The 2014 Annual Report

A message from the Executive Director It was a big year at the Fringe. Really big. I could go on for days about the geeky facts and figures and all-around awesomeness surrounding our 2014 festival, but that’s what the rest of this annual report is for (seriously, keep reading - this thing is loaded with cool stuff). But while I’ve got a moment of your time, I’d like to highlight a few of my favorite moments from 2014. We hit all-time-high attendance and box office revenue numbers, increasing the money paid out to artists by nearly 5% from 2013. We overhauled our website. Designed to work best on phones and tablets, we saw growth in visitors to the site as well as advance ticket sales. We launched a site-specific performance program, opening the festival up to a whole new world of performance styles and opportunities. And best of all, we spent 11 crazy days together - artists, audiences, volunteers and staff. We saw shows, and then we talked about them in lobbies, on the sidewalk or over wings and a beer at the bar. We saw stuff we’d never seen before, rushed between venues, waited in line, swapped reviews with a stranger, made new friends, and had a bunch of fun. Yep, it was a big year at the Fringe. Thanks for that. Sincerely, Jeff D. Larson, Executive Director Front cover: “The Tiger in the Room” presented by Unfold the Sky Productions. Photo by Dan Norman


vs. 50,007 in 2013


Box office revenue:

$380,880 Web traffic:


vs. $365,101 in 2013

vs. 68,836 in 2013

unique visitors

How we operate “As a playwright, I doubt I will ever stop doing Fringe. I’ve finally discovered this gold mine of creative people that I’ve always wanted to have... all because my ball was drawn out of a bingo cage. No submitted scripts, no resumes, no interviews, no references. Just a number. It’s that easy. Anyone can do it.” - 2014 producer “Four Humors Does Every Show in the Fringe” presented by Four Humors. Photo by Dan Norman

WE’RE FAIR. Our show lineup is selected entirely by lottery - every applicant is assigned a numbered ping-pong ball, and we host a standing-room-only crowd to watch them get drawn. All shows operate under the same basic ground rules and no one gets preferential treatment.

WE BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. Sure, the parties and happy hours that we host are fun, but more than that they provide a forum for connections - not to mention lasting relationships - between artists, audiences, volunteers donors and staff.

WE INVEST IN PRODUCER TRAINING. We want our companies to do well at Fringe, but more importantly, we want to help them develop lasting tools for success, so we offer extensive producing guidance to those who want it.

WE OPERATE PROFESSIONALLY. While what happens on our stages is out of control (in a good way!), we’re a well-run, fiscally strong mid-size arts organization with a stable staff, dedicated board of directors and a strategic plan to guide our actions.

WE TAP INTO OUR COMMUNITY’S STRENGTH. Nearly 400 volunteers show their love for Fringe every year by helping us run our box office operations, collectively filling over 3,500 shifts.

WE PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS. Locally, we collaborate with other arts organizations as often as possible and, nationally, we’re leaders in the U.S. Association of Fringe Festivals (

The 2014 festival No. of applications received:


No. of shows:


No. of performances:



50,265 Average attendance per performance:


Box office revenue:


Producer payout:

$258,738 Average producer payout:


“Top Gun: The Musical” presented by Rooftop Theatre Company. Photo by Craig VanDerSchaegen

TOP 10 SHOWS BY OVERALL TICKET SALES 1. “Hi! Hello! Namaste?” by Bollywood Dance Scene Twin Cities 2. “Fotis Canyon” by The Importance of Being Fotis 3. “Mainly Me Productions’ Our American Assassin; or You Can’t Handle the Booth!” by Malcolm & Jorge 4. “Top Gun: The Musical” by Rooftop Theatre Company 5. “Crime and Punishment” by Live Action Set 6. “Four Humors Does Every Show in the Fringe” by Four Humors 7. “Failure: A Love Story” by Campbell Productions 8. “CIRCULATE” by Guittar Productions 9. “Marie-Jeanne Valet Who Defeated La Bete du Gevaudan” by Sandbox Theatre 10. “A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant” by The Catalysts TOP 10 SHOW BY % CAPACITY 1. “Into the Unreal City” by Catalog Models 2. “The Sex (Ed) Show” by V as in Victor 3. “Crime and Punishment” by Live Action Set 4. “The History of Minnesota - Unscripted!” by The Theater of Public Policy 5. “The Finkles’ Theater Show!!!” by Ryan Lear and Rachel Petrie 6. “Pretty People Suck (And Other Indisputable Facts about the Universe” by Arc Stages Satellite 7. “Native Man the Musical” by New Native Theatre 8. “Hi! Hello! Namaste?” by Bollywood Dance Scene Twin Cities 9. “Macaroni On A Hotdog” by Snapdragon Theatre 10. “Djinn & Tonic” by Jawaahir Dance Company

ARTIST SERVICE. In 2014, we continued our long history of offering producer workshops in topics like marketing, social media, tech, fundraising and more. We also offered a brand new program - the Fringe Unified Auditions - to help match actors wanting to perform and producers in need of a cast. SITE-SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE. In addition to our 15 theater spaces, we also included four site-specific performances in the lineup in 2014. With everything from a musical walking tour, an aerial dance show, a philosophical travel agency and an immersive “Crime and Punishment,” this program opened the festival up to a whole new world of possibility. A SNAZZY WEBSITE. We took a big step forward online this year. In addition to getting a new logo and new mascots, we also completely redesigned our website. Designed to work best on mobile devices, audiences were able to browse shows, buy tickets and write reviews on the go. Website traffic (especially mobile traffic) was at an all-time high this year. BOX OFFICE RECORDS. Going along with increased web traffic were record-breaking ticket sales and box office revenue. In 2014 we paid out more to our participating producers than we ever have in the history of the festival (the previous record was $249,116 in 2010).





Application/production fees

Other Fringe revenue




of our total revenue comes from earned income resources - that’s unusual for a nonprofit.


Artist payout Production contract services

Venue/equipment rent Festival marketing Misc. expense

Salaries, health benefits, payroll taxes

Fundraising Admin overhead

Payment to cash reserve


We’re lucky to live in a state that puts such a high value on arts funding!






Ticket sales

Corporate sponsorships/ad sales



$258,738 $129,076 $57,497 $10,509

Money in the pockets of artists! Jobs for local theater professionals: technicians, web designers, ASL interpreters and more. Supporting local theater venues with cash and new audiences through their doors.


$234,733 $4,805 $22,245 $23,635


There’s a year-round team that keeps the festival running like clockwork.

Money to continue the financial stability of the organization and to research big ideas to make the festival even better.

What they get: At least 65% of gross box office revenue Five performances in a fully-equipped, professional venue “The Finkles’ Theater Show!!!” presented by Ryan Lear and Rachel Petrie. Photo by Dan Norman

Our artists “The Fringe Festival supplies all of the essentials to produce a show and really takes away a lot of the logistical work. This is so helpful for a first-time producer like me!” - 2014 producer

Access to free producer workshops + staff support

Box office staff + professional technicians

A customizable page on our hightraffic website

Liability insurance

Press + marketing support

Who they are: Artists who had never produced a show before. Ever.


Where they’re from:


Artists who had never produced at the Fringe before.

Artists who liked us so much in the past, they decided to come back in 2014.


Our audience LOYAL Nearly 40% of our audience has been coming to the Fringe for six years or more!

PASSIONATE 24% of our audiences saw more than 15 shows at the 2014 festival.











Native American















Arab American/ Middle Eastern




Under 17

Female Trans

“Entre Nosotros (Between Us)” presented by La Gringa Danza. Photo by Craig VanDerSchaegen

Greater Minnesota


National/ International


Twin Cities suburbs


Metro Twin Cities


Our supporters

Government This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.


The Boss Foundation Corporate

“Into the Unreal City” presented by Catalog Models. Photo by Mathieu Lindquist

Leadership Donors $500+

Sustaining Donors $100-$499

Donors $1-$99

Thomas Erik Bailey Ron Brunk-Parker Delano & Katherine DuGarm Matt Hanzlik The Julia Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation Gay & Greg Kemmis Annie Scott Riley Richard Allendorf & Paul Markwardt Roger & Kate Barr William Beeman Bob Beverage & Cathy Gasiorowicz Christina & Mark Bigelow Dan Burton Brad Calli Connie Cameron Margaret Cleveland Roy & Linda Close Janet Conn Timothy Connelly Shelly & Jason Dailey

“Jumpin’ Jack Keourac” presented by Eclectic Otter Productions. Photo by Alex Wohlhueter

Crystal Abbe Faysal Abraham Atashi Acharya Rudy Aguilar William Alexander Anna Amyx Ann Anaya Sonja Anderson Kristi Anderson Lauren Anderson Rebecca Anderson Megan Arnold Kirk Atkinson Heather Baldwin David Baram Bob Barnes Daniel Bayn Lisa Beller Rachel Bellotti Jessica Belt Vickie Benson Donald & Sharon Benzel Christopher Berne Susan Bjelland Amber Bjork Amy Bonifas John Bonk David Borchert Brett Bowman Florence Brammer Carin Bratlie Rachel Brewster Lizzie Breyer Joanne Brockington Barbara Broen Nicole Buchholz Laura Buchholz Eric Butler Carolyn Caba Georgann Callander Christopher Cargill Kat Carlson William Casey

Our donors

Richard & Charlotte Peach Pugsley Fund of HRK Foundation Alex Seymour Cameron & Michele Skold Steven Walker Will Weisert & Brenda Cornelius Leona Werner & Robert F Waldron Jeff Dreblow Debora Drower & James Freid Suz Durk Alvin Easter Ann B Erickson Peter & Karen Erickson Beverlee Everett Emily Faulkner Nancy Feldman Kathleen Fluegel David Frank & Wendy Holmes Myron Frisch & Delores Lutz Reid Gagle & Genene McNabb Wendy & Chris Gennaula Jesse Gibbs Robert & Marcia Gillette

Sarita Castro William S & Marcia Chalgren Eileen Chanen Kim Chase-Kozak Kevin Chavis Mark & Sandra Christensen James Christiansen Heidi & Brian Corcoran Pamela Costain & Lawrence M Weiss Josh Cragun Kadee Crottier Patricia Cummings Keith Dalluhn Erin Davenport Julie Deis Laura Delavie Ricky DeMello Margo DePaulis Robert Devereaux Nancy Devitt Alexander Dewar Christine DezelarTiedman & Stephen Tiedman Jessica Dinius Richard Dowdell Phillip Drexler Nancy Duncan Kari Duong-Topp Kenneth Dutton Patricia Eaves Chari Eckmann Dean Einerson Karen C Ellery Christa Engquist Caitlin Ericson Joe Erjavec Amalia & Clarence R Falk Skip Fay

Ian Felton & Jennifer Buege Corrinne Fiedler Lynn Filipas Rich & Judy Fine Sheldon Finver Rachel Flynn Jeffrey Fogle Jennifer Forliti Marcy Frost Margaret Fulton Nancy Fushan Michel Gagneau Sallie Gaines Jeanne Gallaher Jonathan Gandrud Bill Gaupp Leland Gehrke Sarah Geving Jane Gibson Robin Gillette Scott & Candace Gislason Debra Glassman Nikita Godette Karen & Mark Goldberg Chris Goodnight Seth Goodspeed Bob & Kit Gordon Marcella Grandpre Janet Greenlees Emily Gresbrink Greta Grosch Barbara Gurstelle Ellen Hadley Matt Haglund Molly Hair Donald Hale Jean Haley Michael Hansel Catherine Hansen Kathleen & Thomas Hardy

Elizabeth Grant Keith Halperin & Karen Grabow William & Carolyn Hanzlik Myra Hartman Kate Hoff & Bob Weidman Kathy Honer Joshua Humphrey Jay & Kathryn Jackson Jennifer Jaszczak Suzanne Jebe Steve & Linda Kantner Marjorie Kelly Elena & Daniel Khalitov James & Annearle Klein Amy & Bert Kritzer Beth La Fayette & Robert Julie & Gaylen Harms Sarah & Reinhold Hartmann David Harty John Hatle WIlliam Hefner Alan Heider Randy Hemauer Nancy Hendrickson Karen Hensley Tamar Herman David Higgins Doug Hill Pam Hockenberry Liz & Peter Hoff Stefanie Hofman Meagan Holtz Jolene Hunter Sarah Hustad Frances Hyde Dana Irrer Dan Iverson Stephanie Janish Christopher Jenkins Barbara Jensen Jennifer Jensen Foster Johns Charles Johnson Gene Johnson Kari Johnston Judy Jones Catherine Jordan Linda Kading Kristen Kampsula Michael Kanner Shirley & Arnold Kaplan Vicki Joan Keck Catherine Kelly Jane Kerling Jon Kirchoffer Susan Klaseus Judy Klevan Karen Koeppe

“This was my 8th consecutive Fringe, as I time my vacation to visit family as the same time as the festival. Made more than one good friend from the festival who I stay in contact with even without the Fringe. For that, I say thank you. And see you next August!” -Fringe donor Fitzsimons, Jr Linda Larson Jeff D Larson & Karin Olson Dave Larson Ronald Laudner & Kathy Douglass Daniel Levey & Suzanne Weinstein Mike Lewis & V Adele Suttle Mary & Douglas Logeland Maureen Low Chris Maier Bradley Mares Karen & Bernard McGarrigle Todd Michaels Deanne Miller

Jill Kopp Mary Koskan Mahnaz Kousha Kristin Kowler Tim Kramer Carrie Kruger Rhonda Kuehl & David Hoiland Norm Kunselman Jon Lahann Tom Lander Betsy Lang Julie LaSota Chillon Leach Francis Leckie Michael Lee Conor Lefebvre Danielle Lenart Paula & Jay Lewein Jay & Sally Lieberman Gloria Lindberg Daniel Lontkowski Candace Lopez phillip andrew bennett low Christi Lumb Kelsey Lumpkin David Lund & Jane Curry Mary LundbergJohnson Jennifer Lynch David & Marilee Mahler Benjamin Maliszewski Robert Marcus & Anthony Matthews Mary & Ron Mattson Larissa Mavros Peyton McCandless Marlene McEwan Virginia McFerran S Catherine McIntire

Catherine McNerlin Daniel Mcnitt Kimberly Meisten Mary Messina Heather Meyer Kate Meyers Michael Mezera Margaret Michaelson Chris Miller Danna Mirviss Joshua Moehling Rachel Moeller Carol & Jim Moller Kim Monaco LuAnn Monahan Yvonne B Moore Thomas Morgan Lydia Morken Jesse Mueller Kathleen Murphy Anne Myers-Richards & Trevor Richards Rebecca Nargang Joseph H & Jo Ann L Nathan Kenny Nelson Brooke Nelson Cody Nelson James Nelson Ray Nelson Herbert Nelson Jane Newman J Michael Norman Andrew Northrop Jeanne Novak Jodelle Nygaard Chelsea Okey Michele Osman Sarah Parker Thistle Parker-Hartog Jennifer Patterson Anthony & Nancy Paul Angela Paulson

David Miller & Mary Dew Dawn Mori William Muchow Charlene Paulson Patrick Pfundstein Kelly Rosenthal Andrew & Sara Ruff Jim Rustad Jennifer & Edwin Ryan, Jr. Paul & Patricia Sackett Adam Santiago Wayne Schoeneck Lowell Schoenherr Lisa Sinclair Lila & Karl Smith Nanette Stearns Lauren Peck Karen Pedersen Kyle & Kathryn Pederson Anne Pederson Nickolas Penning Chuck Peterson Lindsey Peterson Rachel Peterson Stephen Phillipps & Sue Guildermann David Pisa Rebecca Plumb Colleen Powers Jacqueline & Aaron Preusse Peggy Rader Gail Rainville Sara Ramsden Lesli Randall Dave & Malina Rauschenfels Cheryl Ravich Mindy Rechelbacher Tom Reed Robert Rees Isreli Reichman Derek Reise John Repp Philip Rickey Dan Riehle Wendy Robson Diana Rockne Robert Rodby Mary Roers Jack Rose Cathryn Rosene Jaclyn Rostamo Shawn Rowan Shannon & Karen Rudesill Lawrence Rudnick Metta Rusk Mary & Dave Sandberg

Rebecca Stibbe Mary Stone John Stout & Marcia Stout Teri Stueck Mark Sweeney Loren Taylor Keith Thorkelson Caroline Toll & Nick Vetter Emily Anne Tuttle Elaine Wilson & Daniel Barnes Kate Zimmerman Harvey Zuckman & Philip Oxman

Alishia Saucier Randy Schafer Melanie SchatzPattay Jessica Schilling Nathan Schoch Matthew & Carrie Schroepfer Carol Schwerdfeger Jen Scott Robert Seabold Sarah Senaratna Shelly Setten Barbara Shaterian Sue Sheppard Richard Shields Kelly Simons Adrienne & Michael Sirany Lane Skalberg Margie Slingsby Laura Smith Lisa Smith Julie Solmon Diona Sommario Ashley Sondergaard Elise Sorensen Edward Sostek Laurine Speltz Todd & Cathy Stahl Carla Steen & Jeff Friedl Christopher Stenzel Elizabeth Stockton Lindsey Strange James Stroebel Robert Style Kathleen Sullivan Joel Swearingen Leah Tabbert Raymond Terrill & Gregory Grinley Katie Tharp Ben Thietje

Patrick Thomas Sarah Thordsen Will Tinkham Chris Tishuk Emily Tritabaugh Andrew & Corinna Troth Eryn Tvete Jenifer Vanek Daniel Vogel Faith Voss Michelle Walter Frances Ward Cassie WarholmWohlenhaus Natalie R Wass Janet Wass Luke Weisberg Jeff Wepplo & Lisa Deutsch Heather West & Mark Long Katherine Whittington Cathy Wick Claudia Wiebold Lori-Anne Williams Alex Wohlhueter Nancy Wrolson William Young Kris Young John Zakelj Patricia Zeiler Jenni Zickert Heidi Ziemer Mary Zollman

Our volunteers


Yusra Ahmed Jonathan Ahn Ted Allen Michelle Ammann Sydney Ammann Alicia Anderson Ellen Anderson Jackie Anderson Leah Arneson Denise Artley Carla Asleson Michele Atkins Peter Avirom Kat Aymeloglu Joanne Backer Kersten Bailey Murphy Baker Zac Baker Kathryn Balster Tony Balster Helene Barcelo Nick Barker Taylor Bartelt Melissa Bartholomew Jeanne Bartlett Joseph Bates Ted Bates Michelle Bauleke Matthew Bayer Sylvia Beach Colleen Beagan Austin Beatty Jessica Bell Rachael Bell Stayci Bell Lisa Beller Brent Bender Linda Berberoglu Duane Berkas Kristen Berkas Shelly Bertrand Suzula Bidon


Emily Bishton Jane Bolla Valerie Borey Gary Bortner Deirdre Boyle Nathan Breuer Stephanie Bright Michael Brown Ron Brunk-Parker Jennifer Buckhout Jennifer Buege Diane Bundlie Klee Burke Samuel Busch Anna Callahan Connie Cameron Sabreena Candreva Jeff Cawhorn Paul Clausen Zoey Cobb Alisa Coddington Trisha Collopy Hailey Colwell Patricia Corcoran Tom Cosgrove Zachary Coulter Melissa Cuddy Chris Curtiss Afra Daghighian Shelly Dailey Barbara Davidson Dennis Davidson Julia Davis Pat Deckas Becerra Andrew Decker Mary DeLaquil Chuck Demler Jacob Devine Naomi Donnellan Ashley Dow Pj Doyle Stacy Drude


Cindy Dubansky Shelby Edwards Donald Eichman Stephanie Eichman Robert Eisen Emily Eng Matthew Erbes Saleha Erdmann Roy Fandrich George Ferguson Steve Ferree Rich Fine Sam Fischer Andy Flamm Mary Flom Jenna Fodness Craig Foster Ian Foster Carl Franzen Michael Freier Jill Galles Katherine Gallup-Strom Kate Gaynor Tyler Geisen Maria Ghassemlou Den-Zell Gilliard Robin Gilmer Sam Gisselman Maggie Goodspeed Sue Goodspeed Mary Graves Angela Green Laura Grevas Aaron Griep Brian David Grondin Xander Grzywinski Joseph Guhlin Jeb Hagan Gena Hagedorn Annie Hall Rebecca Hallette


Matt Hanzlik John W Harris Marissa Harris Becca Hart Trevor Hartman Linda Hayen Ann Healy Nick Heille Rosie Heille Kasey Heimstead Franklin Heller Andrea Hendricks Robyn Hendrix Jessica Hensel Lance Hentges Greg Hernandez Eric Herr Ali Higginbotham Kesta Higginbotham Kristin Hill Avirom Summer Hills-Bonczyk Sandy Hitchin Michael Hoffman Kathleen Hollinger Zoe Hollomon Sandra Hong Elsa Hoover Will Hoover Marie Houle Yan Huang Ethan Hyers Mariia Ihnatova Alvin Irby Lisa Jacques Ann Jalonen Mark Janzen Laura Jensen Cathy Johnson Kirk Johnson Jeanie Johnston Brianna Jonna Melissa Kaercher

David Kaiser Linda Kantner Steve Kantner Sonja Karbo Martha Karge Wendy Kaufmann Christopher Kehoe Maria Keith Annette Kendall Clark Kinser Andy Kiorpes Richard Klatte Sarah Klauer Charlotte Knoche Collin Knopp-Schwyn Susan Knutson Karen Koeppe Kari Kopf Gwendolyn Kornblum Olha Korniienko Rebecca Kravchenko Amy Kreider Megan Krogh Mark Krug John Kustermann Jocelyn LaBerge Alana LaBissoniere Heather Lamb Barbara Lambert Lisa Landreman Lisa Lange Charlie LaPierre Sarah Lawrence-Lupton Abi Leveille Mike Lewis Rebecca Lewis Carol Lichterman Alice Lin Roselynd Lin Jay Lingo Judy Lingo Andre Lipsey

Nancie Litin Sica Lockwood Jim Loeffler Maria Lofstuen Ariel Lopez Bruce Losure Megan Losure Jan Lovick Dawn Lovig Alison Luedtke Jo Lum Erik Lundborg Mary Lynch Brent MacNabb Joanne MacNabb Jeanette Macon Michelle Makie Alison Mandelbaum Sam Mandelbaum Patricia Marcroft Robert Marcroft Sherrie Marcy Cathy Marquardt Frances Matejcek Ely Mattson Carolyn Maurer Erica Mauter Molly McCarthy Laura McClanahan Jamie McKelvey Michael McKinnon Callie Meiners Frances Mendenhall Rod Metzger Chuck Meyer Peggy Meyer Barb Mikkanen Jeff Millikan Zeke Millikan Danna Mirviss David Morris Jacqueline Moser



Suresh Mudragada Allison Mulvihill Gina Musto Sarah Mytych Larry Nelson Doug Nicholson Suzanne Nordblom Becky Norling-Ruggles Kara Nystrom Linda Oeltjenbruns Holly O’Keefe T. Sheridan O’Keefe Baiba Olinger Andrew Orrison David Overzet Chris Page Jansy Patrick Roni Petersen Evan Peterson James Peterson Alyssa Petrangelo Daniel Pinkerton David Pisa Kendra Plant Chauncey Raether Jessica Ramberg Kathy Ray Robin Rayfield Brian Reed Julia Reed Danielle Ricci Beth Richardson Lynn Richason Susan Roberts Krista Rodby Margaret Rog Eli Rose Peter Rose Tracey Rose Megan Rudell Kate Rumley Amy Rummenie

Erik Ruthruff Maura Scanlon Katherine Schafer Peter Scherf Mary Jo Schifsky Emily Schirvar David Schlosser Jen Schnabel Connie Schramm DawnSchuetteMcKinnon Kyle Schwartz Matthew Schwer Maddie Scott Rachel Sear Marty Sedoff Marjorie Sehnert Anna Seifert Alex Seymour Bindi Shah Mela Shah Erin Sharkey Marcie Shatz Piper Shatz-Akin Catherine Sheridan James Shetler Marc Shinn-Krantz Sarene Silver Erin Sim Marie Simpson Bridget Sivanich Cameron Skold Emilie Slaby Chatta Small Emily Smith Lisa Smith Karen Smudski Samuel Spadino Joyce Spirala Stephanie Spitzer Leland St. Charles Katie Starks

Jenny Starr Nikki Starr Ellen Stein Jill Stein John Stevens Sharon Stiteler Kimberley Strain Abby Swafford Bill Sylvester Devin Taylor Bridgett Tegen Melanie Thome Amanda Kay Thomm Miranda Tilton Renee Van Siclen Peter Vankoughnett Pamela Veeder Sarah Vig Peter Villerius Glenn Wagy Holly Walter Michelle Walter Chance Wellnitz Amy Wells Megan Wells Laura Welsandt Brian Wene Heather West Drew Whitehead Shelley Whitehead Diane Wincek Beth Winter Robert Wright Mohamed Yakub Jenna Yeakle Anna Yesberger Eden Yosief Selam Yosief Matt Yost Jane Young Heidi Ziemer

“Everyday Hustle” presented by Erin Sheppard Presents. Photo by Jeff D. Larson

Staff and board “The staff is stellar from top to bottom. You legitimately perform miracles and I feel you don’t get enough credit.” - 2014 producer “Hi! Hello! Namaste?” presented by Bollywood Dance Scene - Twin Cities. Photo by Craig VanDerSchaegen



Jeff D. Larson Executive Director

Front of House Coordinators: Robert Eisen, Kaitlen Osburn, Erin Sharkey

Ann B. Erickson Associate Director

Front of House Interns: Nick Kourajian, Abby Norling-Ruggles

Mark Franko Office Manager/Artist Liaison

Patron Liaisons: Christopher Bauleke, Janice Geis, Christa Potter

Liz Neerland Technical Director Allegra Lingo Director of Audience & Volunteer Services Craig VanDerSchaegen Online Services Director John T. Zeiler Sponsorship & Ad Sales Coordinator

Eastburn, Kristy Haupt, Beth Janetski, Anthony Karna, Andy Kedl, Wu Chen Khoo, Jon Kirchhofer, Glenn Klapperich, Kristin Larsen, Jenny Moeller, Aaron Newman, Karin Olson, Julia Reisinger, Merritt Rodriguez, Paola Rodriguez, Eli Schlatter, Courtney Schmitz, Kevin Springer, Ray Steveson, Tony Stoeri, Mike Wangen

House Managers: Maya Alardi, Christopher Bauleke, Zoe Benston, Spencer Bondhus, Brett Bowman, Katie Burger, Kerry Crawford, Ben Eng, Elena Fransen, Emilie Hanson, Janice Geis, Jenna Johnson, Kellye Kosanda, Ariel Leaf, Zoe Makila, Eva Nelson, Andrew Northrop, Ross Orenstein, Olivia Pelham, Kim Peterson, Anna Quirk, Rea Retterath, Andrew Sposeto, Katonya Strickland, Shelby Thomason, Wendy Thoren, Brennin Weiswerda, Jeremiah Zortman

Photographers: Jeff D. Larson, Mat Lindquist, Dan Norman, Jennifer Steffen, Debbie Tallen, Craig VanDerSchaegen, Tony Webster, Alex Wohlhueter

Venue Technicians: Sarah Bauer, Leazah Behrens, Ursula Bowden, Emma Capman, Bill Cassidy, Jake Davis, Brittany

Ron Brunk-Parker, Treasurer CPA

ASL Coordinator: Claire Alexander Audio Description Coordinator: Rick Jacobson


Connie Cameron Honors Mentor Connection, ISD 287

Shelly Dailey, Vice President Brandography David Frank, Secretary City of Minneapolis Paul Godfread Godfread Law Firm Matt Hanzlik Nielsen Kate Hoff Institute of Agriculture & Trade Policy Gay Kemmis Securian Kathy Kim Securian Danna Mirviss PACER Center Annie Scott Riley Spong PR Cameron Skold Haigh, Todd & Associates Steven W. Walker, President Boundary Waters Brands/Joia Soda/21st Services, LLC

Minnesota Fringe Festival 79 13th Ave. NE, Suite 112 Minneapolis, MN 55413 612.872.1212

© 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival. All rights reserved All photographs from the 2014 festival.

“The Adventures of Tapman” presented by Tapman Productions, LLC. Photo by Dan Norman.