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2013 VESTRY February 24, 2013 Draft Agenda for 2013 Vestry Meeting Draft Minutes of the 2012 Vestry Meeting Rector’s Report Wardens’ Report Organization and Committee Reports Report of the Finance Committee Treasurer’s Report Proposed Social Outreach and Christian Education (SOCE) Projects Report of the Organ Committee Report of the Gift Committee Report of the Nominating Committee

The Church of St. Bartholomew

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

TABLE OF CONTENTS The following documents have been prepared for the 2013 Vestry Meeting and are presented here in the same order as the proposed draft agenda. page no. Draft Agenda for 2013 Vestry Meeting ………..……………………………………………...……….…..….. 4 Draft Minutes of the 2012 Vestry Meeting ……………...………..………………………………….……...… 6 Draft Minutes of the May 30, 2012 Special Vestry Meeting

……………………………………………… 12

Rector’s Report ……………………...…………………………………………… .…………...……………. 16 Wardens’ Report …………………………………………………………………………………...………….. 20 Organization and Committee Reports

Music/Choir …………………………………………………….…………………………...……….…… 21 Sunday School ………………………………………………….………………………………………... 22 Youth Group …………………………………………………….………………………………………... 23 Altar Guild ……………………………………………………….………………………………………... 24 Pastoral Care (Garry Armstrong Home) ………………………………………………………………. 25 Envelope Secretary’s Report ……………………………………………….…………………………... 26 8:15 Coffee Hour ………………………..…………………………………….………………….……... 27 10:30 Coffee Hour ………………………..………..………………………….………………….……... 27 Property and Facilities Management …………………………………………….…………………….. 28 Meal A Month Project At The Cornerstone Shelter For Homeless Women ………………………... 29 Finance Committee Report ……………………………………………...………………………………...….. 30 Financial Reviewers’ Report ………………………………………………………………………………….. 30 Treasurer’s Report: Proposed Operational and Facilities Budget for 2013 and Financial Results from 2012 ………………………………………………………….……………..…… 31 Proposed Social Outreach and Christian Education (SOCE) Projects …………………………………... 35 Report of the Organ Committee ………………………………………………….………………………..…. 37 Report of the GIFT/150th Anniversary Committee ………………………………………………………… 38 Report of the Nominating Committee ………………………………………………………………………... 39

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

DRAFT AGENDA 1. Opening Prayer 2. Appointment of Vestry Clerk A motion will be presented seeking Vestry approval of the proposed appointment. 3. Adoption of Agenda A motion of approval will be sought. 4. Adoption of the Minutes of March 25, 2012 Vestry Meeting A motion of approval will be sought 5. Adoption of the Minutes of May 30, 2012 Special Vestry Meeting A motion of approval will be sought 6. Rector’s Report Following remarks by the Rector and any discussion, Vestry will be asked to accept the Rector’s Report as contained in the written “Reports to Vestry” document prepared for meeting. 7. Wardens’ Report Following brief remarks by the Wardens and any discussion, Vestry will be asked to accept the Wardens’ Report as contained in the written “Reports to Vestry” document prepared for the meeting. 8. Organization and Committee Reports Included in the “Reports to Vestry” document prepared for Vestry are written reports from: the Director of Music, Sunday School, Youth Group, Altar Guild Coordinator, Pastoral Care Group Coordinator, the Envelope Secretary, Coffee Hour Coordinators, Property and Facilities Managers, and Coordinator of the Cornerstone Meal Project. Following any discussion thereon, Vestry will be asked to accept these written reports.

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

9. Treasurer’s Report Proposed Operating and Facilities Budget for 2013 & Financial Results for 2012 Carol Devenny, our Treasurer, will make the above-noted presentation, which also reflects the outcome of previous discussion within Corporation and Council. Motions will be sought to: receive the 2012 Financial Report; approve the proposed Operating Budget included in the 2013 Vestry Report; authorize withdrawals from the Broadribb Fund commonly knows as the Captial Fund and GIFT monies for proposed capital projects in the 2013 Vestry Report; authorize a financial review process for 2013. 10. St Bart’s 150th Campaign/GIFT Report Rob Nelson and Bonnie Robinson, Co-Chairs of the Campaign Committee will elaborate on their report.   A motion seeking reception will be put to Vestry. 11. Other Committee Reports ELECTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS 12. Appointment of Rector’s Warden The Rector will comment on his choice as Rector’s Warden. 13. Report of the Nominating Committee/Confirmation of Church Officers Carol Matson, a member of the Nominating Committee, will comment on the Committee’s report, which is included in the written material prepared for Vestry. Following upon this Report, motions will be presented to Vestry regarding: Election of Peoples’ Warden Election of Lay Members of Synod Ratification of Deputy Wardens 14. Appointments by the Rector and Wardens of the Treasurer, Envelope Secretary and Signing Officers Motions on these appointments will be put to Vestry. 15. Other Business 16. Closing Prayer and Adjournment

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

147TH ANNUAL MEETING OF VESTRY MARCH 25, 2012 - 12:00 P.M. DRAFT MINUTES Attendance: Jim Bradford

Derrick Fuller

Grant McDonald

Meriel V.M. Bradford

Pamela Gibb-Carlsey

Janet McLaine

Jane Breen

Elaine Gordon

Shelagh M'Gonigle

Joyce Bryant

Eve Hampson

David Milne

Ronald Burrows

Victoria Harris

Penelope Muller

Carol Burrows

Liz Heatherington

Mary Muller

Richard Capson

Scott Heatherington

Sheila Perry

Mary Capson

Michael R. Joyce

Richard Remillard

Kathleen Capson

Catherine Joyce

Andy Robinson

David Clendenning

Eric Kangas

Bonnie Robinson

Mark Curfoot-Mollington

Palle Kiar

Colin Smallridge

Catherine Curfoot-Mollington

Marie Kiar

Tony Tattersfield

Hugh Dale-Harris

Wolfgang Lassl

Gary Toft

Busy Dale-Harris

Craig MacDonald

William Turner

Carol Devenny

Mary Mahoney

Rosalind Weeks

Brian Eckert

Brian Mallon

Richard Weeks

Jean E. Eldon

Pamela Mallon

Alan Winship

Donald Eldon

Gillian Martin

David Younger

Fran Flavelle

Carol Matson

Pennie Younger

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

These minutes should be read with reference to the attachment entitled: Documents for 2012 Vestry, March 25, 2012 Meeting brought to order by Rev. David Clunie at 12:22 p.m. 1. Opening Prayer – led by Fr. David Clunie, Rector 2. Appointment of Vestry Clerk Motion to approve proposed appointment of Gillian Martin as Vestry Clerk. Moved by Fr. David Clunie. Carried. 3. Adoption of Agenda Motion to approve agenda as is. Moved by Merial Bradford; Seconded by Carol Matson. Carried. 4. Adoption of the Minutes of March 13, 2011 Vestry Meeting Note: In last year’s minutes, we did make a motion regarding the appointment of auditors for 2011. This will be discussed later during the Treasurer’s report. Motion to receive Minutes of 146th Vestry of Church of St. Bartholomew. Moved by Tony Tattersfield; Seconded by: Rosalind Weeks. Carried 5. Adoption of the Minutes of July 10, 2011 Special Vestry Meeting Motion to receive Minutes of Special Vestry of Church of St. Bartholomew. Moved by Andy Robinson; Seconded by Marie Kier. Carried. 6. Rector’s Report Refer to Vestry 2012 Rector’s Report for more detail. Motion to receive the Rector’s Report. Moved by Jim Bradford; Seconded by Colin Smallridge. Carried. 7. Wardens’ Report Motion to accept the Wardens’ Report as contained in the written “Reports to Vestry” document prepared for the meeting. Moved by Hugh Dale-Harris; seconded by: David Younger. Carried. 8. Organization and Committee Reports Included in the “Reports to Vestry” document prepared for Vestry are written reports from: the Director of Music, Sunday School Coordinator, Youth Group Coordinator, Altar Guild Coordinator, Pastoral Care Group Coordinator, the Envelope Secretary, Coffee Hour Coordinators, Property and Facilities Managers, and Coordinator of the Cornerstone Meal Project.

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

Add Emma Riddell as teacher in Sunday School report. On Thursday mornings a bible study group of eight to ten people with David as lead. Palle Kier thanked David for his leadership. There followed a brief discussion. Motion to receive the reports listed above. Moved by Brian Mallon; seconded by Joyce Bryant. Carried. 9. Finance Committee Report Refer to Finance Committee report for more detail. Motion to accept the Finance Committee Report. Moved by Jim Bradford; seconded by Richard Remillard. Carried. 10. Treasurer’s Report: Refer to Treasurer’s Report for more detail. Motion to receive the 2011 financial report contained in Vestry 2012 Report. Moved by Tony Tattersfield; seconded by Hugh Dale-Harris. Carried. Move a vote of thanks to Victoria Harris by Ron Burrows. Carried. Move a vote a of thanks to Carol Devenny by Tony Tattersfield. Carried. Motion to accept the Financial Review Letter relating to the 2011 Operating results submitted by Victoria Harris. Moved by David Clunie; seconded by Marie Kier. Carried. Motion to appoint Brian Mallon and an additional person without any direct involvement in financial matters of the Church to be appointed by Parish Council, to serve on the Panel of Financial Reviewers for 2012. Moved by Carol Devenny; seconded by Mary Mahoney. Carried. Don Eldon stated that St. Bart’s will not receive an invoice from Glenn Lockwood for the 150th Anniversary Book in 2012, so that line item of $10,000 can be removed from the 2012 Givings and Expenses. (Amend budget: General Givings to $343,600; Total Revenues to $359,600; Total Operating to $363,432). Motion to approve the amended proposed operating budget for 2012 included in Vestry Report 2012. Moved by Carol Devenny; seconded by Meriel Bradford. Carried. Refer to Property and Facilities Management report regarding required capital expenditures for 2012. Discussion surrounding capital expenses and the capital funds available, organ funds, and requirements set out in the Brodribb estate.

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Motion to authorize the withdrawal of up to $50,000 to finance capital projects as budgeted from the Brodribb Fund (commonly referred to as the Capital Fund) held in the Consolidated Trust Fund at the Diocese. Moved by David Younger; seconded by David Milne. Carried. 11. Social Outreach and Christian Education (SOCE) Motion to accept the SOCE Committee recommendations, with the exception of the Historical Biographies which we are tabling for a later time, and to authorize the withdrawal of up to $50,000 from the Social Outreach and Christian Education Fund held in the Consolidated Trust Fund at the Diocese. Moved by Carol Devenny; seconded by Don Eldon. Carried. 12. Other Committee Reports (Report of the Organ Committee, Sesquicentennial History Book Committee) Refer to the Report of the Organ Committee for details. Motion to accept committee report by Grant McDonald; seconded by Victoria Harris. Carried. Refer to the Report of the Sesquicentennial History Book Committee for details. Motion to receive report. Moved by Don Eldon; seconded by Jim Bradford. Carried. Refer to the Report of the Nominating Committee for details. ELECTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS 13. Report of the Nominating Committee/Confirmation of Church Officers Move to close nominations as outlined below. Moved by Meriel Bradford. Seconded by Andy Robinson. Carried. Election of Peoples’ Warden People’s Warden: Brian Eckert Election of Lay Members of Synod Regular Member: Richard Remillard Regular Member: Brian Eckert Regular Member: Rob Nelson Alternate: Jordan Worek Ratification of Deputy Warden. Deputy Warden: Richard Remillard

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel PARISH COUNCIL Chair: Victoria Harris (to be elected by parish council) Secretary: Gillian Martin Rector’s Warden: Rob Nelson People’s Warden: Brian Eckert Deputy Warden: Richard Remillard Treasurer: Carol Devenny Members-at-Large: Jordan Worek Helen Rodney Gary Toft Bill Turner FINANCE AND STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE CHAIR: VICTORIA HARRIS G.I.F.T. Campaign: TBA OTHER PARISH OFFICERS: Altar Guild: Pam Mallon Sidespersons – 10:30: Calum Carmichael Intercessors – 10:30: Calum Carmichael Lay Administrators – 10:30: Ray Perrin Readers - 10.30: Fran Flavelle Readers/sidespersons – 8:15: Brian Eckert Lay Administrators – 8:15: Brian Eckert Bazaar: Liz Heatherington/Mary Capson Envelope Secretary: Ron Burrows Social Outreach & Christian Education (SOCE): Carol Devenny Nursery: Julia Laku Sunday School: Carole Schmidt Youth Group: Blake Wright Facilities and Property: David Milne Community Relations: Craig MacDonald Pastoral Care – Armstrong J. Center: Nancy Millson PWRDF: Shelagh M’Gonigle Coffee Hour Coordinator – 8:15: Sheila Perry Coffee Hour Coordinator – 10:30: Linda Assad-Butcher Summer/Fall BBQ: Blake Wright and Youth Group Fall and Winter Events: Lisa Samson Cornerstone Meal Coordinator: Sandra Ferguson Counters: Mary Mahoney Flowers: Joan Ramsay Burn Nominating Committee: Craig MacDonald

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

FOR INFORMATION ONLY – CHURCH STAFF: Office Manager: Ruth Honeyman Music Director: Rosalind Weeks Sexton: Clement Olomoi 14. Appointment of Rector’s Warden Rector thanked Rob Nelson as new Rector’s Warden. 15. Appointments by the Rector and Wardens of the Treasurer, Envelope Secretary and Signing Officers Motion to accept appointments by the Rector and Wardens of the Treasurer (Carol Devenny), Envelope Secretary (Ron Burrows) and Signing Officers (David Clunie, Rob Nelson, Brian Eckert and Richard Remillard). Moved by Brian Mallon Seconded by Carol Burrows. Carried. 16. Other Business – Thanks to retiring wardens and vestry clerk. 17. Closing Prayer and Adjournment. Motion by Shelagh M’Gonigle. Carried. at 2:48 p.m.

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

DRAFT MINUTES OF SPECIAL VESTRY MAY 30, 2012 – 7:30 PM Linda Assad-Butcher Joyce Bryant Carol Burrows Ronald Burrows Richard Capson Mary Capson Nancy Chance Busy Dale-Harris Hugh Dale-Harris Emma Rodney Drouin Brian Eckert Don Eldon Jean Eldon Fran Flavelle Pamela Gibb-Carsley Dale Harris Victoria Harris

Elizabeth Heatherington Scott Heatherington Diana Hennessy Kevin Kattas Joan Kellett Tony Kellett Marie Kiar Palle Kiar Barbara Konst Jerry Kovacs Craig MacDonald Meiping MacIsaac Mary Mahoney Howard Mains Brian Mallon Pamela Mallon Laurie Mason

Carol Matson Grant McDonald Anne McDougal Janet McLaine Joanne Nelson Rob Nelson Andy Robinson Bonnie Robinson Helen Rodney Richard Remillard Carole Schmidt Richard Weeks Rosalind Weeks Jordan Worek Shannon Worek Shirley Valois Celia Viets

Chair: The Rev. Canon David Clunie 1. COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE Fifteen members spoke to the motion and asked questions concerning the organ and the rest of the campaign. The Chair read the comments of approximately 12 members who weren’t present. It was clarified that “proxy voting” was not allowed. MOTION The motion (attached below) was moved by Rob Nelson and seconded by Victoria Harris. An amendment to the motion was proposed by Don Eldon, seconded by Catherine Welch. “That If financial circumstances at the end of 2012 should require it, Parish council is required to give due consideration to less expensive organ. (Rodgers).” The amendment was defeated. A second amendment was proposed by Richard Capson, seconded by Barbara Konst. “Propose to

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

separate the organ from the rest of the original motion and vote on it separately.” The amendment was defeated. A third amendment was proposed by Elizabeth Heatherington. The seconder is not recorded. This amendment was to add to #4 of the original motion “Vestry states that if possible the acquisition of the organ and changes to the church structure be given priority.” This amendment was carried. The vote was called on the original motion proposed by Rob Nelson and seconded by Victoria Harris as amended directly above. The motion carried 64 in favour, 1 opposed. Joyce Bryant thanked the committees concerned for their work and the number of hours they had spent on it. The meeting was adjourned. This is the original motion and the amendment to #4 is added in bold. Therefore this constitutes the amended and passed motion of Special Vestry, May 30, 2012. MOTION SPECIAL VESTRY MAY 30, 2012 Whereas the Church of St. Bartholomew, the Guards’ Chapel (the Church) will celebrate its 150th Anniversary in 2017 and Whereas the Diocese of Ottawa has launched a major Fundraising Campaign (“Growing in Faith Together”) and Whereas the Church has identified Parish Needs in the Period 2013-2017 and Whereas the Church is requested to provide the Diocese with funds up to $170,000.00 and Whereas the Church has $116,00.00 on hand and pledges of $420,000.00 for a total of $536,000.00 to be applied to the said Fundraising Campaign.

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

Now therefore the Vestry of the Church enacts and approves the following: 1. The “Parish Needs” are identified as follows: a) Full Letourneau Pipe Organ Approximate cost $400,000.00 b) Church Restoration needs as follows: i) $56,000.00 – to reconfigure the back of the church to accommodate the new organ and to include air conditioning. ii) $22,000.00 – to upgrade and make hall washrooms fully accessible. iii) $19,000.00 – to landscape for proper drainage, fill topsoil, and erect visible church sign. iv) $130,000.00 – to completely rebuild the outside wall facing the side yard which extends from the kitchen to the nursery. v) $48,000.00 – contingency, $12,000.00 for 4 years – which will include repairs to the main stained glass window behind the altar. TOTAL: $275,000.00 c) $100,000.00 – Ministry To provide for a Curate for 3 years (does not include Diocesan Contribution) d) $170,000.00 - Diocesan Share This is the Church’s payment to the Diocese. e) $75,000.00 – Outreach f) Shortfalls in the Church’s Annual Operating Budget Vestry therefore approves the said “Parish Needs” and undertakes a total Fundraising Campaign as follows: $400,000.00 Organ $275,000.00 Church Restoration $100,000.00 Ministry $170,000.00 Diocesan Share $ 75,000.00 Outreach TOTAL: $1,020,000.00 (less amount on hand/ committed of $536,000.00) for a Net Amount to be raised in the sum of $484,000.00.


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Vestry hereby expressly states that the Corporation of the Church has full authority to launch a Fundraising Campaign in the sum of $1,020,000.00 and, to take all steps necessary to implement and execute Parish Needs. At all times, the use of Campaign Funds for the Church’s operating budget shall be solely used on an emergency and extraordinary basis. At no time shall more than 10% of the actual funds raised be used for shortfalls, if any, calculated cumulatively on the total basis.

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel


Vestry appreciates that the dollars described above are approximate and that Corporation in implementing said “Parish Needs” shall do so consistent with the Corporation’s ongoing assessment of the overall financial circumstances of the Parish, including the expressed need to replenish the Capital Reserve Fund. Vestry states that if possible the acquisition of the organ and changes to the church structure be given priority. (as per amendment)


The Corporation may stage the implementation of the Parish Needs depending on the funds received. Should the Campaign not raise $1,020,000.00, then the Corporation has full authority to defer expenditures as necessary. Should the Campaign raise funds in excess of $1,020,000.00, priority will be given to the Capital Reserve Fund.


The Corporation shall seek the input of Parish Council in all matters described above. Passed by Vestry this 30th day of May, 2012.

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

RECTOR’S REPORT My report is meant to comment on “the condition, progress and needs of the parish…” from the vantage point of our yearly vestry meeting. The major undertaking this past year was our financial campaign begun at the end of September. St Bart’s 150th Anniversary Campaign Just a year ago our campaign was only an idea. It seemed serendipitous (at least in hindsight) that just when we needed to consider raising funds for our organ and other needs the diocesan GIFT Campaign was beginning. We have received enormous help and cooperation from the diocese in crafting our “one of a kind campaign.” Building on the approaching 150th anniversary of our parish the diocese allowed us to triple the size of our campaign without increasing the amount we raised for them. ($170,000) Our Special Vestry of May 30, 2012 overwhelmingly endorsed the choice of a Letourneau pipe organ and a 150th Anniversary Campaign to raise $904,000. By January 20, our Celebration Sunday, we had received over $1.1 million in money and pledges. We were able to sign the contract for the organ on the same day. You will find details in the Organ Committee report so ably chaired by Grant McDonald. Also you will find the details of the campaign in the report by our Co-chairs, Bonnie Robinson and Rob Nelson. It is impossible to thank them and their team enough for their very hard work and overwhelming success. Of course we thank all of you who have given so generously to the campaign as a tangible symbol of how much you care about our church and its future. Retirement of Rosalind Weeks as Music Director On January 6 we had a great celebration for Ros’ last Sunday as our Organist and Choir Director. She has served us wonderfully well over the past 13 years instilling in the choir and congregation a sense of the sacred experienced through worship supported by music. We presented Ros with a framed collage of her time at St Bart’s. The congregation had contributed a purse which allowed her to take a trip to see family in Australia. The choir had also given her a sound system for her home. The Advent Carol service on December. 3 was great triumph of beauty and worship. Ros had gathered many musicians, both singers and instrumentalists, for the afternoon. It was a very special service she has left for us In our memories. Ros has obvious musical gifts and it was the way she shared those gifts along with her “spiritual gifts” of teaching and faithfulness that make her so unique. We have been blessed by her presence and wish her and her family well in the future.

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Outreach Through our SOCE program our church has been extremely generous, dispersing almost $450,000 over the past five years. In 2012 we slowed down our dispersals to approximately $50,000. An extraordinary record I don’t believe equaled in any Anglican church in Canada. Corporation and Parish Council decided not to seek applications for 2013. However the SOCE program is still in effect and the GIFT Campaign will eventually add $75,000 to our funds eventually leaving us with approximately $200,000. How we will use these funds and continue to administer the program will be determined in the future. It is certainly the will of council and I believe Vestry to maintain them for outreach projects. I want to thank Carol Devenny for her work as chair and the other members and secretary of the SOCE Committee. I echo Nancy Millson’s appreciation of the pastoral work of Joyce Bryant and Pat Bower at the Garry Armstrong Home. This wonderful outreach of St Bart’s continues to be lovingly coordinated by Nancy Millson. Worship Our St Bart’s choir is the largest church group that meets most regularly. They are with us virtually every Sunday, save in the summer, and contribute so much to our sense of worship and beauty. I am particularly grateful for their support during the time between previous and new organist. Our Altar Guild does an incredible job in maintaining the holiness of the sanctuary and preparing it for worship. We owe them a great deal as they keep everything organized for our two services each Sunday not to mention the many funerals and weddings. I thank them and their Convener Pam Mallon for their splendid work. In September we welcomed Kristy Reimers-Loader, a theological student from St Paul University. Kristy is our third student over the past four years and she has added to our worship with prayers, readings and sermons. She will be with us until April and we wish her well in her vocation. Also in September the Rev. Laurette Glasgow joined us and our “Honorary Assistant.” Laurette holds a unique position with our diocese and the National Church as a “Special Advisor for Government Relations.” It has been wonderful to welcome her in our midst. She has been a great support to me and given us a different voice both at the altar and in the pulpit. She is very involved with the Joint Anglican/Lutheran Assembly this summer in Ottawa. I want to thank Joan Ramsay-Burn for the wonderful work and artistry she gave over many years in choosing and arranging our flowers for Sunday. She created seasonal, liturgical and memorial arrangements for the congregation and many individual requests. Keeping within her family and still within our “worship” category I want to thank Chris Burn for the Saints days biographies he so skillfully crafts for our Sunday bulletins. As with Joan’s flowers, Chris’ words greatly enhance our sense of the beauty of holiness.

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

New Organist We were pleased to announce on January 27 that Barbara Hallam-Price was our choice as our new organist. Barbara received her organ training at University of Western Ontario. She has been an organist and choir director in a number of churches in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Barbara will begin on April 8. She is very excited to be coming to St Bart’s and I, and the choir, are delighted to welcome her. We received eight applications and from them a short list of three was produced by the Selection Committee. Each was interviewed, auditioned in the church and undertook a rehearsal with the choir. I want to thank the choir and members of the selection committee for their help in the process. Those of the Selection Committee are: Helen Rodney, Michael Joyce, Grant McDonald, Dr James Wright and myself. Stewardship From last spring to the present time the 150/GIFT Campaign has been our major undertaking. It certainly is a part of Stewardship but it is unique in being our first major fundraising initiative for fifty years. Ongoing Stewardship is how much of our wealth we are willing to give to our ongoing parish operations. In the fall of 2012 it became evident that we were falling behind on our regular budget projections. The Treasurer and Finance Chair appealed to the congregation and many of you rose to the challenge and we finished the year paying all our expenses. We hope to encourage more parishioners to consider the PAR or pre-authorized giving plan. We have roughly 1/3 of our members on it. Joining this plan means that you would consider on a yearly basis how much you would commit to St Bart’s and then we would receive it in regular amounts - a great help in our planning and ongoing operations. We also want to encourage everyone to consider remembering St Bart’s in wills and bequests. We are greatly indebted to Shirley Cummings who died last February and to Wynn Mundy who died the previous year. Together they left $130,000 to St Bart’s and it was a major building block of our 150 Campaign. Our annual Bazaar was a great example of stewardship, fellowship and celebration. Elizabeth Heatherington and Mary Capson did a splendid job in both following our previous traditions and re-imagining other ways to do it. They began working on the Bazaar in the spring and continued through the summer to November. I join them in thanking the many many people who helped on and before that day. But on behalf of all of us I want to thank them, Liz and Mary, for their leadership and sheer exuberance of spirit that made the day such a success.

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Thanks Our volunteer hours this year will easily top 12,000! That is a remarkable commitment to our community. I want to thank our Sunday School, Nursery and Youth helpers. The coffee ministries after both services are invaluable to our fellowship. Those who have chaired committees, members of committees, those who have individual ministries should know that I, on behalf of all of us, are grateful for your efforts. I am also grateful to our sextant Clement Olomoi who keeps and cleans our church so lovingly. Clement and his helping family have just become Canadian citizens are we at St Bart’s are very proud of them. Our parish office is the hub of so much that happens and we are all indebted to Ruth Honeyman for the graciousness and efficiency she shows on a daily basis. Her position is pivotal and it is both a job and a ministry and Ruth does each of these aspects superbly. Finally I want to thank our corporation made up of our Wardens, Treasurer and Chair of Council. They have done an extraordinary amount of work in the past year and their dedication has contributed to such a blessed year in our parish life. 30 Years!! On December 18, 2012 I celebrated 30 years of ordination to the priesthood. I was thrilled to receive a citation from our bishop along with kind words and a lovely book from all of you. The four and a half years here at St Bart’s have been truly blessed for me and my family. The next few years are exciting to contemplate. A new organ, a true legacy gift for the long term future. A Curate to help in the ministry and discernment of what God wants us at St Bart’s to be both now and in the future. Also we will have enough funds to complete the restoration of the fabric of our buildings and a new infusion of money for our outreach projects. Truly the spirit of God is moving in our place and I am thrilled to be walking this part of the journey with you.

Yours in Christ, David Clunie

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

2012 WARDENS’ REPORT It has been a wonderful year at St. Barts. With great joy and enthusiasm the Parish worked together and successfully completed a myriad of tasks, both spiritual and worldly under the leadership of the Reverend Canon David Clunie, Rector. We will all miss the ministry and artistry of our church organist and music director Rosalind Weeks. It was a bittersweet moment when she "officially" left us and retired on January 6, this year. Fr. David has expressed our thoughts about Ros in his Rector's Report. We thank her for all she has done to build up our household of faith. St. Bart’s could not function without the hundreds of parish volunteers who work tirelessly all year long. But could the volunteers thrive without the continuous coaching and able assistance of the Rector and, of course Ruth Honeyman who manages the office? On May 30, 2012 Vestry instructed the Corporation of St. Bart’s (comprised of the Rector, the Wardens, the Treasurer and the Chair of Parish council) to institute a dynamic fund raising campaign in the amount of $904,000. As part of the St. Bart’s 150th /GIFT Campaign, we identified the long term needs for which the funds would be employed- a new pipe organ (Letourneau), a curate, additional outreach, and critical capital needs. Duly commissioned by Vestry, Corporation instituted a fund raising team (Co-chairs Bonnie Robinson and Rob Nelson), who were able to assemble an exceptional team. This team announced the 2012 results on January 20, 2013. St. Bart’s raised 1.1 Million dollars in the first year ( it is a 5 year Campaign). This amazing result enabled the Wardens to sign the organ contract on January 20, 2013 for installation in August 2013. The Corporation also worried about the Operating Results for 2012 but, under the direction of Carol Devenny, our Treasurer, and Victoria Harris, the Chair of the Finance Committee, we managed to achieve the budgeted result. There was a great deal of material work done on our church structure. This is outlined in the Property report. We are grateful to Ross Peterson for his oversight care of our physical structures. St. Bart’s is indeed “.. a thin place..” (in the words of the late Father don West) where the divine and the worldly intersect. The 150th /GIFT campaign was a wonderful experience for our parish and the individual visits of our Team enabled so many fruitful occasions for fellowship beyond the need to seek pledges. The Wardens hope to capitalize on that energy in the years ahead. Respectfully submitted, Brian Eckert- People's Warden Rob Nelson - Rector's Warden Richard Remillard - Deputy Warden

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel



MUSIC/CHOIR 2012 began with the hiring of a young bass, Adam Kuiack. It was his first encounter with church music and he soon grew to appreciate it. On two occasions, he played classical guitar (his major at U. of O.) during the service. 2012 ended with the retirement of the music director, after thirteen and a half years. At time of writing, the choir awaits a decision about a new organist, and there is much excitement about the wonderful new Létourneau organ soon to be under construction. One of the most significant musical events for the choir was the presentation, on Easter Day, of “Love’s Young King”, an anthem composed in the UK in honour of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. St Bart’s was one of a select group of churches in Canada where it was sung that day. The choir was augmented by the Honeyman family (Chelsea, Simon and Ruth), Jeff Boyd (tenor solo), Erinne Laurin (soprano solo), Hali Kremen (violin) and Greg Weeks (cello). We rejoiced with Gillian Martin in the purchase of her first home. Sadly for us, it is a long way from St Bart’s, and so we had to bid her a tearful and fond farewell in July. But she keeps in touch with us. And on Christmas Day, when we were down to three choir members, Gill appeared with her parents, a viable choir was instantly formed and the whole service was thus transformed! Gill has been a choir leader’s dream, both musically and in terms of her commitment and utter dependability. We miss you, Gill and wish you all the best. We bade a sad farewell to Bronwyn Thies-Thompson and Zach Windus, two of the 2011-2012 choral interns, whose musicianship and choral experience were such a great support. In their place, Jenny Madronich (soprano) and Lydia Piehl (mezzo-soprano) were hired from September onwards, and Kieran Foss (tenor), an

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

experienced section leader, also joined the choir. Adam (bass) returned for a second year. It was a great help to have support for all four parts. Next to their musical ability, the interns’ greatest value is their being counted on for attendance! Martha Patterson was given a hearty welcome when she returned to the choir in December. It has always been this music director’s experience that, when choir members are away or ill, the Almighty knows all about it and has a plan in place to deal with it! Martha is proof of this and will be a great strength in the choir at this time of transition. The Advent Carol Service was another great moment for the choir and each member worked so diligently to prepare the carols and anthems. Chelsea and Simon Honeyman were outstanding in their duet from “Messiah”, accompanied by violin and cello/harpsichord continuo. Garth Hampson, Ruth Honeyman, Lorna Brigden and Jim Wright all came and gave their musical support to the choir. We are fortunate to have so many talented friends who love St Bart’s. I would like to express my deep gratitude for the privilege of working with an outstanding group of people, who are in the choir not only because of their love of music but, even more, because of their commitment to the Gospel. Each one of them has enriched my life in more ways than I can count. May my successor be welcomed as I was and return to them the love, respect, support and encouragement that they so richly deserve, challenging them to keep growing in music and Spirit. Respectfully submitted, Rosalind Weeks

SUNDAY SCHOOL Our Sunday School reopened after the two month holiday in September. We continued with the “Spark” programme and all of its ideas offered to our teachers and students. Once again the comments were positive from both the teachers and children. More supplies were purchased to help supplement the programme, and a new keyboard was also purchased. The idea was to introduce more singing in our Circle Time. Although we had no pianist to play for us, we managed with the one-handed tunes which were picked out to accompany the efforts of the singers. The children like to sing, and so the opportunity the keyboard offered gave the children more of an assist in learning the songs. It was particularly helpful in preparing for the Christmas pageant! The Spark programme follows the same pattern each year but changes the stories which the children hear. For example, in the fall the children hear stories from the Old Testament. After Christmas the stories change to those surrounding the birth, life and death of Jesus. In the spring the stories move to the saints. Incidental lessons at Circle Time may supplement the lesson of the day or may focus on some other topic which is appropriate at the time. For example, Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to talk about loving one another, while Thanksgiving is a great time to bring in the many ideas about thankfulness without spoiling the actual lesson of the day. In November we closed our “account” to offerings for our “Chicken Fund” which was established last year. Birthdays were celebrated by donations to this fund throughout the year. Some of the parishioners also gave a donation. When our money was counted we had enough to buy four chickens and two roosters through World Vision. There was also enough left over to fund some medicine as well. Despite the fact that more money had

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

been collected than we had thought would be, the children stuck with the original desire to purchase the chickens. We even had a small amount to “seed” next year’s project. This offered an opportunity to teach the children about sharing with others in need. It was a popular activity for them. One must seize the moment to teach when the opportunity arises! When Christmas arrived we presented our Christmas pageant. Once again Emma Riddell and Gillian Campbell took over its production. The songs used were familiar to both the children and the parish, and all joined in to create a most enjoyable presentation. Of course, many other behind the scenes adults assisted in this production, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of the Sunday School. Our Sunday School attendance has remained about the same as last year. Children registered in the Pre K – K class number ten, in the Grade 1/2 class number six and in the Intermediate class number five. This number is a little lower than last year, but a couple of our children have moved away. We average about ten children per Sunday except in the winter when our numbers are severely cut. We also have several adults who join our Circle Time. Of course none of this would be possible without our attentive teachers. Thank you to Victoria Bendel, Blair Dickerson, Bryan Brulotte, Gillian Campbell, Carina DePellegrin, Meiping MacIssac, Richard Maclure, Jane Powers and Shannon Worek. We are indebted to them for their untiring devotion to our children. Our Sunday School runs throughout the school year during the 10:30 morning service. There is a two week break at Christmas and also one during March break. Our morning begins with Circle Time and then we split into our various classes. The children go into the church for communion, and then return to their classes to finish up their activities. If you know of anyone who would like to join our happy little throng, please invite them to our Sunday School. There is always room for more. Respectfully submitted, Carole Schmidt Sunday School Co-ordinator

YOUTH GROUP Our Youth Group undertook a baby sitting night that was very successful. They also organized our two spring and fall barbecues. We said good-bye to Blake Wright as our Youth Group leader in November. I want to thank Blake for the care, time and energy he has given for our youth at St Bart's. For 2013 we are exploring organizing our Youth group with volunteers from the parish and help, of course from our youth. I thank them for their commitment to our parish family. Respectfully submitted, Fr. David Clunie, Rector

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

ALTAR GUILD The Guild’s three teams worked on a three-week rotation schedule to assist and to support our Rector in preparation for 1) all Sunday services; 2) special services pertaining to Christmas, Lent and Easter; and 3) baptism, confirmation and first communion, wedding, and funeral/memorial services. In 2012 we prepared for eight baptisms; three weddings; and fourteen funeral/memorial services. The responsibility for maintaining and preparing the sanctuary for worship is ongoing. A wafer dispenser was purchased for the gluten-free wafers to be kept in the Aumbry with the pyx. As noted in the Vestry Report of 2011 the new purple bible markers were dedicated on February 10, 2012. A memorial white (red-leaf design) cope was commissioned from the ecclesiastical embroidery designer and received as a gift from a member of our Parish, Mark Curfoot-Mollington. On Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012, the cope was dedicated: Given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Ronald Price by his partner Mark Curfoot-Mollington 2012. The white (red-leaf design) chasuble and stole were repaired and relined as a gift from the ecclesiastical embroidery designer Seanagh Murdoch, Strands Embroidery. A new white chasuble and stole were commissioned from the designer as a gift from the Altar Guild and were dedicated on August 26, 2012. These new vestments are a lighter weight for the summer months and will reserve our existing white (red-leaf design) vestments for the cooler months and festivals. As of July, the Guild resumed responsibility for the Altar Flowers under the guidance of Sandra Ferguson. We are very pleased that, over the past year, many parishioners have requested flowers in the Sanctuary on Sundays as memorials or thank offerings, and have contributed a total of $2,645 towards the Altar Flower expenditures for 2012. The Guild’s Annual Meeting was held on November 22 at the home of Sandra Ferguson. Members of the Guild discussed with Fr. David our liturgical needs for our Christmas services and the upcoming year. It is noted, with regret, that Pam Gibb-Carsley has resigned as a member of the Guild. Thank you to each member of the Guild who gives her time and commitment to the care of our Sanctuary; to Busy Dale-Harris who launders our fair linen; to Sandra Ferguson who decorates our church for our celebrations during our festivals (Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving); to Ruth Honeyman, Parish Administrator, who is our liaison in the office providing the Guild with timely information; and to Fr. David who gives us his constant support and guidance. We are looking for and would be pleased to welcome new members to the Altar Guild. If interested please contact a member of the Guild or Pamela Mallon at 613-733-0690. Members of the Altar Guild: Jane Breen, Mary Capson, Chris Edwards, Busy Dale-Harris, Joanne Delamere, Deborah Fraser, Nancy Colton, Barbara Konst, Fran Flavelle, Jean MacIsaac, Iris MacKenzie, Pamela Mallon, Carol Matson, Janet McLaine, Marion Newton, Sheila Perry, Shannon Worek and Ellen Zeiss, Nancy Millson (Spare Member), Sandra Ferguson (Spare Member and Seasonal Decorator), Joyce Bryant (Honorary Member) Respectfully submitted, Pamela Mallon, Co-ordinator

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

PASTORAL CARE (GARRY ARMSTRONG HOME) The Anglican Pastoral Care Team continues to bring God’s love and hope to the residents of the Garry Armstrong Home. We are supported and encouraged by Father David and by the prayers of our St. Bartholomew’s family. We are very sorry to report that two of our well loved team members have taken well earned leaves of absence. Joyce Bryant and Patricia Bower have been the main stays of our team for over twenty years. Joyce has been our treasurer, looking after our collection and sending it off to Operation Eyesight Universal. Our quarters, loonies and toonies have added up and over the years we have sent almost four thousand dollars to this deserving Canadian charity, which performs cataract operations in third world countries. Joyce has also been our altar guild looking after the setting up and taking down of the altar for all our Eucharistic services. She has also been and continues to be a huge support and inspiration to me. Pat Bower has faithfully visited four days a week, first at Island Lodge and latterly at The Garry J. Armstrong Home. She has comforted and befriended countless residents and has become an institution within the institution! She has even been known to take home a resident’s blouse or skirt and do some alterations or repairs. She too is an inspiration. So now we are two. Elizabeth Dale-Harris and I try to be at the Armstrong Home at least once a week, usually more. Our aim is to bring Christ’s love not only to the approximately thirty Anglicans who live there, but also to the staff, other residents and family members. We comfort the lonely, depressed and confused, sit with the sick and dying and are often the resident’s only visitor. Anyone who is interested in pastoral care visiting should please contact Nancy Millson at 613-745-4893. We are also very happy to report that Father Jim Beall continues to be the official ecumenical, interfaith chaplain at the Armstrong Home. His ministry is being funded by the kindness of the people of St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church and St. John’s Lutheran Church. Over the past year, Father Jim has visited over one hundred residents, seventy at any given time. I suspect this number is on the low side. Everyone I speak to seems to know Fr. Jim He often talks to family members at the time of death and has been asked to conduct three funerals. He has also been involved in helping families with more long term planning. He has been offering pastoral support to several staff members over the year. The staff and other volunteers are very appreciative of Jim’s work, which is one of the many things that make the atmosphere at the home so positive. It is wonderful to have Jim’s support and we thank you for your funding. On the first Tuesday of every month, we have our Anglican Church service. Father David very kindly comes and celebrates the Eucharist. As you can imagine he is a big hit with our little congregation and there is usually a long line to shake hands and chat with him after the service. One lady even kisses his hand and I’m afraid it’s going to his head! Our service in February had thirty five in attendance and that is because of our four most excellent and faithful porters. Thanks to Douglas Millson, Penne and David Younger and Celia Veitch our congregation continues to grow. They are very popular with the residents who love the extra attention and our warmest thanks go out to them. You have made a big difference. Our team also helps with Memorial Services, Good Friday, Remembrance Day and other occasions. Nancy is the chair of the Spiritual Care Committee. Again this year, our Christmas cards were delivered to all one hundred and eighty residents and as many staff as possible. The week after Palm Sunday, we will deliver palm crosses to everyone. Both these gifts are appreciated by all and are looked forward to each year. We will continue our work at the Garry Armstrong Home with your blessings. Respectfully Submitted, Nancy Millson

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

ENVELOPE SECRETARY’S REPORT During 2012, donations of $323,225 were received from 224 parishioners (families or individuals), and from 31 visitors or ‘in memoriam’ donors. This compares to 315 donors in 2011 who gave $334,357. From the 2012 donations, $5,071 was designated to be sent to the Primate’s Fund (PWRDF) while the remaining $318,254 was for general parish operations or special parish purposes. Additional cash donations of about $5,810 were received from unidentified donors in Sunday collections and special services. There were 134 envelope users, 79 PAR system users, and 22 parishioners who gave single or occasional gifts. In 2011, 239 receipts were issued to 135 envelope users, 74 PAR users, and 30 occasional donors; and 76 receipts to visitors or for ‘in memoriam’ gifts. Bequests and ‘gifts-in-kind’ are not included in the above figures. During 2012, ‘in memoriam’ gifts totaling $6,000 were received to honour Ruth Fordyce, Nicolas Fyfe, Bob Hutchinson and William Wood. Monies given for special parish purposes in 2012, with 2011 figures in brackets, include: Altar flowers $2,645 ($2,777); the St. Bart’s History Book project ($10,000); the Ordination Fund for our two interns ($1,470); the Cornerstone lunch program $200 ($159); the northern Bale $10 ($105); the Organ Fund $1,060 ($1,560) The 224 parishioners’ donations (239 in 2011) ranged widely in amount. At the lower end, 27 (34) were for less than $200, making up about 1% of total donations These 27 (34) constitute 12% of the 224 identified donors (14% of 239 donors in 2011). Toward the upper end, 48 (44) gave $2,000 or more, representing 58.3% (56.8%) of parishioners’ total gifts The table below has more detailed donation statistics for 2012, with comparable 2011 numbers in brackets. $ Amount

# of donors



% of donors ===========

Average $/donor ============

Total $ given ============

% of total gifts ===========

20 – 49










( 0.1%)

50 – 199











200 - 399











400 – 699











700 – 999











1000 – 1499











1500 – 1999











2000 – 2999











3000 – 3999











4000 – 5999






















Respectfully submitted, Ronald Burrows Envelope Secretary

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

8:15 COFFEE HOUR “Smell the Coffee” has become a bi-monthly tradition for the 8:15 a.m. parishioners. Thanks to this initiative by Sandra Ferguson and a growing number of volunteers, we enjoy coffee, tea, delectable treats and good fellowship following early morning services. Special thanks to those who have contributed : Lynne McGuffin and Alex Reid, Anne McDougall and Anne McDougall, Pat Morris and Sandra Ferguson, Stephanie Gatszegi, Jane Billings, Jane Mather, Helen and Gary Toft, Bonnie and Andy Robinson, Rosemary and Craig Macdonald, Meriel Bradford and Sheila Perry. Your teamwork is appreciated! We welcome new recruits throughout the year! Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Perry,  Co‐ordinator. 

10:30 COFFEE HOUR Coffee was served by a team of volunteers who generously offered their time and goodies to provide coffee hour to the Congregation. Our thanks to all of them. This year we will continue to offer free trade coffee which Richard Capson orders and picks up for us. Also many thanks to Richard who comes early every Sunday to make sure the coffee is started, just in case I do not make it in time! Each Sunday we serve more than 60 parishioners. With the donations we receive we pay for coffee, tea and juice and cookies for the children. Many thanks to all the volunteers who continue to make coffee hour a worthwhile tradition at St Bartholomew’s. Respectfully submitted, Linda Assad Butcher 10:30 Co-ordinator

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

PROPERTY AND FACILITIES MANAGEMENT The most obvious change in 2012 has been the repainting and repairing of the trim and woodwork on the church itself. This was a large job extending through the summer. The railings at the front door of the church were scraped and repainted. The nativity window (over the organ) was repaired and a new plexiglass protective covering was installed on the outside. The previous glass had turned yellow and was almost opaque. Now the window can be seen from both the outside and inside. Extensive work was done at the back of the church on the roof over the washrooms. There were new gutters added for better run-off of water and melting snow. The common white wooden fence with our neighbour was completed. The City of Ottawa required a new gas line to the church coming from MacKay St. that was installed in June. This was to conform to present code. Future projects were outlined in the motion that Vestry passed on May 30, 2012. They include refitting the back of the church for the new organ. We are taking advantage of this major project to allow level access to the church from the corridor. The next largest project will be the re-grading of the church and rectory property to allow drainage to flow away from the buildings. The church and rectory lawn will be resodded and an underground watering system installed. As part of the GIFT program an air conditioner was installed last July for the church itself and the second (and final) unit will be installed this summer. This will create a regulated climate for the organ and the rest of us! These projects and various smaller jobs were completed by Ross Peterson and Associates. We would like to thank Ross for the care and meticulous work he has done on our buildings not just this past year but since 2009. 2

St Bart’s Corporation



4 5

Clockwise from top left: 1. Nativity window frame has been repaired & a new protective shield has been installed. 2. Woodwork on the large stained glass window over the altar has been completed both inside & outside the protective glass. 3. Flat Roof over Vestry redone & new drains cut & installed, along with cladding on the outside. 4. In July, an Air Conditioner was installed with ultra-violet filters on both furnaces in the basement to keep the air mould free. 5. Dormers on the back of the church have been rebuilt & the fence with our neighbour has been completed. Repair & repainting of the window trim as well as the facia & soffits are completed.

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

MEAL A MONTH PROJECT AT THECORNERSTONE SHELTER FOR HOMELESS WOMEN The first Saturday of each month one of four teams of volunteers prepares and serves the noon meal to +-40 residents of Cornerstone. The budget is $125 per month. In some months the first Saturday is part of a holiday weekend which means giving up family time to prepare and serve a wonderful meal to the Cornerstone ladies. The dedication of our volunteers is very much appreciated. Funding of this project comes from donations by parishioners, weekly givings, and team members. Donations can be made to this project by placing an envelope on the collection plate clearly marked 'Cornerstone Meal a Month'. St Barts is represented at Cornerstone by the following parishioners/friends of the parish. Liz Kane, Gordon Jackson, Jane Little, Joanne Nelson, Mary Mahoney, Bev Hyde, Jane Breen, Nancy Hooper, Linda Assad, Busy Dale-Harris, Bonnie Robinson, Lynne McGuffin, Nancy Colton, Rosemary MacDonald, Eellen Zeiss, Sheila Perry, Barbara Konst, Carol Matson, Ann Ericsson, Janet McLaine, Claire Schofield, Joanne Delamere, Kitty Jones, Marilyn Myers, Pam Mallon, Pat Morris, Jane Mather, Anne McDougall, Carina DePellegrin, Mary Armstrong and Sandra Ferguson. We are thrilled to welcome new members Jenni Barbarie, Liz Heatherington, Ann Clayton and Felicity Davies. In cooperation with Moira Esdaile, sandwiches (usually egg salad and fresh salmon) are made by Moira, members of her family and ladies at The Rockcliffe Retirement Residence to be delivered along with salad, fruits and Moira's shortbread for the evening meal. We gratefully acknowledge that The Rockcliffe partially fund this expense and provides the car and driver for delivery to the Shelter. Moira is also a generous donor. Cornerstone administration greatly appreciates that food for a full day is prepared and provided by St. Barts parishioners and friends. Residents take care of breakfast. Respectfully submitted, Sandra Ferguson Co-ordinator

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT Chair: Victoria Harris Members: Chris Burn, Carol Devenny (Treasurer), Craig MacDonald, Rob Nelson, Richard Remillard, Bonnie Robinson, and David Clunie. The Finance Committee completed work on a long-term plan for Parish Finances and submitted it to Corporation for consideration prior to the May Vestry meeting. Most committee members were then deployed for the remainder of the year to serve either on Corporation (Victoria Harris, Carol Devenny, along with Wardens Rob Nelson and Richard Remillard, and our Rector David Clunie) or on the GIFT campaign (Bonnie Robinson and Rob Nelson). As mandated, the Finance Committee did work to provide regular (at least quarterly) financial updates to parishioners. In 2013/14 the full committee will be reconvened to review the five year plan and provide advice on financial decisions and Stewardship initiatives. Thank you to all members for their efforts. Respectfully submitted, Victoria Harris Chair of the Finance Committee

FINANCIAL REVIEWERS’ REPORT We undertook the following procedures to validate the balances in the St. Bartholomew’s Balance Sheet as at December 31, 2012 and the Operating Results for the period from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 included in this Vestry Package. 1. Reviewed December 31, 2012 bank reconciliation 2. Agreed December 2012 givings of $19,520.00 to bank deposits dated January 4 and 7, 2013 3. Confirmed term deposits of $130,000.00 held with BMO Bank of Montreal as at December 31, 2012 4. Agreed the following balances to statements provided by the Diocese as at December 31, 2012  Brodribb ($139,254.54)  Capital Account ($821.76)  SOCE ($129,001.00)  GIFT ($309,312.00) 5. Agreed list of accounts payable outstanding as at December 31, 2012 (total: $1,933.08) to invoices/ supporting documentation 6. Agreed capital improvement (Church) expenditures of $61,914.18 to invoices/supporting documentation 7. Confirmed SOCE payments during the year of $36,250.00 8. Agreed Annual Givings ($316,547.00) to summary prepared by Envelope Secretary 9. Agreed 2012 amounts paid to Diocese covering Parish Fair Share (PFS); salaries and benefits (Rector, Parish Administrator, Organist); and Insurance (property and liability) to corresponding communications from Diocese Total: $223,570.00 10. Confirmed Monthly Payments to Sexton 11. Verified all expenditures in excess of $1,000.00 to invoices/supporting documentation

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Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

12. Verified an additional random sample of 4 - 6 expenditures per month (for a total of 60) to invoices/ supporting documentation 13. Reviewed income and expense categories/classifications for appropriateness; suggested a number of modifications; and proposed a number of adjustments This review does not constitute an audit. Consequently, we do not express an audit opinion on the operating statement. Respectfully submitted, Brian Mallon and Hugh Dale-Harris Financial Reviewers

TREASURER’S REPORT 2012 Actual Results and Proposed 2013 Budgets (Operating and Capital) Treasurer’s Update Although it all worked out, meeting our 2012 Operating budget was not without its challenges. As shared with you many times throughout the year, our Givings were behind budget and as such we were three months late in our monthly remittances to the Diocese at one point. But the good news – thanks to your generosity in the last two months of the year and yes, at the same time as the GIFT campaign), a fantastic bazaar, a $14,000 HST refund and under spending of expenses resulted in us breaking even for the year as whole - which is a great final outcome. At Vestry last year we approved the appointment of two financial reviewers – Brian Mallon and Hugh DaleHarris. A copy of their report is included. Not only did they verify many of the transactions throughout the year, they have identified opportunities for streamlining and improving our on-going reporting. Their efforts and contribution are greatly appreciated. Financial Update for 2012 Revenues Our overall revenue was approximately $13,000 below budget. The 2012 Givings budget was set at a level to ensure we could meet our budgeted operating expenses. At the end of the year this number was $30,000 behind budget. Thankfully the bazaar, rentals and an HST refund were more than planned. We should also be proud of the fact that we did not rely on any dividend or interest income as we have done in the past to cover our 2012 operating expenses. Operating Costs Total operating costs were approximately $9,000 below budget. The majority of our expenses such as salary, insurance, and parish fair share are fixed and were of course on budget. Music and office expenses were over budget, however this can be attributed to additional activity during the year. We spent less than budget in the areas of facilities management, Sunday School, Youth Group and Adult education – all areas we want to ensure we are investing in on an ongoing basis. We also spent less then expected on bookkeeping and our GIFT campaign costs.

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

Revenues over expenses As noted above we broke even for the year and our monies owing to the diocese were paid up to date. Cutting costs to maintain positive cash flow however is not sustainable. Overall Givings need to be at a higher level to meet our on-going obligations and plan for future capital expenditures. Capital Account At Vestry 2012 we approved a capital budget of $50,000 (roof, relocation of the gas line, painting of exterior and fence). We spent this money on activities as planned and as set out in the Capital Expenditure table included on page 32. We also spent approximately $6,000 on an air conditioner (an advance of GIFT) and an additional $5,000 retainer for Ross Peterson outstanding from prior year, for a total of $61,300. Social Outreach and Christian Education At Vestry 2012, $48,700 was approved for SOCE based on recommendations from the SOCE Committee (see details in separate SOCE Report). Of this $1,200 was never claimed by the recipient and $11,250 is outstanding pending receipt of a final report from The Hospice of Maycourt. Operating and Capital Budget Proposal for 2013 A detailed line by line budget is included in this report on page 34 for your review Our budget for 2013 has the following two main objectives  Raise Givings to a level to ensure we can meet our fixed and other planned expenses such that we break even  Continue our commitment to programs (Nursery, Sunday School, Youth and Adult Education) such that we provide good services to our parish community We budgeted Givings at a level of $347,000 slightly higher than last year’s budget. This represents a 10% increase and does include a generous donation from one parishioner to cover the cost of two paid Sunday school teachers to ensure continuity and programming for the school-aged children of our parish. We are also budgeting the same level of revenue as the 2012 bazaar. On the expenditure side we are projecting a flat year consistent with 2012, with a few exceptions. Our Sexton has decided to move to the Diocesan payroll rather than a contract position. While this is the right decision it does mean an increase in our costs as we must now pay the employer share of his benefits. We have added the cost of two paid Sunday School teachers to the budget. We expect an increase in the cost of Utilities/Property taxes and Grounds in 2013. With the large volume of dollars flowing through St Bart’s following the GIFT campaign we are also budgeting for a third party review of our financial statements. We will no longer fund the Gary J. Armstrong Centre $4,000 contribution from operations but take this from SOCE in future years. Capital Budget A detailed 2012 – 2017 capital budget is included in this report on page 34. The purchase of our new organ and related expenses (funded through GIFT) are clearly the largest capital expense of 2013. Other planned capital expenditures are consistent with recommendations from the property committee in 2011/12 and the Finance Committee. Corporation will continue to assess, and will only undertake projects when funds are available. Conclusion and Recommendation We believe that the attached operating and capital budgets for 2013, which have been approved by Parish Council, are reasonable and we recommend that they be approved at Vestry on 24 February 2013. Respectfully submitted, Carol Devenny, Treasurer Victoria Harris, Chair of the Finance Comm

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013 St. Bart's 2013 Budget

31-Dec 31-Dec 31-Dec 31-Dec 2011 2012 2012 2013 Actual Budget Actual Budget


Revenues General Givings Bazaar Facilities Rental Dividend/Interest Other Total Revenues

327,163 9,773 8,125 11,521 3,023 359,605

346,600 9,000 9,000

316,547 12,410 12,314

347,000 12,000 10,500

5,000 369,600

15,180 356,451

10,000 379,500

Operating Costs Honoria Clergy - David

4,200 74,558

2,200 81,547

1,400 81,527

1,600 86,286

Music and Choir Utilities/PT - Church & Rectory

36,939 24,072

38,700 25,000

44,644 27,626

38,000 28,000

Sexton/Facilities Management Insuance Liturgical/AltarGuild Altar Flowers Other Bank Charges

24,996 6,919 1,406 3,795 6,755 459

29,870 7,000 4,000 3,600 6,800 500

25,688 6,955 3,025 2,775 3,002 453

30,000 7,000 4,000 3,000 3,000 500





8,049 2,160 1,089 4,000 1,399 4,369 9,646 4,447 2,447 62,519

6,500 2,400 1,000 4,000 2,400 4,500 7,000 5,000 2,500 60,000

4,315 2,160 142 4,000 1,084 2,670 4,157 4,305 2,329 72,064

4,500 2,500 1,000 2,000 3,000 7,000 5,000 2,500 72,000


9,000 2,500 52,915 2,500



52,913 1,373

52,915 1,000

Sunday School Youth Group Nursery Adult Education Pastoral Care Cornerstone Meal Program Communications/Website Grounds/Snowplowing Telephone Fellowship Office

10% increase over 2012 actual; includes commitment to cover Sunday School consistent with 2012 actual slight reduction while organ is installed approximately $10k HST refund for 2012

Cover for David while on vacation ECOPS 2013 per 10/12/2012 memo from Diocese Reduction due to no full time organist until April 2013; reduced musician expenses expected increases in hydro and water charges Additonal cost with move to Diocese payroll ( pension/ LTD) consistent with 2012 consistent with 2012 consistent with 2012 consistent with 2012 actual consistent with 2012 includes two paid posiitons; funding commitment in Givings above expected cost for 2013; no leader in place for part of the year Slight increase in fee over 2012 + supplies consistent with 2012 budget no longer funded through opearting

Bookkeeping/Review Campaign Costs Parish Fair Share Outreach 150th Anniversary Book Total Operating Costs

61,670 3,572 10,000 370,809




Revenue over expenses





continued support based on actual expenses consistent with 2012 actual consistent with 2012 budget consistent with 2012 budget consistent with 2012 concistent with 2012 actual; 2 % increase in salary 20 hours per month @ 37.50 per hour + McKay Duff Review Amount per 10/12/2012 memo from Diocese small discretionary no payment required in 2013 per committee

page 33

page 34 $522,000

Total (total before HST)

* * *




$14,000 $8,000





$10,000 $5,000







NOTE: 2013 shows the budgeted projects for this year 2014-2017 shows the known projects included in the May 30, 2012 Vestry motion and best estimates for scheduling in future years


sub total ( before HSST) 61,300

$410,000 70,000 6,000



$10,000 61,300


$9,000 $10,000



15,000 10,000 11,000 9,300


Organ and related expenses Purchase and installation of New Organ Knave refit for new organ Airconditioner

sub total ( before HST)

Air conditioner Church sign Masonry repair Hall Wall - complete rebuild northwest wall Church touch-up (internal) Ross Peterson's Retainer

YEAR CAPITAL PROJECT Trim, painting Gas line Flat roof over washrooms Other plus retainer Parish Hall Washroom upgrade/accessible Repaint Church Hall Landscaping, drainage, sod for Church/ Rectory Irrigation for Church/Rectory

Capital Improvement Details



$3,000 $11,000


The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

SOCIAL OUTREACH AND CHRISTIAN EDUCATION (SOCE) The SOCE Committee is currently made up of the following members: 

Carol Devenny (Chair)


Rob Nelson, Linda Assad-Butcher, Jennifer Barbarie and Carol Matson

The Parish Council accepted the Corporation decision to not call for SOCE projects for 2013. However the SOCE program is still in effect and the GIFT campaign will eventually add $75,000 to our funds eventually leaving us with approximately $200,000. How we will use these funds will be determined in the future. It is certainly the will of the Corporation and Parish Council to maintain them for outreach projects. It is also worth pointing out that the GIFT monies raised for the Diocese ($170,000 from St. Bart’s) will largely be spent on outreach programs . I would like to thank the members of the committee listed above for their help and guidance in the past. Also I would especially like to thank Pam Mallon who has been the secretary of the SOCE Program since its inception. She has spent long hours on the considerable paperwork to administer our grants in a timely fashion. Grants in 2012 Corporation decided up to $60,000 would be awarded from SOCE for 2012 projects (compared to $100,000 in previous years.) Four new proposals were passed at last year’s Vestry. To this is added an outstanding commitment (approved at Vestry 2010) to The Hospice at May Court of $22,500 per year, fulfilling the third of a three year commitment in 2012. The total is $48,700. As of the writing of this report The Hospice at May Court had not submitted documentation for their last payment of $11,250 and the Diocese of Ontario never took us up on our offer to fund a computer at a cost of $1,200. Although the money has been set aside we will not remit the final payment to The Hospice at May Court until their final report has been received. The SOCE Committee notes the following guiding principles for its decision-making under the Call for Proposals under Social Outreach and Christian Education Fund 2012. Proposals received meet the terms and conditions of the SOCE Fund, and were co-signed by a member of the Parish The process for decision must be open and transparent ( proposals were received through an open “call” and recommendations developed in discussions with SOCE Committee, Parish Council and Coproration) In addition, favourable consideration was given to the projects where (i) the project would make a significant difference in the life of individual (s), (ii) SOCE Funding was really needed by the sponsoring organization, and other sources of funding weren’t evident and, (iii) overall there is a balance in funding needs in the developing world and needs closer to home Here are the details for those proposals passed at the Vestry of March 2012.

page 35

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

Name of Organization

Project Approved

Funding Approved


The Hospice at May Court

Provide 30 days of day hospice programming for approximately 60 individuals

$22,500 in 2012, third year of three year commitment

Existing commitment of $22,500 in 2012.

$67,500 total Approved at Vestry 2010

New Requests Name of Organization

Project Proposed

Funding Requested


Anglican Diocese of OntarioOn behalf of “Kingston North”

Address an impoverished area Of Kingston, Ontario in conjunction with other monies raised to establish outreach in this under serviced area


Committee felt we had similar needs in Ottawa area and unclear if other monies will in fact be raised. Recommend $1,200 to go toward purchase of a computer for the project

$1,200 recommended

Parish Sponsor: Fr David Clunie Hippy Canada


Support five families in home instruction for parents of preschool youngsters offered through Valier Community Service Centre – helps with parent literacy Parish Sponsors Joanne Nelson Landon Pearson Charlotte Gray Bring clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene education to Miali Primary School in Tanzania Project Sponsor: Colin Smallridge

Osu Children’s Library Fund

Purchase books for libraries in Ghana

$15,000 $15,000 recommended

Total project cost is $42,918 and St. Bart’s is being asked to contribute $5,000

$5,000 Recommend $5,000

Respectfully submitted, Carol Devenny ( Chair)

page 36

SOCE recommends fund contribution of $5,000 in 2012.

$5,000 recommended

Project Sponsor Nancy Chance Total

SOCE sponsored in 2011 and recommends sponsor again in 2012.

$26,200 $22,500 = $48,700

SOCE approved funding of $5,000 in 2010 and recommend the same for 2012

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

REPORT OF THE ORGAN COMMITTEE The 2012 Vestry (and subsequent parish information meeting and Special Vestry) endorsed the proposal to purchase a pipe organ produced by Letourneau (Orgues Létourneau Limitée) based in Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec. This decision was subject to a successful fund raising campaign (GIFT) to cover the estimated $410,000 cost (plus taxes). It was also agreed that, among the various items to be funded by the campaign, the organ should be given priority. Within these parameters, the Organ Committee met several times over the past year to undertake the following activities:

 Finalize the technical specifications for the organ, supported by the expertise of Matthew Larkin (music director at Christ Church Cathedral ), as well as representatives of Letourneau;

 Consider the necessary adaptation of the physical space at the rear of the Church to accommodate the organ, console and other related infrastructure; Review the contract for the organ’s purchase, including production and payment schedule, insurance and other related items. At the request of Father David, Organ Committee members also discussed recommendations made by parishioners for modifications to the floor level at the rear of the Church. Such modifications would improve handicap access and general mobility and are considered to be best undertaken while the new organ is being constructed. Accordingly the committee engaged the services of well known heritage architect Barry Padolsky to approve our final plan. While the GIFT campaign was underway we were not in a position to finalize the contract with Letourneau. As such, the Committee wishes to acknowledge the accommodating attitude of Letourneau during this period, particularly for reserving our place in their production schedule for “Opus 126”, their name for our new instrument. The Committee also acknowledges the legal advice on the contract provided by Alan Winship, Chancellor Emeritus for the Diocese and a parishioner at St. Barts. The contract was signed by Father David and the Rector’s warden, Rob Nelson, on January 27, 2013, “Celebration Sunday”. The remaining schedule for the organ is as follows: March 2013: Dismantle current organ. The pipes to be refurbished for use in the new organ will be removed and shipped to Letourneau. In the meantime a “portative” (portable) pipe organ will be on loan from Letourneau for the duration of the construction period;  July 2013: Inspect our new organ on site at the Letourneau facility; 

August 2013: Deliver new organ to St. Barts; and


September 2013: Complete installation of new organ at St. Barts.

The Committee believes that, following several years of consideration, both parishioners of St. Barts and visitors alike will take great joy and pleasure from what should prove to be a world-class instrument. Respectfully submitted, Grant McDonald, Chair Reverend Canon David Clunie Craig MacDonald Howard Mains Andy Robinson

page 37

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

REPORT OF THE GIFT/150TH ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE On May 30, the GIFT/150th Fund Raising Committee was duly commissioned by the Special Vestry and began its work. The two Co-Chairs Bonnie Robinson and Rob Nelson were able to assemble a wonderful campaign team of Carol Burrows, Meriel Bradford, Fr. David, and Tony Kellett with support from Victoria Bendle and Jordan Worek. In the spring and summer of 2012 the Campaign materials were finalized and particular thanks must go to Tony for his work on the Parish History and Brochure. The essential plan was to meet each parishioner using trained St. Bart’s ambassadors. The ambassadors were Meriel Bradford, Carol Burrows, Brian Eckert, Sheila Perry, Andy Robinson, Rob Nelson, Bonnie Robinson, Jane Billings, Lisa Samson, Busy Dale-Harris, Craig MacDonald, Jim Bradford, Fr. David Clunie, Phillip Anido, Karen McClure, Victoria Harris, Howard Mains, Helen Rodney, Joan Kellett and Bill Turner. The Team began visits in the late Spring 2012 and the success of these visits emboldened the team for the fall Kick-off on Sept. 30 with Don Newman as speaker and honorary Chair. We must also acknowledge the invaluable assistance of the Diocese's Fund Raiser Murray McCarthy who guided the team. His unfailing good humour lit up any somber moments. Thanks also to Jane Scanlon and her team at the diocese who provided critical administrative back-up. Something occurred during the Campaign that transformed the 150th from a mere Fund Raising exercise to a rejuvenation of the St. Bart’s spirit under the leadership of Fr. David. There was joy in the visits and the final result (as of Feb. 8, 2013) of $1,127,098.38 pledged to date and $335,519.34 cash on hand are a tangible statement of this rejuvenation. Where the Campaign raised money in excess of the target, as it has, Vestry wisely decided in its May 30, 2012 decision that extra funds would go to replenishing our regular Capital fund. This is a 5 Year Campaign which provides an opportunity for those unable to pledge in Year 1 to still make a pledge in the following years. The energy of the Campaign Team and the relationships built with parishioners will continue to energize us in the next years of the campaign as we plan further activities in preparation for the 150th Anniversary of our parish in 2017. The Co-chairs would like to repeat our thanks to the “Wonderful Team” and all their hard work. Respectfully submitted, Bonnie Robinson and Rob Nelson - co-Chairs

page 38

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

REPORT OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE In the fall of 2010, Parish Council approved the following mandate for this committee: The Nominating Committee for the Church of St. Bartholomew’s is a standing committee of the parish whose mandate is to recommend annually to Parish Council a slate for both elected and appointed positions. Following review and approval by Parish Council, the slate will be recommended by the Chair of the Nominating Committee (or designate) to Vestry. The composition of the Committee will include the Chair (appointed by Vestry), the Incumbent, and a Warden along with two others, whose appointments are approved by Parish Council. The Committee may also be requested by Corporation throughout the year to help in identifying resources required for parish programs and activities. Meetings will be called by the chair periodically throughout the year in order to achieve the Committee’s mandate. In 2011, in addition to seeking people to fulfill the many roles and responsibilities needed to carry out the work of the parish, the Nominating Committee established two general principles to guide the selection of names to present to Vestry each year: (i) for most positions it is an advantage to have a term of 3 years to ensure continuity and to allow for turnover so that no one becomes over-burdened; (ii) people holding positions in the parish are being asked to give careful consideration to identifying their eventual successor and suggesting possible names to the Nominating Committee for consideration. This year, the Nominating Committee sought again to apply these principles. Given the shortage of volunteers, however, this did not always prove possible and we are especially grateful to those who have agreed to prolong their term of service and/or to serve again after a relatively short period.

Church Wardens Rector’s Warden (appointed by the Rector)

Rob Nelson

People’s Warden

Brian Eckert

Deputy Warden

Richard Remillard

Deputy Warden

Sheila Perry

Lay Members of Synod Regular Member

Rob Nelson

Regular Member

Brian Eckert

Regular Member

Sheila Perry


Richard Remillard

page 39

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

Parish Council Members Chair

(to be elected by Council)


Katherine de Vos

Rector’s Warden (appointed by Rector)

Rob Nelson

People’s Warden

Brian Eckert

Deputy Warden

Richard Remillard

Deputy Warden

Sheila Perry


Carol Devenny

Members at Large

Victoria Harris Gary Toft Bill Turner Ward Heatherington

Finance & Stewardship Committee Committee Chair

Victoria Harris

Nominating Committee Chair

Craig MacDonald

Other Parish Officers Altar Guild

Pam Mallon

Lay Administrators 08h15 & 10h30

Ray Perrin

Readers/Sidespersons 8:15

Brian Eckert

Readers/Sidespersons 10:30

Fran Flavelle

Intecessors/Sidespersons 10:30

Calum Carmichael


Mary Capson Liz Heatherington

Envelope Secretary

Ron Burrows


Julia Laku

Sunday School Coordinator

Carole Schmidt

Youth Group

Brian Eckert

Facilities & Property

Richard Remillard

page 40

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel

Pastoral Care - Armstrong Center

Nancy Millson

Pastoral Care - Parish

Laurie Mason

Coffee Hour Co-ordinator 8:15

Jane Billings

Coffee Hour C-ordinator 10:30

Richard & Mary Capson


Shelagh M'Gonigle

Social Activities & Community Relations Group Coordinator

Michael Beall

Summer / Fall BBQ

Jake & Michelle Harding

Pub Night

Lisa Samson

Community Relations

Craig MacDonald

Cornerstone Meal Coordinator

Sandra Ferguson

Counters/Depositors Coordinator

Jim Bradford

Flowers Convenor

Sandra Ferguson

Gardeners Liaison

Carol Matson

Church Staff For information only as these positions fall outside the mandate of the Nominating Committee. Office Manager

Ruth Honeyman

Music Director

Barbara Hallam-Price


Clement Olomoi

Notes: A Social Outreach and Christian Education (SOCE) Coordinator was not judged necessary given current commitments and the need to clarify the extent and timing of future social outreach activity consistent with the priorities identified for the GIFT campaign. Corporation and Parish Council will be addressing these issues and advising parishioners accordingly. A new function, Social Activity and Community Relation Group Coordinator, has been added with a view to providing a more structured process by which parishioners can propose, consider and support parish social events and community outreach initiatives. It is anticipated that a meeting for those interested will be called twice a year. In the interim, suggestions can be forwarded to Michael Beall. Respectfully submitted, Craig MacDonald (Chair), David Clunie, Brian Eckert, Carol Matson

page 41

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, The Guards’ Chapel


page 42

Report to Vestry, February 24, 2013