Iris on the Move Product Guide. Iris Recognition at a Distance and on the Move

Iris on the Move® Product Guide Iris Recognition at a Distance and on the Move SRI Sarnoff’s Iris on the Move® (IOM) technology has revolutionized t...
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Iris on the Move® Product Guide Iris Recognition at a Distance and on the Move

SRI Sarnoff’s Iris on the Move® (IOM) technology has revolutionized the field of biometrics by combining the security of iris recognition with a fast, convenient, high-throughput solution. IOM systems capture an iris image at a distance while the subject is in motion. The systems are eye-safe with multiple configurations, each requiring little user interaction.

IOM chosen “Best New Product” and “Best in Biometrics and Identity Solutions” for SIA’s New Product Showcase Awards at ISC West 2010

IOM PassPort™

IOM N-Glance™


The IOM PassPort™ is a

The IOM N-Glance™ is an easy-

The IOM RapID-Cam II is a

convenient, high-throughput

to-use, modular iris recognition

ruggedized, handheld device

iris-recognition system that

system for access control. The

that enables simple biometric

delivers uncompromising identity

system’s distributed architecture

enrollment and identification

verification without delay. Ideal

allows users to network any

anywhere in the field. The system

for high-traffic applications such

number of iris readers throughout

can capture dual-iris and facial

as airports and border crossings,

a facility or campus. It’s compact

images up to 18 inches away—

this walk-through portal has a

design enables accurate, effortless,

putting a comfortable distance

processing speed of 30 people per

standoff identification at any

between the operator and subject.

minute. Users simply walk through

point of entrance where secure

at a comfortable pace.

access required.

This portable form factor expands

The PassPort comes in an indoor or

Also available in an indoor or

applications—from pre-registering

outdoor configuration. In addition

outdoor configuration, the system

individuals as they wait in line at

to identity verification, both

is ideal for use in a variety of

an entertainment venue or military

systems perform onboard subject

applications including college

checkpoint to identifying subjects

enrollment. It is an effective

and corporate campuses, critical

while on patrol. The RapID-Cam II

solution for applications that

infrastructures, correctional

delivers an advanced level of

require rapid identity verification

facilities, and data centers.

security and convenience at less

of a large number of people.

the possibilities of security

than half the cost of similar portable units.


Critical Infrastructures


Nowhere is the benefit of reliable

Heightened security threats and

biometric identification more

increased numbers of travelers

valuable than in highly sensitive

are creating a pressing need for

locations—nuclear power

new and foolproof methods of

plants, refineries, large military

identity verification. For high-traffic

installations, and government

transportation facilities—airports,

facilities. Ensuring that only

train stations—a high-throughput

authorized personnel gain access

solution for controlling access and

to these critical locations is of the

authenticating identity is essential

utmost importance.

to balancing maximum security

SRI Sarnoff’s award-winning iris recognition technology is available in multiple product configurations—providing users with unprecedented flexibility.

The IOM products are secure

with minimal delays.

and reliable systems for identify

The known reliability of iris

verification. Touchless designs

recognition combined with

require minimum user interaction

SRI Sarnoff’s rapid iris capture

for simple and fast entry.

expedites safe and secure travel.

Employees and trusted vendors

The convenience of high-speed,

can move in and out easily,

non-invasive identification brings

allowing business to continue at

value to electronic passports,

the speed of life.

trusted traveler programs, or national IDs.

Fast, convenient, secure biometric products for high-throughput identity verification


Military Checkpoints

Time and Attendance

Seaports and marine terminals

Whether you are waiting to pay

Many facilities require personnel

are home to high consequence

a toll or purchasing tickets to a

to present proper identification

facilities such as oil and gas

movie, limited access points create

for entry, but standard processes

storage, chemical, intermodal, and

backups. In secure areas like

can create inconvenient lines

port operations. This environment

military bases, where restricted

that waste time and frustrate

requires accurate, reliable access

access is necessary, crowds present

employees. To enable flexibility

control and identity verification

a very dangerous predicament.

and accurate employee time

that can accommodate indoor and

logging, identification systems

outdoor applications.

Gatherings allow enemies to use

IOM products provide users

strike targets when they are most

an efficient, high-throughput,

vulnerable. The ability to screen

The IOM product suite consists

non-invasive method of

entrants quickly and accurately

of simple and secure iris

controlling access to any area.

could be the difference between

recognition systems that

These iris recognition systems

life and death. IOM products allow

guarantee time management is

provide an additional layer of

users to verify identification in

monitored properly and handled

identity verification for protection

seconds, providing rapid feedback

for all employees.

of critical assets and infrastructure

to discover potential threats.

using the most reliable biometric available today.

distraction and misdirection to

must be precise, fast, and easy to use.

Rigorous Performance Testing SRI Sarnoff tested its IOM PassPort system in a one-year long installation in its lobby, during which employees were identified as they entered the facility. Analysis of the test data collected during the final two-month phase

Comparison of False Acceptance Rates (FAR)* in Biometric Recognition Ideal FAR is zero.

of testing shows high performance. Iris


Results Successful ID Failure to acquire False accepts

Single Transit

3-Pass Transaction



13,000 2 months 100%

*False Acceptance means a user is accepted who should not be. Source: U.S. Government Accountability Office

IOM products are the only biometric identification systems that perform at the speed of life

Safety SRI Sarnoff’s Iris on the Move technology is safe, reliable and compliant with the international standard of safety for lamp systems. Even in the case of equipment failure, our product will not emit unsafe levels of light. •• Near infrared illumination from the

•• The IOM PassPort configuration

IOM PassPort system is eye-safe,

has gone through rigorous testing

with levels of radiance and irradiance

against IEC 62471, Photo-Biological

that are significantly lower than the

Lamp Safety Standards performed

defined limits established by the IEC,

by an independent testing agency,

even at the closest possible distance.

Laser Products Safety LLC (LPS). Report available.

Frequently Asked Questions •• Can the near infrared illumination from the IOM PassPort system damage my eyes? The level used in the PassPort System is well below that prescribed by safety standards. In particular, for typical exposure levels experienced in walking through the portal, the levels are many times lower than the threshold level values of damaging radiance and irradiance in the ACGIH handbook. For long-term exposure that might apply to a PassPort attendant, the levels are still significantly lower than the damage thresholds.1

•• What medical studies support the standards to which the IOM PassPort system complies? Among the important studies that contribute to the current safety standards for near infrared radiation exposure are research articles written by David Sliney, Ph. D., a nationally recognized expert on the safety of lasers and lamps. Dr. Sliney has examined the PassPort system and

has concluded that the system “does not pose a potential hazard to the eye under realistic viewing conditions.”

•• How does the dose of near infrared illumination of the IOM PassPort system compare to that received outdoors on a sunny day over the same wavelength band? On a cloudless, sunny day, the continuous irradiance of direct sunlight in the 800 to 900nm band is measured to be approximately 10mW/cm2 using a NIST traceable irradiance meter with appropriate near infrared filter in agreement with accepted values.2 By comparison, the infrared illumination in this band from the PassPort system is, on average, about 20% as bright.

• How has the IOM PassPort system been tested for safety?


As measured by certified, independent testing agency, Laser Product Safety. Report available.


See for example,

The IOM team has made extensive measurements of the optical power distribution, or irradiance, due to the illuminators in the PassPort system. These measurements have been compared to the safety standards under conservative assumptions, for example, with a subject’s eye pressed up against the illuminator.

•• How can we trust the SRI Sarnoff measurements? In addition to subjecting the PassPort system to internal scrutiny, the system was tested by Laser Products Safety LLC, an independent testing agency, using calibrated test equipment and the following IEC 62741 photo-biological lamp system safety standards. Results are available for review and show that the PassPort system meets all standards by large safety margins. In addition, measurements have been independently verified by Dr. David Sliney, a health physicist known around the world as an expert in the safety of laser and light systems. LPS’s and Dr. Sliney’s reports are available for review.

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