Prepare your Social Enterprise for the Future!

Prepare your Social Enterprise for the Future! Building a Powerful, Purposeful Network And Adapting to Change Gone with the Wind Way of Life - swep...
Author: Alfred Beasley
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Prepare your Social Enterprise for the Future! Building a Powerful, Purposeful Network And Adapting to Change

Gone with the Wind

Way of Life - swept away on the winds of war and change – it is Gone with the Wind !!!!


Winds of Change


Strategy & Innovation - NPA Initiatives • Strategy and Innovation Team – – – –

NPA of the Future NPA Network NPA Development Workforce Development - Pathways to Careers

• Team: – – – – –

Dr. Dennis McBride, VP Strategy and Innovation Becky Wright-Brizee, AVP, Strategy and Innovation Rachel Osero, Director, NPA Development Therese Fimian & Brian DeAtley, Pathways to Careers Other S&I team members 4

NPA of the Future? • What’s in a name?? – – – –

Nonprofit Agency, a Network Partner Agency Social Enterprise? For-Benefit Organization? Fourth Sector “hybrid”

• Criteria (i.e. Ratios, stated mission) • Definitions for population served • Answering the questions: – SourceAmerica Producing Agency = ??? – NPA of the Future = ??? “To enlarge the mission, enlarge the vision” 5

Roles & Rules • SourceAmerica Affiliated Agency – Agency or entity with no SourceAmerica or AbilityOne contracts – Possibly involved with Franchise Initiative – Interested in becoming a producer

• SourceAmerica Producing Agency – Additional network criteria for CyclePoint, Staffing, CPPI, GSA Schedule subcontractor, etc. – May or may not be an AbilityOne Producing Agency

• AbilityOne Program Producing Agency – Subject to all regulatory and statutory requirements 6

NPA Development Team • NPA Capabilities/Capacity data & development •

Creating NPA Vendor Pools for Non-AbilityOne work

• Innovation Library (Roles, Rules, Tools) • Online collaboration forum – Join line of business groups – Collaborate with NPAs with similar interests

• Listening to the network through Focus Groups, online collaboration, listening posts


Overview of Growth Initiatives Filling Capability/Capacity Gaps

• Commercial Initiatives – CyclePoint • 52 NPAs in network

– Staffing • 22 NPAs in network

– Consumer Products Packaging Initiative • 40 NPAs have gone through the assessment process

– Franchising • 17 NPAs in network

• Other Focus Areas – Call Centers/IT Help Desks, Prime Contractor Program (including Products), Laundry, Records Management, Supply Chain, TFM, Commercial Product Sales


Workforce Development-Pathways to Careers • Innovative Solutions – Inclusive Individualized Employment – Pathways to Careers

• Demonstration sites: – – – –

PARC, Clearfield, UT WORK, Inc., Boston, MA JVS-Detroit, Detroit, MI ServiceSource, Oakton, VA

Goal: All youth and adults with significant disabilities will have an informed choice of competitive, integrated and full wage employment options

• Over 110 people receiving services – Focus on individuals with I/DD and ASD

• Third Party Evaluation 9

Why Pathways? • There continues to be a deeply held doubt that community employment is possible for many of the individuals currently in segregated environments. • Staff need to not only be exposed to cutting edge, effective strategies but they will need to be mentored through the implementation of those strategies. • In order to align with the demands resulting from Employment First in most states, CMS rules, Rhode Island consent decree, Oregon consent decree and WIOA, models are needed that can address the larger numbers of individuals to be served.


Pathways As a Bridge to Support Capacity Building

Pathways to Careers: Individualized Employment Strategies

Priority for CIE WIOA Employment First CMS Rules DOJ Settlements

NPA/Service Provider Capacity


Trends • The Commercial/Federal marketplace is too competitive to take a reactive approach. • Need for increased responsiveness, price competitiveness, quality & agility • Increased use of Hybrid & Partnering approaches – other NPAs, commercial partners, small business, etc. • Demand for integrated employment

“By admitting our weaknesses, we grow stronger” 12

Are You Ready??

• • • • • • • •

Board & Leadership Components Mission Clarity Infrastructure Corporate Risk Tolerance Assessment SWOT Analysis Business Portfolio Assessment Strategic Plan – goals & objectives Communications Plan 13

For After All -


Tools & Resources • Contact List for Growth and Strategic Initiatives • Roundtable discussions with SMEs today • Sign up for opportunity postings through the Customer Portal • Sign-up for the SourceAmerica Weekly Update • Webinars/Trainings-SourceAmerica and Industry Associations • Pathways to Careers:




How do we grow together?

• How have you prepared your agency for the future? • How can SourceAmerica be a “force multiplier”?

Questions? “Innovation is a journey, not a commute” 17

Thank You