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WELCOME to A WORLD of design and innovation Our aim here at Peugeot Contract Hire is to deliver the kind of ownership experience you would expect from one of the world’s great brands – by providing excellent value for money together with hassle free, satisfying motoring. At Peugeot Contract Hire our product range extends far beyond motor finance. As the home of ‘peace of mind motoring’ you can find everything you need for an enjoyable motoring experience. With tailor-made finance solutions, protection and motor insurance, this is where your journey begins. With over 25 years’ experience, we know your vehicle better than anyone else and what’s needed to keep it running smoothly. That’s why we recommend only Peugeot Dealers look after our vehicles – after all why trust it to anyone other than your local expert.

We recommend that you take some time to read your new vehicle’s handbook. Whilst we acknowledge that they can be heavy going, it’s worth making sure you’re aware of all the features and benefits of your vehicle, plus what needs to be checked regularly to keep it running smoothly. We hope you enjoy your new Peugeot and that throughout your contract we exceed your expectations. After all, our work is only just beginning and we’re only successful if, at the end of your contract, you choose to hire another vehicle from us. So thanks for choosing Peugeot and Peugeot Contract Hire. Nigel Ward Operations Manager Peugeot Contract Hire

Congratulations on your choice of a brand new Peugeot 2


Looking after your Peugeot Whilst Peugeot Contract Hire will do all we can to help keep your vehicle in first class condition, there are things which need to be checked regularly if it’s to perform at its optimum level. Tyres Did you know that whilst driving only four small patches of rubber (each about the size of your hand) ever come into contact with the road? So as such, it’s important that you have the right tyres, inflated to the correct pressure and in good condition. Correct tyre pressure is important for several reasons: • s afety – under or over inflation will affect grip and braking performance • fuel economy – under inflation increases fuel consumption • tyre life – under or over inflation increases wear • ride – over inflation can result in a harsh, uncomfortable ride

At Peugeot Contract Hire we advise that you check your tyre pressures every two weeks (when the tyres are cold), using a reliable/accurate tyre pressure gauge. At the same time, examine your tyres for any cuts or bulges, which must be checked out by a professional. A bulge in a tyre may indicate internal structural damage, and as such the tyre must be replaced. You may also need a new one if you find cuts deep enough to reveal the internal structure of the tyre. Any tyre damage should be examined at your local Peugeot Dealer. Oil Level Running low on oil can cause a lot more damage to your vehicle than you might think. Low oil levels will mean that the engine is being worn far quicker than it should be. It can increase fuel consumption, and in certain cases can lead to the vehicle requiring unscheduled repairs which may not be covered by the vehicle warranty or your maintenance agreement.

Servicing and Maintenance


It is important that your vehicle is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and that the servicing schedules are adhered to. Failure to do so could invaildate your vehicle warranty. Service schedules are confirmed in your vehicle handbook.

As previously stated, the Peugeot Dealer network are our preferred suppliers of tyres. However, in the event that you require emergency replacement or repair of your tyres, please call the Peugeot Contract Hire Tyre Hotline on 0845 313 3822.

All routine servicing and maintenance should be carried out by a Peugeot Dealer as they are fully trained, and experts in all things Peugeot. Peugeot Dealers are also our preferred suppliers for tyres, batteries and exhausts. You’ll need to present your service book to your Peugeot Dealer and ask that they complete your service history by stamping the book accordingly. Our terms and conditions state that vehicles must be maintained correctly and that a record of the service history is retained.

Therefore you should perform regular checks, topping up when necessary with the correct grade of oil which is detailed in your owner’s handbook. 4


Maintained Agreements

Didn’t choose a maintenance agreement?

Road Fund Licence

Fixed Penalty Notices, Tolls and Congestion Charges

If you’ve opted for a fully maintained contract then you have peace of mind that there should be no unexpected repair bills. Our maintained agreements cover all routine servicing plus repairs, which are necessary due to the normal use of your vehicle. It’s a great way to manage your cash flow.

If for whatever reason you decided not to take out a fully maintained agreement and, on reflection, you wish to spread the costs of servicing and repair, then it’s not too late.

For those customers who have chosen to fund their vehicle via Contract Hire, your road fund licence or tax disc will be forwarded to you before the renewal date. In the unlikely event that you have not received your new disc 5 days before the renewal, please contact us on 0845 136 0606.

As the driver of the vehicle, you are responsible for the payment of any fixed penalty notices (speeding, parking or bus lane fines), road or bridge tolls, plus any city congestion charges*.

Attached is your Contract Services Card which details the type of contract you have chosen. You should present this to the customer service advisor together with your service book when you arrive at the reception desk of your local Peugeot Dealer as this will avoid a request for payment prior to the release of your vehicle.

Simply contact us on 0845 313 3810 to discuss your requirement. Our competitively priced servicing and repair packages are designed to take the hassle out of maintaining your vehicle.

Customers who have funded their vehicles via a Finance Lease or Lease Purchase agreement are responsible for the purchase of their own road fund licence, and any fines that can result for failure to comply with the DVLA’s continual licensing programme.

If Peugeot Contract Hire receives a fixed penalty notice or driver fine, we will pass your details on to the issuing authority who will demand payment from you. If any fine remains unpaid and Peugeot Contract Hire is re-contacted, then we will be obliged to pay the fine on your behalf. In such instances we will invoice you the cost of the fine plus an administration fee. *City Congestion Charges will be treated in the same way as fixed penalty or driver fines

The replacement of any damaged items, including windscreens and tyres, are not covered by your maintenance agreement. Replacement windscreens and side glass can be supplied at competitive prices from any Peugeot Dealer. For emergency replacement of glass please see Glass Services section on Page 9.



Breakdown Assistance

Relief Vehicle


In the unlikely event that you experience problems with your vehicle, Peugeot Assistance 24 hour breakdown cover, is only a telephone call away. Simply call 0800 294 0294.

If you have chosen to include our relief vehicle option within your contract then a vehicle will be provided for your use in the event of mechanical breakdown or an accident. Please note, various levels of cover can be purchased therefore you should check which level of cover you have.

The replacement of glass items are not included within your contract but we have made available to you a comprehensive glass replacement and repair service for all vehicles on Peugeot Contract Hire.

Peugeot Assistance provides full breakdown cover including European Cover. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, Peugeot Assistance will transport you to the nearest Peugeot Dealer, unless otherwise instructed. Should you require a hire vehicle to continue your journey one can be provided for up to two days, but this needs to be requested at the point of recovery. You will need to have your driving licence, insurance details and a credit card for fuel deposit (or pay for Collision Damage Waiver with a credit card).

Should you be unfortunate enough to require a relief vehicle please contact the Peugeot Contract Hire Maintenance Helpline on 0845 313 3811, who will arrange for a vehicle to be made available as appropriate. Please allow 2 hours for the provision of a relief car during normal working hours.

In the event you require either a repair or a complete replacement to a windscreen or side glass, simply call 0845 313 3818. We will arrange for one of our technicians to repair or replace the damaged glass in order to have you and your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. In the event of an emergency, we can even ‘crash wrap’ your vehicle so you can continue your journey safely and arrange to replace the glass at a more convenient time for you. Or we can recover your vehicle free of charge from the roadside if the damage incurred renders the vehicle to be un-driveable. We will then arrange the damaged glass to be replaced at your convenience. If you have all the relevant details to hand, we can even liaise directly with your insurance company so you don’t need to pay the technician once the work has been completed. We shall invoice your insurance company directly.



Accident Management Unlike some of our competitors who charge for providing an accident management service, here at Peugeot Contract Hire we provide a programme free of charge. All vehicles are covered – both cars and vans – and should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident then simply call 0800 923 2999. Benefits of the programme include: •• 24/7 friendly and professional advice •• If your car isn’t driveable we’ll arrange for it to be recovered to the nearest Peugeot Accident Repair Centre, who will organise a ‘like for like’ replacement car for you to use until your car is back on the road (we’ll provide a car for a van too). If the accident was your fault, we will provide you with a courtesy vehicle

•• Vehicle repaired in the Peugeot Network using original Peugeot parts and a Repair Certificate issued that can be handed in at the end of contract, avoiding problems •• The car will be assessed by our Peugeot-trained technicians and repaired using Peugeot Original Equipment Parts for total peace of mind •• An efficient repair and return of your vehicle to ensure the minimum disruption. Regardless of which insurer you are covered with, you can call Peugeot Accident Assistance and let us take the inconvenience away. For more information and terms & conditions please visit www.peugeot.co.uk/paa

•• Our special Peugeot Trained Technicians will assess the damage and cost any necessary repairs. We will even inform your insurance provider so you don’t have to



Cherished number plates

Should your circumstances Change

We recognise that some of our customers will want to have their personal, cherished number plate transferred to their new vehicle and therefore our process is simple and efficient.

If your vehicle usage changes during your contract period, it may be possible to amend the contract terms to better suit your needs. If you would like to discuss changing your contract duration or mileage please contact the Peugeot Contract Hire Helpline on 0845 313 3811.

Should you wish to transfer your number plate then simply call our Fleet Administration Team who will discuss the process and the costs involved. Our Fleet Admin Team can be contacted on 0845 136 0606.


Also, if your company changes address, telephone number or email address, please let Peugeot Contract Hire know. You can do this by post, telephone, fax or email and our contact details can be found in the back of this brochure.


Using your vehicle abroad

Contacting Peugeot Contract Hire

If you are planning to travel abroad in your Peugeot Contract Hire vehicle it is essential that you contact us 14 days before departure so that we can despatch your overseas travel pack. Failure to do so could result in your vehicle being impounded as it is a requirement to carry proof of ownership if travelling abroad.

You can contact Peugeot Contract Hire by post, telephone, fax or email.

This would normally involve carrying the original registration document, or in the case of a lease vehicle, a European parliament recognised ‘Vehicle on Hire’ form is used. Should you choose to travel without contacting us to obtain your overseas travel pack in good time and your vehicle is subsequently impounded, then we will have no option but to recover the vehicle, with any costs involved being charged to you. When travelling abroad you should also contact your insurance company to ensure that you have sufficient cover in place.

Our contact details are: Peugeot Contract Hire Quadrant House Princess Way Redhill Surrey RH1 1QA Telephone Fax Email Website

0845 313 3811 0845 313 7995 [email protected] www.peugeotcontracthire.co.uk

Please call the Peugeot Contract Hire Fleet Administration Team on 0845 136 0606 to arrange the despatch of your overseas travel pack. There is a small administration charge to cover the cost of vehicle on hire paperwork.




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