NCH Nurses Care Here ….

Dear Colleagues, In July 2013, NCH Nurses received the long awaited phone call announcing that we were recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) through formal designation as a “Pathway to Excellence” hospital. This designation validates the professional satisfaction of nurses at NCH Healthcare System and identifies the hospital as one of the best places to work. The application took months to prepare, and once submitted, it was reviewed by a team of three nurses from around the country. The reviewers approved the application, and asked the facility to move to the next step in the process — a confidential online nurse survey to validate the information in the application. Our designation is for three years, after which we must reapply. What does this mean for our nurses? Through this rigorous application process NCH had to demonstrate that the work environment is one in which nurses can excel and that NCH meets the 12 standards of practice that have been deemed critical to providing a work environment in which nurses can flourish, such as professional development opportunities and competent, accountable leadership. What does this mean for our patients? Pathway to Excellence designation reinforces the message to our community that our nurses are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care. Our patients will surely benefit the most from this remarkable achievement. Many Congratulations to all the nurses and our clinical partners who supported this effort. You exemplify the best of the nursing profession each and every day. NCH is fortunate to have each of you on our team!

Michele Michele Thoman, MBA, BSN, RN NCH Healthcare System, Chief Nursing Officer 2

NCH Nurses Care Here ….

Dear Friends and Colleagues, At NCH, nursing “rocks!” Our system has enjoyed a particularly successful year, and our 1172 extraordinary nurses stand at the center of many of our most significant accomplishments. • In 2013, our system accounted for 37,284 admissions, 87,100 ED visits, 3,033 births, 416 open heart surgeries, and 11,282 surgical procedures. • For the third consecutive year, NCH was the only system in southwest Florida to be recognized for excellence by U. S. News and World Report. • Leapfrog, an independent evaluator, has granted both NCH campuses an “A” for safety. • We are one of 175 systems in the nation to be recognized as HIMSS Analytic Level 7 and all but a few of the others are academic institutions. • We were recognized as “Most Wired” for the third year in a row. • Society of Thoracic Surgeons includes us in the top 10% of the nation for bypass surgery and aortic valve replacement. • Truven Healthcare Analytics designates us as a “Top 50” hospital for cardiac care. • Joint Commission named NCH a Primary Stroke Care Center • Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care deemed NCH an accredited chest pain center with percutaneous intervention. Little wonder that NCH and its nurses are well on our way toward attaining Magnet Recognition status, a designation awarded to healthcare institutions which demonstrate nursing excellence and innovation in professional nursing practice. I understand that nurses are averse to boasting about their own achievements, so allow me to do so. All of us at NCH could not be prouder of our nurses, who play such a pivotal role in making our community better by helping everyone live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Sincere thanks and congratulations,

Allen S. Weiss, MD, MBA, FACP, FACR President and CEO 3

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s NCH Nurses Care Here. . .

Letter from Michele Thoman MBA, BSN, RN (Chief Nursing Officer). . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Letter from Dr. Allen Weiss (President and CEO) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 ANCC Pathway to Excellence ®Journey. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Nurses: Excellence in Profession and Practice New Knowledge at the Bedside – Advanced Degrees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 New Knowledge at the Bedside – Certifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-9 Nursing Awards and Nominations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-14 Advancing Professionalism – ASPIRE Clinical Ladder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-19 Nursing Shared Governance Schematic and Accomplishments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21 Women’s and Children’s Internship Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Nurse Mentoring Program – Nurses Nurturing Nurses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

CARE: Excellence by the Numbers Quality Indicator – Focus on Falls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Nurse Driven Indwelling Urinary Catheter Removal Protocol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Video Surveillance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 RN Satisfaction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Annual Quality Poster Competition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-29

HERE: Excellence in Our Work Environment Nursing Demographics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31-32 Congestive Heart Failure Patient Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Chest Pain Observation Unit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Caring for Our Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

Annual Report Team: Dora Krass, Edurne Hoppenstat, Karla Alvarez, Teresa Golden, Sandy Oestrike, Zach Tyler, Elizabeth Foster, Michele Thoman, Laurie Zone-Smith



Excellence in Profession and Practice

WE DID IT!!!!!

is proud to be designated a Pathway Hospital.

Nine NCH nurses accepted the ANCC Pathway to Excellence Designation in San Antonio, TX. (L to R) Kristin Miller, Trish Sutton, Melissa Reynolds, Michele Thoman, Laurie Zone-Smith, Heather Dill, Amy Yates, Debra Taylor, Pam Alexander



Excellence in Profession and Practice New Knowledge at the Bedside– Advanced Degrees

Earned Nursing Degrees in 2013 Burt, Meredith, MSN, RN

Master of Science in Nursing

Carpenter, Kelly, RN

Associate of Science in Nursing

Crawford, Jacqueline, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Cure, Laura, MSN, RN

Master of Science in Nursing

Dalto, Alicia, RN

Associate of Science in Nursing

Denson, Eddie, RN

Associate of Science in Nursing

Doctor, Glenda, BSN, RN, CRRN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Fulton, Aubrey, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Gibertoni, Carolina, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Green, Edward, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Kling, Jonathan, MBA, RN, CCRN

Master of Business Administration

Laney, Christina, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

McNeese, Laraine, MSN, RN

Master of Science in Nursing

Miller, Jennifer, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

O’Neil, James, LPN

Associate of Science in Nursing

Ramos, Diana, RN

Associate of Science in Nursing

Reynolds, Melissa, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Ricardo, Leonardo, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Sabin, Pamela, BSN, RN, BC

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Smith, Carolyn, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Smith, Kevin, BSN, RN, CNML, CVRN-BC

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Swasey, Marcia, MSN, RN-BC, CNML

Master of Science in Nursing

Taylor, Debra, BSN, RN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Villarraga, Christopher, RN

Associate of Science in Nursing



Excellence in Profession and Practice New Knowledge at the Bedside – Certifications

Congratulations to those nurses who go above and beyond their professional obligations by obtaining and maintaining a nationally recognized nursing certification in their specialty areas. We are able to assure our patients and the community that NCH nurses are abreast of the latest developments and make continuing education a priority. Your expertise, skills and advanced knowledge base allow NCH to deliver safe patient care with excellent patient outcomes.



Joyce Lema, CVRN

James Lien, CVN

Beverly Lindley, CVRN

Ann Malone, CVN

Christina Lorenzini, CVRN

Marie Mejia, CVN

Mary Marconi, CVRN

Amanda Pratus, CVN

Jennifer Merritt, CVRN

Pamela Sabin, CVN

Jennifer Miller, CVRN

Jennifer Avros, CVRN

Sandra O’Donnell, CVRN

Rolin Bastien, CVRN

Lisbet Ogaza Ramirez, CVRN

Tamara Bernazky-Alm, CVRN

Roberto Porrras, CVRN

Ana Cain, CVRN

Amanda Reyes, CVRN

Kelly Carpenter, CVRN

Abla Ricevuto, CVRN

Jessica D’Agostino, CVRN

Brunette Saintervil, CVRN

Eddie Denson, CVRN

Jeannetta Smith, CVRN

Angela Devaney, CVRN

Kevin Smith, CVRN

Kayla Eiland, CVRN

Rebecca Tzonev-Tzvetelina, CVRN

Judith Elibri, CVRN

Betty Welliver, CVRN

Amanda Fetchko, CVRN

Gregory Wilkerson, CVRN

Stephanie Ghanti, CVRN

Amy Yates, CVRN

Jeannie Hageman, CVRN

Lindsay Alcantara, CVRN-BC

Sara Hand, CVRN

Cheryl Bell, CVRN-BC

Lisa Hobbs, CVRN

Deborah Davis, CVRN-BC

Joseph Kirkland, CVRN

Laura Howell, CVRN-BC

Alexander Lacatus, CVRN

Kristin Miller, CVRN-BC

Ellen Lamanilao, CVRN

Anna Reynolds, CVRN-BC

Christina Laney, CVRN



Excellence in Profession and Practice



Ernest Bennett, CCM Angeline Berglund, CCM Gail Braio, CCM Kathleen Duncan, CCM Roseanne Locker, CCM Patricia Markert, CCM Susan McClain, CCM, CPHQ Billie Jean Megyesi, CCM Holly Teach, CCM Marta Toledo, CCM

Jonathan Baldia, CEN, CNS Diann Chairge, CEN Diana Cirone, CEN Margaret D’Alessandro, CEN Barbara Desrosiers, CEN Paul Farmer, CEN Stacie Germain, CEN Hope Goodwin, CEN Teresa Gurgiolo, CEN Dacyl Heath, CEN Diane Henderson, CEN Erika Hinson, CEN Cindy James, CEN Wendell McClurg, CEN Elisabeth Novakovich, CEN Maureen Ris, CEN Julie Stoner, CEN Tammy Toney, CEN Elizabeth Ward, CEN Kathryne Warren, CEN Jill Zollar, CEN


CRITICAL CARE Edith Alteen, CCRN Ernest Bennett, CCRN Anne Bonawitz, CCRN V Jo Bordonaro, CCRN Kandra Boyd, CCRN Jeri Buckley, CCRN Wilma Burchett, CCRN Katherine Castillo, CCRN Judith Dektas, CCRN Kelly Erdlen, CCRN Adam Francis, CCRN Barbara Garner, CCRN Morag Howard, CCRN Taylor Hull, CCRN Judith Isherwood, CCRN Laurie Janssen, CCRN Leah Justice, CCRN Maria Kessler, CCRN Jonathan Kling, CCRN Kim Kooyers, CCRN Tina Land, CCRN Bridget Mcintyre, CCRN Ann Mellema, CCRN Carol Monson, CCRN Annmarie Morriseau, CCRN Eric O’Donnell, CCRN Janey Palmer, CCRN Christopher Raphael, CCRN Nida Remendado-Trento, CCRN Jennifer Ringle, CCRN John Roberts, CCRN Susan Robins, CCRN Deborah Tobey, CCRN Jennifer Toosovich-Switzer, CCRN Joyce Tuxhorn, CCRN Judith Villani, CCRN Gizella Villapando, CCRN Clarence Vreeland, CCRN, PCCN Clara Wright, CCRN

New Knowledge at the Bedside – Certifications NURSE MANAGER/LEADER Michael Miller, CPAN, CNML Maureen Powers, RN-BC, CNML Erin Raney, CNML Christopher Raphael, CNML Catherine Ravelo, CNML Patricia Sutton, RN-BC, CNML Marcia Swasey, RN-BC, CNML Erica Szczepkowski, CNML

NURSE PRACTITIONER Rosalyn Heers, AGPCNP-BC Jayne Larkin, ASCP Gwen Kolegue, ARNP-BC

OBSTETRICS Linda Kline, RNC-OB Mary Spain, RNC-OB, C-EFM Debra Yorko, RNC-OB


Kimberly Foley, RNC-MNN

Maureen Baldia, OCN Michelle Bennette, OCN Lori Boyles, OCN Heather Griffiths, OCN Emily Guerrero, OCN Donna Keazer, OCN, CRNI Melissa Kieffer, OCN Dora Krauss, OCN Luann Laux, OCN Mary Mackay, OCN Carolyn Paget, OCN Orracha Pumkao-Jones, OCN Anna Marie Reynolds, OCN Mary Schroeder, OCN Julie Shields, OCN Carolyn Smith, OCN Mary Smith, OCN Deborah Sousa-Van Veen, OCN Sheryl Voivedich, OCN




INFUSION NURSING Cynthia Free, VA-BC Jodell Mcvey, VA-BC Constance Samples, VA-BC Kathy Jordan, CRNI Tricia Lecomte, CRNI Judith Robinson, CRNI



Caitlin Galligan, Med Surg June Woods, Med/Surg



NURSE EXECUTIVE Teresa Golden, NE-BC Laurie Zone-Smith, NE-BC

Suzanne Graziano, ONC NE-BC Patricia Haines, ONC Gail Ruperd, ONC

PEDIATRIC NURSING Diana Fleming, CPN Kara Prestigiacomo, CPN Deborah Ramos, CPN Gayle Richmond, CPN


Recognition of all board certified nurses is celebrated with the annual Nurses Certification Luncheons held at both campuses in March on Certified Nurses Day. Nurses receive a certificate and a gift of thanks for maintaining a specialty body of knowledge through certification .



Excellence in Profession and Practice



Kathleen Alesch, CRRN Beverly Crouse, CRRN Glenda Doctor, CRRN Diane Liker, CRRN Kimberly Milner, CRRN Pamela Perez, CRRN Terri Schepperly, CRRN Josephine Shields, CRRN

Pamela Alexander, CNOR Christine Beaver, CNOR Susan Brown, CNOR Tara Chadwick, CNOR Stefani Cohen, CNOR Gail Coleman, CNOR Edward Creegan, CNOR Marlene Diaczynsky, CNOR William Diamond, CNOR Susanne Elduayen, CNOR Deborah Ellis, CNOR Martha Fisher, CNOR Harriett Garris, CNOR Mary Glaser, CNOR Vicki Grieco, CNOR Priscilla Grimes, CNOR Dana Guggino, CNOR Dawn Hutchison-Finucan, CNOR Karen Kirkpatrick, CNOR Jacalyn Lowry, CNOR Sean Miranda, CNOR Lorri Oreolt, CNOR Diane Ozbay, CNOR Leslee Pearson, CNOR, CRNFA Matthew Roberts, CNOR John Rogers, CNOR Ginger Walker, CNOR Elena Wilson, CNOR

SCHOOL NURSING Elizabeth Arnold, NCSN Stephanie Braun, NCSN

TRAUMA NURSE LeAnn Craig, SANE, TNCC Kathy Byrd, SANE, TNCC, ENPC Cares Broadley, TNCC Allison Huettel , TNCC Michelle Zunno, TNCC

WOUND CARE NURSING Stefanie McIntosh, CWCN Mary Beth Means, CWCN Debra Doubell, CWOCN Joan McInerney, CWOCN, RN-BC Sandra Wheeler, CWOCN


New Knowledge at the Bedside – Certifications CERTIFIED REGISTERED NURSE Jennifer Arthur, RN-C Debra Banes, RN-C Linda Barritt, RN-C Vera Jacqueline Bedwell, RN-C Betty Benson, RN-C Wendy Berg, RN-C Deborah Bouchard, RN-C Shelley Cefaratti, RN-C Janet Chapman, RN-C Jo Ann Chariton, RN-C Debbie Craig, RN-C Marilyn Dickson, RN-C Julie Fields-Jorissen, RN-C Kelly Geiger, RN-C Jill Giles, RN-C Lisa Ginther, RN-C Denise Godfrey, RN-C Laurice Jean Baptiste, RN-C Paulette Jones, RN-C Amy Lesnia, RN-C Sherri Manes, RN-C Christine Oliver, RN-C Virginia Panzarella, RN-C Stephanie Piver, RN-C Diana Reed, RN-C Niki Saltzer, RN-C Vickie Batcher, RN-BC Ashley Eiceman, RN-BC James Gregory, RN-BC Suzanne Gueritey, RN-BC James Gregory, RN-BC Susan Kimper, RN-BC Emily Laeser, RN-BC Diane Liker, RN-BC Beverly Lockhart, RN-BC Amy Rockafellow, RN-BC

OTHER CERTIFICATION Debra Baker, SCR Heather Baron, CLC Debbie Bond, CGRN Deborah Botteon, CDE Debra Caruso, CDE Mary McElligott, CDE Diana Fleming, CPN Rafaela Hall, CLNC Georgine Kruedelbach, CIC-RN Maria Stewart, ICBLC

“ Certification helps advance the nursing profession

by recognizing professional achievement. My cardiac certification validates my skill and knowledge and demonstrates my commitment to the nursing profession. Jennifer A. Miller, BSN, RN, CVRN-BC 4 North 9

NCH 2013 Nursing NURSE OF THE YEAR NOMINEES DOWNTOWN NAPLES HOSPITAL Danielle Adkisson, RN Jennifer Arsenault, RN Cheryl Bell, RN Sarah Bell, RN Michelle Behrndt, RN Donna Bishop, RN Jennifer Blake, RN Scarlett Bobadilla, RN Deborah Butler, RN Erin Carestia, RN Stephanie Chandler, RN Herized (Liz) Charneco, RN Gene Chin, RN Karen Conigliaro, RN Georgette Dantes, RN Naomi Delatorre, RN Marlene Diaczynsky, RN Ana Diaz, RN Holly Edwards ,RN Helen Einer, RN Susanne Elduayen, RN Lisa Fletcher, RN Kristin Folcik, RN Elizabeth Foster, RN Tammy Franklin,RN Terri Gaissert, RN

Maria Garcia, RN Michelle Gerken, RN Denise Godfrey, RN Edward Green, RN Rhonda Griffin, RN Emily Guerrero, RN Michelle Gulley, LPN Brittany Hume, RN Cheryl Inglis, RN Laurie Janssen, RN Tiffany Jones, RN Colette Joseph, RN Melissa Kieffer, RN Christina Laney, RN Patrick Laguerre, RN Angela Lewis, RN Jacalyn Lowry, RN Ann Malone, RN Josephine Marks, RN Laraine McNeese, RN Ann Mellema, RN Stephanie Miller, RN Rebecca Minutillo, RN James O’Neil, RN Carolyn Paget, RN Erica Paulik, RN Andrew Payne, RN

Diane Phillips, RN Elaine Phillips, RN Nadine Postemus, RN Amanda Pratus, RN Linda Reardon, RN Laura Reseigh, RN Annie Reynolds, RN Kathy Riddle, RN Jacqueline Rivera, RN Susan Riviere, RN Daniel Rosende, RN Sasha Takala, RN Cassie Sandora, RN Terri Schepperly, RN Nadine Simpson, RN Kelly Skaper, RN Lisa Soberg, RN Esther Stanis, RN Jennifer Trujillo-Cruz, RN Joyce Tuxhorn, RN Omar Villarreal, RN Betty Welliver, RN Amy Wilkinson, RN Amy Yates, RN Robert Yoshida, RN Phillip Zamarron, RN

2013 NCH Annual Nurses Week Awards Ceremony Celebration at the Naples Beach and Golf Club 10

NORTH NAPLES HOSPITAL Kathleen Alesch, RN Kim Andrews-Dapper, RN Sherry Arnes, RN David Baryza, RN Lori Boyles, RN Jan Brennan, LPN Kandi Brown, RN Debbi Comeriato, RN Sheryl Conway, RN Maria Cox, RN Anita Crosby, RN Nicole D’Amico-Schaal, RN Charity Dawley, RN Michele Dummeyer, RN Judith Elibri, RN Lynelle Endsley, RN Lina Garcia, RN Anna Maria Gargano, RN Elizabeth Gonzalez, RN Elizabeth Gutierrez, RN Jeff Jackson, LPN Laurice Jean Baptiste, RN Alberte Jones, RN Kathy Jordan, RN Emily Laeser, RN Vilma Merza, RN Martha Miller, RN Sandy Oestrike, RN Peter Olsen, RN Jeri Peterson, RN Orracha Pumkao-Jones, RN Christopher Raphael, RN Victoria Rhodes, RN Abla Ricevuto, RN Veronika Rodriguez, RN Michelle Schwing, RN Diana Sherrill, RN Mary Smith, RN Edna Snyder, RN Stephen Taylor, RN Kerlyne Telisca, RN Hillary Van Cleave, RN Maria Vergara, RN

NCH supports and encourages nurses to pursue higher education and advanced knowledge to bring to the bedside, through degree attainment and achievement of nursing certification in their specialty. Reimbursement is offered for certification and recertification and college tuition at state rates. Specialty certification review courses provide nurses the opportunity to study on the hospital campus with their colleagues.


Nicole D’Amico-Schaal, RN Nancy Davison, RN Mary Ellen Evans, RN Jeff Jackson, LPN Kristen Perez, RN Jeri Peterson, RN

Mrs. Thelma Hodges RN, Life Long Supporter of NCH Nurses with Laurie Zone-Smith, PhD, RN NE-BC, ACNO for Professional Practice

NCH NURSING RISING STAR NOMINEES DOWNTOWN NAPLES HOSPITAL Lindsay Alcantara, RN Elsiemae Catchings, RN Stephanie Chandler, RN Anessa Diers, RN Theresa George, RN Marcel Giguere, RN Magdalena Jakubiec, RN Jesus Lopez, RN Jennifer Miller, RN Karen Mitchell, RN Leonardo Ricardo, RN Megan Sammons, RN Nora Severns, RN Oren Shlifer, RN Jordan Thompson, RN

NORTH NAPLES HOSPITAL Ana Cain, RN Nancy Davison, RN Darla Ehlinger, RN Lynelle Endsley, RN Phallon Gradishar, RN Vancheska Koch, RN Holly LoGalbo, RN Kevin Turner, RN

Reverend Harper delivers “The Blessing of the Hands” at the Nurses Award Ceremony every year. 11

NCH 2013 Nursing NURSING TECHNICIAN SUPPORT SUPERSTAR NOMINEES 2013 DOWNTOWN NAPLES HOSPITAL Ross Astakhov, CT Michelle Bauer, CT Barbara Bursey, CT Andrea Campbell, CT Holly Carmen, CT Myrlande Champagne, CT Evelia Collazos, CT Arael Contreras, ED Tech Tom Cunningham, OR Tech Erlande Dorestan, CT Nancy Fede, CT Linda Flint, CT Philomise Francois, CT Joan Fulton, CT Catrina Gustavsen, Monitor Tech Joane Hansen, CT Charla Hoover, CT Patty Hyde, CT Viola Jack, CT Josue Jean Baptiste, CT Eleanor Johnson, CT Valice Joseph, CT Kade Kaba, CT

Keriann Kelly, CT Jane Kitson, CT Judy Leger, CT Norma Lozano, CT Sandra Mena, CT Yanick Michaud, CT Ananda Pamankada, CT Cynthia Patterson, CT Yousy Perez-Fernandez, CT Linda Philemond, CT Reyna Prado, CT Maria Rodriguez, ED Tech Rocio Shoemaker, SST Cassie Staffer CT Jason Thomas, CT Juana Toledo, CT Elsie Ulysse, CT Martha Valencia, CT Valeria Velez, CT Heidy Villasante, CT Christopher Villarraga, CT Kendra Walters, CT Betty Whipple, CT

NORTH NAPLES HOSPITAL Claudette Alusma, CT Cidalia Amaral, CT Judith Bond, CT Terry Botma, CT Mildred Brock, CT Denise Brockman, CT Denice Burke, ED Tech Guillermo Castellanos, CT Martha Cecila, CT Vanie Cineus, CT Diana Decko, CT Tanechia Diaz, CT Tophena Dorival, CT Luzdary Garcia, CT Esther Henshaw, CT


Gracie Jaques, CT Micheline Jean, CT Bernade Juste, CT Felizitas Lecuyer, CT Rutza Louima, CT Alette Lubin, CT Jennifer Marciano, ED Tech Katharine Martel, CT Rose Mellien, CT Casey Nobile, CT Raquel Rodriguez, CT Christopher Stephens, CT Amie Tregea, CT Valerie Wilson, CT



Bledar Atgjergji, US Patrick Beatty, US Ethena Bulger, US Paul Castenir, US Veronica Conner, US Lacey Dodd, US James Ferguson, US Anjeza Kruja, US Jana Kubisova, US Deborah Leger, US Ashley Messier, US Natalie Moffitt, US

Wanda Barfield, US Linda Caldarone, US Lori Carnivale, US Gloria Corrales, US Valerie Davidson, US Kendra Hogue, US Carol Jones, US Cathy Lee, US Catherine Lohr, US Ventura Lopez, US Debra Mann, US Dianne Martin, US Carla Martinez, US Kettelie Martinez, US Deborah Pisano, US Delma Torres, US

Yesenia Moise, US Nancy Neal, US Peggy Nobile, US Jessica Payne, US Vendula Picard, US Alena Sager, US Angela Seager, US Natalie Thrushman, US Elizabeth Trevino, US Michelle Warnock, US Kim Witmer, US

NNICU staff celebrating Nurses Week



Excellence in Profession and Practice


Rising Star

2013 Nursing Awards It is with great pleasure that the NCH Healthcare Elizabeth Foster BSN, RN Professional Nurse III 3 South

Leonardo Ricardo, RN 3 South

Support Super Stars Clinical Tech Unit Secretary

System announces the 2013 Nursing Award winners. Over 1900 nurses and support staff working in the acute care areas of Downtown and North Naples Hospitals, NCH Physician Group offices and clinics, Marco Island Healthcare Center, Collier County Schools, Wound Healing Centers and the Community

Eleanor Johnson, CT 3 North

Kim Witmer 6 South

Blood Center are eligible for these awards in outstanding excellence and professionalism.


Rising Star

Please congratulate them on their commitment and dedication to providing the utmost in compassionate care because

NCH Nurses Care Here! Stephen Taylor, BSN, RN Professional Nurse II 5th Floor

Kevin Turner, RN Brookdale

Downtown Hospital North Naples Hospital Thelma Hodges Mentors of the Year

Support Super Stars Clinical Tech Unit Secretary

Guillermo Castellanos, CT 4 East

Gloria Corrales OPIS

Eileen Haely, RN ICU

Jeri Peterson, RN Brookdale

National Nurses Week • May 6 –10 , 2013 14


Excellence in Profession and Practice

Nursing Clinical Ladder Program 2013 marked the third year of rewarding and recognizing professional staff nurses through the NCH clinical ladder program. Year after year, the program has experienced growth and celebrated the advancement of 131 professional nurses in 2013. Nurses take pride in the ASPIRE program because it recognizes the integration of education, clinical competency and evidence based research into everyday practice. In addition this program makes positive

Pam Alexander , RN, CNOR Team Leader CVOR

contributions to the NCH Nursing Department,

“As a member of the Aspire Clinical Ladder

Committee, now in its third year, I find it to be a gratifying experience as it rewards nurses for their accomplishments and leadership skills.

Clinical Ladder Level Professional Nurse I Professional Nurse II Professional Nurse III Professional Nurse IV Professional Nurse V TOTAL

the organization and the nursing profession. The title “ASPIRE” was selected to motivate nurses to ASPIRE reaching to their highest career potential by climbing the professional ladder. Congratulations Professional Nurses!

2011 2012 2013 5


















A – Achieving S – Success and P – Professional I – Integrity, while R – Rewarding E – Excellence 15

Focus On…

Advancing Professionalism

Aspiring Higher… PROFESSIONAL NURSE LEVEL I Diers, Anessa B.

4 South

Jakubiec, Magdalena

3 South

Johnson, Christine

6 North

Miller, Jennifer

4 North

Morrell, Elise

5 South

Ricardo, Leonardo

3 South

The Retention, Recognition and Recruitment (RRR) Council ASPIRE Nursing Clinical ladder Subcommittee is chaired by Elizabeth Foster, BSN, RN (front row center). Committee Staff nurses include: (front L-R Carolyn Paget RN, Pam Alexander RN, CNOR) and (back L-R Stefani Cohen RN, CNOR, Judi Dektas RN, CCRN, Michele Thoman RN, MBA, Laurie Zone-Smith PHD, RN, NE-BC) 16

Focus On…

Advancing Professionalism

Aspiring Higher…


Amundson, Julia Bennette, Michelle Burt, Meredith Camejo, Kaci Charlton, JoAnn Dummeyer, Michele D’Zurilla, John Ehlinger, Darla Eldira Danise Folcik, Kristin Gargano, Annamaria Hahn, Wendy Hemond, Jocelyne Henderson, Melinda Hinson, Erika Howard, Morag Keazer, Donna Kusma, Carla Lafortune, Milene Lien, James Lonidier, Sara

4 South 4 South 2 North Peds Nursery Brookdale 2 North 6th Floor 4 South 5 South Brookdale 5 North ER Brookdale ER NICU Venous Access OPIS 4 South 4 North 3 South

Maya, Katrina McClurg, Wendell Newberry, Michele Nguyen, Lisa Pruitt, Lucrezia Reilly, Susan Reynolds, Anna Riviere, Susan Schultz, Tara Shlifer, Oren Smith, Mary Taylor, Stephen Terwilliger, Imelda Thompson, Jordan Trujillo-Cruz, Jennifer Truong, Cynthia Vergara, Veronica Maria Weir Karen Wilkinson, Amy Young, Tracy


SICU ER 5 South 5 North Endo 5 North 4 North 5 South 5 North Angio 4 South 5th Floor Pacu 6 South 4 South L&D BD Peds 6 North Endo

Focus On…

Advancing Professionalism

Aspiring Higher…


Alexander, Pamela Andis-High, Veronica Andrews-Dapper, Kim Beaudette, Allison Beaver, Christine Bell, Cheryl Bordanaro (Crandall), Jo Brown, Susan Cefaratti, Shelley Chadwick, Tara Cohen, Stefani Coons, Ana Liza Craig, Debbie Cure, Laura Dektas, Judi Diaczynsy, Marlene Diaz, Kim Doctor, Glenda Eduayen, Susanne Endsley, Lynelle Foglesong, Jan Foster, Elizabeth

CVOR Peds 4West 6 North CVOR 3 North NNICU OR L&D CVOR OR ICU Mother/Baby Pre-op SICU OR 6 North Brookdale OR Brookdale Pre-Admit 3 South

Galligan, Caitlin Geiger, Kelly Germain, Stacie Ginther, Lisa Godfrey, Denise Godwin, Caryl Gonsil, Milva Goodwin, Hope Grimes, Priscilla Jean Guerrero, Emily Guggino, Dana Haines, Patricia Harsanyi, Cathy Heatwole, Marolyn Laney, Christina Largen, Janey Laux, Luann Loescher, Amy Lowry, Jacalyn Maguire, Jessica Malone, Ann


3 West L&D ER L&D Angioplasty ICU Angioplasty ER CVOR 4 South OR/NNH 5 South L&D Peds 3 North ICU/DNH 4 South Mother/Baby OR ER 3 North

McNeese, Laraine Mejia, Marie Merritt, Jennifer Miranda, Sean Pratus, Amanda Prestigiacomo, Kara Quindlen, Marcy Randall, Jenna Rasier, Cheri Rhodes, Victoria Rivera-Figuero Denise Robinson, Judie Rodriquez, Philiana Sabin, Pamela Sadez-Takala, Sasha Sousa-VanVeen, Deborah Stoner, Julie Tobey, Deborah Villani , Mary Williams, Martina Yates, Amy

3 South 6 North 3 North CVOR 3 North Peds SICU Peds SICU L&D L&D Infusion ER 4 North 6 North Infusion ER/NNH ICU/NNH ICU SICU 4 North

Focus On… PROFESSIONAL NURSE LEVEL IV Carranza, Christina Kieffer, Melissa Laeser, Emily Mellema, Ann Nelson, Paula Oreolt, Lorri Paget, Carolyn Schwing, Michelle Wilson, Elena Zollar, Jill

6 North 4 South 3 West ICU L&D CVOR 4 South Labor &Delivery Mother/Baby Emergency Dept



Advancing Professionalism

Aspiring Higher…


Excellence in Profession and Practice



Excellence in Profession and Practice



Excellence in Profession and Practice

Women’s and Children’s Internship Program Bernadine Hinton, MSN RN

In order to promote specialty growth in the Department of Nursing in 2013, the Women’s and Children’s Service Line,

Amanda Monk, RN Labor & Delivery

I waited a long time to get into labor and delivery.  I feel like the internship program helped mold me into a better nurse due to the invaluable information that was taught.  I am so glad I was given this opportunity by NCH.

specifically Labor and Delivery, was approved for a 4 RN Internship program. The interested applicants, after being screened by Human Resources and meeting vigorous criteria were interviewed by a selection team comprised of L&D staff from both shifts. Once selected, the Interns- Elizabeth Gonzales, RN; Amanda Monk, RN; Darla Ehlinger, BSN RN and Karen Andoriano, RN attended didactic education consisting of Basic Fetal monitoring, the process of Labor and Birth, the physiology of epidural anesthesia, Cesarean Section instrumentation, Pre-op, Intra-op and Post Op Care as well as Post Partum recovery. Focus was also placed on the comorbidities that often accompany Pregnancy and Birth. These classes were taught by subject matter experts in order to give the Interns the best start in their new specialty. Intertwined with classes the interns experienced 16 weeks of selected clinical experiences. They were paired with primary preceptors that were selected based upon their extensive clinical knowledge and experience in Labor and Delivery. The preceptors were Cathy Stevens, BSN RNC, Diana Reed, RNC, Jocelyn Jackson, BSN RN, Divina Bradshaw, BSN RN, Nicole Kimball, RN, Fiona Walker, BSN RNC, Dyan Fleishman, RN, Nikki Fiore, RN and Brooke Dubock, RN. Cesarean Section instrumentation was taught and precepted by Estella Markisen, OB OR Tech. The purpose of the program is to allow RNs with basic Medical Surgical experience the opportunity to learn and excel in a chosen specialty, it was found that these 4 interns brought a new insight and excitement to the Labor and Delivery arena. The primary purpose was achieved but in addition, L&D gained a new appreciation for the Medical Surgical specialty and the knowledge base required to excel in Med Surg Nursing.



Excellence in Profession and Practice

Nurse Mentoring Program - Nurses Nurturing Nurses Christina Laney BSN, RN, CVRN 3 North Charge Nurse Professional Nurse III

As a nurse mentor I enjoy helping new nurses build upon their strengths and provide stability while showing them we care about their success as a nurse.

Team member: Sarah Wu MSN, RN-BC, Laraine McNeese MSN, RN NCH established a New Graduate Nurse Mentoring

satisfaction of current nurses as mentoring will

Program to retain newly licensed nurses. The world of

challenge and engage them in the workplace, and to

nursing has changed dramatically in the past 50 years.

increase critical thinking skills and career development

Today’s nurses enter the acute care environment with

skills of the mentee.

rigid and complex processes, highly acute patients,

The first cohort of nurse mentors have completed 10

and increasingly sophisticated medical equipment.

hours of training which covers skills such as active

Imagine entering today’s hospital environment without


any supportive guidance as you face the complexity





differences, learning styles, job stress, and difficult

of today’s patient mix for the first time.

behaviors. This gives the mentor a variety of skills

These demands on new nurses frustrate novice

and ideas to become a dedicated mentor and to be

nurses, leading to career dissonance, dissatisfaction,

instrumental in the retention of our new nurses. These

and role stress. Nationwide statistics show one in five

nurses will be paired with a new graduate nurse who

new graduate nurses leave their first job within the

is at the completion of their nurse residency program

first year. This is for a variety of reasons: lack of

and will begin a one year relationship. The mentor

support, lack of confidence, feeling unwelcomed and

and mentee will complete a mutually agreed upon

overwhelmed. But research has shown that nurse

contract and there will be regular time intervals for

mentors can help new nurses create their own

meetings. Ideas for meetings are as simple as going

balance. In 2013 3 South staff nurse, Laraine

to coffee or lunch, attending a simulation class, or

McNeese, MSN, RN partnered with Clinical Educator,

going to an educational offering together.

Sarah Wu, MSN, RN-BC to develop a New Graduate

The program developers are looking forward to

Nurse Mentoring Program with the following goals: to

observing the success of the mentoring program. The

improve retention rates and foster the transition of the new






first group of trained mentors is excited to provide


support, help, enthusiasm, inspiration and nurturing

encouragement for new nurses and facilitate their

to a new graduate nurse.

social and professional integration, to increase



Excellence by the Numbers Quality Indicator – Focus on Falls The nursing department is a proud member

2013 System Fall Rate per 1000 Patient Days Rate


Outperforming Goal

of the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) since the 4th quarter of 2009. NCH submits nursing sensitive, quality indicator data and receives


benchmark reports in similar type


categories of nursing units (critical care,


psychiatry, rehab, pediatrics medical


surgical). Reports are used in monthly


scorecard monitoring and evaluation of


trends that are improving or are flagged


opportunities for improvement with defined


action plans. This process allows for the


continued monitoring of patient outcomes


and demonstrates the NCH commitment to


Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD

Chris Villarraga RN, CVRN Chair of Information Technology Council Professional Nurse I 5th floor North Naples

Our patients expect the highest quality of care and we deliver.


providing quality patient care.


Excellence by the Numbers

Nurse Driven Indwelling Urinary Catheter Removal Protocol The NCH CAUTI Prevention Project (CPP) was formed to implement evidence-based prevention strategies for CatheterAssociated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs). According to the CDC, evidence-based prevention strategies include inserting catheters only for appropriate indications, removing unnecessary catheters, and promoting alternatives to indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) use. To utilize these strategies, the CPP created the Nurse Driven Protocol in collaboration with nursing and medical staff with an ultimate goal to remove unnecessary IUCs in order to reduce and eventually eliminate hospital acquired CAUTIs.

Nancy Davison RN Professional Nurse II Brookdale Rehabilitation

The nurse-driven urinary catheter removal protocol, empowers nurses to reduce inappropriate use of urinary catheters, number of catheter days, and number of CAUTIs.

The Nurse Driven Protocol lists twelve criteria for appropriate use of an IUC. To determine baseline and current urinary device use, the CPP tasked the nursing units to begin manually counting their IUCs; the CPP later collaborated with the IT department to create a process in the electronic medical record (EMR) to count urinary devices using a business objects report. In addition, the CPP collaborated with IT to create a new field in the EMR for nursing to document the criteria for IUC insertion and maintenance. Staff education on the Nurse Driven Protocol for IUC Removal was developed and implemented by the CPP using multiple educational modalities. Members of the CPP created a computer-based training module on CAUTI prevention strategies, consistently spoke at nursing orientation, provided information at the nursing skills fair, alerted all nursing staff via email regarding policy changes, and encouraged unit based reinforcement points such as back-to-basics IUC care and daily huddles to review IUC criteria. Non-Critical Care units are utilizing IUCs below NHSN benchmark (see graph below). IUC use in Critical Care Units is within the criteria for use according to the Nurse Driven Protocol. CCP Team: Jen Ringle MSA, RN, CCRN, CNML, Maureen Baldia MSN, CNS-BC, Lisa Fletcher BSN, RN, Marcia Swasey MSN, RN-BC, CNML



Excellence by the Numbers Video Surveillance The Neuroscience patient population includes patients who are cognitively impaired and often impulsive predisposing them to a high risk for fall while hospitalized. The 6 South Neuroscience unit identified a higher fall rate than the hospital goal in 2012 as well as a 20% increase in use of patient safety technicians for high risk patients from 2011-2012. The team recognized the need for an innovative contemporary approach to improve the safety of this high risk patient population. The 6 South Unit Based Shared Governance Council developed a protocol to utilize video monitoring high risk fall patients as the 2013

Deon Thomas RN 6 South

Unit Quality project. Patient selection criteria, signage, consent forms as well as patient

Working on the neuro floor the patients are often at high risk for falls and the video monitor helps us to keep our patients safe and it has decreased our fall rate.

and family education were agreed upon and developed by the 6 South Unit Based Council members. In addition, patient safety technicians, who are responsible for watching the monitored patients, were trained on equipment use and associated documentation. The process was implemented utilizing cameras installed in patient rooms during a prior 6 South remodel.   T h e Vi d e o m o n i t o r i n g p r o c e s s w a s implemented in April of 2013 and data collection revealed a decrease in the number of patient falls in addition to the added benefit of reducing the number of patient safety sitters needed to monitor high risk patients.  Due to the project’s success in reducing falls and increasing patient safety, the Video Monitoring protocol was implemented system-wide in December 2013.



Excellence by the Numbers

NCH benchmarks nursing satisfaction with the 50th percentile (median) nationwide benchmark (5192 nonteaching hospital nursing units participating). In 2013 NCH had a 62% response rate (503 responses) from forty two (42) nursing units. NCH is compared to 554 other NDNQI participating hospitals using the Practice Environment Scale (PES). Nurses offer their perspective in five domains: 1. Nursing Participation in Hospital Affairs 2. Nursing Foundations for Quality of Care 3. Nurse Manager ability, Leadership and Support of Nurses 4. Staffing and Resource Adequacy 5. Collegial Nurse-Physician Relationships

Satisfaction of our NCH nurses has consistently improved year after year and the evidence is our recent Pathway to Excellence designation.

Lorri Oreolt BSN,RN Professional Nurse III DT Operating Room



Excellence by the Numbers 2013 Annual Quality Poster Competition 1st place winner Quality Poster Competition 5th floor NNH,

Pass the Baton at the Bedside with Smart Room Technology

Tiffany Morrison RN, Heather Dill RN, Melissa Reynolds RN, Stephen Taylor RN

5South Erin Raney BSN, RN, CNML and Ester Stanis BSN, RN

3South Ken Krull RN and Kristin Miller MSN, RN, CVRN-BC

Critical Care Kim Kooyers BSN, RN and Noele Walker BSN, RN, CCRN 28


Excellence by the Numbers

2013 Presentations at the NCH Nurses Week Quality Poster competition and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Nurses Week Competition 2013 IHI



4 South

Something to Talk About: Medication Education Teaching Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Visitors


Changing the Game Plan for Discharge

5 South

Patient Comments Drive Discharge Strategies

5 North 5th Floor NNH

Quiet in the House! Combining Smart Room Technology and Bedside Report Increases Communication

6 North

MEDS-Medication Education Direct and Simple Video Surveillance: Improving Safety and Quality While Reducing Expenses Smart Room Technology: Giving Time Back to the Nurse Eliminating the NAUTI CAUTI: Collaboration and Evidence Based Protocols Drive Prevention Gains From VAP to VAE: Implementing the 2013 CDC/ NHSN VAE Guidelines in Critical Care.

3 West CEWC

6 South 6 NNH System CAUTI

Critical Care

Going Vertical: Level 3 Fast Track Team Approach to Reducing Surgical Site Infection Infections in Hip and Knee Total Joint Prevention Replacement Procedures Infection Leveraging the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Prevention Reduce Occupational Exposure to Tuberculosis Continuous Quality Improvement Process using Palliative Heart Failure Core Measures and Computer Care Generated Palliative Care Triggers Putting on the Pressure: Management and Brookdale Prevention of Pressure Ulcer for the Acute Center Rehabilitation Patient NN ED



Transforming Our Work Environments

Department of Nursing Demographics

# of Employees







Unit Secretaries






Chris Raphael BSN, RN, CCRN, CNML Critical Care Clinical Coordinator NNH

Our team takes immense pride in improving the outcomes of the patients we serve at NCH. It is an honor to work with this dynamic team of professionals every day.



Transforming Our Work Environments 2013 Daisy Award Winners

The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) program started in June 2011 to recognize nurses for extra-ordinary delivery of compassionate care to patients


Jocelyn Hemond NNH-ER


Gayle Richmond NNH-ICU


Patricia Haines 5-South


Jennifer Merritt 3-North


Cornelia (Ann) Authement GVS


Jennifer Cox Pediatrics


Sada Arias 5-North

and their families. The program honors the memory of Patrick Barnes who died at the age of 33 years old due to complications of ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura). During Pat’s 8 week hospitalization his family was amazed by the care and compassion his nurses provided. Nominations are submitted and the DAISY nurse selection committee blindly reviews nominations from patients, family members, physicians and employees that touch our hearts. The winner receives a leather bound covered certificate, a Daisy award winner lapel pin, cinnamon rolls for the unit staff, a unit banner and a hand carved stone sculpture entitled, “The Healer’s Touch”. To see the pictures of all of the NCH Daisy award winners visit the NCH Nursing


Tamara Murphy 6-North


Marie Garreaux 6-South


Department website or international DAISY website at:

Amy Kemen School Nurse


Misty Harrison ICU


Kenneth Krull 3-South

The Daisy patrol arrives with cinnamon buns

and gifts to recognize our staff nurses for going

above and beyond for their patients.

Stacie Germain RN Emergency Department Downtown 31


Transforming Our Work Environments

My grandson, Matthew Daniel, (age 13) had a misfortunate boating accident from a slammed hatch door that cut through the bone and cut off his big toe. He spent 4 days in the North Naples Hospital pediatric ward and our experience there was remarkable. The care, personal attention and genuine concern for Matthew was overwhelming to us. There was one special nurse, Jen Cox RN who made a lasting impression on my grandson’s life. Matthew is a state champion swimmer and qualified to compete nationally in just a few days in Clearwater but the unthinkable happened. He took the physical pain and the disappointing news he would not be able to compete but when they told him he would not be able to be home (in Illinois) by Friday to make his Confirmation…tears streamed down his face. Matthew had a St. Patrick statue next to his bed in honor of his Irish mother who had died when he was 6 years old. St. Patrick was his chosen Confirmation name. The statue next to his bed opened the door for all Catholic hospital staffers to speak of their chosen patron saint name. He pleaded with them all to help him get home in time for his Confirmation which encouraged him and help work through the pain (probably more than the morphine). Jen was Matthew’s night nurse and she sensed his anxiety and fears and was patient with his probing questions when he found out she too was “another” catholic. She encouraged him to make it a life time goal to go to Rome and visit the Vatican and Lourdes France. Matthew had heard of the miracle healings at Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, from his swim coach. Matthew went to his computer to learn of the thousands of claims of the water’s healing power to the sick & the lame. That morning, Jen drove home and instead of going to bed, she turned around and drove back to the hospital to reach Matthew before his was released, delivering a small bottle of healing water from her trip to Lourdes. She knew in her heart this would be a huge boost to this young boy’s moral and it touched us. Although his surgeon Dr. Adams told us “no water” on his wounded toe for 6 weeks, Matthew asked Dr. Adams to apply the water to his injured toe when she came that day to visit him. Dr. Adams granted Matthew his request, dabbing a small amount of the water at the base of his toe, far away from the wound. It meant the world to Matthew. The love, the attention and concern for this young boy was outstanding. In a time when people in America are afraid to share their faith and nurses are ‘’too busy” writing up reports, this gesture of this young nurse and her compassion for her patient will stay with us forever. All three doctors agreed to let Matthew fly home on Friday and he was Confirmed with his class. The small bottle of healing water is next to Matthew’s bed in his room at home, and will remain with him the rest of his life. There will always be a special place in our heart for Jen Cox, his nurse.  Sincerely, Sarah Daniel



Transforming Our Work Environments

Congestive Heart Failure Patient Education Class 4NNH Cardiac Telemetry Nurses Angela DeVaney RN, CVRN-BC, Marie Hageman BSN, RN, CVRN-BC, Pamela Sabin BSN, RN, CVRN-BC, & Rebecca Hand RN, CVRN-BC The Cardiac Telemetry Unit at North Naples discovered a need for inpatient education related to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). CHF is a leading cause of admissions and readmissions across the nation. The staff nurses decided that a class for CHF education would offer a wonderful opportunity to help our patient’s live a higher quality life. This class is a nurse driven initiative, taught by our Cardiovascular Board Certified Nurses. Our nurses developed the patient education booklet from evidenced based practice and incorporated the American Heart Association Guidelines for Heart Failure patients. The Congestive Heart Failure class is offered weekly at the North Naples Campus. The class has been opened to the public as well as inpatients. Community involvement is important to the nurses. It benefits the community by increasing the interaction between the nurses, patients and family members. Through generous donations we are able to give a scale to each person who attends class, along with the education booklet. Out nurses take pride in the fact that we are supporting patients beyond the bedside. Our project outcomes were to reduce CHF readmission rates to our unit. We have successfully achieved our goal.

The CHF class is a wonderful opportunity to engage patients and their families in learning about their care. Patients are able to take control of this disease process by knowing how to help prevent and exacerbation.

Marie Hageman BSN CVRN,-BC Professional Nurse III North Naples 4th floor



Transforming Our Work Environments Chest Pain Observation Unit

The CPOU is an exciting endeavor, allowing nurses to expedite safe discharges for Chest Pain patients. I feel we are making a difference in our patients care, timely discharge, and their satisfaction with NCH.

Angela DeVaney, RN, CVRN-BC Charge Nurse 4th Floor North Naples

Amanda Pratus RN 4 North

The inception of the Chest Pain Unit really helped me understand how important it is to have a multidisciplinary team and the significance for continuity of care throughout the hospital system. We always did a great job with the obvious STEMI patients, but this program will benefit the lower risk, less obvious chest pain patients.

Downtown Team Members Jennifer Miller BSN CVRN-BC, Amanda Pratus BSN RN-BC, Deborah Butler RN, Christina Laney BSN CVRN-BC, Jessica D’Agostino BSN RN-BC, and Kristin Miller MSN CVRN-BC

North Naples Team Members Angela DeVaney RN CVRN-BC, Roberto Porras RN CVRN-BC, Marie Hageman RN CVRN-BC, Rebecca Hand RN CVRN-BC, Rolin Bastien RN CVRN-BC, and Pamela Sabin RN CVRN-BC. The Chest Pain Observation Units (CPOU) came to fruition in 2013 with the goal of becoming Collier County’s only accredited Chest Pain Center recognized by the Society of Chest Pain Centers (SCPC).The units consist of 10 dedicated beds at NCH Downtown and 5 beds at NCH North Naples Hospital. A multidisciplinary task force worked to create electronic order sets, a patient risk stratification tool, and patient inclusion criteria to safely navigate the plan of care for the low risk chest pain patient. The CPOU model of patient care facilitates interdepartmental cooperation between the Emergency departments, Cardiac Telemetry units, Lab and Naples Heart Institute. This collaboration promotes patient satisfaction by decreasing physician wait time, decreasing lab result wait time and decreasing length of stay with the ultimate goal of safe patient discharge within 23 hours of hospital arrival. The eventual accreditation of the NCH Chest Pain Observation Units solidifies our promise to our community through our vision to be a world class leader of excellence in healthcare.



Transforming Our Work Environments

Caring for Our Community


oun earch F tes Res betes e b ia D uvenile lk to Cure Dia JDRF (J Wa

Spirit of Wom en Day of D ance

Relay for Life 35

Naples Community Hospital Attn: Nursing Administration PO Box 413029 Naples, FL 34101

Friends of Nursing Fund Support The Nurses In Our Community Just as we rely on nurses for great care, they rely on us to further their profession. They need specialized training, advanced education, updated technology and specialty certifications to do their jobs even better. You can help. The NCH Foundation aims to raise money for the Friends of Nursing Fund, a special fund setup just to benefit the needs of NCH nurses. Your gift today, no matter the size, will: • Support nursing recognition programs • Fund innovative research initiatives • Further professional development • Equip staff with the latest technology In appreciation for your generous gift, your name will appear on our website as an NCH Friend of Nursing. Your help will ensure that NCH nurses get the recognition, education and support they deserve. Let’s give back to those who give so much! It doesn’t take much to show a nurse you care: • $50 pays for recognition awards for top nurses. • $100 covers the cost of simulation lab training. • $500 purchases an iPad allowing nurses to seamlessly connect to electronic medical records.

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