What makes asbestos abatement services truly unique

What makes asbestos abatement services truly unique Prior to 1990, asbestos in Canada was being extensively used in a large number of building materia...
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What makes asbestos abatement services truly unique Prior to 1990, asbestos in Canada was being extensively used in a large number of building materials including flooring, insulation, ceiling tiles, cements and joint compounds in Canada. Various research studies conducted during this period revealed that asbestos was a dangerous material - and today it can be described as an outdated and dangerous construction component. The researchers found out that prolonged exposure to asbestos can lead to serious health complications including: plural plaques, mesothelioma, lung cancer and ovarian cancer. Many people have already started removing asbestos from their home, office, and commercial projects as well. = Hire a trustworthy Canadian asbestos removal company! Some materials disintegrate easily and release asbestos fibers into the air; these materials are often known as ‘friable’. Such a situation makes you highly vulnerable to a wide range of serious health complications. Asbestos presence can found in areas like attics, ducts/HVAC systems, reconstruction, areas, basements, pipes, tiles and many other areas. It should removed it as soon as possible to protect your family’s health. Asbestos removal definitely demands great expertise and skills. That is exactly why you need to hire trustworthy professionals in Canada to remove asbestos. Why should you hire the Urban Environmental? As a reliable Canadian asbestos removal company, we perform asbestos abatement with utmost commitment and dedication. Our professionals make use of advanced tools and technology to make the removal process highly effective and result oriented as well.

It is a well know fact that the feedback of existing customers can make or break the reputation of a service provider. Urban Environmental has been serving the people, in and around BC, Canada for the past 10 years. Our successful track record has become a hot topic of discussion among a large number of people in Canada. What makes our Canadian asbestos abatement services truly unique and amazing? All our technicians are properly trained, qualified, licensed, certified, insured and background-checked professionals. You can always expect timely completion of the task with minimal interference on your side. We offer free quotes containing detailed information about the cost involved; and they will be handed over to you before the commencement of the project. Our professionals adhere to strict safety requirements. Our disposal process also follows stringent Canadian guidelines to ensure optimal safety. Urban Environmental leaves the site clean and tidy. The responses of our existing customers clearly suggest that cost effectiveness can always be associated with our services. Our amazing range of services As a socially responsible service provider, Urban Environmental offers a wide range of residential and commercial services to suit the varying requirements of different customers and they include: asbestos testing, inspections, removal, abatement and demolition services. Learn more about our Canadian asbestos removal services Site inspection and advice

If you are not sure about whether your building or property contains asbestos, we conduct detailed site inspection and our professionals offer the much needed advice on how to get rid of this problem in a safe manner. Testing, Sampling and Analysis Our Canadian asbestos abatement professionals perform testing & analysis on asbestos samples before choosing the most suitable removal process. Such a method of approach helps you mange any possible health risk effectively. We collect samples from the site using sophisticated tools and these samples are sent to accredited labs for a detailed analysis. Based on the observations made by the accredited labs, we select the most suitable asbestos removal method that goes well with your particular requirements. Professional asbestos removal services in Canada First of all, our experts conduct a detailed inspection to identify the areas where asbestos fibers are present. They then perform the removal process by following strict safety & health guidelines. It is being done to prevent the risk of exposure to anyone in the nearby areas. We seal off all areas as a precaution and air monitoring is also done to make sure that the airborne particles are not coming in contact with other materials during the removal process. We do not leave any asbestos remnants on your property and our technicians also hand over written clearance certificate. This certificate clearly states that your location is absolutely asbestos-free. Site demolition services

The highly skilled and experienced professionals of Urban Environmental also perform demolitions on both small domestic properties - and large industrial buildings as well. They always make sure that all types of asbestos particles are removed or isolated before the demolition. When our professionals find that demolition is inevitable, they prepare an Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP) and we will secure the area with utmost responsibility and also inform the appropriate agencies to avoid any unwanted complications.

Other important services You can also hire us for ensuring 100% protection against asbestos-contaminated vermiculite insulation and we also offer mold removal services for our customers. The bottom line is that Urban Environmental is deeply committed to remove all types of toxins from your environment - to improve the air quality. Our environment-friendly Canadian asbestos abatement services always protect your health with utmost efficiency. Our large pool of highly satisfied customers We have been serving the people living in BC and our client list includes: home owners, business people, owners of large industrial units and various government agencies as well. Our commitment to excellence always helps us expand our client list. The positive feedback of our large pool of satisfied customers gives us the courage and conviction to achieve greater heights. The immediate future plan of Urban Environmental is to expand the businesses to many provinces other than BC - and all around Canada as well. Strict compliance to all Canadian rules and regulations We follow all rules and regulations including health & safety legislation and environmental legislation strictly while performing the removal and abatement tasks. Our accomplished Canadian asbestos removal professionals are deeply committed to ensuring that your home or business is 100% safe & clean. We will not rest until the job is done and our comprehensive method of approach offers optimal customer satisfaction in a cost effective manner. If you want to remove the dangerous asbestos in a safe, efficient, environment-friendly and cost effective manner - you can contact us immediately.

Urban Environmental specializes in offering professional Canadian asbestos removal & asbestos abatement services. We always make it a point to utilize the very latest asbestos testing techniques prior to commencing all our operations. For those in the dark, asbestos is a collective term; which refers to several naturally-occurring fibrous substances. It possesses robust and exceptional heat resistance properties, which are the main reasons why it was previously in widespread utilization in many commercial and consumer applications. This includes roofing shingles, cement sheets, piping, building materials, insulation, flooring , electrical fittings, to name but a few. Asbestos products are commonly present in buildings that were constructed before 1990; when this material’s utilization was banned. Asbestos can pose major health risk when its fibers are released into the air and inhaled. This usually occurs when asbestos-containing materials are disturbed during home renovations that entail: drilling, sawing, cutting or breakage of asbestoscontaining materials. Health hazards of asbestos The inhaling of asbestos fibers has been known to trigger serious respiratory health issues. Given, the human body can efficiently eliminate a majority of the asbestos fibers inhaled. Still, some of them can get entrapped in the lungs and cause disease numerous years later. Let us now take a closer look at some of the most notable health challenges that are triggered by this material. Asbestosis This happens to be a chronic, progressive disease that affects the lungs. It is caused by the affected individual inhaling asbestos fibers over long stretches of time. The eventual accumulation of these toxic fibers triggers fibrosis (scarring) of the lungs, making them take a

honeycomb appearance. This kind of fibrosis is hard and inflexible, which ultimately makes the lungs to stiffen and prevents them from carrying out their functions effectively. Lung cancer People who are exposed to huge amounts of asbestos fibers over a protracted length of time are known to have a great risk of contracting lung cancer. If not addressed in a timely fashion, the tumors which develop can in the long run spread from the lungs to other areas of the body. Pleura disorders The pleura is a tissue that lines the chest cavity and also covers the surface of the lungs. Exposure to asbestos fibers can create thick blotches on this tissue. It can also trigger the pleura’s widespread fibrosis and in some cases, pleura effusions. Malignant mesothelioma This is a rare kind of cancer that affects the pleura. After exposure to asbestos fibers, tumors gradually start forming on this chest cavity tissue, which can ultimately spread to the lungs and chest wall. Generally speaking, it can take from 30 to 40 years after exposure for the symptoms of this disease to start manifesting. Professional asbestos removal and asbestos abatement services Canadian asbestos removal is normally required prior to an old building been demolished or undergoing maintenance and renovation projects. All of these activities are capable of disturbing asbestos-containing materials. The failure to safely remove these materials completely can place yourself and others within the immediate vicinity of these materials at the risk of inhaling asbestos fibers.

Therefore, such materials should only be handled by a licensed Canadian asbestos removal contractor. Our company effortlessly fits this given bill. We, like it was earlier mentioned, begin our operations by conducting comprehensive asbestos testing. This enables us to identify the exact location of this toxic material and the exact levels that are present. If the levels of asbestos is great, we will then have to obtain a special license from the relevant authorities. This is usually the case when there is big likelihood of asbestos fibers been released into the air in the process of the removal. Our skilled and experienced technicians will then evaluate just which materials ought to be removed, before executing the actual removal. The process ends with the safe disposal of all the hazardous materials. In some cases, the removal of asbestos-containing materials can prove to be extremely dangerous. In such circumstances, we can undertake to offer professional asbestos abatement services. This involves the encasement or encapsulation of the asbestos-containing materials to ensure that they won’t be disturbed or damaged. Professional vermiculite removal services At the same time, we offer professional Canadian vermiculite removal services to our clients. This is a mica-like substance that possesses remarkable fire resistance and insulation properties. It was previously widely used in building construction. But, later it was determined that

materials from Libby Mina (a major Montana supplier) had amphibole asbestos. If your home was constructed prior to 1990, there are high chances your Canadian vermiculite is contaminated. To this end, we provide the very best asbestos testing services, which can determine whether removal is required. In order to confirm if your Canadian vermiculite is contaminated, we will verify our findings through an independent lab to guarantee the optimal accuracy of the results. If it is indeed compromised, our technicians will then adhere to the laid down protocols in determining the affected regions of your home and during the disposal procedure. This will ensure that the spread of asbestos fibers can be effectually curtailed. Professional mold removal services

We also offer professional Canadian mold removal services to our esteemed clients. Most homeowners tend to believe that this is a straightforward process, which any one can execute. Nevertheless, for your safety and that of your family, it can be wise to enlist the services of professionals. This will enable you to totally do away with the numerous health risks you may be exposed to due to a botched mold removal project. This includes the risk of contracting asthma, respiratory distress, allergen reactions, to mention but a few. Our skilled and experienced technicians can easily pinpoint where and how the actual mold outbreak started in your home. This makes sure that the root cause of the problem is identified and resolved. They will also go to great lengths to prevent the agitation of the mold growth; which can lead to the release of spores and spread the problem to other areas. Professional demolition services

Finally, we make it our business to provide top-notch demolition services that you can definitely rely on. We have a well trained and experienced team of demolishers who are equipped with the best equipment to undertake virtually any kind of demolition project. Hence, by settling for our services, you can rest assured that you will obtain a safe and proper demolition of your property. Most people do not know they have asbestos until when renovating. Finding out about guidelines for removal in Canada should be the first step. Urban Environmental offers comprehensive service for diagnosis and handling of the problem, helping clients comply with legal requirements and concerns from neighbors. It delivers value for money and eases the burden of working with multiple agencies. Satisfied customers agree that starting early as soon as the problem is identified is good, and Urban Environmental offers all the advice and skills as additions to the actual work of removal and disposal. It safeguards its workers, clients, and neighbors at the project site and works in close cooperation with inspectors and approving authorities. Urban Environmental has its sights in other provinces other than BC in a few months. What should you do? Whether you need to remove asbestos to comply with mortgage refinancing or just to have a safer building, Urban Environmental is ready to assist. Make your inquiry today for free assistance on what you can do - and how to go about asbestos abatement in Canada.

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