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Autumn Term 2 - 2014

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Dear Parents / Carers,

In this issue…

Happy Christmas and welcome to our end of term newsletter. Reflecting on the year, students were a real credit to yourselves and our school in our end of year carol concerts at All Saints Church. The standards of performance in music, singing and drama were exceptional. We hope that you enjoy our reflections on the year and we look forward to the year ahead, which will of course be our last full year in our current buildings! Best wishes for the New Year and all the very best for a peaceful holiday.

Mr L Tristham - Head of Secondary Phase

Charlton P.E Tweets


Mr N Renshaw - Principal

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FORENSICS At Charlton’s Open Evening in October the Science department ran a forensic competition. Caitlin Gemill from Crudgington won and as a reward the Science department visited Crudgington and presented a “fun science” afternoon.

Introducing… Shepherd Construction Ltd Foundations and steel work have been completed to two thirds of the structure. Floors have started to be built on to the steel work ready for the concrete pour infills.

We are endeavouring to keep disruption to a minimum but I am sure you appreciate that with a construction of this size some disruption is inevitable. We are informing you of possible dates programmed which involves the potential for out of hours work for concrete pours:6th,7th,8th,9th Jan 2015 Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

Charlton School steel beam signing Site Contact: 01952 642810 Or E-mail [email protected]

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TWSSA Charlton Gymnasts competed at the TWSSA Gymnastics competition on Monday 16th December. Students performed a floor work routine and two vaults of their choice in the elite competition. Two teams took part, and Charlton 1 won the second place in the team competition. The following students took part. Molly Poulter, Amy Stephenson, Amy Briscoe, Harriet Price, Rachel Baker, Dillon Morrey, Caitlin Grantham and Ester Massengo-Fouani. Well done to them all.

Microsoft Training at Charlton The ICT department at Charlton would like to offer training, available for all parents/grandparents. The course is an accredited course with Microsoft working towards gaining a Microsoft qualification in a variety of packages to suit the individual needs. The course would be delivered over ten-fifteen weeks and there would be a 1 hour online exam at the end. The course can cover the following packages:- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, SharePoint, OneNote, Office 365. If you are interested please could you contact Ann Stephens at Charlton , The sessions are held on Tuesday evenings 3.15pm 4.30pm at Charlton School . Email: [email protected] or telephone 01952 386800


Spring Term Starts

15th January

Year 11 German Speaking Exam

19th January

Year 9 Subject Evening

20th January

Year 10 Science CAT

21st January

Year 9 Holocaust Memorial Conference - Keele University

23rd January

Year 8 HPV Injections

26th January

Year 9 IWM Museum North Holocaust Trip

29th January

Year 9 Holocaust Survivor (in school)

FEBRUARY 2015 2nd February

Year 10 ICT CAT

4th February


6th February

Year 8 Slavery Museum Liverpool Trip Year 11 Poetry Live

9th February

Year 11 English CAT

11th February

Year 9 WWI 100 Conference - Keele University

13th February

End of term

14th February

New York Trip

15th February

Maths Disneyland Paris Trip

Reminder of School Policy on Uniform Charlton has tremendous pride in all of our students and values commitment to their school. We are delighted by the comments received from visitors to our school who always talk about the mature nature of our students and how committed they are to working with staff to move the school forward. As a school, we passionately believe that the students’ appearance supports this very positive ethos and says a lot about how young people feel about school. Below is our uniform list. We feel that the uniform supports students in school and allows the focus to be on developing their learning in comfortable clothing.

School tie.

The school tie incorporates the House Colours. (Clive – Red Stripes, Darwin – Green Stripes, Owen – Yellow Stripes and Webb – Blue Stripes). Pale blue shirt. Years 7 - 10 Navy V-neck sweatshirt with School crest (no other logos acceptable) Year 11 only Maroon V-neck pullover Technology apron (separate for food and workshop activities) Plain out-door coat (no leather or denim). Blue/ black. School scarf in House colours - optional BOYS:  Plain black trousers (not jeans).  Navy/grey socks  Black plain shoes – no coloured decoration or canvas type shoe.  Pale blue aertex shirt*  Navy blue PE shorts *  Reversible red/red with blue stripe rugby shirt.  Navy blue sports socks (winter).  White sports socks (summer and indoor).  PE school sweatshirt.  Navy blue jogging bottoms.  Training shoes - predominantly white (NOT boots) indoor and outdoor.  Soccer boots.  Shin pads. * Available with school logo from school supplier

GIRLS:  Navy tailored trousers (not jeans or skinny trousers) or Navy skirt (Trutex back vent style only)  Navy or white socks OR thick black tights.  Black flat walking shoes. No slingback, clog type shoes or canvas type shoe – Max. heel height 4cms. Max Sole 2cms.  Pale blue aertex shirt *  Navy blue PE shorts *  Navy blue sports socks (winter).  White sports socks (summer and indoor).  PE school sweatshirt.  Navy blue jogging bottoms.  Training shoes - predominantly white (NOT boots) indoor and outdoor.  Soccer or hockey boots.  Shin pads.

 Trainers may not be worn in School at anytime. They should not be worn to and from School. A Doctor’s Note is required for the wearing of trainers for medical reasons. Please Note:- Students not participating in active P.E. lessons are still required to bring their P.E. kit with them to school. Alternative arrangements will be made for these students. Towels are required for showering - Please note that aerosol cans are not allowed on the premises, this means roll-on deodorants must be used instead of the spray variety.

ALL ARTICLES OF CLOTHING SHOULD BE CLEARLY NAMED We would also like to outline the following issues related to uniform: 1.

Students not participating in active P.E. lessons are still required to bring their P.E. kit with them to school. Alternative arrangements will be made for these students. Towels are required for showering - Please note that aerosol cans are not allowed on the premises, this means roll-on deodorants must be used instead of the spray variety.


Students should not replace items of uniform with other fashion accessories, i.e. sweaters with hoodies, etc. Hoodies should not be worn in school with the exception of those used within the curriculum—i.e. Dance hoodies or School hoodies with the school logo.


Students should take pride in their uniform and wear it correctly. Coats should be removed on entry to all classrooms or assembly halls. Coats and other items should not be worn as a replacement of the school jumper. Students should take all items of school uniform with them at all times.


Shoes should be plain black and logo free. Black trainers are not permitted. However, shoes with Velcro fastenings are allowed. Canvas type footwear is not permitted. As a school we do not feel that this type of footwear is appropriate, as during the winter months students’ feet become wet and uncomfortable through the day. This has resulted in a number of cases where students have had to contact parents to bring alternative footwear into school.


Only one design of skirt is approved. It is the navy Trutex Back Vent skirt which is available from Baker and Son. The hem of the skirt must not be more than 2 inches above the knee.


For all students jewellery is not permitted. This reduces the possibility of loss and upset caused as a result of this. It is also to support Health and Safety in a range of areas. New piercings should be administered at the start of the summer holidays to allow time to heal. We do not allow new piercings covered with plasters.


Cosmetics other than a discreet amount or mascara or foundation for girls should not be worn.


Nail varnish and nail extensions are not allowed in school. Students are involved in many activities and again, nail extensions can cause injury.


Excessive hairstyles, hair extensions, shaved patterns, panels or lines, non-normal hair colour and false eyelashes are not permitted.


Any student whose appearance represents an extreme of fashion, as defined by the Head, will be deemed to have isolated themselves from the school until their appearance is suitable.


Breaches of uniform may constitute: (examples only) Incorrect footwear, Non regulation skirt or trousers, Shaved patterns in hairstyle, Jewellery, New piercings, Non normal hair colour. For such breaches students will be deemed to have isolated themselves from the school until their appearance is deemed acceptable. For repeated instances the School Exclusion Policy may then be applied.


Temporary breaches of uniform must be supported by a parental signed note. The note must also be countersigned by the student’s Pastoral Manager. Under normal circumstances we will allow 24 hours to rectify the situation. This will count as a first instance. For a second instance in each half term students will be deemed to have isolated themselves from school until their appearance is compliant. For repeated instances the School Exclusion Policy may then be applied. If the Pastoral Manager does not sign their permission, a student may be placed at Dothill Compass Point, on SLT corridor or in another suitable location for isolation depending on room availability. Possible reasons for not authorising permission may be as follows; forged note, deliberate attempt to deceive or violate the rules. There may be other reasons that will apply depending on particular circumstances.

We thank you for your support in ensuring a consistent approach, which will hopefully support all children.

TERM DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Academic Year 2015 SPRING TERM 2015 PD Day: Term Starts: Half Term: Term Ends:

Monday 5th January Tuesday 6th January Monday 16th to Friday 20th February Friday 27th March

SUMMER TERM 2015 PD Day: Term Starts: May Day: Half Term: Term Ends: PD Day

Monday 13th April Tuesday 14th April Monday 4th May Monday 25th to Friday 29th May Friday 17th July Monday 20th July


Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs comes to Charlton for the whole week of February Half Term and ticket sales are already well under way. Hurry! You don’t want to miss out! This year’s show is in aid of The Severn Hospice! Don’t forget any Charlton Student can purchase a ticket to come along to see the show at a bargain price of just £1!