MarCom Annual Report 2013

MarCom Annual Report 2013 The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Maritime Navigation Commission - MarCom Association Mondiale ...
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MarCom Annual Report 2013

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Maritime Navigation Commission - MarCom Association Mondiale pour des Infrastructures de Transport Maritimes et Fluviales Commission de la Navigation Maritime - MarCom

MarCom Annual Report 2013

1. General Programme In 2013, MarCom continued to pay specific attention to reducing the number of ongoing Working Groups, with a special focus on finalizing those that have been active for longer. This activity has required significant efforts to Working Group Chairpersons and MarCom Mentors in the follow-up of the Working Groups, and to MarCom members in general in review tasks. With the two Terms of Reference approved during the year, the objective is to dedicate Working Groups to topics of very high interest for the PIANC Community and at the same time achieve a steady flow limiting the duration of the Working Groups whenever possible while keeping the high quality standard required to PIANC Reports and even increasing it. There was also progress in the definition of topics for new Working Groups, addressing two key issues: use of Ship-Handling simulation for channel and harbour design and design of small and medium LNG Terminals, including bunkering facilities. A significant input regarding topics for future Working Groups on Port Terminals will be derived from the ongoing WG 158 “Masterplans for the Development of Existing Ports”, already at an advanced status. Ongoing Working Groups and Terms of Reference address the most highly rated topics from the MMX questionnaire drafted during the MMX PIANC Congress in Liverpool. MarCom has been reviewing during 2013 its Action Plan in line with the ongoing revision of PIANC Strategic Plan. Mentoring of Working Groups was a key discussion topic, oriented to improve management, development and efficiency of the Working Groups and the quality of the Reports. Meetings In 2012, MarCom organised two commission meetings:  

Brussels, January 29th and 30th Sendai (Japan),September 11th and 12th, hosted by the Japanese National Section. The meeting was combined with a technical visit to the Tsunami damaged Ports in Miyagi prefecture.

MarCom membership


MarCom Annual Report 2013

Three new National Sections are now represented in PIANC: Turkey (Mr Burak Bilgin), Poland (Mr. Maciej Gucma) and Australia (Mr. Peter Fountain and Mr. Mr. Scott Wiliam Keane). This new members increase MarCom geographic presence substantially. Mr. Mohammad Reza Allahyar replaced Mr. Ali Akbar Safaaei as representative of the National Section of Iran. At present there are 31 MarCom members, amongst them one is chairman, four are alternate members and three are Young Professionals. 2. Presentations A presentation was done by Mr. Lucien Halleux, Chairman of WG 144 “Classification of soils and rocks for the Maritime Dredging Process”. 3. Publications In 2013, two MarCom Working Group Reports were published by PIANC.

WG 118-2013 (Former MarCom-Incom EG) “Direct Access to Maritime Ports by adapted Inland Waterway Vessels” (Chairman Mr. Caude, France)

The Report starts with the analysis of relevant case studies in ports from Europe, U.S.A. and China, including legislation issues. Methods used to improve safe access of Inland Waterway Vessels (adapted) to Maritime Ports are addressed such as: o Wave and wind analysis required o Determination of Environmental forces and their effects on Vessel stability o Evaluation of restricted seaworthiness of Inland Waterway Vessels in Maritime areas, including risk analysis of the vessel o Practice The Report finishes with a set of recommendations drafted by the Expert Group. 

WG 120-2013 (Former MarCom WG 51) “Water Injection Dredging” (Chairman Mr. Smits, Belgium)


MarCom Annual Report 2013

Water Injection Dredging is a four-step process with the following sequence: injection of water (low pressure), fluidization of top sediment layers, generation of density flow over the bottom and sustainable relocation. This process has obvious environmental advantages, but it is only suitable under specific conditions regarding characteristics of the site, sediments, bathymetry and hydrodynamics. The main applications are maintenance dredging, shallows in sandy rivers, cleaning of locks, jetties, pipelines and other infrastructure and levelling of hopper tracks and trimming of slopes. In addition to the above mentioned issues, the Report addresses the theoretical analysis and physical principles on which the method is based, specific equipment, environmental conditions and monitoring of the process. Also contractual conditions are addressed because of the specific features of the process. Finally, a comprehensive set of Case Studies is shown.

WG 121 Harbour Approach Channels: completed in 2013

At the end of 2013, three additional Working Group reports are ready for publication in PIANC HQ: 

WG 121 (Former MarCom WG49) “Harbour Approach Channels Design Guidelines”, that will be the successor to one of the most important former PIANC Reports, WG 30 “Approach Channels. A guide for Design”, issued in 1997.

Special publication on “Tsunami Disasters in Ports due to the Great East Japan Earthquake”

WG 135 “Design principles for Container Terminals in Small and medium Ports”

4. Progress of MarCom Working Groups The status of ongoing MarCom Working Groups can be summarized as follows.


MarCom Annual Report 2013

WG 47 « Criteria for the Selection of Breakwater Types » The Chairman of the WG has distributed to its members a draft for discussion. Once the Working Group agrees on a final text will be reviewed by MarCom members. WG 48 « Guidelines for Port Constructions related to Bow Thrusters » The Report has already been reviewed by MarCom and will be ready for publication as soon as the Final version is received from the Working Group. WG 144 « Classification of Soils and Rocks for the Maritime Dredging Process » The Final Report should be forwarded to MarCom soon for publication. A first version of the Report will be published in electronic format and, after a year during which observations from readers and experts are expected, the Final version will be drafted. WG 145 « Berthing Velocities and Fender Design » Activities are ongoing. The Working Group has gathered a lot of information. A presentation to MarCom is expected in February 2014. WG 152 « Guidelines for Cruise Terminals » The new Chairman, Mr. David Pino has started his activity in September. The WG has fully resumed its activity. WG 153 « Recommendations for the Design of Marine Oil Terminals » The Working Group is making good progress. WG 158 Masterplans for the Development of Existing Ports The Working Group progresses very well according to schedule,. A presentation to MarCom and a draft final report are expected in February 2014. WG 159 Renewable Energy for Maritime Ports The Working Group is in progress. A questionnaire has been distributed to National Sections through PIANC HQ. EG 160 (ex WG 50) « Overview of Design Codes and Guidelines for Harbour Structures » The EG has resumed activity. WG 161 Interactions between Offshore Windfarms and Maritime Navigation The Working Group has started activity. WG 162 – Recommendations for increased durability and service life of marine concrete infrastructure The Working Group is active, with a first draft report foreseen in 2014 and completion in 2015.


MarCom Annual Report 2013

WG 164 Upgrade of Port Terminals by increasing dredged depth As there is no candidate to chair the Working Group, the kickoff meeting will be organized by MarCom Chairman and Secretary and try to start the activity anmd select a Chairperson. WG 165 - Design and Maintenance of Container Terminal Pavements The WG is active. A first draft report is expected by the end of 2014. WG 167 Design of combined terminals for Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax vessels The Chairman was designated in September 2013 and the Group is ready to start.

5. New Working Groups ExCom approved the following two Terms of Reference in 2013: 

WG 171- “Ship Handling Simulation Dedicated to Channel and Harbour Design”

The evolution of the size, variety, manoeuvring capacity and behaviour of ships as well as the improvements and developments in available tools support the need to set a new Working Group that will update the Report of Working Group 20 from 1992. The Working Group Report will provide guidelines and recommendations on best practice in the application of Ship handling Simulation to verify the design of approach channels to harbours and terminals and the manoeuvring areas within harbours as well as to check safe manoeuvres beforehand. 

WG 172- “Design of small and medium LNG terminals including bunkering facilities”

The potential of use of LNG as an alternative fuel for ships is now a relevant issue due to recent IMO regulations and as part of the debate on improving the environmental performance of shipping. Nowadays, most LNG operations are concentrated in large dedicated terminals but, among other needs, bunkering with LNG requires investment on appropriate infrastructure and this fact increases the demand of guidelines and recommendations for the design of small and medium LNG terminals and even potential integration of those in multipurpose terminals. The Working Group will investigate jetties and berths, land installations, marine transfer arms for loading and unloading, technical requirements and design, safety aspects and risk assessment. The final product will be a set of recommendations and guidelines for design and operation of small and medium LNG terminals including bunkering facilities.

6. Progress of Joint Working Groups / Expert Groups MarCom has correspondent Members in the following joint or other Commission’s Working Groups: -

PTG “Permanent Task Group on Climate Change” EnviCom “Working with nature”


MarCom Annual Report 2013


EnviCom WG 136 “Sustainable Maritime navigation” InCom WG 140 “Semi-probabilistic design concept for inland hydraulic structures”: Mr. Fernagu, chairman of EG 160 RecCom WG 147 “Guidelines for facilitation and integration among recreational, fishery and commercial navigation”: Mr. Ferrante EnviCom WG 150 “Green ports, a practical guide for a sustainable seaport”: Mr. Ferrante InCom WG 155 “Ship behaviour in Locks and Lock approaches”: Mr. Hunter

7. Special Activities PIANC-MarCom Seminar in Japan 2013 After the September MarCom meeting and Technical visit, several MarCom members participated actively in the PIANC-MarCom Seminar in Japan 2013, organized by the National Section of Japan. The Seminar was preceded by a visit to the Port of Tokyo and its Museum, including some of the sites for the venue of the 2020 Olympic Games. 8. MarCom Technical Visit Last September 12th PIANC National Section of Japan hosted a visit to the ports in Miyagi Prefecture that were severely damaged by the Tsunami. MarCom visited several sites, accompanied by Mr. Koichi Sase, from Tokohu Regional Development Bureau, organization from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in charge of the reconstruction programme of the region. The visit included Onagawa Port, Ishinomaki fishery port, with presentations by the Fisheries Infrastructure Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Fisheries, and finally the SendaiShiogama Port with an impressive overview of the reconstruction of the port terminals. MarCom had the opportunity to know on site the huge extent of the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and to appreciate the real complexity of the reconstruction process that involved impressive efforts in engineering, planning, management, cooperation and stakeholder involvement, which have been the tools for success in this outstanding challenge. MarCom wishes to thank the host of the September meeting, the PIANC National Section of Japan, specially the President of the National Section Dr.Sunohara and MarCom member Mr. Higuchi, as well as the Authorities that presented the different sites during the technical visit.


MarCom Annual Report 2013


MarCom Annual Report 2013


MarCom Annual Report 2013

Annex 1.- List of Members of MarCom – December, 2013 Chairman



Mr. Francisco Esteban Lefler Director of Innovation and Technology Technical Services FCC Citizen Services Avenida del Camino de Santiago 40 Building 2 3rd Floor 28050 Madrid. España Spain

Mr. Dominique Etienne Centre d’Etudes Techniques Maritimes et Fluviales 2 boulevard Gambetta BP 60039 F-60321 Compiègne Cedex France

Mr. H.F. Burcharth Professor Dr. Techn. Dep. of Civil Eng. Aalborg University Sohngaardsholmvej 57 DK-9000 Aalborg Denmark

phone: +33 3 44 92 60 16 fax : +33 3 44 20 60 75 mob : +33 63 37 46 61 e-mail: [email protected]

phone: +45 9635 8482 fax: +45 9814 2555 e-mail: [email protected]




Mr. Arjan van der Weck Royal Boskalis Westminster/Hydronamic Rosmolenweg 22 Postbus 209 Papendrecht 3350 AE The Netherlands

Mr. P.D. Hunter HR Wallingford Howbery Park Wallingford Oxon, OX10 8BA United Kingdom

Mr. Andrea Ferrante Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Via Nomentana 2 00161 Roma Italy

Phone : +34 91 757 30 54 Fax: +34 915 273 47 Mob : +34 639 199 713 e-mail : [email protected]

phone: +31 (0)78 69 69 837 cell : +31 (0)6 516 14 898 fax:+31 78 69 69 555 e-mail: [email protected]

phone : +44 1491 82 2353 mob. : +44 7774 620694 fax : +44 1491 832233 e-mail : [email protected]

phone: +39 0 6 44125242 fax : +39 0 6 44267270 e-mail: [email protected]




Mr. Tore Lundestad Port Director Borg Haven IKS Port Authority of Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg Øraveien 27 NO-1630 Gamle Fredrikstad Norway

Mr. Luc Van Damme OZConsult Ganzenstraat 44 B-8000 Brugge

Mr. F.M.J. van de Laar IAPH Europe Spreenwendaal 6 2914 KK Nieuwerkerk IJssel The Netherlands

phone: +47 69 35 89 01 fax: +47 69 35 89 20 mobile: +47 91 11 72 02 e-mail: [email protected]

Belgium phone: +32 50 331907 mobile: +32 475 559907 e-mail: [email protected]

phone: +31 180 323399 fax: +31 180318569 e-mail : [email protected]




Mr. Veikko Saukkonen Port of Helsinki P.O. Box 800 FIN-00099 Helsinki Finland

Mr. Kjell Karlsson Director of Port Infrasructure Port of Stockholm P.O. Box 27314 SE-102 54 Stockholm Sweden

Mr. Stefan Hauser Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development Location Bonn Referat WS 11 Inland and Coastal Waterways P.O. Box 20 01 00 D-53170 Bonn Germany

phone: +358 9 310 33673 fax : +358 9 310 33627 mobile +358 50302 9041 e-mail: [email protected]

phone: +46 8 670 2600/20 fax : +46 8 670 2606 mobile: +46 70 770 2620 e-mail: [email protected]


phone: +49 228 300 4212 fax : +49 228 300 807 4212 e-mail: [email protected]

MarCom Annual Report 2013




Mr. Yoshiaki Higuchi Corporate Officer, Oriental Consultants Co.,Ltd. Sumitomo Fudosan Nishi Shinjuku Building No.6, 3-12-1, Honnmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0071, Japan Japan

Mr. E.D. Allen Director of Port Engineering Moffatt & Nichol 3780 Kilroy Airport Way Suite 600 Long Beach California 90806 USA

Mr. Rafael Escutia Port Insight Consulting Pl. Tirant lo Blanc, 3-6º-1ª 08005 - Barcelona Spain

e-mail: [email protected]

phone: +562 426 9551 fax: +562 424 7489 e-mail: [email protected]

e-mail: [email protected] or : e-mail : [email protected]



Young Professional Belgium

Mr. Bhuvaragan Poiyaamozhi Development Advisor (Ports) Ministry of Shipping R. No. 537, Transport Bhavan Parliament Street New Delhi 110001 India

Dr. Adel Banawan Associate professor Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University Alexandria Egypt

Mrs Hadewych Verhaeghe Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works Maritime Access Division – Coastal Division Vrijhavenstraat 3 B-8400 Ostende Belgium

Fax : +91 011 23 71 04 56 e-mail : [email protected]

phone: +34 667 571 949 phone: +34 932 213 304

phone: +20 102 593 792 fax: +203 592 1853 e-mail : [email protected]

Phone : +32 (0)59 55 42 75 Mob : +32 (0)494 45 58 36 Fax : +32 (0)59 32 00 17 E-mail : [email protected]

Alternate Member UK

Alternate Member USA

YP Com observer

Mr. Stephen Cork Technical Director Ports and terminal Planning HR Wallingford Howbery Park Wallingford Oxon, OX10 8BA United Kingdom

Mr. Vahan Tanal President Vahan Tanal Consulting, Inc. 6 Luquer Road Manhasset NY 11030 USA

Mr. Javier Almazan Palomino Direction of Projects Ports and Coasts UG21

phone: +44 1491 822296 fax: +44 1491 832233 e-mail: [email protected]

phone: 516.944.1717 fax: 516.944.9005 e-mail: [email protected]

phone : 34 955602134 mobile : 34 696957916 e-mail : [email protected]


Young Professionnal Finlannd


Mr. Mohammad Reza Allahyar Head of Coastal and Port Engineering Ports & Maritime Organization of Iran 6th Floor, Ports and Maritime Organization Building Shahidi St. Haghani Exp’way Vanak Square Tehran Iran

Mr. Kim Andersson-Berlin Arcus Ltd Linnankatu 16 FI-20100 TURKU Finland Mob: +358 503 799 005 fax: +358 2233 0050 e-mail: [email protected]

Phone : +98 21 84932261 Fax: +98 21 84932279 e-mail : [email protected] [email protected]



Dr Teak-Hee Han

Korea email: [email protected]

MarCom Annual Report 2013



Alternate Sweden

Mr. Gerardo Castaño Subdireccion de Marina Mercante (SUBMERC) Colombia

CN. D. Juan Francisco Herrera Subdireccion de Marina Mercante (SUBMERC) Colombia

Phone : 2200490 e-mail : [email protected]

e-mail : [email protected]

Mr. Mattias Sandell Technical Manager Port of Stockholm P.O. Box 27314 SE-102 54 Stockholm Sweden phone: +46 8 6702600 fax : +46 8 6702655 mobile: +46 70 7702720 e-mail: [email protected]




Mr. Burak Bilgin

Mr. Maciej Gucma Center of Marine Traffic Engineering Maritime University of Szczecin Wally Chobrego 1/2 70-300 Szcezin

Mr. Peter Fountain Industry Director Ports & Marine AECOM Level 21, 420 George Street Sydney NSW 2000



e-mail : [email protected]

e-mail: [email protected]

Turkey Phone: +90 212 334 4500 – (4361) Email: [email protected]

Alternate Australia Mr. Scott Willian Keane Managing Director Keane Marine & Management Australia Cell Phone: +61 408558167 e-mail: [email protected]