A good thinking company

l i nda b | we si mpl i f y c onstr u ction A good thinking company Good thinking is a deeply rooted philosophy that guides us in everything we do ...
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l i nda b | we si mpl i f y c onstr u ction

A good thinking company Good thinking is a deeply rooted philosophy that guides us in everything we do

lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g


Simplifying is our passion. Ultimate comfort is our vision. Good thinking is a deeply rooted philosophy that guides us in everything we do. We believe that good thinking makes good solutions to the challenges we all face. Taking responsibility for what we do and how we do things is therefore important to us. Because good thinking is not only about making life simpler and more comfortable for our customers and end users. It´s also about thinking in a global perspective, all the time. Knowing that we at Lindab are helping to make the world a better place. You´re in good company.


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g

Contents Lindab Good Thinking


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Global drivers We simplify construction


Environment, legislation and energy saving


Intelligent buildings


Innovation in processes and new materials


Growing populations and urbanisation


Global economy patterns


Passion for improvements


Strategic focus Market Excellence


Efficient Availability


Solutions 24-25 Innovation 26-27 People 28-29

Sustainability Lindab’s sustainability work


Our offering What do we simplify?


Lindab Solutions


Ventilation products and systems


Building components and systems


Lindab in brief




lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | g l o b a l d r i v e r s

We simplify construction At Lindab, we simplify construction because it is in human nature to build. By simplifying in every stage, we make it easier to build sustainably. We develop products with the environment in mind. We invent solutions that meet the demands for comfort, simplicity and energy efficiency. We do this so that you can continue building with a clear conscience – not just today, but also tomorrow.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | g l o b a l d r i v e r s

Environment, legislation and energy savings

Let´s change the way we think Due to growth in the world economy and a globally growing population, more and more people have to share the Earth’s resources. To secure a sustainable society, we need to be economical with finite natural resources. This has led to increased demands on new technologies and innovations that reduce climate impact. Low-energy buildings and other solutions that dramatically reduce climate impact are very important. The key is often to make many small changes that jointly have a major effect. However, more innovation is needed. The ventilation sector needs to contribute new solutions to improve indoor climate and also save energy. At Lindab, we want to be the leader in driving this development forward.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | g l o b a l d r i v e r s

Intelligent buildings

Great opportunities to create ultimate comfort and well-being Intelligent buildings are equipped with technology that

At Lindab, we love good ideas that make our custo-

enables them to make their own smart decisions. These

mers’ and end users’ lives better. We welcome new tech-

buildings meet the growing need for comfort and con-

nologies, adapt our range and develop intelligent solutions

venience, but also serve an important purpose in the

based on real needs. Our customised solutions for ventila-

environmental transition. People who live in an intelligent

tion and indoor climate aim to create ultimate comfort and

building can control their home functions according to

better productivity, and to save energy – not only through

presence and need, which in turn helps to save energy.

ground-breaking innovations, but also through many minor

Today there are energy-efficiency functions primarily in


schools, hospitals and office buildings. However, they are also increasing dramatically in the housing segment.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | g l o b a l d r i v e r s

Innovation in new materials and processes

We make it easier to build sustainably


At Lindab, we carefully monitor global trends. These pri-

We believe that everything can be simplified, and strive

marily relate to challenges in areas such as energy supply

to achieve this in everything we do. Our combination of

and environmental protection. Through continued rapid

service, knowledge, products and energy-efficient systems

technological development, we focus on innovations that

simplifies the construction process and makes it easier

lead to higher productivity and energy efficiency, improve

to build for the future. At Lindab we often use steel in our

resource utilisation and increase the quality and reliability

products and systems. Steel is ideal for structures that are

of the indoor climate. Being a driver in the development of

intended to stand for many years. It is also a sustainable

simpler, more resource-efficient construction is a key area

material environmentally, since it can be recycled without

for us.

losing its properties. 13

lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | g l o b a l d r i v e r s

Growing population and urbanization

Good thinking makes good solutions The world population is continuing to grow. People of all countries are becoming healthier and the average life span is increasing globally. Since 1970, the global population has more than doubled to around 7 billion. This will continue to increase to around 9 billion. In the meantime there is a demographic shift taking place, with more and more people moving to cities. Today, more than half the world population lives in urban areas. By 2050 this will increase to almost 70%. This development is leading to higher demand for customised, energy-efficient solutions for housing, infrastructure and transport. Building sustainable cities has become one of the most important challenges of our time. Lindab simplifies the construction of energy-efficient buildings. However, growing urbanisation also has some positive effects. Cities provide great opportunities for economic growth, and more people have access to education, healthcare and housing. Population density also means that power, water and sanitation can be provided in a greener, more resource-efficient way. However, we also need smart ways of meeting human needs for higher quality of life with a small ecological footprint – and this is something we are striving to achieve with our solutions.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | g l o b a l d r i v e r s


Global economy patterns

Countries moving forward The global economy is characterised primarily by two new

uneven recovery has led to a muted construction industry

patterns. Firstly, the growth countries and developing

in many eurozone countries.

nations are not growing as rapidly as they were. Secondly, these countries are soon expected to account for more

As living standards rise, consumption increases around

than half of the world economy – in terms of purchasing

the world. At Lindab, we know that we have an impor-

power. For the growth countries, where knowledge and

tant part to play by developing solutions that reduce

social responsibility have boosted the economy, there

environmental impact and raise quality of life. Our vision

are good times ahead. Major investment is being made in

permeates every part of the company and is founded on

infrastructure, and this is driving global demand. However,

responsible values. 17

lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | g l o b a l d r i v e r s


We are driven by a strong passion and desire to continuously generate improvements Partly for all the customers and partners who use our products and solutions, but also for the people who live and work in our buildings. We simplify construction and help to create a healthy indoor climate. This means that fewer resources are used and that people feel better and healthier. Our vision is partly about achieving the best possible indoor environment, where fresh air is a fundamental requirement. With passion and knowledge, we are now boosting our efforts to offer the market’s best indoor climate solutions in healthy, sustainable buildings.


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | s t r a t e g i c fo c u s

Market Excellence

Market Excellence

We are always near Our customers are the people we meet on a daily basis, rather than the companies they work at. It is alongside all these people – designers and architects, fitters and installers – that we have built our trust. Lindab is a partner you can trust. Our relations are based on an in-depth understanding of the challenges our customers face. We create our solutions based on these needs and challenges. A wide range and effective sales channels Thanks to unique customer contacts, we can predict what you need and adapt our offering to suit your specific local requirements. It is important to us, because it is important to you, that we optimise the various sales channels we have on each market. Today you can find us on more than 30 markets worldwide.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | s t r a t e g i c fo c u s

Efficient Availability

Efficient Availability

In time, on time, every time In a market undergoing rapid transformation, there are increasing demands on simplification, speed, flexibility and reliability. We meet these demands and simplify the construction process – before, during and after. We do this with products and solutions of the highest quality, a sustainable supply chain and efficient logistics. A customer-focused flow that creates greater value for you We increase availability by being where you need us. Thanks to efficient distribution and local presence, we can offer customers in each country the right solutions. We have a network of more than 150 branches, almost 300 building contractors and more than 3,000 distributors. And with full transparency we make fast, flexible, efficient deliveries – to the right place, at the right time, every time.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | s t r a t e g i c fo c u s



A new way of thinking Developments on the market for ventilation and indoor

needed to execute a project efficiently. Our solutions include

climate solutions are driven by an increased need for

products, systems, knowledge, consulting and support. We

better air and higher energy efficiency, both to meet

help you to plan, dimension and optimise your project, and

regulations and the needs of users. Because of these

provide complete documentation for your entire system and

new needs, we at Lindab are thinking along new lines.

its components. Thanks to our new approach, you can now think of us as your total supplier.

Customised solutions for more customers Today Lindab offers customised and energy-efficient

With Lindab, you can draw on the knowledge we have

indoor climate solutions that increase the level of comfort

gathered over many years of developing ventilation systems.

in homes, offices, hospitals and many other segments. A

And you can offer your clients entire ventilation packages,

tailor-made indoor climate solution comprises all the parts

including consulting and support.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | s t r a t e g i c fo c u s




Finding new ways to increase customer value Over the years we have developed a host of innovations

solutions to our customers’ challenges. The aim is for

that have helped to simplify construction and reduce re-

Lindab to be the best in the industry at understanding your

source utilisation. But for us, innovation means more than

future needs. We achieve this thanks to unique customer

just developing better products and efficient solutions.

contacts. But for us, innovation is also about finding new ways of working, producing and delivering.

Innovations for increased customer value At Lindab, we love good thinking. We strive to continuously develop our innovative power so we can find even more


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | s t r a t e g i c fo c u s



Always the best team on board At Lindab, we are driving development forward by

The same professional approach throughout the Group

ensuring that we always have the right people with the

At Lindab we have a clear strategy for ensuring that we

right knowledge. We have a proud tradition of innovative

have the right knowledge to meet the market’s demands,

employees who make it possible to develop ground-bre-

also in the future. We continue to strengthen our organisa-

aking solutions. It is only natural for us to have passionate

tion, partly by continuously developing our work force, and

personnel who share our values and our drive to create

partly by bringing in new leading-edge expertise.

improvements – both for our own and our customers’ success.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | s u s t a i n a b i l i t y


Lindab’s sustainability work At Lindab, we not only take responsibility for creating

Sustainability work is a natural part of our new strategy.

sustainable development with products and services that

We don’t want to just be part of the future. We want to

improve energy efficiency and reduce resource consump-

help shape it.

tion. We also take responsibility for all the people who are affected by our activities in some way. Through our

Lindab’s sustainability goals encompass

sustainability work we have continued to improve the wor-

• Safety and fewer accidents

king environment for our employees, reduced the number

• Equality and diversity

of accidents and increased our focus on creating an even

• Energy efficiency

more equal, inclusive workplace that embraces diversity and people’s differences. We have also reduced resource consumption in production and increased investment in the development of products and solutions that have a low environmental impact for our customers.


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | o u r o ffe r i n g

What do we simplify? Lindab Solutions Customised indoor climate solutions


Customised building solutions


Ventilation products and systems Indoor climate


Ducts, fittings and accessories


Air movement


Fire safety


Building components and systems Walls, roofs and joists




Steel construction


Roof drainage Profiled sheeting


44-45 44-45


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | o u r o ffe r i n g

Lindab solutions We live in a complex world where more and more has to be done in an ever shorter timeframe. By bringing the whole of our offering under one roof you have access to our entire product offering and complete range of expertise in a smart, efficient, easily accessible way.

Customised indoor climate solutions Lindab’s customised indoor climate solutions comprise all the parts needed to efficiently execute a project. You receive a complete combination of standard or customised ventilation products, systems, knowledge, consulting and support – all in one package. As your partner, we put together a complete energy-efficient solution – tailored to meet your needs and those of the end user – while supporting you throughout the process. We help you to plan, dimension and optimise your project with our unique IT tools. We provide complete documentation about your systems and industry-leading products. And you can draw on the knowledge we have amassed over years of developing ventilation solutions to meet tomorrow’s needs. This means you can carry out your project more efficiently, and offer your customers a perfect indoor climate.



lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | o u r o ffe r i n g

Customised building solutions We can help you to package a complete combination of building components and ready-to-assemble systems for your project. Since all construction projects are unique, we customise and find component solutions fully in line with your wishes and requirements. We have simplified and developed the entire process, from technical design and documentation to assembly and aesthetics. This means that you can execute your specific project as efficiently and economically as possible. To help you, you have professionals and a personal contact from start to finish. Our technical designers and engineers are competent, creative and meticulous, and support you with knowledge, experience and professional consultation. Our smart proprietary CAD program is used to design, dimension, quantify and optimise your construction project correctly from the very start. Adaptation for noise and fire protection is also included in our design proposal, and full documentation is of course provided. We deliver everything you need in the form of tendering material, specifications and drawings.



lin d adab b g o og d ot hoi ndk i nth g i| n o ukri o lin nffgeri n| g o u r o ffe r i n g


Ventilation products and systems Indoor climate Our product range for indoor climate covers three areas – airborne products, waterborne climate systems and acoustics – designed to create a pleasant, healthy, productive indoor climate. Lindab’s indoor climate systems are among the most energy-efficient on the market.

Ducts, fittings and accessories Within our product range of air duct systems, fittings and accessories, we offer a wide range of duct systems that are energy-efficient, easy to install and well-documented. A broad range of both round and rectangular ducts for transport of air, and a complete assortment of accessories.


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | o u r o ffe r i n g


Air movement In air movement we have a wide product range with everything from air handling units, chillers and fans to coils, fan coils and floor convectors that move and/or condition air. Industry-leading products with properties that entail low operating costs, high energy efficiency and user-friendliness.

Fire safety Our range of ventilation fire protection includes a broad selection of reliable, certified products such as combustion gas dampers, smoke evacuation fans and air ducts that can withstand very high temperatures. Lindab also offers complete fire-resistant systems for all types of buildings. Systems that protect property and save lives in the event of a fire.

Lindab has advanced laboratories and development centres in Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden and Italy, where expertise in fire and smoke for example serves an important purpose. Our laboratories in Slovenia and Denmark mainly carry out tests in air and acoustics. The laboratory in Farum, Denmark is unique in Europe. For example, the 147-tonne test room rests on vibration dampers to ensure measurements are not influenced by vibrations.


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | o u r o ffe r i n g


Building components and systems Walls, roofs and joists We offer a complete range of economical, functional, simple, environmentally friendly systems for both residential and commercial properties. Lindab’s systems for walls, roofs and joists boast several unique properties such as excellent supporting capacity and profiles that minimise vibrations. Furthermore, all of Lindab’s systems meet the strictest sound and fire requirements. Our intelligent software also enables us to help you calculate and optimise the best solution for your project.

Facade Lindab has a broad range of components and systems for facade cladding. Our product range comprises three areas – profiled sheeting, facade cassettes and sandwich elements – each of which lend buildings an air of elegance with good sound insulation and high fire safety. The pre-fabricated facade systems can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Lindab’s facade systems give buildings an aesthetically pleasing facade. With several different colours and finishes the possibilities are immense. Lindab Art enables you to create unique facade cassettes, perforated with a pattern such as a text or your logo.

Steel construction Lindab’s steel construction system comprises ready-to-assemble material kits for entire buildings including the walls, roof and framework. These pre-fabricated systems offer a host of opportunities while meeting your needs for cost effectiveness and functionality. You have access to a solid basic system, and we have proprietary software to support design and project planning to further streamline the construction process.


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | o u r o ffe r i n g


Roof drainage Lindab’s rainwater system is the most extensive and tried and tested of its kind on the market. The range includes individual products as well as complete systems – all in a wide range of colours to give you a host of possibilities. The systems are installed quickly without the need for a joint compound or special tools, and are characterised by high quality, sustainability and flexibility. Lindab’s roof drainage system is made from painted, galvanised sheet metal for good weather resistance, excellent protection against rust, high colour stability and a durable, attractive finish.

Profiled sheeting Lindab’s profiled sheeting for roofs and walls gives your property an aesthetically pleasing exterior. The products’ cost-effective, strong and highly durable properties make Lindab’s roof and wall cladding the optimum construction material. The range covers everything from seam roof profiles to tile effect roofing, all with an elegant finish.


lin dab g o o d th i n k i n g | o u r o ffe r i n g

Lindab in brief Lindab is a supplier of products and system solutions for simplified construction and improved indoor climate, and our main market is Europe. Through close dialogue with our customers, a flat organisation, knowledgeable employees and a strong corporate culture, we develop solutions that have a lower environmental impact and offer increased customer value.

A culture of innovation There are three core values behind the drive and the culture of innovation that permeate our entire organisation; to continuously generate improvements for our customers and users.

1. Customer Success The way we see it, success for our customers breeds success for us. Our endeavour to simplify construction for

2. Down to earth

our customers helps to make their operations more

We strive for long-term relations based on uncomplicated,

efficient. We do this by leading the development of

trustworthy conduct and an attitude of humility. Important

solutions in our main areas.

factors are cost-consciousness and fast, efficient decision-making that avoids unnecessary bureaucracy.

3. Neatness and order Good orderliness everywhere has a positive impact on efficiency as well as the overall image of the company, and also contributes to a feeling of pride when presenting Lindab.


More than 150 branches A large proportion of Lindab’s sales are made through our own branches, selling ventilation and/or building products.

Approximately 5000 employees At the end of the year, of Lindab’s employees, 77% were employed outside of Sweden. After Sweden, the Czech Republic is the country with the highest number of Lindab employees.ww

More than 3,000 distributors Lindab has a broad network of nearly 300 building contractors and more than 3,000 distributors in total.

www.lindab.com The Lindab website provides extensive information about our offering. It also has contact details and addresses for all our companies worldwide.

Our focus areas

Market Excellence

Efficient Availability




Through the strong

The supply chain that

By utilising the strength of

Enhance a long-term,

Strong leadership,

distribution network and

comprises purchasing,

our ventilation and indoor

innovative culture in order

employer brand, culture

broad product offering

production, logistics and

climate product port-

to generate ideas, both

and investment in staff

along with numerous and

distribution will generate

folio comprising strong

ground-breaking and incre-

development will create

close customer relations-

higher value based on an

R&D and customised

mental improvements, in

the right conditions to

hips, Lindab’s market

overall customer-focused

manufacture, complete

all areas will assure future

ensure that Lindab has

positions will advance

approach through simpli-

solutions will be offered to

growth and profitability.

the best team for its

even further.

fication, rationalisation

new customer segments.


and innovation.


At Lindab, good thinking is a philosophy that guides us in everything we do. We have made it our mission to create a healthy indoor climate – and to simplify the construction of sustainable buildings. We do this by designing innovative products and solutions that are easy to use, as well as offering efficient availability and logistics. We are also working on ways to reduce our impact on our environment and climate. We do this by developing methods to produce our solutions using a minimum of energy and natural resources, and by reducing negative effects on the environment. We use steel in our products. It’s one of few materials that can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing any of its properties. This means less carbon emissions in nature and less energy wasted. We simplify construction