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BIDWELL PARK GOLF COURSE ~ CHICO, CA September 2016 BPGC NEWS Bidwell Bar & Grill September Wine Tasting! Be sure to put Thursday, September 29th ...
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September 2016


Bidwell Bar & Grill September Wine Tasting! Be sure to put Thursday, September 29th on your calendars for our monthly wine tasting from 5:00-7:00. As the temperatures cool down it should be a great night to sit out on the patio while enjoying a glass of wine and the great view of Bidwell Park. Fall & Winter are just around the corner: if you are planning an event for work or pleasure, remember to keep the Bidwell Bar & Grill in mind. Look for our next Sip & Paint event coming up in October. Information will be posted on the website within the next couple of weeks! ~Stacy Dodd, F&B Manager

From Tee to Green As summer starts to wind down we can just about see the light at the end of the tunnel in the Agronomy Department. We are slowly reducing the amount of irrigation that is put out on the course as the days become shorter and the mornings grow cooler. With the Chico City Championship and numerous other tournaments around the corner we will be concentrating our efforts toward preparing the course for these events. We have returned the 5 missing ball washers to their rightful place after a complete refurbishing and are currently working on replacing the dilapidated split rail fence that borders the cart path next to #6 tees. You will also start to notice that some of the dallisgrass that is close to the greens and tees will be dying off as we have started to chemically control it. Its detailed tasks such as these that we look forward to as we view summertime in the rear view mirror. ~Sean Ortega, Superintendent

Tips from the Pros... HOW TO MAKE GOLF MORE ENJOYABLE: PLAY THE RIGHT YARDAGE! USE THIS FORMULA: TAKE YOUR 7 IRON YARDAGE x BY 18 = ______ TAKE YOUR DRIVER YARADGE x BY 14 = ______ ADD THESE TOGETHER AND FIND A SIMILAR YARDAGE ON THE SCORECARD EXAMPLE: 145 x 18 = 2,610 235 x 14 = 3,290 TOTAL = 5,900 The white tees at Bidwell Park would be the correct tees for this person.

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From the Board Solar Project Update

Approval for the solar project has been received after 15 long months. Thank you John Anderson for all of your hard work!

AES (our solar provider) showed up Thursday morning to start clearing the site and staking it for installation of panels. Their plan is to complete the project within the month, including fencing around the panels. Once the panels are installed they will

start boring lines to the pump house on #8 and to the pumps over by the maintenance building. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but we will do our best to keep it to a minimum. Thank you for your patience!

Irrigation System We recently invested in a satellite controlled irrigation controller for the golf course. Sean and the maintenance staff have been working all summer to get it installed, programmed and up & running. This will give us the ability to have much better control of the irrigation system. As Sean is able to pull daily data off the system it will help in his programming of the irrigation, making it more efficient and therefore cost-effective.

Bidwell Park Golf Club, Inc. needs you! Nominations are being accepted now for the Board of Directors upcoming term of office. If interested, please contact Roger Clark at (530) 895-9177 [email protected] or Courtney Foster at (530) 891-8417 [email protected] Deadline is Sunday, September 25th.

Rough Mower Another big purchase for the golf course was a much needed new/used rough mower. Our past mower was a pull behind unit which attached to the tractor and limited a lot of what we were able to do throughout the

day. Now having a dedicated unit for the roughs will really help in our ability to keep up with the growing rough. Thanks to Sean and the maintenance staff for a good job this year as they continue to

improve the conditions here at Bidwell Park Golf Course.

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El Rancho Chico Golf Club

6-6-6 Tournament Results August 21st 2016 First Flight 1st Place: John Goebel & Tom Aylward 61.6 2nd Place: Cecil Braswell & Frank Sorling 62.3

Third Flight 1st Place: Bill Ide & Jim Fitzsimmons 63.0 2nd Place: Chris Cawthon & Brandon Blizman 64.6 3rd Place: Dan White & Mike Morris 65.5 4th Place: Craig Warnick & Roy Peters 65.6

3rd Place: Dale Hurford & Dave Koistinen 63.6 4th Place: Rick Laine & Ron West 64.2 Second Flight 1st Place: Mark Streets & Dan Trevithick 60.2 2nd Place: John Rincon & Dennis Hayes 63.8 3rd Place: Mike Lim & Asante Weupe 63.9

Fourth Flight 1st Place: Marty Henning & Mike Christianson 63.2 2nd Place: Sid Perez & Adam Perez 63.7 3rd Place: Glen Bleske & Karen Bleske 64.1

Closest to the Pin Hole #2: Pat Goodwin 9’10” Hole #4: Phil Jones 15’9” Hole #7: Dennis Pence 15’2” Hole #12: Alan Stephenson 14’9”

2017 Membership Drive! Stop by the ProShop for details.

Mark Your Calendar…..

Election Tournament

Sunday, September 11th 8am shotgun start 4 person scramble format $10 entry fee (plus green fee & cart fee) Includes lunch following event Must be a member of El Rancho Chico Golf Club to participate

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Bidwell Park Women’s Golf Club Nice weather for golf this week. Our Tuesday game was a Mid Nine format. The holes counting for the game were #6 thru #14 minus half your handicap. Results for Tuesday were: First Flight Low Gross - Glenda Kubo (93) 1st Low Net - Lynn Bottini (40) Second Flight Low Gross - May Gallaway, Linda Jones tied (97) 1st Low Net - Cherly Vermillion,Carol Grimes tied (37) Third Flight Low Gross - Liz Mosher, Sue Blizman tied (110) 1st Low Net - Melodie Johnson (34.5) 2nd Low Net - Judy Luper (39) Closest to the Pin Hole #4 1st Place: Linda Mowell 2nd Place: Cheryl Vermillion 3rd Place: Norma Payne

“In golf as in life, it is the follow-through that makes the difference.”

Our next event will be the Fall Tournament being played September 6th, 8th & 13th. Sign up early and come out and enjoy the competition. Fall Ringer will start on September 6th.

September 2016 Sun










Practice With The Pro 4:305:30pm



Practice With The Pro 9:3010:30am


Bidwell Women’s Fall Tournament


Practice With The Pro 9:3010:30am

Chico SIRS



Practice With The Pro 9:30-10:30am




Ladies Wine Fall Tournament Night 6-7pm NCGA

Practice With The Pro 4:305:30pm




Practice With The Pro 4:305:30pm

Chico City Championship



Practice With The Pro 4:305:30pm

Chico City Championship




Bidwell Women’s Fall Tournament

Ladies Wine Night 6-7pm

20 BPGC Board Meeting 5:30pm

Chico City Championship




Practice With The Pro 9:30-10:30am Chico City Championship

21 Ladies Wine Night 6-7pm

Bidwell Women’s


Bechard Reunion Dinner 6-9pm




Ladies Wine Night 6-7pm

Wine Tasting 5-7pm

Practice With The Pro 4:305:30pm


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