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Spring Term - April 2014

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Welcome to our Easter newsletter !! Firstly, can we use this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Easter at the end of what has been an exciting half term.

In this issue…

Beacon Co-op Shop Grand Opening

Year 10 are currently on work experience, with some amazing feedback regarding their dedication, commitment and mature approach within their placements. It has been a privilege to hear of their success while out of school which builds on their academic progress. We were delighted to complete the process to appoint our first ever democratically elected student leadership team, with all the candidates a huge credit to themselves and the school. Having completed an application, formal interview and finally present a 2 minute presentation to the whole school on why they should be in the leadership team, every member of the school voted to elect their preferred candidate. Although there are only 4 formal posts, all the students can take tremendous pride in the effort and work they put into their applications, together with what they achieve every day to make a difference in our community; well done to all. It is a tremendously exciting time in relation to Building Schools for the future (BSF). Having completed the final stages of the process, work on the new school is due to commence shortly. A huge thanks to the significant team who have been instrumental in supporting Charlton and BRJ, to complete the final phase of what will have been a major investment across the whole local authority. Our opening on the new site is scheduled for January 2016, with Charlton being the last school in the country to have been completed under the current BSF framework. We are extremely excited about the months ahead and the further opportunities a new build will bring. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Mr Motivator!

Year 11s have already started their final examinations in some practical subjects, with the main examination season due to commence a fortnight after the Easter period. We wish all students involved with final examinations the very best of luck, knowing that their commitment and hard work will support their academic achievement across all areas. A number of departments have organised Easter revision sessions, which have been communicated to all students, offering further support; our thanks goes to all those involved. Our recent Curriculum Enhancement day was a huge success, with many organisations attending school to promote a range of topical areas. The Cultural Heritage day for Year 8 students at Blists Hill was very well received, with a number of events taking place to give students further insight into the development and growth of their local area over the years gone by. We are always pleased to receive positive feedback from those who work with students which recognises their commitment to the planned activities and events.

Tim Bowler

On return after the Easter break we have a very short four week half term. A reminder that Monday 28th April is a PD day followed by the bank holiday on Monday 5 th May. Although only four weeks long, there is a huge amount to undertake, significantly the Years 8 & 9 options process, which will enable students to make further decisions regarding their curriculum provision. Parents will be receiving further information providing details at what is a crucial period of time for those students concerned. Again, can we wish you a very happy Easter while looking forward to an exciting term ahead.

Mr L Tristham - Head of Secondary Phase

Mr N Renshaw - Principal

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YEAR 11 DRAMA STUDENTS GO TO THE BIRMINGHAM REPERTORY THEATRE Students attended the Graeae Companies performance of the ‘Threepenny Opera’ in preparation for their GCSE Drama exam. The students were able to see how a variety of dramatic conventions can be used to enhance a performance and hopefully gained some inspiration to further develop their own ideas. ‘The Threepenny Opera – a tub-thumping update of The Beggar's Opera – makes an inspired choice for Jenny Sealey's Graeae company. The recalcitrant misfits of Macheath's gang, who survive by theft and bribery, suddenly seem less like criminals and more like the cast-offs of a callous society. Mr Peachum's business – a racket of the city's beggars – thrives by elevating their various impairments to draw in donations.’ The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have lots of new ideas for their practical Drama exam.

RICT C S I D F ERS O N N I W 0 YEAR 1 2014 Y H P O R T

MFL: VOCAB EXPRE SS GLOBAL CHALLE NGE From Thursday 6th March until Wednesday 12th March 2014, Charlton School took part in the Vocab Express Global Challenge event. This was an excellent way to focus students on vocabulary learning in the build-up to exams. It featured schools from across the country and around the world competing for a range of awards at both school and at student level. There were separate competitions for a range of languages which included Urdu, Polish, Italian, Hebrew, Latin, Mandarin, French, German, Arabic, Russian and Spanish. Charlton students rose to the challenge! We held our breath as the competition drew to a close…. Would we or would we not finish in the top three for German? We did!!!!!!!!!! We secured third place in the Challenge Cup for German. Special mention goes to the following ‘genius’ scorers, for the significant part they played across all languages: Rachel Heald, Annie Cartwright, Maisie Birrell, William Morphet, Emily Cartwright, Ella Martin, Emily Hughes (yr 7), Elora Morris, Daniel Eatough, Sapphire Thawe, Katherine Eatough, Doloresa Kalmane, Rachel Eatough, Matthew Hardwick, Megan Ward, Kimberley Parton and Sofia Bakare. Mrs Bradley (Curriculum Leader for MFL)




Tim has written twenty books for teenagers and won fifteen awards, including the prestigious Carnegie Medal. He has been described by the Sunday Telegraph as "the master of the psychological thriller" and by the Independent as "one of the truly individual voices in British teenage fiction". The above excerpt is taken from Tim’s website. http://www.timbowler.co.uk Tim won the Carnegie Award for his book River Boy in 1997. During his visit with us on Friday 7th March, he read from his books and talked about his writing. Tim also answered very interesting questions from our Year 7 students who attended for two sessions. During the last hour of his time with us he autographed books, planners, phone cases and even a student’s bag. Our students and staff were captivated both by his book excerpts and his witty tales of his younger years and how he became a writer. We have invited Tim to come back for World Book Day on March 5th 2015 when we hope he will enthral another captive audience. We keep our fingers crossed!

Charlton School Library supports and encourages readers and learners of all POETRY COMPETITION Check out the notice board in the library with the winning entrants from Dothill and Charlton pupils.

See who you can spot in the photo above? It was taken during a library lesson on 17th October 2007. We are open breaks, lunchtimes every day and after school till 5pm on Mondays to Thursdays. No excuses for not doing homework!!!! Tell us about your favourite author/ books.

OVERDUE BOOKS I currently have 200 books overdue from the library! Can you please encourage your child to return any overdue books? Notices will be going out to students who have overdue books this week. The books really do like to be “Home for Christmas!” The return date is always stamped in the front of the book if unsure of date.

In Partnership with Allscott Cricket Club Junior Cricket Coaching at Allscott CC Ground Thursday Evenings 6.00 pm—8.00 pm Age groups to include 10-16

At Allscott Sports and Social Club TF6 5EQ on 12/4/2014 Rock of Years show starts 7.30pm 9.30pm Elton John Tribute. Tickets Just £10 & Tent £5 for the night

Sita Bramachari, the author of the Kite Spirit and Jasmine Skies recently worked with our Year 9 English top set. Their work will be on display at the forthcoming Pop Up Festival.

Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron & Enginuity, Ironbridge, Shropshire Saturday 19th April 11am - 5pm Come along with your families to a FREE literary festival and meet 10 authors and illustrators in their dreamed up worlds of creativity (Created by the Royal Opera House design team)... they are all ready to share their writing and illustrating with you in a fun filled interactive, participatory day. For more information about the exhibitions and authors who will be at the festival.... go to: http://pop-up.org.uk/festival/ Pop Up Festival brings books & stories spectacularly to life through a packed programme of imaginative events, activities & art-works created especially for Pop Up by writers, illustrators, poets & storytellers. This free, world-class event for children of all ages will be popping-up in Shropshire, Essex & London.

KUDOS! We are excited to announce the second issue of Charlton’s student magazine KUDOS is now available for just 50p. For the latest in: teen problems, game reviews, fashion updates, teen fiction and film and music reviews – KUDOS has it sorted! Please see Mrs Briggs in EN7 this week for your copy and look out for sellers visiting your form rooms the first week back after Easter.

Join the Adult Zumba Party

Year Group Calendar Dates Year 8

Year 7

1st May - Junior Maths Challenge 9th May - Systems & Control Visit to Alton Towers 14th May KS4 Pathways Evening

Year 9 7th May - Blists Hill Technology Trip 25th-29th May - Cultural Trip to Paris

Year 10 1st May - Year 10 Subject Specific Consultation Evening 2nd May - Year 11 Celebration Day

2nd May - Bletchley Park & Museum of Computing Trip

25th-29th May - Cultural Trip to Paris

Year 11

12th May - Maths CAT Statistics 14th - 16th May - Maths CAT Statistics

Club k r o w e Hom Homework Club is on every Wednesday night in EN10 from 3.15 pm until 4.15 pm, run by Mrs Swan and Mrs Davies. There is an additional session on Thursdays at lunchtime in EN10. A Peer Supporter is also there to help support those students who need it. Please come along.

Reminder of School Policy on Uniform Charlton has tremendous pride in all of our students and values commitment to their school. We are delighted by the comments received from visitors to our school who always talk about the mature nature of our students and how committed they are to working with staff to move the school forward. As a school, we passionately believe that the students’ appearance supports this very positive ethos and says a lot about how young people feel about school. Below is our uniform list. We feel that the uniform supports students in school and allows the focus to be on developing their learning in comfortable clothing.

School tie.

The school tie incorporates the House Colours. (Clive – Red Stripes, Darwin – Green Stripes, Owen – Yellow Stripes and Webb – Blue Stripes). Pale blue shirt. Years 7 - 10 Navy V-neck sweatshirt with School crest (no other logos acceptable) Year 11 only Maroon V-neck pullover Technology apron (separate for food and workshop activities) Plain out-door coat (no leather or denim). Blue/ black. School scarf in House colours - optional BOYS:  Plain black trousers (not jeans).  Navy/grey socks  Black plain shoes – no coloured decoration or canvas type shoe.  Pale blue aertex shirt*  Navy blue PE shorts *  Reversible red/red with blue stripe rugby shirt.  Navy blue sports socks (winter).  White sports socks (summer and indoor).  PE school sweatshirt.  Navy blue jogging bottoms.  Training shoes - predominantly white (NOT boots) indoor and outdoor.  Soccer boots.  Shin pads. * Available with school logo from school supplier

GIRLS:  Navy tailored trousers (not jeans) or Navy skirt (Trutex back vent style only)  Navy or white socks OR thick black tights.  Black flat walking shoes. No slingback, clog type shoes or canvas type shoe – Max. heel height 4cms. Max Sole 2cms.  Pale blue aertex shirt *  Navy blue PE shorts *  Navy blue sports socks (winter).  White sports socks (summer and indoor).  PE school sweatshirt.  Navy blue jogging bottoms.  Training shoes - predominantly white (NOT boots) indoor and outdoor.  Soccer or hockey boots.  Shin pads.  Girls with long hair must provide

 Trainers may not be worn in School at anytime. They should not be worn to and from School. A Doctor’s Note is required for the wearing of trainers for medical reasons. Please Note:- Students not participating in active P.E. lessons are still required to bring their P.E. kit with them to school. Alternative arrangements will be made for these students. Towels are required for showering - Please note that aerosol cans are not allowed on the premises, this means roll-on deodorants must be used instead of the spray variety.

ALL ARTICLES OF CLOTHING SHOULD BE CLEARLY NAMED We would also like to outline the following issues related to uniform: 1.

Students should not replace items of uniform with other fashion accessories, i.e. sweaters with hoodies, etc.


Hoodies should not be worn in school with the exception of those used within the curriculum—i.e. Dance hoodies or School hoodies with the school logo.


Shoes should be plain black and logo free. Black trainers are not permitted. However, shoes with Velcro fastenings are allowed. Canvas type footwear is not permitted. As a school we do not feel that this type of footwear is appropriate, as during the winter months students’ feet become wet and uncomfortable through the day. This has resulted in a number of cases where students have had to contact parents to bring alternative footwear into school.


Only one design of skirt is approved. It is the navy Trutex Back Vent skirt which is available from Derek Baker and Son. The hem of the skirt must not be more than 2 inches above the knee.


For all students jewellery is not permitted. This reduces the possibility of loss and upset caused as a result of this. It is also to support Health and Safety in a range of areas. New piercings should be administered at the start of the summer holidays to allow time to heal. We do not allow new piercings covered with plasters.


Cosmetics other than a discreet amount or mascara or foundation for girls should not be worn.


Nail varnish and nail extensions are not allowed in school. Students are involved in many activities and again, nail extensions can cause injury.


Excessive hairstyles, hair extensions, shaved patterns, panels or lines, non-normal hair colour and false eyelashes are not permitted.


Any student whose appearance represents an extreme of fashion, as defined by the Head, will be deemed to have isolated themselves from the school until their appearance is suitable.


Breaches of uniform may constitute: (examples only) Incorrect footwear, Non regulation skirt or trousers, Shaved patterns in hairstyle, Jewellery, New piercings, Non normal hair colour For such breaches students will be deemed to have isolated themselves from the school until their appearance is deemed acceptable.


Requests for temporary breaches of uniform must be supported by a parental signed note, handed to the Year Pastoral Manager for authorisation. For a first instance during a half term permission may be granted. Under normal circumstances we will allow 24 hours to rectify the situation. If such permission is not granted a student may be placed at Dothill Compass Point, on SLT corridor or in another suitable location for isolation depending on room availability. For a second instance in each half term students will be deemed to have isolated themselves from school until their appearance is acceptable. For repeated instances the School Exclusion Policy may then be applied.

We thank you for your support in ensuring a consistent approach, which will hopefully support all children.

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