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Annual Report 2013 > 1 A Great Year for Triathlon in Scotland Welcome to the 2013 Annual Report and Annual General Meeting (AGM). Once again this ...
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Annual Report 2013



A Great Year for Triathlon in Scotland Welcome to the 2013 Annual Report and Annual General Meeting (AGM). Once again this is the time of year that we, your Board of Directors and employed staff, and you the members come together to review our year’s work. Today is the day that we are held to account to ensure that we have been working effectively and with due diligence as a Governing Body to develop the sport of triathlon. As our sport continues to grow and develop the AGM is your chance to ensure that we are managing this growth well and encouraging further development of the sport for all. As you will see from the Annual Report we as a Sports Governing Body have continued to evolve. Wise investments in our organisation including key staff appointments and development projects have resulted in a healthy growth in membership, events, participants and income leaving us in rude health as we enter a new year. We will continue to build on this success in the coming years. The AGM though is not just a time to carry out the ‘business’ of the day; it is also that time when we as a triathlon family come together to reflect and celebrate the achievements of the past year. London once again provided a showcase for our great sport as the home to this year’s ITU World Finals. Not only was the racing of the GB team superb, but so too was the fantastic input from our own Scottish athletes at this world class event. At a senior level, throughout the year, our athletes have continued to flourish and have confirmed themselves as regulars on the GB team. And, with a fistful of medals at Junior level, Scotland is set to become a growing influence at the highest levels of racing. The coming year will see all eyes and ambitions focussing on Glasgow 2014. As an added bonus the Glasgow Games will be the first time the Triathlon Relay will be staged at a Commonwealth Games. With the prospect of racing on home soil in front of thousands of partisan spectators, the scene is set for a thrilling event for our Scottish athletes.

Whilst it was fantastic to see our sport as one of the most over subscribed sports for the 2014 Games this has meant that many members of the triathlonscotland family will have been disappointed in not obtaining tickets. The good news is that this will be a free to spectate event for most of the course so everyone will be able to see our heroes in action if they so wish. Away from elite racing as always for us, the strength of our organisation lies with you the ‘ordinary’ member. The measure of success for the Board and staff is whether your experiences either as a competitor or a volunteer, have been positive ones and where this isn’t the case, how can we do better? Be you an Age Grouper racing at the Worlds or a volunteer helping a novice to complete their first successful swim in open water; ultimately if we can look about us at the end of the day and say we are proud to be a member of such a great sport then we know we are on the right path to further success. As 2013 comes to a close we feel sure that the vast majority of our members will be able to reflect on the year and be proud to be a member of the triathlonscotland family. We certainly are, as are our fellow Board members and our hard working staff. Thank you for continuing to support triathlon in Scotland and let’s look forward together to another exciting year for one of the fastest growing sports worldwide! Good luck for all your triathlon challenges in 2014 and don’t forget to tell us all about them! We want to hear all your great and inspiring stories.

Geoff Earl, President Jane Moncrieff, Chief Operating Officer November 2013

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A year in numbers 19.4% Increase in triathlonscotland membership

45% Increase in club membership

36% Increase in youth/junior membership




new clubs

website visits

staff numbers increase to


25% 3 new sponsors attracted

£2,900 of celebrate funding

volunteers developed and trained

increase in age group medals won

increase in funding in 2013


increase in coaching workforce


21% 2

school pupils took part in triathlon taster events

World Championship Junior Medallists



s e c a ew r

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Season’s Elite Highlights It was the best season yet for elite Scottish triathletes, with success on home soil, across Europe and around the world. Here are some of their key achievements: Marc Austin 2nd ITU World Junior Championships, London, Great Britain 3rd Australian Youth Olympic Festival (individual), Sydney; Australia 3rd ETU Triathlon European Junior Championships, Alanya, Turkey 3rd ITU European Senior Cup, Geneva, Switzerland

Florie McLeish 6th ETU Junior European Cup, Quarteira, Portugal GBR Team Member ETU Triathlon European Junior Championships, Alanya, Turkey 5th ITU World Junior Aquathlon Championships, London, Great Britain

Grant Sheldon 3rd ITU World Junior Championships, London, Great Britain 3rd ITU World Senior Cup, Alicante, Spain 6th ETU Triathlon European Junior Championships, Alanya, Turkey

Ritchie Nicholls 1st European 70.3 Championships, Weisbaden, Germany 1st UK 70.3 Wimbleball 2nd Haugesund 70.3 8th ITU World Cup, Cozumel, Mexico

David McNamee 9th ITU World Triathlon Series,Yokohama, Japan 10th ITU World Triathlon Series, San Diego, USA 10th ITU World Triathlon Series, Stockholm, Sweden

Catriona Morrison 1st 70.3 St Croix, Virgin Islands 3rd European 70.3 Championships, Weisbaden, Germany 4th World Championships 70.3 Las Vegas

Natalie Milne 6th ITU World Cup, Tiszaújváros, Hungary 15th ITU World Cup, Cozumel, Mexico

Fraser Cartmell 3rd UK 70.3 Wimbeball

Jane Eagan 1st ETU Triathlon European Championships, Tri1, Alanya, Turkey 1st British Triathlon Championships, Tri1, Liverpool, Great Britain 1st ITU World Championships, Tri1, London, Great Britain

Lesley Paterson 2nd Xterra World Championships, Maui, Hawaii Scott Neyedli 1st Ironman Wales Graeme Stewart Scottish Ironman Record Holder – Challenge Barcelona, Spain 8:16:42

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We are the Champions

This year was another successful year for the Scottish Championship events... Duathlon - 31.03.13 Distance 10km run, 40km bike, 5km run Hosted by Stirling Triathlon Club Location - University of Stirling Overall winners - Douglas Roberts and Kerry MacPhee

Schools Triathlon - 02.06.13

Standard Triathlon -04.08.13

Distance 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run Hosted by Fleet Feet triathletes Location - Knockburn Loch, Banchory Overall winners - Andrew Hood and Alice Hector

Middle distance Triathlon -17.08.13

Distance vary per age group Hosted by Stirling triathlon club Location - University of Stirling

Distance 1900m swim, 90km bike, 20km run Hosted by Live Active Location - Aberfeldy Overall winners – Fraser Cartmell and Eleanor Haresign

Sprint Triathlon - 16.06.13

Cross Triathlon - 31.08.13

Distance 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run Hosted by Edinburgh Racing Location - Lochore Meadows Overall winners - Andrew Hood and Natalie Milne

Youth Triathlon - 22.06.13 Distance very per age Hosted by Fusion Triathlon Club Location - Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

Distance 550m swim, 28km bike, 8km run Hosted by Durty Events Location - Isle of Kerrera Overall winners – Rory Downie and Kerry MacPhee

Aquathlon - 07.09.13

Distance 750m swim, 5km run Hosted by Lomond Masters Triathlon Club Location - Balloch Country Park, Loch Lomond Overall winners – Cameron Milne and Alison Rowatt

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Age group medallists Scotland saw a number of age-group competitors earn their place on the British Team in 2013, here are a list of our medallists from major events. Alan Murchison

Gavin Sword

Penny Rother

Gold, ETU European Sprint Duathlon, 40-44 Gold, ITU World Sprint Duathlon, 40-44

Gold, ETU European Sprint Championships, 50-54

Bronze, ITU World Standard Triathlon, 55-59

Alice Hector

Gemma Scott

Gold, ITU World Sprint Triathlon, 30-34

Arnott Kidd Silver, ITU World Standard Triathlon, 75-79

Bud Johnston Bronze, ITU World Aquathlon, 55-59

Charlie Graham Brown Silver, ITU World Standard Triathlon, 30-34

Chris Stuart Silver, ITU World Sprint Triathlon, 35-39

Eleanor Haresign

Bronze, ETU European Sprint Championships, 20-24

Gordon Crawford

Robert McLean Silver, ITU World Duathlon, 50-54

Sybil Davison Bronze, ETU European Sprint Triathlon, 65-69

Gold, ITU World Aquathlon, 45-49

Jane Askey Bronze, ETU European Sprint Triathlon, 70-74

Joanna Crotch Silver, ETU European Triathlon, 50-54

Joyce Mark Gold, ETU European Sprint Triathlon, 55-59 Gold, ITU World Sprint Triathlon, 55-59

Silver, ITU World Standard Triathlon, 35-39

Julia Hector

Elizabeth Adams Bronze, ITU World Cross Triathlon, 30-34

Gold, ETU European Sprint Triathlon, 60-64 Silver, ITU World Aquathlon, 60-64 Silver, ITU World Sprint Triathlon, 60-64

Fiona Bracegirdle

Keira Murray

Bronze, ITU World Duathlon, 20-24

Silver, ETU European Triathlon, 25-29

Disclaimer: These results are collated from BTF Information. We apologise if we have omitted anyone.

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Other Income

Membership Services Coaching Events Volunteering Performance Development Sportscotland Grants Other Grants Commercial & Sponsorship Other Income

44,363 24,594 39,306 4,014 16,021 255,625 8,110 270 2,813


Membership Services


Events Sportscotland Grants

Volunteering Performance Development Commercial & Sponsorship


(£) 420,000 400,000 380,000 360,000 340,000


Value (£)




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Other Grants



Financial Information

320,000 300,000

Professional 3rd Party Fees Marketing & Advertising Corporate Office Overheads

Membership Costs Coaching

Events Volunteering Development

Staff salaries & staff support costs

Performance Development


Value (£)

Membership Services Coaching Events Volunteering Development Performance Development Staff salaries & staff support costs Officer Overheads Corporate Marketing & Advertising Professional 3rd party fees

26,810 29,600 19,793 8,899 7,146 90,368 176,818 24,267 4,275 5,995 11,623




Income Expenditure


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Looking forward to 2014... 2014 is sure to be an exciting year for the sport in so many ways. - Here are just a few things to keep a look out for... q 3FDSVJUNFOUPGBOPUIFS3FHJPOBM%FWFMPQNFOU0ǞDFS to help develop further our club network, schools involvement and better engagement with local authorities around Scotland. q )PTUJOHBUFTUFWFOUJO.BZUPFOTVSFUIBUWBSJPVT elements of the Commonwealth Games course will be fit for purpose – will give athletes at all levels an opportunity to try out the 2014 course. q 0VSTFDPOEDPBDIJOHDPOGFSFODFXJUIBMBVODIPGPVS coaching strategy up until 2016.

q .PSFZPVUIBOEKVOJPSFWFOUTUPFOTVSFXFBSFQSPWJEJOH wider opportunities to encourage and develop our young triathletes. q $PNFBMPOHBUIPOTUPBTTJTUDMVCTUPSFDSVJUOFX members and volunteers in preparation for the anticipated Glasgow bounce. q (MBTHPX$PNNPOXFBMUI(BNFTrBSFBM opportunity to watch our Scottish stars on home soil, to provide our volunteers with an experience that will be unforgettable and to raise the profile of triathlon to another level.

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