3-d National Aviation Infrastructure Show NAIS-2016

3-d National Aviation Infrastructure Show NAIS-2016  Total footage of the exhibition NAIS-2016 is 5000 sq.m.  The annual event is supported by t...
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3-d National Aviation Infrastructure Show


 Total footage of the exhibition NAIS-2016 is 5000 sq.m.

 The annual event is supported by the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Federal Agency of Air Transport  The award ceremony of the 2nd National Award " Air Gateway of Russia" and FORUM2016 will take place within the business program of NAIS-2016.  "Center for business meetings" with representatives of airports and airlines will work at NAIS-2016 for partners and exhibitors of the event.  Currently, the participants have booked more than 75% of the available space, we continue to accept applications.  The exhibition in 2016 will be attended by companies from Turkey, South Korea, Germany, China, Italy, Finland, Belgium and Switzerland.


Consolidated exposure : • Rosaviation • Federal State Unitary Enterprise Administration of Civil Airports • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Corporation for Air Traffic Management in the Russian Federation" • Research Institute of "Aeroproject"


Airports Regions, Ramport Aero, Airport Kaluga, Airport Far East, Airport Simferopol, Airport Barnaul IT-solutions for air enterprises will be presented in the sector.

Modern samples of ground airport equipment and technologies for maintenance of aircraft will be presented in the sector.

Air enterprises confirmed their participation in the Hosted Buyer Program at NAIS 2016 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22)

PCF "Airports of Chukotka" OJSC "Khabarovsk Airport" LLC "Tomsk Airport" PCF "Airports of the Far East" JSC "Vladivostok international airport" OJSC "International airport of Mineralnye Vody" JSC International airport" Ufa " OAO "Kurgan Airport" JSC "Airport Abakan" SUE "PetropavlovskKamchatsky Air Enterprise" JSC International Airport" Kaluga " Moscow airport "Domodedovo" JSC "Aeroflot" Federal State Unitary Enterprise "International airport" Orenburg " JSC "Aviation Company" Altai "(International Airport Barnaul im.Titova) JSC "International Airport Irkutsk" JSC "Airport Tolmachevo" SUE Amur region "Airport Blagoveshchensk" JSC "Pskovavia" Ltd. "Northern Capital Gateway" PAO "International airport" Simferopol " OJSC "Murmansk Airport "

23) OJSC International airport "Vnukovo "

24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32) 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47)

OGKP "Lipetsk airport" OJSC "Airline" Belavia " JSC "Ramport Aero" Ltd. "AeroGeo" JSC "Sheremetyevo International Airport" JSC "International Airport of Sochi" JSC "International Airport Krasnodar" OAO "Airport Anapa" OP "Airport Gelendzhik" of "macro" UK "Aviaservice" (Voronezh) OJSC "Airline" UTair " UAB "Red Wings" JSC "Belgorodavia" "International Airport Kemerovo named Alexei Leonov" JSC "Airport" Begishevo " PJSC "Kurumoch International Airport" PJSC "Airport Koltsovo" JSC "Airport Rostov-on-Don" PJSC "Nizhny Novgorod International Airport" JSC "Russian Airlines" JSC "Airport Pobedilovo“ Ltd. "Airport Emelyanovo" OAO "Omsk airport" FSUE "Magnitogorsk airline"

47 air enterprises are taking part in Hosted Buyer Program .


As part of the 3rd National Forum on civil aviation development are tentatively scheduled: • Plenary session • Awarding the winners and laureates of the 2nd National Award «Air Gateway Russia» • Thematic conferences, round tables, discussion panels

Preliminary program of Forum NAIS February 9, 2016 Conference hall “Airport” 10-00-10.15 Opening ceremony 10.15-12.00 Plenary session «Aviation industry in Russian Federation: global challenges and factors of development» Improving of the state aviation development regulation system and industry operational processes; Actualization of the aviation legislation: integration of economically relevant policies in the field of civil aviation; Prospects for airports infrastructure development in Russia; Formation of the effective airports management system; Formation and implementation of infrastructure investment projects aimed at the development of the airports of the Russian Federation; Modern involvement mechanisms of private investments. 12.00-13.00 Award Ceremony 2nd national award «Air Gateway of Russia» 14.00-17.00 Conference «The airport network of the Russian Federation: a view from the perspective of air transport market» Implementation of state support programs of the regional air transport development; Regions experience in investment attracting for the development of air transport and airports; Updates and changes in the system of mandatory certification in the field of civil aviation; Airport infrastructure development in regions: «a view from an airline position»; Measures to enhance competition in terms of airport services and ground handling (airport-operator-airline); Opportunities for the improving of ground handling services quality; Increasing of the economic efficiency of airports, including development of nonaviation activities

*The program may change not depending on the organizers.

Conference hall “Takeoff” 13.30-17.30 Roundtable «Fleet management of aviation equipment» Session 1: " Transfer of an aircraft into Russian register: problems and prospects» Discussion of legal and financial issues in the aicrafts transferring into the Russian Register (including leasing, the order of payment of the transport tax and property tax, insurance rates) Session 2: «Aircraft technical maintenance and operation» Formation of the after-sales servicing system for aircrafts that are produced in Russia; Effective organization and management of aviation equipment maintenance; Planning and management systems optimization of purchased components supplies; -Electronic operational documentation; Preparation and training for technical and engineering staff; New technologies and quality management instruments in ground handling and aircraft technical maintenance.

Preliminary program of Forum NAIS February 10, 2016 Conference hall “Airport” 32 10.30-13.30 Conference "Actual issues of transport (aviation) safety" progress in implementing the legislation on transport safety in the air transport objects and proposals for improvement of the activity; accreditation of certification organizations: the modalities, goals, targets; the issue of certification of transport security forces: the modalities, objectives, goals, problematic issues; accreditation issues units of transport security: the modalities, the goals, objectives, problematic issues; the procedure for obtaining a document of compliance for the security requirements of FAR. 14.00-17.00 Conference "Aviation safety" safety on airstrip; Training for the commercial aviation, and AON.

Conference hall “Takeoff”

Conference hall “Aviation”



10.30-13.30 Roundtable "ROI in airport infrastructure sector: attractiveness for private investors» Region's initiative for the airport development: action algorithm; Selection of the optimal realization scheme of the investment project; Neighboring areas development as a way of attraction for private investment in low-profit airport projects; Examples of regional initiatives for the airports development; Opportunities and conditions to attract credit funds; The potential of the private concession initiative

10.00-15.00 Conference «Improving innovative technologies of the air operation management» Session 1: «Modernization of the IT-infrastructure of airports and airlines. New technologic solutions. » Internal business processes' providing systems (ERP, ECM, MES and etc.); CRM-systems and project management systems; Operational databases (AODB); Resource management systems (RMS); Business-analytic (BI-solutions).

14.00-17.00 Conference: "Modern technologies of construction and design of airport facilities" the practice of construction and renovation of airport complexes progressive technologies and materials used in the construction and reconstruction of airports, from the economic expediency point of view construction and reconstruction of runways and helipads; at-airport infrastructure: modern requirements and solutions.

*The program may change not depending on the organizers.

Session 2: «Improving the quality of passenger service and cargo» Contact-centers; Document check systems; Passenger and baggage registration check-systems DCS; Luggage and inspection systems and solutions for boarding control (self-boarding); Mobile apploads; Information desks; Information Display – systems (FIDS) and equipment; Audio voice announcement systems (AFA) and equipment; Equipment and technology for increasing the efficiency of work with passengers and cargo.

“Air Gateway of Russia” The award was established in 2014 by the organizing committee of NAIS, Federal Air Transport Agency, and industry portal AVIA.RU in order to form positive image of airports and their business reputation in the community, and identifying and encouraging the most effective and steadily developing airports of Russia. The Expert Council of the Award includes representatives of Russian leading airlines : Aeroflot, Utair, S7, Ural Airlines; leaders of associations MARAP, AEVT, AVI, ATB; Leading journalists AVIA.RU, ATO, RBC, Tass, Kommersant Publishing House, and others. Awarding the winners and laureates of the Prize will be held at the Civil Aviation Day February 9, 2016 as part of the business program of Forum NAIS-2016. The same evening an official dinner in honor of the winners of the 2nd National Award ““Air Gateway of Russia"– 2016 will be held.

Applicants of the 2nd National Award “Air Gateway of Russia": 1) JSC "Airport Abakan" "" 2) JSC "International airport" Ufa " 3) OJSC "International airport of Mineralnye Vody" 4) SUE Orenburskoy area "Airport Orenburg" 5) JSC "International Airport" Kaluga " 6) JSC "International airport" Kazan " Applicants of the 2nd National Award 7) JSC "International Airport Irkutsk" 8) JSC "Airport Tolmachevo" 9) SUE Amur region "Airport Blagoveshchensk" 10) JSC "Aviation Company" Altai " 11) Ltd. "Northern Capital Gateway" 12) JSC "International airport" Simferopol " 13) OJSC "Murmansk Airport" 14) OGKP "Lipetsk airport" 15) OJSC "International airport" Vnukovo " 16) JSC "Ramport Aero"


17) JSC "Vladivostok international airport" 18) Ltd. "AeroGeo" (Krasnoyarsk) 19) JSC "Sheremetyevo International Airport" 20) JSC "International Airport of Sochi" 21) JSC "International Airport Krasnodar" 22) OAO "Airport Anapa" Gateway of Russia": 23) OP "Airport Gelendzhik" of "macro" 24) Management Company "Aviaservice" (Voronezh) 25) Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME) 26) FSUE "Magnitogorsk airline" 27) PJSC "Kurumoch International Airport" 28) PJSC "Airport Koltsovo" 29) PJSC "Nizhny Novgorod International Airport" 30) JSC "Airport Rostov-on-Don" 31) JSC "Airport" Begishevo " 32) JSC "Airport Pobedilovo" 33) International airport "Emelyanovo"

We invite sponsors and partners to cooperate within the exhibition NAIS-2016 and 2nd National Award “Air Gateway of Russia"