Elementary Enrollment Guide 2016/2017

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Dear Eagle County Schools Families: Welcome to the Eagle County Schools community! Here at ECS, our priority is for every neighborhood to offer high-quality community schools where each and every student can develop their unique interests and talents. It is our mission to ensure that our graduates are internationally competitive. To do this, we recognize that each member of our school communities plays a critical role in helping our students reach their full potential and achieve success in career and life. From our committed educators, to our engaged parents, to our community partners – we are all participants in your child’s education. We recognize that it takes an entire community to ensure our success. This Elementary School Enrollment Guide was written to provide you with the essential information about our registration process and schools. If your child has attended an ECS pre-school program, they are already registered in our system; however, if your child has never attended one of our schools, this guide is especially important reading. We encourage you to start your exploration of schools in our District with your community school, as the vast majority of our families find that their community school offers the best choice for their child. Within this Guide is a detailed profile for each of our Elementary programs including information about the wide variety of specialty programs that are available to meet your child’s learning needs and interests. In addition, you can find the information you need about our Online Registration as well as the Open Enrollment process should you choose a school other than your community school. Thank you for choosing Eagle County Schools for your child’s education. We are here to support you and your child throughout their entire educational journey of discovery, growth and success. Sincerely,

Jason E. Glass, Ed.D. Superintendent and Chief Learner Eagle County Schools www.eagleschools.net

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If ever there was a place that could set a shining example for what a community and its schools can accomplish out of love for its children let that be us and let it be now. - Dr. Jason E. Glass, Ed.D.

Superintendent and Chief Learner

To learn more about the vision of Eagle County Schools, visit www.eagleschools.net

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C OMMONLY USED TERM S AND D E F IN ITIONS FOR THIS GUIDE • Community School: the school which your student would attend based on your place of residence. • Registration: the process (both online and in person at the school) whereby a student is officially registered with the district to attend school in the district. • Enroll: when a student has completed the registration process and is anticipated to attend a specific school. • Open Enrollment: a process used where a parent is able to request a different school for their student other than their community school. • Boundaries: geographic areas defined by policy JC, School attendance areas. • School attendance boundary: geographical areas that determine a student’s community school. • New Student Registration System: a system implemented by ECS for online registration of students who are new to the district (for example: just moved to Eagle County; enrolling from a private school or Stone Creek Charter Academy; enrolling from another district). • Annual Information Update: reenrollment or updating of student information that occurs at or before each academic year. This needs to be completed in order to have accurate and current information. • Variance: a request made by the parent, that the student may attend a school other than their community school for one academic year. As of the 2015/16 school year, variances will no longer be used and will be replaced by the Open Enrollment process. • Transfer: a request made by the parent that the student will attend a school other than their community school throughout the grades served at the requested school. As of the 2015/16 school year, transfers will no longer be used, and will be replaced by the Open Enrollment process. • School capacity: the number of students a particular school can hold determined by building size constraints, staffing needs, community population growth trends, and instructional needs. • Available school capacity: the space and staffing that a particular school has not filled, and is unfilled. • School specific selection process: processes that range from an open lottery (ECCA) native language (EES), ski/snowboarding ability (VSSA), to other requirements for entrance. The schools that use specific selection process are: Eagle County Charter School, Edwards Elementary School, Red Canyon High School, and Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy. • Open lottery system: a process in which the outcome is determined by random chance. www.eagleschools.net 5

TYPES OF SCHOOLS Within ECS, all elementary schools are public schools and are tuition-free (with the exception of preschool and full-day Kindergarten which are tuition-based due to a lack of state funding) and operate under a variety of governance structures. C O M M U N IT Y S C H OOL S Community schools are operated, supervised and supported by ECS and its Board of Education. Some community schools are considered magnet schools or programs, emphasizing a particular style of learning or serving students with a common area of interest. Edwards Elementary School is a dual language school and balances its classes via a lottery system to insure equal representation of both native Spanish speaking and English speaking students. Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy is a magnet school serving the education needs and athletic aspirations of ski and snowboard athletes who are full-time athletes at Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. C H A R T ER S C H O O L S Charter schools are independently operated public schools that are governed by an independent Board of Directors. Within ECS we have one charter school: Eagle County Charter Academy. Admittance to the district’s charter school is through a lottery system that takes place in February. ECCA is accountable to the ECS Board of Education and to the same academic performance standards as community schools. Charter schools have flexibility to design their own educational programs and school-based policies.

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R E GISTERING WITH EAGLE COUNTY SCHOOLS All students are guaranteed a spot at their community school. We encourage you to consider your community school, defined by where you live in Eagle County, as your first option for your child. Community schools offer proximity and neighborhood friendships for your child as well as extensive programming before and after school to enrich the great education your child will receive. Eagle County Schools has high-achieving and well-rounded elementary school programs at all community schools as well as more specialized offerings such as dual-language, expeditionary learning and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs at specific schools within its elementary school system. The majority of students attend their community schools to enjoy proximity to home and neighborhood friends, as well as benefiting from the transportation services offered by the district.

K I N D E R G A R T E N R E GIS T R ATION FOR EXISTING ECS PRE- K STUDEN T S: Eagle County Schools offer Kindergarten programs at all of our elementary schools. If your child attended an ECS pre-school then they are already in our online registration system. If you want your child to attend your community school, you should attend your community school’s Kindergarten Open House to learn more about the program and get to know the staff. For a schedule of the Kindergarten Open House events, please visit www.eagleschools.net. You will then do an “Information Update” about your child just before school starts in August. If you wish to enroll your child at a Kindergarten program at a school other than your community school, you will need to go online during the Open Enrollment window in January and fill out the Open Enrollment forms.

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION FOR NEW TO THE DISTRICT STUDENTS: Quality early education builds a strong foundation for academic success. ECS offers high-quality kindergarten programs that set students on a path to learning at a young age. To begin the process, we encourage families to visit their community school and attend their Kindergarten Open House and learn about their program. If the family wishes, they may visit any Open House events throughout the district. For a schedule of the Kindergarten Open House events, please visit www.eagleschools.net. Next you will go to the ECS website and begin the online registration process by filling in student and family information. After completing the online registration you will be instructed to collect necessary documentation, and visit the Registrar at your community school to complete the registration process. Appointments are available for your convenience.


All students who turn 5 on or before October 1 are eligible for Kindergarten.


Half-day Kindergarten is state funded and provided by the District tuition free. The cost of tuition is $250.00 per month to attend full-day Kindergarten. Tuition discounts and scholarships are available. For more information about tuition rates and scholarships, contact your community school.

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H OW DO I REGIS TER MY NEW STUDENT AT EAGLE C OUNTY SCHOOLS? We encourage families to visit their community school and attend their Kindergarten Open House and learn about their program. If the family wishes, they may visit any Open House events throughout the district. For a schedule of the Kindergarten Open House events, please visit www.eagleschools.net. The following instructions apply to families who are registering a student who has never been a student within ECS. • After visiting and selecting the school you wish to attend, go to the ECS website www. eagleschools.net and proceed to New Student Registration and begin inputting information about your child (name, address, parents’ names, etc.) • Within the online registration forms you will have the opportunity to request to attend a school other than your community school and will then make those selections within the Open Enrollment section. • Once you complete the online forms, you will be instructed to visit the Registrar at your community school to verify documentation such as birth certificate, proof of residence address, immunizations, etc. • If you choose a school to attend other than your community school, you will be notified a few weeks after the deadline for registration if you received admission to your school of choice.

Important information to know about Open Enrollment:

Families may choose to enroll their student at a school other than their community school because of their interest in a specialized program, proximity to work, or any number of reasons. If parents elect to enroll their students at a school other than their community school, they must indicate their choice through the Open Enrollment online forms. They will be notified if space is available at their school of choice. Selection for attendance is based on school capacities which are determined by building size constraints, staffing needs, community population growth trends, and instructional needs. Every attempt is made to enroll students according to their school choice preferences. Families of students who are open enrolled into a school other than their community school are responsible for all transportation needs for their student. 8 www.eagleschools.net

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PROGRAMS Eagle County Schools offers a wide variety of schools and specialty programs designed to support your student’s unique interests, needs and learning style. To learn which schools offer programs that interest you, review the school profiles in this guide, visit www.eagleschools.net or contact your schools of interest directly. D U A L - L A N GU A GE P R O G R A MS Dual-language programs offer students the opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate by providing curriculum in both English and Spanish. Edwards Elementary School, Avon Elementary, Eagle Valley Elementary and June Creek Elementary are dual-language schools. E X P E D I T I ON A RY L E A R N IN G Expeditionary Learning combines traditional instruction in core academic subjects with real-world projects and community service that support students in exploring the world outside of the classroom. Homestake Peak School is an Expeditionary Learning school serving students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I N T ER N AT IO N A L B A C C A L A U REATE ( IB) Programs utilizing the IB framework offer a challenging curriculum that is both consistent and highly regarded around the world. IB schools focus on international perspectives of learning and teaching, while supporting students in fully exploring their home culture and language. IB instruction helps develop the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills that prepare students for success in a rapidly globalizing world. The IB program is offered at Eagle Valley Elementary. E C E – EA R LY C H IL D H O O D E DUCATION ECE and preschool are used interchangeably and refer to school programs that serve children ages 3 and 4. For more information see our website at www.eagleschools.net. G T – G I F TE D A N D TA L E N T E D Support for students whose demonstrated abilities, talents and potential for accomplishment are so exceptional that they require special programs to meet their learning needs. For more information see our website at www.eagleschools.net. E L L – EN G L IS H L A N GU A GE LEARNERS Services that support students who speak a language other than English. More information is provided later in this guide and on our website at www.eagleschools.net.

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ACADEMIC STANDARDS Eagle County Schools has embraced the Colorado Academic Standards to ensure students are equipped for college and careers in the 21st century. The recently revised and updated standards have raised the bar in a thoughtful, comprehensive way to ensure all students receive a world-class education with the academic knowledge, language and skills they need to be successful in college, career and life. These updated standards represent a shift in focus to provide a consistent and clear understanding of what students are expected to learn at each grade level. The standards challenge learners to move beyond memorization and push them to think critically – to support their conclusions with evidence, to use technology effectively and to hear different perspectives. Providing the foundation for a curriculum, but not dictating how and what a teacher should teach, the standards provide the opportunity for teachers to explore subjects in greater detail and help students to master critical skills, developing a deeper understanding of key concepts. Transitioning to new standards also requires a shift to new assessments that accurately measure students’ progress toward college and career readiness. Aligned to the standards, the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessments have replaced the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) and are delivered online, replacing traditional paper and pencil tests. More information about standarized testing and results are available at www. eagleschools.net We encourage parents to learn about the academic standards and engage in your child’s progress. Classroom learning can be actively supported at home by reading together, discussing school work and projects, and maintaining positive interactions with your child’s teachers. Visit www.eagleschools.net for more information on the Colorado Academic Standards and how you can support your child’s learning.  

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E LL PROGRAMS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS W H O I S E L IG IB L E F OR E L L SERVICES? Parents of all new students complete a form called the Home Language Survey, which identifies the language or languages spoken by the student and his/her family. If a language other than English is spoken, your school will evaluate your child’s English-language proficiency and recommend services that best meet his/ her needs. As a parent or guardian, you choose the services that you want your child to receive. E N G L I SH A S A S E C ON D L A NGUAGE ( ESL) : Students develop oral, reading and writing English skills in the regular classroom and through instruction from an ESL teacher. T R A N SI T IO N A L B IL IN GU A L : Spanish-speaking students gain knowledge and skills in the areas of speaking, reading and writing through formal literacy instruction in Spanish, while they learn English through their other classes and ESL classes. The best predictor of academic success for a student acquiring English is how well the first language skills are developed (Thomas and Collier, 1996). As students become more proficient in Spanish and English, their literacy instruction transitions into English. DUAL LANGUAGE: All students in the dual language program learn literacy and content in two languages. As native Spanish-speakers learn English, Native English-speakers learn Spanish, thus supporting each other’s language and culture. An additional goal of the dual language program is that all students become bi-literate and bilingual. www.eagleschools.net 11

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CONTACT Avon Elementary 0850 W. Beaver Creek Blvd. PO Box 7567 Avon, CO 81620 Telephone: 970-328-2950 Fax: 970-845-6376 Principal: Roy Getchell, PhD CONTACT Brush Creek Elementary 333 Eagle Ranch Road P.O. Box 4630 Eagle, Colorado 81631 Telephone: 970-328-8930 Fax: 970-328-8935 Principal: Emily “Brooke” Cole CONTACT Eagle Valley Elementary 737 E. Third Street PO Box 780 Eagle, CO 81631 Telephone: 970-328-6981 Fax: 970-328-8925 Principal: Tiffany Dougherty CONTACT Eagle County Charter Academy 1105 Miller Ranch Road Edwards, CO 81632 Telephone: 970-926-0656 Fax: 970-926-0786 Principal: Kim Walter CONTACT Edwards Elementary 0022 Meile Lane Edwards, CO 81632 Telephone: 970-328-2970 Fax:970-328-2975 Principal: Heidi Hanssen 14 www.eagleschools.net

CONTACT Gypsum Elementary 0720 Schoolside Street PO Box 570 Gypsum, CO 81637 Telephone: 970-328-8940 Fax: 970-524-7054 Principal: Mitch Forsberg CONTACT Homestake Peak Expeditionary Learning 750 Eagle Road, Eagle-Vail, CO PO Box 5810, Avon, CO 81620 Telephone: 970-328-2940 Fax: 970-328-2945 Principal: Bobby Young CONTACT June Creek Elementary 1121 Miller Ranch Road Edwards, CO 81632 Telephone: 970-328-2980 Fax: 970-328-2985 Principal: Erika Donahue CONTACT Red Hill Elementary 100 Grundel Way PO Box 1009 Gypsum, CO 81637 Telephone: 970-328-8970 Fax: 970-328-8975 Principal: Eric Olsen, Ph.D. CONTACT Red Sandstone Elementary 551 N. Frontage Road Vail, CO 81657 Telephone: 970-328-2910 Fax: 970-328-2915 Principal: Marcie Laidman

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