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Designed by: BD Network – Produced by/Printed by: Gutenberg Networks – Automobiles Peugeot RC Paris B 552 144 503 – Printed in the EU - UK - Ref. : DO...
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Designed by: BD Network – Produced by/Printed by: Gutenberg Networks – Automobiles Peugeot RC Paris B 552 144 503 – Printed in the EU - UK - Ref. : DOI/1U1302 - June 2013

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SET OUT ON AN URBAN ADVENTURE The new Peugeot 2008 urban crossover invites you to live life to the max with its bold, robust and elegant design. Compact, spacious and flexible, it is the perfect vehicle for setting out on adventures with friends and family alike. Innovative from the very first glance, the 2008 combines Peugeot design elegance, modern SUV impertinence and robustness, as well as the compact lines of an urban vehicle. The sleek front bonnet provides protection and a touch of elegance. The dynamic and elegant roof panel defines the vehicle's profile. A wave in the roof panel leads the eye to a spacious rear and highlights an exclusive trim cut in metal. The rear of the vehicle is equally robust and dynamic. The boot, with its low overhanging load sill, features distinctive RCZ-inspired embossing. The wide tailgate is framed by solid lights which blend seamlessly into the bodywork and feature three luminous LED claws. Specially-designed roof bars enhance the 2008's vibrancy and appeal for leisure activities. Large amounts of glass and the big panoramic glass roof* create the feeling of a spacious interior, which brings the outside in. Go on an epic adventure and enjoy a unique driving experience in a crossover boasting a safe and stimulating environment. * Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination.

UNRIVALLED DRIVING SENSATIONS The Peugeot 2008 combines crossover know-how and driving expertise, resulting in an innovative vehicle boasting unrivalled driving pleasure thanks to a driving position providing you with a fresh perspective of the road. Upon getting into the 2008, the ergonomics of the driving compartment become very apparent, with all of the controls located within reach: small steering wheel for agile and precise steering, heads-up display in the field of vision and a touchscreen system* featuring intuitive technology. The vehicle's ground clearance, protective aspects and the Grip Control®** enhance the vehicle's crossover appeal to drivers. * Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination. ** Standard or optional depending on the destinations, only for models with engines over 92hp and a manual gearbox.


STEP INTO THE LIGHT Stepping into the interior of the 2008 means enjoying an elegant atmosphere and harmonious interior, that carefully combining finely crafted trims and a unique luminous ambiance. The dashboard is a pleasure to use, as it is covered in a silky fabric and features satin chrome parts. The large panoramic glass roof* brings the outside in, opening up the interior space and making the passenger compartment feel spacious and much brighter. Lastly, the blue back-lit LED dials in the heads-up display** and the LED strip around the panoramic glass roof* provide subdued blue lighting and the laserengraved white Peugeot LED Track** roof lighting give the 2008 a uniquely luminous appeal. * Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination. ** Standard according to the version and destination.

AGILITY AND DEXTERITY Thanks to the Grip Control®*, the 2008 urban crossover enables you to pursue your leisure activities, so you will not miss out on unique experiences. The 2008 adapts perfectly to sand and snow, in summer or winter conditions, getting you to your destination safely. With its specific Mud and Snow tyres**, the Grip Control®* makes getting around in this two-wheel-drive vehicle easier, for a more serene way of driving and enhanced sense of adventure. Use the scroll wheel to select the most appropriate mode for the surface you come up against, be it snow, mud or sand. Five modes are available:






* Standard or optional depending on the destination, only for models with engines over 92hp and a manual gearbox. ** Mud and snow.

COMFORT THAT IS WITHIN REACH The 2008 is an innovative vehicle in the crossover range, featuring an interior architecture that makes driving intuitive. Comfortably positioned in your seat, at one with your car, discover the cleverly-designed ergonomics for enhanced safety. You can access all driving and comfort information without taking your eyes off the road. AUDIO AND ONBOARD CONNECTIONS The dashboard features a 7-inch touchscreen* ideally positioned at the driver’s fingertips. The intuitive system can be used to control various functions: the radio, the Bluetooth® hands-free kit, playing music files via a USB connection or streaming audio, the on-board computer, navigation**. You can connect your MP3 player, smartphone or USB key using the USB/connector. When you connect a device via the USB connection, all of the information is displayed on the multifunction screen and the steering wheel provides access to different functions.

JBL hi-fi pack f you would like to make the most of the JBL Lifestyle system which provides natural sound, the 2008 offers a JBL hi-fi system*** featuring 2 tweeters on the dashboard, 2 tweeters in the rear doors as well as 4 woofers in the doors and a subwoofer. The system runs on a 240 Watts 10-channel digital amplifier. PARK ASSIST Its automated technology makes getting into or out of a parking space easy. The intelligent Park Assist system*** analyses the size of the available space and can therefore lead you to a suitably sized space for your vehicle. The ultrasound sensors and automatic steering take over, helping you to get into or out of a parking space. The driver is responsible for the acceleration, braking and clutch controls if the car is fitted with a manual gearbox. As the vehicle is getting into and out of a parking space, the system provides visual and audio information to ensure the manoeuvre is carried out safely

* Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination. ** Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination. Available with the multifunction touchscreen fitted as an option with navigation system *** Optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination.


VOLUME AND MODULARITY The 2008 has several interior features to ensure optimum comfort. The passenger compartment boasts ample space. It also has several ingenious features such as a parcel shelf with a folding panel, enabling you to gain access to the boot from the rear seats, even when the 2008 is moving. From the exterior, the large boot is easily accessible thanks to a wide rectangular opening and a load sill measuring just 60 cm, fitted with a brushed stainless steel scuff plate*. The modular fitting rear seat (2/3-1/3) allows you to vary the amount of space beneath the parcel shelf quickly from 360 dm3** (VDA 211 standard) to 1,194 dm3**(VDA 211 standard). A control on the top of the rear backrest is used to move the seat base automatically. To make handling items easier, the 2008's floor features five rails which run from the sill to the seats in front. There are also six hooks for securing items in the boot. The boot is practical in every way, with side storage areas, a fastening strap and storage net. * Standard or unavailable depending on the version and destination. ** Including the storage space of 22 dm3 (VDA 211 standard) beneath the boot mat.

ENSURING SAFETY The 2008's active and passive safety systems mean you can have confidence in your car when taking proper precautions as a driver. Braking system and ESP All 2008 models boast the very best in active safety thanks to an Electronic Stability Control (ESP) system fitted as standard. It brings together ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), ASR (Anti-Slip regulation), EBV and CBC (Electronic brake force distribution), EBA (Emergency Brake Assist), MSR (Engine drag torque control) and intelligent traction control* systems, enabling the 2008 to move forward safely on low-grip surfaces. Hill Assist** This system will keep your vehicle at a standstill for around 2 seconds to assist the driver when setting off on a gradient – the time it takes to move from the brake pedal to the accelerator. Static turning light*** Whether you are using the dipped beam headlamps or main beam headlamps, this function activates the front fog lights lighting up the corner turn, when the vehicle speed is under 40 km/h (driving in urban areas, winding roads, crossroads, parking manoeuvres, etc.). Airbags In the event of a collision, 6 airbags increase the protection of those on board: 2 front airbags, 2 side airbags and 2 curtain airbags****. * Available on 2008s fitted with Grip Control®. ** Available depending on engine size and destination. *** Standard or unavailable depending on the version and destination. **** Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination.



Choose from a section of alcantara, leather or fabric trim*.

The engines outlined below are available depending on the destination. A new generation of 3-cylinder engines This new generation of engine blocks represents real progress in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while offering a good level of performance. The 2008 fitted with a 1.2-litre e-VTI petrol engine emits just 99 g of CO2/km(1)*. e-HDi technology and e-VTi Stop & Start The 2008 offers Stop & Start technology for both diesel (e-HDi) and petrol (e-VTi*) engines. Fast, efficient and silent, it minimises fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with maximum driving pleasure by stopping and restarting the engine almost instantly and without vibrations. (1) Currently being approved. * Available in the second half of 2013.

Consumption (l/100 km)* Gearbox




1.2 l e-VTi 82bhp Stop & Start






1.2 l VTi 82bhp






1.6 l VTi 120bhp






1.4 l HDi FAP 68bhp






















C02 (g/km) (1)



1. Rio Light Brundy alcantara

2. Shangaï Light Brundy knitted fabric

3. Oxford Mistral knitted fabric

5. Tokyo Brundy warp and weft

6. Tokyo Mistral warp and weft

7. Berlin Mistral warp and weft

4. Claudia Mistral leather (1)

1.6 l e-HDi FAP 92bhp Stop & Start

1.6 l e-HDi FAP 115bhp Stop & Start

* In accordance with Directive 99/100/EC. The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions provided are in line with Euro 5 engines. (1) Currently being approved. BMP = semi-automatic gearbox / BVM = manual gearbox. The fuel consumptions stated in the table above correspond to the official figures in accordance with the European regulations which are applicable to all manufacturers and all private cars sold in Europe. These values enable you to compare vehicles and hone your choice: - Urban fuel consumption is obtained over an urban route of around 4 kilometres - Extra urban fuel consumption is obtained over an extra urban route of around 7 kilometres. - Mixed fuel consumption is obtained by combining the urban and extra urban routes, totalling around 11 kilometres. These values are obtained in stringent testing conditions (temperature, weight, characteristics of test bench with rollers, etc.), with a very calm driving style. Fuel consumption may vary depending on the actual traffic conditions, atmospheric conditions, vehicle charge status, driving style, tyre pressure, roof rack (even when not fully laden) and the use of the air conditioning and/or heating system. Read more about various eco-driving tips to help you get more out of your vehicle:

*Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination. (1) Seats covered in leather and other fabric. For details, please refer to the price and specification guide.

COLOURS AND ALLOY WHEELS The 2008 is available in a wide range of metallic, pearlescent and solid colours. There is also a range of 2008 alloy wheels to choose from. 15'' Iode wheel cap(1)

16'' Silice wheel cap(2)

16'' Strontium wheel cap(2)

16'' Gloss Dilium Hydra Grey glitter-finish wheel(3)

16'' Ten Matte Hydra Grey glitter-finish wheel(4)

• Artense Grey*

• Platinium Grey* • Makaha Brown*


Nera Black


Spirit Grey

Calado Blue

Pearl White


Bianca White

(1) Standard or unavailable depending on the version and destination. (2) Standard or unavailable depending on the version and destination. (3) Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version and destination. (4) Standard or optional depending on the version and destination, only with Grip Control®. *Metallic colours.

17'' Grey Anthra Matte Eridan glitter-finish wheel(4)

17" Gloss Black Eridan glitter-finish wheel(4)