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An Introduc3on to the Na3onal Outdoor Events Associa3on – NOEA

NOEA, established in 1979, is the only trade associa3on specialising in the Outdoor Events Industry and is able to connect you to some 430 Members covering Local Authori3es, Fes3val and Event Organisers, Universi3es/ Students, Entertainment Agencies, Promoters, Venues and Suppliers of Equipment and Services together with Prac33oners generally in the World of Outdoor Events. NOEA’s policy to educate, share problems and enhance professionalism and business opportuni8es clearly works. The regional workshops/ conferences and Annual Conven8on & Award Celebra8on Evenings offer opportuni8es to find out about the latest developments – to learn about topical issues such as the Licensing Act, Disability Discrimina8on Act, Security Industry Authority etc, Training Event Managers, working on the Bri8sh Standard for the Sustainability of Event Management, Business Visits & Events Partnership, The Genesis Ini8a8ve, The Event Industry Forum, Interna8onal Fes8vals & Events Associa8on – Europe, to debate issues, share informa8on, network, meet new business contacts, renew old friendships and have some fun. NOEA also undertake:• Regular Email Newsle9ers and ar8cles in Access All Areas Magazine and Event Industry News (free copies to Members) • Ac8ve Website: www.noea.org.uk • NOEA Members’ Yearbook 2014 – the Outdoor Events Industry Reference Guide – complimentary copy upon applica8on • Par8cipa8on in the major trade shows with complimentary admission 8ckets • Legal Advisory & Debt Recovery Services • NOEA Insurance Panel. • Members discount with Holiday Inn , Holiday Inn Express and Crowne Plaza Hotels • Members discounts with Arnold Clark and Van Hire • Members discounts with Telepa phone service

The NOEA Code of Professional Prac3ce

Members agree to:1. Conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards when par8cipa8ng in, or organising, an event. 2. Possess prior to undertaking the management or supply to any event the financial ability to be able to guarantee the payment of all amounts due to suppliers and licensing authori8es, whether the event takes place or is cancelled. 3. Provide and maintain the highest possible standards of health, safety, cleanliness and presenta8on. 4. Consider and apply the appropriate Health and Safety measures and encourage the use of sustainability factors whenever possible. 5. Possess appropriate and adequate Insurance cover. 6. Adopt, where applicable, Trade Union agreements and approved forms of contract. 7. Honour all contractual commitments and government legisla8on appropriate to the countries where opera8ng. 8. Mediate fairly and promptly in relevant disputes. To offer the benefit of the Associa8on’s Arbitra8on Service and abide by its decision. 9. Consider and apply relevant Codes of Prac8ce and Conduct established by other professional bodies which are recognised by the Associa8on, providing they conform to all appropriate legisla8on and do not compromise the cons8tu8on and aims and objec8ves of this associa8on. 10. Undertake their responsibili8es thoroughly, completely, reliably and honestly. 11. Further the purpose of the Associa8on by assis8ng in the promo8on of the standards, status and interests of the outdoor event industry. Chesney Hawkes – Dunstable Events

By becoming a member of NOEA you become part of a specialist ‘club’ of outdoor event professionals. The ethos of the associa8on is to bring together like-minded people for business to business networking, educa8on, the sharing of problems and ideas and to enhance professionalism. There are many opportuni8es to market and promote your business through NOEA as well as to learn more about professional standards of prac8ce, topical issues and legisla8on within the industry. How to find out more about NOEA? NOEA’s website www.noea.org.uk gives full details of the associa8on along with the events and issues that are affec8ng our industry. Or you can contact CEO, Susan Tanner, who will be pleased to tell you more about the associa8on and how to become a member.




Foreword by the President Richard Limb CFIOSH, FRSH, MCIEH, DMS NOEA President 2013 proved again to be a very busy year for outdoor events. With the Olympics out of the way there seemed to have been an even greater demand on our 8me and services, which of course is good. Despite this many of you have given your 8me freely to help dra' the new Purple Guide which will be released later this year. A tremendous achievement which we should be very proud of. NOEA has con8nued to grow steadily over the last year as have member queries and their involvement in regional workshops etc. The Conven8on and Awards dinner was again well a9ended, members sharing ideas, networking and having fun. The recent member survey highlighted 70 percent of the membership belonged to NOEA for the pres8ge and honour of being part of an organisa8on which championed the needs and wants of those at the coal face of the world of outdoor events. We are currently leading on a campaign regarding Chinese Lanterns and are mee8ng the Government so help formulate Strategy. Over the next year we plan to expand our support for students studying Event Management and possibly to have a Student representa8ve on council. I have personally toured a number of Universi8es running free workshops and spreading the word on NOEA. 2014 is looking good with more events being planned and yet another busy year for us all. The Council is very strong, commi9ed and amazingly enthusias8c and are well set to enhance and facilitate the success and influence that we have. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, commitment, passion and indeed love for what we do in the world of outdoor events. Outdoor events are, a way of life – a voca8on, a great reason to get out of bed in the morning, work stupid hours, get cold, wet, hungry, eat rubbish food because the rewards are fantas8c in every respect and we end up with a smile on our face. Many thanks to the Council for their support, input, guidance and friendship. A special thanks to Susan, our Chief Execu8ve Officer who con8nues to work 8relessly, to keep us all on the right track. Thank you for your support, I remain very proud and indeed honoured to be your president.

NOEA SCOTLAND NOEA Scotland Commitee

Tom Clements Specialized Security Chairman

Jonathan Reid Portakabin Events Vice Chairman

Commi4ee Members: Ross MacGillivray FMX Ltd Mar3n Dare Rural Projects Ltd

Well it has been another good year for NOEA Scotland, membership increased by over 32% this year which is tremendous and we welcome all our new members into the associa8on and both myself and our Chief Execu8ve Officer are available for ques8ons and queries please just call. In October we held the NOEA Scotland elec8ons, the current commi9ee all offered themselves for re-elec8on for a further 2 year period and all were unanimously voted in by the Sco:sh members.

In November the associa8on brought their annual AGM and Conference to the Sco:sh Police College at Tulliallan which was organised by NOEA Scotland, which had over 100 delegates present with the speakers being from the pinnacle of the Sco:sh events world, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and has been the associa8ons best a9ended AGM & Conference ever. Looking ahead to 2014 will be an exci8ng year with the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup, Year of Homecoming as well as a number of new events, I know that some members have already secured business at these events, I wish everyone a very successful 2014 and look forward to mee8ng as many of you throughout the year or hopefully at our annual conven8on and award ceremony in March. Tom Clements




General Council Members 2013/2014 Picture Gallery PRESIDENT Richard Limb

Terry Waller


Stuart Roberts

Director of Leisure Safety, Capita Symonds Ltd

Events Manager, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council


Solicitor, Horsey Lightly Fynn


Access & Safety Consultant, Kingdom Connec8ons Ltd

Robert Corp

Special Events Manager, Cardiff Council

Tom Clements

NOEA Scotland Chairman & Managing Director, Specialized Security

Richard Harmer Events Director

John Burgess Director, Event PS


Divisional Managing Director, Arc Interna8onal Event insurance Specialist

Director, SRD Group Ltd

Neil Page

Sector Manager (Events) Speedy Asset Services

Shelia Russell

Director, Extraordinary Events

Alex Leppingwell Green Stewards

Neil Marcus (Co-opted) Redman Events

Sarah Birkinshaw (Co-opted) Event Director For All Events

CEO Susan Tanner

NOEA Tel: 01749 674 531 Email: [email protected] Website: www.noea.org.uk



General Council Members 2013/2014 PRESIDENT Richard Limb

Director of Leisure Safety, Capita Symonds Ltd 1st Floor, Eleven Brindley Place, 2 Brunswick Square, Birmingham B1 2LP Tel No: 0121 212 3515, Fax No: 0121 212 1654 Email: [email protected] Website: www.capitasymonds.co.uk/events Leading Interna3onal Consultants in Event Safety Management.


Events Manager, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Economic Prosperity and Culture, Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4AH Tel: 01256 845455 Fax: 01256 845200 Email: [email protected] Website: www.basingstoke.gov.uk/leisure Direct and enabled event provision.

Philip Day

Solicitor, Horsey Lightly Fynn 3 Poole Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH2 5QJ Tel: 01202 551991, Fax: 01202 295403 Email: [email protected], Website: www.hlf-law.co.uk Solicitors and Planning Consultants.


Access & Safety Consultant, Kingdom Connec8ons Ltd 21, April Close, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 2LL Tel: 01403 262242 Email: [email protected] Safety, Health and Sustainability Consultants

Robert Corp

Special Events Manager, Cardiff Council Marke8ng & Tourism, Arts & Events, Room 422, County Hall, Atlan8c Wharf, Cardiff, CF10 4UW Tel: 029 20873916 Fax: 029 20873382 Email: [email protected]ff.gov.uk Local Authority

Tom Clements

NOEA Scotland Chairman & Managing Director, Specialized Security 4 Fairways Business Park, Deer Park, Livingston EH54 8AF Tel: 01506 442255, Fax: 01506 442288 Email: [email protected] Website: www.specializedsecurity.co.uk Suppliers of Trained and Accredited Crowd Control and Security Personnel.

Richard Harmer

Events Director Tel: 07714 877149 Email: [email protected]

John Burgess

Director Event PS Tel: 07773 608632 Email: [email protected]

Terry Waller

Divisional Managing Director, ARC Interna8onal Event Insurance Specialist St. Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1PE Tel: 020 7977 7638, Fax: 020 7977 7631 Email: [email protected] Website: www.apex-ins.co.uk Event insurance Specialist

Stuart Roberts

SRD Group Ltd, The Studio Dry Hill Farm, Shipbourne Road Tonbridge, Kent TN10 3D. Tel: 01732 372920, Fax: 01732 373921

Neil Page

Sector Manager (Events) Tel: 07795 410504 Email: neilpage [email protected]

Shelia Russell

Sta8on House, Millers Dale Derbyshire, SK17 8SN Tel: 07988 338456 Email [email protected]

Alex Leppinwell

Director, Green Stewards 53a Stainforth Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9RB Tel: 07786 808051 Email: [email protected]

New Co-opted Council Members Neil Marcus

1 Bryn Hyfrd, Nr Pencoed, Bridgend, Wales CF53 6NE Tel: 01656 861666 Mob: 07774 940811 Email: [email protected]

Sarah Birkinshaw

Event Director For All Events, PO Box 314, Rothwell, Leeds LS26 1BY Tel: 0113 8267761

The President, Vice Presidents and all NOEA Council Members would like to thank Jan Booth and Alan Pope, who are no longer on the Council, for all their hard work for the Associa3on during their term of office. Since the elec3ons, when Chris Hall was nominated to Council he has had to unfortunately stand down therefore the Council have co-opted two NOEA members.




MESSAGES from The Vice Presidents

I am genuinely honoured to be taking on the role of Vice President of NOEA. I have been involved with NOEA for 13 years and over this 8me have become increasingly involved in the work it is doing. I have learned so much over the years not only form the conferences and conven8ons but from the members themselves. There is so much knowledge and experience within our membership and everyone is always so willing to share it that you can gain so much just through networking. I joined the council in 2009 and have enjoyed ge:ng involved with the business of the associa8on and seeing it go from strength to strength. As a council member I am currently represen8ng the organisa8on on the ongoing rewrite of the Purple Guide, working with the Police as they review their polices on charging trying to ensure that the events industry gets a voice in this process and working with the industry on developing new guidance on Safety Advisory Groups. It is a pleasure to be pu:ng work back into the organisa8on that has helped me so much.

I am passionate about the role that NOEA plays and know that we need to listen to the needs of our members. We have the results of the recent survey and I look forward to working with the council to look at how we implement what has been suggested. I am always happy to talk to members if there is anything they want to raise or ask that can help us represent them to the best of our ability. I look forward to ge:ng to know more people as we move through 2014. Andy Grove, Vice President

As usual, the copy deadline for the Year Book is several weeks before we go to print and as I write, I am just back from Scotland and the best a9ended AGM and conference I’ve ever been to. Thanks to Tom Clements, Police Scotland and of course Susan (now CEO not General Secretary) and Tara for organising that.


I’m delighted to welcome Chris Hall onto Council and to have Andy Grove as fellow vice – he and I have done a lot of work together on police charging of which more elsewhere.


My Firm’s involvement in Event Licensing con8nues to expand. Some8mes it’s a bit weird – one client who organises what can best be described as legal raves wanted his licence varied so that he could change the usual weekend of the event because it clashed with the Tour de France. I confess to having been puzzled by this un8l he explained that his fencing contractor and his security company had both won contracts for the Tour and couldn’t be in two places at once. Another wanted to know what permissions she needed as a wedding organiser to arrange for a pipe band to accompany the happy couple on a 250 yard march from the Registry Office to the hotel where the recep8on was – in the middle of Westminster. Some8mes it’s a bit hairy – another client wanted to increase the capacity of his event by 50%, much to the chagrin of local councillors – 6 of them objected claiming that the noise could be heard (and was a nuisance) a couple of miles away. Faced with a Licensing Commi9ee of Councillors who all knew the objectors and knowing that a successful applica8on would generate a likely addi8onal profit to the client of about £500,000, that caused a sleepless night or two but we got there in the end, not least because “partnership working” with both the police and EHO led to them suppor8ng the applica8on. As for the next 12 months, it looks like the usual lack of joined up thinking with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport wan8ng to de-regulate more and more and the Home Office wan8ng increased enforcement and 8ghter regula8on over alcohol sales in par8cular. As I write, a case involving sex shops (where else but in Soho?) has thrown something of a spanner in the works of the Government’s plans to allow Licensing Authori8es to set their own fees. Space does not allow for any explana8on as to why that is but fees haven’t gone up since the Licensing Act came into force over 8 years ago. The clock is 8cking on that one but even as we appear to be coming out of recession, the financial squeeze on public bodies con8nues and the inevitable result is that it’s all going to cost a lot more in future. With that happy thought in mind, it’s 8me to sign off and start the Christmas shopping list. I would wish you the compliments of the season but as I said, this won’t have gone to press by 2013’s Yule so it will have to be Happy Christmas for 2014 instead, by which 8me we’ll have had another AGM and, who knows, someone other than me might be wri8ng this slot as a new NOEA Vice-President. Toodle pip.


Philip Day, Vice President


Once again a busy year for NOEA. Culmina8ng in the AGM at Tulliallan Police College . I am sorry that Tom Clements The Sco:sh Chairman of NOEA could not a9end as he has worked 8relessly to organise our conference day which followed the AGM with excep8onal speakers. February saw NOEA at the Event Produc8on Show in Olympia with new owners Mash Media who have taken over the show and we look forward to another successful show in 2014. Again we will have a NOEA village with discounted rates for members and we will be holding advice clinics and seminars. We also exhibited at Live and Confex in March at Excell

The Conven8on and the Annual Awards dinner was held at the Meriden Manor Hotel, Birmingham in March and had increased a9endance with income up 11%. I was not sure how the team cocktail making would be viewed but everyone threw themselves enthusias8cally into the compe88on . Not sure that drinking whole bo9les of spirits was part of the process but I suppose all had to be sampled in the interests of perfec8ng each cocktail – there were a few sore heads the next morning! Conven8on is moving to just outside London in 2014 and we are working on a whole new concept for the Awards dinner.

Showman’s Show in October this year worked very well with the larger stand so members could drop in for a coffee, glass of wine and chat with Council members and this appeared to work well. We were involved with moving the Purple Guide forward and the dra' guide was available over the summer for comment. We look forward to the final version being online early part of 2014.

We will be working with more students on our future events as our pledge to get the next genera8on involved in our industry. At the AGM we had students from Robert Gordon University helping and students from Silverstone Technological College are already working on plans for the conven8on. Their crea8vity has already been excellent although covering the car park in snow did make the hotel raise an eyebrow!

Thought I would men8on a few of the other projects we are working on • The EAS Events Accredita8on Scheme – ELECTROTECHNICAL ASSESSMENT SPECIFICATION This Specifica8on is intended for use by Cer8fica8on

• • • • •

and Registra8on Bodies undertaking the Assessment of Enterprises carrying out Electrical installa8on work at events BVEP – Business Visitors and Events Partnership – new document about events and income produced by events for Government. All Party Parliamentary Group for Events, Inquiry into the Interna8onal Compe88veness of the UK Events Industry Britain for Events campaign Work with HSE on various Health and Safety issues and projects Licencing and Policing costs for events

I am grateful for all the support from Richard the President, the two Vice Presidents and of course the rest of the council. I would also like to thank Jan for all her hard work on Council during her 8me as Vice President.

Also thanks to all those members who have wri9en ar8cles for me some8mes at short no8ce,volunteered to do talks or rather have been roped in and acquiesced. I am very grateful. If anyone else would like to volunteer or get involved please let me know.

But s8ll so much to do, so many people to meet and things to organise and I think that despite the economy and the pressures all our members are facing I feel that there is so much more we can do as an associa8on .We have a huge wealth of experience and enthusiasm in the membership and we do not shout loudly enough about all the work and projects undertaken by the Associa8on. we just need to let more people know about us and come and join this really excellent associa8on.

Neil Marcus,

New Co-opted Council Member

I was fla9ered by the invite to become more involved with NOEA and as a co-opted member I hope to draw on 35 years experience of being involved in the event industry and 27 years of working in educa8on at degree level in Event Management to develop real benifical links between these two areas to ehance the industry and the educa8onal development of those entering the industry. And now having a foot in the door I intend to work on this challenge. I look forward to hearing the views of others and working with all par8es to develop ideas and plans to make this happen.





The annual conven3on is the opportunity to hear the latest news from industry professionals, with topics including social media, new legisla3on, licencing laws, events and educa3on and of course the expert panel. You can view our conven3on programme here www.noea.org.uk/annual-conven3on2.asp?subId=29

The Awards dinner will celebrate the best in the outdoor events industry and the winners of the shortlist will be announced during this ceremony. This year we are changing things slightly, so forget the suit and posh frock, it's 8me to dig out your wellies and high Vis and rock the fes8val look. The Awards dinner will be bringing the outdoors inside and for one night only crea8ng a fes8val of our own. There are a number of booking op8ons and sponsorship packages available for you online, so take a look and if you need any further support please let us know. We hope you can make it and look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a great event.


Event Supplier Tectoniks • EventServ • Nick Edwards from Losberger Event Organiser Hever Castle • Another World • TAO Produc8ons Event Innova3on 123Hire ltd • Watermills • Show plans Event of the year Hever Castle • No:ngham City Council Gentlemen of the Road stopover • AFO Tiree Music Fes8val Produc3on Partnership Vespasian and the Malawian people TAO and Young Turks Records • Capita Best Prac3ce Star Events • Capita • TAO Produc8on Losberger • Showforce Friendly Event Plus net Marathon • Lambeth ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon



50+ Fes8val (Aberdeen City Council) T in the Park (DF Concerts & Events) Virgin Money Fes8val Fireworks (Sco:sh Chamber Orchestra & City of Edinburgh Council) Royal Highland Show (Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland)

THE JUDGES Neil Marcus

Neil began his working career back in 1979 working as a stage manager for a range of ground breaking theatre and contemporary dance companies working with some of the UK’s leading directors and choreographers from Danny Boyle to Ma9hew Bourne.

In 1986 Neil moved to Cardiff to take up a full 8me lecturing post at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama (RWCMD). Alongside his work at RWCMD, he maintained a busy career in event management, consultancy and safety management working closely with many local authori8es as they developed their events programs. In 1998 Neil set up Red Man Events to produce events and provide produc8on support to a wide variety of projects through the UK and Europe.

Then in 2002 Neil le' this posi8on at RWCMD to take up the chance to become more directly involved in the event industry and accept a wide variety of contracts. Neil maintained contact with his lecturing though this period working Liverpool Ins8tute of Performing Arts (LIPA). Then in 2006 he joined the Cardiff Metropolitan University and again was a key player in developing the event management course into one of the UK leading event degree and masters providers. Through out all this 8me lecturing Neil con8nues to run Red Man Events and works a busy schedule of projects throughout the UK and Europe. Keeping in touch with the latest development trends and issues that the occur in the industry and uses this to keep his lecturing dynamic and relevant to the constant changes of the event industry.

Beverley A-M Griffiths

BSC(Hons). CIPD.

Head of the Crowd and Public Safety Faculty at the Emergency Planning College (EPC). She has had a couple of varied careers staring life as a nurse here in the UK and then in Saudi Arabia, when returning choosing to further her Academic career at Coventry University with a BSc In Development and Health in Disaster Management. Then working as the


NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 London Borough of Hackney Emergency Planning and CCTV Unit manager, where she received a commenda8on from the Met Police for the Longest UK Siege. Her event experience has been as varied, as a nurse at event, to an emergency planning officer and council lead for events. Before joining the EPC in 2004 to teach others what she had then become skilled in and is currently work toward her Assessors qualifica8on. Beverley is a member of many professional groups, where she takes an ac8ve interest in improving the profession and assis8ng in the educa8on and development of learners in the field.

Alistair Turner

Alistair Turner is PR Director of Davies Tanner, a specialist PR & Communica8ons agency working within leisure tourism, business tourism and events, and the Britain for Events campaign, the self promo8onal vehicle for the UK events industry. Alistair has over 15 years' PR experience, working across b2b, b2c, FMCG, brand and now travel and tourism sectors. He has worked in the events industry for 10 years and is a regular commentator and speaker on events both within the industry, in the media and in wider business circles.

NOEA Awards 2013 Winners

Congratulaons to all of our winners Event Innova3on of the Year Speedy Event Services The Friendly Event Jane Tomlinson – Junior and mini Runs Small Event of The Year Highfield – White 8e and Diamonds Produc3on Partnership of the Year Conwy County Borough Council & The Orchard Media Events Group Ltd – Access All Eirias Best Prac3ce Award She's Go9 It!

Event Organiser of the Year Conwy County Borough Council Event of The Year She's Go9 it! – Edinburgh Christmas Market Event Supplier of the Year Ryan's Cleaning NOEA Scotland Award Aberdeen City Council The NOEA Award for Excep3onal Customer Service Relevent Ltd The Judges Award Watermills The Presidents Award Lord Sebas8an Coe The Na8onal Outdoor Event Associa8on (NOEA) recognised Lord Sebas8an Coe at its pres8gious Industry Awards in 2013 when the associa8on paid tribute and thanks to companies and individuals who have excelled in their contribu8on to the mul8 billion pound outdoor events market. The most pres8gious accolade is the President's Award, a life 8me achievement award recognising outstanding contribu8on to the industry and given to an individual who has made a huge difference to the Events world. Previous winners have included Melvin Benn, Michael Eavis and Harvey Goldsmith. London Lord Sebas8an Coe was presented with the NOEA Presidents Award at a ceremony in London, by NOEA President, Richard Limb, ahead of the official awards on 7th March 13. Lord Coe said: "I am extremely pleased to accept the NOEA President's Award and feel honoured to have been chosen. I would like to thank the NOEA and my whole team at LOCOG. This last year has shown that the UK has the talent, facili3es, exper3se and flair to host world class events and I hope that the London 2012 legacy will con3nue to inspire and mo3vate the next genera3on of Events professionals as we enter what will be an extraordinary decade for sports events.” Richard Limb, also a Director of Capita Symonds said "It is a privilege of the President to choose the recipient of the award each year and there is much debate before a decision is made. There can be no more fi5ng tribute to a man who has led the country to get behind the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. This enthusiasm and commitment to showcasing how great Britain is at pu5ng on large scale crea3ve events means that this year's NOEA President's award goes to Lord Coe who believed Britain could be the best.” Richard Limb also presented Lord Coe with a cer8ficate for life 8me honorary membership of NOEA.





Associa3on of Irish Fes3vals & Fairs (AOIFE) – Over the last few years, NOEA has been in touch with AOIFE by the exchange of newsle9ers and emails and occasional visits to our respec8ve conferences. We work together through the Event Industry Forum and the Interna8onal Fairs & Fes8vals Associa8on – Europe. Interna3onal Fairs & Fes3vals Associa3on – Europe Business Visits & Events Partnership The Event Industry Forum (EIF) The Genesis Ini3a3ve Andrew Cheeseman Produc3ons, Haute Pyrenees, France Ins3tute of Sport and Recrea3on Management The Tourism Society

TRADE SHOWS 2014 will see NOEA at The Showman’s Show in October and The Event Produc8on Show in February, London.

Special rates for members to exhibit at the Event Produc8on Show have been arranged please contact Susan if you would like more details. LOCAL AUTHORITY GROUP The General Council now has two local authority members, one of whom is Andy Grove, Chairman of the Local Authority Event Organisers Group (LAEOG).

With this close liaison between NOEA and LAEOG, there is no doubt that the mutual interest of both organisa8ons will be well catered for by drawing on each other strengths in the future.

Local Authori8es will be an integral part of the Annual Conven8on and Regional Conferences, now and in the future – truly great networking opportuni8es.

The Event Industry Forum (EIF)

The Events Industry Forum (EIF) provides an informal mee3ng point for trade bodies and similar organisa3ons in the events industry to meet – usually twice a year – to share informa3on and discuss issues of common interest. Currently 26 organisa3ons support the EIF.

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 issues rela8ng to the Olympics and has been involved in encouraging the development of more formalised training for the events sector.

Most recently the Forum has been involved in the development of a new Purple Guide for the industry, ini8ally in persuading the HSE to update the original version and more recently in taking over the project from them.

The new guide, which has been available in dra' form for comment by the industry and enforcement authori8es over the summer season of 2013, will be formally published as a web-based document in 2014 a'er which it will be regularly reviewed and updated by specialist working groups drawn from across the events industry. The new guide, which follows a similar structure to the original, aims to provide event organisers with an overview to regula8ons and good prac8ce across the many different sectors of the industry, from risk management to medical provision. Ini8ally 24 chapters have been published in dra' form with others con8nuing to be developed. The new guide, which can be found at www.thepurpleguide.co.uk, is intended to be a con8nuing and evolving document with the website designed to provide a portal through which access can be found to all the informa8on needed to run an event.

While the Purple Guide itself provides outline guidance, links will enable those using it to dig deeper to access informa8on on regula8ons and other more detailed guidance that will help them to run a safe and successful event.

Although the Forum is likely to formalise the publica8on of the guide through a trading en8ty when it is finally published, all those involved are absolutely commi9ed to maintaining the informality of the ‘organisa8on’. Further informa8on about the Forum – and the organisa8ons suppor8ng it – can be found on its website at www.eventsindustryforum.co.uk Jim Winship Jane Tomlinson’s For All Events

Through its secretariat, the Forum also provides a means for dissemina8ng informa8on between trade bodies thus enabling them to work together be9er where there are issues of shared interest. The Forum has no formal structure or membership, funding being provided to cover costs by voluntary contribu8ons by the suppor8ng organisa8ons.


Although the EIF is an informal body, it does occasionally take on projects on behalf of the industry. In recent years it provide a liaison point with Government on


The Local Authority Perspec3ve Andy Grove Vice President

Each year when I consider the posi8on that local authori8es are in, the 8mes seem to be hard and the future seems to be uncertain and 2014 looks no different. Despite the first signs of economic recovery being reported in the news, it may be some 8me before this filters into local government. There is discussion and debate about the value of culture and events and with it not being a statutory requirement it makes it an easy target to squeeze or cut altogether. In authori8es where it does survive it is highly likely that considera8on will be given as to who is best placed to deliver it and outsourcing is certainly a possibility, if not a probability. This is not necessarily bad news and could be beneficial but local authority funding for arts and culture and events is likely to reduce further in forthcoming years.

Safety Advisory Groups seem to be a lively topic for discussion with an inconsistent approach being a common and fair cri8cism levelled at us. This is hardly a surprise with every authority being different in the way it is staffed and resourced but with each one having its own legal liability for what is going on. I know for certain that many local authority events managers try and discuss the issues and strive for greater consistency but reaching agreement even amongst ourselves is difficult enough. Add in the views of colleagues from licensing, environmental health and highways which also vary from area to area and then add the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services in those areas then the complexity of the situa8on becomes clear. The chances of a Safety Advisory Group being able to pool the resources of all the relevant people and find that there is experience and competence for all areas that affect events is not that likely. That said I remain commi9ed to work with the industry to do whatever we can to try and find a solu8on that can at least be used to try and make things be9er.

I look forward to seeing a published Purple Guide in 2014. It has been a very long and windy road fraught with difficul8es so it is a huge relief that at the 8me of wri8ng there is a dra' guide out for consulta8on. The role of the local authority in an enforcement capacity crops up frequently and the guide deals with whether or not it is the HSE or the local authority that has

enforcement powers in certain areas. Once again the consistency aspect arises here as not all authori8es have people with any capacity to carry out inspec8ons and even if they do the ques8on may need to be asked about their knowledge and competence in the specific areas that they may be required enforce. Challenges lay ahead and they always will but that is what makes life fun! I am therefore excited about entering into another year of great events and hopefully seeing another summer period where some of us once again see the sunshine!


A UK newspaper headline but guess what, not aliens but sky lanterns dri$ing in the sky. We really need to stop these being sold and used at events. The recent fire at Smethwick, West Midlands earlier this summer prompted the NFU to ask again that these lanterns are banned. NOEA agrees. The sight of these lanterns in the sky is very beau8ful as they gently float away commemora8ng a birthday, a loved one’s passing, a finale at the end of an event but stop do you really know the consequences of se:ng one or more of these lanterns into the sky? Did anyone check the wind direc8on and surroundings? That doesn’t mean sending a burning one off and then realising that pre9y li9le thatched co9age up the road looked like it was going to receive a direct hit.

The damage caused to livestock is frightening even the so called eco friendly ones using bamboo instead of wire. No one could fail to be shocked when reading of one cow that ate the wire was in constant agony with no known reason, gave birth to her calf early and died in agony. A post-mortem revealed the wire from a sky lantern in her gut. Animals can also be startled by the unusual light, run into fences resul8ng in injuries and some8mes may have to be put down. Glastonbury have banned lanterns at their fes8val, the rest of the industry now needs to be responsible and do the same.

So suppliers , organisers, security firms, councils , health and safety advisors, need to get behind the campaign with NOEA and refuse to have lanterns at any event they organise or are involved with. Perhaps if lanterns were classed as li9er anyone releasing them could be fined as much as £2,500, but ul8mately lanterns should be banned as they are a danger to buildings, animals, marine life and you!




Michael Hirst The Business Visits and Events Partnership has been in existence for over thirteen years and brings together twenty leading trade and professional organisa8ons, government agencies and other significant influencers in the business visits and events sector.

The sector is quite diverse in its ac8vi8es and comprises conferences, mee8ngs, exhibi8ons, trade-fairs, incen8ve travel, corporate hospitality as well as other business, spor8ng, cultural and fes8val events. At conserva8ve es8mates this sector employs over 500,000 people and is worth over £40bn annually.

The Partnership’s mission is to garner cohesive opinion of these stakeholders and to collec8vely influence and develop the policies, prac8ces and strategies that support and generate growth in the sector. It also seeks to raise sector awareness through clear communica8ons of the social and economic benefits of the business visits and events sector. In order to achieve the objec8ves, the Partnership provides informed and representa8ve points of view for the sector; promotes the benefits of business and other events at all levels of Government; encourages the sharing of best prac8ce and disseminates robust research on the industry. The Partnership is an ac8ve supporter of the Britain for Events campaign and other ini8a8ves that promote the sector and supports the development of sector quality, skills and qualifica8ons

The Business Visits and Events sector is a significant and growing sector for the UK economy. It is a significant generator of economic growth, jobs, and both direct and indirect taxa8on. It is recognised for its world class reputa8on in crea8vity and its highly skilled workforce and contributes posi8vely to the cultural development of the country. It is a major source of export income and contributor to the UK’s balance of payments.

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 programme which will ensure minister across all Government Departments become an integral part of the bid process for major events to Britain. This will involve signing bid le9ers, welcoming visi8ng delega8ons and a9ending event ceremonies.

Other areas of lobbying involve the provision of subven8on support to des8na8ons to enable them to compete with overseas loca8ons, reduc8ons in VAT on venue hire and conference services and allowances for export promo8on.

Raising the sector’s profile is cri8cal if policy makers are to be influenced about the important contribu8on the Events’ sector makes to the economy and community well-being. Here the Partnership’s charter is to provide a cohesive voice for the events industry, promote the benefits of business visits and events to local and na8onal government, influence policy and strategies that support and drive the sector, and use key influencers to provide a compelling industry message to the wider world. Bilateral mee8ngs with Ministers from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, where live events sit in terms of government policy, are also high on the agenda, alongside growing engagement with UK Trade and Investment and the Department for Business, Innova8on and Skills. In addi8on, ge:ng on the local agenda is increasingly important. At least eight per cent of the total workforce of any cons8tuency in the UK is employed in the events sector. The success of the London 2012 Olympic Games and how its legacy can benefit the live events industry longterm hasn’t escaped BVEP’s no8ce either. People got the message that a big spor8ng occasion is as much about brand and business communica8on as it is about sport. This was a fact that resonated in the right places. Events drive local economies, visitor numbers and shape the profile of many des8na8ons. It is good that the sector is now being recognised for its contribu8on and that its representa8ve organisa8ons are working together to ensure the industry can reach its full poten8al. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Liverpool Interna8onal Music Fes8val by Culture Liverpool

Currently the Partnership is working on a number of ini8a8ves which will have benefit for all parts of the industry.

Working with the Minister for Tourism, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and VisitEngland, it is hoped to sign off shortly on a Ministerial Bid Support



Extracts BV&EP and VisitBritain

NOEA has been a member for some years and the Partnership recognise the importance of the event industry alongside tourism, conferences and exhibi8ons. BVEP have been influen8al in opening doors for us to government departments in a suppor8ve role and working behind the scenes for the benefit of the Events Industry in general. For further informa3on, please contact:

Michael Hirst Chairman – Business Visits & Events Partnership Tel: 020 8950 8071 e-mail: [email protected] www.businesstourismpartnership.com Carmel Dennis BVEP Administrator Tel: 07946 425958 email: [email protected]om www.businessvisitsandeventspartnership.com

The Establishment of an APPG of MP’s for the Events Industry

In 2010, a number of the Associa8ons that belong to the Event Industry Forum expressed a desire to form an All Party Poli8cal Group of MP’s to represent the UK event industry in Parliament. A'er much informal discussion, and not a li9le research, feelers were put out by some EIF members and Michael Hirst of BVEP in an a9empt at iden8fying a possible Chairman or Chairwomen of the proposed APPG. It was deemed essen8al that any Chairperson should have experience in the events industry if at all possible, which somewhat narrowed the field of prospec8ve Chairpersons. Towards the end of 2010 at a recep8on organised by Visit Britain and held at the Houses of Parliament, Nick de Bois, MP for Ealing North, indicated that he was prepared to stand as Chairman of an APPG. This was deemed an ideal solu8on since before entering Parliament, Nick had run his own successful Event Organisa8on, and was therefore judged to be an en8rely suitable candidate.

To gain official approval within Westminster the make-up of the membership of an APPG needs to include MP’s and Lords drawn from all of the main par8es in the House of Commons and from the House of Lords. Therefore shortly a'er the recep8on at the House of Commons, Nick de Bois arranged for a circular to be sent to all of the members of the both Houses asking for any members of either House with an interest in the UK Events industry to come forward and join the APPG. This resulted in a list of more than 23 MP’s who indicated their willingness to join. To gain suitable representa8on at Parliament, individuals or organisa8ons need a ‘Champion’ to promote their ideas within Westminster and an APPG does exactly that. In addi8on, the members of an APPG are able to exert influence on Ministers and ask suitable per8nent ques8ons in the House.

In 2012, the year in which there have been more major public events than in any other year, including Her Majesty the Queen’s Jubilee, the UK-wide Torch Relay, the subsequent London 2012 Olympics and the Paralympics and the myriad other associated public events arranged to coincide with the above happenings, the influence of the APPG for Events has been par8cularly important. So what does the future hold for the APPG for Events? It is quite possible that there will be closer co-opera8on with the APPG’s for Football, Rugby and other groups that already exist and that represent par8cular bits if what is usually just known as the ‘Events Industry’, in order to enhance the influence our industry has in Parliament, for there is undoubted strength in numbers! The Event Industry Forum is shortly to conduct an online survey in order to collect as much informa8on about the organisa8on of the major events in 2012 and their rela8ve success or failure. The answers given by the par8cipants of that survey will provide the members of the APPG for Events with as much informa8on as possible on how well 2012’s large events actually performed.

The feel good factor created by the success of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics is important for the people of Britain, but the event industry itself needs to know what stumbling blocks there were during the build-up to the Games, what could or should have been improved and what we need to do as an industry to make things even be9er the next 8me we organise a very large event. The members of the APPG for Events can help promote our industry and help us achieve our goals by raising the profile of our industry at Westminster. Phil Mist





The European Network Connec3ng Fes3val and Public Events Professionals Around the World

Founded in 1992, the Interna8onal Fes8vals and Events Associa8on Europe – IFEA Europe – is the european affiliate of IFEA World. For the past 50 years, IFEA has serverd as the global network organiza8on for professionals who work in the cultural fes8vals and public events sector.

The IFEA is represented in 40 countries on 5 con8nents and it is the worlds largest network for fes8vals & events.

IFEA Europe connects you to: Cultural fes8vals, Public events organiza8ons, Policy makers, Des8na8on marketers, Consultants, Suppliers, Researchers and universi8es in addi8on to many other related bodies and professionals, in order to share ideas and best prac8ce, to develop your knowledge and skills, to promote networking, partnerships and exchange between you and other Members and stakeholders in our industry. The members within the IFEA include large events and small events – fes8vals – ar8st agencies and booking services – event producers and consultants – industry icons and brand new fes8vals – municipali8es and government agencies – CVB's and chambers of commerce – the public and private sector – and the sponsors, academia's and suppliers. Allan Xenius Grige, Chairman of the Board, IFEA Europe Owner, CACC Copenhagen Arts & Culture Consultant [email protected] for future correspondence. offi[email protected]

The Genesis Ini3a3ve

NOEA joined this organization in 2006 which has the support of more than 150 trade associations and similar bodies representing Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises known generally as SME’s but recently amended to MSME’s. Details of the Genesis Initiative appear on their website (www.genesis-initiatve.org) and the aims and the role of the organisation is defined by this statement which appears on the site. “Small business is the backbone of the British economy and when it does well the whole country does well. The role of Genesis is to act as an umbrella organisation, working on your behalf to optimise potential growth in the SME sector by fostering a "can do" culture. We aim to participate fully in achieving the economic and structural reforms that will enable business to flourish. New jobs, new ideas and new wealth will be created if small businesses are thriving. Our role is to help sustain this business environment. We work closely with opinion formers within the UK and Europe in pressing for change where change is necessary. By galvanising the SME community we can ensure that the voice of the sector will be heard loud and clear.”

Regular breakfast meetings at held at the House of Commons and House of Lords at which various Ministers of State, their opposition counterparts and other MPs, Lords and senior civil servants have given presentations on topical matters. There is an opportunity to put forward some questions and already some useful information and contacts have been made. By joining such lobby groups, NOEA and other event associations are beginning to receive recognition in parliamentary circles.

A NOEA Council Member attends Breakfast Meetings, Senate Meetings, other parliamentary all party group meetings, governmental department meetings and Genesis Bank of England Meetings. We have presented a positive and forward thinking input into such gatherings which has resulted in positive advantages for our members but what is more important is that some decision makers have been influenced in such a way that some planned disadvantages to our members have been revised resulting in a better outcome.


Allan Xenius Grige speaking at the NOEA Conven3on 2007


NOEA Insurance Panel

They provide insurance services applicable to the Outdoor Events, Leisure, Entertainment, Sports and Hospitality Industries. The Companies are all Registered Insurance Brokers with over 150 years of experience between them. The Companies are commi9ed to providing impar8al advice and specialist services. ARC Interna3onal Event Insurance Specialist Terry Waller 020 7977 7638 Event Assured Brian Kirsch 01376 330624 Event Insurance Services Ltd Lucy Scurlock-Jones 01425 470360 Howden Event Insurance Steve Waldock or Chris Evans 020 7648 7162/7163 Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach Beverley Hewes 0207 510 1234 Wrightsure Services Ltd Kevin Wade 01708 25872


The Na3onal Outdoor Events Associa3on is pleased to promote a Legal Advice Forum for the benefit of Members. NOEA has nego8ated with Horsey Lightly Fynn, Solicitors, for provision of an ini8al free 30 minutes consulta8on personally or by telephone for Members. It will be open on a fee-paying basis for all advice given therea'er. The subject areas covered are as follows:-

• Liquor Licences, Public Entertainment Licences, Sports Licences, Lo9ery, Be:ng and Gaming and associated ma9ers. • Food Safety, Health and Safety – enforcement of Local Authori8es. • Acquisi8ons, Sales, Mergers, Terms and Condi8ons of Business, Review of Business contracts, Standard Form contracts for Events, personal and corporate Insolvency, prepara8on of Agency Agreements, Distribu8on Agreements, Franchising Agreements, Commercial Agency Agreements. The sale and purchase of companies, Advice and prepara8on for Tender Documenta8on, Advice on compulsory Tendering and TUPE Regula8ons. • Purchase, Sale and Lease of Commercial property including Commercial Leases, Licences to Occupy. • Personal Injury and related ma9ers, Commercial Contract Disputes, Professional Negligence, Consumer Credit ma9ers, Debt Recovery and Building Disputes. • Unfair Dismissal, Redundancy, Contracts of Employment, Discrimina8on. In order to take advantage of this service you should contact Mr. Phillip Day or his secretary (sta8ng your name as an NOEA Member) as follows:HORSEY LIGHTLY FYNN, Solicitors, 3 Poole Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH2 5QJ. Tel No. 01202 551991, Fax No. 01202 295403, Email: [email protected] Website: www.horseylightlyfynn.com Great Manchester Run – Nova Interna8onal

NOEA will continue to put forward the wishes and concerns of members and would like to be informed of members wishes in respect of legal and parliamentary business. Alan Pope





Event Industry News

As I write our entry for the 2014 yearbook we can, for the first 8me, have genuine empathy with event organisers. 2013 saw us launch the Event Technology Awards and host an accompanying gala dinner. Whilst this is small fry compared to a major outdoor event, it certainly gave us a taste of the many issues faced by an event organiser and just how tough their job is. When it comes to understanding the market we serve, experiences like this are invaluable. We are now in a posi8on to combine our exper8se with our experience, using the feedback we have gathered since launching EIN to enhance and improve the service we offer. What we are now seeing in our industry is a similar a:tude among suppliers. As the demands of event organisers become more fervent, suppliers need to use past experiences as a means to enhance their services and, if necessary, develop new ones.

In an industry that is evolving and developing as quickly as this one, Event Industry News is planning some major developments in 2014 in order to meet the growing demands of our audience, including a major restructure of the website and improvements to our cross-pla7orm access via mobile devices. The increasing reliance on digital accessibility, combined with the expecta8on for informa8on to be instantaneous, means that all businesses are reassessing the way in which they communicate their messages. In light of this, EIN has recently launched its first digital supplement ‘The Virtual Fes8val’. This virtual magazine will, for the first 8me, provide suppliers with a truly interac8ve way to display their messages, with videos and animated content a key component of the supplement. Our media partnership with the NOEA is another area that we look to develop in the coming year. The spotlight ar8cles on different member companies have been very well received, giving a range of suppliers an excellent opportunity to promote their work and amplify their EIN Technology Awards


NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 brand via our online channels. Having been the ones driving this par8cular feature, we would like to see more NOEA members being proac8ve with their communica8ons and taking advantage of our media partnership. Members looking to feature in one of our monthly spotlights should feel free to approach us, and we would also love to hear about the events that members are working on.

2014 is an extremely important year for our colleagues in Scotland. As Glasgow prepares to host the Commonwealth Games, the industry has yet another major spor8ng event to bring focus and drive to its efforts. We have no doubt that NOEA Scotland will have a major role in suppor8ng those members involved in the games. With so much good feeling emana8ng from the London Olympics in 2012, if Glasgow 2014 can generate even a frac8on of that, then the UK events industry will again be thrust in to a posi8ve spotlight. We look forward to hearing from you in 2014 via [email protected]


Access All Areas magazine has been serving the events industry for more than 20 years. In that 8me, the industry has seen significant change, and Access All Areas has been there every step of the way. With events now enjoying a higher profile in the UK than ever before, Access All Areas speaks to the people that ma9er – from suppliers to organisers and venue management. Access All Areas is published 10 8mes a year by Mash Media, with joint issues in the summer and Christmas periods. We also publish regular supplements including the annual Access Files which profiles leading suppliers by sector.

On top of the print version, there is the Access All Areas website which is updated daily with industry news. This is backed up by a weekly newsle9er sent out to our subscribers and social media. New for 2014 is an enhanced digital edi8on of the magazine which can be viewed and downloaded on laptops, smartphones or tablets – perfect for the reader who is literally out in the field.

Music fes8vals and events are at the magazine’s heart but Access All Areas also covers major spor8ng events, street fes8vals and Great Bri8sh events from Chelsea Flower Show to Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.


Access All Areas reports on and promotes the events industry, providing readers with the latest news, industry interviews and thought-provoking features to inspire and inform. For more informa8on, or to subscribe, please visit www.accessaa.co.uk Sco4 Birch


On the 26th of November 2013 a group of 9 students and 1 lecturer from Robert Gordon University travelled to the Sco:sh Police College, Tulliallan near Edinburgh for the Na8onal Outdoor Events Associa8on AGM and Na8onal Conference. Around 100 delegates arrived and enjoyed talks from a variety of different and interes8ng speakers.

Deputy Chief Constable, Steve Allen began the conference by welcoming all to the conference and also to the Police College. Following him we heard from the Chief Communica8ons Officer of the Organising Commi9ee for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Gordon Arthur. He led the talk by giving us an insight into what to expect from the Commonwealth Games and the build up to the games, including showing us when the Queens Baton Relay began and when it will pass through each town in the UK. Gordon Arthur gave us many facts and figures rela8ng to the Games, showing us the extent of the costs and the number of people they are expec8ng through the door in the opening weekend of the Commonwealth which is 350,000. Following this was a very engaging and passionate talk from Geoff Ellis, the CEO of DF Concerts and Events. He is responsible for the organisa8on of Scotland’s biggest fes8val; T in the Park. He began by talking to us about the difficul8es they face when finding a headlining act for T as there is a scarcity of talent in the music industry nowadays and due to this the prices for great musical ar8sts are rising. He led on to discuss a more serious topic on the subject of legal highs and the problems facing the fes8val with the increased use and naivety of fes8val goers when being offered a legal high. It was concluded that working with the police the industry will campaign to get the term “legal high” changed as it gives an impression to the public that drugs can be safe. It was very clear throughout Geoff Ellis’s talk that he was very passionate about his job and understood clearly what his target audience wanted and expected from their 8me at T in the Park. Before the break for lunch we heard Andy Bates, Chief Superintendent of the Strathclyde Police-force. He spoke to us about the police impact at events, their du8es and reasons for a9ending, for example they had 300 police officers patrolling the T in the Park grounds in 24 hours.

He explained that it is important for the police to protect human rights and that some8mes police ac8on can cause more problems than it may solve. It was an informa8ve and interes8ng talk which showed Mr Bates’ enthusiasm and passion for his job.

Throughout the rest of the a'ernoon we heard from Alex Hill and the impact weather has on events, he began his talk with a lot of enthusiasm and a clear knowledge of what he was talking about. His sharp and wi9y comments amused the audience whilst he discussed the importance of preparing for all weather condi8ons and “minimizing risk.” The final talks of the a'ernoon were heard from John Gilligan; Managing Director of Tennent Caledonian Breweries in which he spoke about the importance of sponsorship and events and the main keys for success in business. Marion Gamel introduced us to the rising importance of social media and paperless 8ckets in events as well the Events Director of EventScotland, Stuart Turner, described how to deliver the Na8onal Events Strategy for Scotland and that the three main priori8es in the event industry is to “sustain, grow and develop.” The last talk came from Tom O’Brien which was led with an inspiring video showing a variety of events which had taken place in Edinburgh. He gave a short and interac8ve speech about the challenges (and how to overcome them) which face Edinburgh due to the amount of events which take place across the city each year. Overall it was a great day full of very important and relatable informa8on which we can take forward in our studies of event management over the years. Alasdair Lemon, a first year at Robert Gordon said “It was incredibly mo8va8ng to become more involved in organisa8ons to develop myself as an event student.”

Kirsten Ball Robert Gordon University, Events Student Binod and Mrs Brown – The Showmans Show




Wireless Microphone Informa3on

Although there have been many ar8cles and discussions in the audio industry trade magazines and websites, it appears there is s8ll a lack of understanding amongst many of the Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) users out there in the UK. This includes schools, churches and small produc8on companies. It was announced back in 2009 that the exis8ng UHF TV band channel 69 (854.900 - 861.750 MHz) used by most Radio Microphone and In-Ear Monitor (IEM) systems was going to form part of the digital dividend release of the 800MHz band frequency space following the closure of the analogue television service in 2012. This channel along with other channels from 61-69 have been reserved for other uses as from 1st January 2013. This frequency space has been auc8oned off mainly to the mobile phone networks for 4G high speed data services and it is now illegal to operate other equipment in these bands. Apart from anything else, once the 4G networks start transmi:ng in this spectrum, the interference generated would render radio mic systems unusable anyhow. To operate legally, your wireless mics or IEM systems must either use the new shared frequency range in channel 38 (606-614 MHz) and you must hold a PMSE A'er Dark Fireworks – Yellow Bus Events Ltd


Shared Frequency licence, or you can use up to 5 systems (in perfect condi8ons) in the de-regulated spectrum of channel 70 (863-865 MHz) without a license. We do not recommend the use of Channel 70 for professional applica8ons as this is prone to interference from other systems, including baby monitors! If you are a sta8c venue using more than 1 or 2 systems, it is strongly recommended and desirable to obtain a site specific licence for an interleaved frequency channel (Ch 21-30 & 41-60). What this means is that you can use a frequency that is not being used by Digital Terrestrial Television services in your area as long as you obtain a license to do so. This has the advantage that you will not be using shared radio mic channels and therefore less prone to interference from other systems, including incoming tours. It would also be illegal for anyone else to operate on the same frequencies in your area without a license, which they would not be granted if you got there first! The ability to change to Ch 38 shared or other interleave channels is dependent on the tuning ability of your exis8ng radio mic or IEM systems. A system designed for channel 69 use is very unlikely to be able to re-tune to channel 38, although it could most likely operate in channel 70 (with the limita8ons stated above). The tuning range of the system is normally stated on the receiver (or transmi9er in the case of IEM systems), or can usually be worked out from the tuning menu.

SRD Group can provide you with free guidance and assistance to ensure that you remain legal and enjoy trouble free opera8on of your wireless systems. In some cases it may be necessary to replace exis8ng equipment, for which we can provide a compe88ve quote and help with the necessary licensing arrangements. Stuart Roberts

Phil Sofer

Events, CDM & Consulta3on

By the 8me this year book is published, the HSE should be about to publish the consulta8ve document for the revised CDM regula8ons which will probably introduce whole new terminologies into the Events Industry for the design and management of events. This will probably concern a few people but is not actually that frightening. A well managed event will not need to make too many changes for the new regula8ons.

The HSE have re-iterated that the ac8vi8es of building temporary structures & stages, mechanical and electrical fit out and site prepara8on have all been enforceable under CDM regula8ons in the past. It is simply that they have not done so un8l now as the HSE prefers to recognise the ac8vi8es that are undertaken and apply regula8ons to those rather than looking at a par8cular industry. However, the proposed extension conflicts with the enforcement regula8ons which may cause some conflict with Local authori8es.

The HSE has had a lot of problems trying to incorporate event management systems into the frame work of CDM. "Producer equals client equals controlling mind" works for some events but does not work well for other events or for exhibi8ons. CDM is about who is in charge and who has the authority, therefore clear lines of authority need to be shown in organisa8on charts. CDM is about crea8ng structures to promote health and safety and therefore needs to include enforcement / escala8on. Event safety plan and CDM plan are close enough as concepts to be inter-changeable. Project prepara8on manager is to replace CDM coordinator.

The CDM ACOP is to be withdrawn and will not be replaced. In the opinion of the author that will cause problems. Instead targeted Guidance notes, applicable to the entertainment industry par8cularly for venues and clients, will be made available. Contractors are not seen to be so much of an issue (as they usually work to the requisite standards anyway) but suitable checks for competency and training will be required.

No8fica8on will be similar to that exis8ng for Construc8on sites. If more than one contractor, one of them must be the principal contractor which will effec8vely be the organiser or the produc8on manger. Competence requirements no longer to be defined (the management regula8ons will s8ll apply) and induc8on training will not be required if suitable levels of competency and training can be shown. Further clarifica8on will be required in regards to how the event becomes no8fiable. The bo9om line is that we will need to see the fine print and defini8ons when the CD is released in a month or two’s 8me and then as an industry we will need to make a co-ordinated response. NOEA will of course be at the heart of this but we would ask you all to be ready to give as quick feedback as the consulta8on period may be quite short. Have a good year.

Michael Bell

'Thank You', Ba9le of the Atlan8c 70th Commemora8on by Culture Liverpool

It was suggested that the event industry is actually very good at planning, so that should not be an issue for us, where we are weaker is in design, organisa8on and set responsibili8es. Apparently we are only seen as high risk with regards to work at height. It is noted that more accidents happen on small to medium sized sites rather than more organised larger sites. The venue becomes a contractor where they are providing services. The HSE is of the opinion that a lot of event accidents are due to fa8gue (which is fair comment).

Problems are likely to occur in figuring out who is the client and who are the designers. It is going to be difficult to fit dynamic design into the structure of the CDM regula8ons and it could also be difficult to allocate responsibili8es.





NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Campaign Objec3ves

Britain for Events is the UK event industry’s most inclusive selfpromo8onal campaign. The ini8a8ve is tasked with represen8ng the full spectrum of the events industry including; conference, exhibi8ons and business events; fes8vals, live, outdoor, spor8ng and cultural events; and incen8ve travel, training and corporate travel events.

It is an externally facing ini8a8ve targeted towards businesses, consumers and government to encourage the growth and development of the UK events industry. This year the campaign’s objec8ves remain to build on the inroads made last year and con8nue to make the UK a compe88ve interna8onal industry; to be the official ‘flag waver’ for the industry and to underline its value to business, government and the wider event going public.

To increase the interna8onal compe88veness of the UK events industry, Britain for Events aims… • To be a voice of the UK events industry • To promote the value and volume of the UK events industry • To promote the value of face to face communica8on • To nego8ate more favourable opera8ng environments of businesses within the mee8ngs and events industry

Ac3ons and Ac3vity during Current Year

The campaign has received even greater backing, once again from Prime Minister David Cameron, but also from Hugh Robertson former Minister for Sport, Tourism and the Olympic Legacy, and Lord Sebas8an Coe former Chair of the London Organising Commi9ee for the Olympic Games.

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Britain for Events has acted as secretariat for the first ever All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) inquiry into the compe88veness of the UK events industry, the findings of which will be announced in the autumn 2013.

Britain for Events and Interna8onal Confex were asked to assist in the inquiry by ac8ng as its secretariat on behalf of the industry, a vital role in making it happen at all. The campaign has been instrumental in providing background informa8on and reference for the inquiry, briefing MP’s, and providing administra8on support and assistance to the inquiry Chair Nick de Bois MP.

Britain for Events and Interna8onal Confex will also provide a briefing event for the Inquiry where its findings will be presented to the industry. This will form a major part of our annual ‘launch’ event and a chance to shine a light on our industry. Direct responsibili8es and ‘Ac8on Plan’ from the inquiry will form much of the ac8vity from Britain for Events for both 2013 and 2014. Looking forward it will be the role of Britain for Events to put pressure on recommenda8ons taken from the inquiry, to be implemented.

Equally, through our own rela8onship with IMEX we are taking the ‘Declara8on of Support’ ini8a8ve forward and into the UK market to encourage senior government ministers to sign up and support the industry. The ‘Declara8on of Support’ highlights the characteris8cs of the sector as a major driver of growth and development in the world economy where it creates jobs, increases trade, a9racts inward investment, spreads knowledge, enhances innova8on and regenera8on, nurtures community cohesion and enriches the visitor economy whilst shaping des8na8ons. Turning away from the governmental agenda, Britain for Events has recently formed produc8ve partnerships with UK Sport, UK Music and the Fes8val Organisers Associa8on to give further representa8on to this side of the events industry. These rela8onships will be instrumental in represen8ng the ‘live’ sector of the events industry and joining closer rela8onships between live and business events. Britain for Events joined forces with the Interna8onal Special Events Society (ISES) to host the E20 (May 13), which saw 20 major des8na8ons and venues discuss the growing role of crea8vity in the export of UK events and will be taking the ac8on points forward to promote the UK’s crea8vity in business.


One of the aspects the industry asked the campaign to look at was its role in suppor8ng the next genera8on of event organisers. This year we have therefore launched


B4E Genera8ons, part of the campaign’s commitment to educate students in understanding the wider industry they are entering into. Already this has led to representa8ves from the campaign speaking at Her7ord and Queen Margaret University’s and future engagements with Bournemouth and Westminster Universi8es. Alex Stronghill

Police Charging at Events

Sorry to harp on about this for the second year in succession but every event organiser I talk to these days seems to have issues over police charging. As a quick reminder, in England and Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland are different), the posi8on is governed by sec8on 25 of the Police Act 1996 which asserts: “The Chief Officer of police of a police force may provide, at the request of any person, special police services at any premises or in any locality in the police area for which the force is maintained, subject to the payment to the local policing body of charges on such scales as may be determined by that body”.

This apparently simple paragraph is in fact a legal minefield but not quite for the reasons many people suppose. They tend to moan about “full cost recovery” but what they mean is that the police demand payment for all policing costs associated with an event. In fact, if one is talking about “special police services” (“SPS”) it is well established that the police are en8tled to charge for their services at a full cost recovery rate. How one works out that rate is the subject of a publica8on by the Associa8on of Chief Police Officers (“ACPO”) called “ACPO & the Associa8on of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCCs) Guidelines on Charging for Police Services” and the hourly or daily rates charged will vary from force to force. The Guidelines also makes it clear that certain types of events should be charged at a lesser rate (or even nothing). This is all fair and good but unfortunately it completely misses the point. The Police are ONLY en8tled to charge for SPS and NOT for core policing. It is also the case that they are only en8tled to charge if someone has requested SPS and the police have acceded to that request. It follows that the police are NOT currently en8tled to automa8cally charge for all policing costs associated with an event. In some cases (e.g. demonstra8ons and counter demonstra8ons) it is a prac8cal impossibility for the Bill to send their bill to anyone at all.

Ma9ers are further complicated by a number of cases – for example one rela8ng to Leeds Football Club held that the police were only en8tled to charge for policemen deployed within the “event footprint” and not on public

land that was not owned or under the control of the football club. Of course if you ask the police to (for example) provide traffic management as an SPS, they are perfectly en8tled to send you a bill for that, even though the service they are providing is a service provided outside the event footprint. Part of the problem is that different police officers (some8mes even officers from the same force) have very different views about the en8re concept of policing events. Some are working hard to move towards events that are “police free” – others seem to want to swamp every event, including those that are intended to be family friendly, with public order trained officers (the boys and girls in riot gear). The standard “tac8c” in such circumstances is to “advise” the event organisers that if they don’t agree to pay for whatever level of policing the police think is appropriate, they’ll object to the licence and stop the event from going ahead. The point here is that some events don’t need a licence at all but even if they do, the police may well be hard pushed to jus8fy either objec8ng to a licence applica8on or seeking a review of an exis8ng licence. Nevertheless, the implied threat o'en works, much to the cost and detriment of the event organisers and, dare one say it, the event goers – policing costs are inevitably passed on in 8cket prices etc.

The industry is beginning to get wise to all of this and in the last year, several events have succeeded in reducing policing costs by introducing more detailed security, stewarding and traffic management plans and some8mes by just standing firm and saying “No.” However, my firm view is that nego8a8on is the best way to proceed, difficult though that may be on occasions, depending on the individual police officer concerned. There is however another threat on the horizon. Some sec8ons of the police, apparently supported by the Home Office, are looking to change the law to overcome the specific issue that arose in the Leeds United case (which cost the police about £1M a year!). Whilst it is clear that football is the intended target, there is a real danger that any change in the law allowing the police to recover all of their costs will impact on the events industry.

A consulta8on is expected around Easter with a dra' Bill later in the year. NOEA will be monitoring the situa8on closely and if necessary, making comment and lobbying to try and ensure that the event industry as a whole doesn’t suffer because of the mindless behaviour or a minority of football hooligans.


Philip Day




Raising awareness of the professional role of event manager and suppor8ng individuals to achieve professional recogni8on, con8nue their professional development and benefit from its body of knowledge. The Ins8tute of Event Management has been established to provide an opportunity for individuals who already work or wish to work in the Events Sector to gain professional recogni8on, and to enhance their profile, skills and knowledge.

The aim is for the Ins8tute to provide a route to professional development, accredita8on of courses and a body of knowledge. It will seek to champion professional recogni8on and raise awareness of the role of event professionals.

The Ins8tute will support employers in providing real-8me informa8on and resources together with appropriate con8nuing professional development programmes to meet their needs. The Ins8tute will also provide a forum for the provision of fresh ideas and informa8on together with opportuni8es for debate and discussion. The Ins8tute has been cons8tuted as a “not for profit” company limited by guarantee. It has been working

throughout 2013 with People 1st to review the Na8onal Occupa8onal Standards (NOS) in order to develop a number of NOS that can be subsequently pulled together into a framework of qualifica8ons to which all trainers and providers can work. Na8onal Occupa8onal Standards (NOS) are not qualifica8ons of themselves, they describe what an individual needs to do, know, and understand in order to carry out a par8cular job or func8on. The key purpose of an event manager is to: “create and deliver opportuni8es for people to par8cipate in an event to meet audience and stakeholder needs to achieve, economic, professional, environmental or social objec8ves.” The Key Roles under which each of the NOS sit have been iden8fied as to: A. Manage commercial aspects of an event B. Manage the design and crea8vity of an event C. Manage the marke8ng and sales of an event D. Manage the opera8ons of an event E. Evaluate an event F. Manage informa8on G. Manage resources

Na8onal Occupa8onal Standards are a free resource for employers to create their own training programmes. The Ins8tute will be launched early in 2014. Susan Spibey

Historical Promotions WWI Centenary Events 1914 – 2014 & EVENT MANAGEMENT

‘Winners Best Large Event 2010’ UK Event Awards

‘Highly Commended Best Educational Event 2010’ UK Event Awards

Award Winning Historical Events, Live Interpretation, Corporate Entertainment and Cultural Heritage Management “Judges Award 2011” National Outdoor Events Association

Rob Butler BSc(Hons) MIoD MAHI FIBC MIFA Tel: 01837 811243 Mobile: 07944 524657 Email: [email protected]


w w w.h istoricalpromotions.com NATIONAL OUTDOOR EVENTS ASSOCIATION

List of NOEA Members

Honorary Life Members: Melvin Benn & Lord Sebas3an Coe Honorary Life Members Lord Sebas8an Coe and Melvin Benn

1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Alan Pope, Partner 2 Sco9s Way, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 2DG 01732 456446 / 07850 603500 / 01732 456446 www.1stclassentertainment.co.uk [email protected]

Entertainment Agency specialising in Outdoor & Arena Entertainment and quality Indoor Entertainment including Celebri8es, Tributes, Lookalikes, Chefs, Sports Persons and Gardeners.

11th Hour Events Ltd Andy Hopkins Unit H2 The Levels Capital Business Park, Cardiff, CF3 2PU 02920 794 444 / 02920 796 372 www.11th-hour-events.com [email protected]

We specialise in Ligh8ng and temporary power solu8ons for Outdoor Concerts, Major Spor8ng Events, TV Studio & Loca8on, Theatre and Outdoor Events. We deliver high quality products and services using tried and trusted methods. We are Approved NIC EIC Electrical Contractors. We provide excep8onal services to the event industry and clients. We are commi9ed to providing the highest levels of professionalism, service and quality. 11th Hour Events POWERING YOUR PERFORMANCE.

20 - 20 Events Management Ltd Steve Cunningham 4 Warple Mews, Warple Way, London, W3 0RF 020 3137 9512 www.20-20events.com [email protected]

Provides event management, opera8ons, produc8on, site management and health & safety services to the events and exhibi8ons industry, with a speciality in temporary structures and demanding venues.

2Can Produc3ons Ma4 Davies P O Box 668, Cardiff, CF11 1EZ 0845 054 5096 / 0845 054 5097 www.2canproduc8ons.com [email protected]

2Can Produc8ons provides Event Management, Design and Technical services to the entertainment and corporate sectors

2CL Communica3ons Ltd Mike Baker Hire Manager, Unit C, Woodside Trade Centre, Parham Drive, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 4NU 02380 648500 / 02380 720038 www.2cl.co.uk [email protected]

2CL Communica8ons Ltd supplies, hires and maintains Two Way Radios systems, CCTV systems, Wireless Data Links and other communica8on products for use at small and large events worldwide. The experienced Hire team provides extensive client support through a range of services, including: consulta8on, the planning and installa8on of equipment, maintenance, frequency management and customer service. The team can also remain onsite to operate equipment, if desired. Furthermore, the dedicated individuals working at 2CL are innovators who combine their ideas and years of experience to bring clients new solu8ons. With an outstanding reputa8on for quality products and service, 2CL remains the supplier of choice for some of the largest music fes8vals and spor8ng events within the UK.

3CL Internet Ltd trading as Meet the Celebri3es Mr Adrian Leopard PO Box 1027, Alderney, Channel Islands, GY9 3AS 08449-4-08449 / 0845-468-3903 www.mee9hecelebri8es.com [email protected]

To promote events for up to a maximum of 90 persons to meet celebri8es and personali8es in high quality environments.

A1 Loo Hire Clive Owen, Partner Silver Birches, Highland Avenue, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 4SP 01189 894652 www.a1groupcomp.co.uk [email protected]

Suppliers of toilets and waste water specialist. Portable Water Tanks.

AAC Power Solu3ons Ltd George Artley Scarborough Business Park, Hopper Hill Road, EastField, Scarborough, YO11 3YS 01723 586799 / 01723 583762 www.aacpowersolu8onsltd.co.uk [email protected]

Specialist providers of power & ligh8ng solu8ons for alloutdoor events, exhibi8ons & corporate hospitality.

AA Signs Fanum House, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 4EA 0800 731 7003 / 01256 493838 www.theaa.com [email protected] Temporary Road Traffic Signs & Traffic Management.





Aberdeen City Council Daniel Parro4 Business Hub 10, Second Floor South, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB 01224 523842 / 01224 523315 www.aberdeencity.gov.uk [email protected]

Adralava Ltd Christopher Woodward, Events Organiser Hopton Court, Cleobury Mor8mer, Kidderminster, Worcs, DY14 OEF 01299 270734 / 01299 271132 www.holeinthewallfes8val.co.uk [email protected]

Access All Areas Duncan Siegle 4th Floor, Sterling House, 6-10 St George’s Road, London, SW19 4DP 020 8971 8282 www.access-aa.co.uk

Adventure Forest Ltd T/A Go Ape Sam Hardy Hargrave Hall Church Lane, Hargrave, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 5HH 01284852228 / 01284850859 www.goape.co.uk [email protected]

Based in Economic and Business Development, The City Events Team delivers and supports small to large scale indoor and outdoor events within the city.

Achilleus Ltd Mario Garcia Opera3ons Director 1 - 4 Cooks Road, Stra7ord, London, E15 2PW 02082214180 / 02085347434 www.achilleus.co.uk [email protected]

Achilleus Ltd is a supplier of Security, Stewarding a Crowd Management Services to the event and leisure industry.

Acorn Event Solu3ons Ltd Sarah Bedford Mill Barn, East Knapton, Malton, YO17 8JA 01944 728163 / 01944 728900 [email protected]ffolding.com

Using Layher event scaffolding, we supply and erect stages, grandstands, marquee bases, staircases and ramps. We are also experienced providers of power distribu8on & ligh8ng with our own generators.

Admiral Structural Gallery Laura Withers 65 Weir Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 8UG 020 8971 3130 / 07854 334 604 / 020 8971 3150 www.admiralstructuralgallery.co.uk [email protected]

The Admiral Structural Gallery offer bespoke fully designed scaffolding and rigging structures to the events industry. We are sincerely commi9ed to Health and Safety and are a mul8-award winning company for our environmental and training achievements. Historical Promo8ons

Company associated with Hopton Court: Weddings/Corporate Entertainment/Venue for The Hole in the Wall Fes8val.

The classic and original Go Ape experience is our 2 to 3 hour Tree Top Adventure. We will brief you for safety before you fly down our zip-wires, leap off our Tarzan Swing and tackle our crossings whilst enjoying some of Britain's most breathtaking scenery. No two of our Tree-Top Adventures are the same, and some loca8ons also offer other outdoor ac8vi8es like our Tree-Top Junior courses for kids and our brilliant Forest Segway safaris.

Affinity Events Ltd Keith Brews PO Box 117, Chepstow, NP16 5XH 01291 606020 / 01291 606030 www.affinityevents.co.uk [email protected]ffinityevents.co.uk Event Management company.

Akita Group Ltd Philip Williams Millennium Studios, Building 109, Bedford Technology Park, Thurleigh, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK44 2YP 01234 780222 / 01234 780223 www.akitasecurityservices.com [email protected]

Provision of all types of manned security services including, events/ func8ons/AGMs /Young Farmers Rally's.

Alan Goldsmith Organisa3on Ltd Alan Goldsmith (Honorary) Li9le Bardfield Hall, Li9le Bardfield, Nr Braintree, Essex, CM7 4TT 01279 813237 / 01279 816391 www.classicgoldeventsltd.com, www.moun7itchetcastle.com [email protected] Organisers of tourist a9rac8ons, concerts, promoters, agency, consultants and producer.

Alliance-Pioneer Group Mathew Davey Spacemaker Depot, 12 St Modwen Road, Parkway Industrial Estate, Plymouth, PL6 8LH 0845 539 5309 www.alliance-pioneer.co.uk [email protected]

Public Safety Services (Medical, Fire, Security, Traffic Management) for the Events, Entertainment, Film/TV and Spor8ng industries.



Andrew Cheeseman Produc3ons Andrew Cheeseman, Proprietor La Grange, 65120 Saligos, Haute Pyrenees, France 0033 562 923890 / 0033 562 923899 [email protected]

Associa3on of Fes3val Organisers Steve Heap PO Box 296, Matlock, DE4 3XU 01629 827 014 / 01629 821 874

A P S Ltd John Phillips, Na3onal Business Development Manager 33 Metro Centre, Dwight Road, Wa7ord, Herts, WD18 9SB 0870 412 2232 / 0870 412 2231 www.apsecurity.co.uk [email protected]

A4woolls Marquee Hire Mr. Nigel A4wooll, Manager Whitminster, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL2 7LX 01452 742222 www.a9woollsmarquees.co.uk [email protected]

Total Event Management and produc8on. We take care of everything. Site Management, Health & Safety, Sound, Ligh8ng, Set Design,Branding, Promo8onal Items.

A Na8onal approved contractor with Security Industry Authority(SIA) of Trained Security Staff, Crowd Management/ Safety Personnel covering all type events Na8onwide. Offices: London, Bristol Birmingham and Leeds.

A R Entertainments Mr. Craig Jones, Director Mount Pleasant Way, Stokesley Business Park, Stokesley, N Yorks, TS9 5NZ 01642 712990 / 01642 710993 www.arentertainments.co.uk [email protected]

From single item hire to total event management. Corporate Fun Days, Team Building & Private Par8es. Celebra8ng our 21st Birthday in 2014 please ring for new brochure or visit our web site.

ARC Interna3onal Event Insurance Specialist Terry Waller St Clare House, 30 -33 Minories, London, EC3N 1PE www.apex-ins.co.uk [email protected] Event Insurance Specialists.

Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental Philippa Park Renault Complex Kerse Road, S8rling, FK7 7RU 01786 468 700 / 01786 448 969 www.arnoldclarkrental.com [email protected]

We offer a dedicated Special Events Team who can provide vehicle rental solu8ons throughout the industry. Vast range of modern vehicles available. Can be supplied with beacons, towbars, roof racks and without livery. Over 30 UK Loca8ons. Delivery and collec8on service available on request.

Ascot Structures Mr. Dan Owen, Sales & Marke3ng Director Alutech House, Green Lane, Heythrop, Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 5TU 01608 683999 / 01608 683111 www.ascotstructures.co.uk offi[email protected]

Structured Solu8ons - As one of the UK's foremost structure suppliers, we're good at what we do. Surpassing expecta8ons has always been the Ascot philosophy, and primarily the key behind our success.

www.fes8valorganisers.org [email protected] An associa8on (since 1987) of fes8val organisers, suppor8ng each other, training,lobbying, networking. Any kind of fes8val.

We supply a wide range of Structures including Tradi8onal Marquees with spans up to 80 foot wide, Aluminium Framed Clearspan Structures up to 30 metres wide and our Top of The Range Hi-Lux Double or Triple Deck Corporate Hospitality Structures. In addi8on to this we stock large supplies of equipment such as suspended floor system, glazed/solid sides, a wide range of Interior linings, Ligh8ng, Furniture & Floor Coverings and can react to demand immediately.

B-Line Fes3val Bars Ltd Mr Berin Johnston Unit D215, Parkhall Studios, 62 Tri9on Road, Dulwich, London, SE21 8DE 0208 761 8424 www.b-line".com [email protected]".com

In simple terms, we are a crea8ve produc8on and event management company which specialises in running bars at high profile music events and have designed, built, managed and staffed a large numbers of public arena and backstage bespoke bar opera8ons at outdoor fes8vals across the UK. We also work closely with a number of different brands to help meet the requirements of promoter sponsorship arrangements and brand ac8va8ons on site.

Baconinflate (UK) Ltd Gary Benne4, Managing Director 20 Osyth Close, Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton, Northamptonshire., NN4 7DY 01604 766500 / 01604 760890 www.baconinflate.co.uk [email protected]flate.co.uk

Crea8ve Temporary Structure Company, incorpora8ng Crea8ve Design, UK Manufacturing, & Logis8cal Event Management.

Barton Internet Marke3ng John Barton 23 Coral Avenue, Westward Ho!, Bideford, North Devon, EX39 1UW 01237 476 068/07725 056 094 www.john-barton.com [email protected]

Internet Marke8ng Business Entrepreneur helping people to develop an internet business and making a difference to their lives. The Internet Business promo8ng products such as Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit Program, MyLeadSystemPro - MLSP - internet Training System, U8lity Warehouse, Re8rement Income Network Academy and Karaoke Club Academy.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Andy Grove, Events Manager Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 4AH 01256 845455 /01256 845676 / 01256 845200 www.basingstoke.gov.uk/leisure [email protected]gstoke.gov.uk Direct and enabled event provision.

Bearprint Events & Expedi3on Specialists Christopher John Ball 35 John Batchelor Way, Penarth Marina, Cardiff, CF64 1SD 02920711656 www.bearprint-events.com [email protected] Event Management.

Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd Mrs. Judith Maddox, Events Manager John Montagu Building, Beaulieu Brokenhurst, Hants, SO42 7ZN 01590 614614 / 01590 614615 www.beaulieu.co.uk [email protected]

Leisure a9rac8on which also organises its own major outdoor events including the Interna8onal Autojumble as well as ac8ng as a venue for events staged by other organisa8ons.

Beaver 84 Ltd Bryan Coombs Ellen Cro' House, Harvey Road, Basildon, SS13 1EP 01268 727112 / 01268 531889 www.beaver84.co.uk [email protected]

Temporary Security Fencing/Hoarding, Crowd Control Barriers, Scaffolding Equipment and Debris Ne:ng.

Big Cat Group Nick Morgan, Group CEO Griffin House, 18-19 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, B3 1DW 0121 200 0910 www.bcguk.com [email protected]

Media Agency offering three primary services Event Management, Media/Press Rela8ons including Media Buying and planning and an in house design division. Working for clients as diverse as The Greater London Authority through to Topman and Hugo Boss. Winner of Public event of the year in 2006/7 and Runner up in Live Venue of the Year in 2007. We also undertake H&S Risk Assessments and licensing on behalf of various authori8es.Offices recently opened in Paris and Barcelona, working throughout in Europe and La8n America.

BMS (Bri3sh Military Security) Mr Gavin Meers Albert House, 12-26 Albert Street, Birmingham, B4 7UD 0800 233 5103 www.bri8shmilitarysecurity.com [email protected]

We have a wealth of experience working on a variety of events from major public gatherings including the Glastonbury Fes8val, Reading Fes8val, V Fes8val and Creamfields as well as providing and organising security on a regular basis at smaller events from boxing and Mixed Mar8al Arts shows to private par8es for celebri8es. Our management team has completed and successfully passed event management courses and has the industry know-how so we can meet your criteria when you are planning your event.


NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Bolton Council Steve Bailey, Event Co-ordinator The Event Office, Milton House, Wellington Street, Bolton, BL3 5DX 01204 334070 / 01204 336697 www.bolton.gov.uk [email protected] Local Authority & Event Organisers

Bournemouth Borough Council Helen Wildman, The Events Department VIB, Westover Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2BU + 44 (0)1202 451702 / 01202 451743 www.bournemouth.gov.uk [email protected] Local Authority, Events & Organiza8on.

Bournemouth University Dorothy Fox/School of Tourism Dorset House, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB 01202 961578/965123 www.bournemouth.ac.uk [email protected]

Bournemouth University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Events Management and Events Marke8ng. We also offer the service of crea8ng bespoke CPD courses. By bringing together the experience and exper8se of staff in applied prac8ce and academic research, we have the capabili8es to undertake a wide range of research projects.

Bradford Metropolitan District Council Vanessa Mitchell, Events Manager Culture, Tourism & Sport 2nd Floor, Jacobs Well, Bradford, BD1 5RW 01274 434783 / 01274 393426 [email protected]

Organising events in the new Centenary Square, built specially for outdoor events.

Brighton & Hove City Council Mr. Ian Taylor, Events Officer Kings House, Grand Avenue, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2ST 01273 292711 / 01273 292717 www.brighton-hove.gov.uk [email protected]

Local Authority with over 50 venues and open spaces in one of Britain's Most Vibrant Event Ci8es.

Bri3sh Red Cross Fiona Moinuddin, Na3onal Sales Manager for Event First Aid Knutsford Branch, Memorial House, Northwich Road, Knutsford, WA16 0AW 01565 682318 / 07713 312361 www.redcross.org.uk/even7irstaid

The Bri8sh Red Cross provides professional support at all kinds of occasions. On average we support around 9,000 events each year, including the Bri8sh Grand Prix, the Great North Run and T in the Park. We set up treatment areas, see to any injuries and provide fully accredited ambulance support – so you can focus on the immediate needs of your event.


BRM Produc3ons Ltd Mar3n Smith, Director Unit 12, Canalside Industrial Park, Cropwell Bishop, No:ngham, NG12 3BE 0115 989 9955 / 0115 989 9977 [email protected] Power Distribu8on and Generator Hire, Site Ligh8ng.

Burges Salmon Joanne A4wood One Glass Wharf, Bristol, BS2 0ZX, +44 (0)117 902 7257 www.burges-salmon.com [email protected]

Legal advisors - specialising in licensing, music, outdoor events and fes8val regulatory ma9ers (including noise nuisance, safety, contractual ma9ers etc).

Business & Entertainment Security Ltd Sean Stone, Director 38 Ashtree Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 OLS 01603 441806 www.besecurity.co.uk [email protected]

Security Services for the Regions of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Campingninja Ka3e Astbury Westmead House, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU147LP 01252 279123 www.campingninja.com [email protected]

Campingninja set up and deliver amazing campsites at world class mul8 day events across the UK and beyond. We cater for event staff and visitors a9ending large scale events where there is a demand to stay onsite or nearby. From site sourcing, to campsite bookings, to delivery - we are experts in crea8ng pop up campsites tailored to your event.

Capita Symonds Ltd Mr. Richard Limb, Director of Leisure Safety, 1st Floor, Eleven Brindleyplace, 2 Brunswick Square, Birmingham, B1 2LP 0121 423 6067 / 0121 423 6068 www.capitasymonds.co.uk/eventsafety [email protected]

Leading Interna8onal Consultants in Event Safety Management, Licensing, Site Design, Training, Acous8cs, Structural Engineering, Crowd Dynamics, Traffic Management and Law Enforcement.

Cardiff Council Rob Corp, Special Events Manager Marke8ng & Tourism, Arts & Events, Room 422, County Hall, Atlan8c Wharf, Cardiff, CF10 4UW 029 20873916 / 029 20873382 [email protected]ff.gov.uk Local Authority.

Carrier Rental Systems Marc White, Sales Director - UK Wigan Road, Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 5XW 0800 026 4717 / 0800 026 4737 www.carrierrentalsystems.co.uk [email protected]

Rental Opera8on providing Temporary Cooling & Hea8ng Solu8ons; to include Air Condi8oning, Hea8ng, Temporary Ice Rinks and Hot Water Supply all available thought the UK for planned or emergency requirements. Process Chillers, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Dry Air Coolers, Cooling Towers, Heaters, Boilers, Generators, Distribu8on, Cables and Small Portable Air Condi8oning Units.

Cash & Traffic Management Steve Russell-Yarde, Opera3ons Director 36 Benne9s Road South, Kersley, Coventry, CV6 2FP 024 7663 6416 / 024 7657 8707 www.cashandtrafficmanagement.com [email protected]fficmanagement.com

Cash & Traffic Management are the UK's leading provider of admission control and traffic management solu8ons to the events industry.

Central Medical Services Ltd Jon Poole Unit G14, Enterprise Park, Wigwam Lane, Hucknall, No:nghamshire, NG15 7SZ 0115 714 9998 / 0115 954 1143 www.centralmedicalservices.co.uk [email protected]

Based in the Midlands and opera8ng na8onwide, Central Medical Services is a new company but brings with it a wealth of NHS, Voluntary and private medical experience to your event. With full 8me, professional staff we aim that your event runs as smoothly and safely as possible, more than just providing medical cover. From First aiders to Paramedics and Doctors we tailor our service to your specific needs with the aim that as many people as possible are safely treated on-site. Careful emergency planning and communica8ng with the wider health care system allows your event to have the minimum of impact on local services as possible as well as your pa8ents receiving the best possible care. Detailed reports and and feedback also allow you to properly plan for the future.

Chaos Management (Associate) Serena Varley, Owner Sorby House, 42 Spital Hill, Sheffield, S4 7LG 07939 001318 www.chaos-management.co.uk [email protected]

Produc8on, site management and health and safety. Bespoke services for outdoor, specialist and fes8val events.

Chartered Ins3tute of Sport and Recrea3on Management Carl Hagemann Event Representa3ve Sport Park, Loughborough University, 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough, LE11 3QF 07590 1966 52 / 0191 5655950 www.isrm.co.uk/ [email protected] Developing and Managing Sport.





Cheshire West and Chester Council David Atkinson, Events Manager Arts and Fes8vals Team, The Forum, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 2HS 01244 976741 www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk [email protected]

Clarke, Nicholls & Marcel Ltd - Cheltenham Mr. J.P. Blakeman, Director Seasons Business Complex, Quat Goose Lane, Swindon Village, Cheltenham, Glos, GL51 9RX 01242 528232 / 01242 526356 www.cnm-cheltenham.co.uk [email protected]

Conwy County Borough Council Alun Pritchard, Senior Events Officer Corporate Communica8ons & Marke8ng Dept., Bodlondeb, Conwy, LL32 8DU 01492 575948 / 01492 575949 www.conwy.gov.uk [email protected]

City and County of Swansea Nigel Jones, Special Events Manager Culture & Tourism - Regenera8on Dept, Room 101, Council Offices, Penllergaer, Swansea, SA4 9GJ 01792 635413 / 01792 635447 www.swansea.gov.uk [email protected]

Cloud One Group Ltd Paul Stra2ord, Director 24, Proctor Street, Birmingham, B7 4EE 0845 267 7711 / 0121 333 7799 www.cloudone.net [email protected]

Corvus Security Andy Bu4erfield Hemswell, 4 Chestnut Grove, Parc Menai, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 4FH 0845 643 1514 [email protected]

Local Authority.

Local Authority and Special Events.

City and Suburban Parking Ltd Paul May 3rd Floor York House, Empire Way, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 0PA 020 8900 2405 / 020 8903 8219 www.csparking.com [email protected]

Car Parking / Traffic Management / Cleaning / Security / Stewrading / Admission Control and sales.

City of Edinburgh Council Mr David Waddell, Senior Events Officer 2.6 Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG 0131 529 4929 [email protected] www.edinburgh.gov.uk Local Authority

City of Westminster Tim Owen, Asst. Director, Events, Filming & Con3ngency Planning 64 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QP 020 7641 2390 / 020 7641 2640 www.westminster.gov.uk [email protected] Local Government - Highway Event Approvals.

Light Night at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Con8nental Dri's

Consul8ng civil and structual engineers experienced with temporary and permanent event structures.

Provision of sound, ligh8ng, staging, rigging, visual and produc8on services.

Coach Displays Ltd Mr. Paul Cousins 21 The Poynings, Richings Park, Iver, Bucks, SL0 9DS 01753 631170 / 01753 655980 www.coachdisplays.co.uk [email protected]

Organisers of UK Coach Rally, East of England Showground Annual Rally and Trade Exhibi8on rela8ng to coaches.

Coast 2 Coast Security Ltd Mr Steven Smith, Director Bojea Industrial Estate, St. Austell, Cornwall, PL25 5RJ 01726 71389 [email protected] www.coast2coastsecurity.co.uk Security services.

Coleraine Borough Council Mrs Chris3ne Mckee, Events Officer Cloonavin, 66 Portstewart Road, Coleraine, BT52 1EY 028 7034 7234 / 028 7034 7239 [email protected] [email protected] Local Council.

Event Security Specilaists. We provide a wide range of security for events, tv/film. Stewards, SIA Licensed and Close Protec8on staff. Specilaist an8 tout teams and much more.

Coventry City Council Lee House, Events Co-ordinator, Community Services Directorate, Culture, Leisure & Sport West Orchard House, 2nd Floor, 28-34 Corpora8on Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 1GF 02476 832351 / 02476 832470 [email protected] City wide events, corporate and community.

Cowal Highland Gathering Malcolm Barclay 54 Hillfoot Lane, Dunoon, Argyll, PA23 7DT 01369 703 206 www.cowalgathering.com [email protected]

Cowal Highland Gathering organise the largest Highland Gathering in Europe. The event is host to the World Highland Dancing Championships, Cowal Pipe Band Championships as well as heavy athle8cs, tradi8onal wrestling and solo piping compe88ons. There also kids rides and shows, a ceilidh tent featuring live music and a selec8on of trade stands.

Electrcial Tes8ng Tes8ng, Project management & Consultancy.

Crewtec Event Services Ltd Keith Montgomery, Managing Director 1st Floor Offices, 5 & 6 Park Lane House, 47 Broad Street, Glasgow G40 2QW 0845 222 0069 [email protected] www.crewtec.co.uk

Event managment, mainly outdoor fes8vals, music programming and performance agency.

D & P Luxury Toilets Ltd Penny Rooke, Partner Coldharbour Co9age, Winchbo9om Lane, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP10 9QG 01494 526065 / 01494 462071 www.luxury-toilets.co.uk [email protected]

Commercial Tes3ng Services Ltd Paul Isherwodd 253 Hallam Court, Hallam Street, West Bromwich, B71 4HT [email protected]

Con3nental Dri$s Ltd Mel Wilds Business Barge Judith, Hale Wharf, Ferry Lane, London, N17 9DR 0208 365 9555 / 0208 365 9666 www.com8nentaldri's.co.uk [email protected]'s.co.uk


Local Authority Events Team.


Danco plc Les Johnson, Sales Director The Pavilion Centre, Frog Lane, Coalpit Heath, Bristol, BS36 2NW 01454 250222 / 01454 250444 www.danco.co.uk [email protected] Marquee Hire for events and exhibi8ons.

Daniel Pye4 Daniel Pye4 07715 960 997 [email protected] Student University of Derby.

Daubney Variety & Gala Agency Ltd Margot Wilding, Director, 1 Bent Lane, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 3UG 01246 477677 / 01246 470145 www.daubneyagency.co.uk [email protected]

Variety & Gala Agency supplying Acts & Displays to Shows.

Dave Sammons 15 Linton Street, Preston, Lancashire, [email protected] Student.

DC Site Services Ltd Mr Ma4 He4le Belmont, Wycombe Road, Studley Green, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3XB 05602 938 149 / 01733 841288 www.dcsiteservices.com [email protected]

Event and Fes8val Contractor supplying service arcoss the UK. Recycling, Li9er and Waste Management, Stewarding and Car Parking staff, staffing solu8ons for all crew types.

Derek Hacke4 & Son Amusements Derek Hacke4, Director 20 Eton Place, Radcliffe, M26 3EP 07973 469610 / 0161 724 8072 [email protected]

Amusements (Fairgrounds & Fes8vals) & Catering (Mobile) Deboer Olympic 5.1 – Carrier Rentals

Event support company providing Crew, Riggers, Technicians, Operators and all levels of logis8cal support to the Events Industry.

Hirers of mobile toilets for all events indoors and outdoors. Also manufacturers.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Derry City Council Mr. G. McColgan, Senior Assistant Director 98 Strand Road, Derry City, N. Ireland, BT48 7NN 02871 365151 / 02781 370080 www.derrycity.gov.uk [email protected]

Organisers of major and neighbourhood fes8vals and special events including the Halloween Carnival, Christmas Illumina8ons, St Patricks Fes8val and City of Derry Jazz Fes8val.

DF Concerts Limited Colin Rodger, Head of Event Management P O Box 25241, Glasgow, G2 5RL 0141 566 4999 / 0141 566 4998 www.dfconcerts.com [email protected]

Concert Promoter/Event organiser/Event management. DF Concerts are one of Europe’s leading concert promo8on companies bringing the best live music and events to audiences across Scotland. Promoter behind one of the world’s most successful music fes8vals, T in the Park, as well as a number of newer fes8vals Hydro Connect and The Edge. DF own the legendary music venue King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow.

Diamond Event Services Ltd. John Diamond 30-38 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG 0131 554 6261 / 0131 554 8092 www.diamondeventservices.com [email protected]

We Are Event People At Diamond, we live and breathe events and know what it takes to make them come together seamlessly. We are experts at delivering the best people with the right skills and a:tude to make your event the best it can be. We are an award-winning team, with a na8onwide reputa8on for delivering high quality event and produc8on staff covering Scotland and North of England.

Dings Entertainment Ltd Ian Ding Davis, Managing Director Suite 1, 106a Bedford Road, Woo9on, Bedford, MK43 9JB 01234 851 166 / 01234 840 383 www.dingsltd.com [email protected] Entertainment Suppliers and Consultants. NFL Fan Rally - Wasserman Media Group

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 DKL training T/A SRM Security Stuart Ma4hews, Managing Director Devonshire Buisness Centre, Works Road, Letchworth Herts, SG6 1GJ 0845 8386735 [email protected] www.srmsecurity.com

EES Showhire Carol White, Partner The Old Workshops, 47 Chancery Lane, Re7ord, No:nghamshire, DN22 6EU 01777 704633 / 0845 8622336 www.showhire.com [email protected]

Dundee City Council Nikki Mulholland, Events Team Leader, Environment Department 353 Clepington Road, Dundee, DD3 8PL 01382 433881 / 01382 434740 www.dundeecity.gov.uk [email protected]

Effec3ve Event Solu3ons Ltd Mr. Alan Ruck-Nigh3ngale, Director The Stables, Edon Business Park, Thame Road, Waterstock, Oxon OX33 1JN 01865 877877 / 01865 877878 www.effec8veeventsolu8ons.com [email protected]ffec8veeventsolu8ons.com

Provide security and event staff to TV and Film and events, fes8vals and func8ons na8onwide.

The events team organise local authority events, fes8vals, compe88ons, fun days and fireworks displays. In addi8on, we provide permissions, advice and guidance to organisers who wish to hold events and fes8vals within Dundee's public parks and open spaces.

Dunstable Town Council Lisa Vincent, Event Organiser Grove House, 76 High Street North, Dunstable, Beds, LU6 1NF 01582 513000 / 01582 890606 www.dunstable.gov.uk [email protected] Local Authority & Promoter of Events.

Eagle Hospitality Event Bars Dyfrig Richards, Director 58-60 Vicarage House, Kensington Church Street, Kensington, London, W8 4DB 07790 614401 / 07977 248284 www.eaglehospitality.co.uk [email protected] Specialist in mobile and sta8c bars.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Paul Roggeman, Conference & Events Manager EY Events, East Yorkshire Events Bureau, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA 01482 391668/9 / 01482 391679 www.eyevents.co.uk [email protected] Conference and Events Bureau of Local Authority.

Eastbourne Borough Council Mike Marchant, Events Development Manager Tourism and Leisure, 1 Grove Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4TW. 01323 415442/415407 / 01323 727369 www.visiteastbourne.com/events [email protected]

Over 40,000 fans enjoying the spectacular NFL Fan Rally in Trafalgar Square, central London.


EBC Events organises and assists external partners to organise events in the resort including Interna8onal Tennis,Interna8onal Airshow, Beer Fes8vals, Half Marathons and Marathons,Classic and Vintage Car shows, Bonfire procession,Extreme Sports Fes8val, Big Screen events, markets and many other events.We welcome enquiries from organisers and event promoters.


Supply of sound and ligh8ng equipment to the evnt industry and event produc8on & management.

The full range of event management and support services including ligh8ng, sound, theming, produc8on and staging brought together to create your memorable event.

Ellio4 Kitchens Neil Sco4 St Georges House, Rearsby Business Park, Gaddesby Lane, Rearsby, Leicester, LE7 4YH 01664 424888v01664 424955 www.ellio9kitchens.co.uk [email protected]

Specialists in the hire of catering equipment, portable kitchens, refrigera8on and cold rooms to the event industry for over 20 years.

English Heritage Emily Burns, Head of Events Wrest Park House & Gardens, Silsoe, Bedfordshire, MK45 4HS 07771 974 659 www.English-heritage.org.uk [email protected]

500 historical and other events on English Heritage sites around England.

Eve Trakway Customer Services Team Bramley Vale, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S44 5GA 08700 767676 / 08700 737373 www.evetrakway.co.uk [email protected]

Specialist supplier of temporary access systems and related services including Trakway Systems (roadways, walkways, pitch coverings, pedestrian and vehicle bridges), Barriers and Fencing, Traffic Management, Security and mobile ligh8ng to the Outdoor Events Industry.

Event Assured Brian Kirsch, Managing Director 8 Freeport Office Village, Century Drive, Braintree, Essex, CM77 8YG 01376 330624 / 01376 330004 www.event-assured.com [email protected] Insurance Brokers to the Events Industries.

Eventbrite UK Ltd Marino Fresch 24 Greville Street, London, EC1N 8SS 07884 351 365 www.eventbrite.com [email protected]

Cost plus marke8ng and support subsidiary of an events company.

Event Industry News Paul Allo4 28 Livesey Street, Manchester, North Wset, M19 2GU 01777 706 093 www.even8ndustrynews.co.uk [email protected] Event Insurance Services Limited Lucy Scurlock-Jones, Managing Director 20A Headlands Business Park, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3PB 01425 470360 / 01425 474905 www.events-insurance.co.uk [email protected] Insurance, Event Services.

Event Management Solu3ons Peter Young Thie Magher, Homefield park, Ballasalla, Isle of Man, IM9 2EL 0762 448 2577 www.eventsolu8onsim.com [email protected]

An event management company,specialising in planning,logis8cs and safety through to delivery.

Events Medical Services Ltd Neil Broadhurst, Opera3ons Director P O Box 4741, Coventry, CV6 9EW 0844 586 6009 / 0844 586 6008 www.eventsmedical.co.uk offi[email protected]

Medical and welfare support services tailored to the needs of your event, large or small.

Eventmen Ltd Mrs Chris3na Widdowson The Bull Pen, Middleton House Farm, Tamworth Road, Middleton, B78 2BD 01675 470202 www.eventmen.co.uk [email protected] Event equipment hire and event produc8on.

Event Produc3on Solu3ons Ltd Jeremy Simpson Unit 10 Lazarus Court, Woodgate, Rothley, Leicester, LE7 7NR 07801465596 / 07703184701 www.eventproduc8onsolu8ons.co.uk [email protected]

Manufacturers of Temporary Roadways and Pedestrian walkways for sale or hire for events. Suppliers and installers of event carpe8ng, vinyls, and other flooring products.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Event Revolu3on James Simpson Unit 2, Beehive Business Park, Off Smithies Lane, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, WF16 0PN 0800 6444 002 / 0800 6444 003 www.event-revolu8on.co.uk [email protected]

UK Distributor of Life8me folding tables. UK Distributor of Furnitrade chairs, Gazebos, Pazodas and Pagodas.

Event Safety Planning Ltd Chris Hall, Director 15 Valley Approach, Bilsthorpe, No:nghamshire, NG22 8QG 01623 411412/ 07721 518380, Please call first www.esplanning.co.uk [email protected]

ESP provides Event Safety, Fire Safety & General Safety support and advice along with key stakeholder liaison e.g. Local Authority SAG's etc. ESP prides itself on finding pragma8c solu8ons and adopts a can do approach. Visit our website or give us a call for more informa8on.

Event Safety Shop Ltd (Associate) Mr. Tim Roberts, Director 59 Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4QH 0117 9046204 / 0117 9221497 www.the-eventsafetyshop.co.uk [email protected]

Event health & Safety Management, Risk Assessments, Policy Statements, Provision of on-site Safety Officers.

EventServ Ltd Emily Huddart The Stables, Ingliston Road, Edinburgh, EH28 8NB 0131 333 3766 / 07823880286 www.eventserv.com [email protected]

EventServ are an events services company, specialising in the hire and sale of staging, sea8ng, rigging, crowd control and ground covering solu8ons to the event sector. EventServ delivers comprehensive solu8ons for all your event’s requirements, offering versa8lity, safety and value, our service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. As specialists in staging for both outdoor and indoor shows, our experience ranges from the large mul8 stage fes8vals to bespoke structures for one off events.EventServ operate na8onwide across the UK and Ireland with depots in Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

Events Solu3on Ltd James Wood, Opera3ons Manager Unit 22, Kiveton Park Industrial Estate, Kiveton Park Sta8on, Manor Road, Sheffield, S26 6PB 0844 870 9802 / 0844 870 9803 www.eventssolu8ons.co.uk [email protected]

Suppliers of Front of Stage Barriers, Pedestrian Barriers and fencing.

Event Wine Solu3ons Limited Paul Scaife Daisy Co9age, The Fields, Mere, Wiltshire, BA12 6EA, [email protected]

French Wines in unbreakable, PET bo9les for Events where glass is a problem.


NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Exclusec Security Solu3ons Ltd James Bancro$ The Guardian Buildings, Longbridge Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1SN 0844 870 7495 www.exclusec.co.uk [email protected]

Exclusec Security Solu8ons Ltd are a Manchester based security company specialising in providing professional, reliable and costeffect security and stewarding solu8ons throughout the North West and the UK. We understand that our services o'en becomes an integral part of your business ac8vity. These services are based on listening to your needs and giving our advice to provide a posi8ve and long las8ng business rela8onship. Exclusec are not just another ‘security company’. Our focus is on delivering excep8onal customer service and this ethos is cascaded to staff throughout all levels.

Extraordinary Events Shelia Russell Sta8on House, Miller's Dale, Derbyshire, SK17 8SN 07988 338456 [email protected] Face Events Daz Guerin 9 Penpoll Road, London, E8 1EX 07949 267 748 www.facevents.co.uk [email protected] Event & Produc8on Management.

Show Site Services Ltd are specialists in Water Supply and Plumbing Services to the Events Industry, with over 24 years of experience Show Site Services can carry out all of your on-site plumbing requirements, including, toilet installations, connections to kitchens, drainage and waste Management, water samples, site surveys and have a number of items available for hire including, wholesome water tanks and pumps, waste water tanks and pumps, catering sinks and standpipes. Show Site Services comply with BS8550 & BS8551 Contact Details

Tele: 01932-228416 Email: [email protected] www.showsiteservices.co.uk


Falkirk Community Stadium Ltd Peter Eadie, Chief Execu3ve Wes7ield, Falkirk, FK2 9DX 01324 618740 / 01324 639105 [email protected]

Sports, Leisure and Business Facility Provider.

Falkirk Community Trust Mrs Lynsey Wallace Woodlands Games Hall, Cochrane Avenue, Falkirk, FK1 1QE 01324506939 / 01324506931 www.falkirkcommunitytrust.org [email protected]

Local aurthority trust dealing with recrea8on, lesuire, libraries, arts, heritage, outdoors

Farnborough Interna3onal Ltd Andy Coulson, Head of Airshow Opera3ons Show Centre, ETPS Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6FD 01252 532812 / 01252 376015 www.farnborough.com [email protected] Organisers of Farnborough Interna8onal Airshow.

Fidelis Security Ltd Cameron Avery Unit 1, Cobbe9 Park, Moorfield Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1RU 01483 506225 (24hr) / 0870 389 2339 www.fidelis-security.com [email protected]fidelis-security,com

We provide security services to private, and commercial customers including event/door security, manned guarding, close protec8on, stewards, first aid, consultancy, access control, CCTV/alarm ins8lla8ons, key holding and locksmiths to name a few.

FMX Event Services Ltd Ron MacGillivray, Director Fenwick By-Pass, Fenwick, Ayrshire, KA3 6AW 01560 600271 / 01560 600472 www.fmx-ltd.com [email protected] Advanced audio, ligh8ng and staging for events.

For All Events Lynne Preston PO Box 314, Rothwell, Leeds, LS26 1BY 0113 8267761 www.forallevents.co.uk [email protected]

FTF Worldwide Event Management Cliff Stonestreet 15 Mill Lane, Campton, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5NX 01462 817 640 www.'fworldwide.com cliff@'fworldwide.com

Suppliers of entertainment worldwide from fireworks, (runners up in 2001 World Championships), lasers & lights to aquaba8cs water shows. Event Management with experience of managing 6 figure budgets.

Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate) Mr. Cliff Stonestreet, Director 15 Mill Lane, Campton, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5NX 01462 817640 www.fullyfusedfireworks.com cliff@fullyfused.com

Suppliers of entertainment worldwide from fireworks (runners up in 2001 World Championships), lasers & lights to aquaba8cs water shows. Event Management with experience of managing 6 figure budgets.

G4S Events Steve Coleman G4S Event Office, Lancashire County Cricket Club, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 OPX 07525734945 / 0161 873 9420 www.g4s.com/uk, [email protected]

G4S Events has been providing crowd management services to the events market for over 25 years. Our breadth and depth of experience across live music, sport, conferences and exhibi8ons is unmatched in the industry. We make this count by providing trained, experienced staff and a well managed security and stewarding service, which allows our customers to focus on the main event.

Gable Events Mr. Merklyn Hauck, Director 48a Main Street, Woodnewton, Peterborough, PE8 5EB 01780 470718 / 01780 470719 www.gable-events.co.uk [email protected]

Specialists in events for mo8va8on, teambuilding and fun including dragon boat racing, it's a knockout and mul8 ac8vity events. La Di Da Loos Womad 2013, a pamper venue which Frames N Frills planned, styled and managed – Sonia Gredman

Not for profit events company organising city centre runs, Leeds Half Marathon, walking fes8vals and outdoor swimming event. Any profits of run for all, walk for all or swim for all events go directly to the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. Each event also supports a number of partner chari8es.

Frames N Frills Sonia Gedman 79 Rutland Gardens, London, N4 1JW 07919 525 936 www.framesnfrills.com [email protected]

Crea8ve Event Solu8ons. We are a crea8ve event based company, providing a broad range of services to suit your needs. Our crea8ve event services include the following: Planning, Design, Feature and Project Management, Installa8ons, Decor and more.





Geerings Print Ltd Mr Mar3n Almond Cobbs Wood House Chart Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1EP 01233 633 366 / 01233 665 713 www.geeringsprint.co.uk [email protected]

Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd Mar3n Oliver, Managing Director Dairy House Farm, Child Okeford, Blandford, Dorset, DT11 8HT 0843 116 5523 / 01258 860361 www.steam-fair.co.uk [email protected]

Glasgow City Council Eddie Hutchison, Events Manager (Programming), Land & Environmental Services Events Sec8on, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX 0141 287 9657 / 0141 287 6700 www.glasgow.gov.uk [email protected]

Great Western Entertainments Agency Graham Wilkin, Proprietor 46 Critchill Road, Frome, Somerset, BA11 4HF 01373 461666 www.greatwesternentertainments.co.uk [email protected]

Publica8on service for shows and event organisers. A seamless service offering adver8sing sales, design, print and sales at the event.

Local Government Events Management.

GL Events Owen Brown

Ka8e Soutar, Sta8on Road, Castle Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2NL 01332 850 000 / 01332 850 005 www.owen-brown.co.uk [email protected]

Supplier of temporary structures, 8ered sea8ng and suppor8ng infrastructure to the events industry.

Gofer Ltd Dave Miller, Managing Director Unit 7 Arkwright Road, Hadleigh Road industrial Estate, Ipswich, IP2 0UB 01473 282530 / 01473 282531 www.gofer.co.uk [email protected] Supplier of Electrical Services and Generators including ligh8ng into the Event and Entertainment Industry.

Golf Buggy Hire (SHB Hire Ltd) N Simpson Flixton Road , Carrington, Urmston, Manchester, M41 6JE 0161 776 5927 / 0161 776 5956 www.gol"uggyhire.co.uk [email protected]"uggyhire.co.uk

Specialist Event Vehicle Hire with a diverse fleet of Golf Buggies, ATV’s, People Movers, 4x4s and vehicles for the UK Event, TV and Film Industry.

Graham Walton Publishing Graham Walton Dean, Cranmore, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4SA 01749 880181 [email protected]

Graham Walton Publishing offers a specialist service to Show and Event organisers. A partnership to Publish Programmes and Catalogues and the event makes profit. Adver8sement sales, design and print, sales at the event.

Grant Event Safety Management Eddy Grant 4 Riley Bank Mews, Manley Road, Frodsham, WA6 6HP 01928 740 249 www.gesm.co.uk [email protected]


Orgaisers of The Annual Great Dorset Steam Fair. Widely recognised as the leading event of its type in the world.

Supplying all types of Entertainers to Clubs, Pubs, Hotels & Holiday Parks.

Green Event Security Ltd Steve Mac Aztec Centre, Aztec West, Almondsbury, B32 4TD 01454 203320 www.greeneventsecurity.com [email protected]

Security; Crowd management; Stewarding; Backstage security; Site security planning; SIA Licenced staff;VIP Escorts and Protec8on; Door supervisors; Concert Pit Teams.

Green Light Traffic Management Ltd Neil Davis, Director Dewsbury Mills, Thornhill Road, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF12 9QE 01924 463223 / 01924 485202 www.gltm.co.uk [email protected] Traffic Management Consultants.

Green Stewards Alex Lepingwell, Director 53a Stainforth Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 9RB 07786 808051 www.greenstewards.com [email protected]

Stewarding Services, Event Control, Licensing, Consulta8on, Training.

Gwynedd Council Hugh Edwin Jones, Events Manager Gwynedd Events Unit, Marke8ng Tourism and Customer Care Unit, Council Offices, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 1SH 01286 679398 / 01286 679390 / 01286 679338 www.gwynedd.gov.uk [email protected] Local Authority.

Haverhill Town Council Nick Keeble, Arts & Leisure Manager Haverhill Arts Centre, High Street, Haverhill, CB9 8AR 01440 712858 / 01440 718931 [email protected] Town Council.


Heart Produc3ons Marc Smith 24 Highbury Studios, 8 Homsey Street, London, N7 8EG 0845 296 7758 www.heartproduc8ons.com [email protected] Technical event produc8on, management and design.

HG1 Communica3ons Michael Thomas 36 Albert Road, Harrowgate, Yorkshire, HG1 4HX 01423 705426 www.hg1communica8ons.co.uk [email protected]

Public Address, two way radio, commentary unit suppliers, and general event technical support.

Historical Promotions & EVENT MANAGEMENT

Historical Promo3ons & Event Management Mr. Rob Butler, Managing Director Butstone Business Centre, Petrockstowe, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 3ET 01837 811243 /07944 524 657 www.historicalpromo8ons.com [email protected]

Award winning historical events, live interpreta8on, corporate hospitality and cultural heritage management company, working in the UK and interna8onally to provide a mul8-disciplinary service to our clients.

Horsey Lightly Fynn Mr Philip Day 3 Poole Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5QJ 01202 551991 / 01202 557742 www.hlf-law.co.uk [email protected]

Solicitors and Planning Consultants specialising in the provision of Legal Advice for Outdoor Events and to all Leisure Businesses.

HPES Technical Solu3ons Ltd. Hugh Percival 46 Moorcro', Rochford, Essex, SS4 3LB 01702 540013 www.hpestechnical.com [email protected]

Hybred Events Ltd Becky Stevens Court Lodge Farm, Linden House, Chelsfield, Kent BR6 6ER 01273 931411 [email protected] www.hybredevents.com Event Management and Safety Management

i2 Event Management Ltd Ian Raybould, Director 243 Albion Way, Verwood, Dorset, BH31 7LT 01202 828585 / 01202 828585 www.i2events.co.uk [email protected] Event Marshalling, Planning and Management.

Icthus Group Doug Bennet Chilbolton Down Farm, London Road, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 6BU 01264 810 356 / 05603 423232 www.icthusgroup.co.uk [email protected]

ICTHUS Group provides a one stop shop for all your event needs without the addi8onal costs of outsourcing equipment. We pride ourselves in being able to work WITH you to ensure that YOUR aim is achieved. Based near Winchester we have supplied power, ligh8ng and produc8on equipment to a wide range of events and concerts throughout Hampshire, Dorset and the South of England.

IFEA Europe Allan Xenius Grige, Chairman/Colm Croffy, Director c/o AOIFE, The Enterprise & Technology Centre, PC-O Ballinasloe, Co Galway, Ireland 00353 (0) 90 9643780 / 00353 (0) 908646540 www.ifeaeurope.com offi[email protected]

The European Network connec8ng Fes8vals & Public Event Professionals. Our mission is to bring together all those that are ac8ve in the event sector. We share ideas and best prac8ce to facilitate and promote networking and interna8onal exchange. Enfield Autumn Show Dancers – Con8nental Dri's

Based in the South-East and covering the UK, we offer specialist electrical tes8ng and signoff services to the event industry along with design and installa8on where required.

Hun3ngdon Racecourse Rebecca Jackson Hun8ngdon Racecourse, Brampton, Cambridgeshire, PE28 4NL 01480 410861 / 01480 455275 www.hun8ngdon-racecourse.co.uk [email protected]


Beau8ful racecourse with 175 acres of outdoor land and large, scenic indoor space for large events, exhibi8ons and fes8vals.









NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Ignite Europe Ltd Paul Saville 5th Floor Langham House, 302 -308 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AT 0207 079 2540 / 0207 255 2415 www.ignite-london.com [email protected] Experien8al Marke8ng, Digital and Web Integra8on.

Imaginators Tony Hills, Sales Manager 51 Hillgrove Business Park, Nazeing Road, Nazeing, Essex, EN9 2HB 01992 890800 / 01992 890900 www.imaginators.co.uk [email protected]

Digitally printed Stage and Event graphics, Banners, 'Acous8c Mesh' Speaker Scrim, Backdrops, Sponsor Logo Boards, Portable Displays.

Ipswich Borough Council James Young, Event Manager/Waterfront Project Officer Gra'on House, 15 -17 Russell Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2DE 01473 432869 / 01473 433450 www.ipswich.gov.uk [email protected] Local Government and Event Management.

J & S Brownhut Entertainment Promo3on (Honorary) Mr. Jeff Brownhut 22 Kings Road, Bramhope, Leeds, LS16 9JN 0113 2675127 / 0113 2612813

Entertainment agency (Honorary Life Member of the Associa8on).

Jarvis In Events Ltd Mr. Mar3n Jarvis, Director 52 Palmar Crescent, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 4LG 07720 849 751 [email protected]

Project Management of Outdoor Events, Shows and Fes8vals; Supplier Resourcing and Selec8on and Management; Event Planning; Traffic Management.

J.H. Promo3ons Ltd. Julie Howsego, Director Sapphire House, 61 Crystal Avenue, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 6SJ 0844 826 6466 / 0844 826 6467 www.jhprom.com [email protected]

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 John Bradshaw Ltd Michael Bradshaw New Lane, S8bbington, Peterborough, Cambs, PE8 6LW 01780 782621 / 01780 783694 www.bradshawelectricvehicles.co.uk [email protected]

Kingston Upon Hull City Council Therese Rigg, Event Manager 4th Floor Kingston House, Bond Street, Hull, HU1 3ER 01482 612047 / 01482 613245 [email protected]

John Burgess 07773 608632 [email protected]

Leeds City Council Paul Foo34 The Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AD 0113 812 2600 / 0113 812 3111 [email protected]

Manufacture, Sale, Rental of Industrial Vehicles & Event Vehicles.

Event consultancy and Produc8on Management Services

JR Event Services Ltd John Radford Kestrel Court, Harbour Road, Por8shead, North Somerset, BS20 7AN 08456 425806 / 01275 774902 www.jreventservices.co.uk [email protected] Event Management and Produc8on Event Project Management Event Safety Training.

Kambe Events Ltd Jonathan Walsh, Director Unit 303, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, West Midlands, B9 4AA 07810 374284 www.kambe-events.co.uk [email protected] Dynamic Event Management Company. Over 10 years of experience with our own event Shambala Fes8val, and many more event management contracts, including St.Pauls Carnival the second largest carnival in the UK (c. 80,000 a9endees).

Kingdom Connec3ons Limited Mr. Michael Bell, Safety Prac33oner 21 April Close, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2LL 01403 262242 / 01403 262242 [email protected] Safety, Health and Sustainability Consultants.

Street Theatre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Con8nenal Dri's

Entertainment Agency.

Jimmy Birchmore Events Mr Jimmy Birchmore 16 Sopwith Road, Upper Rissington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 2NS 07515283630 www.jimmybirchmore.com [email protected] Event managers and exhibi8on specialists. We provide a complete management and delivery service spanning large complex outdoor events through to small seminars. Also individual project management for exhibitors including structures, stand design and build, graphics, storage and all ancillary services.



Event Unit delivering a range of public events in and around the city of Hull.

Europe's most innova8ve City Centre Event Space.

Leeds Council Licensing Mr Wan Malachi Entertainment Licensing, 1st Floor St George House, 40 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3DL 0113 247 5298 / 0113 224 3885 www.leeds.gov.uk [email protected] Local Authority.

Leeds Metropolitan University UKCEM Simon Bell UK Centre for Events Management, Civic Quarter, Headingly Campus, Leeds, LS6 3QS 0113 812 2600 / 0113 812 3111 www.leedsmet.ac.uk [email protected] University offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate event management degrees and diplomas, including 5 different specialist professional top up degrees. Also provide Events related research, consultancy and training.

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Naomi Chant, Events Manager Myddelton House, Bulls Cross, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 9HG 01992 709909 / 01992 709922 www.leevalleypark.org.uk [email protected]

Regional Park spanning 26 miles from Ware in Her7ordshire down through East London past Olympic Park and to East India Dock Basin, opposite the 02 Arena on the Thames. Many spor8ng facili8es and venues which will include the brand new Olympic White Water Canoe Course which will open April 2011.

Leicester City Council Margaret Shu4, Fes3vals & Events Manager Leicester Fes8vals & Events, Wellington House, 22 - 30 Wellington Street, Leicester, LE1 6HL 0116 4543600 / 0116 2385079 www.leicester.gov.uk/fes8vals [email protected]

Leicester Fes8vals and Events manages and supports a variety of culturally diverse events that take place across the city throughout the year, from bonfires to community celebra8ons, street parades and art events. The team works in partnership with promoters, community groups and organisa8ons to deliver a year round programme of fes8vals and events, which is open, socially, inclusive and accessible to all.

Lightmedia Displays Ltd Edward Smith, Managing Director 10 Common Road, Low Moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD12 OSD 01274 691222 / 01274 603222 www.lightmedia.co.uk [email protected]

Lightmedia Displays Limited specialise in LED Screens providing LED Screen rental and Big Screen hire in the UK and Europe. LMD have a range of truck mounted screens from 12sq meters up to 60 sq meters. LMD stocks over 200 sq meters of modular LED Screens for both indoor and outdoor rental. Lightmedia are leading suppliers of Big LED Screens and guarantee never to be beaten on price on any like for like basis and are very highly respected within the industry having been in the business for over 16 years.

Links Event Solu3ons Karl Fone 105 Barking Road, Canning Town, London, E16 4HQ 0207 476 2860 www.linkseventsolu8ons.org [email protected] Event Managment and Equipment Hire.

LION Trackhire Ltd Anna McCutcheon Hollinwood Lane, Calverton, No:ngham, NG14 6NR 0115 965 5742 www.liontrackhire.com [email protected] Temporary access solu8ons and temporary roadways.

Live Promo3ons Events Ltd (Honorary) Colin A Ward, Managing Director Riverside Quay, Double Street, Spalding, PE11 2AB 01775 768661 / 01775 768665 www.livepromo8ons.co.uk [email protected] Promo8ons and Outdoor Event Organisers.

Liverpool City Council Judith Feather, Divisional Manager for Events and Cultural Infrastructure 3rd Floor, Millennium House, 60 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L2 6JH 0151 600 2900 / 0151 233 6333 www.liverpool.gov.uk [email protected]

Liverpool City Council through the award winning Culture Liverpool Events Team is responsible for the coordina8on and management of Liverpool’s exci8ng, high profile, innova8ve and successful cultural events programme. Following on from Liverpool’s hugely successful year as the 2008 European Capital of Culture the team has con8nued to build, deliver and facilitate a dis8nc8ve, diverse annual programme of awe inspiring cultural events which in 2012 included Sea Odyssey, Music On the Waterfront, Mathew Street Music Fes8val and the Irish Sea Tall Ships Rega9a. The team also work in partnership with the key cultural organisa8ons of Liverpool, independent fes8val organisers and promoters to enhance Liverpool’s reputa8on as an unequalled event venue for hos8ng major indoor and outdoor events.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Loca3on Medical Services Ltd Daniel Melhuish, Director Shepperton Studios Medical Centre, Studios Road, Shepperton, Middlesex, TW17 OQD 0870 750 9898 / 0870 750 9897 www.loca8onmedical.com [email protected] Medical Support Services.

London Borough of Lambeth Lee Fioren3no Head of Events Service Lambeth Events & Film Service, Office of the Chief Execu8ve, Lambeth Town Hall, Room 115, Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1RW 020 7926 6207 / 020 7926 2767 www.lambeth.gov.uk/EventsInParks [email protected] Local Authority.

Loos For Do's Ltd Nicky Warner Unit 5 Farringdon Business Park, Lower Farringdon, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 3DZ 01420 588 355 / 01420 588 411 www.loos.co.uk [email protected] Award-Winning Portable Toilet Hire by the Event Specialists.

Loos R Us Mrs Sonia Gilbert The Avenue, Lasham, Alton, Hampshire, GU32 5SU 01256 384134 www.loosrus.co.uk; www.site-equip.co.uk [email protected]

We have been supplying portable toilets to events for 25 years, we can supply anything from a single toilet to many hundreds suitable for any occassion. VIP and hospitality trailers as speciality. We are sanita8on experts for events. We also hire SHOWERS, FENCING, BARRIERS and have facili8es for emptying and disposal of waste water via our high capacity vacuum tankers. Basingstoke Live – Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Magne3c Events Ltd Robin Morley, Director Studio South, 112-114 Richmond Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3RN 01273 530051 www.magne8cevents.org [email protected]

Magne8c Events are producers of memorable events from the large scale to in8mate, with unique ideas for outdoor events, launches, celebra8ons and cultural programmes. From concept to delivery the company offers UK and interna8onal clients a complete service including ar8s8c programming, sponsorship and revenue raising, feasibility studies, event management, consultancy, health & safety management, audience & customer development to project management.

Mari3me Media Services Ltd Darren Newnham Media Barn, New Shelve Farm, Forstal Road, Lenham,Kent, ME17 2DS 0843 330 1896 / 01622 884454 www.mari8memedia.co.uk [email protected] Mari8me Media has one of the largest fleets of mobile LED screens available to hire in the UK - everything from truck-mounted mobiles to modular units to perimeter boards - whatever your showbiz, spor8ng, retail, leisure or corporate event, we have an LED solu8on to fit.

Mary Hillier – Freelance Events Manager Mary Hillier 07851237709 [email protected] Freelance Events Manager.

Ma4hew Wyle Ma4ew Wyle 07990 525281 [email protected] Student

MediaCo Limited Stephen Arthur Churchill Point, Churchill Way, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1BS 0161 875 2020 / 0207 629 9786 www.mediaco.co.uk [email protected] MediaCo provide crea8ve graphic branding for live events and exhibi8ons. We supply super-wide format graphics for high impact branding, printed fabric, structure branding, fencing covers and innova8ve signage and way-finding. Working with customers on a total solu8on we offer full colour prin8ng of graphics on any substrate, installa8on services, event branding and sponsorship management. Established in 1998 the company has a head office and produc8on facility in Manchester and a further office in central London. Please see our website to view our full product range or give us a call to talk about your event and how we can help.

Medic Solu3ons Adam Pleydell 73 Dalston Lane, London, E8 2NG 07575 448 078 www.medic-solu8ons.co.uk [email protected]


Event Medical provider.


Metsa Wood UK Ltd Ken Reidy Mayne House, Fenton Way, Southfields Business Park, Basildon, Essex, SS15 6RZ +44(0)1268 364 518 www.metsawood.co.uk [email protected]finnforest.com Overlaid Plywood Distributor.

Mojo Barriers Jim Gaffney, Director Patch Park Farm, Ongar Road, Abridge, Essex, RM4 1AA 01708 687440 / 01708 687441 www.mojobarriers.com jim.gaff[email protected] We provide storage barriers for events.

Risk Consultant.

Morris Leslie Plant Limited Karen Gaden, Event Manager Greenbays Park, Carthouse Lane, Horsell, Woking, Surrey, GU21 4YP 01276 856642 / 01276 859014 www.morrisleslie.com [email protected]

Housing Management services, Security Services, facili8es management and Training.

MRL Safety Limited Judy Jackson, Business Director Alfred House, Ropewalk, Kno:ngley, West Yorkshire, WF11 9AL 01977 622000 / 01977 675738 www.mrl-limited.co.uk [email protected]

Mick Upton Mick Upton, (Honorary Member) 89 Mays Lane, Barnet, Herts, EN5 4DX 07768 235579 [email protected] Mid-West Services (UK) Limited Mark Odenore 44 Broadway, Stra7ord, London, E15 1XH 02031300466 / 02030700065 www.mid-westhousingservices.co.uk [email protected]

Mitchell Bridges Ltd Chris Mitchell, Director London Road, Kingsworthy, Winchester, Hants, SO23 7QN 01962 885040 / 01962 882305 www.temporarybridges.com [email protected] Hire temporary pedestrian and road bridges.

M J Events Support Ltd Marty Jones AIIRSM MinstLM, Director Watchmoor Trade Centre, Watchmoor Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3AJ 01276 33888 / 01276 36792 www.mjeventssupport.co.uk [email protected] Providers of Safety and Security Services and event staff to the Outdoor Events Industry.

Mobex Ltd Allan Plant Exhibi8on House, Rigestate Sta8on Road, Berkley, Glos 01453 511210 / 01453 511226 www.mobex.co.uk [email protected]

Manufacture and hire of exhibi8on and road show trailers. Design and build of internal and outdoor exhibi8on stands. Offices in London, Glasgow, Halifax and Gloucester.

Mobile CCTV Ltd Don Wetherell Unit G, Camberley Business Centre, Bracebridge, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3DP 01276 469 084 / 01276 61565 www.mobilecctv.co.uk [email protected] Installa8on of temporary cctv systems.

Supplier of u8lity vehicles and general plant to the event industry.

Management of Site Safety and Risk Management including Risk Assessments, Event Management Plans etc We are also able to provide Medical Management services and aerial photography from our UAV, the MRL Eye.

MTD (UK and Ireland) Ltd Mr Peter Coryndon Unit 20, Mayfield Avenue Industrial Estate, Weyhill, Andover, SP11 8HU 07557868904 www.mtd.net [email protected]

Temporary Water and Waste Water Infrastructures.Event Plumbing Services.

Na3onal Memorial Arboretum Helen Overton Croxall Road, Alrewas, Staffordshire, DE13 7AR 01283 792333 / 02032072111 www.thenma.org.uk, [email protected]

150 acre Arboretum and memorial site dedicated to Remembrance. We host around 200 events per annum alongside associa8ons and personal dedica8ons. Around 70% for the Armed and Emergency services.

Na3onal Radio Bank Jamie Lawrance Pinfold Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9HT 01778 393938 / 01778 421603 www.radiohire.com [email protected] Hire of two way radios, cctv and logis8c solu8ons.

Nicholas Stokes Flat 1, The Berkeley, South Parade, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 0TR www.nckstks.tumblr.com [email protected] Student.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Nigel Rowe Management Services Ltd Nigel Rowe MBE, Director 6 Southern Terrace, Mutely, Plymouth, PL4 7LS 07735 223918 www.nreventmanagement.co.uk [email protected]

Event & Project Management and Consultancy Road Race Director.

Ninehundred Communica3ons Ltd Phil Bayliss, Events Manager White Rose Way, Doncaster Carr, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 5JH 0845 600 4900 / 01302 340363 www.ninehundred.co.uk [email protected] One of the UK's largest specialists in two way radio hire. We also supply other communica8ons equipment. See our website for full details.

Northampton Borough Council Ma4 Parsons, Northampton Events Cli'onville House, Bedford Road, Northants, NN7 4NR 01604 838222 / 01604 838223 www.northampton.gov.uk [email protected]


Northampton Balloon Fes8val – 3 day event, 280,000 people.

No5ngham City Council Bob Chaffin, Service Manager Arts & Events, Communi3es Arts and Events, Loxley House, No:ngham, NG2 6AT 0115 9158600 www.no9mcity.gov.uk bob.chaffi[email protected]:nghamcity.gov.uk

The organisa8on of all city council events. Advice and assistance to outside promoters.

Nova Interna3onal Limited Charlie Musse4 Newcastle House, Monarch Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7YB 0191 272 70 33 / 0191 272 70 36 www.greatrun.org [email protected]

Spor8ng Events Agency, owning and producing mass par8cipa8on events - in par8cular the Great Run and Great Swim brand events - for the public and in partnership with our commercial, media and broadcast partners.

NSR Communica3ons Ltd Mr. Peter Walker, Chairman 16 Caxton Way, Wa7ord Business Park, Wa7ord, Herts, WD18 8UA 01923 771693 / 01923 772128 www.nsrcommunica8ons.co.uk [email protected] Sports Timing Equipment, Commentary, Hospitality Units


NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Olympic Park Legacy Company Mr Clive Li4le 5th Floor, 29 -35 West Ham Lane, Stra7ord, London, E15 4PH 020 3288 1791 www.legacycompany.co.uk [email protected]

The Olympic Park will be at the centre of London's growth this century, and a vibrant focal point for events, sport and leisure. Its connec8ons, spor8ng facili8es, parkland, waterways and family housing will form a unique mix building on the best of London's tradi8ons to create a ï¿_21st Century garden city and linking into surrounding neighbourhoods to promote convergence, regenera8on and prosperity in east London.

Oneway TM Limited Terry Thwaite 12 Poplar Close, Eggborough, DN14 0PL 01977 663384 www.onewaytm.co.uk [email protected]

Temporary Traffic Management supplier to u8li8es, civils and event companies. Hire of traffic signals, VMS and traffic management equipment and labour.

OSS Ltd Darragh Doherty Unit 4 Oak Close, Western Business park, Dublin 12 00353879676431 www.ossrecruit.ie [email protected]

Provision of staff for outdoor and indoor events. Supply produc8on staff and site crew for event businesses. Also supply cleaning staff.

Paramedico Ltd Allan Medcra$ 16 Croydon Road, West Wickham, Kent BR4 9HT 0208 656 5956 www.paramedicoevents.co.uk amedcra'@paramedico.info

Paramedico is registered with AOFAQ to do first Aid At Work courses. Paramedico supply Medical and First aid cover na8onal we have covered this year Isle of Wight Fes8val, Sainsbury's Anniversary Athle8cs at Olympic Stadium, The medical provider for the Copper box arena on Olympic Site as well as Interna8onal Boat show Southampton.

Pendle Leisure Trust Mrs Alison Goode Bank House, 61 Albert Road, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 0BP 01282 661 220 / 01282 661 221 www.pendleleisuretrust.co.uk [email protected]

Management of leisure, sports and arts facili8es and events including the organisa8on of an annual music fes8val.




NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Pennine Events Ltd Mark Sandamas, Director Suite 1A, Ribble House, Meanygate, Bamber Bridge, Preston, PR5 6UP 01772 447979 www.pennineevents.co.uk [email protected] Event Management & Promo8on Company.

Penny Mellor – Consultant (Honorary), Ms Penny Mellor 8 Southern Street, London, N1 9AY 020 7837 2230/07831 656545 [email protected]

Consultancy and Training for Health, Safety and Welfare at Events

People's Postcode Lo4ery Nicole Allan Suite G4, Great Michael House, 14 Links Place, Edinburgh, EH6 7EZ 0131 555 7286 www.postcodelo9ery.co.uk [email protected] Cummunity Lo9ery.

Piccadilly Live Ben Collings 13 Consul Road, Rugby, CV21 1PB 07791 438 553 / 01788 570933 www.picc.co.uk [email protected]

Full service AV and PA specialists for outdoor and indoor events.

Pike And Shot Events Limited Dave Allan PO Box 7217, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 4ET 01305 858411 www.pikeandshot.com [email protected]

Pike And Shot Events Ltd specialise in the organisa8on and management of Historical Events and Tours throughout Europe and the UK. If you have a venue and would like us to provide you with a bespoke historical event solu8on or require our Tour service please get in touch.

Pinnacle Marquees (UK) Ltd Tim Be4eridge, Managing Director Unit 9, Market Weighton Business Centre, York Road, Market Weighton, Yorkshire, YO43 3GL 08456 255525 / 08456 255525 www.pinnaclemarquees.co.uk [email protected]

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 P.M.H. Promo3ons Ltd Mr. Peter Hillaby The Circuit Office, Oliver's Mount, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2YW 01723 373000 / 01723 373111 offi[email protected]

Redman Events Neil Marcus 1 Bryn Hyfrd, Nr Pencoed, Bridgend, Wales, CF53 6NE 0777 4940811 / 01656 861666 [email protected]

Toilet hire, crowd and security fencing and security guards.

ProTouch (UK) Ltd Steve Fisher K.O.R.C. House, Gainsthorpe Road, Gainsthorpe, Kirton Lindsey, North Lincolnshire, DN21 4JH 0800 998 7988/01652 408040 www.protouchukltd.co.uk [email protected]

Supplier of outdoor portable display equipment and promo8onal event displays.

Provide SESS Ltd Mr Clayton M White Ibex House, 85 Southampton Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2QU 01189875949 www.provide-security.com [email protected]

Relevent Ltd Richard Millward, Director Unit 7, Denvers Yard, Barwick, Nr Ware, Herts, SG11 1AL 01279 844022 / 01279 842527 www.rel-event.com [email protected]

POD Outdoor Displays Joseph Plosky, Director 2 The Stables, Lower Farm, High Street, Irchester, Northants, NN29 7AB 01933 411159 / 01933 411906 www.pod-outdoor-display-systems.co.uk [email protected] PopUpArena Limited Michael Milne-Home, Managing Director 50 Queens Road, London, SW19 8LR 020 8879 3030 [email protected] www.popuparena.com

Mobile Sports Arena System for Events Sales & Rental of Sea8ng and Performance Surfaces Event Management and Delivery.

Portakabin Events Jonathan Reid, General Manager Whistleberry Road, Hamilton, ML3 OEJ 01698 429414 / 01698 826859 www.portakabinevents.co.uk [email protected]

Hire of event accommoda8on, toilets and showers.

Power Electrics (Bristol) Ltd Steve Williams, Rental Sales Manager St Ivel Way, Warmley, Bristol, BS30 8TY 0117 947 9700 / 0117 947 9701 www.powerelectrics.com [email protected]

Generator Specialists, Rental, Sales Service, Parts. Rental of Generators & Power Distribu8on & Tower Lights. Mark Cavendish ge:ng his award – Hugh Edwin Jones – Tour of Britain

Na8onwide Marquee and temporary Structure Hire for Events, Exhibi8ons, Shows and Fes8vals.

Plan-It Poster Distribu3on Ltd Anthony Anderson, Managing Director 28C Park View Industrial Estate, Hartlepool, TS25 1PE 01429 274455 / 01429 274466 www.extremestuntshow.com [email protected]

Event Support and Marke8ng services, Entertainment including Agents and Motorsport Services.



Providers of all sta8c and security to pubs, clubs, fes8vals,events and spor8ng fixtures.

Provide Security and Event Support Services Ltd are an SIA Approved Contractor in both Door Supervision and Security Guarding, with a customer service focused ethos which has proven to be the secret to our success. We have vast experience in corporate, large scale event and high profile undertakings.

Pure Solu3ons Ltd Andy Barr 33 Bond Street, Brighton, BN1 1RD 01273 823333 / 01273 329000 www.pure-solu8ons.co.uk [email protected]

Pure Solu8ons provides event and fes8val produc8on management services to a wide variety of organisa8ons. From the ini8al budgets to post-event evalua8on, we work alongside our clients to create memorable events.

Qdos Event Hire Ltd Mr Neil Hickton Fernside Place, 179 Queens Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0AH 0845 862 0952 / 0208 571 9190 www.qdoseventhire.co.uk [email protected] Portable accommoda8on & toilet hire to the outdoor events industry.

Quad Medical Ltd Paul Saddington 123 Castlecombe Road, London, SE9 4AS 0790 470 6660 www.quadmedical.co.uk [email protected] Events first aid and medical cover.

Radios4hire Mario Garcia 1-4 Cooks Road, Stra7ord, London, E15 2PW 02082214180 / 02085347434 www.radios4hire.co.uk [email protected]

Radios4hire is a supplier of 2 way radio equipment to the event and leisure industry.

Red Man Events pride themselves on making the event standout from the crowd! Managing all aspects of:- Produc8on Management, Event Management, Logis8cs, Event Health and Safety, Educa8on.

Complete Event Management Service from concep8on to comple8on. Specialist in Open Air Concerts and heritage sites. Outdoor Produc8on.

RGM Fuels Ltd Mr Andy Walsh Unit 2 Quarry Hall Fram, Lathbury, Milton Keynes, MK16 8LF 07584673330 / 01234 756028 www.rgmfuels.co.uk [email protected] Biodiesel Manufacturer and refiner to EN14214 standards from Waste Vegetable Oils. Less Expensive, Sustainable, 100% Compa8ble and technically more efficient than mineral diesel, for Road Transport, Non Road Mechanical Machinery, Power Generators and hea8ng applica8ons.

Richmond Event Management Ltd Mr. Michael Richmond, MD 59 Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4QH 0117 9276614 / 0117 9221497 www.rem-events.com [email protected]

Event Management Specialists, Combining Site Services Coordina8on, Produc8on Management and Health & Safety.

RKDO Sound & Light Damon Oldacre Unit 8F-8I Hillborough Business Park, Sweechbridge Road, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6TE 01227 638085 / 01227 807560 www.rkdosoundandlight.co.uk [email protected]

Event services including pro audio, ligh8ng and stage hire, produc8on staff and audio visual services.

Road Safety Services Ltd Shaun Foy Brackenwood Centre, Bradshaw Lane, Greenhalgh, Preston, PR4 3HQ 01253 596388 / 01772 671932 www.rssevents.co.uk [email protected] Traffic management and health and safety company specialising in outdoor events, road based spor8ng events, CCTV and command and control installa8ons.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Robert Gordon University Daniel Turner Aberdeen Business School Garthdee Campus, Robert Gordon University, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, AB14 0QD www.rgu.ac.uk/abs/undergraduate/page.cfm?pge=69727 [email protected] University providing undergraduate course in Events Management as well as professional advice and research solu8ons for events prac88oners.

Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach Beverley Hewes 2 America Square, London, EC3N 2LU 0207 510 1234 / 0207 510 1134 www.rtworldwide.com [email protected]

Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach are part of Entertainment Insurance Partners Limited a group of specialist entertainment insurance and risk advisory experts to the global entertainment industry, with par8cular focus on music, sports, theatre and high net worth private clients. As a worldwide leader in the music and entertainment insurance industry, as well as providing specialist insurance services to high net worth private clients, it is always their objec8ve to improve the quality and depth of their products, service and team. From insurance cover for mul8-million pound tours to policies for bands, fes8vals, spor8ng events, theatre produc8ons or films, their policies provide comprehensive cover at highly compe88ve premiums. For more informa8on visit www.rtworldwide.com

Ronin Event Services Ltd Mr Michael Bowles 2C Trinity Street, London, SE1 1DB 0845 351 0385 / 0845 351 0387 www.roninevents.co.uk [email protected]

Technical implementa8on services for event producers.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Marie Hayes, Events & Promo3ons Services Manager, Events & Promo3on Services Rotherham Visitors Centre, 40 Bridgegate, Rotherham, S65 1AP 01709 255501 / 01709 336888 www.rotherham.gov.uk [email protected]

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Royal Highland Centre Stephen Hu4 Ingliston, Edinburgh, EH28 8NF 0131 335 6200 / 0131 333 5236 www.royalhighlandcentre.co.uk [email protected] Scotland's largest Showground.

RPM Ltd Rory Sloan, Head of Produc3on The Old Treacle Factory, 24-40 Goodwin Road, London, W12 9JW 020 8735 5100 / 020 8735 5199 www.rpmltd.com [email protected] RPM is an independent marke8ng agency that takes the engagement approach to communica8ons. We believe that marke8ng agencies should be defined by how they change behaviour, not the channels or media that they operate within. We take the engagement approach; crea8ng tangible, posi8ve brand behaviour to fulfil and provide credibility to brand promises. It’s about brands doing what they say. Clients include BSkyB, Diageo, Adidas, Aviva, Danone, E.ON, GSK, Dairy Crest, Blackberry, Kra', M&S, Heineken and Unilever.

RSS Events Shaun Foy Brackenwood Centre, Bradshaw Lane, Greenhalgh, Preston, PR4 3HQ 01253 596388 / 01772 671932 www.rssevents.co.uk [email protected] Traffic management and health and safety company specialising in outdoor events, road based spor8ng events, CCTV and command and control installa8ons.

Rural Projects Ltd Mar3n Dare The Stables, 2 Ingliston Gardens, Ingliston, Edinburgh, EH28 8NB 0131 333 0969 / 0131 333 0960 www.ruralprojects.co.uk [email protected] Event Organiser.

We Are FSTVL – Con8nental Dri's

Local Authority.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Adrian Hodgson, Special Events Officer Special Events Office, Council Offices, 37 Pembroke Road, London, W8 6PW 020 7341 5133 / 020 7341 5200 www.rbkc.gov.uk-no:nghill [email protected] Local Authority, Filming & Special Events.



Ryans Cleaning Event Specialists (UK) Ltd Aisling Ryan Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5AN 0161 209 3133 www.ryanseventclean.co.uk [email protected]

SecuriGroup Ltd Chris Callaghan, Opera3ons Manager - EVENTS Venlaw Building (4th Floor), 349 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4AA 0141 2215448 / 07791 299912 / 0141 2215449 www.securigroup.co.uk [email protected]

Salima Ltd Gerhard Venter. 7 Titan House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Thatcham, RG7 8AA 0845 4581699 / 0118 9333 679 www.salima-ltd.co.uk [email protected]

Security & Event Solu3ons Ltd. Paul Hutchings 42/43 Premier House Business Centre, 11 Marlborough Place, Brighton, BN1 1UB 01273 277228 / 01273 684598 www.ngpevents.co.uk [email protected]

Event Cleaners.

We provide experienced and reliable crew/staff to the events industry. General Crew. Skilled Crew inc plant drivers, riggers, scaffolders, carpenters, electrcians, HGV and LGV drivers, General labourers and cleaners. All of our crew are Health and Safety conscious and have SPA passports. We have transparent prices with no add ons or supplements. Tailor made solu8ons guarantee con8nua8on of crew.

S.B. Security Solu3ons Limited Fran Cole 373 London Road, Clanfield, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO8 0PJ 02392 598467 www.sbsecuritysolu8ons.co.uk [email protected]

Supplier of Security Services at Events, Arenas, Close Protec8on and Sta8c Guarding, SIA Training.

Event Stewarding & Licensed Security Provider.

Event Management Company.

Security in Ac3on Guards Ltd Roger A Van Cooten Unit 6 Swanscombe Business Centre, 17 London Road, Swanscombe, Kent, DA10 0LH 0844 549 9 549 / 020 7657 3292 www.sia-guards.com [email protected]

Security in Ac8on Guards Limited are Na8onal Providers of Event Security Planning and SIA Approved Staff for Crowd Management, Close Protec8on, Door Supervision,Manned Guarding,Concerts, Back Stage Security,Exhibi8ons,Film Sets,Fes8vals and Spor8ng Events. We can also provide the services of our Mobile CCTV Units/Comntrol Rooms for Event Management/Control Room.

Scanna MSC Ltd Kirs3ne Wilson, Marke3ng Manager 223 Regent Street, London, W1B 2EB 020 7355 3555 / 020 7355 3556 www.scanna-msc.com [email protected]

Select Management & Security Ltd Andrew McQuillan, Director 4 Massey Green, Belfast, BT4 9AX 02890 025035 www.selectmgt.co.uk [email protected]

Sco4 Hope Lavender Co9age, Broad Street, Brixworth, Northampton, NN6 9EB 07733260280 [email protected]

Select Security & Stewarding Ltd Annemarie Chebib, Managing Director PO Box 66, Brighton, BN1 9WD 01273 609312 / 01273 609316 [email protected]

Portable x-ray equipment for una9ended/abandoned bags and suspicious packages, Security Services. Portable walkthrough metal detectors.

Student member.

We Are FSTVL – Con8nental Dri's

Providers of High Quality Stewarding, Event security, Crowd Management and Event Traffic Management Services.

Security & Stewarding, Outdoor event, Licensed Premises Specialists.

Serco – Emergency Planning College Elaina Botham The Hawkhills, Easingwold, York, North Yorkshire, YO61 3EG 01347 821406 / 01347 822575 www.epcollege.com [email protected]

The UK's leading centre for emergency planning, crisis management, business con8nuity, crowd management, public and spectator safety, risk management and disaster recovery training, exercising and consultancy.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Serenity Security Solu3ons Ltd Kamla Uppiah 2nd Floor, Minshull House, Chorlton Street, Manchester, M1 3FY 07415878028 www.serenitysecurity.co.uk [email protected]

Serenity Security Solu8ons was created to sha9er the illusion of the old school 'bouncer' promo8ng customer service and professional behaviour as paramount against the old views of simply being large and violent. Serenity Security staff are both highly trained above and beyond the SIA requirements and focused on customer service. As the first and last impression of any event or venue, Serenity Security bring fresh and innova8ve solu8ons to today's security problem. By using proac8ve and non-aggressive techniques with a 'preven8on is be9er than cure' mentality we can assure you the peace of mind and confidence required for you to focus on the success of your business.

S.E.S. Ambulance Services Mr. Dave Ward, Business Manager Whitney Box, Church Street, Maids Moreton, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 1QE 01280 823800 / 01280 823800 [email protected] Road, Fast Response 4x4 Ambulances. All grades of qualified ambulance staff including state registered paramedics.

She's Go4 It! Events Nickie Go4 Three Hedworths, Bowes Offices, Lambton Park, Chester le Street, DH3 4AN 01913 856 619 / 01913 87 8695 www.shesgo:t.com [email protected]:t.com

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Showsec Interna3onal Ltd Paul Legge Regent House, 16 West Walk, Leicester, LE1 7NA 02072 447443 / 02072 440293 www.crowd-management.com [email protected]

Europe's largest and leading crowd management company with offices throughout the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. We specialise in (outdoor) events, concerts, corporate hospitality, sports stewarding, exhibi8ons and consultancy and have contracts with many leading arenas and venues.

Signature Systems Europe Tony Booth Unit 1, Blacke9 Road, Blacke9 Road Industrial Estate, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 2BJ Freephone: 0800 678 5893 or Mobile: +44 7979 500945 www.eventdeck.com [email protected]

Manufacturers, sellers and hirers of temporary flooring including roadways, pedestrian walkways, marquee flooring and pitch protec8on systems.

SJP Studios Samuel J Phillips Blanchards, Li9leton Drew, Chippenham, Wiltshire 07825148807 / 01249 782857 / 01249 782857 www.sjpstuios.net [email protected] Design/Produc8on & Project management consultant.

A Very Vintage Christmas Elvis (at QEOP) – Con8nental Dri's

Event management.

Show Site Services Ltd Antony Crooks, Managing Director Weybridge Business Centre, Unit 18, 66 York Road, Weybridge Surrey, KT13 9DY 01932 228416 / Mobile 07785-594385 / 01932 242166 www.showsiteservices.co.uk [email protected] Water Supply & Site Plumbing, Grey Waste Handling, Pumps etc.

Showforce Services Ltd Dave Bellamy Unit 1, Stra7ord Workshops, Burford Road, London, E15 2SP 020 8519 5252 / 020 8519 9006 www.showforce.com [email protected]

Suppliers of proac8ve qualified event personnel, with a global network of qualified, experienced and dedicated crew. Promo8ons and hospitality staff - proac8ve, posi8ve and experienced professionals. Security personnel - front of house staff, traffic marshals, patrols, dog handlers, specialist search teams, doormen - all SIA compliant.



Smiths (Gloucester) Ltd Mr Adam Siolo Alkerton Court, Eas8ngton, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3AQ 01453 822227 / 01453 825558 www.smiths-gloucester.co.uk [email protected]

Smiths Event Waste Management is a divivion of Smiths (Gloucester) Ltd and specialises in recycling as much waste as possible at outdoor events.

SoundbaseUK Ltd Dave Tulloch Unit 22, Leeway Industrial Estate, Newport, NP19 4SL 01633 244448 / 08448548203 www.soundbaseuk.com [email protected] Complete Produc8on Services for Events on any scale.

Sovereign Housing Associa3on Ltd Cathy Saunders, External Contracts Manager Woodlands, 90 Bartholomew Street, Newbury, West Berkshire, RG14 5EE 01635 572113 / 01635 572226 www.sovereign.org.uk [email protected] Show Organisers and Housing Associa8on - provider of affordable housing across the south and south west of England.

Spa Security & Events Tim Price Spa House, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 3QG 0844 5430954 / 0844 543 0959 www.spaevents.org [email protected]

Well established provider of bespoke Security & Stewarding services at exhibi8ons, conferences, visitor a9rac8ons, spor8ng, hospitality and other pres8gious events across the UK.

Specialized Organiza3on Ltd Tom Clements 4 Rosebank Road, Rosebank Park, Livingston, EH54 7EJ 01506-442255 / 01506-442288 www.specializedorganiza8on.co.uk [email protected]

Event management, Health & Safety, Facili8es Management and crewing company

Specialized Security Tom Clements 4 Rosebank Road, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7EJ 01506 442255 / 01506 442288 www.specializedsecurity.co.uk [email protected]

Suppliers of trained and accredited Crowd Management and Security Personnel to Fes8val, Events, Entertainment, Sports and Film Industries. Security and Crowd Control Consultants, throughout the UK & Ireland.

Speedy Asset Services Neil Page Newmarket House, 20 The Parks, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, WA12 0JQ 07894 603 364 www.speedyhire.com [email protected] Hire of equipment.

SRD Group Ltd Mr. Stuart Roberts, Director Units 1-2 Crowhurst Hop Farm, Bullen Lane, East Peckham, TONBRIDGE, Kent, TN12 5LP 01732 373920 / 01732 373921 www.srdgroup.co.uk [email protected]

Sound Services for Music and Other events including Site, Power and Ligh8ng.

Stage Ligh3ng Services Ltd Alan Blakoe Unit A, Avenue Park Industrial Estate,, Croescadarn Close, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 8HE 02920 613 577 www.stageligh8ngservices.com [email protected]

Suppliers of Ligh8ng, Staging and Temporary Mains Power Distribu8on for Outdoor Events. Able to supply Sound and Audio Visual Equipment. We offer a full project management facility along with installa8on services as well as pure dry hire.

Standeasy Security Ltd David Price The Guildhall, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO12AB 02392988284 www.standeasy.co.uk [email protected] Security Service Provider.

Star Power Generators Ltd Mr Liam Kelly 78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP 02030 518439 www.starpowergenerators.co.uk [email protected]

Generator hire and turnkey power distribu8on solu8ons for the events industry. Complete power solu8ons for air shows, fes8vals, concerts, spor8ng events.

St John Ambulance Peter Huckle 27 St John's Lane, Clerkenwell, London, EC1M 4BU 08700 10 49 50 www.sja.org.uk [email protected]

As the na8on's largest first aid provider, we can offer ambulance, first aid and medical services, tailored to the requirements of each individual event. We can supply a range of resources including: Qualified first aiders; Emergency ambulances and crew; Emergency vehicles; Registered nurses, paramedics and doctors; Mobile command and control facili8es; Mobile treatment centres/field hospitals; Cycle response teams. We also provide health and safety and risk management training and advice.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Mr. Graham Reeves, Events Manager Events, Environment Centre, 21 West Row, Stockton, TS18 1BT 01642 527344/5/6 / 01642 527282 www.stockton.gov.uk [email protected] Local Authority & Event Organiser.

Stourbridge Water Direct Ltd Laura Henderson Water Direct, B26 Earls Colne Business Park, Earls Colne, Colchester Essex, CO6 2NS 08453451725 / 01787223354 www.water-direct.co.uk [email protected] Water Direct specialise in the provision of quality assured wholesome drinking water, for wherever and whenever a piped water supply is either unavailable, unusable or inadequate.

Stunts UK Limited Sco4 May, Director The Barn Workshop, Dowran, St Just, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7RS 01736 788883 www.sco9maydaredevil.co.uk [email protected] Touring Stunt Show.

Sunbaba Jan Booth, Managing Director Head Office: Sunbaba House, Vicarage Close, Dullingham, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 9XA 01638 507684 / 0208 9889100 / 01638 508135 www.sunbaba.co.uk [email protected]

Sunbaba are one of the UK's leading suppliers of event branding and screening solu8ons. By combining our experience with the latest technology and one of the widest ranges of plain and printable materials, we are able to deliver outstanding results. London Office: Suite 222, Legacy Business Centre, 2a Ruckholt Road, Leyton, London E10 5NP.

Sun Leisure Ltd Mr Russ Rowley Unit 1 Windybank Farm, Hapsford, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 0JY 01928 727449 / 01928 727704 www.sun-leisure.com [email protected]

Manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of instant shelters, flags & banners, inflatable shelters, pop-up stands and marquees. Full digital print capabili8es. Any quan88es up to containers.

Sygma Safety and Events Ltd Brian Cleary, Managing Director Unit K, Blois Meadow Business Centre, Steeple Bumpstead, Suffolk, CB9 7BN 01223 750274 / 07966 317545 / 01440 731993 www.sygmasafety.co.uk [email protected]

H&S Consultants and Event Management Specialists for events of all sizes. Also carry out H&S training, First Aid Training and Fire Marshal provision and training.


NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Symbiosis UK Ltd Miss Vanessa Okell 602 Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London, W!B 5TG 0207 039 0100 / 0207 039 0103 www.symbiosis.co.uk [email protected]

Symbiosis offers clients a full turnkey solu8on for all their outdoor event needs.

SymphoTech Ltd Julian Spear 1 Ellis Way, Hibaldstow, Brigg, North Lincs, DN20 9RQ 0871 711 5264 www.symphotech.co.uk [email protected]

Event Safety Management, Event Fire Safety Management, Event Noise Management, Produc8on Procurement & Design Temporary Power (Events) Mr Mike Boden Unit 3 , Riverside , Sta8on Road Industrial Estate , , Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0EH 01749812557 or 07713489536 / 01749812445 [email protected] Supply of generators, cabling, distribu8on, site / emergency ligh8ng, engineers.

Tempsite Installa3ons Limited Mark Lacey, Director 2 Cragganmore Place, Perth, Scotland, PH1 3GJ 01738 630556 [email protected]

Supplying Water Services (from main or by tank/tankers) to Outdoor Event.

Tendring District Council Miss Sarah Daniells Life Opportuni8es - Tourism, Marke8ng & Events., Town Hall, Sta8on Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE 01255 686654/83 / 01255 686412 www.essex-sunshine-coast.org.uk [email protected] Local government - Tourism, Marke8ng & Events Service.

Tents and Events (Scotland) Ltd Mrs Janet Fletcher 10 Nelson Street, Dunoon, Argyll, PA23 7EL 01369 706123 www.tentsandevents.co.uk [email protected] Marquee Hire and Event Support.


TJ Hammond Transport Ltd Mr Nick Curson Barleylands, Barleylands Road, Billericay, Essex, CM11 2UD 0800 085 3244 / 01268 820 232 www.hammondtransport.com [email protected]

Dedicated Transport, Logis8cs & Warehouse Solu8ons Small Vans - Trucks & Specialist Vehicles including, Tail Li' & Crane Mounted. Specialising in Events, Fes8vals & Time Cri8cal Transport UK, Europe & Worldwide.

The Amazing Tent Company Steve Haddrell 2 Blacknest, Owlpen, Dursley, Glos, GL11 5BZ 01453 861131 / 01453 861131 www.amazingtent.co.uk [email protected]

Amazing Tent provide unique, contemporary and high-end temporary stuctures to the Special Event Industry, specialising in the rental of Saddlespan tents. Produc8on Management and Produc8on Consultancy services are also available.

The Bazaar Group Miss Lynn Sanderson Unit 2 Easter Park, Nelson Park West, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 1WQ 01670 594139 www.beanbagbazaar.co.uk [email protected]

Designer, manufacturer and retailer of bean bags and bean-filled furnishings for purchase or hire to the domes8c and commercial industries.

The Bri3sh Associa3on For Shoo3ng and Conserva3on Sue Ecroyd Doveridge Clay Sports Club, Upwoods Road, Doveridge, DE6 5LN 01889 565050 www.bascgamekeepersfair.co.uk [email protected], Membership Associa8on Membership Associa8on.

The Bri3sh Training Academy Ltd Lord Wayne Grove Byron House, Wallingford Road, UXBRIDGE, Middlesex, UB8 2RW 0845 0702404 www.thesecuritytrainingschool.co.uk [email protected]

Suppliers of security and event steward training,and staff for the events industry.

The Combined Services Provider Ltd Paul May, Managing Director 3rd Floor York House, Empire Way, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 OPA 020 8900 2405 / 020 8903 8219 www.gotocsp.com [email protected] Car Parking / Traffic Management / Cleaning / Security / Stewarding / Admission Control and Sales.

The Edge (Systems) Ltd Mark Griffiths Windsor Place, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 1JL 07837 252 914 www.whatsyourevent.co.uk [email protected]

We specialize in the provision Admission and Control products such as Tickets, Parking Permits, ID Badges, Security Passes, Wristbands & Membership Cards.

The Event Expert Chris Powell, Director 70 Fennel Close, Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8XF 01256 335192 www.theeventexpert.co.uk [email protected] In-house event management training for experienced, first 8me and student event managers covering all types of events from outdoor and community events to celebra8ons and business events.

The Event Medicine Company Ltd Dr Brian Robertson, MD Unit D Central Estate, Albert Road, Aldershot (Hampshier), GU11 1SZ 01252 313005 www.eventmedicinecompany.co.uk [email protected] The provision of professional medical cover to events of all types and sizes.

The Heritage Motor Centre Emma Rawlinson, Events Execu3ve Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire, CV35 OBJ 01926 645120 / 01926 642555 www.heritage-motor-centre.co.uk [email protected]

Museum, Outdoor Events Corporate and Public, Conference.

The Highfield Event Group Claire Chapman Managing Director Klondyke Farm, Broads Road, Burwell, Cambridge, CB25 0BQ 01638 743860 / 01638 743878 www.highfieldeventgroup.com [email protected]fieldgroup.co.uk

A full na8onal marquee hire service management. Trade enquiries are welcome.

The Inkerman Group Jill Watson Inkerman House, 3-4 Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PF 01233 646 940 / 01233 646 840 www.inkerman.com [email protected]

The Inkerman Group has been providing Intelligence, Risk Mi8ga8on and Opera8onal solu8ons to industry successfully for over 10 years. Our bespoke services are tailored to the needs of our clients and encompass a complete range of services to include Event Security Planning & Management, Security Consultancy, Close Protec8on, Manned Guarding, Event Stewarding, Traffic Management, Event Liaison, Inves8ga8ons, High Value Asset & Personnel Tracking.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 The Organisa3on Group Roger Irwin 1 Old Dairy Court, Burcot Farm, East Stra9on, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 3DZ 01962 774034 / 01962 774036 www.the-organisa8on.co.uk [email protected]

Specialist Equipment & service provider to the film, TV & Event Industry. Providing Marquees, furniture, heat, light, power, generators, flooring, 4x4 specialist vehicles and ATV's, plus event por7olio including dragon boat racing, it's a knockout, aquafun and corporate hospitality.

The Parks Trust Miss Julie Dawes Campbell Park Pavilion, 1300 Silbury Boulevard Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, MK9 4AD 01908 255375 / 01908 233601 www.theparkstrust.com [email protected]

The Parks Trust is a charity which manages public open space and parks in Milton Keynes. There are a number of open air venues catering for up to 10,000 people within the city including a purpose built events arena in Campbell Park in Central Milton Keynes.

The Powerline (Entertainments) Ltd Jim Creed MD Knowle Hill Farm, Beeks Lane, Marshfield, Wiltshire, SN14 8BB 01225 892336 / 01225 892352 www.thepowerline.co.uk [email protected]

Generator, Cable and Distribu8on Hire for Events, Broadcast, Film & Corporate Industry.

The Rock City Stage Crew Ltd Toby Short, Opera3ons Manager Langford House, 8 Darklake View, Eastover, Plymouth, PL6 7TL 01752 255933 / 01752 266100 www.rockcitycrew.co.uk offi[email protected]

Supply of Site, Fes8vals and Produc8on Crews. Installa8on and removal of Security Fencing and Temporary Roadways. Supply of bespoke Fes8val Inflatables.

The Sealed Knot Ltd Ian Hurst c/o 72 Junc8on Road, Andover, hampshire, SP10 3QX 01689 819159 / 01689 606787 www.thesealedknot.org.uk, [email protected]

Historical re-enactment society and charity to educate and commemorate history.

The Tourism Society Gregory Yeoman MTS, Membership Execu3ve Trinity Court, 34 West Street, Su9on, Surrey, SM1 1SH 020 8661 4636 / 020 8661 4637 www.tourismsociety.org [email protected]

The Tourism Society is the professional membership body for people working in all sectors of the Visitor economy.


NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Thermobile UK Ltd Andy Wallis, General Manager 12 Buckingham Close, Bermuda Industrial Estate, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 7JT 02476 357960 / 02476 357969 www.thermobile.co.uk [email protected] Hea8ng and Air Condi8oning.

Thorns Group Clair Whitecross, Sales Director Unit C, 125 Brantwood Road, To9enham, London, N17 ODX 020 8801 4444 / 020 8801 4445 www.thorns.co.uk [email protected]

Catering equipment, Kitchen and Furniture Hire, Power Distribu8on, Ligh8ng, Generators and much more - the event equipment hire specialists.

Ticket Alterna3ve UK Ltd Iain Blue4, Director Unit 333, Ashley Road, London, N17 9LN 0800 -0112894 www.8cketalterna8ve.co.uk [email protected]

Event Ticket Prin8ng. Same day shipping. Secure, tamper-proof event 8ckets with holograms and serial numbers.

Tiger Tea (Associate) Linda Krawecke, Manager 1A Mountney Road, Eastbourne, BN21 1RJ 01323 732843 / 01323 732843 www.8gertea.net/www.8gertea.net/9k.htm [email protected] Event Management and Health & Safety.

Tod Cody, Showman Tod Cody (Honorary) Black Horse Lodge, Great Linford, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK14 5AL 01908 605938 www.wildwestadventures.co.uk [email protected] Specialist in Outdoor Entertainment.

Topher Limited Christopher Haywood 18 Church Road, Fleet, Hants, GU51 3RH 01252 400230 / 01252 400807 www.topherlimited.co.uk [email protected] Event Security, Parking and Cleaning.

Towersound & Communica3on Callum Spurr, Proprietor Unit 21, Blatchford Close Industrial Estate, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5RG 01403 271122 / 01403 271122 [email protected] Public Address System (PA Equipment).


TPA Portable Roadways Ltd Lloyd Collingham Dukeries Mill, Claylands No:nghamshire, S81 7DJ 0870 240 2381 / 0870 240 2382 www.tpa-ltd.co.uk [email protected]



Europe's leading suppliers of portable roadways, pedestrian walkways, bridging, fencing, barriers and turf protec8on.

Triple A Event Security Grant Ritchie 50 Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 7HA 07768275603 www.tripleaeventsecurity.co.uk [email protected]

We provide both security and stewarding services in addi8on to sta8c site security and key holding.

University College Birmingham Domenico Pioli, Assistant Dean School of Hospitality,Food and Events Management, Summer Row, Birmingham B3 1JB 0121 604 1000 x 428 www.ucb.ac.uk [email protected]

University specializing in Hospitality, Business, Care, Sport and Crea8ve Studies.

University of Derby Corporate Ma4 Bromley, Corporate Learning Enhancement Manager Enterprise Centre, Bridge Street, Derby Derbyshire, DE1 3LD 0800 678 3311 / 01332 597871 www.derby.ac.uk/corporate/sectors/cepd/ [email protected] University of Derby Corporate. University providing courses in Event Safety Management.

University of Huddersfiield Mandy White Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH 01482 472 493 / 01482 473 019 www.hud.ac.uk [email protected]

University providing courses in Event Management.

University of Wales Ins3tute Cardiff (UWIC) Neil Marcus Cardiff School of Management, 200 Western Avenue, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2YB 0292 041 6321 / 0292 041 6930 www.uwic.ac.uk [email protected] University.

Venners Ltd Tom East Essex House, Astra Centre, Edinburgh Way, Harlow , essex, CM20 2BN 01279 620 820 / 01279 620 821 www.venners.co.uk [email protected]

Venners live audi8ng services are applicable to all manner of events and catering opera8ons; be it stadia, fes8vals or spor8ng occasions. We call it Event Profit Control. Event Profit Control brings the best of Venners audi8ng exper8se, controls and repor8ng and delivers it before, during and a'er an event giving you the highest level of control over your revenue and profit. We use our own professional, cer8fied staff and partner all types of events businesses, from the smallest independent operator to the largest mul8na8onal company. Venners Event Profit Control protects your cost of sale in an ever-changing environment.

Venture Event Medical Management Carol Taylor, Director 47 Leeds Road, Gawthorpe, Osse9, West Yorkshire, WF5 9QW 07988 388461 www.ventureemm.co.uk [email protected]

Medical Event Management & provision of first aid/medical resources.

Versa3le Venues Ltd Timothy Cook Wireless House, Wireless Hill, South Luffenham Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8NF 01780 720217 www.versa8levenues.co.uk [email protected] Versa8le Venues supply ar8culated, motorised and trailer based ‘exhibi8on trailers’ for hire, long term lease or sale. We have a dedicated branding and design team who can create bespoke new trailers and vehicles for our clients or modify and refurbish second hand if required. We offer full European transport and logis8c services for roadshows and events as well as general event haulage and storage solu8ons.

Vespasian Security Ltd Oliver Gardiner, Managing Director Harbour Court, Compass Road, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 4ST 02392 295503 / 023 92 295503 www.vespasiansecurity.co.uk [email protected]vespasiansecurity.co.uk Crowd management u8lising SIA door supervisors and crowd safety stewards, both direct to the client and as a sub-contractor to larger companies. This is carried out at both large outdoor events as well as venue and arena based work. Licensed venue door security and round the clock sta8c guarding of event compounds.

VisitBritain Nathan Alemany, Ac3ng Head of Business Visits and Events I Palace Street, London, SW1E 5HE 020 7578 1036 / 020 7578 1001 www.visitbritain.com//business [email protected] Na8onal Tourist Board.



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 VisitLondon Tracey Halliwell, Director of Business Tourism 6th Floor, 2 More Lohndon Riverside, London, SE1 2RR 020 7234 5705 / 020 7234 5752 www.visitlondon.com [email protected] Na8onal Tourist Board.

Watch This Space (Event Hire and Produc3on Services) Darren Woodhouse WTS Events, Luton Library Theatre, St Georges Square, Luton, Bedfordhire LU1 2NG 01582 547475 www.wtsevents.co.uk [email protected]

Well established, friendly and approachable events team suppor8ng and producing local and regional events for local authori8es, community organisa8ons and the private sector. We offer equipment hire, event advice, event management and so much more.

Watermills Adrian Mills MD P O Box 1176, Woking, Surrey, GU22 2BU 0845 6031403 / 01344 636929 www.watermills.net [email protected]

Drinking water supply and site installa8ons. Tanks ,pumps and tankers na8onwide. Mobile disinfec8on services.

Wernick Event Hire Ltd Jonathan Howes Joseph House, Northgate Way, Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands WS9 8ST 01922 472900 / 01922 472910 www.wernickeventhire.co.uk [email protected] Hire of Cabins, toilets, showers, grandstand sea8ng, fencing and barriers. Na8onwide network of depots.

Weston Park Enterprises Ltd Stuart Craddock, Park Opera3ons Manager Weston Park, Weston-Under-Lizard, Nr Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 8LE 01952 852100 / 01952 850430 www.weston-park.com [email protected] Public A9rac8on, Public/Private/Corporate Events Venue.

Westonbirt Arboretum Simon Hough Events Business Manager Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8QS 01666 880220 / 01666 880559 www.westonbirtarboretum.com [email protected]

The UK's Na8onal Arboretum, hosts an annual programme of events including concerts, Fes8val of the Tree, An Enchanted Christmas and Dog Days.

Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Charlo4e Sheppard Events Manager The Council Offices, North Quay, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8NA 01305 838512 / 01305 789922 www.weymouth.gov.uk [email protected] Local Authority - Organise and Promote Annual Events.


NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Wilde Ones Interna3onal Events Ltd Dean Parker Unit 122, West Building, Westminster Business Square, Durham Street, London, SE11 5JH 020 7793 7933 / 020 7793 7794 www.wildeones.co.uk [email protected]

Providing event produc8on services, including site and event management, planning & logis8cs, feasibility & working budgets, contractor management, CAD drawings & site design, as well as consultancy for both green field sites and urban environments. Over 15 years experience working in the industry. Also a provider or market and catering concessions.

WNY Ben Price 24 Greville Street, London, EC1N 8SS 0203 178 2023 /+44 7540 225 408 www.wnyproduc8ons.com offi[email protected]

Project Management | General Contractor | Delivery Partner. Assuring successful delivery of major events, installa8ons and projects worldwide.

Woodlands Bed and Breakfast John Impey Woodlands, Coopers Hill, Alvechurch, Worcs, B48 7BX 0121 445 6774 / 0121 505 1801 www.woodlandsbedandbreakfast.com [email protected]

A Victorian house set in 18 acres of landscaped gardens and fields suitable for wedding recep8ons and similar events.

Wrightsure Services Ltd Kevin Wade Wrightsure House, 799 London Road, West Thurrock, Essex, RM20 3LH 01708 258 721 / 01708 865 100 www.wrightsure.com [email protected]

Wrightsure Services are independent insurance brokers established in 1975. We are pleased to offer Insurance Services to NOEA members. We deal with a vast range of insurance products including Property Insurance, Liability, Vehicle & Cancella8on Insurance. Being an Independent Insurance Broker ensures we have no allegiance to any par8cular insurer and search the market to obtain the best possible terms. During our 38 years of trading we have developed excellent rela8onships with underwriters and the majority quota8ons can be turned around within 24 hours.

Yellow Bus Events Ltd Jill Phillips The Burton Street Centre, 57 Burton Street, Sheffield, S6 2HH 0114 249 3075 www.yellowbusevents.co.uk [email protected]

We are an events managements company who organise and promote our own events eg. Fright Night †Halloween Carnival, A'er Dark fireworks and street theatre fes8vals to bespoke events for client from large commercial organisa8ons to public authori8es.





Listed by Catergory: Access Equipment Admiral Structural Gallery Beaver 84 Ltd Coast 2 Coast Security Ltd Crewtec Events Services Ltd Eve Trakway Morris Leslie Plant Limited

Brand Messages Heart Productions Imaginators Yellow Bus Events Ltd

Admission Control Cash & Traffic Management Mid-West Services (UK) Limited Mojo Barriers The Edge (Systems) Ltd Ticket Alternative UK Ltd

Bridge Hire Eve Trakway LION Trackhire Ltd Mitchell Bridges Ltd TPA Portable Roadways Ltd

Air Conditioning Carrier Rental Systems Thermobile UK Ltd

Broadband ADSL Services & Links 2CL Communications Ltd

Ambulance Services Alliance – Pioneer Group British Red Cross Central Medical Services Ltd Events Medical Services Ltd Location Medical Services Ltd MRL Safety Limited S.E.S. Ambulance Services St John Ambulance

Bucking Broncos 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP A R Entertainments

Business Management Advice Chartered Institute of Sport and Recreation Management Event Management Solutions Specialized Organization Ltd Venners Ltd Business Support Services Barton Internet Marketing

Arena Entertainment 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Daubney Variety & Gala Agency Ltd J.H. Promotions Ltd. Maritime Media Services Ltd Royal Highland Centre The Sealed Knot Ltd Audio Visual Equipment Cloud One Group Ltd HG1 Communications Icthus Group Maritime Media Services Ltd Piccadilly Live SRD Group Ltd Symbiosis UK Ltd


Banners/Banner Systems Imaginators MediaCo Limited POD Outdoor Displays Sunbaba

Bar Management B-Line Festival Bars Ltd The Highfield Event Group

Big Screen Hire (LED) Lightmedia Displays Ltd Maritime Media Services Ltd Piccadilly Live

Acoustics and Noise Control Capita Symonds Ltd Horsey Lightly Fynn

Arboretum National Memorial Arboretum Westonbirt Arboretum


Car Park/Park & Ride Schemes Cash & Traffic Management City and Suburban Parking Ltd M J Events Support Ltd The Combined Services Provider Ltd Topher Limited Carpet Suppliers Event Production Solutions Ltd

Caterers Derek Hackett & Son Amusements The Highfield Event Group Catering Equipment Elliott Kitchens Thorns Group

Charities For All Events The Heritage Motor Centre


Consulting Engineers Clarke, Nicholls & Marcel Ltd – Cheltenham Commercial Testing Services Ltd

Childrens Entertainment A R Entertainments J.H. Promotions Ltd. Links Event Solutions

Cleaning & Waste Management DC Site Services Ltd

Cleaning Services Ryans Cleaning Event Specialists (UK) Ltd Salima Ltd

Corporate Event Space A9woolls Marquee Hire Huntingdon Racecourse Olympic Park Legacy Company

Closed Circuit TV 2CL Communications Ltd Mobile CCTV Ltd National Radio Bank NSR Communications Ltd Road Safety Services Ltd RSS Events SRD Group Ltd Sygma Safety and Events Ltd

Corporate Hospitality Adralava Ltd Ascot Structures Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd Effective Event Solutions Ltd Gable Events Historical Promotions & Event Management Huntingdon Racecourse Pinnacle Marquees (UK) Ltd Showsec International Ltd The Heritage Motor Centre TJ Hammond Transport Ltd

Coldrooms (Portable) Elliott Kitchens

Costumes 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP

Coach Hire & Marshalling Specialized Organization Ltd

Communications Equipment 2CL Communications Ltd Cloud One Group Ltd HG1 Communications Ninehundred Communications Ltd Piccadilly Live Concert Production Specialized Organization Ltd

Conflict Management/Self Defence Security in Action Guards Ltd The British Training Academy Ltd

Consultants Alan Goldsmith Organisation Ltd Barton Internet Marketing Green Stewards Historical Promotions & Event Management IFEA Europe Jarvis In Events Ltd (Associate) John Burgess Kingdom Connections Limited. Leeds Metropolitan University UKCEM Nigel Rowe Management Services Ltd RGM Fuels Ltd She's Gott It! Events Showsec International Ltd Specialized Organization Ltd Specialized Security Sygma Safety and Events Ltd The Amazing Tent Company The Tourism Society Tod Cody, Showman (Honorary) VisitBritain VisitLondon

Crazy Golf/Almost Golf A R Entertainments Crew & Riggers Diamond Event Services Ltd Salima Ltd Showforce Services Ltd Specialized Organization Ltd The Rock City Stage Crew Ltd Crowd Barriers & Rails Beaver 84 Ltd Eve Trakway Events Solution Ltd EventServ Ltd Mojo Barriers P.M.H. Promotions Ltd TPA Portable Roadways Ltd Crowd Control A P S Ltd Akita Group Ltd BMS (British Military Security) Business & Entertainment Security Ltd Corvus Security EventServ Ltd Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd Fidelis Security Ltd Green Event Security Ltd Leeds Council Licensing Mojo Barriers ProTouch (UK) Ltd Specialized Security Vespasian Security Ltd



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Crowd Management 2Can Productions A P S Ltd Achilleus Ltd BMS (British Military Security) Corvus Security Event Management Solutions Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd G4S Events Green Event Security Ltd Green Stewards John Burgess M J Events Support Ltd Mick Upton (Honorary Member) Mid-West Services (UK) Limited Mojo Barriers Pennine Events Ltd SecuriGroup Ltd Select Management & Security Ltd Select Security & Stewarding Ltd Showsec International Ltd Spa Security & Events Specialized Security Standeasy Security Ltd Triple A Event Security Vespasian Security Ltd Crowd Safety A P S Ltd Achilleus Ltd BMS (British Military Security) British Red Cross Event Management Solutions Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd Green Stewards M J Events Support Ltd Mick Upton (Honorary Member) Mojo Barriers ProTouch (UK) Ltd Serco – Emergency Planning College Specialized Security Standeasy Security Ltd Vespasian Security Ltd Cycle Promotion & Support Services Pennine Events Ltd Decor & Props Frames N Frills The Bazaar Group


Design Services Frames N Frills Geerings Print Ltd Jimmy Birchmore Events SJP Studios The Organisation Group

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Drapes, Linings and Starcloth Ascot Structures Cloud One Group Ltd FMX Event Services Ltd

Electrical Contractors/Equipment AAC Power Solutions Ltd Acorn Event Solutions Ltd Ascot Structures BRM Productions Ltd Commercial Testing Services Ltd Gofer Ltd HPES Technical Solutions Ltd. Icthus Group SoundbaseUK Ltd Stage Lighting Services Ltd Star Power Generators Ltd Temporary Power (Events) Electrical Safety Services Commercial Testing Services Ltd Gofer Ltd HPES Technical Solutions Ltd.

Emergency Planning Central Medical Services Ltd Chaos Management (Associate) Event Safety Planning Ltd MRL Safety Limited Serco – Emergency Planning College Specialized Organization Ltd St John Ambulance Stourbridge Water Direct Ltd The Inkerman Group

Entertainment 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP A R Entertainments Burges Salmon Capita Symonds Ltd Chaos Management (Associate) Continental Drifts Ltd Daubney Variety & Gala Agency Ltd Dings Entertainment Ltd Great Western Entertainments Agency Historical Promotions & Event Management Horsey Lightly Fynn J & S Brownhut Entertainment Promotion (Honorary) J.H. Promotions Ltd. Leeds Council Licensing Links Event Solutions Live Promotions Events Ltd (Honorary) Maritime Media Services Ltd Pendle Leisure Trust Plan-It Poster Distribution Ltd Richmond Event Management Ltd Royal Highland Centre Stunts UK Limited Sygma Safety and Events Ltd The Sealed Knot Ltd Tod Cody, Showman (Honorary)


Entertainment Agencies 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Continental Drifts Ltd Daubney Variety & Gala Agency Ltd Dings Entertainment Ltd Great Western Entertainments Agency J & S Brownhut Entertainment Promotion (Honorary) J.H. Promotions Ltd. Plan-It Poster Distribution Ltd Environmental Festivals Kambe Events Ltd Event Camping Campingninja Event Fire Safety Management SymphoTech Ltd Event Management 20 – 20 Events Management Ltd 2Can Productions 3CL Internet Ltd trading as Meet the Celebrities Aberdeen City Council Adventure Forest Ltd T/A Go Ape Affinity Events Ltd Andrew Cheeseman Productions Bearprint Events & Expedition Specialists Big Cat Group B-Line Festival Bars Ltd Chaos Management (Associate) City of Edinburgh Council City of Westminster Continental Drifts Ltd Cowal Highland Gathering Derry City Council DF Concerts Limited Eventmen Ltd Extraordinary Events Face Events Falkirk Community Trust For All Events Frames N Frills FTF Worldwide Event Management Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate) Gable Events Hybred Events Ltd i2 Event Management Ltd IFEA Europe Jarvis In Events Ltd (Associate) Jimmy Birchmore Events John Burgess JR Event Services Ltd Kambe Events Ltd Leeds City Council Links Event Solutions Live Promotions Events Ltd (Honorary) Mary Hillier – Freelance Events Manager

Mobex Ltd Nigel Rowe Management Services Ltd Nova International Limited Pendle Leisure Trust Pennine Events Ltd People's Postcode Lottery Pure Solutions Ltd Redman Events Relevent Ltd Richmond Event Management Ltd Ronin Event Services Ltd Rural Projects Ltd Security & Event Solutions Ltd. She's Gott It! Events Showsec International Ltd SoundbaseUK Ltd Specialized Organization Ltd Sygma Safety and Events Ltd Symbiosis UK Ltd SymphoTech Ltd The Highfield Event Group The Inkerman Group The Organisation Group The Parks Trust The Tourism Society Tiger Tea (Associate) TJ Hammond Transport Ltd University of Derby Corporate University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) Wilde Ones International Events Ltd WNY Yellow Bus Events Ltd Event Noise Management SymphoTech Ltd Event Production Design & Procurement SymphoTech Ltd Event Risk Management Capita Symonds Ltd Chaos Management (Associate) Event Management Solutions Event Safety Planning Ltd Grant Event Safety Management Green Stewards Mojo Barriers MRL Safety Limited Redman Events Serco – Emergency Planning College St John Ambulance Sygma Safety and Events Ltd SymphoTech Ltd The Inkerman Group University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC)



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Mobex Ltd RGM Fuels Ltd SJP Studios Symbiosis UK Ltd

Event Safety Management Hybred Events Ltd MRL Safety Limited Specialized Organization Ltd SymphoTech Ltd Event Support Bearprint Events & Expedition Specialists Business & Entertainment Security Ltd Central Medical Services Ltd Cloud One Group Ltd Diamond Event Services Ltd. Green Stewards Heart Productions i2 Event Management Ltd Leicester City Council LION Trackhire Ltd NSR Communications Ltd Plan-It Poster Distribution Ltd Redman Events Rural Projects Ltd Salima Ltd Specialized Organization Ltd Tents and Events (Scotland) Ltd The Event Expert University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) VisitBritain VisitLondon Wilde Ones International Events Ltd Events at Historical Sites 3CL Internet Ltd trading as Meet the Celebrities English Heritage Historical Promotions & Event Management Weston Park Enterprises Ltd Exhibition & Hospitality Units FMX Event Services Ltd Huntingdon Racecourse Mobex Ltd Pinnacle Marquees (UK) Ltd Portakabin Events Qdos Event Hire Ltd University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) Exhibition and Festival Spaces Huntingdon Racecourse Olympic Park Legacy Company Royal Highland Centre Exhibition Stand & Event Contractors AAC Power Solutions Ltd Jimmy Birchmore Events



Exhibition Stand Support Association of Festival Organisers RGM Fuels Ltd Expert Witness (Leisure Industry) Penny Mellor – Consultant (Honorary) Family Fun Days Links Event Solutions Weston Park Enterprises Ltd Feasibility & Project Studies/Assessments Magnetic Events Ltd Fencing (inc.temporary) Anchorbloc Ltd Beaver 84 Ltd Eve Trakway Events Solution Ltd EventServ Ltd Mojo Barriers The Rock City Stage Crew Ltd TPA Portable Roadways Ltd

For all your event traffic management Whether you require temporary lane closures, alternative traffic flows or a full diversion, AA Signs will provide a consultation service to help you plan a safe and effective traffic management scheme for your event. Our involvement starts at the planning stage and goes right through to completion which includes supply and installation of any necessary cones and signage, dealing with the local authority and removal of signage after the event.

Festival Site and Production Crews Diamond Event Services Ltd. Face Events Specialized Organization Ltd The Rock City Stage Crew Ltd Festivals Adralava Ltd Association of Festival Organisers City of Edinburgh Council Derek Hackett & Son Amusements Heart Productions Historical Promotions & Event Management Kambe Events Ltd Leicester City Council Magnetic Events Ltd Ronin Event Services Ltd Rural Projects Ltd Showforce Services Ltd Specialized Organization Ltd The Powerline (Entertainments) Ltd Ticket Alternative UK Ltd TJ Hammond Transport Ltd Weston Park Enterprises Ltd Yellow Bus Events Ltd


Signs For peace of mind and a consultation, please call us now on



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Fire Shows 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP FTF Worldwide Event Management Fireworks/Displays FTF Worldwide Event Management Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate) Stunts UK Limited First Aid & Medical Services Alliance – Pioneer Group British Red Cross Central Medical Services Ltd Events Medical Services Ltd Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd Golf Buggy Hire (SHB Hire Ltd) Location Medical Services Ltd Medic Solutions MRL Safety Limited Paramedico Ltd Quad Medical Ltd S.E.S. Ambulance Services St John Ambulance The Event Medicine Company Ltd Venture Event Medical Management Flags & Flagpoles MediaCo Limited POD Outdoor Displays Sun Leisure Ltd Sunbaba

Furniture Event Revolution Symbiosis UK Ltd The Bazaar Group The Highfield Event Group The Organisation Group Thorns Group Furniture Hire A9woolls Marquee Hire Symbiosis UK Ltd The Bazaar Group The Highfield Event Group Generators BRM Productions Ltd Carrier Rental Systems Gofer Ltd HPES Technical Solutions Ltd. Power Electrics (Bristol) Ltd SRD Group Ltd Star Power Generators Ltd Temporary Power (Events) The Powerline (Entertainments) Ltd Thorns Group Golf & Utility Buggy Hire Golf Buggy Hire (SHB Hire Ltd) John Bradshaw Ltd Morris Leslie Plant Limited Grandstands Eve Trakway FMX Event Services Ltd PopUpArena Limited Wernick Event Hire Ltd

Floodlighting 11th Hour Events Ltd SRD Group Ltd Flooring Ascot Structures Event Production Solutions Ltd Metsa Wood UK Ltd Signature Systems Europe

Grey Wastetanks/Disposals Loos R Us MTD (UK and Ireland) Ltd Show Site Services Ltd Ground Plates Anchorbloc Ltd

Freelance Production Skills Chaos Management (Associate) Redman Events

Ground Protection Signature Systems Europe

Fuel Supplier RGM Fuels Ltd Fuel Supplies RGM Fuels Ltd Funfairs Derek Hackett & Son Amusements



Health & Safety Co-ordination 20 – 20 Events Management Ltd Capita Symonds Ltd Chaos Management (Associate) Event Safety Planning Ltd Event Safety Shop Ltd (Associate) Grant Event Safety Management Kingdom Connections Limited.


Inflatables – Advertising A R Entertainments Baconinflate (UK) Ltd Sun Leisure Ltd The Rock City Stage Crew Ltd

Location Medical Services Ltd Mojo Barriers MRL Safety Limited Redman Events Road Safety Services Ltd RSS Events Specialized Organization Ltd Sygma Safety and Events Ltd Tiger Tea (Associate) Health & Safety Training Capita Symonds Ltd Chartered Institute of Sport and Recreation Management JR Event Services Ltd St John Ambulance Sygma Safety and Events Ltd Heating Carrier Rental Systems Thermobile UK Ltd

Insurance Brokers & Advisors ARC International Event insurance Specialist Event Assured Event Insurance Services Limited Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach Wrightsure Services Ltd Internet Marketing Barton Internet Marketing It's A Knockout 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Gable Events Jazz Bands 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Dings Entertainment Ltd J.H. Promotions Ltd.

Hire of Equipment A R Entertainments Anchorbloc Ltd Eventmen Ltd Events Solution Ltd LION Trackhire Ltd Mojo Barriers Power Electrics (Bristol) Ltd Radios4hire Speedy Asset Services SRD Group Ltd Star Power Generators Ltd Thorns Group

Land Trains Golf Buggy Hire (SHB Hire Ltd) J.H. Promotions Ltd. John Bradshaw Ltd Lanyards The Edge (Systems) Ltd

Historical Event Specialists Historical Promotions & Event Management Pike And Shot Events Limited The Sealed Knot Ltd Historical Re-enactments 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Historical Promotions & Event Management Pike And Shot Events Limited The Sealed Knot Ltd Historical Tours (inc. Battlefields) Pike And Shot Events Limited Indoor and Outdoor Venue Hire Olympic Park Legacy Company Royal Highland Centre

Lasers FTF Worldwide Event Management Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate) Legal Advice Burges Salmon Horsey Lightly Fynn Licensed Bars B-Line Festival Bars Ltd Eagle Hospitality Event Bars Event Wine Solutions Limited Licensing – Public Entertainment Burges Salmon Capita Symonds Ltd Chaos Management (Associate) Horsey Lightly Fynn Leeds Council Licensing Richmond Event Management Ltd Sygma Safety and Events Ltd



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Lighting 11th Hour Events Ltd AAC Power Solutions Ltd Ascot Structures BRM Productions Ltd Cloud One Group Ltd EES Showhire FMX Event Services Ltd HPES Technical Solutions Ltd. Icthus Group NSR Communications Ltd RKDO Sound & Light SRD Group Ltd Stage Lighting Services Ltd Temporary Power (Events) The Powerline (Entertainments) Ltd Thorns Group Lighting Towers Temporary Power (Events) The Powerline (Entertainments) Ltd Litter Pickers DC Site Services Ltd Topher Limited Live Site Production Chaos Management (Associate) Face Events Ronin Event Services Ltd


Local Authorities Aberdeen City Council Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Bolton Council Bournemouth Borough Council Bradford Metropolitan District Council Brighton & Hove City Council Cardiff Council Cheshire West and Chester Council City and County of Swansea City of Edinburgh Council City of Westminster Coleraine Borough Council Conwy County Borough Council Coventry City Council Derry City Council Dundee City Council Dunstable Town Council East Riding of Yorkshire Council Eastbourne Borough Council Falkirk Community Stadium Ltd Falkirk Community Trust Glasgow City Council Gwynedd Council Haverhill Town Council

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Ipswich Borough Council Kingston Upon Hull City Council Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Leeds Council Licensing Leicester City Council London Borough of Lambeth Northampton Borough Council Nottingham City Council Pendle Leisure Trust Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Tendring District Council Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Lookalike/Soundalike Entertainer 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Dings Entertainment Ltd J.H. Promotions Ltd. Market Operations Eventmen Ltd Marketing/PR Services Barton Internet Marketing Eventbrite UK Ltd Plan-It Poster Distribution Ltd RPM Ltd Rural Projects Ltd VisitBritain VisitLondon Marquees – Small Danco plc Event Revolution Eventmen Ltd Pinnacle Marquees (UK) Ltd POD Outdoor Displays Showforce Services Ltd Sun Leisure Ltd Marquees – Tents & Framed Tents Ascot Structures A9woolls Marquee Hire Danco plc Event Revolution Pinnacle Marquees (UK) Ltd Showforce Services Ltd Tents and Events (Scotland) Ltd The Amazing Tent Company The Highfield Event Group The Organisation Group Mobile Refrigerators Elliott Kitchens


Mobile Shower Rooms Loos R Us Portakabin Events Qdos Event Hire Ltd Wernick Event Hire Ltd Mobile Sports Arenas PopUpArena Limited Mobile Theatre/Exhibition Trailers FMX Event Services Ltd Motorsport Services Events Medical Services Ltd NSR Communications Ltd Plan-It Poster Distribution Ltd

Passenger Transportation Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental John Bradshaw Ltd Morris Leslie Plant Limited Passes Management Richmond Event Management Ltd

Music Festival Adralava Ltd Pendle Leisure Trust The Parks Trust

Payroll Accountants Specialized Organization Ltd

Musical Entertainment 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Network Marketing Barton Internet Marketing Outdoor Arena Artists & Entertainment 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Daubney Variety & Gala Agency Ltd Stunts UK Limited The Sealed Knot Ltd Outdoor Production/Services 2Can Productions Chaos Management (Associate) Cloud One Group Ltd EES Showhire Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate) Ignite Europe Ltd Kambe Events Ltd Redman Events Relevent Ltd RKDO Sound & Light Specialized Organization Ltd The Amazing Tent Company Outside Broadcast Maritime Media Services Ltd Nova International Limited

PA Equipment Cloud One Group Ltd EES Showhire FMX Event Services Ltd Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate) HG1 Communications NSR Communications Ltd Piccadilly Live SRD Group Ltd Towersound & Communication

Pedestrian & Vehicle -Walkways/Trackways Eve Trakway Event Production Solutions Ltd Signature Systems Europe TPA Portable Roadways Ltd Plan Drawing Road Safety Services Ltd RSS Events Plant Hire LION Trackhire Ltd Plumbing Services to Events MTD (UK and Ireland) Ltd Show Site Services Ltd Stourbridge Water Direct Ltd Tempsite Installations Limited Portable Kitchens Elliott Kitchens Portable Metal Detection Equipment Scanna MSC Ltd Portable Seating PopUpArena Limited



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Portable Water Tanks/Bowsers A1 Loo Hire MTD (UK and Ireland) Ltd Tempsite Installations Limited

MediaCo Limited Mobex Ltd Pure Solutions Ltd Redman Events Rural Projects Ltd SJP Studios WNY

Portable X-Ray Equipment Scanna MSC Ltd Power Distribution 11th Hour Events Ltd AAC Power Solutions Ltd Acorn Event Solutions Ltd BRM Productions Ltd Carrier Rental Systems Cloud One Group Ltd Commercial Testing Services Ltd HPES Technical Solutions Ltd. Icthus Group Power Electrics (Bristol) Ltd SRD Group Ltd Stage Lighting Services Ltd Star Power Generators Ltd Temporary Power (Events) The Powerline (Entertainments) Ltd Thorns Group Process Chillers Carrier Rental Systems Production Management Chaos Management (Associate) Face Events John Burgess JR Event Services Ltd Pure Solutions Ltd Ronin Event Services Ltd Showforce Services Ltd SJP Studios Specialized Organization Ltd Watch This Space (Event Hire and Production Services) Project Management 20 – 20 Events Management Ltd B-Line Festival Bars Ltd FMX Event Services Ltd Frames N Frills i2 Event Management Ltd Ignite Europe Ltd JR Event Services Ltd Kambe Events Ltd Mary Hillier – Freelance Events Manager



Promoters Alan Goldsmith Organisation Ltd City of Westminster DF Concerts Limited Dunstable Town Council Live Promotions Events Ltd (Honorary) Nova International Limited Showsec International Ltd Props Frames N Frills The Bazaar Group Public Authorities Derry City Council English Heritage Publishing/Printing Services Geerings Print Ltd Graham Walton Publishing MediaCo Limited Pyrotechnics Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate) Radio & CCTV Operators 2CL Communications Ltd Mobile CCTV Ltd National Radio Bank NSR Communications Ltd Refrigerator Hire Elliott Kitchens Rigging Admiral Structural Gallery Cloud One Group Ltd Risk Assessments Event Safety Shop Ltd (Associate) Mick Upton (Honorary Member) Mojo Barriers Pennine Events Ltd


Road Show Project Management FMX Event Services Ltd Mobex Ltd Road Signage AA Signs Cash & Traffic Management Green Light Traffic Management Ltd Oneway TM Limited Roadways – Temporary Carrier Rental Systems Eve Trakway Event Production Solutions Ltd LION Trackhire Ltd Signature Systems Europe TPA Portable Roadways Ltd Scaffolding and Tower Equipment Admiral Structural Gallery Beaver 84 Ltd Scaffolding Contractors Acorn Event Solutions Ltd Admiral Structural Gallery Seating Acorn Event Solutions Ltd Event Revolution GL Events Owen Brown PopUpArena Limited The Bazaar Group Wernick Event Hire Ltd Security Consultancy A P S Ltd Achilleus Ltd DKL training T/A SRM Security Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd Serenity Security Solutions Ltd Spa Security & Events Specialized Security Standeasy Security Ltd The Inkerman Group Security Dog-Handlers Akita Group Ltd Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd Fidelis Security Ltd Security Services A P S Ltd Achilleus Ltd Akita Group Ltd Alliance – Pioneer Group BHPSS Ltd BMS (British Military Security)

Business & Entertainment Security Ltd Cash & Traffic Management Coast 2 Coast Security Ltd Corvus Security DKL training T/A SRM Security Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd Fidelis Security Ltd G4S Events Green Event Security Ltd M J Events Support Ltd Mick Upton (Honorary Member) Mid-West Services (UK) Limited ProTouch (UK) Ltd S.B. Security Solutions Limited Scanna MSC Ltd SecuriGroup Ltd Security in Action Guards Ltd Select Management & Security Ltd Select Security & Stewarding Ltd Serenity Security Solutions Ltd Showforce Services Ltd Showsec International Ltd Specialized Security Standeasy Security Ltd The British Training Academy Ltd Topher Limited Triple A Event Security Vespasian Security Ltd Show Management Services 20 – 20 Events Management Ltd Jimmy Birchmore Events Show/Event Organisers 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Alan Goldsmith Organisation Ltd Andrew Cheeseman Productions Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd Bolton Council Coach Displays Ltd Coleraine Borough Council Daubney Variety & Gala Agency Ltd Derek Hackett & Son Amusements Derry City Council DF Concerts Limited Dings Entertainment Ltd Eastbourne Borough Council Effective Event Solutions Ltd Event Safety Planning Ltd Falkirk Community Stadium Ltd Farnborough International Ltd For All Events Gable Events Glasgow City Council Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd Great Western Entertainments Agency



NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Historical Promotions & Event Management Ipswich Borough Council J & S Brownhut Entertainment Promotion (Honorary) J.H. Promotions Ltd. Live Promotions Events Ltd (Honorary) National Memorial Arboretum P.M.H. Promotions Ltd Plan-It Poster Distribution Ltd She's Gott It! Events Sovereign Housing Association Ltd Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council The British Association For Shooting and Conservation The Heritage Motor Centre The Parks Trust Tod Cody, Showman (Honorary) Westonbirt Arboretum Wilde Ones International Events Ltd

Side Shows 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP

Signage AA Signs Cash & Traffic Management Green Light Traffic Management Ltd Imaginators Oneway TM Limited POD Outdoor Displays Sunbaba TPA Portable Roadways Ltd Site Screening & Scaffolding Nets Beaver 84 Ltd The Rock City Stage Crew Ltd

Site Services & Supplies Bearprint Events & Expedition Specialists BRM Productions Ltd HPES Technical Solutions Ltd. Pure Solutions Ltd RGM Fuels Ltd Richmond Event Management Ltd Tempsite Installations Limited The Rock City Stage Crew Ltd Sites and Locations for hire Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Morris Leslie Plant Limited Woodlands Bed and Breakfast Solicitors Horsey Lightly Fynn

Soul Jazz Funk Bands Dings Entertainment Ltd


Sound Equipment & Services Cloud One Group Ltd EES Showhire Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate)

NOEA YEARBOOK 2014 Gofer Ltd NSR Communications Ltd RKDO Sound & Light SoundbaseUK Ltd SRD Group Ltd The Organisation Group Speaker Scrim (printed) Imaginators Sunbaba

Special Effects Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate)

Special Events 1st Class Entertainment Agency LLP Aberdeen City Council Adventure Forest Ltd T/A Go Ape Alan Goldsmith Organisation Ltd Andrew Cheeseman Productions Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd City and County of Swansea City of Westminster Coach Displays Ltd Derek Hackett & Son Amusements Eastbourne Borough Council Fully Fused Fireworks (Associate) Gable Events Glasgow City Council Live Promotions Events Ltd (Honorary) Pike And Shot Events Limited Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea She's Gott It! Events The Heritage Motor Centre The Tourism Society TJ Hammond Transport Ltd Tod Cody, Showman (Honorary) Westonbirt Arboretum Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Specialist Pumping Carrier Rental Systems

Sports Development Chartered Institute of Sport and Recreation Management City of Edinburgh Council For All Events Nova International Limited Sports Surfaces PopUpArena Limited

Staff Crewtec Events Services Ltd Diamond Event Services Ltd. Oneway TM Limited OSS Ltd Salima Ltd Showforce Services Ltd


Teambuilding Adventure Forest Ltd T/A Go Ape Gable Events Weston Park Enterprises Ltd

Stages/Staging Services 11th Hour Events Ltd Acorn Event Solutions Ltd Cloud One Group Ltd Events Solution Ltd EventServ Ltd FMX Event Services Ltd RKDO Sound & Light Showforce Services Ltd SoundbaseUK Ltd Stage Lighting Services Ltd Wernick Event Hire Ltd

Temporary Ice Rinks Carrier Rental Systems Temporary Indoor Space Olympic Park Legacy Company

Stairways (Temporary) Beaver 84 Ltd Eve Trakway Stewarding Services A P S Ltd Akita Group Ltd BHPSS Ltd Business & Entertainment Security Ltd City and Suburban Parking Ltd DC Site Services Ltd Fidelis Security Ltd G4S Events Green Event Security Ltd Green Stewards Mid-West Services (UK) Limited ProTouch (UK) Ltd SecuriGroup Ltd Security in Action Guards Ltd Select Management & Security Ltd Select Security & Stewarding Ltd Specialized Security The British Training Academy Ltd Triple A Event Security Street Events/Carnivals/Parades Daubney Variety & Gala Agency Ltd Kambe Events Ltd Yellow Bus Events Ltd Students Daniel Pyett Dave Sammons Matthew Wyle Nicholas Stokes Scott Hope The Tourism Society Sustainability Consultants Kingdom Connections Limited. RGM Fuels Ltd

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