that very few business owners know about. Until now, of course! It's called Google Local search and maps. Imagine the capability to have your business, regardless of whether you have a physical location or not, show up on the first page of Google searches! Take a minute and consider how many leads, prospects, and sales you would get from your local area. And here's the point you have to get… This works for ANY business! Google is constantly looking for ways to make their searches more powerful and relevant for people who are looking for businesses in their area. That's the magic of Google Local search and maps. Try it out for yourself…. Go to Google and search under any keywords + your local area… Ex. Marketing Consultants Atlanta What comes up is a map that shows business consultants in the Atlanta area, right? Imagine your business being one of the top 5 on that map…


See how you could increase the leads and contacts for your business? and begin motivating your Business Life Line And the best part of it….It's absolutely Free to list your business if you have a business ADDRESS. If you're interested in making this work for you, please contact me at: [email protected] Those are my top ten business productivity tools. I know I have provided you with a lot to think about. Here is the best way to make them work for you: Start with one or two of the tools that will help you free up the most time, from those tasks you are currently spending your time and begin motivating your Business Life Line! Think of using the top list building tools to grow your sales funnel on Autopilot (hint: www.roboform,, and a good autoResponders top my list!) Make it a point to learn one new tool per week and see how your business takes off! Feel free to contact me at: [email protected] if you have any questions or need guidance! If you'd like to get more marketing tools for your business, and become a part of my private Master-Mind Club you can visit: ADDITIONAL-RESOURCES TO HELP EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS 5 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Build Your Network Marketing Business On A 'Shoe-String' Budget! You Will Discover How You Can Literally Attract An Endless Stream Of Prospects To You, Credit Card In Hand, Ready To Join... Automatically! How To Sponsor 10 to 20 Reps Per Month In Any Company - 100% Guaranteed...


If you desire to change your circumstances, weather it's just a little or a lot; I invite you to apply the information in it's entirety that you read in this Free Report and absorb the information by allowing it to penetrate your being! I guarantee it will motivate and empower you to Take Action...! Don't take my word for it see for your self! Remember if we do not position ourselves by recognizing trends and opportunities as the right person in the right place at the right time, we will miss the mark and become one of those individuals that say I wish I had. Position yourself to say I am glad I did...! Don't allow the economy or your job to determine your Destiny!!! Thank you for requesting this FREE REPORT! I hope you found value in its content and you will implement anything that resonates with you. “Remember opportunities don’t away they simply go to someone else who is ready to take Action!” Don’t allow the enemy of Procrastination, Doubt and Fear to grab hold of your dreams! Become proactive in the direction you desire to go on your journey and achieve the success you desire because it’s already yours if you believe. Take responsibility for your experiences and hold yourself accountable for your choices and you will attract empowering experiences and outcomes…!



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