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Project Management

Project Managemen

Project Management

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Enterprises implement their strategies by means of successful programs and projects. They are often faced with the challenge of being able to develop concrete projects over a number of years based on a strategic vision, and of successfully implementing such projects in the spirit of the strategy. An essential factor involved in the successful achievement of project goals, and thus for the successful implementation of strategy, is efficient project management. This is particularly necessary when businesses are subject to the increased complexity of a number of projects running in parallel with limited resources in a dynamic market environment.

We audit the project management of our clients by means of a standardized approach, and together with you we develop a plan for structuring and optimizing your own project management competences. Our consultants are certified in accordance with international project management standards (PMI, GPM, IPMA, Prince2). The UNITY project managers support our clients with their specialized expertise and operative project management capacity in connection with PMOs and large-scale projects. In addition, we take on responsibility for the operative projects of our clients as external project managers or interim managers. Many projects have an impact on the organization of an enterprise and the way in which the persons involved work with one another. Together with the trainers and coaches of the UNITYacademy, we offer, as desired, a project-related organizational development.

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Take the first step now. With the “UNITY PM-Audit” provide yourself with an overview of the status of your company´s project management and get to know the project managers from UNITY! Our offerings include the following areas of expertise: ▪▪ Strategic implementation with multi-project management ▪▪ Initiating, planning and controlling ▪▪ Project Management Office (PMO), and ▪▪ Project Office (PO) ▪▪ Project Management Coaching ▪▪ Project management/Interim management

Strategic Implementation with Multi-project Management Challenges

How can an enterprise successfully implement and make their strategy workable? The answer is as follows: By means of successful project and multi-project management competence! For many enterprises there is the acute danger of getting sidetracked among the increasingly complex byways of their project landscape. It is increasingly intransparent which projects are actually running at any given time within a company, what purpose they fulfill and to what extent they are simultaneously accessing

the limited resources of an enterprise. The vertical and horizontal integration is becoming more challenging, in particular in view of larger commitments of capital and faster reaction times. This is why it is essential to create a framework for enabling an enterprise to efficiently implement its strategy by means of projects, programs and portfolios. This involves organizational structures, methods, processes and incentives to reduce the complexity of the project landscape and control the implementation of strategy.

Our Competences and Services

We support our clients in formulating the right projects based on their company‘s strategy and to implement them with the aid of multi-project management. We offer our clients coaching in suitable methods for establishing the required organizational framework and together with them create a basis for implementing strategy. Since many tasks in different projects are similar and have to undergo the same learning processes, a key focus of multi-project management, aside from resource management, is to discover synergy and to share and make experiences mutually available. That is why our consulting work also includes resource and knowledge management – two central components of multi-project management.

Project Portfolio Management

Program Management

Project Management

Functional Management

Source: Own research based on Dammer/Gemüden (2004)

Project Management ▪ 3

Initializing, Planning and Controlling Programs Challenges

4 ▪ Project Management

Our Competences and Services Planning





F i n a liz a t i o n


Complex, large-scale projects and programs are increasingly becoming part of the everyday business of many enterprises. The complexity of such projects poses challenges for even experienced project managers. All too often, however, one can observe that such projects achieve their stated aims only with great difficulty, and usually with considerable delay, inflated budget and sub-standard quality. Inadequate project management and overworked project managers are often the cause of failure. There is usually the failure in the initial stages of the project to establish a professional planning and controlling logic, as well as to involve all concerned stakeholders. However, both are absolute prerequisites for the success of a program running over a number of years.

We advise our clients in the initiation and planning of large-scale projects. Here we at UNITY have recourse to our many years of experience in program management. We support our clients in designing programs that can be planned and managed at an operational level and then successfully implemented step-by-step. We deploy instruments that make the complexity of large-scale projects manageable and ensure communication between all concerned parties.

Project Management Office and Project Office Challenges

Successful enterprises professionalize their project management competence by establishing project management teams and staff units of different formats. Project Management Offices (PMO) function as competence centers and project manager pools. They offer help for current projects and make qualified resources available. Many PMOs also operate in companies as precursors of internal deliberations. Project Offices (PO) are set up for large-scale projects so that project managers can focus on their core business. They support the project manager in dealing with the necessary operative project management tasks. Aside from project planning and controlling tasks involving time, costs and quality, risk management, human resource management, procurement, stakeholder management and project communication are also important focal areas of expertise.

Example of Enterprise

Production Application





Strategic project portfolio management across the enterprise


Coordination of large-scale projects across areas and departments





(Large-scale) project management

Our Competences and Services

We advise our clients with our proven expertise in establishing PMOs for line organizations and POs for largescale projects. In addition, UNITY offers operative project management capacity and can take on PMO and PO tasks for your enterprise. You can have access to best practice recommendations based on our consultants´ many years of project management experience, thus saving yourself time and money. We set up PMOs and POs optimally tailored to the requirements of your enterprise and put the necessary methods and standards at your disposal.

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Project Management Coaching Our Competences and Services

The project management coaches from UNITY are familiar with the challenges of a variety of projects. Our coaches have developed best practice approaches and project management frameworks with which you can quickly and efficiently answer such question in your enterprise. As moderators and stimulators, they can provide impetus and bring “fresh wind” into your team. You can negotiate and work out a customized project management coaching program with UNITY’s consultants. You can decide yourself on the content, scale, aims and time period according to your own individual requirements and priorities. In any case, you will profit from the coaching results.


All sorts of day-to-day business to deal with, a whole range of very diverse projects, employee turnover – in practice it is not at all easy to keep track of a project‘s progress. Although you might implement projects systematically in your enterprise, there is always a point at which it is worthwhile to undertake a stock-taking: Are my project management methods still relevant for my current projects? Are my project management tools upto-date? Have my templates and documents been kept updated and are they still being used by everyone? Is the project management knowledge of my employees still relevant for my projects? In what direction are my projects developing? The UNITY performance offering “Project Management Coaching” provides an answer to these questions.

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5 4


Specialized terminology




Project oriented organization





External Project Management / Interim Management Challenges

You are planning an ambitious project but do not have a suitable project manager? Are you currently in need of the right manager for a (new) branch of your enterprise? In many enterprises employees are primarily technical experts and have little experience in the management of complex projects. Or they do not have the capacity for taking on added project work, in addition to their operational tasks. With our “External Project Management” performance offering, we at UNITY can provide you a solution to such problems. If you are looking for a temporary manager for your line organization, UNITY’s performance offering “Interim Management” is also an option for you.

Our Competences and Services

UNITY’s consultants have management experience, sound management training and are experienced project managers. UNITY is familiar with a variety of business fields and offers expertise in a broad range of subjects. Each of our project and interim managers is also, at the same time, an expert in a specific field and subject. That is why we can confidentially offer you a manager with the right technical background for your needs. Interim management or external project management with UNITY consultants offers you a further advantage: You and your team profit from the best practice and method know-how of our consultants beyond the period of their deployment!

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