16th December 2016

Charlton Kings Junior School Newsletter HEAD’S NEWS

As Term 2 draws to an end pupils and staff are ready for the Christmas holidays and an opportunity to relax. The children have been getting into the festive spirit with the Year 6 Talent Show, the Year 5 Carol Service, which the whole school watched on Tuesday, Christmas lunch at Balcarras for 300 pupils over two days, a celebration assembly and finally a candlelit service. The PTA Christmas Fair was a great success yet again and many thanks to all those parents, pupils, past and present, and staff who gave of their time and money!! You will notice that this newsletter is a little different to the usual ones. The Year 6 School News Team have written a number of articles about Clubs and School events. We thought it would be nice for you to see their work.


Tuesday 3rd— Start of Term 3

Monday 9—CLUBS START TODAY— new list will be coming out at the beginning of term

Thursday 12—Magical Worlds’ Evening

Wednesday 18—English Information Evening at 7pm

All that remains is for me to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year. I hope you manage to have a restful time and enjoy time together as a family.


Best wishes

There will be NO Balcarras lunches available on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th January.

L Pajak

Please send your child in with a packed lunch.

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Club News—1 The newsletter team interviewed Mrs Hart about Jaffa club to show you what it was about. She said that Jaffa club was an enthusiastic fun and educational way to learn about the Christian faith. We found out that Jaffa does not mean Jaffa cakes but it means Jesus a friend for all. Jaffa cakes and squash are involved in the club as well as watching video clips, telling stories, doing art and having a prayer at the end. All children are welcome from 3:10 on a Wednesday till 4:00 and the club is open to all years. Mrs Hart said she likes the club because it is educational and fun for all the children. It will bring out your artistic side as well as your fun side. To be in this club see Mrs Hart and come along on the following Wednesday. Everyone is welcome, it is lots of fun.

The Photography Club, run by Mr Blakey, is a club for all years and is every Tuesday, 3:15 until 4:00. Children may bring their own camera if they would like to, but the club cannot take responsibility for any damage or loss. To ensure this doesn’t happen, cameras must be labelled with your child’s name and class. We interviewed Mr Blakey to find out about the club and he said “It is nice to see what people can do and looking at children’s fantastic photography skills.” The club is great fun and also educational.

More Club News—2 The newsletter team interviewed Miss Thompson about the club she runs: Magic Worlds. This is a club based on the Harry Potter series, where you can do fun activities all about J.K Rowling’s wonderful stories, for children and adults alike. Some of the activities include: listening to the brilliant books, colouring, making wands, creating maps and owls! Children may also bring in 'Show And Tell’ based on Harry Potter. The club is open on a Wednesday to all year 3 and 4 pupils from 3:10 to 4:00.

On Wednesday afternoon (3:10 – 4:15), the Choir (which is run by Mrs Watts and the Harmers) get together to sing and practice for up-coming events. One of those events is the Joy of Christmas which is a memorable event for all of the choir and the audience. The choir is open to all age groups from 7-11 year olds (year 3year 6). ‘The Joy of Christmas is such a fun event’ quoted Eloise Heusen from year 6. Anyone is welcome to join and everyone always tries their hardest and is all a team.

The newsletter team interviewed pupils from Street Dance Club and their comments will show you what a fantastic, great club it is for your child. Emily says she likes Street Dance Club because she likes learning hip hop and other styles. Leah says she enjoys it because she like making new friends and the members make her feel happy and welcome all the time. Keira says that she likes Street Dance Club because she loves being sporty and active and loves learning new moves that she has never seen before. All year fives, girls and boys, are welcome so come along on a Tuesday after school at 3:10 till 4:00.


Charlotte Tonge (6G) I was inspired by games and also my sister who really enjoyed playing netball. She came home every Tuesday and told me how much fun netball was. This made me want to join the club when I was in year 5. Now I go to netball I think that as many people as possible should join. Florence Matcham-Baker (6G) My fellow team players recommended it especially my two best friends. Isobel Hill (6S) I have been inspired by all of the really fun and inspirational games lessons. I would want people to join Netball because it is a great sport for all ages and genders. We could also build on our already amazing team. I chose Netball because you can play it whenever you want and it’s great to play with your friends. Molly Dibden (6H)I love Netball because it’s a very interactive sport and it’s very energetic. I joined because I was told by all my friends that it was amazing . It’s great fun because you can improve your sport ability and you can make loads of new friends.

The sport news team interviewed Mr Kirby We asked him some questions about himself and his time so far in the CKJS sport team. Q. What inspired you to become a sports teacher? A. A combination of wanting to improve others, the Olympics and my love of football. Q. What did you think about the team’s last game? A. There was a lot of potential. Q. How do you prepare your players? A. Get them changed quickly, then a proper warm-up and a chat about the opposition. Q. Were you impressed about how the teams have played? A. Yes, they have done very well. Q. Do you know if there are any matches coming up? A. Lots of matches to do with the Cheltenham football league. There is one almost every week. Q. What job did you have before you became a sports teacher? A. I have always been a PE teacher, but before university I worked behind a bar, in a dry cleaners and as a football referee. Then we asked a few of the football players what they thought about him. Joe C (6S) - he is a really good teacher for football and he’s clubtastic with all of his clubs. Saad N (6H) - I think he is very fair at picking the teams and very organised on getting everyone a message to say that football practice is on. He also encourages having high hopes for the football future. Joseph W (6S) – Joseph thinks he is so great he actually described Mr Kirby as the KING OF FOOTBALL!!!

Y6 GET EVACUATED! On the 28th of September 2016, Y6 spent the day at Warwickshire steam railway experiencing a sorrowful day in 1940. The exciting trip included; travelling in a train to Cheltenham racecourse, capturing a German spy, going into an air aid shelter and putting out a fire after bombs had dropped. We interviewed Geraint Lloyd-lee in 6G to see what parts of the trips he enjoyed. What was your favorite part of the trip and why? “My favorite part of the trip was when the teachers had to catch a German spy because it was funny the way that the teachers had to push the German spy down the platform and arrest him.” What was it like in the air raid shelter? “It was really dark and a bit scary because all the bombs felt really close to the shelter. Also the walls were shaking.” Did you like putting out the fire? “Yes! It was really good fun but I found really unfair because one of the hoses was really good and ours kept on spraying everywhere!!!”

All of Year 3 went to @Bristol for a science trip on Friday 2nd December 2016. They had great fun and enjoyed it immensely. We interviewed two year 3’s called Izzy and Urvi about their trip: What did you do? Urvi: We went to a show which showed how your body works. Izzy: We also made animations. What was your favourite part of the trip? Izzy: Rocks which looked like they were 3D. Urvi: I liked EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you go there again and why? Urvi: YES! It was very interesting. Izzy: YES! It was very fun!

Romans Invade CKJS On the 15th November, Year 4 had the opportunity to dress up as Romans for the day. The day included making pouches, having a costume competition and making mosaics. Wow! It sounds like they had an amazing day thanks to the Year 4 teachers. I hope all of the Year 4s to come will love it too. We interviewed Hannah Makin 4B, Pia Berendsen 4B and Georgina Burge 4B. What did you enjoy best about Roman day and why? Hannah: “I enjoyed making the pouches the best.” Pia & Georgina: “I enjoyed making the mosaics the best.”

Year 4 Become Romans Year 4 went to Chedworth Roman Villa and had a go at being Romans. They saw lots of old things including the Roman Baths, some latrines and they got to touch roman artefacts!!! We interviewed Poppy Plumpton in 4L and Hannah McConnell. What did you like about it best? Poppy: ‘I liked the woodland trail the best’. Hannah: ‘I liked learning about the Roman Baths’. Did you like being a Roman for the day and why? Hannah: ‘Yes, because it was fantastic’. Poppy: ‘Definitely, because I was the Chief Roman’. Did anyone find any Roman Snail shells? Poppy and Hannah: ‘Yes, Jessica and Tom found some!!!’ It looks like the Year 4 had some fun on their trip!!!