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The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is a registered charity whose mission is to promote the integration of people of all physical abilities through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing aboard two very special ships, Lord Nelson and Tenacious. We offer both able-bodied and disabled people holidays where you get the chance to experience working together in a fantastic environment. We change lives. We have been changing lives for over thirty years, taking more than 40,000 people on their very own adventure across the high seas. It’s no secret that sailing with us will change perceptions both of your own ability and of those around you, regardless of physical ability.

Integration of physically disabled and able bodied people aged 16+ We empower our beneficiaries to discover their abilities and to focus on what they can do rather than want they cannot. Voyage crew arrive on board with doubts about the voyage and their ability to cope and leave with new found confidence about themselves, new  friends and knowing that they can be a useful member of a team. Education – we want to break down barriers and correct misconceptions around disability, by educating and informing all our voyage crew.

SAIL THE WORLD In October 2012, the Jubilee Sailing Trust tall ship Lord Nelson set off on a voyage around the world. This is an historic voyage that has spread our message of inclusion across the planet. It has generated unprecedented media coverage for the JST and for our sponsors.




Lord Nelson and Tenacious are two incredible floating supersites that your brand can use to promote a message of corporate social responsibility, charitable giving, inclusion and commitment to equal opportunities across the globe. Not only are they a wonderful advertising platform for customers but a great way to engage stakeholders through our programme of corporate events and free berths for company use.

Spread your CSR message globally to all of your key territories

Our ships are global assets that will bring together disparate parts of the organisation from around the world as the circumnavigation progresses

We can tailor the voyage destinations to help promote your brand in the countries that matter to you

Create a unique global voyage program designed by you

BRANDING OPPORTUNITIES • Your logo on the topsail at sea and in port • Shroud banners along both sides of the ship • 2 x gangway banners • Ship-side banners forward and aft • Logo on the hull of the ship near the bow on both sides • All Voyage Crew (customers) and Permanent Crew to wear branded polo shirts in port

















A T-side advert on one bus in London for 2 weeks costs £1,321. There are approximately 7,500 red buses in London. It’s a tough market to stand out in. When was the last time a bus advert really caught your eye? How often could your bus advert be in the press or on TV?

Incredible branding opportunities are a bit like London buses. You wait for ages and then all of a sudden, two come along at once...

Spread your message of Corporate Social Responsibility across the globe with highly visible branding opportunities on two vessels of incredible majesty, with a crew of extraordinary people on board.


ON BOARD ADVERTISING Ship-side banners fore and aft !


You can’t really get much more noticeable than the sail of a Tall Ship

Shroud Banners

Have your branding proudly placed on both sides of the ship

Topsail Branding

Be more visible in more places than ever before

Logo on the bow

Branding on the hull, near the bow on both sides.

LORD NELSON Topsail dimensions





Topsail dimensions


Gangway banners

At each and every port we visit your banners will be displayed

*Price data supplied by Exterion Media *Bus numbers provided by Transport for London





Sail The World offers a wonderful marketing platform for brands and destinations through the delivery of unique media stories. Covering a broad spectrum of print, online and television features, there are number of excellent channels available for the development of key social responsibility opportunities.



• Global audience for marketing and business development • A 2-year ship’s program designed around you • A global asset bringing together disparate parts of the organisation • Proven media platform for coverage in key destinations • Extremely powerful Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity • Powerful visibility in a crowded sponsorship marketplace • Destination sponsors can drive trade, tourism and inward investment • Unique opportunity, there are only two ships like this on the planet

Drive Sales with... SAILS DEDICATED TEAM

BRAND OPPORTUNITY Corporate Social Responsibility

International media coverage


Brand awareness

Global engagement Hospitality and guest experiences


#growth • International media coverage

The JST has a proven track record for generating publicity in each of the major ports they visit as well as using the incredible stories of triumph over adversity to generate press in the UK (see page 12).

• Global organisation engagement

Being part of a circumnavigation means that you get to place your branding in key territories. We can work with you to maximise the exposure you get and we will even tailor the destinations to suit your own commercial needs.Your organisation will benefit from a growing sense of global engagement as the ship progresses from territory to territory

• Hospitality and guest experiences

Going beyond the branding opportunities available, both of our ships are the perfect venue for corporate hospitality events, giving you the opportunity to show stakeholders your Corporate Social Rresponsibility commitment whilst having a good time.

• Brand awareness

In addition to the placement of branding on the ship, we will also incorporate your branding into a number of other key communications including our annual brochures, our direct mail campaigns, our email marketing to 17,000 people, our social media strategy (our Facebook likes have gone from 4,000 to 27,000 since the start of Sail the World last October)

• Corporate Social Responsibility

Getting on board with the JST is a great way to show key stakeholders your commitment to CSR on a global scale with a specific message of diversity inclusion and teamwork.



Have gone up by

700% Since the start of Sail the World


and counting


The Jubilee Sailing Trust’s combination of incredible Tall Ship sailing and continued stories of triumph over adversity make for a truly unique sponsorship opportunity. Each and every voyage that both Lord Nelson and Tenacious embark upon throws people of all abilities and varied backgrounds together to work as a team towards a common goal . Each and every person becomes an invaluable member of the voyage crew and each person experiences their own personal journey that transcends the mere crossing of the ship from one place to another and becomes an inspirational transformation that comes about as a result of the values the JST promotes.Your brand can become part of this exceptional organisation and harness the goodwill generated on board to support, encourage and engage your workforce, stakeholders and customers so they can see your company’s ethos shining through a wonderful example of teamwork, trust, tenacity and fun.

Royal Patronage In 1984, HRH Prince Andrew the Duke of York became the JST’s Patron, and he still is today. “To promote the integration of physically disabled and ablebodied men and women through the challenge of sailing a tall ship at sea.” HRH Duke of York



Every month the JST shares an incredible story from on board one of the ships with its 15,000 strong mailing list. These stories are shared with thousands more across social media and serve to encourage people who could benefit from a JST voyage with the inspiration to get in touch and begin their own journey of triumph over adversity. Your brand can become part of this exceptional marketing activity and promote a valuable CSR message to people across the globe.

The JST has an excellent media team who truly understand the nature of the organisation and who can translate this into tangible communications. Videos, brochures, social media campaigns and much more are created each month to help us promote our message of inclusion and teamwork.

TALL SHIPS RACES Every year the JST enters the Tall Ships races organised by Sail Training International. After the World Cup, this is the world’s largest spectator sport or exhibition event. This year's event is expected to attract 120 Tall Ships from around the world, bringing with it thousands of people from over thirty nationalities. This event is the perfect way to promote your CSR message to thousands of people from a range of backgrounds 2013 saw more than 5.5 million visitors to the European ports. Media coverage of these visits and events has increased exponentially each year, with the attendance of hundreds of journalists producing a staggering volume of hundreds of hours of TV coverage as well as local, regional, national and international press

Port Diary Case Study: Singapore May 2013 Arrival party/reception with sponsor, Captain and crew Once we were alongside our sponsor’s representatives came aboard and enjoyed a tour of the ship followed by dinner and drinks. Sponsor's logo on sail, hull, banners and branded shirts worn In port all crew were attired with our sponsor’s branded garment. Each and every member of the crew became an ambassador for the brand. Sponsor's client event (evening) This was a focussed but informal event. Our sponsor used it as a tool to spread their CSR message to the most important people to their business. Sponsor's family day This opportunity was used as a chance to invite the staff’s friends and family to discover what it is like on-board a Tall Ship. They were guided by the permanent crew and all their questions were answered by our knowledgeable staff. We supplied food and drink. Sponsor and crew event at British High Commissioner's residence Not every company can promise such an elegant evening with such enviable company. Our sponsor used this event to be a brand ambassador in the company of other ambassadors.

Press/media day x 3 We arranged for local media to visit the ship and generate stories based on the crew travelling at the time. Our sponsor’s brand was proudly displayed alongside messages of inclusion and triumph over adversity. PR events with visits from Singaporean mountain-climber and Paralympians (mast-climbing) We identified and invited local celebrities to meet and greet the arriving crew and get involved in another local PR opportunity. Sponsor's staff and sponsored voyage crew from local community joined the ship Our sponsor’s staff and sponsored crew from the local community enjoyed a day’s sailing with us in the host port as well as 4 places on our 7-day Singapore to Singapore voyage A great way to offer a team building day or pleasure cruise right up to a life-changing voyage for their chosen people Departure ceremony, again with media in attendance The ship was sent off in style with dinner and drinks on board.

Media coverage Singapore 2013 • The Straits Times (Leading Singaporean English language daily) • The New Paper (English language Singaporean daily) • Channel NewsAsia (Pan Asian news broadcaster) • Singapore Nautilus (Singapore port authority publication) • BBC Singapore (BBC TV)


UK Sun Newspaper Daily Record ITV News Daily Echo Seeker News Daily Star (UK national daily) www.bbc.co.uk Yachting Monthly BYM News (international marine news website) Navy News (Periodical of the Royal Navy) BBC Radio Solent Broadly Boats News (marine news website) Jack FM (regional Hampshire commercial radio)

West Cape News (independent commercial news agency) Rapport (national weekly Afrikaans paper) Disability Report on SAFM (national radio) Eye Witness News (national radio) Carte Blanche (S.A. Current affairs) eNuus on e.SAT TV (leading national Afrikaans TV news) SABC radio news (national radio broadcaster) eNews on e.Sat TV (national TV news programme) NewsFlash News Agency (South Africa’s biggest radio news agency) West Cape News Agency (independent commercial news agency) Disability Report on SAFM (weekly disability affairs programme on national radio)

South Africa Atlantic Sun (Cape Town) The Cape Times (Cape Town) The Mercury (Durban) Cape Argus (Cape Town) Die Burger (national Afrikaans daily) The Cape Times (Cape Town daily) Thisability (S.A. national disability publication) Rolling Inspiration (national disability periodical) Cape Argus (Cape Town) Die Burger (national Afrikaans daily) Berea (Durban regional) Daily News (Durban) The Witness (Durban) The Mercury (regional KZN daily paper) Daily News (regional KZN daily paper)

India New Indian Express (national daily paper) New Indian Express (national daily paper) The Hindu (national paper) Deccan Chronicle (regional edition of national newspaper) Singapore The Straits Times (Leading Singaporean English language daily) The New Paper (English language Singaporean daily) Channel NewsAsia (Pan Asian news broadcaster) Singapore Nautilus (Singapore port authority publication) Austrailia Hobson Bay Leader (Melbourne suburb weekly) Hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au (local government news service)


West Australian (regional daily newspaper) WAtoday.com.au (regional website) Channel 9 News (national broadcaster)  Channel 7 News (national broadcaster) Channel 10 News (national broadcaster) 3AW (regional radio) 774 ABC Melbourne (regional radio) ABC TV (national broadcaster) Channel 9 News (national broadcaster) ABC South East NSW (national broadcaster’s website) www.myvoicemychoice.com.au (disability website) www. openroads.com.au (national website of the Traffic Accident Commission) www.theherald.com.au (Newcastle, Australia) www.fsc.com.au (website of the Fremantle Sailing Club) www.TheMercury.com.au (Tasmania) www.fremantleports.com.au Adelaidenow.com.au (Adelaide Advertiser’s website) mysailing.com.au (sailing website) Sportingpulse.com (Fox Sports Australia website) The Mercury (Tasmania) TheMercury.com.au

www.3news.co.nz (Channel 3 news website) Channel 3 news (national broadcaster) Stuff.co.nz (National news website) Nelsonmail.co.uk (regional news website) Nelson Mail (regional newspaper) The Leader (regional paper, Nelson) Marlborough Express.co.nz (regional news website) Manukau Courier (regional newspaper) RadioNZ.co.nz (national broadcaster’s website) Scoop.co.nz (national news website) BayofIslandsblog.co.nz PortNelson.co.nz (Port Nelson port Authority website) LoveMyBoat.com (international marine-focussed website) NewZealand.com (website of the New Zealand Tourism Board)

New Zealand NZ Herald, Weekend supplement (leading national newspaper) Without Limits (National NZ disability periodical) Seven Sharp on TVNZ (leading daily primetime current affairs magazine programme)

International SailWorld.com (intenational website) YachtsandYaching.com MarineLink.com (trade press) TheDigitalShip.com (trade press) ShippingTimes.co.uk (trade press)

Uruguay Article in Búsqueda newspaper Published poster to their members in Yacht Club in Uruguay - http://www.ycu.org.uy/ Advert in El Pais newspaper Brazil Advert and news article in The Rio Times

* Many publications featured more than one story on Sail The World. For a full list of exact features and examples, please get in touch... ** This is all of the data we have collated so far. Lord Nelson is still embarked and the story continues...


Inclusion on all Sail The World brochures, direct mail and printed materials Logo placement Dedicated sponsor’s area on website Logo and link to corporate website Dedicated page / company profile on website Sail, banners and other on-board branding Branded clothing

• • • • • • • •

Sail The World assets; video, imagery, copy Specially designed and printed high quality hard-backed photo-story book (100 of) To be part of the STW 60 minute movie Sponsor’s reception in each port Corporate hospitality / entertaining Event production Food, drink, entertainment Corporate day-sail in each port

• •

• • •

20 voyage crew spaces (2 per leg) Full-time project manager to ensure the smooth-running of your sponsorship In-port flyaway team from UK PR and international media exposure Press release announcing the sponsor and our arrival into each port

Other benefits include • Where possible a voyage and port programme designed by you tailored to achieve maximum impact for the Sponsor, balanced against sailing realities • Corporate Social Responsibility • Employee engagement • Team-building • Business to business networking • Business to government networking • Brand awareness Sponsorship exclusivity available from £500,000. Part-sponsorship also available, rates on request...

Sponsorship Pricing Guidelines Exclusive Main Sponsor As the prime sponsor for the full 24 months you will receive the premium features of the package, full listing available Starting at £500,000

24 Month Secondary partner Our second tier of sponsorship involves the full two years and a host of incredible branding options in key destinations Starting at £150,000

12 month Secondary Partner A single year sponsorship offering as prime partner Starting at £75,000

Regional Sponsorship We can tailor a specific regional sponsorship program for you *Bespoke sponsorship packages are available. Get in touch to find out more. Contact details on back cover


Changing Lives



Jon Woods Head of Sales & Marketing [email protected] +44 (0) 23 8044 9108 Sarah Webb Head of Fundraising [email protected] +44 (0) 23 8044 9108 www.jst.org.uk The Jubilee Sailing Trust is a Registered Charity. No. 277810 12 Hazel Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 7GA