Efficient and cost-effective

SEA CHALLENGER Efficient and cost-effective SEA CHALLENGER, sister vessel DECK to SEA INSTALLER, is based on • SEA CHALLENGER's deck measures 3,...
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Efficient and cost-effective

SEA CHALLENGER, sister vessel


to SEA INSTALLER, is based on

• SEA CHALLENGER's deck measures 3,350 m2 • The deck is reinforced and can carry 15 t per m2 and a total load of 5,000 t • The vessel can accommodate eight 3.6MW turbines or four 6MW turbines at a time • SEA CHALLENGER was built at the COSCO shipyard in China under close supervision by A2SEA’s construction department • SEA CHALLENGER measures 132 m from stem to stern and the hull is 39 m wide • SEA CHALLENGER can operate at depths of between 6.5 and approx. 60 m (depending on specific site conditions) • Fully loaded, SEA CHALLENGER has a displacement of 24,500 t

more than a decade of experience in the offshore wind installation market. Designed to operate in deeper waters further offshore, this purpose-built vessel transports and installs up to eight 3.6MW turbines. SEA CHALLENGER takes the installation process to a more efficient and cost-effective level, giving developers greater confidence that their projects will be delivered on time and with maximum profitability.

SEA CHALLENGER can work in three different modes: • Fully jacked-up during installation • Floating – as an ordinary vessel during transport and loading of turbine components

• Semi jacked-up during installation in fine weather or when soil conditions are difficult

CRANE • The crane on SEA CHALLENGER is a fully electrical GUSTO GLC-900-ED-S • The crane has a lifting capacity of 900 t at 24 m outreach and 650 t at 30 m outreach • The crane is mounted round one of the legs saving space compared with the layout of other vessels • Split hook configuration for 500 t SWL (Safe Working Load) with 40 % increased lifting speed • In addition to the main crane, SEA CHALLENGER has five smaller cranes


Photo: Paul Langrock, deck on board SEA INSTALLER

A huge amount of raw power is required on board SEA CHALLENGER

Photo: Ole Risbjerg, engine room on board SEA INSTALLER




• The jacking system on SEA CHALLENGER is a double-acting, hydraulic system • There are eight jacking cylinders at each leg, i.e. 32 in total • The legs on SEA CHALLENGER can be raised and lowered at a speed of up to 0.50 m/min • The legs on SEA CHALLENGER are 83 m long • The spudcan on the legs measures 105 m2 per leg, i.e. 420 m2 in total • A special jetting system at the bottom of the legs can flush the legs free of the seabed when being raised. Depend ing on the soil conditions, the legs may have penetrated more than 20 m into the seabed. Without a jetting system, lifting the legs would be like pulling a rubber boot out of a mud hole

• SEA CHALLENGER has six 3,020 kW engines • SEA CHALLENGER has three Voith Schneider propellers for propulsion and three bov propellers for manual side thrust during harbour maneuver- ing and for satellite-based positioning • The vessel can manoeuvre with a precision of 25 cm under optimum weather conditions • In addition to the engine power re quired to sail SEA CHALLENGER, the engine room supplies power to a special satellite-based navigation system also called DP (Dynamic Positioning), which can maintain a given position during operation with a tolerance of only 25 cm

Everything is controlled from the control room on SEA CHALLENGER



An installation vessel like SEA CHALLENGER has many electrical and pressurised systems, from the vessel’s engines to the hydraulic jack-up system, ventilation systems, cooling systems and toilets, not to mention service water for up to 60 people. Everything is controlled from the control room on SEA CHALLENGER.

• SEA CHALLENGER can be manoeuvred from the bridge by a single person • The bridge is 40 m wide and the total area measures 285 m2 • There are four control panels on the bridge from where the vessel can be manoeuvred • SEA CHALLENGER can be manoeuvred in the so-called DP2 mode, which is a fully redundant and automatic satel- lite based Dynamic Positioning System • The advanced satellite navigation equipment makes it possible to manoeuvre SEA CHALLENGER with 25 cm precision • SEA CHALLENGER is jacked from a control panel positioned next to ma noeuvring panel, ensuring a safe, smooth and efficient shift of mode from manoeuvring into jacking the vessel

To be the chief engineer on board SEA CHALLENGER is like being responsible for processes and systems in a small Danish village. To help the chief engineer with the monitoring, SEA CHALLENGER has installed an Integrated Control Ship System (ICSS). The advanced computerbased ICSS system helps monitor and control temperature, power consumption, water consumption and oil pressure. In addition, it also controls the vessel’s electrical Power Management- and Distribution System, and serves as a remote control platform for several sub-systems.


Photo: Ole Risbjerg, bridge on board SEA INSTALLER

Life on board an offshore vessel can be tough, so we spoil our clients and crew when they are off duty

Photo: Michael Best, crew on board SEA ENERGY


CARING FOR CLIENTS AND CREW MESS, GALLEY AND CINEMA • The mess on SEA CHALLENGER is open 24/7 • It is prohibited to drink alcohol on board SEA CHALLENGER • A special office is available where guests on board the vessel can work undisturbed

LOUNGE AND CABINS • SEA CHALLENGER can accommodate 60 crew members and guests • Everyone on board has a single cabin with en-suite toilet and bathroom • The crew and any customers on board share the same lounge and public spaces and has equally sized private cabins • It is not permitted to wear work clothes in the accommodation public areas and in the cabins

CHANGING ROOMS AND GYM FACILITIES – COMFORT ZONE Installing offshore wind turbines can be a wet and challenging job, so the clients and crew need good facilities for chang-

ing and showering – we call these the Comfort Zone. The Comfort Zone is used for changing from work clothes to leisure wear, and facilities are provided for exercise before continuing to the lounge area or private cabins.

CLEAN ZONE It is prohibited to bring work clothes to the individual cabins. We therefore also have a Clean Zone, where it is not permitted to wear work clothes. The changing room facilities make it clear that SEA CHALLENGER maintains a high standard throughout the vessel. Much attention has also been paid to the gym facilities. Here the clients and crew have plenty of opportunities for weightlifting and fitness training if the wait becomes too long.

We can ensure the highest standards of safety and quality

A2SEA provides offshore wind transport, installation and service solutions at a wide variety of locations. We specialise in providing the offshore wind industry with safer, sustainable, and more cost-efficient operations − through know-how, seamless integration of installation and service solutions,



At A2SEA, safety is not just a priority but a core value embraced by every employee and incorporated into our business processes.

You’ve specified the right equipment. And chosen an experienced installation contractor with the know-how to do the job. But that’s no guarantee of a smooth-running, on-time and on-budget result. There’s something else you should be looking for in the partner you choose: superior teamwork.

and quality of performance. Anyone can hire a vessel. Having the right people and know-how is what makes it a success.

Our wish is to promote a Fair and Just Culture under which individuals are not blamed for ‘honest errors’, but are held accountable for witful violations and gross negligence. A Fair and Just Culture supports learning from unsafe acts in order to improve the level of safety awareness through the improved recognition of safety situations and helps to develop conscious articulation and sharing of safety information.

The way we see things, installing a foundation or turbine takes every bit as much teamwork as winning a Formula One race. It is the vessel itself, the crew on board and all the engineers, planners and support staff that make it possible. Everyone contributes to the success.


Photo: Ole Risbjerg, dedicated and skilled crew both onshore and offshore

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