2013/2014 Annual Report

A Message from the President and Board Chair:


Dear Friends,

To provide safe, affordable housing and social services to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, enabling them to gain self-sufficiency and respect.

“Why” does Families in Transition (FIT) provide a home and hope to families and individuals in need in our community every year? “Why” does FIT strive to continuously expand the number of affordable and emergency units of housing in New Hampshire? The simple answer is that we received over 10,000 requests for assistance during 2013 and 2014. Many of these requests were from parents calling for themselves and their children because they had no safe place to sleep at night. We believe individuals, especially children, deserve a safe, warm place to go every night and that parents should not have to make a choice between food on the table, a heavy coat in the winter, or shelter for a night. We believe that children are our future and that no child should succumb to the nightmare of going to bed hungry, cold, and anxious about what the next day will bring. Throughout our “2013/2014 Annual Report,” you will read about our “Why” and about the solution that Families in Transition is providing to change the trajectory of these individuals’ paths, especially for the children. Some highlights you will read about in this report are: Because of the increase in number of requests for assistance, we have plans to build a larger, safer family emergency shelter in Manchester, New Hampshire. Because minimum wage has remained $7.25/hour, while the cost of housing has climbed 25%, buildings, such as the one we have on Hayward Street in Manchester, are meeting their needs. Because self-sufficiency is key to both our long term success of our participants and our agency, you will read about Families in Transition’s two OutFITters Thrift Stores, as well as FIT Cleaning Solutions. Because the need is so great, your continued support enables us to make the difference. We hope you enjoy the “2013/2014 Annual Report” and learning ”Why” we provide a home and hope each year for approximately 600 people, half of whom are children. With warm regards,

Maureen Beauregard President

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122 Market Street | Manchester, NH 03101 | 603-641-9441 fitnh.org




Dick Anagnost Chair, Board of Directors


Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


All Acts of Kindness Make a Huge Difference Our volunteers make an impact! In 2013 /2014, we received support from over 2,400 individual volunteers, who donated over 70,000 hours of their time. These hours equate to over $1.5 million saved for our organization – enough money to house an additional 85 families for two full years. We are powered by volunteers, and we couldn’t do everything we do without them! As part of our volunteer recognition program, every April, during National Volunteer Week, we recognize all of our volunteers and thank them for all they do for us, as well as select our “Volunteer of the Year.”

2014 Volunteer Awards: Volunteer of the Year: Aino Elliott Youth Volunteers of the Year: Sam and Andy Louis Business of the Year: Merchants Fleet Management School Group of the Year: Concord High SOCK Club

Socially FITs To provide a monthly meal and bring building residents together as a community, family dinners called “Socially FITs” are held at four of our buildings and are run and maintained by 20 volunteers. Because of you, in 2013/2014, we held 96 “Socially FITs.” A special thank you and farewell to Joe and Sheila Dewitt and the rest of their dinner group for over eight years of service to the families at our Family Mill building! With their support, we were able to serve over 2,400 meals to the children and families in our program. We wish you all the best!

In 2013, Families in Transition completed its participation in the High Impact Volunteer Engagement (HIVE) pilot program, created in 2012 by the NH Charitable Foundation and the NH Center for Nonprofits. Through the work of our staff and volunteer-led task force, we were able to implement the program to help increase hours contributed by volunteers at our OutFITters Thrift Stores – from 4,415 hours in 2012 to 12,600 hours in 2013! While this project has concluded, we continue to utilize what we learned to grow and expand our program. In 2014, volunteer hours at OutFITters increased by over 25%.

2013 Volunteer Awards: Volunteer of the Year: Dave Erno Youth Volunteer of the Year: Lucy Eills Business of the Year: Gigunda Group, Inc. School Group of the Year: McKelvie School Community Action Team

In 2014, FIT owned and operated 17 properties.

Scan here to learn more or to sign up for volunteer opportunities, or visit www.fitnh.org/volunteer. 2

Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


Self-Sufficiency Isn’t Just a Part of Our Mission

Providing Hunger Relief and a Safe Space

Federal, state and local grant budget changes impact our bottom-line and our work towards eradicating homelessness in New Hampshire. To make up for this loss of income, we own and operate two businesses to support and help bring in additional revenue to continue to provide important services and housing to those most in need in our community. With our own businesses, we are able to raise money for the programming that our participants need in order to become more self-sufficient. One hundred percent of the profits from our two thrift stores, OutFITters Thrift Store in Manchester and OutFITters Thrift Store Boutique in Concord, and one commercial cleaning company, FIT Cleaning Solutions, go back to support our mission.

OutFITters Thrift Stores’ revenue is essential to help defray the cost of housing and services that we provide to homeless families and individuals. The stores generate over $100,000 in sales revenue annually. When you shop or donate to OutFITters Thrift Stores you are helping to provide a home and hope to homeless families and individuals. In 2013/2014, we had 1,774 individual volunteers at OutFITters Thrift Stores. These volunteers, together, donated almost 30,000 hours to benefit our agency! According to the Independent Sector, one volunteer hour is worth $22.55, meaning the value of 30,000 volunteered hours is $664,951.33. This equates to housing and services in a FIT building for 74 families for a full year or 17 full-time staff for FIT/OutFITters/FIT Cleaning Solutions.

FIT Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning for a cause, we offer a commercial office cleaning service for large businesses in the greater Manchester and Concord areas. The goal of the business is to bring in additional revenue to our organization. One of the reasons clients choose FIT Cleaning Solutions is to help service their community—100% of all proceeds generated go directly back to Families in Transition’s housing and services.

In 2013/2014, 76 bins were distributed to local companies to collect items for OutFITters Thrift Stores.

Did you know that in Manchester, NH, 1 in 5 children is hungry? Homeless children go hungry at twice the rate of other children. For homeless families, basic necessities are a priority over food causing them to skip meals or go an entire day without eating. At Families in Transition, we believe that helping people who are homeless achieve independence requires more than a home, but also the supportive services necessary for long-term stability. In 2014, the City of Manchester gifted us a vacant lot in the “Hollows” neighborhood of Manchester, NH, for the development of our “Hollows Community Garden and Learning Center.” This project is designed to improve the self-sufficiency and health of Manchester’s most vulnerable citizens by providing immediate hunger relief, expanding food access, and delivering educational experiences. The facility will feature an on-site learning center delivering interactive workshops in the areas of nutrition, gardening, cooking, and budgeting to FIT participants. Additionally, the half-acre space will include community garden plots and raised bed planting areas. Food grown in the garden will be used to provide fresh, homecooked meals to the homeless families residing in our Family Place Resource Center and Shelter.

To stay up to date with happenings at the garden, scan here or visit: www.fitnh.org/garden. 4

The Hollows Community Garden

In November of 2014, Families in Transition partnered with the UNH Cooperative Extension and the NH Permaculture Community to host a multi-day garden design workshop. A talented team created a productive, beautiful, and sustainable garden site for those most vulnerable in our community.

In 2014: 1 in 4 homeless people in NH were children.

Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


Creating Housing to Meet the Need

The Support of a Community To raise awareness about homelessness, our work and additional funds for the organization, we host special event fundraisers. Over the last 10 years, funds raised have helped us furnish an entire new building, build a new facility, purchase a school bus for the children of The Family Place preschool and most importantly, provide over 800 months of housing for families who were once homeless, which equates to housing for 63 families for one year! Families in Transition’s 2013/2014 events included:

It is hard to imagine that someone can work 40 hours a week and be homeless, but when you are making $7.25 an hour that is a reality in New Hampshire. For example, Angelina, a single mom, works a full-time job making minimum wage. When she and her partner broke up, her gross income was approximately $1,200 a month; the average two bedroom apartment in the City of Manchester is $1,100 a month. As a newly single mother, Angelina was faced with a dilemma: she knew her income would not cover an apartment, food, clothing, and basic needs, such as, toothpaste, toilet paper, and other essential home items for her and her son. Even though she worked full-time, she became homeless. She awarded parental rights of her son to his grandparents to ensure he had a safe place to stay.

I AM ONE: In Manchester alone in 2013, over 800 school-aged children were homeless. On September 4, 2014, we presented the first, “I AM ONE: New Hampshire Day to End Childhood Homelessness/FIT For Stardom Music Competition” event at Veteran’s Park in Manchester. This one-of-a-kind event featured an action-packed evening of food, drinks, live music by special guest performer The Alternate Routes, and by three local bands who competed to win the coveted first-place prize (valued at over $5,000!). The winner of the FIT for Stardom Music Competition was Sam Robbins of New Hampshire! In addition, through a variety of interactive ways, guests learned about childhood homelessness. The event raised almost $400,000.


–Helen Keller

FIT for a Fiesta: After a 10-year run, we held our last cinco de mayo celebration in May 2013. The combined total raised over 10 years was nearly $1 million for our programs and services.

Chasing Away Homelessness: In October of 2013 and 2014, our annual Wicked FIT Run was held in Concord, NH. The “spooktacular” 5k run/walk provided families and individuals with a fun Saturday morning activity and raised nearly $30,000, which equates to the cost of providing housing to 26 families in Concord for one month!

Around the same time, we completed the construction of and opened our Hayward Street Housing Development in 2014. This building added an additional six units of affordable housing for those who are experiencing homelessness. For Angelina, moving into Hayward meant that her son would be able to live with her again, and they could be a family. By moving into the Hayward Street apartment, she could afford her rent, food, clothing, and other essential home items so she could care for herself and her son again.

In 2014, our Hayward Street Housing Development provided a home to 19 individuals, over half of whom were children.

“I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but I can still do something.”

Dodging Homelessness: In 2014, in partnership with the New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness, we held the first Dodging Homelessness High School Dodgeball Tournament. This statewide event helped to raise $2,000 to support the activities and programs of both organizations while educating high school students about homelessness in their community. Families in Transition was also the beneficiary of events held by community members. One notable event was the Enchanting Beauty Women’s Expo. The event was created and spearheaded by Southern New Hampshire University’s ambitious College Unbound Program Seniors: Alexander Anagnost, Ryan Terrell, Solange Abreu, Galen Riordan, and Ebony Byas. The event raised over $50,000 for our preschool program.

In 2013/2014, events held by the community raised over $75,000 for our programs and services. In 2014, FIT had 214 units of housing.

In 2013/2014, we raised over $500,000 through events, which enabled us to provide a home to 166 families, or nearly 500 individuals, for one month.

Scan here to view our current events or visit www.fitnh.org/events. Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


Providing a Safe Shelter for Children

Family Place Resource Center & Shelter

Opening the Door for Families with No Place to Go The reality for many homeless families in Manchester is that in an emergency, many have nowhere safe to bring their children, and they often find themselves living in their cars or staying warm in the police station waiting room. We’re building the solution to this problem, The Family Place Resource Center and Shelter, which will be the first family- focused designed shelter in the City of Manchester and will provide a safe place for children and their parents to stay in an emergency. In addition to providing emergency shelter, this project will be a comprehensive resource center, providing families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless with a number of vital services for their success, such as on-site healthcare, employment assistance and preemployment skill building, guaranteed nutritious meals, and our therapeutic preschool specifically designed for homeless children. Many of these services will be possible because of collaborations with other community service providers.

Since acquiring Manchester’s only Emergency Family Shelter in 2012, 743 families with an astounding 1,258 children have been referred to the emergency shelter, which only has seven bedrooms. Once construction is finalized, our Family Place Resource Center and Shelter is anticipated to provide a home to 80 parents and 120 children each year.

Be part of the solution: Fundraising for the Family Place Resource Center and Shelter is in its final phase. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we have already raised just over $2 million of our $2.3 million construction budget in order to begin construction on the project in June of 2015.


1 in 4 homeless people in our community are children. Collaboration in Action:

Children experiencing homelessness are four times more likely to show delayed development and twice as likely to have learning disabilities as nonhomeless children. The solution, The Family Place Resource Center and Shelter, is the new home to our therapeutic preschool, the Family Place. Thanks to a partnership with Southern New Hampshire Services and their Head Start Program, FIT families have access to Head Start’s comprehensive child development program. This program is designed to foster the healthy development of preschool children and their families. We provide therapeutic services with a child therapist in the classroom, space for the program, and transportation of the children to and from school. This partnership ensures quality preschool education and therapeutic access to promote school readiness for homeless children.

To check out the latest on this project scan here, or visit our website at www.fitnh.org/familyplace. Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


Donor List: Thank you for helping us be the solution to those in need! The donor list is inclusive of those who gave a monetary donation (not inclusive of event tickets and auction sales) from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2014.* Donors who are italicized donated in both 2013 and 2014. $20,000+ Anagnost Investments, Inc. Anonymous Donor AutoFair Automotive Group Bank of New Hampshire Brady Sullivan Properties Centrix Bank Citizens Bank Foundation Cityside Management Corp. Cogswell Benevolent Trust Cross Insurance DEKA Research & Development Corporation East Coast Electronic Material Supply Great Bridge Properties Human Resource Concepts Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc. Lois G. Roy Dickerman Foundation of the NH Charitable Foundation Merchants Automotive Group MTS Services New Hampshire Charitable Foundation New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority Oliver J. and Dorothy Penniman Hubbard New Futures Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation People’s United Bank The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation The McIninch Foundation Walmart Foundation $19,999-$10,000 Bank of America Kevin Casey Comcast Eric Demaree Digital Prospectors Corporation Great NH Restaurants, Inc. iHeart Media New Hampshire INSP, LLC TD Charitable Foundation Trivantus, Inc. WhippleHill, Inc. $9,999-$5,000 Anonymous Donor Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Lester & Doris Cushman Family Fund Theresa and Christopher Dolloff Granite United Way Henry E. Niles Foundation Horne Family Foundation Sedra Michaelson and Ronald Deeter NH Healthy Families Paradigm Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, Inc. The Pilot Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation Prestige Auto Body, Inc. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics The Finley Foundation

Well Sense Health Plan $4,999-$1,000 A. W. Rose Construction, LLC Accurate Air The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Al Terry Plumbing & Heating, Inc. William and Lisa Allard Allegro Trevor and Kelly Arp Arthur Getz Charitable Foundation Associated Grocers of New England, Inc. of the NH Charitable Foundation Auto Auction of New England BAE Systems Matching Gifts Program - Employee Donations Kathleen S. Beach Maureen and Donna Beauregard Bedford High School Bedford Lending Corporation Belden, Inc. Judy Bergeron Deb and Richard Brann Howard Brodsky Walter Buckley Frank Buhl Frank Buhl Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation Joan Camann Joan Camann Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation Roger Carrier Patricia Cayer CGI Employee Benefits Group Cocheco Quilters Guild Concord Female Charitable Society Concord Mom Prom Craig, Deachman & Amann, PLLC Harry Crews D.L. Carlson Investment Group Dartmouth-Hitchcock Rick Synder and Jo Ann Davidson Davis & Towle Insurance Group DEKK Group, LLC Demand Electric, Inc. Christina and David Donohue Dorothy and David Goodwin Family Fund Patricia and Bruce Donohue Pauline Elkin Ella F. Anderson Trust, BNY Mellon, N.A., Trustee Elliot Hospital Scott Ellison Emerson Ecologics Evolve Salon Systems Ginger Fraser Charles Furciniti Gameshow Network Michael Gatsas Gemini Electric Thomas Gioia Grappone Auto Group Greater Manchester/Nashua Board of Realtors GTI Spindle Technology, Inc.

Lynne Haney Linnea Hargraves Harley Davidson of Manchester Harvey Construction Corporation Pat Howard and Don Logan Howe, Riley + Howe, PLLC Alison Hutcheson Kathleen S. Hutchins Infinite Health Family Chiropractic Tracy Johnson and Jill Belilah Timothy Jones Keller Williams Charity Kluber Lubrication North America Elizabeth Lang Senator Sylvia Larsen and Robert Larsen Leopold Friedman and Ruth Friedman Foundation Diane Manson Martignetti Companies Mary Louise Billings Trust McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, P.A. Merchants Fleet Management Merrimack County Savings Bank Metzger/McGuire, Co. Matthew Miceli Marlene Minemier Moore Center Services Charles Moran MorganStanley SmithBarney Rev. Gayle and Bob Murphy N E Freightways New Hampshire Federal Credit Union Northern New England Housing Investment Fund Northway Bank Karyn and Dan O’Neil Outdoor Channel Parker Nelson Foundation, RBS Citizens N.A., Trustee Phenix Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Joan and Alan Reische Edward Rice Wil Rosser Dennis and Maureen Ryan Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation Steven Schubert Shaw’s and Star Market Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green, PA South Congregational Church Sovereign Bank Foundation Spectrum Monthly, Inc. St. Elizabeth Seton Parish St. Patrick’s Parish Charla Stevens

Jim and Billie Talbott Charitable Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation Target Corporation TD Bank, N.A. The David and Lucile Packard Foundation The Seifert Family Foundation Mark Thompson Ginny and Dan Toland Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord United Way of Rhode Island Unitil Alex Vailas Nicholas Vailas Winer and Bennett, LLP Mary Wiseman $999-$500 AARP Amherst Junior Women’s Club Amoskeag Rugby Football Club Abbie Andrew Anonymous Donor Joshua Arend Deborah Beaulieu Gil Becker Jennifer Bianco Bike & Build, Inc., PA Betsy Black and Catherine Menard Jacquelyn Blanchette Bryan Bouchard Caroline Boyd and Doug Tricarico Camden National Bank Peter Chaloner Charles Schwab Foundation Concord Food Co-op Concord High School/Student Funds Joyce Daniels Thomas Demontigny Denron Plumbing & HVAC, LLC Dr. Sheila Dewitt and Joe Dewitt Duane Downey E & S Insurance Services Juliana Eades David and Susan Feltus Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation Dr. Patricia Fennelly Scott Fitzgerald Goffstown High School National Honor Society Goffstown High School Katie Granigan Andy and Janice Greenawalt Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Heel & Toe Square Dance Club Heritage Harley-Davidson Heritage Plumbing & Heating, Inc. J. Michael and Marilyn Hickey James Hoben Hutter Construction Corporation Interstate Child Support Angela Irons Gloria Jolley Dr. Mark Joyce JP Morgan Chase Foundation Junior Service League of Concord Mark Kang Sarah Kelsea Carol Kosnitsky Paul and Lauren Leyden Howard Levy Manchester West High School Bruce and Susan Manchester Merchants Roundtable Milford Lumber Mount Washington College Daniel and Lisa Muskat New York Life Insurance Co. NH Accounting Firm, LLC NH State Association of Emblem Clubs Northeast Delta Dental Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. Otis/Atwell Cynthia Richards Rocking Horse Studio Rotary Club of Londonderry Adrea Seligsohn Servpro of Concord Michelle Shauger Scott Silberfeld and Abby Easterly Southern New Hampshire University St. Mary’s Bank James Stikeman Strange Brew Tavern The NHHEAF Network Organizations Thomas Tomai Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester Upton & Hatfield, LLC US Airways - Destination Do Crew Ted Ware Scott and Danielle Wheeler Grace Zartarian

BerryDunn Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation, Inc. Bow Elementary School Brochu & Associates Brookside Congregational Church Business NH Magazine Broderick Lang and Colleen Byrne Lang Dan Campagna Kevin Campbell Canterbury United Community Church Alan Cantor Charles Carrier Central Paper Products Company, Inc. Chris Chrisafides Pat and Alan Cobb Cornelia Cockrell Concord Bingo Melissa Crews Rev. Gordon Crouch Jeanne Cusson Rabbi Beth Davidson Brian Davitt Dec-Tam Corporation Demers & Blaisdell Derryfield School Estelle Drapeau Donald Edy and Mary AmRhein First Congregational Church of Hopkinton Amanda Flitter James Fuller Charles Gerhan Jr. David Goldman and Michelle Chicoine Granite State Poker Alliance Operating Account Donna Guldenstern Jennifer Gupta Keith and Dorna Hamer Christine Hamm Robin Hefflefinger Aimee Hodge Eugene Holley Pierce Hunter Ignite Bar & Grille John and Rev. Carlos JauholaStraight Kelly Johnson $499-$250 Jerome Kapelus Allied Insurance Agency, Inc. Colleen Karpinsky-Cone American Tower Corporation Dr. Kate Krause America’s Charity Thomas and Cathy Kuhn Atty. Ruth Ansell and Erik Tolf Leah Lee Arcomm Communications Lego Corporation Irene Lover Cynthia Conant-Arp and Robert Arp Manchester Bingo Center Diane Aubrey Manchester Monarchs Booster Club Autodesk, Inc. Manchester Police Department BAE Systems Employee Community Patrolman’s Assoc. Fund, Inc. Christine and Carl Marcucci Banks Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Loren Martin Bartley Financial Advisors Frank Mazzuchelli Bedford Presbyterian Church Meredith Village Savings Bank

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 329.


Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Dale Nadeau and Wendy Winslow William Nesheim Clorinda Noonan Nancy Norris Gordon O’Brien Lori Olsen Clifford Otto Lisa Palker Rath, Young and Pignatelli, PC Kelli and Jeff Riggs River Road Pediatrics, PLLC Sandra Rosen Dr. Ann Rosoff Judith Salter Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. Sandown Central School Scott and Stephanie Savard Andrea Sbona Braddock Schofield Steven Silberberg Dee Silfies SleekSleeves, LLC Robert Spiegelman and Truda Bloom Eleanor and Anthony Spinazzola Robert Sturtevant Jr. Temple Israel TIAA-CREF Alane Timmerman John Tobin and Karen Ryan Heather Verney X-Ray Professional Association $249-$100 Rodi Adema Aetna Foundation Lorie Ahlgren Dawn Allain Matthew Allain Alex Anagnost Stavros Anagnost Hannah Anderson Fred Andruchuk Anixter Olivia Annunziata Blaisdell Anonymous Donor Autodesk Foundation Employee Engagement Fund Shawn Ayotte Joann Bailey Daniel Baillargeon Kendra and Nate Baxter Jennifer Lyn Beaudoin Kim Benes David Berger Alan and Lisa Berger Karen Berube Lisa M. Bono Sharon Bonte Melinda Boucher Larry and Carol Bournival Louise and Norman Brassard Nancy and Arthur Brennan Joan Brodsky Emily Brown Barbara and Art Bruinooge Herb Burnham Kathleen Callahan Camp Rye’n Water Robert Cann Capitol Craftsman & Romance Jewelers

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*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 329.

Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


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Peggy Ghiloni Lucille Giannone Mary Gile ED.D. Constance Gingras Richard Goppelt Joan and Richard Gosselin Deborah Granfield Kate and Dennis Granigan Nancy Grant Allison Grappone Green Acres School Sunshine Fund Elinor Green Donald Greenwood Nancy Greiss Dennis Grimes Anne Grossi Gruber Foundation Margaret Gunzelman Hallsville Elementary School Kevin Hansen Theresa Hansen Susan Harcourt Jane and Stephen Hardy Mary Hartman Walter and Carol Hauser Bona Hayes Floyd Hayes III Kristen Haystead Ken Heath Gerry Hecht Chris Heden Ramon Hernandez Jeanne Herrick Jason Hicks Ruth Hiensch Heather Hochuli Gennifer Hoegen Debbie Holman Joan Hopf Gloria Imperante Hope and Floyd Inman Heather Jackson Bill Jacob Roberta Jameson Kristin Jamieson Christy Jenkerson Annette Johnson Linda Johnson My Johnson Wayne Johnson Carrie Jordan Anne Joyce Margaret Joyce Gillian Jukes Michael Kafantis Michelle Kane David Keller Clara Kelly Gary Kenefick Kristine Kenerson Albert Kennedy Meaghan Kennedy Kerry Kenny Diane Ketchum

Ruth Kevghas Wayne Kibbe Mary Kilrain Lacie Kingsbury Madeline Kinnear-Hebuis Sandra Kinney Jennifer Kinville Michael Klass Earl Kneeland Anna Kofer Judith Kotanchik Rebecca Krashan Meredith Kropp Jessica Labbe Steve Labbe Heather Labenski Gloria and Richard LaFond Gerard Lagasse Sarah LaLiberte Lambert Funeral Home, Inc. Lisa Lamphere Pauline Lamy Margaret Lappas Virginia and David Larkin Angela Laroche Jennifer Larson Kellianne LaValley Tracy Lavalliere Jane Law Janett Law Wilfred LeBlanc Fayne and Rene Leclerc Pamela Lefebvre Nancy Legere Judith Lemire Carrie Lennon Kerry Lentz Kerri Leo Sister Mary-Elizabeth Leonard Linda Leone Susan Leone Cara Leuchtenberger Madeline Leung Dan Levesque Lee Ann Lewis Tom Lewis Liberty Mutual Insurance Marie Linebaugh Christopher Lizzi LLS Neighborhood Volunteer Mike Lopez Crystal Lotz Pete Lyons Patricia MacArthur Eric MacDonald Ignatius and Eleanor MacLellan Maura Maguire Samantha Mahoney Derek Mailhot Emanuel Malatras Benjamin Marchand Brett and Francine Markham Lori Marsh William Marvin

Abigail Mathewson Mark Mathison Michael McCluskey Julie McConnell Brian McCoy Donna McDonald Lorraine McDonough Walter McGuire Danielle McKenney Judy McKenzie Laura Menard Shildi Menrotra Jocelyn Messier Sandra Methven Lisa Metzger Scott Metzger Dr. Norman Michaud Shirley Micucci Aaron Miknaitis Barbara Miller Frank Miller Kandice Miller Stuart Mills Leslie Mintz Mike Mobley Julie Mons Philip Monty Thomas Mooney John Morahan Margaret-Ann Moran Thomas Moriarty Susanne Morse Alice Mullen Matthew Murray Karen Myers Kelly Myers Beatrice Neagle James Nealon Fred Neff Joseph Nelson Jr. Melanie Nesheim Kathryn Nichol Nottingham Teachers Assn. Tracy Oatis Barbara OBrien Lane Sharon Oikelmus Roxanne Olsen Susan O’Neill Andy Ortiz Jane Page Lisa Paladino Peter Panagos Ed Paquette Anne-Marie Parker Patty Payne Melissa Pelletier Joseph and Anne-Marie Pepe Laura Perrin Sara Persechino Peter Petrella Fran Philippe Elizabeth Picard Peter Plaehn Lucy Podziewski Coreen Poirier Tammy Poirier Mary-Jeanne Pouliot Preforms Plus. Inc, Jeanene Procopis Claire Prudhomme Mary Lou and Doug Puls Ellen Quinn Carol Radic

Jennifer Raimer Michael Ramshaw Katrina Randlett Chris Ranfos Judith and John Ransmeier Charles Reese Jennifer Reynolds-Donahue Kristen Riley Chris Rinko Jack Rivera Connie Roberge Judy Roberge Melissa Robertson Sarah Robinson Ellen Roposa Lori Roukey Joanna Rowe Debra Rowland Paula Rowley Diane Roy Gail Royal Lee Rush Adele Ruszak Allyson Ryder Carol Sanborn Kathie Sanders Peter Sands Santander Bank John Santilli Bonnie Scammell Veronica Schlender Brittany Schwarzer Seabrook Employees Fund Craig Seavey Cynthia and Nathan Seavey Glen Secor Stephen Serson Kathleen Shea Sue Sheridan Richard Sigel Roberta Silberberg Steven Silver Carroll Simpson and Keith Simpson Laura Simpson Karen Sippel Steve Sirois Denise Sirola Clint Sloper Jennie Smith Jennifer Smith Kayellen Smith Sean Smith Margaret Snow Janine Soffron Darlene Somerville Jason Soucy Larry and Nancy Spenard Janet St. Jean St. Joseph’s Cathedral Dianne St. Laurent Harry and Sarah Stanhope Sharon Steadman Beth Stevens Corey Stevens Anita Stokes Danielle Stone Janet Strickland Dan Sullivan Stephanie Supple Daniel Swacha Karen Swanson Michelle Swenson Allen Swiesz

Jennifer Tabangcura and Ariel Tabangcura Beth Talbott Anisa Talwani Hope Talwani Carol Tarbox Tiffany Tarlowski Dana Tennison The Van Duyne Family Rev Trust Karen Thomas Wendy Thomas Stephen Thompson Debra Davis Thum Sara Timmins Whitney Topliffe Total Image Personal Fitness Trinity High School Truist Kim Turgeon Debra Tuttle Jennifer Twombly Kyle Unger Angela Vaillancourt Mark Vallone Leslie van Berkum Donald Van Duyne Deborah Van Zandt Susan Vanderbeken Jarad Vartanian and Lia Zaido Roland Vigneault Grace Villiard Michael Vlahos Darcie Vlangas Allen and Lani Voivod Dr. Dennis Wachs Jan Wallace John Wallace Richard and Priscilla Walsh Lori and Mark Wamser Julie Warner Olivia Warren Tara Watt Katie and Drew Weagle John Weber Barbara Weeks Joan Weinstein Crystal Welch Dorothy and Michael Welsh William Weschrob Katherine Wheeler Laura and Jeff Wheeler John Whelan John White Maureen Whitfield Tara Whiting Josh Wile Dr. Stephanie Willer Margaret Williams P. L. Williamson Cynthia Wilson Kelly Wilson Mark Wilson Debbie Winters Dennis Witherbee Vickie Wolper Word of His Grace Ministries World Affairs Council of New Hampshire Annie Wu Theodore Yegerman

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 329.


In-Kind Donor List: The in-kind donor listing is inclusive of service or product donations between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014 (not inclusive of OutFITters Thrift Store Donations).* Names italicized represent individuals or organizations that donated in both 2013 and 2014. 4 Imprint USA 900 Degrees 92.5 The River WXRV A Newfound Bed and Breakfast Abington Group Accents with Style A-Ha! NH Social Media Summit Alane Timmerman Alapage All Elements Healing Revolution Alli Beaudry Music Amala Wellness Amanda Dunn Amanda Faxon Amazing Flower Farm Amherst Country Club Amherst Electrology Amigos Mexican Cantina Amy Beck Amy Marie Photography Amy Rousseau Amy Wales Andrew Zuorski Anagnost Investments, Inc Angela Shaw Animal Vibe Anixter Ann Marie Finn Anne DuBois Annette Kurman Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Arleen Levenson Art 3 Gallery Arthur Murray Dance Studios Ash Street Inn Ashley Baron Associated Grocers of New England, Inc. At Om Yoga Ate Doors Down Attitash Grand Summit Hotel Aurvara Salon Autodesk, Inc. Avery Family Back to Our Roots Salon Bain Pest Control Bamboo Natural Beauty Salon and Boutique, LLC Barbara Kennedy Barka Elementary School Baron’s Major Brands Appliances Bauer Hockey BBDZIGN.com Bead It Beadorable Designs Beauty By Design Beauty Within Skincare Becky’s Frame Studio Bedford Friendship Quilt Guild Bedford High School Bedford Mom’s Club Bedford Village Inn Bedford Women’s Club Belinda Brides Bellman Jewelers

Ben and Jerry’s Benefit Strategies, Inc. Berkshire Hathaway Verani Realty Bernadette Douzanis Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture BerryDunn Beth Pollari Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate/The Masiello Group Betty Hanks Bev Garem Bikram Yoga Manchester Bill Dudley Binnie Media Blake’s Creamery Blanchet Canadian Rocker Blue Dolphin Screenprint and Embroidery Blue Seal Feeds BMC Health Net Plan & Well Sense Health Plan Bobbi Jean Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation, Inc. Boston Bruins Boston Celtics Boston Red Sox Bow Elementary School Breanna Eccleston Brianna Ehler Bright Horizons at Harmony Brittany Paradie Brookside Congregational Church Bud Thorpe Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services Burndy LLC Business NH Magazine

Cactus Jack’s / T.Bones Candia Woods Golf Links Canobie Lake Park Capital Cuts Capitol Center for the Arts Capitol Region Board of Realtors Carissa Foster Carlee Smith Carol McCann Carole Durgerian Carolyn Guerette Carter Hill Orchard Cassandra Turschman

Catholic Medical Center Center For Integrative Medicine Central Paper Products Company, Inc. Centrix Bank & Trust Century 21, Epsom Century 21 Circa 72, Inc. CertaPro Painters of Southern NH Charles Brown Charles Morgan Chelsea Biggs Children’s Museum of New Hampshire Chop Shop 166 Chris Bennett Christ the King Parish Christa Grant Christina Bonfiglio Christine Geddes Christopher Ozminkowski Christopher Roos Chunky’s Cinema Pub Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Derry Cindy Kibbe Cinemagic Citizens Bank City Cafe City of Manchester Office of the Mayor Cityside Management Corp. Claudine Lund Coca-Cola of Northern New England Cole Gardens College for America Combined Services, LLC. Comcast Community Bingo Center Community Church of New Boston Youth Program Company C Concord Board of Realtors Concord Christian Academy Concord Community Music School Concord Food Co-op Concord Hospital Concord Litho Construction Planning and Management, Inc. Conway Scenic Railroad Coppertoppe Inn and Retreat Center

Corey Merchant Cori Collins Courtney Herz Cowabunga’s Cranmore Mountain Resort Creative Crafts Group Cross Insurance Crust and Crumb CSC Consulting, Inc. Cubicle Solutions Cupcakes 101 Currier Museum of Art D & L Auto, Inc. Dan and Karyn O’Neil Dancing Lion Chocolate Darlene Robyn Dartmouth-Hitchcock DataED Dave Van Ham David Donohue David McDonald Davis & Towle Insurance Group Debra Ebersole Demand Electric, Inc. Demers Garden Center Dennis Cornetta Derry Imaging Center Derryfield Bowlers Derryfield School Diane Desjardins Dick Phaneuf Digital Prospectors Corporation Donabedian Bros. Donna Grzywacz Donna Parker Doris Rice DoSomething.org Dover Recreation Department DSI Marketing Communications Dunkin Donuts Dustin Finch Dynamic Network Services, Inc. E & R Laundry & Dry Cleaners, Inc. East Coast Chiropractic East Derry Memorial Elementary Eastern Mountain Sports ECCO USA, Inc. Ed Gillooly Edible Arrangements Eileen O’Marron Eleanor West Elite Fitness Elite Personal Training Elizabeth Evans

Emerson Ecologics Enchanted Lace Endicott Furniture Enviro-Tote Epiphanies, Inc. Epping Elementary School Erin Casey Erin Girzone Ernest P. Barka Elementary School Evolve Salon Systems EXIT 1st Realty Fairpoint Communications Farm Credit East Fidelity Investments Firefly American Bistro and Bar FIRST Flag Hill Winery and Distillery Fleet Feet Fratello’s Italian Grille Freihofer’s/Bimbo Bakeries USA Friends Emergency Housing Program Funspot G & P Pizzeria Gameshow Network Garrison Women’s Health Center Get Real Foundation Gigunda Group Gimas Electrical Corp Girl Scout Troop #12173 Girl Scout Troop #21982 Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

Hanover Street Chophouse Harley Davidson of Manchester Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvest Market Hatfield Gallery Heather Fitzpatrick Hermanos Cocina Mexicana Herrington Catalog Hillary Louis Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Hilton Garden Inn Hilton Garden Inn - Colwen Hotels Holly Costello Holy Angels Preschool & Kindergarten Home Box Office Home Depot, Londonderry Human Resource Concepts Ignite Bar & Grille iHeart Media New Hampshire Immanuel Lutheran Church Innovations; The Salon & Spa Intelligent Network Sales Irene O’Brien Isabelle Dolcino Isles of Shoals Steamship Company J. Miller & Associates Jacob Edmunds Jacques Flower Shop Jake Edmondson The Olsen Family

Girl Scouts Troop #10485 Girl Scouts Troup #10633 Gloria Barton Golf and Ski Warehouse Gondwana & Divine Clothing Co. Good Vibes of Portsmouth, NH Goodwill Industries of Northern New England Gourmet Cupcake Creations by Susie Graceful Image Farm Granite State Credit Union Granite State Roller Derby Graybar Electric Great Exchange Church Great NH Restaurants, Inc. GTI Spindle Technology, Inc. Gunstock Mountain Resort H20 Salon/Spa Hampshire Green Apartments Hannaford Supermarket

Jared Galleria of Jewelry Jasmine LeBlanc Jeffrey Sampson Jen Larkin Jennifer Laroche Jessica Colburn Jewelry TV Jo Ann McCalister Joanne Perry Joe King’s Shoe Shop John Durgerian Jonathan’s Ogunquit Joyce Fraitzl Julie Russell Julien’s Corner Kitchen Just Naturals & Co. Karen Gagnon Kari Hickey Karyn Demers Katey Myers Kathleen Callahan

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 324.

Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


Kathryn Kiernan Marble Kathryne Stearns Kayla Dumont Kelley McNelly Kellianne LaValley Ken Desjardins Kerry Landry Kevin Gage Kim Gilroy Kim Kelsey Kim Monaco Kimberly Lemear Kimberly Peace KinderCare Learning Center Kirstin Kochanek Kluber Lubrication North America Kriss Cosmetics Kugeler Family La Belle Vie LaBelle Winery Latimer Studios Laura Moll Laurie Finnell Lauryn Elmstrom LeeAnn Woody Leslie Van Berkum Levi’s Outlet Store Liberty Mutual Insurance Life Safety Fire Protection Inc. Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc. Linda Russell Lindt Chocolate Lisa Femia-Hou Lisa Mirante Lisa Phelan Lisa Thorne Little River Oriental Rugs Longhorn Steakhouse - Manchester Loon Mountain Resort Loralyn Lewis Lori Giglio LRB Restaurant, LLC Lucille Marston Lucinda Newton Lucky’s Barbershop and Shave Parlor Lunar Massage Therapy and Bodywork Lynne Vogt Maggee Jespersen Manchester Area Human Resources Association (MAHRA) Manchester Community Music School Manchester Country Club Manchester Fire Department Manchester Firefighters Local 858 Manchester Health Department Manchester Monarchs

Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Association Manchester School District Manchester School of Technology Marble Law Firm, PLLC Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Maria Murphy Marie Seroski Market Basket Executive Offices Marsha Carr Martignetti Companies Mary Bacon Mary Jo Houghton Massage Envy Maureen Ryan Maurice’s McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center McKelvie Middle School McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, P.A. MCPHS Mehgan Boudreau Mel’s Funway Park, LLC. Members First Credit Union Merchants Automotive Group Merchants Fleet Management Meredith Ryan Merrimack County Savings Bank Merrimack Premium Outlets Metzger/McGuire Co. MFI Productions/Music Factory MGN Associates MHS FIRST Team 166 Mia Carlson Michael Bevilacqua Michael DeBlasi Michael Thomas Salon Michelle Locke Michelle Marshall Michelle McKinnan Michelle Morin Milly’s Tavern Miriam and Lewis Silverman Mishel Mercier MLB Network Molloy Sound & Video Monadnock Regional School District Monica Rogers Mount Washington College Mountain View Middle School Moving Spirit Yoga and Dance Studio Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum MTS Services Muse Paintbar MVP Healthcare My Gym Bedford, NH

Nadeau’s Subs Salads & Wraps Nancy Lacerte Nancy Movitiz National Charity League – Bedford Chapter New Beginnings Nail Salon New England Sports Network New Hampshire Audubon New Hampshire Dept. of Employment Security - Concord New Hampshire Hand Therapy New Hampshire Healthy Families New Hampshire Motor Speedway New Hampton School NH Business Magazine NH Employment Security NH Federal Credit Union NH Fisher Cats NH Lottery Commission NH Print & Mail Services NH Seacoast Project Linus NH State Association of Emblem Clubs Nichole Eggerling Nicole Dunbar Nicole Faxon Northeast Delta Dental Not So Plain Jane’s Salon & Spa Office of the Governor Offshore Angler Charters Olivia Poff Orr & Reno, P.A. Palace Theatre Pamela Gaffney Pamela Gibb Panera Bread Papa Gino’s Paradigm Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, Inc. Parker-Varney School Manchester Parkside Middle School Manchester Pat Sturtevant PATS PEAK Ski Area Patty Dresner Paula Perry Pauline Longval Paul’s Executive Car Pembroke Academy Key Club Pembroke Academy National Honor Society Penny Coates Perfecta Wine Company Peter Woodbury School Phillip Mark Salon Pinkerton Academy National Honor Society Pizza 911 PJ’s Flowers and Antiques Platypus Tours Limited Pompanoosuc Mills Prestige Auto Body, Inc. Primerica Progressive Public Service of New Hampshire Puffin Interiors R. D. Ground Services Rachael Spinney Radisson Hotel - Manchester RAM Printing Rebecca Betts Reliable Hood & Duct Cleaning, LLC

REMAX Connection RePUBlic Cafe Riddle Brook Elementary School Robert R Keller Associates Robin Gage Robin Kinney Robyn Lafond Rocking Horse Studio Rothwangl Dental Care PLLC Roxanne Olsen Runner’s Alley Saco Bound, Inc. Saco Canoe Rental Company Sacred Heart Church Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Salon Eleganza Samantha Tiscia Sam’s Club Sarah Jordan Sarah Normand Sarah Tracy Sarah Vlachos Saymore Trophy Company Scullin Carpentry Seacoast Career Schools Seacoast Repertory Theatre Seacoast Science Center Sean Duffy Secure Care Products, Inc. SEE Science Center SERESC Conference Center Shaker Road School Environmental Club Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green, PA Sheila Gaspar Sheryl Blevins Skydive New England Small Smiles Smoke ‘N Styles South Congregational Church Southern New Hampshire University Southwest Airlines Sowa Entertainment Spare Time Manchester Spectrum Marketing Companies St. Anselm’s College St. Catherine Parish St. Elizabeth Seton Parish St. Joseph Hospital St. Joseph’s Cathedral St. Mary’s Bank St. Patrick’s Parish St. Patrick’s Youth Ministry St. Paul’s Episcopal Church St. Thomas Episcopal Church

The Puritan Backroom Restaurant The River Card Room The Rouge Grille The Shaskeen Pub The Sports Authority The Studio Within, LLC The Thumb Buddies The Timberland Company The Works Cafe/Bagel Cafe Theresa Dolloff Tiffany Eddy Tim Soucy Tomahawks Girls Elite 2017 Lacrosse Tommi Hall Stacy Hayes Trevor Arp Staples, Manchester Trinity High School Steve Labbe Tri-Town Ice Arena Hooksett Stonyfield Trivantus Stonyfield Farm True Brew Barista Stop & Shop - Milford Tupelo Music Hall Stop & Shop #0211 Turner Properties, Inc. Stop & Shop Supermarket, Tym Rourke Exeter UBS Financial Services, Inc. Story Land U-Haul Striker’s East Bowling Center United Healthcare Studio Photographic Arts United Parcel Service Sue Lavigne United Shoe Repair Sue Strasen United Way of Greater Seacoast Sullivan Framing University of New Hampshire Susan Lord - Durham Susan Oldershaw Vachon Clukay & Company PC Sweet Shot Photography Verbs and Herbs Talbots, Bedford Vertical Dreams Indoor Climbing Talbots, Manchester Victoria Trudel Tammy Sahlin Viking House, Inc. Tanger Outlet Center Virginia Harkin Target, Bedford Viva La Dance & Fitness Target Store #2009 W.S. Badger Company, Inc. Ted Donohue Wadleigh, Starr, and Peters Temple Adath Yeshurun Walgreens, Bedford Teri Schlemmer Walgreens Communities 1261 Terri Carlton and Laconia Walmart, Bedford Walmart Distribution Center 60 Walt Disney World Waste Management Inc., Londonderry WB Mason WBZ 1030 News Radio Well Sense Health Plan West High School Manchester Westbridge Community Services WHEAT Food Pantry WhippleHill White Willows Salon and Spa Winnipesaukee Playhouse Texas Roadhouse WJYY 105.5 The Barefoot Bee WNHW 93.9 The Wolf The Barley House WMUR-TV The Butterfly Place Women’s Fund of New Hampshire The Candy Kingdom Chocolate Working Women’s Group of Shoppe Derry/Windham The Common Man WorkRite Medical Associates The Inns & Spa at Mill Falls World Sports Grille The Majestic Theatre XMA Corporation The Manchester Historic Association YES Network (Yankees) The Music Hall YMCA Camp Lincoln The New England Patriots YMCA of Greater Manchester Charitable Foundation, Inc. Zorvino Vineyards The Outdoor Channel The Pajama Program

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 324.


Volunteer List: Below is a list of individuals and groups who donated their time and talents between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014.* Names italicized represent individuals or organizations that volunteered in both 2013 and 2014. Ellen Abbey Ariel Abbott Brownlo Abbott Ken Abbott Sylvia Abbott Nathaly Abreu Solange Abreu Donna Ackerman Taryn Adams Zaida Adams Takila Adger Angela Adorno Ayden Adorno David Afflick Christopher Ahern Amber-Leigh Ainsworth Ehimen Aisaborhale Noah Ako Sara Al Sayed Maria Albers John Albert Robin Albert Joanna Albertson-Grove Grant Alenser Andrea Alexander Megan Alexander Adrian Alford Kelly Alford Jennie Allard Lisa Allard Sophia Allard Annetta Allen Lloyd Allen James Almond Carlin Aloe Jon Alosa Adel Alqubi Yousef Alshumrani Alex Altman American Express Global Merchant Services AmeriCorps NCCC FEMA Corps Jean Ames Tracy Amirault Alex Anagnost Demetria Anagnost Dick Anagnost Stavros Anagnost Emma Anderson Katie Anderson Kerry Anderson-Baker Elizabeth Andrade Lisa Andreasen Nicole Anthony Edwin Anujulu Jane Anzalone Denise Appleby Danielle Archambault Erica Archambault Melissa Archer Oscar Areces Matt Arnold Mike Arnold Trevor Arp Rachel Arria

Alyssia Arsenault Megan Arsenault Wossen Asfaw Anny Assantna Rachael Aug Heath Auger James Avant Nicole Avery Rahul Awale Ruth Axelrod Lana Azotea Bill Baber Kristine Baber Asra Babool Mary Baeko Donte Bailey Steve Bailey Philip Baird Amy Bairstow Liz Baker Baker Newman Noyes Tatyana Baklazhanova Sasha Balko Beth Ballard Bank W Holdings, LLC Anthony Barbato Eryn Bardsley Sandra Barile Phillip Barker Nick Barnard Bill Barner Pat Barr Franky Barradale David Barragan Mayra Barranco Steve Barrett Dawn Barrette Shelby Barsalou Jeff Bartel Peter Bartlett Rai Basanta Sweta Basnet Chapin Bassi Jeremy Bates Bauer Hockey Trey Bauls Holly Baum Amanda Bean John Beane Jeff Beard Kylie Beaton Jessica Beaudel

Josh Beaudoin Corrine Beaulieu Kyle Beaulieu Brie Beaupie Donna Beauregard Maureen Beauregard Zoe Beausoleil Emma Becket Mindy Becket Debbie Beckman Bill Becotte Jane Bedard Beech Hill School Beech Street School Cameron Behn Jason Beiswenger Christopher Belanger Shaunda Belanger Sarah Belhumeur Samuel Bellamy Darrik Bellefeuille Joanne Belliveau James Belware Michelle Belyea Brett Bemis Sandy Benard Chris Benher Chris Bennett Connie Bennett Thomas Bennett Eryn Bennetter Kym Benoist Eileen Bens Yamilex Benscome Devin Benson Cameron Bento Judy Bergeron Seth Bergeron Eddie Berke Israel Bernal-Lopez Nicole Bernard Bianca Bernardo Gabby Bernier Sam Bernstein Sayee Bernstein Kristy Berry Maddison Berry Simon Berry Stacie Berry Stephen Berry Gabrielle Betances Audrey Bethel

Eugene Betterley John Bews Premika Bhattarai Lisa Bianco Darlene Bickford Jonathan Bicknell Dylan Biekford JoAnne Bielek Chelsea Biggs Kristen Binette Wendy Binette Deb Birdsey Melissa Biron Cam Birse Emily Bishop Bishop Brady High School Sarah Bisson Bobbi Blades Jordan Blaek-Deegan Christine Blais Alina Blake Lindsey Blanchette Lisa Blasdell Lily Blau Kriss Blevens Christine Blinn Alayna Blodgett

Debbie Bodell Andrea Bodkin Matthew Bodwell Jennifer Bofinger Susan Bogdan Karen Bogenberger Lily Bogle Lori Bohan Christian Boire Tiffany Boisvert Lauren Bombardier Michael Bombardier Anita Bonnacorsi Mark Boody Jack Bopp Hannah Boris Elizabeth Bornstein Peter Borrows Lucy Bostwick Annika Bottcher Courtney Bouchard Elizabeth Bouchard William Bouchard Kristi Boucher Louise Boucher Lucille Boucher Jacqui Boudreau Nickola Bouley Cheryl Bourassa Jenna Bourassa Larry Bournival Calie Bourque Michael Bourque Peg Bourque Bow High School Jeff Bowden Kathleen Bowier Trevor Bowles Cheryl Boyarsky Kevin Boyarsky Angel Boyd

Nick Blodgett Julie Blok Teresa Blunt BNI Wolfpack Erin Bodeau

Bridget Boyd Dave Boyd Paul Boyd William Boyd Kelly Boyer

Matthew Boyle Zerina Boyramovic Rachel Brackins Sandy Bradley Kim Brady Maggie Brady Tre Brady Terrance Brand Paul Brandon Amy Brandreth Deborah Brann Richard Brann Mary Anne Brashek Kathryn Brasil Gerry Brasley Linda Brasley Kristen Brassard Dalton Braziel Gerry Breault Emma Bremer Gary Bremner Peg Bremner Deb Brenner Graham Brenner Holly Brese Alyssa Breton Denise Brewitt Hannah Brewitt Kristen Brewster Peter Brewster Peter Briccetti Holly Bridge Bailey Briggs Stephen Brink Caroline Brodeur Jo Brooks Kevin Brooks Mary Brooks Brookside Congregational Church Colleen Brothers Tim Brothers Jarrod Broussard Emily Brown Meg Brown Nijjah Brown Parker Browne Derek Bruinooge Ben Brule Matt Brule Melissa Brule Deborah Bruss Jessey Bryan Amanda Bryant James Bryant Jim Bryant Brendan Bryck Jessey Bryon Lisa Buber Alyssa Buckley Daniel Buckley Jack Budd Eliza Bunnell Sherry Burbank Greg Burdwood Tara Buretta

Annie Gray Burger Matt Burgeron Haley Burgess Joshua Burgess Carol Burke Eileen Burke Melissa Burke Morgan Burke Victoria Burke Greg Burnside Emily Burr Gwenael Busnel Jack Butchard Monica Butcher Sherie Butt Joshua Buxton Sam Buzzotta Ebony Byas April Byrne Dianne Bzik Alexis Cable Kaitlyn Cahill John Cail Josh Cajka Haley Calabro Patricia Caldbeck Kathleen Callahan Molly Callahan Makale Camara Bernadette Cameron Bernie Cameron Chenoa Cameron-Lewis Mary Cametti Kendra Camire Spencer Campbell Alex Campbell-Diehl Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Program Emily Candib David Canfield Frank Cantwell Kristin Cappello Natalie Caraccio Sam Carbery Martin Cardella Joe Carelli Joseph Cariello Dave Carigg Bobbi Carlson Kathy Carlton Kelsey Carnell Michelle Carpenter Lydia Carrasquillo Gabby Carrera Abby Carroll Kimberly Carroll Thomas Carroll Carrie Carson Bonnie Carter Josie Carter Brian Cartier Marina Carvalho Mckenzie Case James Casella Mark Casella

Cailin Casey Colleen Casey Devan Casey Erin Casey Meghan Casey Mike Cashion Emily Cashman Linda Cashman Joanne Casino Pat Cassell Julia Cassidy Suzanne Cassidy Lorrie Castelli Michael Caswell CATCH Program Don Catino Jessica Catino Scotty Cavanaugh Molly Cayne CCA Global Partners Andrew Cedzo Vanessa Centofanti Centrix Bank Julie Cepiel Tony Cerasi Pam Chaisson Dawn Champagne Denise Champagne Peter Champagne Athenee Chan Bowen Chan Daniel Chancey Jan Chapman Rachel Chaput Chris Charest Michael Charette Mia Charlebois Charles Schwab Jessie Charron Amanda Chase Sherry Chase Tucker Chase Brett Chatterton Carolina Chauvette Cindy Chen Clement Chen Jill Chen Shawn Chen Steven Chen Samuel Cheney Jonathan Chern Steve Chervincuy Courtney Childress Sarah Chiocca Carolyn Christopher Tim Chrzaszcz Halishia Chugani Graham Chynoweth Elvira Cikaric Tammy Ciminesi Callie Cinque Alycia Cinquegrana Lauryn Ciolla Arista Circee Jennifer Citorik Madeline Clancy

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 357.

Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


Anna Clark Jeannie Clark Kristin Clark Rachael Clark Shannon Clark Lynn Clarke Rachel Clarrage Oksana Clay Andrew Cleary Meg Cleary Thomas Cleary Bob Cleaveland Patrick Clifford Danielle Clivio Angela Closson Pascale Coates Heather Cobb Lauren Cochrane Alan Codner Tom Coffey Sydney Colbert Robert Colby Colby-Sawyer College Nancy Coldwell Amanda Cole Rachel Cole Kimberly Coleman Kira Coleman Tim Colleran Cori Collins Taryn Collins Antonia Collins-Blums Will Collura Marcos Colon Community Bridges Concord High School Concord South Congregational Church Concord Young Professionals Network Lauren Conde Randy Condo Rhonda Condon Tim Condon Evette Conffiths Tim Conklin Dustin Conlon Jennifer Conn Jennifer Conner Caitlin Connor Holly Connor Maeghan Connor Sarah Connor Cassie Conover Kim Conover Stephanie Conroy Gale Consigli John Consigli Christine Cook Craig Cook Ross Cook Brian Coombes Brianna Cooper Carmen Cooper Wayne Cope Julia Copeland Kaitlyn Coppola Robert Cordova Carol Corliss Crystal Cormier Abby Cornish Amy Coronis Janna Corsetti

Shawn Corwran Kristin Costley Abby Cote Beverly Cote Noah Cote Ron Cote Talia Cote Tim Cote Madi Cotreau Alana Cottrell Preston Cottrell Mallory Coulombe Jeff Cousinlau Kaylie Couto Lucas Couto John Couture Trish Cox Beth Cramp Derek Crawford Cathie Creed Victoria Cregg Cammy Crete Melissa Crews Julie Crisafi Lynch Samantha Croatti Carl Crocker Jen Cronin Jim Cronin Lucas Croteau Wayne Crowell Emma Culver Gabrielle Cummings Kelley Cummings Melissa Cummings Valerie Cummings Liz Curette Judi Currie David Curry Steven Curt Tim Curtis Cyndi Cusack Kat Cusack Judith Custer Arnie Cyr Brian Cyr Steven D’Agati Kara Daggett Xiante Dahabi Dana Dahl Sam Daley Cassandra Dalwet Kathaine Daly Scott Daly Zachary Dancoes Betsy Danes Emma Danes Son Hoang Dang Donna Daniels Leah Daniels Cormac Danielson Elisabeth Danis Kit Dapkus Tommy Darnall Jo Ann Davidson Todd Davidson Christina Davis Joanne Davis Rebecca Davis Teena Dawson John de Rochambeau Gabby DeAngelis Jen DeAngelis Carolyn DeBeradinis

Cece DeBlasi Kathy DeBlasi Michael DeBlasi Pam Decker Ashley Deeter Bill DeHaan Cynthia DelCamp Nicole Delgaudio Domenica Deluca Eric Demaree Keri Demers Michael Dempsey Joseph Depeter John DePue Tom DeRosa Madysen Derosnia Frank Deschenes Eric Desmarais Ross Desmond Rachel Desnoyers Abby Desrochers Hannah Desrosiers Stacy Detris Amanda Devereux Elizabeth Devereux Brenda Devroe Joe Dewitt Sheila Dewitt Rejoice Dhliwayo Thoko Dhliwayo Conley Diaon Sonia Diaz Nick DiCarlo Jean Dickson Hannah DiCroce Digital Prospectors Corporation Linda Dinndorf Sierra Dinndorf Emily Dion Evan Dionne Laura Dionne Bob Dodge Curtis Dodge Evan Dodge Sheryl Dodge Trevor Dodge Peter Doherty Christopher Dolloff Sarah Dolloff Theresa Dolloff Steve Domenick Dan Dominguez Lisa Dominguez Bryanna Don Steven Donahue Leah Donati Tiffany Donelly Amy Donle Rob Donle Elizabeth Donlon Caitie Donohue David Donohue Ted Donohue Jazmin Donovan Jennifer Donovan Kylie Donovan Sarah Dorner Kiana Dorsey Kenny Doublette Julia Doucette Chelsea Doughty Dover Baptist Church

Dean Dow Mac Dow Sean Downey Maureen Downing Amanda Doyle Lily Doyle Kyla Dreffer Jim Dreselly Patty Dresner Rosean Drew Polly Drouin Shannon Drouin Mitch Dructor Kathleen Dube Matt Dube Sara Dube Barbara Dubisz Anne Dubois Matthew Dubreuil Bill Dudley Erin Duffy Shannon Duffy Leon Dufresne Isaac Dugas Jane Dugas Sabrina Dugas Cynthia Duhamel Amanda Dumont Alexander Duncan Rudy Duncan Eric Duncklee Cailee Dunleavy Ryan Dunn Autumn Dunton Shelley Duplisea Anne Dupre Farcik Durakovic Muamer Durakovic Cassandre Durand William Duryea Tina Dutko Zach Dutton Laura Dwyer Mikaela Dwyer Easter Seals New Hampshire Bob Eastman Tialia Ebert Caroline Eby ECCO USA, Inc. Yahya Echattoui Laura Edry Brianna Ehler Geoffrey Eichhorn Ajah Eills Lucy Eills Jacob Eldred Harry Eldridge Janet Eldridge-Peter Tate Ellinwood Wyatt Ellinwood Stacey Elliot Aino Elliott Brian Ellis Millie Ellis Laurie Ellison Emerson Ecologics Greg Emerson Alexis Emery Mira Emmart Ryan Enners Kim Eosue David Erno

Hannah Erskine Kelly Erwin Anthony Esielionis Abbie Estabrook Elizabeth Evans Kathleen Everest Susan Evers Daniel Ewald Jeff Fahey Joshua Faile Fairpoint Communications Robin Fallon Athina Fanaras Jane Farnell Jared Farr Khristyna Farrell Kyle Farrell Meghan Farrell Caleb Farrin Bill Faulkner Lamienne Faverdieu Amanda Faxon Nicole Faxon Tom Fearon Rebekah Fedewa Caitlin Fehr Diana Feige Marisa Feijoo Jamie Feinberg Lindsay Feinman Susan Feltus Rachel Fender Patricia Fennelly

Marianne Fleischman Sarah Fleischman Vickie Fleming Kelli Fletcher Zach Flinkstrom Amanda Flitter Erika Flores Rob Fogg Brenda Foley Colleen Foley Joseph Foley Laura Foley Mark Foley Doug Folsom Ray Foltier Yelena Fomina Melissa Fontaine Shawn Fontaine Robin Foote Angela Ford Becca Ford Rose Fore Rosemary Fore Marc Formichella Mia Forrect Jon Forrester Ian Forsberg Marianne Fortescue Ashley Fortier Diane Fortier Linda Fortune Pammie Foster Ron Fowler

James Fenton Jocelyn Ferland Tina Ferrante Alexandra Ferrelli Jon Ferris James Fersch Allyson Feugill Alex Feye Fidelity Investments Tommy Fiebig Charlotte Filardi Joann Finegan Riley Finette Ann Marie Finn Patrick Finocchiaro Brittany Fiore Miriam Fish Adam Fishbein Marian Fisher Hannah Fishman Sunshine Fisk Gabrielle Fitzgerald Martha Fitzgerald Brian Flaherty Rhianna Flanagan Emma Fleischman

Kaitlin Francis Harry Frank Karen Frarie Alicia Frazier Lindsey Frazier Tom Fredenburg Scott Frerichs Steve Friedman Kate-Lynn Fritz Linda Frost Missy Fulton Tiffany Furnari Madison Furner Danielle Gagne Erin Gagne Lucas Gagne Andy Gagnon Katelyn Gagnon Kristine Gagnon Marc Gagnon Michael Gaines Bill Galate Danielle Gale Sarah Galevi Dean Galgano Christina Galica

Abby Gallagher Andrew Gallagher John Gallagher Trenton Gallo Sean Galusha Tiffany Gamache Alex Gamoche Adi Gandhi Steve Gang Gail Garceau Emma Garfield Cheryl Garrison Ryan Gartler Mary Garvey Stephanie Garzenva Fisher Gates Sara Gebauer Brenda Geilen Ashley Gelinas Louise Gelinas General Electric Bethany Gentry Beibhinn George Katie George Courtney Germano Amber Germond Christine Germond Karen Germond Isabel Getz Sue Geyer Peggy Ghiloni Nate Gibbons Sis Gibson

Deb Gonzales Alex Gonzalez Sierra Goodwin Jennifer Gordon Kevin Gordon Reese Gordon Ross Gordon Brenda Gorg Molly Gorney Kyle Goucer Anne Gould Brooke Gould Bryan Gould Caroline Gould Leanne Gould Connor Grace Holly Grace Sheila Grace Adrianna Grady Joseph Graham Sonene Graham Zack Graham Zoey Graham Allison Grappone Thomas Grauslys Elizabeth Graveline Shadow Graves Alex Gray Dan Gray Desiree Gray Elaine Gray Jean Gray Marcia Gray Michelle Gray Mitch Greany Great Exchange Church Lindsay Green Rob Green Tyler Greene Lisa Greenwalt Mollie Greenwood Russ Greenwood Cory Greer Robert Gregg Abbie Gregoire Bonnie Greiner Erica Grenier Micah Gifford Celeste Grenon Lori Giglio Crystal Gribbohm Victor Giglio Dennis Griffin Gilbane Building Company Katyann Grochmal Lisa Gilbert Susan Grodman Tracy Gillick Talia Grodman Abbey Gilligan Janet Grossman Linda Gilligan Robin Grover Judy Gillis Elizabeth Grunewald Chris Gilman Emma Guerette Christina Giorgio Megan Guerra Deb Giroux Yvette Guerra Tyler Glodt Dianne Guerrier Connor Glosner Pat Guimond Erin Glosner Sarah Guinta Julie Glosner Nate Gunter Garet Glossman Matthew Gunzelmann Jeff Goldberg Zari Gushman Rebecca Golden Sumire Gysin David Goldman Jodi Haase Aprille Goldstein Nicole Hadley Jenna Goldstein Becky Haines Sarah Goldstein Artur Hakobyan Jelena Golubeva Emily Hale Verializ Gomez Mary Haley Kiyota Gomi Meghann Haley

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 357.


Brent Hall DJ Hall Hazel Halliburton Jeannie Halsey Alexandra Hamel Monica Hamel Jennifer Hamilton Teresa Hamlin Floranne Hammond Marlene Hammond Jack Hanaway Kevin Hancock Lynne Haney Hunter Hannon John Hanson

Kelli Hanson Marie Hanson Steven Haradon Leigh Hardiman Cassandra Harmon Sharon Harper Haley Harrington Benjamin Harris Amanda Hartford Steven Hartsis Kathleen Harvey Michelle Harvey Shannon Hastings Rachel Hatch Spencer Hathaway Lindsey Hausmann Brian Hawkes Pamela Hawkes Jennifer Hawley Molly Hayden Adrienne Hayes Savannah Hayes Suzanne Hayes Candice Haymes Heather Haynes Scott Hayward Faith Hazelton Caroline Healey Laura Healey Tracy Healey Kaela Healy Liam Healy Lisa Heaps Maggie Heaps Kim Heath Tommy Heath Jinnea-Brianne Hebert Kenneth Hebert Ruth Hebert Ann Marie Heffernan Jill Heffner

Jodie Heffner Katherine Hegarty Mona Hejris David Helter Graham Hemphill Greta Hemphill Jamie Hemphill Kiley Hemphill Bob Henderson Joanna Henderson Tyler Hendrickson Marilyn Hennessey Ashley Henrichon Margot Henrichon Eppy Henry

Josh Henry Julia Henry Nathan Henzicker Peg Herbert Peggy Herbert Jessica Hergott Grant Herman Celine Hernandez Beth Hertzfeld Samantha Hetzel Michelle Hewitt Devon Hickey Cady Hickman Jaclyn Hieken Brendan Higgins Trishia Higgins High Mowing School Adam Hill William Hill Maggie Hillegass Karen Hiller Marc Hiller Freddie Hillhouse Margery Hillhouse Janet Hines Jim Hines Sarah Hines Joey Hinkson Julie Hinse Bobby Hippert Desneiges Hirn Rose Hirschenberger Licsbeth Hirschfeld Sally Hirsh-Dickinson Alphonsus Ho Chris Hobby Lucy Hochschartner Sneha Hoda Elizabeth Hodgdon Henry Hohlstein Kitty Hok

Petra Hoke Costica Holden Ryan Holland Bob Holleman McKenzie Holmes Deborah Holt Jill Holt Julia Holt Courtney Holtman Lauren Holway Holy Cross College Alumni Jeannie Holyoak Home Depot Devon Hoogh Becky Hooley Muriel Hooley Gary Hoover Leah Hopke Jon Hopkins Heather Hopper Tim Horgan Gwyneth Horne Laurel Horne Pat Hoskins Christine Houle Denise Houle Jacob Houley Laurie Houston Caiden Howard Caitlin Howard Colby Howard Cristan Howard Dienne Howard Glenn Howard Keith Howard Sarah Howard Howe, Riley & Howe, PLLC Amy Howell Jenny Huang Mitch Hubert Savannah Huerta-Bailey Cameron Huftalen Bill Hull Eileen Hull Charlie Hullon Human Resource Partners LLC Evelyn Hunt Ashley Jean Huot Hailey Hurawitz Sheldon Hurst Julie Huston Alison Hutcheson Kathleen Hutchins Amanda Hyslip Pauline Ikawa Alex Ilyadis ISN (Independent Services Network) Concord ISN (Independent Services Network) Manchester Angela Irons Steven Irons Irving Oil Lindsay Irwin Akilbek Iskakov Karina Ithier Eddie Jackson Eloise Jackson Jerome Jackson Kaitlyn Jackson Jen Jacques Talia Jalette

Sophia Japhet Noah Jarvis John Jauhola-Straight Haley Jean Cecilia Jean-Louis Ronald Jean-Louis Alan Jeffers Ted Jeffery Madi Jenkins Hailey Jennato Sue Jennato Tabitha Jennings Deborah Jensen Ryan Jensen Dawn Jesmer Becca Jewett Allison Jimenez Janice Jobin Ethan John John Stark Regional High School Cameron Johnson Dan Johnson Jaime Johnson Marissa Johnson Martha Johnson Randi Johnson Richard Johnson Erin Johnston Heather Johnston Anila Johnykutty Lilja Jonasdottir Caitlin Jones Denise Jones Kelly Jones Kristen Jones Laurette Joppie Katie Jordan Lyndsey Joynes Steph Judge Fabrice Julien Jim Kane Suzanne Kannenberg Alyse Kanter Sarah Kanter Jelena Karajcic Colleen Karpinsky-Cone Katha Kartiki Maddie Kasten Ken Kauppila Madeline Kayser Stefani Kayser Hanifa Kazic Daniel Keady Meg Keating Hughs Casey Keefe Erin Keefe Simon Keeling Grant Kegel Jon Keles Andrea Kelleher Devin Keller Chris Kelley Heather Kelley Julia Kelley-Vail Brendon Kelliher Josh Kellogg Charles Kelly Laura Kelly Hannah Kelsey Frances Kenison Cara Kennard Amy Kennedy

Bob Kennedy Owen Kennedy Alaina Kenney Ryan Kerr Barbara Keshen Sameer Khalaf

Jillian Kwitkiwski Helena Kwon Areta Kydd Mykenzie Kyle Robyn Kyle Jonathan Labbe

Lynn LaVeille Mike Laverty Olivia Lavigne Jessica Lavine Ally Lavoie Kristen Lavoie

Janet Kibbee Steven Kidder Brad Kilbreth Colin Kiley Iris Kilmister Christina Kim Kyung Kim Joseph Kiminoakis Heather King Lauren King Melissa King Patrick King Phil King Lumi Kinjo Brandie Kipp Bogdana Kirchner Abby Kirk Kim Kirk Ashley Kitchell Aaron Kivikoski Alex Kivikoski Michael Klass Bruce Klemann Kimberlee Klevanosky Jackie Klinger Alexandria Klug Sandra Knight Katherine Ko Kristina Koenig Patrick Koenig Melanie Konstant Jenn Konstantakos Kate Koronkiewicz Sarah Kossak Rachel Kostraba Karlee Koswick Cheryl Kouble Terri Koufopoulas Claire Kounelas Andonios Kovninis Karolina Kozlova Casey Krafton Andres Krageland Danny Kramer Judy Krassourski Brian Krol Jesper Kroul Cathy Kuhn Sujeet Kulkarni Jason Kumpel Grant Kurtz Tracy Kurtz Jade Kwitkiwski

Lori Labbe Paige Labbe Steve Labbe Cassandra LaBell Nichole LaBelle Gerald LaBlanc Curt LaBombard Sarah Labore Sharon Labrie John LaCasse Ken Lacey Pete Lachance Elizabeth LaClair Riley LaClair Betsey Lacuy Ryan Ladd Laura Ladick Rene Laferriere Alyssa LaFoe Janna Lafrance Linda Lahousse Samantha Lake Valerie Lakin Heather Lalla Mary LaMarca Leah Lambert Tristan Lambert Ted Lanbrohoj Michelle Lancey Angie Lane Ryan Lang Tanner Lang Robert Langlands Vickie Lanza Jessica LaPaglia Karen Laperle Lisa LaPierre Melissa LaPlace Jeanette LaPlante Deb Lappas Meg Laramie Riley Laramore Jonathan Lariviere Brett Larkin Kayla Larocca Roger Larrivene Melissa Larson Natalie Larson Alexis Latsey Jennifer Laube Ken Laurion Kelly Lavallee Kellianne LaValley

Nicholas Lavoie Jane Law Vivien Law Colin Lawless Marcus Lbongo Leadership Greater Concord Monica Leap Jerry LeBlanc Justine LeBlanc Elise Lebow Shawn LeClaire Sadie Lee Sun Woo Lee Kayla Leeds Susan Lefebvre Scott Legasse Rosemarie Legassie Kyle Leighton Sherry Lelevre Jane Lemeland Lizzie Lemitekimy Tim Lenda Lucas Leo Ashley Leonard Justin Leone Kelly Leone Susan Leone Sean Lerkvilearn Elise Lesko Carmella Leslie-Allen Shan Lester Victoria Lette-Piro Michael Leuchtenberger Joel Levandowski Jenna Levesque Jordan Levesque Amy Levine David Levinson Andrew Lewis Liam Li Chris Libbey Stephanie Libby Nicole Ligor Sean Liles Ju Lin Lincoln Financial Group Rose Lindenberger Elizabeth Lindh Kimberly Lindquist Marie Linebaugh Rob Linebaugh Ruth Linehan

Stephanie Lingley Park Linscomb Kristen Lipsett Lauren Lisembee Jen Littlefield Jiahong Liu Olivia Lochiatto Meredith Locke Sarah Lockhart Alan Lodner Briel Lofrano Courtney Loiselle Brandon Lombard Marissa Long Gretchen Lord Meghan Lord Thomas Lott Jenn Lough Tom Louie Andrew Louis Hillary Louis Samuel Louis Shultz Louis Ashley Lovering David Lovering Jamie Lovering Heather Lowry Steph Lucas Dom Lucio Elizabeth Ludwig Vicki Luecht Paul Luens Johannan Lull Ella Lungwitz Hung Chun Luo Joe Lupo Lauren Lupo Teresa Lupoli Lutheran Social Services Emily LyBarger Katherine Lynch Molly Lynch David Lyons Martin Lyons Pat Lyons Brittany Maag Mark Maccuish Ashley MacDearmid Doug MacDonald MacKenzie MacEachern Tricia Macey Jennifer Macia Paige Macken Jennifer MacKenzie Jessica MacLeod Emily Macri Joanne Magarian Judy Maguire Kate Mahan Jason Mahon Elizabeth Mahoney Heather Mahoney John Mahoney Claudia Mak Colby Malcom Hilary Malia Anna Malinkovich Amy Malone Will Maloy Kinsey Manchester Susan Manchester Manchester Christian Church

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 357.

Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


Manchester Church of Christ Manchester Community College Chris Mancuso Joe Manganaro David Mann Maria Mann Emma Mannion Jesse Mannion Carolina Manns Walter Manny Joanna Manos Tom Manson Jason Manuqian Brianna Marand Corey Marceau Shannon Marchetti Greg Marchini Julianne Mardienonis Karen Marinaccio Shirley Markwith James Marriott Marisa Marsach Adam Marshall Melissa Marshall Chase Martell Austin Martin Chantal Martin EJ Martin Geoff Martin Jillian Martin Taylor Martin Trevor Martin Kristina Marvel Andrea Masciarelli Christy Masciarelli Lucas Masciarelli Michelle Masella Shrisha Maskey Rose Mason Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Jesse Massaro Maya Massey Adrienne Masterson Tony Mastromarino Lindsay Matheos Abigail Mathison Doreen Mathison Mark Mathison Sophie Mathison William Mathison Jess Matson Catherine Mattice Roobens Maurice Alexandra Mauro Katelyn Mauro Jen May Sara Maybury Bethany Maykeet Karen Maynard Neil Mcalmont Gary McCallum Rachel McCann Sanford McCann Logan McCarthy Christine McCormac Michelle McCraw Nora McCulla David McDonald Matt McDonald

Steve McDonough Justin McGee Theresa McGlynn Madeline McGonagle Carter McGowan Lisa McGrath Alix McGuiggan Liam McHugh Susan McInerney Lori McIntire Willis Nicholas McIntyre Marshall McKiernan Christina McKillop Holly McKinney McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, P.A. Cheryl McLaren Brenna McLaughlin Sable Mclaughlin Tom McLean Rachel Mclharny Susan McNary Sara Mcneil Sheila Mcneil Doreen McNeill Stan McPherson Dara McWeeney Heidi Meaney Keith Medlock Sean Meehan Yara Mehiar Andrew Meiers Peter Meimetis Emily Melhorn Zachary Melisi Brian Melo Naomi Melo Lorraine Melton Jonathan Meltzer Vicki Meltzer Memorial High School Key Club Memorial High School National Honor Society John Mendolu Nathan Mercado Nick Merchant Merchants Fleet Management Merchants Insurance Group Kristy Merrill Shelagh Merrill Merrimack Friends and Families Steve Merriman Joshua Merritt Greg Mertokos Chad Merwin Caleigh Meserve Austin Messer Heather Metzger Linda Meucci Karen Meunier Hallie Meyers Sedra Michaelson A. Tammy Michalakopoulus Kaylee Michalenoick Jareth Michaud Alexa Michon Camille Michon Jodie Michon

Steve Michon Shanyn Middleton Hunter Migneault Julia Mika Brian Mikol Crispin Milele Brigid Miles John Miles Greta Milingyte Norman Millard Jason Miller Jeff Miller Mike Miller Sarabeth Miller Brooke Mills Jim Mills Martha Mills Stephanie Mills Marlene Minemier Rose Mirante Kathy Miskoe Roger Mitchell Shannon Mitchell June Mittelmark Jen Moeckel Shelley Moffatt Aaron Mohammed Elena Moleski Laura Moll Kelly Moloney Jessica Monday Brandon Montour Danielle Montoya Rachael Montoya Todd Montwill Barbara Moody Rebecca Moody Whitney Mooney Debbie Moore Hunter Moore Kathleen Moore Kristina Moore Moore Center Services Mariah Moran Dot Moreau Margy Moremen Charles Morgan Alyssa Morin Sandra Morin Tam Morley Cara Morrow Jean Morse John Morse Nancy Morse Robin Morse Will Morse Becky Moser Amelia Mosher Mount Washington College Adam Moy Anne-Therese Mracek MTS Services Donna Muehlen Pam Mueller Lamia Mukanovic Shannon Mullen Joe Muluga Alyson Murgatroy Bradley Murphy Casey Murphy Ellie Murphy Gayle Murphy

John Murphy Marcia Murphy Meghan Murphy Melanie Murphy Patrick Murphy Elizabeth Murray Alex Muskat Sam Mussatto Melissa Muzzy My Turn Ari Nadeau Emily Nagle Gayalice Nahwadad Nahal Namazi Kiley Naro National Charity League of Bedford Julie Nations Amelia Nealley Betsy Neelon Arianna Nelson Aubrey Nelson Christopher Nelson Sara Nelson Maria Neuman New Hampshire Technical Institute New Hampton School Melanee Newman William Newman Jaron Newton Kelly Ng Dan Nguyen Lieu Nguyen Loan Nguyen Thu Nguyen Sarah Nicol-Browne Zena Nieto Joshua Nieves Dameiris Njenga James Noel Karen Nolan Rylee Noorda Kaitlyn Norden John Norman Hali Normandeau Northeast Utilities Samantha Norton Matthew Nosan Evis Noti Disa Nowack Laurence Nyinawabo Nonso Obi-gwacham Tyler O’Brien Karen O’Clair Monika O’Clair Kathy O’Connor Molly O’Donnell Tops Ogo Hannah O’Halloran Stacey O’Hara Caitlin O’Herron Lenny O’Keefe Meagan Olive Roxanne Olsen Jack Olson Josh O’Malley Diane O’Neil Emma O’Neil Georgia O’Neil Karyn O’Neil Scout O’Neil Rebecca O’Neill

Andrea Onyski Nancy Opresnick Deborah Osgood Rhiannon O’Shea Dalton Ostrye Bill Otten Carley Ouellette Lisa Ouellette Michelle Ouellette Beav Owans Randi Owens Deb Pace Mike Padmore Vincent Pagano Stefan Page Patrick Pagnani Buddy Palmer Donna Palmer Katie Palmer Jema Palucci Pragati Pant Jacob Pantazis Katlyn Paquet Amber Paquette Kate Paquette Mary Lou Paquette LouAnne Paquin Lauren Paradis Joaquin Paradiso Justin Pare Patrick Parent Stephanie Parent Tammie Paris Dre Parke Sarah Parker Parker Academy Simon Parsons

Misty Partello Eric Pascoal Chandani Patel Chirag Patel Adele Patnaude John Patrick Allie Patt Kayla Patten Hal Patterson Leah Patterson Ruth Patterson Logan Paul Charles Payne Nicolle Payser Benji Peacock Casey Peacock Jonah Peacock Denise Pearl Cooper Pearson Maggie Pearson Sheri Pendexter Michael Pennett

James Printy Kimberly Prior Haley Prothero Ashley Proulx Jeremy Putnam Dave Quel Seth Quimby Isidra Quinones Stephen Rabeik Jasmine Race Xunus Radisa Haba Emma Rafferty Ashwin Raghwajan Judy Rand Beth Randall Josh Ratacik Emily Rauseo Collin Ravanelle Joffa Raymond Alex Reagan Joe Reale Ariel Reaves Michael Reavs Sudheer Reddy John Reed Jennifer Reid Melzinie Reilly Mike Reilly Scott Reinert Lucinda Reinhardt Joan Reische Nicholas Remillard Todd Remington Jenn Renna Sarah Repeta Jessica Revelle Debra Ricci Jean Rich Elizabeth Richards Jane Richards Rebecca Richards Tanner Richards Zachary Richards Kylee Richardson Emily Richey Mindy Ridgeway Terry Riel Kelli Riggs Jayden Riley Joseph Riley Galen Riordan Alexandra Risko Abby Plummer Regina Rivard Amber Poe Anderson Rivera Delaney Poirier Jen Rivers Grace Poirier Robert Rizos Sean Poirier Angela Roberge Tina Poirier Rebecca Robert Derek Polish Michael Robicheau Maria Poore Lynda Robinson Sara Potvin Thomas Robinson Joe Pouliot Aracelo Robles Joseph Povilaitis Michael Rocco Brianna Power Mary Lynn Powers Patricia Roche Mary Poynter Tonya Rochette Hishi Pradhan Alison Rodgers Gregory Pratt Sairanny Rodriguez Presidential Inauguration Katie Rogers Committee Laura Rogers Rachel Prest Daniela Roldon Alaina Pribis Tammy Rollins Brittany Price Rebecca Romanoski Mary Priebis Svetlana Romanovskaya Sue Pepin Brittany Perez Sandy Perigny Alyssa Peroni Alison Perrella Crystal Perry Jacob Perry Emily Peters Roy Peters Jonathan Peterson Nadine Peterson Tabitha Peterson Glenna Petrangelo Liz Petrus Matthew Pezzulich Heather Pfaw Brian Pfitzer Cecilia Pham Jack Philbrick Fran Philippe Haley Phillips Susan Phillipson Lincoln Phinney Andrew Pieper Scout Pierce Josh Pifer Ahida Pilarski Christian Pilarski Becca Pinto Maria Pintos Elizabeth Pizzi Jennifer Plante Justin Pleadwell Jennifer Plecan Lindzy Plourde Lisa Plourde Liz Plourde

Dan Ronan Peter Roos Allie Root Kelsey Root Dave Roper Eric Rose Amir Rosenthal Katherine Rosewater Barbara Rosko Justin Ross William Ross Danielle Rossetti Thomas Rossman Jon Roth Nate Roth Sam Roth Tim Roth Rebecca Rotman Lori Roukey Elise Rouleau Olivia Rouleau Peter Rouleau Lily Rousseau Asia Rowe Annie Rowell Anna Rowse Kim Roy Mary Roy Taylor Roy Roger Royer Dillon Rozen Samara Rozen Stacey Rozen Rozen Group Laura Rubin Curtiss Rude Suzanne Rude Patrick Rudolph Carol Ruh Toni Runci Hilary Rush Courtney Russell Kathryn Russell Angus Ryan Casey Ryan Jenna Ryan Larsen Ryan Vanessa Ryan Madeline Sablack Tristin Sabol Mel Sachs Nimrod Sadeh Jeremy Sadle Richard Saindon Saint Anselm Alpha Phi Omega Saint Anselm College Saint Anselm Multicultural Center Saint Elizabeth Seton Parish Saint James Youth Group Saint John’s Regional School Saint Paul’s School Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Bidley Saladin Kevin Salazar Robert Saldanlo Nathan Saller Lori Saltmarsh Jill Saltzman

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 357.


Dolores Salyards James Salyards Jeffrey Sampson Kate Sanders Isabel Sanel Paige Sannella Samantha Sansom Charlotte Santomero Melanie Sanuth Francine Sapowicz Sarah MacKinnon Group Isaac Sarg Devyn Saucier Mackenzie Savard Scott Savard Stephanie Savard Kenzie Sawyer Susan Saxton Dylan Sayles Brenda Schadick Erin Schaick Lisa Schain Tony Schinella Julia Schloss Karl Schmid Sandy Schmid Heidi Schmidt Mary Ann Schneider Rachel Schor Lisa Schramm Gary Schroeder Melissa Schroth Sonia Schuler Anne Schunemann Jenn Schwager Dana Schwartz Keith Scleib Joe Scopa Erin Scott Madison Scott Sarah Scott Christina Searcy Diane Seavey Second Start Alternative High School Annie Seekins Aimee Seiler Caitlin Seiler Chris Seiler Emily Seiler Ashley Selfridge Jevanie Semerzier Regan Sevinsky Elyse Seward Caleb Seymour Nawaraj Shahi Jim Shaln Carter Shangquan Alexandra Sharpe Amanda Shatney English Shaw Phil Shaw Kevin Shea Rebecca Shearer Beth Sheehan Lauren Sheehan Laura Shell Joe Sheppard Lynne Sheppard Will Sheppard Becky Sherburne Jennifer Shilladay Mark Shilladay

Alaina Shivley Thomas Shoemaker Zohir Shomusalamov Tyler Shore Anishma Shrestha Ashma Shrestha Johan Shtino Mike Shuhen Georgy Shukaylo Stan Shwin Warren Siecke Cynthia Siemens

Southern New Hampshire University Culinary Program Southern New Hampshire University College Unbound Program Southern New Hampshire University Outreach Association Steve Spain Jennifer Spara Sam Speer

Ben Strempter Cheryl Strong Heidi Stucker Cathy Sturtevant Hannah Stutzman Scott Styles Debi Suanet Sandip Subedi Jennifer Subler Duane Sudod Casey Sullivan Deb Sullivan

Elli Sienkiewicz Kimberly Sieper Daniel Siletti Gabrielle Silva Lynn Silveira Lewis Silverman Miriam Silverman Michele Simard Brook Simonton Colette Simpson Hannah Simpson Katie Simpson Melissa Simpson Marsha Sinclair Blair Sinsimer Sean Skabo Terry Slaske Cindy Slayton Stephanie Sledjeski Tetyana Slivinsky Grace Slobodzian Tonya Slobuszewski Todd Slover Jaron Smick Joe Smiga Emily Smiley Tina Smiley Adriana Smith Brandon Smith Brianna Smith Brijee Smith Devin Smith Epiphany Smith Nick Smith Pat Smith Phil Smith Shawnee Smith Susan Smith Todd Smith Michael Smith-Vaughan Kristina Solimini Lisabritt Solsky Scott Solsky Sharon Soltani Kriss Soterion Timothy Soucy Souhegan High School Lauren Sousa Southern New Hampshire University

Cindy Spencer Lindsey Spenser Rebecca Spires Dave Sponenberg Tracie Sponenberg Kirsten Spooner Lauren Spooner Scott Spradling Richard Sprince Gabby Spurzem Geri St Lawrence Susan St. Cyr Allen St. Germain Gina St. Jean St. John Regional School Anastasia St. Pierre Melanie Stahley Karin Stalter Lou Stamas Brittany Stanek Alex Stanford Jan Stanley Kate Stantial Sarah Stantial Kevin Stark Bill Stearns Kitten Stearns Rachel Stearns Tyler Stearns Derek Steele Leigh Steinman Chris Stelman Jennifer Stephenson Zach Stephenson John Sterritt Lorraine Stetson Charla Stevens Noelani Stevenson Kathryne Stimpson Brittany Stokes Mark Stokes Karen Stokkela Maolera Stole Anthony Stone Sarah Stone Anne Stoops Ward Stoops Stop N’ Shop Rachael Straehle Emily Strandvold

Anita Sung Francis Sung Stephanie Supple Bria Suprenant Leo Suraceno Brian Sutherland Reagan Sutherland Karen Swanson Laurie Sweet Terrie Sweet Erika Swiger Grey Sylvester Ruth Syrek Damien Szwiec Paola Tabet Phalea Taing Adele Talanian Susan Talbot Delilah Talon Hope Talwani Jameel Talwani Michele Talwani Ami Tamenaga Steph Tannesan Tay Tantiviran Sandy Tarasiak Matt Tarnell Philip Tatro Erica Tauriello Abbie Taylor Lea Taylor Patrick Taylor Sam Taylor Michael Teed Rebecca Teevan Gayle Teichman Aaron Telage Johane Telgener Bill Temme Temple Beth Jacob Caleb Templeton Imaya Terrell Timbi Terrell Alexzandra Terrio Patrick Terry Jaline Tessier Maureen Tessier Texas Instruments Kyler Thayer The Derryfield School

The Wediko School Juliane Theriault Jennifer Theroux John Theroux Shelley Therrault Jason Therrien Cora Thibeault Kevin Thibodeau Rodney Thibodeau Deborah Thibodeaux Aysia Thomas Colette Thomas Sarah Thomas Terri Thomas Justin Thompson Sam Thompson Hilary Thomson Elaine Thorpe Clint Thrasher Matt Tierney Gregory Titus Tina To Anna Tobin John Tollefsen Heather Tolson Ananda Tomas Kierstyn Tomer Ann Toomey Patti Tortolini Allegra Toub Ginny Towler Carolyn Towne Mitch Townsend Lauren Tozlowski Hannah Traggis Lan Tran Cynthia Tranchemontagne William Travascio Zachary Traver Carmen Tremblay Sarah Tremblay AJ Trembley Drew Trembley Trinity High School Tucker Tripp Trevor Truchon Krista Tucci Aktilek Tungatarov Kits Tunney Alexis Turner Knox Turner Tiffany Turner Ryan Turowsti Lauren Turrell Thomas Tuson Meredith Tyros Brock Ueda Cam Ugolini Alden Ulery Veronica Ulery Ian Umphrey Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord United Healthcare Unitil University of New Hampshire - Durham University of New Hampshire Manchester University of New Hampshire Students in Action

US Airways - Destination Do Crew Pooja Usgaonkar Jack Vachon Vernae Vadnais Allison Vagte Alex Vailas Colbi Vaillancourt Patty Vaillancourt Chayanne Valazquez Jillian Valcourt Vanessa Valencia Allison Valentine Judy Vallee Leslie Van Berkum Bethany VanLuven Kelly Varnell Krystelle Vasquez David Vaught Jennifer Veilleux Gladys Veitin Eric Velasquez Alexa Velleco James Verschueren Laura Verville Alma Vidovic Karla Viera Glen Villano Chris Violette Mickey Violette Kenneth Viscarello Sarah Vlachos Heidi Voss Matthew Voss Ian Vossashl Yen Nhi Vu Alison Wagner Jackson Wajer Amanda Wakefield Wakefield Youth Group Dave Waldman Danielle Waldrupe Amy Wales Doren Wales Caila Walker Marissa Walker Autumn Wallace June Wallace Melinda Wallace Nicole Wallace Donna Wallack Matthew Walsh Dorian Walters Ian Walton Danny Wang Owen Ward Shelby Ward Koren Ware Olivia Warren Andrew Waterhouse Jon Waterhouse Caitlin Watson Alicia Weaver Ella Weaver John Weaver Jessie Webb Tammy Webb Carol Webber Eliza Webber Carl Weber Jen Weddleton Kelley Wedge David Weekly

Felysa Weeks Laura Weiler-Dapkus Maureen Weinhwer Abbie Weinstein Marshall Weiss Matt Welch Monique Welch Well Sense Health Plan Chris Wellington Patrick Welsh Lisa Wenner Tiffany Wentworth Tristan Wentworth Wentworth Douglass Hospital John Wescott Delise West Nicole West West High School West High School JAG

Crystal Wiltshire Jennifer Winbourne Gary Wing Erik Wirkkala Marlene Wisener Terry Witmer Crystal Wittshire Penny Wohlander Marissa Wolf Cheryl Wolfsohn Kylie Wood Nancy Wood Nicholas Woodman Dianne Woodward Work Opportunities Unlimited Workplace Success World Affairs Council of New Hampshire Liane Wormald

Program West High School Key Club West High School to Work Program Lynne Westaway Sarah Westfield Karen Westgaard Kate Weston Tod Westor Evan Weygandt Buzz Whalen Allison Wheeler Michelle Wheeler Tyler Wheeler Ian White Laurie White Madie White Sarah White Stephen White Joshua Whitehouse Bridget Widrig Rachel Widrig Wiggins Air Jen Wilbur Alysha Wilcox Emily Wilcox Samantha Wilcox Shelley Wilcox Jo Will Sally Will Samantha Will Maya Williams Caroline Willis Lori Willis McKenzie Willis Cheri Wilson Marlaine Wilson Rob Wilson Thaddueus Wilson

Tracey Wortham Bobbi Wright Christine Wright Dillon Wright Taylor Wright Grada-Anjo Wunderl Patricia Wunsch Travis Yandow Rachel Yassanye Sara Yee Robert Yelle Marc York Mason Young Young Agents Committee Andrew Yuara Christopher Yue Grace Yurish Tola Yussuf Scott Zabloudil Lisa Zahn Bob Zampella Steve Zanella Jill Zanine Jennifer Zastrow Russell Zeien Charlotte Zhang Eduardo Zhang Fiona Zhang Jilan Zhang Jingyi Zhang Raymond Zhang Meg Zhu Sue Zielinski Bozewa Ziolek Dan Zirlen Tyler Zorn Eric Zulaski

*We have made every effort to list correct information. If we have made an error, please contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-1143 ext. 357.

Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report


Board of Directors:

(January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014)

Karyn O’Neil, Chair (2013-2014) Senior Vice President, Citizens Bank Board Member Since 2003 Susan Grodman, Vice Chair Director of Service & Global Education, The Derryfield School Board Member Since 2007 Deborah J. Brann, Treasurer Controller, St. Paul’s School Board Member Since 2011 Trevor Arp, Secretary VP of Product Management, Comcast Board Member Since 2008 Dick Anagnost President, Anagnost Companies Board Member Since 2007 Judy Bergeron President, MTS Services Board Member Term 2005-2014 Emily Brown Director Client Services, Gigunda Group Board Member Since 2014 Colleen Cone VP, Talent & Culture, DYN Board Member Since 2014 Graham Chynoweth Chief Operating Officer, DYN Board Member Term 2009-2013 Eric Demaree President, Carpet One Floor & Home Division, CCA Global Partners Board Member Since 2012 Theresa Dolloff Retired Marketing Professional Board Member Term 2007-2014 David Donohue VP of Community Engagement, LifeShare Management Group Board Member Since 2009 Margaret “Missy” Fulton Assistant Commissioner, NH Department of Revenue Administration Board Member Term 2013-2014 Alison Hutcheson Manager of Sales, Merchants Fleet Management Board Member Since 2014 Angela Irons Assistant Vice President, Field Development, Lincoln Financial Group Board Member Since 2014 Kristy Merrill Chief of Staff, New Hampshire Senate Board Member Since 2014 Sedra Michaelson Strategic Account Manager, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business Board Member Term 2003-2013 Rev. Gayle Murphy Northwood Congregational Church, UCC Board Member Since 2008


Stephanie Sledjeski VP, Institutional Client Services, Envestnet, Inc Board Member Term 2010 - 2014 Tracie Sponenberg Director of Human Resources, Emerson Ecologics Board Member Since 2013 Kathryne “Kitten” Stearns Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Board Member Since 2014 Charla Stevens Employment, Healthcare and Education Law Attorney, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, PA Board Member Since 2013

Housing BeneFITs Board of Directors: (January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014)

Karyn O’Neil, Chair Senior Vice President, Citizens Bank Board Member Since 2013 Judy Bergeron President, MTS Services Board Member Since 2010 Anne DuBois Alumni, Families in Transition Board Member Since 2010 Sheila Grace Counselor, Beech Street School Board Member Since 2012 Rebecca Richards Alumni, Families in Transition Board Member Since 2012 Timothy Soucy Public Health Director, Manchester, NH Board Member Since 2010 Maureen Tessier Captain, Manchester Police Department Board Member Since 2012

Families in Transition Staff: (as of December 2014)

Lisa Allard, Chief Operating Officer Patricia Barrett, Treatment Coordinator Jeff Bartel, Outreach Coordinator VISTA Kyle Beaulieu, Program Manager & IT Specialist Maureen Beauregard, President Lauren Bombardier, Resource Development Manager Bill Bouchard, New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness VISTA Kristen Brewster, Marketing & Outreach VISTA Leader Melanie Carlson, Program Aide Mary Beth Collins, Recovery Support Worker Dale Cox, Property Maintenance Mary Curtis, Driver Jo Davidson, Child & Family Therapist Gandy Dlublac, Program Aide Sarah Dorner, Housing Advocate Darren Finch, Project Development & Facilities Manager Karen Frarie, Therapist Katelyn Gagnon, Housing Advocate

Pamela Hawkes, Donor Relations Manager Barbara Hevey, Program Aide Sophia Japhet, Family Place Volunteer Coordinator John Kelley, Program Aide Ashley Kitchell, Housing Advocate Cathy Kuhn, Director of Research & Training Nancy Lacerte, Property Administrator Melissa LaPlace, Family Willows Intake Coordinator Tish Lupa, Emergency Shelter Program Manager Emily Melhorn, Coordinator of Volunteers & VISTA Lucy Nadeau, Program Aide Nicole Peterson, Property Administrator Jennifer Plecan, Fundraising & Special Event Coordinator VISTA Tim Prince, Assistant Manager Hilary Rush, Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist VISTA Laurie Saunders, Bookkeeper Stephanie Savard, Vice President Meghan Shea, Family Willows Program Manager Michele Simard, Staff Accountant Mark Stokes, Research & Grants Manager Ruth Syrek, Administrative Assistant Michele Talwani, Director of Economic Development & Marketing Carolyn Towne, Housing Program Manager Ian Umphrey, Service Coordinator VISTA Abbie Weinstein, Intake Coordinator Dominique Whiton, Housing Advocate Cheryl Wolfsohn, Property Administration Manager Zach Rizzo, Environmental Technician

OutFITters Thrift Stores Staff: (as of December 2014)

Tracey Cathey, Truck Driver Charles Chapple, Retail Associate Carmen Croteau, Retail Associate Bruce Desjardins, Retail Associate Nathan Glover, Truck Driver/Stocking Associate Michelle Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator Piskila Mesa, Retail Associate Ruth Pratt, Retail Associate Lisa Remington, Assistant Retail Manager Matthew Slaske, Retail Associate Matthew Teichman, Retail Manager

FIT Cleaning Solutions Staff: (as of December 2014)

Claudette Bean, Environmental Technician Alex Dandreta, Environmental Technician Lisa Feliz, Environmental Technician Steve Gleason, Environmental Technician Carina Hernandez, Environmental Technician James Marcoux, Environmental Technician Gloria Martinez, Environmental Technician Karen O’Meara, Environmental Technician Isabelle Ruhamya, Environmental Technician Steve Serson, Environmental Technician Wally Spears, Assistant Manager Ian Stuart, Environmental Technician Tim Teague, Environmental Technician

Financial Summary: STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES Revenues Federal, State & Other Grant Support Property Management Fees Rental Income Tax Credits & Developer Fees Public Support & Special Events Interest & Other Income Program Service Revenue & In-Kind Total Revenues

2014 Revenues

2014 2013 $2,305,345 $2,211,239 570,336 518,502 295,911 245,581 201,067 122,400 247,999 262,047 465,478 313,138 117,514 284,054 $4,203,650 $3,956,961

Expenses Program Expenses Management & General Expenses Resource Development Expenses

Total Revenues

2014 2013 $3,261,921 $2,992,932 411,429 405,332 432,998 387,803



2014 Expenses



11% 10%

6% 5% 55%


■ Federal, State & Other Grant Support ■ Property Management Fees ■ Rental Income ■ Tax Credits & Developer Fees ■ Public Support & Special Events ■ Interest & Other Income ■ Program Service Revenue & In-Kind

■ Program Expenses ■ Management & General Expenses ■ Resource Development Expenses



STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION ASSETS 2014 2013 LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS 2014 2013 Current Assets: Current Liabilities: Cash and Cash Equivalents $230,524 $224,016 Current Portion of Long-Term Debt $52,971 $44,036 117,456 128,036 Accounts Payable 85,751 66,740 Accounts Receivable Grants Receivable 275,758 204,888 Accrued Expenses 103,316 84,295 Funds Held As Fiscal Agent 75,737 96,380 Funds Held As Fiscal Agent 75,737 96,380 Prepaid Expenses 9,197 8,795 Due to Related Entities 58,385 85,658 Accd Interest Rec on Related Party Note 746,158 661,985 Deferred Revenue 30,383 2,701 Reserve Cash Designated For Properties 2,871 3,103 Security Deposits 10,516 10,335 Due From Related Party 220,321 157,381 Other Assets 10,516 10,260 Total Current Assets $1,688,538 $1,494,844 Total Current Liabilities $417,059 $390,145 Replacement Reserves $33,113 $27,590 Long-Term Debt, Less Current Portion 1,485,770 1,121,508 Related Party Notes Receivable 1,725,799 1,725,799 Total Liabilities $1,902,829 $1,511,653 Investments 10,661 8,537 Net Assets: Investment in Related Entities 1,196,347 1,196,347 Unrestricted - Controlling Interest 5,994,661 5,209,601 Property and Equipment, Net 3,052,217 2,267,912 Development in Process 190,815 225 Total Net Assets $5,994,661 $5,209,601 Total Assets $7,897,490 $6,721,254 Total Liabilities & Net Assets $7,897,490 $6,721,254

Families in Transition 2013/2014 Annual Report

2013/2014 Annual Report

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